>what's the appeal of giant fucking robots

job security

>People in Giant Robots fighting each other

What's not to like?

Ask /m/

It appeals to spergs who still can't really graduate from toys, but are too embarrassed to actually play with one thus going for the 'cooler' toys.

Cool robots blowing the shit out of each other, that's all you need.

it's one of the profitable ways japan pretends to know anything about war

It's the predecessor of EVA

The robots

The characters

The surprising attention to detail

The political stuff

Motherfucking Tomino (whether the old school genius or some G Reco WTF?)

Often the soundtracks

The model kits

The animation (Char's Counterattack had a big enough budget that it still looks far better animated than most shit released since)

0079 Movie Trilogy
Zeta Gundam
Char's Counterattack
08th MS Team
Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Gundam Unicorn

No other franchise in anime/manga has so many straight up quality must watch releases.

>plamo ad cut into 50 sections and 20 minutes each

No, fuck Jet Alone


u can't be serious

The fact that there's literally nothing more badass than 2 giant robots blowing eachother up.

Fuck off femboy.

It's a space opera with giant robots

If that's a new term for shitposters, okay
Kill yourself you tool

>being this much of a loser
Nah, get out.

Kshatriya is my gundamfu~

The design

None. It's basically robots with politics.

Here's mine
Plz animate Sunrise

G-Reco is for actual (_)cks.

Cute robots doing cute things

Cool characters, space politics and mobile suit designs. Now delete your thread.

IBO is literally shit.

>Copypasta shit mech designs.
>Forced drama that the show clearly doesn't need.
>Shit gundam fights.
>QUALITY above all else.

>It's basically robots with politics
So it's perfect? Fuck off moefag.

>gundam fights
Pick 1.

Currently in love with the Thunderbolt version of the Zaku I. It's like a rawer version of a Zaku II, and with the gunpla version a more beefed up looking one, too with all the weapons at once.

Fuck, I forgot how cool the Zulus were. Too busy wanking to the Jegan equipment and the ReZels I guess

Jegans and their variants are cool as fuck too.

nemo > jagen / gm

I love my waifu so much

It appears for like 5 seconds in the last episode of TRY.

It gives autists a chance to feel smart

Space autism

Best series coming through

Your waifu is a slut who let like 6 different guys inside her across the series.

Damn, wingfags are rare.

Honestly if someone doesn't like giant robots I have trouble thinking of them as a person.

Men are predispositioned to love giant robots. They are either gay or of the lesser gender.

>that loli nipple scene
Never fapped so hard in my life.

Not everyone that's small is a loli.

My how deluded you are, steelfucker. Back to /m/ with you and your shit taste.

She was like 12-14 no?

What the fuck. Sounds badass though so I'll take it.

If you mean Kiki she's 17. Not that 14 is a loli anyway.

>loli is an age

>17 year olds are lolis

She didn't even have a loli body.

He said it's a predecessor of Eva, not that Evas are robots.

The drama. Tomino gundam is pretty much just a war drama.

>8th MS team
>Gundam Unicorn
>Gundam X
>straight up quality must watch releases
Unicorn and 8th are at least well animated, but gundam X?

Easy to understand robot shows for people who are too pleb to like better robot shows like Votoms and Ideon.

Just like how plebs watch Evangelion instead of RahXephon.

There is no appeal to gundam

I honestly find some giant robot designs sexy.


>>what's the appeal of fucking giant robots