Time to really settle this

>No Danganronpa 3 name thread

How do u expect people to take your thread seriously?


I-It was Chiaki! She's alive bros!

This QTPie

How do u expect people to take u seriously when u type like this?

Weedman's mom

>that art style
That's Tsutsui, right? Did any of their DR doujins ever got translated?

How do u expect people to take u seriously when u type like this?

Any of you guys buyfag shit because of the anime? Bought this and pre-ordered the Kirigiri and Nanami scale figs.

How do u expect people to take u seriously when u type like this?

It's like I'm really at hot topic

I would, if there was anything Chisa related to even buy.


DR3 just proved that the canon is diseased, rotten to the core. There's no saving it, we have to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean, burn it down.

Rate my hope anons

my headcanon is that he's alive and well since unlike yoi or kizakura he WAS given the potion and im SURE mikan found him eehehlfldkshfldkfhsdf

>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over
>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko and the bright future that awaited her friends
>Munakata lost his waifu
>Hajime has memories of his waifu dying twice (but his class came back to life)
>Miaya got literally nothing. No recognition, no screentime, and AI Chiaki, bless her electronic soul, even fucking stole Usami from her.
>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Almost entire class of 77 comes back while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers
>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
>Junko got a good end (bad end for us)
>Ruruka died saddled with guilt and self-loathing over what she did to Yoi and Seiko to the point where the despair video made her fucking mutilate herself almost beyond the point of recognition
>Bandai did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG and died scared and confused
>Gozu died stabbing himself in the eyes to rid himself of despair after promising to protect the hope that Naegi represented

Anymore bad ends?

What is the nips reaction on Nanami?

You are a scout of the prestigious Hopes Peak Academy. You are given 16 invitations to whom will be awards to individuals you find most talented. Good luck.

Naegi not in the top 3

RIP Jobber Squad, don't even know why you got as weird designs as you did.

>Mikan in the top 10

Just perfect


DR3 was one long bad end.

Nice to find one of the other 3 Mahirufriends

Best girl is and always will be Saionji, no matter what other people say!
That's why I wanna wrap my arms around her petite frame and spin around playfully, carelessly until we're too dizzy to continue, our bodies tumbling upon the sandy coastline, seabreeze wafting over us both as we soak in the beautiful setting sun.
I want her to mount my shoulders as I scale the castle walls so we can look down upon the lesser peons below us like the ants they are. I wanna crush ants like the pests they are as we snidely laugh at everyone and their weaknesses.
I want to gently tickle her delicate skin as I undress her and draw her a bath to clean her perfect, creamy skin. I wanna lather up those magnificent blonde tresses, rinsing soaking and washing every warm inch of her magnificent body. I wanna pinch her chubby little cheeks and pat her warmly on the crown of her scalp before drying her off and combing those cascading locks that spill down the gentle curves of her bare back.
I want to trace my fingertips alongside her spine as I pull her in close to me, nibbling on her ear before I whisper sweetly how magnificent and perfect she is. I want to dip her freshly cleaned toes in chocolate fudge and suckle them as she playfully teases me.
I want to make her toes curl in sensual bliss as we consummate our love, springs creaking louder as we both grow closer to that sweet finish, headboard bashing against the wall as we finish in tandem, afterglow enshrouding us both as we drift off to sleep.
I love her.

Where did these faggots even come from? What was the point of introducing them at the last minute? Just to give the DR2 cast something to do?

Every class of Hope's Peak had their own stories to tell. Unfortunately we will never see them.

i want some more art of them all palling around, without the visors

between these guys and the student council, i think if there's one thing this series did right its introducing cool groups of unique characters

Despite brainwashing, SHSL Sniper couldn't bring himself to shoot a cutie like Mahiru and surrendered.

>tfw my headcanon for Chisa was much better than what she actually got

She didn't deserve that ending. Hell none of the DR3 characters deserve whatever ending they got. But you know, Naegi just HAS to be right.

Ultimate Hack

Just thinking about how she secretly has such a hot body under that uniform is getting me excited.

What are all the talents we can observe?

Was that one guy's talent just a bird trainer? Doesn't it kind of suck his talent is completely swallowed by Gundams?

Ultimate Jockey

>chiaki probably died full of despair
>she wasn't there in the future but all her classmates were
>"i don't want to die"

Bought the hopeman prize and have a lot of shit preordered of him and hinata. Looking forward to also preorder the listen flavor x dr collab shirts
>even weedman got a plush

I think it's pretty bullshit to be honest. Specialist talents should beat out general ones, especially since he is much more older and experienced.


What was the reason they left the island, again? They didn't know Mitarai was planning anything, so how did they catch him so fast? Who told them? Were they planning to take the guilt of the killing game since the beggining?

Are you bully-kun's opposite then?

Izuru used Luck and Clairvoyance combo to get a guaranteed prediction.

Bad writing.

There's too much dumb shit in DR3 (even by DR standards) to dwell on any one aspect of it, it will overwhelm you.

He's just a cuck who fantasizes about my wife.

Bandai is the v3 mastermind after surviving due to mikan/seiko's cure shit

That Chisa plush is CUTE. CUTE.

Tengan deserves a COMPLEX kind of hell for the shit he pulled.


>saves Ultimate Hope's waifu
>saves her bully

Well Cred Forums?

Was the SHSL Sniper a female or was that just a very high pitched scream?

>That look on his face when everyone is happy but Chiaki isn't there
>Said that the ending isn't bad meaning it could've been better with her there.

Every pig has their day

This was posted in another thread, pretty sure there's more than them though

If Juzo were alive in some state Munakata could potentionally develop romantic feelings for him over fear of losing him for the second time, deep emotional wound that events of FF led to, having him as the one and only close person, seeing his sacrifice and dedication and that they would have plenty of time to talk it all out. It would result in bittersweet, and after some time passes, truly happy ending for them both.
Instead it's implied that he's heading to kill himself.
> Mfw

>Save best girl from DR1
>While being best girl from DR2

I'm more than fine with this

I wouldn't call myself that, we both want to make Saionji a better person, but our methods are way different.

Sorry pal, she's already mine and there's no place for you in this.

Rate me, anons

I'm still pissed we never found out who branch 13 head was


You forgot she got help from best girl from DR3

>cure antagonist
What a load of crock

The 16th student was mindhacking them.

>TFW Kodaka was gonna use Chiakizuru, but gave Chiakifriends the middle finger after breaking down from the large number of death threats.
>Everything was literally set up for a potential Chiakizuru

There were approximately one metric fuck ton of boats that attacked them. Hajime probably figured that something big was going down, so he wanted to check it out.

Izuru will always.

That's how dumb of a character it is. If he's involved, you can justify anything

At least they will see each other on the afterlife

I can't believe phone-kun is fucking dead

He didn't write this shit but still approved it, fuck him.

>probably scarred for life and will hallucinate about nanami everyday

She's now an over ripened orange as opposed to a rotten one.

Shit i am changing what i say

best girl from DR2 save best girl from DR1 with the legacy of best girl of DR3


Who was the 13th division leader?

Expendible Expenderson, the former SHSL Helicopter Pilot.

he was just out of frame the whole time, in a wheelchair

We will never know.

I want to hug that orange.

Find out in Kibou 2, also buy danganronpa v3-2

>all those faggots thinking he'd go to another girl/guy when he's still holding her hairpin and didn't get over her death
>he'll probably die of old age watching over his class to grant Chiaki wish

Not every human being in the DR universe needs a name and face. If they were important, we would know.

How's Class 77 gonna react to the fact that their teacher is dead?

M-Maybe he'll be in Killer Killer?

>can instantly kill multiple robots and in several seconds giant robots with fucking scissors
>throws genkidamas of scissors
>literally indestructible: can take explosions, slashes and lasers and be unscratched
So, is she the canonically strongest character in the series?

They like literally dgaf!

What would killer killer rate Genocider?

user why would they give a shit about someone they don't know or care for?


I'm thinking it's gonna be the guy Shuuichi.

Nah, it's Genocider calling him cute and then dividing him in thousand pieces

>can breath her smell without dying intoxicated

Besides the genkidama part, Pekoyama, Sakura, and Mukuro all can take on multiple robots, lasers, and explosions without a scratch too

But isn't it weird that they're the only leader that didn't show up at the meeting?

Chiaki's death is worth more weight then all of the dead kids from class 78.

So damn cute.

>this is the equivalent to a smelly, ugly girl

Only in anime/game/DR world

but can she beat the Ultimate Lesbian Sister?

I can't tell which is cuter between those plushes or these.
Of course, I'd get a Munakata and Juzo of whichever set I go with.

Can you pre-order these? I'm curious.

>she killed the one she hated but hiyoko didn't care

Both of them are cute so just get both, user. It's the same for me but with hajimeme and hopeman, I move them both. Did you also bought the munakata and juzo prizes? I saw the plushes being sold in yahoo auctions and munakata was already like 3.5k yen while juzo is 800 yen or so

We already know that Mukuro > Peko, but I'm curious about her against Syo. They're both extremely fast short blade users, so stylistically they should be close. And we all know the only one capable of killing Sakura is herself.

So he was the father after all?

No user, she's the Ultimate Siscon
I want to be her brother

I'd wear a decently subtle Monokuma shirt.

Sadly, you can't. They're japanese prizes so your best option is mandarake or yahoo auctions

Shit, alright.

He is and always was.

You know, we never got to see imposter disguised as a girl.
I'm pretty sure he could considering they don't even know his true sex.

Mitarai doesn't count

So where is Alter Ego

Honestly, so many people had a hand in the New World Program, that it's hard to keep count

But interestingly enough, since Class 77 and Izuru molded the admin into Chiaki, does that make her their daughter too?

Say, if the image of Chiaki matched in all of the characters in class 77 and Hajime and Hajime never interacted with class 77, how'd he know about BOOB ON THE MOLE?

They obviously went to a beach on one of their dates.

Why are you asking?
You already know the answer, user

can you imagine imposter crossdressing for mitarai

It was a detail added to the program from one of the other class 77 people. Probably Ibuki, who was peeking~ peeking~ at her in the showers.

But Chiaki said all images of her from all her class mates were the same.

She was the secret crush of class 77 so I bet they did all kind of research about her.

Where the fuck were they while the whole FF was murdering itself