Who is the biggest hack in the industry?

Who is the biggest hack in the industry?

Why is your aspect ratio so fucked up?

Hayao Miyazaki
Osamu Tezuka
Katsuhiro Otomo
Yoshiyuki Tomino
Mamoru Oshii
Isao Takahata
Hideaki Anno
Shinichirō Watanabe
Noboru Ishiguro
Satoshi Kon


Putting Anno's mental state to one side, you'd have to be out of goddamn mind to call him untalented. Daicon IV alone is a testament to that. Talent is literally the only reason he got into the industry.

list isn't that accurate outside of the guys in the OP pic & watanabe

also it is pretty offensive seeing otomo & kon in there when there are people who actually fit the definition of "hack" (read: someone who just keeps doing the same mundane shit every time) like shinkai, kanbe, urobuchi excluded. i mean, who do you think ISN'T a hack?


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>hipsters literally fellating a puppet shit show because he was involved
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Isao Takahata.

Grave of the Fireflies is putrid, manipulative garbage that idiots adore.



Jun fucking Maeda and it's not even close.


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I just took every one of those names from a top 10 list of animation directors


anno,miyazaki, bill watterson, kubo, kishimoto, kishimoto and kubos editor, that guy fro goldenboy, rumiko takahashi,


ah. gotcha

literally who on the right?


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Out of those 3 I'd say Toriyama. Even if I think Hideki is overrated, he still has his merits and haven't seen his live action series.

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He's super salty that a puppet show outsold his fav animu this season.


That's where most of his western fanbase is located, yes.

Tomino has 1 idea in his entirely life.



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Dr. Slump is a fucking masterpiece

Tomino by far.
He made exactly 0 good show.
Even Imaishi is not that bad compared to him.


What's it trying to manipulate?

I forgot he was even a thing because I just outright avoid his shows now. This.

All of them, there is not a single Japanese artist/writer that wasn't influenced or better yet copied stuff from Western art/literature/movies past 1854.

>What's it trying to manipulate?

You. That webm is an adequate example.

What's trying to manipulate me into thinking? No need to be obtuse.

All western literature and art is just rehash from mesopotamian cultures.

read The hero with a thousand faces.

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Probably like 6 or 7 books but, nah western literature just copy's its own literature or gets influenced by bible verses.

>bible verses

More mesopotamia rehash.

Yes nigger, really. What, you though your favorite thing was original? hahaha

>50 posts
>not Kubo
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>bible verses
>>>>>>>>>>>Mesopotamian rehash

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Tomino isn't a hack because he's obviously a terrible director and storyteller, and those who like him do it just ironically to /m/eme

Kyoto Animation. I think that's his full name. Oh nevermind japanese names are backwards.

Animation Kyoto-desu. There I think that's right.

but many of the bible verses were clearly based off pre-existing myths and fables

>not liking calvin and hobbes

>do a generic mecha
>budget ends
>make some deep shit as excuse



>make a genius work
>some people are too stupid to get it
>profit but still sad for the poor unfortunates


>implying these guys are still in the industry

True originality doesn't exist anyways.
A hack is someone bad at what he does, posting successful people in the industry is not how it works.

Tsutomu Mizushima and Naoko Yamada


Ei Aoki.

Why 1854?


Oh, yeah...


>He thinks that the bible is original
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Beyond any doubt it's Tomino.

The other hacks have fallen by the wayside and have limited output but for whatever god damned reason Tomino is still allowed to work in the industry.


Can't really complain, I like most of his stuff. His earlier work was much better and I absolutely love his art style. Dr. Slump is his masterpiece.


I liked Turn A Gundam. He's overrated and really should retire.


He's a fucking hack. Gunbusters was the only good anime he ever made. NGE was and still is one of the biggest cancers to afflict anime. I personally blame him for the beta numale character syndrome that continues to plague almost all anime protagonist to this day.

All that said. Those three combined pale in comparison to the biggest hack of them all. Miyazaki.

>I personally blame him for the beta numale character syndrome that continues to plague almost all anime protagonist to this day.
>He honestly thinks this started with Shinji

Didn't say it started with Shinji. But it sure as fuck got popular after him. He made it mainstream.

>All of them, there is not a single American artist/writer that wasn't influenced or better yet copied stuff from Eastern art/literature/movies past 1970s
I mean, it's everywhere, m80.

Steven Universe is the biggest offender.

>I'm going to use Cred Forums's made up definition of hack
A hack is someone paid to write to write on demand. Someone that apes what his clients demand of him (genreshit, political astrotrufing etc)

Fuck off back to Cred Forums

>Gunbusters was the only good anime he ever made
It's literally a mecha version of Aim For The Ace!

Point proven, he's a hack.

Oruchuban Ebichu exists. His best adaptation of a manga.

Tite Kubo is the hackest of hacks

You are 2 years younger than the age required to post here, and 10 years below the age you would normally appreciate any of the names you mentioned.


Hot opinion there, you really made me think.