Why are childhood friends the best?

Why are childhood friends the best?

The pre-established close relationship.

It's basically like fucking your family.

They're usually the only one that the MC can have a conversations with.

Because they are unobtainable for you, OP?

So are immortal lolis, your point?


It's really nice to have someone you can confide in or let loose in general.

I'd let loose in Chisato if you get what I mean

No girl knows you better than a childhood friend whom you grew up with. Because of that closeness and familiarity, you can be yourself and relax around them.

Because they love each other outside of attraction. They are irreplaceable rather than the best you can get on an arbitrary scale of physical and mental attractiveness.

Chisato is a Goddess among childhood friends. A fembro and a girl that promotes fun. I love her.


They aren't.

I really liked sensei in this show, but it's good childhood friend won

Ultimate vanilla romantic fantasy.

You like childhood friends and suffer so much when they lose because you yourself are a childhood friend that was cast aside and forgotten.


Learn the difference between an explicit statement and an implication, please.


Well, at least you got that right.
1 out of 2 aint too bad.

Because I never had a friend in childhood

For many reasons, but one of the main reason is because childhood friends represents a fantasy, one that cherishes and idealizes the relationship with a girl through shared fond memories, innocence, and intimacy from one's childhood where things were simpler and precious. A connection and understanding only you and the childhood friend girl have with one another.

Because even autists were able to make friends when they were too young to be self-aware of their autism.

It's like being destined

Your soulmate incarnates with you

You know her past, so less likelihood of nasty surprises or personality shifts.

Lotsa brown there.

Chisato is my angel.

Because being friends is a pre-requisite for a relationship

>If I couldn't fuck this person, would I still desire their company?

I should change that

*healthy relationship

Because they seem obtainable to NEET faggots who don't leave a 10 meter radius around their house.

i really hate childhood friends
in every show they're always worst girl and whenever they show up i want to punch them in their ugly face

They always get kicked to the curb as soon as the magical alien catgirl shows up. So sad.

cant argue with that soft Mochi

someone post the pic where childhood friend drifting away

A bit more than half here are best girls. Damn Japan and their sadistic penchant to craft stories where they lose most of the time. They don't win often enough either way.

chisato is TERRIBLE
unredeemable in every route but hers

>that one scene she walks in on Yuuki grabbing his porn and offers him to jerk him off and actually goes through with it

Immortal lolis are also best.

Still unattainable.

Because they already have a good reason to like the MC that is not contrived or "you were a nice guy", there is a higher chance of good banter with them, since under retarded nip social rules they barely pass as "in-group" "you can actually talk shit to them without being treated as a lunatic", from the very beginning too and they can be both pure and lewd at the same time (since they're only lusting after one dick, and that dick is associated with their childhood and somebody they picked as a friend before hormones even started working),
Of course, all of those are done with other types of girls too, but with childhood friends it's more believable, and so it flows a bit better.

they just are, except the one in your picture
the depiction of her mental surrogacy (for lack of a better word) towards chocolate was laughable

They're usually the only male or female that the MC is open with.

tl;dr bros with eager vagina most of the time

Because, weirdly enough, they're one of the more realistic remotely archtypes out there.

It's for otaku's who don't have a sister fetish.

Nobody looks for realism in fucking anime, manga and visual novels you twat.

I do not remember this from the anime, is it in the VN?

What did user mean by this?

>had a 2 female childhood friends since primary
>both lived close to my flat
>dated each of them at some point
>here 20 years later we're still very close
>I'm their daughters' godfather
>50% sure one is actually my daughter
>my fiance is a tomboy
I don't even care.


how the heck do I set the screenshot directory?


simply epic

Virg- wait this is Cred Forums. Carry on then.

It means he wants to dip his wick in her pewter.

Because you know they got your back, they'll follow you eagerly through heaven and hell, they'll either forgive anything, even rape, or smack you back to your senses when you do something stupid.

They're like an extremely loyal dog that can talk, cook, clean and wash your shit.

Neither does anyone else.


Reminder that no Childhood friend has ever won the MC Bowl


So, legal wincest, only to be trumped by stepsisters.

They're the best when they're eager to rape (You)

What do childhood friends feel like?

You about that?

Couldn't find the cropped version.

>You about that?
>*You sure about that?
Fuck I gotta quit drinking so much.

It's like coming home to your own bed after sleeping on some bench for a week.

>You will never confess your love to your childhood friend
>you will never give her an adult kiss in front of the idol of the class to show her you dont want to be with her

Welp, I fucked up.

only those of us who played doctor with them know

eh? sisters exist in real life too. and we looooove that archtype

As you'd know if you had one though, that's a lot less plausible.

The anime was QUALITY^3 but at least the osanajimmies won.

Like sharing a bike together, sharing baths together, sharing homework together, sharing in a bed together when your parents had an urgent work and want you to live with her and her parents for a week, being casted as prince and her as your princess because of your close relationship and can easily hug each other while holding hands in the last act without the awkwardness and helping her finish the first Kingdom Hearts while I read instruction on how to defeat bosses using the Official Strategy Guides.

It's like having a sister close to your age that you can fuck.

At least in my case, possibly because I have a close relationship with my oneechan.

>my older sister literally hates me because she was adopted
I'm fairly certain she's one of the reason I'm this of a loser.

Your pic is unrelated, right? The only reason MC is still in love with her is due to Stockholm Syndrome.


Just 'cause.

It's a great dynamic because they're people that have shared a bond for a very long time. It's also nice when they've been separated for a long time, then meet up again and get together. It's a bit cliche, but that kind of story makes my heart go doki doki.


They're more likely to put up with your shit. If they wanted to leave, they'd be gone a long time ago.

because it gives neckbeards hope that they too can one day bust out of the friendzone

where's kaminaga?

When in dispute, which is the true childhood friend:
1. The one MC knew first?
2. The one he knew longest?

The one that turned out better.

Second option.

In real life, I have a childhood female friend. After my father died, her dad even did some nice things for me, like took me along with him and the friend to hockey games. He was also my dentist forever.

She's a total bitch though, and not in a tsundere way. I'm not interested in her, fuck no.

We don't serve your kind here you fucking leaf.

Delete these right now.

>because they have seen your dick first
>because they know what you like
>because there is no barrier between them like a stranger has
>easier to cum together

I've had a childhood friend once, but she moved away when we were 7. Even to this day, i still hope that somehow we will meet again.


>had a childhood friend that loved me
>i didn't love her
Feels fucking bad.
I'm a complete sucker for childhood friends too.

that ain't no childhood friend if they leave DURING your childhood. I had a childhood friend since pre-school and he moved back to Europe during middle school.

That was rough. Haven't heard from him since though

delete this.
Hirome is a shit

whats it like to have friends

Didn't the fish girl get HUMANED?

B-but what about our fateful meeting that is sure to happen after all those years?

>inb4 you see her again and she doesn't even remember you

Dunno about childhood friends in general since there are many i didn't care about
But a tsundere childhood friend? The fucking BEST

What anime is this from and what's the premise? Looking for something good to watch that I haven't yet.

Deredere or maybe kuudere or bust.

You'll get your deredere after you pick her over all the other skanks
As for kuudere, just insert it into another role

Why is cheap childhood friend so fucking populat, get over it you faggots, in real life your childhood friend sees you as a brother at best while chad is split roasting her on the weekends

Perhaps the same could be said of all 3DPD.

Group of guys have a useless club about sweets but they have tons of fun in it
New student council elections threaten to remove the club, this starts the plan for the group to win those elections
Main drama is provided by a tragic backstory and some trauma about chocolate
See the vn if you're into dramatic love triangles and meltdowns

Is there a trap route in the VN?


Just like my sister sees me as her brother and doesn't secretly masturbate to my boxers?
Or like the school idol doesn't secretly masturbate to my boxers?
Or like the pure and meek library girl isn't actually a sex craved slut that secretly masturbates to my boxers?
RL is no fun

whats the fucking point?

Hard truth is you don't always get what you want

>Your childhood friend will forgive rape

Is the VN required to enjoy the anime at all? Does that mean the anime has no romance whatsoever?

IRL your childhood friend becomes a hamplanet.

anime does the osananajimi route only.

Not required, anime follows the main route and it has romance
Obviously i'd say just play the vn if you're interested and not scared of reading

>not scared of reading
Implying I wouldn't have to read with the anime, either.

sad truths abound

Come on now, you know there is a difference in the quantity
Lots of people get scared/bored by it
Or just aren't interested enough to go that far for that one story

Gotta get rid of that Westermarck effect somehow though.

If you met her earlier than like 6 or so, and you grew up with her, chances are her brain won't let her think about your dick that way unless it's forced into her brain via the eyesocket

Also yes Childhood friends > Random Sluts I met at Club > Random Sluts I saved from some monster >>>>>>>>> Little Sisters

I always imagine that after the end of the anime, when the MC walks away with worst girl, they break up three weeks later because she was a Naruto Fan and he wasn't a pleb.

Anime adaptions of VNs and LNs are almost always done to promote the source, so no, it is not required.
Luckily the translation of the VN was done quite recently so you can go check that out.

One of the best things about childhood friends is that they already start on a no-honorific basis
You can taste the closeness from the start

Fucking hate when couples still go with -san at the end of a story
Althought i give it a pass if there's an age difference