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No words needed.

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I want to marry Mitarai!


>78 is still dead
>Juzo is still dead
>Chisa is still dead
>Munakata just fucks off to be alone forever or some shit

>Chiaki still dead

DR3 threads > DR3 anime

>The Naegi parents, Chihiro's dad, and the little Asahina died for no reason
>Monaca literally got away with it and Komaru just smiles as she leaves

>juzo dead

like was going to contribute anything to society that worshiping gay cunt. nothing of value is lost

I can pass off most of the episode as being cheesy fan-pandering, the story has been dumb for a while now anyway so might as well go full retard with it I guess
but pretty much everything about HPA being re-opened pissed me off. It's a fucking inherantly terrible idea even if they avoid having a corrupt Board of Directors this time. Not to mention that, if we're going to do this, why not have Munakatana be the headmaster instead of Makoto?

>Class 77 alive
>Nagito saving Naegi
>Hinata has one red eye, one regular
>Imposter Munakata
>Souda getting some well earned recognition
>Mitarai finally getting to be with his classmates
>based Mikan saving Kirigiri
Fucking perfect, Hopeman was right

Munakata is busy being the head of the FF

So much this

>Where are you going, Munakata?
>You know where.
>Why aren't you telling me?
>You know why.
How could Chisa fall in love with this fucking Persona 4 fucker

All for this moment.

I did like Hajime and the stuff he was saying in this episode. Despite how dumb the plot going on was.

Also seeing Sonia that stoic was sorta weird/interesting.

Anyone hear that or that's just me? When 77 was beating up goons, during Ibuki's scene one of the the guys screams like a girl


Discuss every characters possible playstyles and movesets.

Discuss your dream matches.

Post your shitty story modes campaigns for a character.

Can we just acknowledge the fact that practically all the FF members are all fucking idiots (save for a few).

1. Tengan is by far the worst antagonist in the series. His reasons are "COMPLEX!!!" while it's actions are not only stupid, but make no sense given how he could have confiscated Mitari's stuff and hacked his phone/computer for the Hope anime.

2. Munakata is WAY too edgy and really was just kind of a huge spark in this entire confrontation. In fact, if he had actually looked in Chisa's body to analyze what happened to her, he would have notices the fucked up pictures of Chisa.

3. Bandai is by far the most sacrificial, cliche character in the series. He dies off to checklist the whole 'Black guy dies in a horror story" cliche

4. Juzo is liked ironically, but he did cause a number of things (Izuru Kamakura's conception, allowed Greatest Tragedy to happen).

5. Chisa was just a remnant of despair who basically got sent to hell theater with Junko Enoshima while Junko laughed it up at how pointless her contribution was.

6. Ruruka was just plain awful and was just being a cunt for the sake of being a cunt. Her entire character was about fucking over the characters in a whole other way like trying to kill Kirigiri.

7. Mitari just went full blown Retarded Lelouch on us in the last episode and it was really interjected. Sad, given how he was closest to being more solid. Those last two episodes really just went down the drain with his character.

8. Izayoi died for a dumb love who wouldn't have died anyways if he had checked what was INSIDE THE DOOR. Seriously, it was pretty stupid of him to even follow that chick.

9. Maiya Gekkohara was just replaced by Monaca for her to mess with Naegi on that fakeout with the knife and ketchup.

Only Koichi, Seko and Gozu seem to have some form of head on their brain.

> If Juzo were alive in some state Munakata could potentionally develop romantic feelings for him over fear of losing him for the second time, deep emotional wound that events of FF led to, having him as the one and only close person, seeing his sacrifice and dedication and that they would have plenty of time to talk it all out. It would result in bittersweet, and after some time passes, truly happy ending for them both.
> Instead it's implied that he's heading to kill himself.

it's a girl with short hair

>Hajime doesn't even speak with Naegi
>No Sore wa chigau yo
>No dual Sore wa chigau yo

Munakata and Juzo were the only good FF members

that was cute as fuck.

He says that he has his own burden to bear, it implied the opposite of him killing himself.

>3. Bandai is by far the most sacrificial, cliche character in the series. He dies off to checklist the whole 'Black guy dies in a horror story" cliche

Nah, he was the "early death to prove shit is real"

Like the 9th man in 999

>no dual Sore wa chigau yo
I was really expecting that, especially with this in the logo. Biggest disappointment of the episode.

You left out Seiko, Gozu, and boozeman.

Juzo is liked ironically, but Munakata fucked things over big time.

Seiko and Koichi has far more relatable attributes than those two though.

Kazuichi is CUTE!


Munakata memes were literally the only entertaining thing about this series for a solid chunk of the episodes

they had such a good opportunity too, when mitarai was there giving his speech

Pepsi being happy fills me with HOPE

We did it bros. After all these years, our boy finally made it.

Juzo's the worst one there. Let the world get destroyed due to being a closeted fag, let the DR1 killing game happen because he was a closeted fag + "I wanna kill Junko myself, who gives a shit if things have to get significantly worse for me to do this!" and then he became Munakata's mindless attack dog after that.

As a character he had an interesting character arc though.

Everything is cool and shit, but where's Kyle?

Herro Waifufags, I incruded in the bruray dvd a special twist that you may enjoy. arso buy danganronpa v3

Finally got some recognition. Why is class 77 so much fun to be around?

>How could Chisa fall in love with this fucking Persona 4 fucker

But him being black turns it into the cliche. Black guy dies in horror is a cliche. His NG code was "Don't witness violence"

You might as well have said "Dont' Breathe Air" at that point!

I really don't see how Naegi would just sit there and not say anything to try and convince Mitarai

Literally a huge chunk of Mitarai's shit up until this point was observing Naegi or listening about Naegi through Kirigiri, and then they don't do shit with that at all? Come the fuck on.

Besides Naegi would never fucking just sit back like that, he throws himself into everything in order to help someone.

Bros until the end

He became friends with Sonia.

Gundham is still banging her.

Why are people shitting on Kodaka?

He didn't write the anime story. He wasn't in charge of the script.

At best he just gave the anime team his blessings while he's working on V3

Except the 9th man in 999 was actually extremely relevant to the plot despite being the first to die and the circumstances surrounding his death added to the mystery and was an integral part of the conclusion.

Munakata killed the Mastermind, not sure if anyone else would have been able to beat Tengan.

>reviving dr2 cast
>reviving kigiri
>removing junko's body parts from renments of dispair
>mikan or any of the girls isn't pregnant with junkos babies
>nagito went from psychotic to creeper
>happy ending with no consequences
>naegi still hasn't hit that kigiri ass

man. i guess he really deserves to be called a fucking hack.

In the words of Steve Urkel, HE'S WEARING HER DOWN

Tengan would have been killed by the 77th class coming in if he survived though. Izuru is far more powerful than old man.

This is the face of a girl who has given up on a silly high school crush and is now truly and deeply in love with a terrific guy.

So what Fuyuhiko just forgives Mahiru for covering up the death of his sister?

>Don't fucking touch me

Sonia still wants the despair dicking from Pepsi.

>full blown Retarded Lelouch
this is an incredibly accurate description and im fucking laughing

I wonder what Shirou would think about DR3.

A lot of people said tengans motives were stupid but how so?

A lot of people bring up the "why didn't he just steal the phone" point but didn't tengan explicitly state that he wanted to pass on hope to a younger generation because he was getting too old?

Seems more like the face of someone who's seen some dire shit, honestly. Hajimeme, Sonia and I guess Mikan were the only ones who seemed to have matured as people at all.

Who was this again?

Danganronpa in a nutshell
>Asuka is Danganronpa
>Writers are angels

Saionji kind've matured by virtue of thanking Mikan

I just want Mahiru and Hiyoko to lick my ears.

>Fuyuhiko, Hiyoko, maybe Nagito if he's going to stop channeling his crazy into destructive ways

I love how Chisa was just like "Fuck off you brainwashing bitch" to Junko the whole time they were in the dead theater.

They went full retard and didn't bother trying to give her a good end.

best boy

That robot arm was a nice touch. Also him fangirling over Naegi.

What were you expecting honestly.

short hair goon sniper is cute, CUTE!


1. Originally he wanted to keep it ambiguous whether or not they revived them. Popularity forced him to reveal that answer.

2. That was dumb. You can't have TWO FAKEOUTS. You only get one and that is when you did it with Asahina.

3. Well, Nagito no longer wants Junko as a part of her anymore. Neither does Fuyihiko

4. Not possible.

5. Well, he's no longer a remnant of despair anymore.

6. Why did NOBODY in the first DR1 game die in this game? This is fucking bullshit on the highest level.

Of course it is. When you have seen the awfulness of Code Geass, you KNOW how bad Mitari is in those last two episodes. Its very sad since he was doing fine for the most part.

It's the booze dude who opened his hand to save Kirigiri.

>Monaca is still probably in outer space waiting to be burned by the sun or something

Don't think the 77th class would have been able to do much, Izuru yeah, but then again who knows what other things the old man had planned and would have done if he didn't get killed.

>happy ending with no consequences.
If you're not a chisafag, chiakifag, or juzroboy maybe. Also, this didn't change anything for the world at large and class 77th has to keep appearing as despair.

It was dumb and overly pandering but frankly I've already settled with the fact that bringing the DR1&2 casts back for another story at all was a bad idea anyway, so I was fine with the episode (aside from all the shit that was left unexplained).

Chill god Hajime and weaponised luck cyborg Nagito were fun. Fucking Togami ended up being my favorite DR1 survivor by the end of all this too.

Do you guys except Danganronpa 3 as cannon? I only accept the memes.

you bitch
I can hear it now

So now that we are at the end of the series, what are the current implied relationships going on?

Who is going to be making babies and scissors with whom?


Log out of life

>first came into the threads when the munakata viper edit was the biggest meme
I'm glad it all came full circle like this.

>Class 77 takes the blame for no reason other than to create melodrama and some semblance of a bittersweet ending because most of the FF was so irrelevant that it's impossible to even attach any affection to them outside of Juzo and Chisa out of the dead people.

Wait, it just hit me. So everyone in class 77 became their year 1 selves in the New World Program. So why did HopeMan act crazy and murder filled? He wasn't like that before Junko, so why did he retain his psycho bullshit?

So...how were the NG codes even fuckin controlled?


They were programmed automatically. Like an alarm clock or some shit like that.

He was like that before Junko.

>Monokuma literally absent for the entirety of the anime nearly


It's kinda emotional to see a running joke like this go through some development of its own

Izuru happened. More news at 11.

Might be because the VA was busy recording for V3 instead.

yfw HOPE won in the end

See you on Cred Forums for V3 threads

When they fell into despair for breaking the code the bracelets activated.


why is impostor so great?

>Why did NOBODY in the first DR1 game die in this game? This is fucking bullshit on the highest level.

kadoka doesn't have the balls. Actually, I'm sure he is saving their deaths and class 77th? for main games instead

Because his obsession with Hope and the underlying Despair brainwashing were such extremes. You could tell that several characters were breaking down as the game went on.

Kirigiri wasn't even awake

>tfw Hope was better than both Despair and Future arc


Seriously, Tite Kubo killed more major Captain Rank Soul Reapers in the final arc of Bleach than Kodoka did in DR3

>Captain General Yamamoto
>Yachiru Unohana
>Jushiro Ukitake

Those were three major captains that had been around since volume 9 onwards.

could it be that komaeda's luck caused the tragedy and the subsequently the great hope that's going to happen when Class 77 returns to the world?
What if the events of all three danganronpa games are byproducts of komaeda's luck? holy shit it was him the whole time!

Man, Munakata really let himself go after his waifu(s) died.

It was worth it just for the angel .jif

Just accept that NG codes are bullshit DR tech like mind wiping and the NWP. It isn't important how they were triggered.

I would accept it if the BD or some future interquel made an effort to elaborate on it though, especially if they clarified what the fuck Tengan actually wanted.

>happy ending with no consequences
I don't know, man.

>getting stuck in a killing game again
>chiaki still dead
>FF members still dead
>Naegi having to witness Asahina "death", Kirigiri's "death" and that nightmare
>Asahina got shot and her brother is dead for real
>Kirigiri lost fedora guy
>Naegi's parents are probably dead too

There's a bit more too.

Why didn't Mikan save Bandai?

Kind of hard for DR3 to top that, considering they have no major Captain Rank Soul Reapers.

>Munakata spends 75% of the killing game trying to kill Makoto
>Lets the Remnants of Despair get away for free, despite having zero evidence that they've reformed in any meaningful way

Entire episode was bullshit.
>Don't worry, all your favorite DR2 characters came back! And none of the DR1 survivors you grew to love died either! Those Class 78 fags are still dead though because we killed them for real back when we actually had balls.
I swear if V3 pulls something like this again.

>saving non waifus

I enjoyed the wild ride. I'll miss you guys, see you all when best boy's OVA hits.

This was by far the most disappointing thing about the finale.

I mean, it's on the fucking title card.

He didn't take Cure Wew/Antagonist before the poison took effect.

Or Mikan is a KKK member

>Kohacka has stated that he doesn't like to kill off characters that survived in past installments.
>Surprised to find that he doesn't kill off anyone from DR1&2 and confirms that the cast from DR2 wake up from their comas.

Just accept it already user.

Important question: how wet were Kirigiri's panties?

I'm talking about major characters that were around for more than just one arc. Look at Kirigiri, Asahina and Byakuya as examples of fake outs.

Then why bother having them in the game when they have diplomatic immunity in the first place?

Wait so you're telling me that Kirigiri was in a near death state for at least 2 hours+however long the sleep period where Naegi almost killed himself was+the time afterwards leading up to when Mikan was finally able to get to her and revive her?

Can he cure Sonia off her apparent depression?

Poor girl, why does she look so sad?

Her panties have never felt so alive

>Zero evidence
>got saved by imposter and they stopped the end of the world
>Naegi is implied to have 'defeated' them and Munakata knows this

Did you even watch the sub?

>daddy issues
>husbando now has daddy's old position
The question is will they ever be dry again?

This is a look of lust, user

Ibuki would play like a cross between I-No and Lord Raptor, focusing mostly on zoning, mix-up, and pressure

Mukuro's moveset would be similar to Deathstroke in Injustice. Going at it with melee and firearms for extensive combos and a good range game.

Akane and Nekomaru would obviously fight like traditional fighting game characters. Akane's movesets would be composed of Kyo Kusanagi-style Rekka combos, while Nekomaru would be the grappler.

Peko would have multiple fighting styles that can be switched both in and out of combos, making her quite versatile, if a bit hard to properly master.

Gundham would fight mostly using his hamsters and falcon, similar to Sonico and her cats in Nitroplus Blasterz.

Every character would have an "Execution" move that functions like Instant Kills in Guilty Gear, or Astral Heat's in BlazBlue.

Likewise every character would have an arcade story that leads into the proper story mode for the console release.

Each character would have their own personal theme done by Masafumi Takada. (though Ibuki's would preferably be composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, for obvious reasons) while certain matchups would have a special "vs" theme (Seiko vs Ruruka, Hajime vs Hopeman, Junko vs Mukuro, etc.)

Game would ideally be developed by either Arc System Works, or French Bread. Graphics would either be highly detailed 2D sprites, or Xrd-style character models.

Hajime looks super buff in this episode for some reason

That's basically first base.

She lost her waifu, twice.

Anna levels of wet

Sonia didn't seem like herself at all in this ep. No funny quirky lines or anything. She might as well have not been there at all.

>Won against Junko in her own game
>Saved everyone
>Saved the day again while Naegi didn't do shit
>Is literally god
Is the anyone that can control our boy Hinata?

You think he ripped out the Junko arm himself?

Are they gonna have a baby now?

No, i'm in the denial stage.

They should have appeared.

So what happened with that 16th contestant thing?

She's the only one with real emotions that actually realizes the horror of what she did as a Despair. Everyone else in the 77th Class is apparently a psychopath.

so wet that just looking at naegi will get her pregnant

Hopeman got everything he wanted in the end. Good for him.

She's living with turning into a tyrant dictator who possibly even used her own parents for experimentation.

I found this weird as well.
She wasn't even that energetic.
Maybe she felt really guilty about what she did when she was still despair.

First one is true
Second one is true
Third one is false since Naegi did save him and the rest of 77th class so that this could happen
Fourth is false as well as he can't bring back his dead waifu.

It was probably just counting weedman all along and we rused ourselves by assuming it didn't

No more Novoselic, no more Makango.

How will Junko fuck everything up in V3?

Everyone keeps saying this, but didn't Souda literally poison the atmosphere?
Dude is completely unfazed.

wasnt implyed she killed her own parents?

Remember the robot?

I want her to grin even wider

Munakata and Juzo adventures spinoff when?

>Got saved by the impostor

If Munakata was willing to believe that the guy who defeated Junko Enoshima suddenly turned evil and concocted a massive killing game despite only having just arrived at Future Foundation HQ, then why would he take Impostor saving him as proof? For all he knows, the "rescue" was an act meant to paint the Remnants as innocent so Future Foundation would grant them amnesty.

>In the game
I'm taking it that you mean the anime, and it was not sure if Kirigiri would survive. For the time that Naegi thought she was dead, he developed as a character somewhat. There were hints that she was dead, but even more that she was just faking it or in a coma. In the end, no one knew if Kohacka would even stick to his word.

They finally paid attention to the official measurements.
>91cm bust

so is she basically pic related + junko?

>mfw Gundam NTR'd that guy's hawk away from him

>I revived the person who used it
Why doesn't mikan know who kirigiri is?

Ok so V3 takes place in a prison, does that mean they're all prisoners? Have they all committed some sort of crime? Or is it just that they happen to be there?

The combined luck of their baby would literally make the world implode.

Why would she? They don't interact at all.

We don't know.

Are you from dr_en discord?

Ultimate Falconer
Ultimate Discus Thrower
Ultimate Street Magician
Ultimate Nail Stylist
Ultimate Shogi Player
Ultimate Yo-yo Master
Ultimate Archer

I miss anyone?

Seems to be what he's best at.

>I don't have the ordinary lumps of fat
What did she mean by this? Why does she look like she's moving at an incredibly hihg speed?

She cured her chuuni and became a matured woman.


I hope not. I hope they don't bring her back as an ai either.


Maybe it's to carry over the "theme" of DR2 immediately revealing the plottwists of 1 before dropping tons of plottwists of its own

>Your memories have been stolen, teehee!
>You're actually all horrific criminals, teehee!

It was just so they could hold off the surprise for anyone dull enough to not have already realized who was coming back.

>i don't have the ordinary lumps of fat
what did she mean by this?

>If Munakata was willing to believe that the guy who defeated Junko Enoshima suddenly turned evil and concocted a massive killing game despite only having just arrived at Future Foundation HQ
Did you miss the part where he stopped believing that several episodes ago?

>destroys a reinforced steel door and casually walks in saying
>"yo, Mitarai"
>his Izuru personality leaks out occasionally saying
>"How boring"
>probably single-handedly revived all of class 77
>almost single-handedly stopped Mitarai from being such a faggot
Why is Hajizuru such a best boy?

Some people took it better than others. Actually, the whole cast seemed way too chipper and upbeat considering what happened. I assume most of the angsty character development happened offscreen.

man, Ultimate Street Magician would've been rad to see in the main cast

To be fair, Kirigiri was on national television for about a month.

>All of the DR2 cast gets revived
>None of them are pissed at each other for killing them
>Nobody hates hopeman for killing their mutual waifu AGAIN

Having one of the world's best mechanical engineers for a husband is a very practical choice. Where are some dumb hamsters going to get you in life outside of your university's anime club?

How hard was he?

That's not depression, that's "I'm gonna peg him tonight".

>This anime was all about games vs anime
>The game characters have to stop a new anime character from broadcasting an anime
>The Ultimate Gamer created HOPE for the class
>The Ultimate Animator created nothing but DESPAIR

I'm done with anime forever now. Thank you Danganronpa. Thank you Kodaka

Izuru used his SHSL consultation ability to smooth everything over

He's been through a lot

Go to bed Soda.

He couldn't revive his waifu.

>For six straight days, I will not drink, I will not blink, I will not think! And I definitely will not do any magic while standing on top of Hope's Peak Academy!

He throws knives and breathes fire. Damn right.

This episode made me realize
I really fucking hate the whole "We will punish ourselves by taking the blame blah blah" shit.

Seriously, what exactly gives them the right to decide how they should be punished and how they should atone? Shouldn't that decision be left in the hands of the people's lives they ruined?

>>reviving dr2 cast
>>reviving kigiri
Doesn't matter since both were alive at the end of their respective games

Can't revive the dead or nonexistent, user.

Someone needs to make a count of how many things can just be explained with "Izuru's SHSL _____ fixed it"

They all were under despair before and killed many people. Now they aren't even under duress and remember each other.

Hopeman technically tried to save the "traitor", who just happened to be her.

To be fair, during that time Mikan and the other RoD were busy bringing havok around the world.

Justice != Revenge

He will with Sonia


He had a chance when his waifu was bleeding to death but still alive. What an idiot, our SDHS Everything.

>Can't revive the dead
>dr2 cast was somehow revived despite junko saying their death was permanent

You just described more than 2/3rds of Class 77, user

The people who's lives were ruined don't have any power or authority. They should be lucky the Remnants decided not to finish destroying the world.

Diamonds. A few seconds more and he would have guided Naegi's hand lower.

Yet she could somehow keep moving and talk.

Do you honestly believe the remnants of despair wouldn't be watching junko's exploits? They went to her after she died so clearly they were aware of the killing game in some capacity

Is it just me or does this look like Junko's evil smile?
The one that Chisa did with Chiaki too
Add Gundam's "hand over face" pose and I'm starting to think these guys aren't fully cured
Mikan goes around with a giant syringe, these guys are still crazy, maybe not full despair-mode crazy but are still absolute maniacs
And I like this, fighting game when?

Nah, only Mahiru and Sonia. All the others had their personalities.

You really think they ignored Junko's game the whole time?
If anything the faces of the survivors, should be burned into their skulls.


If they had revived Chiaki in a robot body i'd have been pretty mad, would have made her sacrifice pointless.

The Kirigiri revivial was obvious the second she "died"

Overall it was a dissapointing anime with some good episodes, 5/10

I don't think I'll buy V3

Those are clearly some boobs
it's junko just like always

Normies are basically cockroaches in the world of DR, they should be happy they get to live


Did you forget the part where Junko was lying and it was stated that there was a small chance that they could revived.

>dr2 cast was somehow revived despite junko saying their death was permanent

They were in comas, and it was even hinted at the end that they would awaken sometime.

>Believing anything Junko says.

>junko saying
there's your problem

That baby looks like Komaru.

>gets to be present with not one but TWO Super High School Level HOPEs
Truly he his lucky

He was Tsumaranai.
he needed the DR2 game to see if it was worth using his god powers to save people

That was garbage.

So in the end, he starts Hope school for talented teenagers, talentless students can enlist but only if they're willing to pay a lot of money which will help the school finances

Oh yeah, that's what started despair in the first place. So despair and hope will continue forever but this could've been presented with the anime dude's brainwashing skills

>"we'll punish ourselves by taking the blame"
>cruise away on their party yacht

I really wished that whinny cunt mitarai actually got punished.

People would fucking kill them without mercy for what they did. Trying to help as much as you can for the rest of your life is enough redemption I think.

Isn't she adorable? She's made of love and the butthurt of retards who thought her mommy died. Truly a perfect being.

They never said how the new Hope's Peak works. For all we know, it could allow anybody in. At least, I fucking hope it's like that otherwise Naegi is a retard and is just asking for the same events to repeat.

Except they didn't do it as a punishment?
They clearly said it when they spoke to mitarai, redemption is not about being forgiven, its about remeeding to your errors.
Because they were already known as the RoD, no one in the world would ever forgive them anyway, and since they don't need forgiveness, they may as well do what they can to not let FF take the balme, Hso they took the blame for the FF Killing game.

But he was. Ibuki was forcefeeding him meat on the bone

I see it as them doing FF a favor, not how they will atone

Remnants of Despair were completely blameless for all of their actions, they didn't deserve any sort of punishment.

I was hoping he would crack, and throw himself off that bridge.

Lol the memes were the best part of this trainwreck. Now we have the redeemed version of KYS.

She was being vague for the sake of suspense.


no way. her being in the game loses all impact

>oh great, shes back what a surprise. can't wait for another shitty ending!

>junko lying

if she was capable of lying then she wouldn't of died in dr1 or kept her promise of releasing dr1 cast and this is kodaka we're talking about too.

Other way around

Gundham is far too pure to take lead

Not to be smug or anything, but I'm really fucking smug right now.

Souda Nidai-Mecha and Mini-Nidai bombs as Stand/Persona zoner vs Gekkogahara and her full aggro assault suit.

Komaeda with luck based chance attacks and EX counter to change the tide of the game vs Junko surprisingly and despairingly overpowering her opponent (Juzo)

Munakata is not!Yu_Narukami

Juzo rush down boxer.

Chisa housekeeping?

Tengen chuusen midrange and dashes to close the distance.

Gozu is a chain grappler similar to the Kings in Tekken.

Seiko self-buffing in battle vs Izayoi crafting and sharpening weapons.

Komaru zones and CC's with her microphone.

Help with the Warriors of Hope?

Izuru should be only unlock able after True Despair Mode.

People will be asspained about your comment, but it's the truth. They were completely different people as the Remnants and were victims of despair themselves. Atonement can't hurt, but it's not as if they deserve the death penalty for being corrupted.

All that they needed to know is that there was a killing game going on, and that the partecipants managed to defeat and kill Junko.
They had no reason to watch a fucking broadcast of a killing big brother when their main role was destroying the world.

"Hey guys, lets stop destroying the world for a month cuz we need to watch this on tv!!!"

This is true.

>tengan stole his waifu so he stole his coat
the absolute madman

I thought she fed him on the meat bone.

>but I'm really fucking smug right now.
Get on my fucking level, scrub.

Her prince is still obsesses with ded gamer chick.

Dude, no need to hide, I'm fairly certain you're from there, but who exactly are you?

Remember when she said that they can't leave the building because the air is polluted?

That's one of the reasons why the brainwashing was such a bad plot point, it absolved them of any responsibility.

>Hey guys, lets stop destroying the world for a month cuz we need to watch Junko-sama on tv!!!

>faggots actually denied this
I don't have enough wews for you lads.

Only because this garbage anime made it so that they were brainwashed. Remember that amazing twist in SDR2 that the people you've been with the whole time weren't actually good people at all? They were Junko's followers and did some fucked up shit. That godlike twist that elevated DR2 above the first game into something truly great? LET'S JUST THROW THAT SHIT RIGHT OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW. WHO NEEDS GOOD STORYTELLING, WE'RE REPLACING IT WITH DINDU NUFFIN WRONG.

I would force feed Ibuki my meat on the bone


I should have had more hope

Congrats on your Kirigiri, user. She's a good girl and I'm glad she lived.

To be fair that was what the fake Naegi narrative he was pushing.

Naegi's hair is really big here, was it always like that?

And then Munakata went to kill himself.

Soniafags unite!

>we never found out who the mystery participant extra survivor was

>kirigiri basically had some anti venom the whole time
>didn't bother to tell anyone
>didn't bother to share

It was literally always like that until DR3 when they decided to make it short so he'd look the same as hinata


>Class 77 looks exactly the same, despite 2 saying they mutilated themselves and swapped body parts with Junko
>Naegi and co. callously killing all these future foundation guys because they have too much hope
>Everyone is magically better and fixed after the events of 2, directly shitting on the ending, ruining its poignancy and impact
>Hajime "deus ex machina" Hinata just fixed evertone somehow

please buy my manga

>being this delusional
he's on his way to reunite with nanako-chan

The only reason she died in DR1 was because she decided to follow her own rules and she wanted to experience the ultimate despair.

>best sprites
>got sonia
>shit talked izuru
>created mecha arm for Nagito

Sonia has finally come to her senses and found herself a proper husband.

Did your waifu make it the end?

It was hagakure all along, user
the twist was that there was no twist

>didn't play DR2
secondary kill yourself reeee etc.

>I should have had more common sense
Fixed you right up, family. Let's be real here, it was blatant.

>implying that matters at all
One Kirigiri is worth a billion of anyone else.

Miracles brev, aint gotta explain shit.

>using auto

They feel guilty though.


It was just weedman.

>gets to tap this every night

Is banging Kirigiri the endgame of Naegi's luck?

I guess you're forgeting that huge part of the despair arc where they were brainwashed into THINKING LIKE Junko, to constantly cause and look for depsair, not to adore Junko(like we were made to believe in SDR2).
Since the brainwash,not once we see or hear them say they're adoring Junko or doing this for Junko, all they say is what they'll do and that it's time to do it.

Heck we had Mikan say in chap 3 of SDR2 that Junko loved her and gave her forgiveness, and now we find out it's not true, Junko did nothing of that sort to them, and of the 2 characters who were brainwashed first(Mikan and Chisa), none of them showed any admiration towards Junko, all they did was following orders like puppets and look for despair.

On a scale of 1 to chernobyl, how irradiated in Noveselic right now?

>21 hamsters
So the hamsters were fucking like crazy while he was in the NWP?

>tfw no geimu
>tfw miracles only work for mass murderers

who are these guys with visors that they're fighting? Other future foundation fags with similarly retarded powers?


There are no hints that they are a couple.

This is actually right. You can blame it all on DUDE ANIME LMAO

He is the SHSL breeder.

Considering he had 12 by the time he was a despair, only 21 in the course of multiple years isn't much of a multiplication

It's actually kinda disheartening what little consequence any of the non-talented people in the Danganronpa world have.

Seriously, Hopes Peak Academy just ruined the entire fucking world and one of the first things that is being done in the post Apocalypse world is spending time and resources into starting it up again?
And every normie is fine with this? Or was this just an executive decision by Naegi and Togami? Surely one of the new executives being the daughter of the previous headmaster who fucked everything up doesn't sit well with everyone right?

>Class 77 looks exactly the same, despite 2 saying they mutilated themselves and swapped body parts with Junko

Nagito and Fuyuhiko were the only ones confirmed to mutilate themselves. Both of them are still missing the bodyparts they removed to replace them with Junko parts, they just removed the Junko parts now.

>Everyone is magically better and fixed after the events of 2, directly shitting on the ending, ruining its poignancy and impact

That's literally what the ending of 2 implied though

SHSL Elite Task Force

Former Hope's Peak students who form a special FF task force.

If Izuru can make comatose people awake then I'm sure he can turn Chernobyl into a flower paradise.


why doesn't her smile hint that?

What are they gonna do about it, bleed on the ground?

>despite 2 saying they mutilated themselves and swapped body parts
No it didn't, only Komaeda was confirmed. There were more despair remnants than the SDR2 cast.

SHSL Jobbers

And Fuyihiko, he wouldn't lack his eye otherwise.

>77th only lost 1 member
>78th lost 8, not counting antagonists

>HajIzuru not going around the world waking people in comas

>It was HPA's fault.

What did they do wrong? It was junko who fucking ruined everything.

Because 78 was a real killing game, 77 was a simulation.

Too tsumaranai

Because Kodaka is too much of a pussy to kill of characters that weren't introduced in the game or show they appeared in.

Why do people always fucking forget this? I swear to god this fanbase fucking scrambles to blame anybody BUT Junko, who was the cause of goddamn everything.

What did he mean by this?

its all about the contrast.
>Naegi lost his classmates but reclaims his waifu
>Hinata lost his waifu but reclaims his classmates

Don't forget that FF got completely wiped out

except chiaki DDDDDDDD:

>77 was a simulation

how to kill a sequel to your game in two easy steps
1. kill a lot of peoples favorite characters
2.revive them in the next installment

HPA's duplicity opened them up to being exploited by Junko though.

I don't know about you user but I don't specifically take off my gloves to hold hands with friends when I'm worried of what people will think of my bacon hands.

>what did they do wrong?

Accept Junko into their academy for starters

That's why I wish Ruru survived and made her own organization after being reformed.
Her death made 0 sense.

naegi cums often and quickly

>77th class partecipated in a virtual reality game
>78th class partecipated in an actual real life killing game
You are a retard

One branch and many of the founders, not the whole organization

It tells you it was a simulation and nobody died at the end of DR2.

>defending the school that tried to cover up multiple school murders
>defending the school that exploited plebs to conduct human experiments
Lets no act like HPA are blameless here.

He was going to hold hands with Kirigiri.

>That still wasn't explained
Fucking hell

>Hinted that they would eventually awaken at the end of the game.
>Next installment just proves that they did

Holy shit, fucking please.


I really get the feeling that she was supposed to survive, but they ran out of time and all the other characters had to survive for plot reasons.

Komaru did an ok job with Towa city

>What did they do wrong?
Willingly brought in a fucking mad maniac into their instituatino

Attempted to cover up a mass murder of students

Security staff protected said mad maniac from investigations

Performed heinous experiments on a child's brain

Headmaster killed a bunch of people for absolutely no reason.

And ultimately their entire philosophy of bringing in any and all talents seems to always end up being counter productive because as it turns out bringing someone in because they are a Yakuza prodigy actually turns out to cause more problems than solve any.

What happened with your cool-ass gun Izayoi?

I would accept this if the situation around Kirigir wasn't so bullshit.

future arc and despair arc were shit, and hope arc is like the piece of partially digested corn on top.

Why are the non-combat oriented members of class 77 just wandering around? Mahiru was somehow able to sneak up on a sniper and flash her in the face, which is retarded, but fucking Sonia literally just stood and watched.

Why does class 77 look and act exactly as they did pre-despair, despite the fact that they destroyed their bodies and did tons of evil shit? They're just back to being happy-go lucky teens again? The whole point of 2 was acknowledging that they were evil but moving past that towards a brighter future where they could atone.

so, hajizuru is also the SHSL ahoge?

>sonia patranises soda for the fans all episode
>pepsifags think they are an item

now that gundam is confirmed alive we all know who sonia is fucking.

The fuck ? Were they calling him a nigger during the operation or something ?

I get the feeling she wasn't meant to. And only Munakata and Ryouta were meant to survive.

Which is still bullshit by the way.


they really should have started with hope and done a tarantino thing

Why was Sonia even there if not to spend time with her beloved? She could have been outside with Gundam if she cared about him.

She let the villain get away after killing half the city including her parents.

Can't wait for the despair arc episode, dis gon' be gud.

Also i suppose hinata/izuru was talented enough to bring back his classmates who had previously died in the Neo world program after getting out?

stop damage controlling this fucking garbage.

In 2, dying in the reality made them turn into vegetables. The game ends with it being made clear that the odds of bringing them back are slim to none, then it's left ambiguous. The whole point was that the survivors were driven by hope to keep looking for a method to bring them back.

That's what they're doing, they're living with what they did, and they start by taking responsibility off Makoto's shoulders
>hey Kazuichi, remember when I used to peg you all the time?
>y-yes miss Sonia
>well now I'll also jerk you off while I do so
>t-t-thank you miss Sonia

I said ok not great alright?

gundam is autistc and would rather fuck another mans hawk than sonia

I'm not so sure. The rapid succession of deaths in episodes 8-10 felt like they were scrambling to lower the survivor count by killing anyone they could.

Maybe Sonia doesn't want to be hit by thundaga

>driven by hope to keep looking for a method to bring them back.
Miracle boy pulled it off man.

whats his power? summon furry little creatures? that hawk should have fuck them up

I guess. I also felt Tengan being the mastermind came out of left field, like they needed a twist for the sake of a twist and it ended up falling flat. Hell any emotional impact from Side: Hope is lost when you realise Ryouta never interacted with Class 77 save for Imposter and Mikan.

>B-but Junko lied despite her having no reason to and the game never hinting that she did
>You wanted them to wake up yet you're unhappy when they do ?
>who needs impactful consequences and good motives when you have a cool shot of imposter in a munakata suit
Some people think this is good story telling and they'll eat it up because they're braindead fanboys
Poor Souda.

kill yourself

Despair is plenty reason enough for Junko to lie

Did you not see him summon a massive fucking lightning attack just by saying his name?

Did people obviously expect the comatose students in SDR2 to stay that way? Them waking up should've been obvious the minute DR3 was announced.

Why the fuck didn't Kyouko tell them all about the attacker while they were having their little picnic in that room?

>dying in the reality made them turn into vegetables
No you fucking idiot, it was
1. Upload the surviving members to their body, but the dead members will turn vegetables because there's nothing to upload
2. Upload the surviving members to their body, upload Junko into the dead members body
3. Restart the game, everyone comes back to life then forget everything

Dying didn't do jack in Danganronpa 2 and they made a big deal out of it near the end.

Danganronpa 3 is literally Metal Gear Solid V.

Mitarai is Skullface.

MINDHACC is parasites.

Despair Video is Language Virus.

What is up with japanese series having awful final entries that ruin them with atrocious writing and an incessant need to clarify things intentionally left ambiguous, inevitably ruining them in the process?

I honestly thought the ones that died would be braindead forever.

I guess thats what I get for having faith in kodakas writing

ah the "dramatic entrance" power. i get you.

>temparing drawing sonia
God damn it I just fapped

The anime felt like it has a checklist of perceived DR trope and hamfisting them.
>Killing game [X]
>Traitor [X]
>Closed space [X]
>Gruesome deaths [X]
>Mastermind is among the participants |X]

>Can't wait for the despair arc episode, dis gon' be gud.
user, this was the last episode of the whole serie, no more episodes of any arc.

>hey yall, I'm gonna take a nap, it may look like I died, but really I'm just sleeping
>also, stay away from the monitors

If they were never going to wake up, they might as well have said that they were dead.

It's not like I forgot that. Why are you picking apart minor contrivances to defend this bullshit show?

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

"It's like poetry, sort of that they rhyme"

Considering ZTD, this problem could've been much, much worse.

In fact I thought the fact that Danganronpa 3 was the end of Hopes Peak Academy meant that the SDR2 characters wouldn't even play a role in it because their story is up and over with and any backstory they need would be covered in Despair side.

But of course they just had to be shoe horned in there to save the day why? Well just because.

That user posting Izuru carrying away Kirigiri has a point though, why didn't Seiko give the drug to herself? Kodaka writing from the top of his head again.

ZTD was fine

He was already there, it's charm type move, it turns the enemy's minions into your minions

Wherr Junko, motherfuckerr!

You want mirrion dorrar for V3? Too bad! I pirate! Fuck you!

You know wide.

>Junko starts in HPA
>instantly has an underground dungeon, knows exactly who to torture and ruins it in a few weeks


And those thoughts should have disappeared the second the assault on Jabberwock island was declared.

The original argument was that because it was a simulation, there was really no threat of dying or even turning into vegetables.

And there really wasn't any. Option 1 was never really considered, and the only real struggle was their past as RoD and Kamakura.

>Everyone in class 77 is friends with Mitarai despite the fact almost none of them even met him

Who ever came up with Mitarai is a retard. What was the point of making his character in the first place? He was utterly unnecessary and shoehorned in. It's like they came up with MINDHACC and then wrote a character to enable that retarded concept. Why would they even make a new character whose purpose is to explain away everything in the past in the first place?

I think I'm having a stroke, This is the most angry a piece of media has ever made me. Why does it even exist? IT does nothing but shit on 1 and 2 in every way.

Danbooru give me another name and considering there isn't a giant flaccid cock down sonia's thigh I think that's just a lookalike.
It does look similar tho.
>This will never be translated
>The fabled sequel will never be scanned
>Only thing we have is giant futa on male
Life is sour
I guess yeah. You can at least consider DR1 and DR2 as closed game by themselves and ignore DR3.
But VLR ended on a big fucking cliffhanger that was the point of the story. You can't ignore that ZTD alien fax and mind hack bullshit

>Despair arc about RoD during their school days and how Junko did what she did
>SDR2 ending left open regarding what WILL be of the RoD now that they're out of NWP and with the guid and assistance of SHSL Everything
>Future arc taking place right after the events at the ending of SDR2
>SDR2 kids story is over, it's sure they won't appear
What a fucking mongoloid.

The former got it better.

Oh you forgot
>Promote someone how they promoted Sayaka [X]

This was the first time where the mastermind genuinely was among them after the games twisted the concept so much that it was only true on a technicality and none of the characters as we knew them were truly responsible until after the reveals.

Oh they did
As did my thoughts of the anime turning out to be decent in any shape or form as well.

>grown up Saionji is alive
all is good in the world

Because she didn't die from poison. And even if she did take it, there's no guarantee that it would completely counter the poison.

In what way?
That ending that lead to VLR was total garbage.

Damn he's even giving ants hope.

Junko made death in the simulation a threat, hence the end of the game. Why are you acting like nothing in 2 had consequences?

fukken kek

Why would Kodaka go all-out to stuff the bland and boring DR2 cast in? The DR1 cast was so much better, - Junko, Mukuro, Sayaka, Sakura - these four were better than all of the DR2 characters put together.

It was supposed to be a final epic confrontation
between Makoto and Junko in some form, thats what fucking Monokuma said.

WHYYYYYYY make its a retarded ending where some irrelevant characters talk it out for 2 minutes. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK

This. I don't even know how Despair took over him.

Hope's Peak has almost 80 years of history, I'm sure there's an explanation for the underground facilities.

Underrated post.

hello could someone please help me, I need the rare Hajime of him in front of Mahiru holding the bat.

The anime went to shit the moment Junko got involved with it.

>monokuma said

monokuma was a red herring

>Nagito not interacting Naegi about his fucking ultimate hope title
literally the worst part of everything

And thus the moral of the story of Danganronpa was learned.

Anime is evil and destroys your mind, so you should abandon it to be with other people to find true happiness.

But the point that was stressed out a lot was that unless they get replaced by Junko AI that'll impersonate them, the placebo effect do have consequences.
And the fact that they choose to abort the game despite that is the whole fucking point of 2-6.
It would have very much be better if it was left unknown. This isn't an ending to build a sequel on. That's fucking bullshit fanservice stupidity and if they had an ounce of artistic integrity they wouldn't have done that

Hey...that's pretty good!

She was the one with the guaranteed death NG code, and also had no idea if it would work. That's why she tried to get so much off her chest beforehand since it could well have been her end.

They did though. For a few seconds

If class 77 was saved and completely returned to normal, why did this show even fucking happen?

Why was Naegi arrested if they were all back to being normal kids? No one thought to actually check on them despite deciding to put Naegi on trial? No one decided they should testify?

that was about his luck

got you covered family

Very much yes
ahahaha no
The only positive thing going for Sayaka was that she made a semi decent killing plan, but it was too complex for her skills and thus became a fucking stupid plan.

>Why was Naegi arrested if they were all back to being normal kids

you need to rewatch the entire anime... again.

These ending only made me hate Junkofags and Chiakifags
>we are okay with them being dead!
>DR2 casts wakes up (keyword WAKES UP, they were never dead)
>wow where is Chiaki and Junko, shit ending!

I'm not sure what you're trying to say user.
The SDR2 kids story was over and Kadoka himself said he didn't have anything in store for them after the ending of the second game.

Plus it's not like they did anything that Naegi couldn't have done. Hajime didn't even know Mitarai on a personal level before or after the end so the person giving him the pep talk was pretty interchangeable.

Exist only to suffer.

If the goal of DR3 was to make the V3 reboot seem like a really good idea then they succeeded.

>this episode never happened
Class 76 got an episode over this.

>dr1 shitters
dr2 was obviously a better game kill yourself

Of course it was a shit show there, the world ended soon after and you're surprised it went bad?

you know how

Explain yourself.

As a Chiakifag I'd have been mad if they really resurrected her.

Put down the guns

After rewatching it with subs I think I've warmed up to it, but in my mind this ending will always feel like a complete fucking fanfiction.

The biggest thing I cannot ignore is how hilariously neglected the 3 cast was at the end of the day, they were completely irrelevant. Poor Munakata showed up in minute 20 out of 24 to just give Naegi a little send off. His love is dead, Juzo is dead, 95% of his coworkers are dead, and Animator is going to get off scot-free, while the ultimate despairs get an 100% couldn't possibly be happier ending after killing thousands while attempting to atone.

WAGA NA WA......

I actually think DR2 was a better game as well.
But you have to admit the DR2 cast showing up at the end was pretty pointless.

>oh its her again

no impact.

I don't want to start up the game and find the exact line, but one of the scene was literally Junko saying 'oh the killing game and the bomb was just a huge distraction for me to abuse monomi privileges, you guys are just chumps for the main characters to appear'

At least thats my TL of the line. Not sure how it was said in the English version.

The death of their classmates were only a piece of bargaining chip for them to vote to graduate and to open up bodies for Junko to get into.

I like you user.
NG codes were fucking retarded in the first place. I like the idea but they were far too specific and plot convenient to take them seriously.
>Guys how do we stop Munakata from chasing Naegi all the time ?
>Just make him unable to open doors
>Guys How do we make Juzo not punch and kill everyone because he is overpowered ?
>Make him unable to punch
>How do we kill kirigiri
>Make her die at some time because of her NG

It was retarded.

Gameplay wise, sure, characters, story, tone and atmosphere? It's par with AE with retardation.
>lel let's put an emphasis on the epic whacky randomness and fuck up the tones of each game.

That's what he says when waifus call.

Well fuck you too, Satan. Thanks for reminding me.

You're not a Chiakifag then, it's not fair that only Kirigirifags got the free pass.

Feelin lucky, punk?

>Junko used her analyst abilities and figured out how everything would unfold in the theater
>she can't do anything about it since she's dead
>all the despairs will probably have a heartfelt renuinion in the afterlife
>"well we could have died if it wasn't for her"
>"yeah, our time together was short but intense, bravo Sonia for nuking the entire world"
>"oh, it was frankly quite easy to obtain the bombs, Fuyuhiko helped out with the, umm, negotiations"
>"those guys were a bunch of pussies, it was too easy"
>"well I managed to improve them so much I could have made them from scratch"
>"oh yes the self sufficient hydrogen bomb, it's still burning right now right?"
>"yep, it's like a star, burning bright in loving memory of our adventures"
>"oh you guys, I knew it was the right choice to pick you as my loyal generals"
>wide shot of all the ultimate despairs hugging, including Mukuro, and Chisa
>"come on, join the group hug Ryota"
>"b-b-but I wasn't, I mean you have all these great memories together and I-"
>Junko walks over to him and drags him by the hair in the group hug

She should have stayed an AI. That would have been a much much better character


>9/2012: Kodaka starts thinking about maybe writing a story about what led up to the world going to shit.

>At this stage, the story was centered around the 78th Class.

Thanks a bunch my dude.

It wasn't a guarantee, Naegi could have died.

I thought the atmosphere of AE was pretty close to the first game actually. In some ways, it was the darkest of the three games.

>best boy is alive and well
feels good

I feel really sorry for anyone who was a fan of this guy.
Why did they even bother? I think if Spike wanted a fanservice show they should've just done some non-canon SOL show or something.

It was a horribly written ending just to make ends meet with VLR. Like almost every fucking important action or lines soley existed to justify some clue or line in VLR.

>killed half the city
I dont remember that happening.


>why did this show even fucking happen?
No reason, quite literally.
What has come out of this? Nothing.
All the DR1 survivors are still alive and none of them gained any useful experience or change from this.
All of the SDR2 kids are alive and well and back to their minds, as they already were (arguably)implied tobe at the end of SDR2, and gain nothing valuable from this.
All the deads of DR3 were new character with no real connection to the main games characters.
All the responsibles in DR3 were new characters that had very little connections to the main games characters.
All the events in DR3 are restricted to the DR3 timeframe and have no impact on the world or anything else.
Everything in DR3 is selfcontained and brings no changes to the previous status of the serie.

It's not like i'd have really been her, even if they somehow made her a robotbody or something. And her self-sacrifice would have been for nothing

I agree only that she should've stayed an AI, real Chiaki good but they had to make her only to give her fans despair by not giving her any good endings.
I never asked for this.

I want you to get locked in an airtight school with Junko and only eat canned beans

How many years before Danganronpa gets a bunch "GEEWUN" fags that bitch about how everything V3 and onward ruined Danganronpa FOREVER and wanks the old titles (including DR3)?

>interlocked fingers

3. Restart the game, everyone comes back to life then forget everything

Replay chapter 6.

It was clear that people who died in the game would be vegetables no matter how you choose. The only way to make them wake up was to upload Junko into it.

And anime explained it was because of Hajizuru's effort those who died were able to wake up again.

I'm not denying that, but that doesn't change the ending.

The Monokumas (created and controlled by her) slaughtered a shitton of innocent people.

Hopefully we could get some type of Carnival Phantasm show. It's not fair that only Class 77 gets to still have fun

I wanna see junkos reaction to hope arc she must going crazy she started fucking chisa

Matsuda had any fans? Color me surprised.

Meanwhile, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Kirigiri also made a self-sacrifice yet they revived her.

You mean you don't remember Monokumas running around and killing everybody?
What was even the point of showing him once and forgetting about 0 after that?

Think of it as character development.

Kirigiri never really died though. Not that her being resurrected is any less bullshit

>yfw no more HOPE after this week

>all the kids are scared
>Monaka is smirking

Goddamn she was such a better and creepier villain than Junko could ever hope to be.

Naegi's SHSL Hope was fading without his waifu.

Why do you losers like Sayaka so much? You're almost as bad as the hilarious retards how love Miaya to the point of delusion, when she was literally a non character.

>What was even the point of showing him once and forgetting about 0 after that?
Spike's definition of fanservice is "showing a character on screen".

Though considering how much people are praising this episode because their favorite character showed up for a few seconds, they are not entirely wrong.

What to expect on the OVA?

If you're saying that being hooked up to a machine is the same as being vegetable, then I guess you're right?
But then they were vegetables from the start so its not a big deal.

after a month im probably going to forget about danganronpa but i still wont forget chiaki

I like the DR2 cast more than the 1 cast. Although I'm just referring to the top characters from each game, since most of the characters I absolutely couldn't care less about. It's just that Hajime, Nagito, Gundam, etc are much more interesting than Naegi, Togami, Kirigiri, etc. Although Kirigiri is on par with the DR2 cast.

Besides Akane just fucking off on her own it was whatever. It's not like it was horribly hamfisted or contrived or anything you just didn't like it. It was a single bad end done for the sake of closing a loop don't burst a bloodvessel over it. If you want to rag on the actual end or the story as a whole go for it but who honestly cares if one of the multiple ends was done to tie it to the previous game it's a prequel to?

It fully fits with the ending DR3 had

Oh, my reading comprehension is fault. Thought you were talking about Cumaru

>Kirigiri never really died though.
Naegi and others though otherwise, they even had to go through flashbacks and shit only to return her later.
I like Kirigiri, she's my second favorite but the anime was a big Fuck you to Chiaki fans.

I feel strangely satisfied but also empty inside

>Naegi could have died
His talent prevents him from premature death at all costs. Even if he wasn't the main character, Kirigiri's code was a death sentence.

>Why do you losers like Sayaka so much

have you read the 500+ pages of sayaka analysis?

>epic whacky randomness

That's what made DR DR.
Part of the reason why anime was shit because it tried to be some serious drama and exposed how shitty Kodaka's writing was.

So why are you talking about Pepsi being uncucked again?

Dropped ideas from Despair.
Cool things since it's an OVA
I still can't believe that exists. I'm pretty sure that's even longer than a complete analysis of some shit like Apocalypse now.
Sure there are a lot of padding but god damn an esper ? Really

link or no bueno

Sonia looked at him once

Not that user, but when they died in the simulation their real brains thought they were dead, thus getting them into a coma. Did you even play SDR2?

Sonia might be somewhat friendly positive towards him after all they went through but that's all, stop being delusional.

How so?

We already knew she would die in Despair and we got to see even more of her.


Nothing. I expected closure from DR3 and got shat on.

You know why.

DR1 did it in moderation. When you were meant to take it seriously it knew when to be serious, when it wanted to be comedic it did without feeling forced and was paced well. DR2 and everything after was all over the place.

This is my favourite DR3 meme.

Wait, who recorded the Monokuma video explaining the final killing game? Was it Tengan?

Haven't caught up on the last four episodes.

Just tell me if Weedman is alive.

>soda fags

sorry user

Wht closure didn't you get?

>Everything in DR3 is selfcontained and brings no changes to the previous status of the serie.

Yup. It amazes me that people will go out their way to defend this garbage. It was completely pointless and only served to sully the games.

Oh shit dude.

It's unknown atm.
But I won't spoil you.

So OVA in January will be about them all waking up with a lot of funny interactions and more fanservice? In might be better that the whole DR3 anime.
Never ever even close to dying.

Is not fucking fair
Goodnight Chiakibros, please don't kill yourselves without me

That nigga has more plot armor than Naegi for God's sake.

He died

No it was yes you fucking imbecille it was Tengan.

Can you imagine the conversation after the 77th class woke up from their comas?

>Teruteru killed Imposter instead of just warning him about Nagito's plot
>Peko bashed Mahiru's brains in because Fuyuhiko was about to
>They both remember she had nothing to do with Fuyuhiko's sister's death
>Mikan strangled Ibuki and then slit Saionji's throat in cold blood
>Gundham and Nekomaru had a fair fight, they're probably cool with each other
>Nagito fucked with everybody until the end and is ultimately responsible for the death of Nanami, the one person they all wanted to see again

BUTTHURT sorry but souda is the 2nd wife

No. I just replayed DR2 yesterday.

They said it very clear that once they died in the game their data got deleted so even though they shut it down like Naegi proposed the dead people would stay braindead.

It's the living people that wouldn't have any memory from the game so went back to RoD.

That's why Junko was able to confuse them. She said her way could revive everyone but with her data uploaded. So people were struggling how to choose. If just restarting could bring back everyone they wouldn't hesitate to do that.

Souda upgraded from being hated by Sonia to friendzoned by her
That's good enough for him


What really did happen to Teruteru's mother?

Oh of course, if it's just 'one of the infinite possibilities,' then its completely fine. My problem isn't whether it makes sense in the story. It was just written so lazily that it was a huge letdown from the hype that VLR's ending brought.

Most of ZTD was written terribly, but at least they had occasional interesting ideas, unintentionally hilarious scenes, and best puzzle out of the trilogy.

Weedman is immortal.

Who picked them all up and moved them underground, was that also Tengan?

>this lusty expression
Gundham, just admit your defeat.

I think that Izuru that rebooted NWP so they come to their senses, otherwise Teruteru/Mikan/etc being back to normal makes no sense.

It's alright they atone but not for forgiveness so they understand eachothers
I guess

They're all million class murderers, nobody has the right to be mad at each other.

How is this fucker not running the world?

Mechanics are broken as fuck. He should be riding a robot trex everywhere he goes.

Same thing that happened to the Naegi family.


He probably roasted her whole and ate her.

It wasn't him though, it was mind hack anime, so even though he feels like shit he's completely blameless.

Why didn't they blame Monaca for everything instead of Class 77?

Sonia would fuck anyone with a dick

Can you ask the question again?

She lives on in Teru's heart stomach

He's been replaced

>Nagito fucked with everybody until the end and is ultimately responsible for the death of Nanami, the one person they all wanted to see again
That Nanami was just a computer anyway.

Pretty sure you have the right to be mad at someone who caves your skull in with a bat.

>They're all million class murderers
You know, I used to think this argument meant something, but now thanks to DR3 it's completely meaningless.
They weren't responsible for their actions. They couldn't even control their own bodies.

He was never hated though, I hate this meme. Sonia was always polite to him. The only timeframe that Sonia was somehow mean was the fifth case where Sonia was extremely tired and on the edge (she was mean to Hajime too) because of all the bullshit like the man whom she was interested in killing one of them and then dying too. She is a princess not some iron lady, she can't cope with everything forever.

The interacted okay in the 1-4 cases until Souda became too obnoxious.

None, since Kirigiri ending up with Naegi and SDR2 cast waking up was a given
Monaca got away with everything, Monokuma kids are still at large, new mastermind was a fucking nobody and final killing game was a joke

Yeah, and an upgrade to the one they knew in real life.

"Oh, it's nothing guys. I'm just talking to my imaginary ghost friend."

So who was in that helicopter shooting weedman? It was nobody brainwashed, so was it some kind of.. Despair? I could see Tengan prepping everything himself including carrying the bodies because he seems pretty fit.

>Implying that counts
Who cares if your whole family is dead at least you have buddies lol
Yeah and it's a shame he became so obnoxious. He was a pretty cool character before that.

So what was the relevance of Killer Killer again?

sonia is so sad

It was a really fancy autopilot drone.

>They both remember she had nothing to do with Fuyuhiko's sister's death
Yes she did. She helped cover it up so the killer could get away with it.

>Kirigiri ending up with Naegi

nope, she was happy because they defeated the game

>"this little girl totally did it dude oh where is she? she's a NEET in space now lmao"

Kodaka flat out lied about Killer Killer mattering. I'm mad.

>miku-chan is real! not a program!

>I am the shadow, the true self.

>this delusional chiakifag imagining things

He has the Ultimate Seance Artist talent.

As relevant as DR0, AE, and all the other shit Kodaka told us would be important

Despair autopilot

That was one of Junko's many lies.

AE is relevant as ever user


She is literally a mindreader. You think that shit isnt interesting? Oh, sorry, obviously not as interesting as a fat midget, a chuuni retard, a cuck mechanic, a pervert princess, a shitting manager and a brown retard with enormous boobs. SORRY!

not even a sayakafag

He didn't lie about it. He said to read it because it was connected to DR3.

It was connected. It had DR3 characters in it. He never said that the events of Killer Killer were going to be integral to the plot of DR3.

Yes his talent is actually pretty useful and can do a lot of cool things. But Kodaka seemed to only care about making him a cuck.

No it wasn't. Despair arc showed it happened.

so much despair the helicopter piloted itself

I thought at first they went back into VR and that was a recreated version DR2 Chiaki and they were gonna live a happy life there instead of being on the run in the real world.

>She is literally a mindreader
>sets a perfect setup to kill someone

some psychic

reader, not a haccer

>Junko's lies again
It's the worst possible way you could legitimize that and the only one that makes sense
At least nobody likes the theory "junko was lying because LOL despair" right ?

>A mindreader
No user, that was a joke.

I don't know what you were expecting? A play by play all the way into the planning of VLR? You could basically extrapolate what they were going to do from the info in VLR anyways why waste time on anything but the "how" in ZTD when it was already pressed for time as is?

Did we play the same game? VLR's ending was pretty meh, just before the ending was good but everything after the reveal was just set up for ZTD and wasn't terribly exciting.

What was the final killing game supposed to accomplish again?

Mujihi na kotoba dake ga

detarame ni machi ni afureteru

NEVER MORE setsunaku nagareteta koe

It was the Ultimate Pretend to be a Despair Follower Helicopter Pilot that worked for FF. It was his time to shine so he went along with Tengan.

Did hajimeme looked after his devas of destruction while gundham was in the restoration program or were they also with gundham the entire time?

>all the DR2 cast got their status changed to alive in the wiki

That's only because Makoto's virgin mind is easy to read by experienced people like Sayaka.

Drama and suspense for the sake of drama and suspense. All it did was introduce a bunch of characters and then kill EVERYONE except for the one who actually mattered.

Sonia did
>Best boy is alive along with his Devas
all is good in the world

except chiaki

>draw a yu narukami
>call it a munakata
Why is this allowed

Tengan's motives are so complex that they don't make any goddamn sense.

He wanted to entrust Hope to a new generation, IE Mitarai, so he did the killing game to try to force Mitarai into using his Hope Video.

But wait, why didn't he just steal the Hope Video and broadcast it himself?

It's stupid because the writers obviously intended for us to take it as truth. Junko is the source of almost all exposition in the game, the plot wouldn't be able to function if she was constantly lying. When she does lie, the story makes sure to let us know she lied.

Chiaki is officially SDHS Tulpa

>She is literally a mindreader
Please tell me you're joking.

All we've had so far is little cameos. I don't know how long KillerKiller has left though.

I don't get it. What do you count as relevant? AE has the antagonist of its game coming back as one of the participants, has an episode devoted entirely to 'finishing' AE's story threads, and features the adorable Komaru who only got development in AE itself. As far as any of the other materials go, it was definitely more relevant than any other spin off by far. I also recommend anyone at least watch a playthrough if you can't play it, I enjoyed it a lot.

>the only one that makes sense
No it doesn't. Despair Arc showed it happen. You saw it yourself, not heard from Junko.



So he was so hopeful he decided to massacre the whole FF for hope?
I mean, he wasn't even animehacced, was he? We never saw him with swirly eyes.

>When she does lie, the story makes sure to let us know she lied.
I'm not so sure about that.

I mean, for the longest time people thought she manipulated class 77 into becoming despair, that Izuru was exploited by her to become a remnant, and that she was smart.

>Celes thread at the bottom of page 10 with 0 replies

How many does he has now anyway?

No, Tengan wasn't despair. He was just a crazy old fuck.

>Yup, my work here is done.

He's too retarded he achieved the same thing Junko did with good will.

Danganronpa: Chisa when?

Count them

>blonde hair
>not making the connection

Pepsi won the Sonia bowl

Because that was obviously the plot to that in the game, which is why everybody thought of that.
Shame because celeste is cute


That's because those were retconned.

I'm choosing to believe this is a shitpost because the alternative is too depressing.

Maybe he had Alzheimer's or something

The Hopeman OVA will probably involve him going to space to retrieve Monaca

Get your eyes checked

18? His devas sure had fun while he was comatose

What would it take to get Komaeda on that scene, acknowledging Chiaki somehow?

It would've been great if we could've seen the trio again for one last time.

>its shitpost


What's the life span of a hamster? These must be the great great grandchildren of the Devas.

I got a bizarre pleasure in seeing Naegi get cucked from saving the day again.

It's called 2.5 so it most likely won't cover anything after the end of 3

google says 3 years

>149 pages trying to make Maizono seem like an hero
That's kinda sad.

3 years, original Devas could still be there

Souda cuter tho

>jokes on them, i'm just pretending to be retarded
Go back to Cred Forums please.

Her character setting was rosy blonde. For some reason they drew her pink hair in sprites.


Soda dyes his hair.

So both her and Kaede are her daughters?

>tfw you realise that gundham has seen at least one of his devas die at some point in his life
don't do this to me anons i can't handle it

he's confirmed for having pink pubes

>we never got to see pepsi with black hair
feels bad man

>Class 77 all revived and none worse for the wear
>Weren't most of them supposed to have grafted parts of Junko's corpse in them? Why is Nagito the only one with a missing bodypart?
>If Tengan wanted to broadcast the hope video, he could've simply used Gekko's turbohacking skillls to steal the video, what was the point of throwing his own assets into a killing game?
>fuck that stupid cop out on Kirigiri. Either she should've remained dead, or you shouldn't do the whole Kirigiri dying scene
>Munakata just goes off drifting away, does he think he's fucking Wolverine on that "Old Logan" story?
>"Yeah we know opening this school led to the deat of millions, but let's try again lmao!""

Jesus Christ

Fuyuhiko is missing an eye. The arm and eye were the only parts mentioned other than some vague baby making attempt.

Good job Naegi-kun

Hopeman has a robohand now

If it makes you feel better, Gundham probably gave them the best life possible.

link me nanami doujins, i want to fap to her after she died because she's so cute

Why don't you retards get it all ready.

Tengan could have stolen the video easily but he did all this to setup Mitarai as his successor.

Tengan viewed himself to old to lead the world into that new age.

Yes, Nagito has a robohand, but it's mentioned when Junko died, that they took parts of her corpse, or tried to make babyes with her

So, either Junko's body was gangbanged by the entire Class 77, including some rad lesbo necrophilia, or something is up here

And didn't the game say that they had 3 years of age difference between game avatar and reality? Considering they were high-schoolers this should've made a huge difference.

I only saw Saionji being different but everyone else seemed to be the same anyway.

post yfw Junkos body parts crawl off their host and reassemble into zombie Junko

Best you'll ever find.


>Tengan does not make any sense

-Munakata was the only leader of FF besides him
-Tengan does not like Munakatas ideals
-He himself is old already and with him gone Munakata would take over which would be the worst case scenario for him
-Tengan while looking like a decent guy at times still supported the Kamakura project which should already show how radical he can be

Seriously. What's so hard to understand here?
He scammed thousands of students out of money to turn one of them - a fucking child - into everyones hope.
Why is killing nearly everyone in the FF for hope out of question here?

>first killing game was made for despair
>second killing game was made to see which one was more unpredictable, hope or despair
>third killing game was made for hope

I don't get it either t.b.h

I'm sure he did. Thank you user you're so kind

Same exact smile as Despair Chisa.

Not really a genuine smile.

The twist was that mitarai wasn't invited or supposed to be there

Would've been perfect if we got that.
And Hajizuru resurrecting Chiaki with his skills then inputting the AI personality.

Aside from the fact Lelouch was far less retarded than Mitaria in Geass even at worst though.

>DR2 cast are wanted criminals now
>v3 set in the future, cast in prison
Oh fuck is it happening?