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will post some past favorites to get the thread going

Mirin dat chin.





This one was mine from christmas 2013

Valentines I mean, not christmas

Why the fuck are all your rooms so clean? I can't do that.

Whenever I see threads like these I'm really glad I never got into the whole anime buyfag thing.

Why the fuck is yours not? How can you live in filth?

The rooms probably where cleaned up in preparation for the photos taken
Its a deep , deep, expensive, endless hole of greatness

Is that Mina tepes m8y?


I mean, I have clothes lying around and unorganized figurines and boxes.

No pleb, it's Aoba, a much better girl.

holy shit i forgot about those moments


You forgot about devil Aoba? What are you, some kind of faggot?

My dick remembered before my brain did

How do people even afford this stuff

Hard work and determination .

Not everyone here is a complete failure at human interaction. Being an Cred Forumsutist while having enough communication skills to maintain a job is still possible for some of us.

Sysadmin I see dust on your shelves its not healthy for you.


Beautiful, love the Miku BJD , Needs more coverage on that naked wall though .

Planning to move out to another place in a few months, still thinking on how to move all my furniture

Damn you guys are really unironically otakus? I thought this was just ironic banter here. Kinda feel sad, how are girls reacting to that?

where do you think you are

>replying to zero-grade shitposting

Are you ashamed of your collection and obsession or do you express it freely?

my girlfriend likes my room though

The thing that makes me the most jelly about this one is not the volume of the collection, but how perfectly arranged every single thing on the shelves is. That guy must have some supreme autismo level OCD going on.

The Nagato figure is disproportionate to the surronding figure boxes and it's bothering me.


ITT: thousands of dollars wasted

jelly poorfags

You are fat/ugly and watch Moe anime. youwill never have a gf, so you buy material things to compensate. I feel sorry for you and wonder what went wrong in your life, you are taking chinese cartoons too far.

you're here too at 4:30 in the morning.

>not a single CRT

How do you guys watch non-HD anime? Or you just cope with the upscaling shitness?

What country is this one from?

Europe boi, you uneducated murican. Wait you are awake at 4.30. What the fuck are you doing here, no job, school? I actually dont know if we have those kinds of nerds in europe.

Cry more normalfag. The only thing that matters in life is money and anything that entertains you. stop trying so hard.

It's called a day off.

I guess you're unfamiliar with the term when every day is a day off for you.

>not being minimalist master race
>not only having a computer, some electronics, and some furniture
>STILL using physical media
>having stupid action figures and posters all over your place

Fucking disgusting hoarders

I'm usually not a fan, at all, of huge set-ups like this one, but that shit looks legit comfy.

>yuropoors aren't allowed to be awake at 4:30am on a weekday


Implying everyone here is from muslimland or burgerland

Hey, try to be a little considerate. Some of us have insomnia, you know?

if you're not from america or europe you're a disgusting 3rd worlder subhuman or an aussie shitposter

either way you need to fuck off

I dont give a fuck you virgin. How is normalfag even an insult. Its awesome. Though i watch anime, so i am not that normal. I laugh at you and your attempt to save any dignity you have left. You are living a lonely, materialistic life with no one to share it with except the anons in here, thats all i know. I also know that if you could, you would change in a heartbeat to find your destined waifu.

Enjoy your aspergers

> usa
> urop
Now I see why local weebs are so dumb

Somebody's mad

Are you autistic for real or just trolling?

yeah you

I dont really see the benefit in staying up that late on workdays. I also find it funny how you think its kinda cool or badass to stay up late, like we thought like that when we were 12 year old kiddos.

My apologies, wasnt directed at you guys.


Cool the autism, fag lord. I was only messing with you.

But I'm not lonely. I'm more of a social hermit (when I have to work or visit the supermarket). I just tend not to do things that attract attention and prefer to be by myself in my own time and I never compete or whatever. and what do you mean "change in a heartbeat"? I've learned to turned down girls pretty easily. it's called not thinking with your dick.

You normalfags are hilarious st attempting to guilt trip me like do many gave before on this website.

It's fine user. I'm perfectly aware that my sleeping habits are far from the norm. It's actually almost 8am here, and I have not slept yet. It's coming soon though.

Explain autistic. I am making fun of you guys in a condescending way for comedic purposes. Cred Forums is the perfect place to find pathetic human beings to make fun of. So yea thats all. Other boards have a higher amount of "normalfags" so its easier here around you losers.

You're not doing a very good job at being insulting or funny.

It's socially acceptable to collect sports or film memorabilia, why not the same for anime?

That sounds pretty fucking autistic.
Whatever you can come up with, I'm sure the parents of every Cred Forumsnon has said it first.

That sounds harsh dude, is that everyday? Does working out or watching boring movies help? Or medicine?

I dont care about you guys though. As long as i have fun its all good.

So, what's more pathetic? the "pathetic human beings like us" or that you're wasting your time thinking you accomplished anything by insulting your monitor? Stop bringing normalfag shit on Cred Forums, we don't care. Cred Forums needs to force this standard again.

Isn't this guy a swiss rail conductor?

How's high school?

How can it be fun to insult people that don't get insulted?

I dont get the autistic part, what is the meaning of that word in this place. Also i am aware of the fact that your parents probably repeated everything i said.

Well shit happens dude, chose the wrong hobby. You will have to live with being shamed everytime someone sees your room for the rest of your live. Good looks and a cool personality can help you though.

So, you must know that it's never going to affect us and what you say is bullshit right?

No it's not every day. These are just the easier days of the week. Trust me, I'm actually pretty healthy, I just sleep at odd times.

2 questions would anyone happen to know that guys exact PC setup? also where could i get a similar desk for a fairly cheap price?

Go to sleep kid

You could compare me to the kids that used to bully you in school. I am doing it just for fun of course and would never get voilent or threaten you guys. Only talking about your pathetic hobby and how pathetic your life must be. Most random selection of people would agree with me, so i am right.

>literal autism
Please see a doctor and get some pills. Your parents will love you for it kiddo.


Neckbeards everywhere

You already know you are pathetic, Cred Forums is like a safe space for you. You probably dont interact with people on a daily bases like that. Just reminding you of your virginess is enough for me to have a good time. I am easy to please.

Not everyone is based in murrica you uneducated fool. You guys are so dumb haha.

Why are normies so disgusting?

Is autism defined as disagreeing with your life style? Cause to me anyone who is a visitor of this very site is probably more likely to be autistic.

Well time to report

What. the "bully" isn't shit cause they can't even fight to begin. so, based on your attitude and this delusion of "insulting" anyone, you're probably the spitting image of it. annoying background noise.

Most people are normies, whats the benefit or being a loser virgin like you.
>Cred Forums

Being entertained by what delusion you guys come up with.

Stupid people tend to be easily entertained.

Eh, yeah. It's a compromise.
I used to care a ton about that. CRTs still hold king for scaling, latency, contrast, black levels, and especially motion. That's not changing any time soon.
But they're so inconvenient. Colors and geometry shift with the slightest changes even on the best set possible. Temperature, time of year, interference from radios including wireless connections, SPEAKERS (Should have taken pictures of that, like woah). Recalibrating, or just dealing with inconsistencies, is a pain in the ass.

Old anime is nothing compared to old games where CRT's relevancy is concerned though.
Passion for emulation was enough for me to keep one around and use it often. Hell, latency and motion alone make it invaluable for competitive things.

But then came my main problem. Age. CRTs have been out of production for quite some time, and lifespans are only so long. After going through 8 CRTs in about 6 months, one of which ended quite dangerously, it was time to throw in the towel.
Software upscaling isn't that bad. You learn to deal.

I am not really a normie though, i do watch anime just not the virgin stuff.


>I am not really a normie though
>implying anime hasn't become normalfag material

Are you even self-aware enough to realize how stupid you sound in every post you make?

But he said it entertains him!

Haha thats cute, how do i sound stupid? I am making fun of borderline pedophiles, there is nothing stupid about that. What do you think is the reason this board exists. Its so you guys, that got rejected by society, can disucss your pedophiliic shit without any identity.

You could have just said no instead of wasting my time with that drivel.

Well it always was no and still is to some extent? How do you think, you got into anime? I dont think TV broadcasters are a secret club. Liking pedo anime doesnt make you special.

Well you know everything i said is true. You know people look down on you, and think you are a weirdo for enjoying shows that have a cast that consist of mostly underaged girls, acting as cute as possible.

Oh, that's adorable. he thinks cartoons are pedophilic. now who's stupid? Are you like the millionth person in the last 13 years of this site to spout the same" You're rejects of society, you're filth" narrative? I commend you for not giving up though.

I don't even watch idolshit. You just sound like an idiot trying to act like tough shit on the internet.

> i do watch anime just not the virgin stuff.

I would love to see the mental gymnastics you do to decide what is and isn't "virgin stuff". The fact that you keep putting so much importance on being a virgin or not just makes you seem like a kid.

This is what happen when you stop telling normalfags to fuck off.


I am sure i would whoop your ass. I am pretty sure. Its not like any of you guys workout or something. I also would make fun of people displaying their love for idol shows on any occasion.

That and making sage invisible.

Well you guys are so kind and keep engaging with me, one would think that those nerds on Cred Forums would know the dont feed the troll mantra really well.

>Literal internet tough guy

>It's not like any of you work out
>He doesn't think /fit/ watches anime

No, you wouldn't. you probably hit like a little girl because I know internet tough guys like you talk big but never want to go all the way and prove it.

I mean guys just imagine a dude having pictures and figurines of girls from the latest disney show is his room. Its just pathetic and people would assume you are a pedo. How am i wrong?

You have any social media? We can share them and validate our statements.

'those nerds on Cred Forums' also have nothing better to do.
You probably do.

You should try visiting /toy/. You'll find better material there.

Why do you retards keep replying to this shit? Is this your first day here?

I heard that not even /fit/ is what it once was. They are probably not working out just theorizing all day long and shitposting.

>think you are weirdo for enjoying shows that consist of mostly underaged girls

If anything it's not like normalfags even know what moeshit is so the only thing they would be looking down on is "he collects figurines from chinese cartoons"

Don't call me a retard, please. I'm going through some troubling times and I would appreciate it if you took my feelings into account when making a post.

Nope. don't go on any kike media.

Cause i keep hitting a nerve. You guys arent stupid you totally know you are pathetic.

So pretty much like Cred Forums.


lel whatever you say

Nah, people who waste more than half their life working are the pathetic ones.

I'm bored on a Friday morning and work doesn't start for half an hour.

They would hear the high pitch voice and see the artificial cutesy behaviour and firgure you are a social reject. The figurines are just the icing on the top. Japanese women dont sound like that in real life just a heads up, before you book a flight to animeland.

No one is planning to, retard. try not to delude yourself too much.

For exmaple this dudes crib looks cool. Just a slight touch of animu to give it a different feel.

ok filthyfrank

This, really.
>3D womyns

It's okay to be alone.

>need FB for that

Come to Hialeah, pussy. I would love to beat you senselessly and post it all over Cred Forums. Don't talk shit unless you want to prove it.

For whom are they working for in general? Right good boy, their children and loved ones, just like your father or mother probably did for you. For whom are you doing it? Your waifus and figurines. See the difference?

>Most random selection of people would agree with me, so i am right.

Just like until a few centuries ago a most random selection of people would agree with you on the fact that the earth is flat.
And here you are calling other people uneducated.

No, I'm not doing it at all.
Are you seriously incapable of comprehending that?

I dont know what this is, but i am sure i would fuck you up. I am in europe though so it wont happen any time soon. I also dont like fighting actually, just posing a bit.


You mean no work? Well we live in harsh times, i hope you will find some occupation soon.

Thats actually a misconception, people didnt really believe it was flat.

Back to the battle stations pls.

Nice HSketch poster my man

Yea thats a really cool looking one, keep doing you man.


>actually pulling the virgin looser card
This insult is so old and so meaningless in here, you might as well insult people for drinking water.

I wonder, if a girl offered herself up to you, would you decline? Do you want to stop being a virgin? If not why do you think that is.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

is it gay if my room is always clean?
I'm a big guy so it's making me conscious

Pretty hard to find something you're not looking for.

I really hope none of you are older than 20

Love anime, don't understand this nonsense though

>that Shiny Chariot
Making me consider hiring someone to paint some LWA stuff on my bedroom wall, nice room though user.

>fucking some random whore
Nice dubs though
Check mine

Finally a sane person i really dont get this. How do they plan on getting together with a girlfriend, in the near future. Or do most here believe they will stay single till they are in their 30s.

It's not gay, I'm 6' and my room's always clean.
27. :^)

Thanks dude, you almost got them. Still didnt answer my question though.

What makes you think I wouldn't go back to my "virgin" hobbies if I did? you seem to think going after some girl's snatch is gonna suddenly change me.

I want to sleep with the crabby fumo. If you know what I mean.

What makes you think I won't stay single?

So if you dont mind me asking, how are women reacting to this, in case you have shown them your room already or how would they.

I'm 23

You're gonna walk her home gently?

Dubs again, someone stop this madman

>ITT: people lack understanding
Not everyone wants a girl, and you're not going to change someones mind by shitting on something they invested money in. Chill out with your autism and realize different people want different things.

I think it would change a bit at least superficially. But i am more wondering why you dont mind being a virgin if you happen to be one and why it doesnt bother you.

The last time I had a full conversation with a woman was four years ago when I was still in university. Only my grandmother sometimes comes to visit my home and she couldn't care less.
Person, not people.

21 sir.

Plus, some people aren't horrible judgmental assholes in this world. The again, with Cred Forums's crippling insecurities and pessimistic views on society, I guess we can perish that thought.

Well i hope you dont, i think everyone will sometime find someone, if they try hard enough. Now with online dating, everyone can find someone. Just be clean and groomed.

Why would it bother us to be virgins?

I'm not going to blog about my personal sexual or other preferences here, this is not facebook. So let's just keep it standard and say >3DPD.

>If not why do you think that is.
In case this refers to why I think your insults are meaningless: Because practically since the conception of this site normalfags and/or trolls like you come here doing the exact same thing, always with the same results. Some ignore you, some get mad, some argue. So people doing this over and over again with the foreseeable same results is the epitome of meaninglessness.

Fair enough, I just can't deal with upscales as long as I have a CRT available.

I just want to look at people's cool rooms.
Stop talking about how you do or do not get pussy, it doesn't make your room any cooler.

I came here looking for anime rooms yet I only find high-schoolers debating nonsense at each other.

Like I said, I'd still go back to my hobbies. so, it'd be no different.

You misunderstand. I'm saying I voluntarily want to stay single because I don't want to invest my time in girls.They get in the way of my anime watching.

imagine being this insecure

I'm going to guess the guy is an insecure virgin himself. He's putting a stupid amount of importance on sex and virginity in his posts and thinks having sex will suddenly make you a different and more mature person.

Pro tip man, it won't. It's sticking you penis in a vagina and it feels good for a bit and then thats all. It doesn't even feel that much better than a good fap session.

Grow up.

Every one of you.


I miss ulilllillia so goddamn much. His videos were great. He's obviously a major autist but unlike, say, chris chan he actually seems chill somehow.

Spooky Ougi dubs
Oh boy this thread is heating up now

Well it's not all too bad. Upscaling has come a long way in the past decade or so. I'm still using Jinc3, but there's probably much better now.

I've always put more emphasis on motion than upscaling. Nothing beats strobe motion. Doesn't matter much for ~24hz anime, but ~60hz games (Synced to .01hz accuracy per system) is universe of difference.
There's always interpolation in any case for that. SVP is lovely. But given you like old anime and CRTs, that's probably like a moral suicide.

what's the point of the poster behind the TV?

I really fucking wish Cred Forums banned everyone who's under 20. I just wanted to see rooms but stupid children have to pick this thread of all things to brag about sex.

Please start posting rooms again!

sweet dubbles, they just keep coming

It's cute

Physically, it's mostly subpar to a 'good' fap session. I mean, most would be pretty hard against drugs, electric shock, anal toys in guys, and good fapping music (DENPA A SEX), nonetheless all together.

Sex is only better for the emotional aspect. Which requires an emotional connection to the partner. Which of course is difficult and stressful. But some people swear by that emotional aspect as the most important thing in the world. It is their natural passion after all.

The Hidamari poster is sweet but I meant the poster behind the TV on the right. You can't really see it.


Hey, Cred Forums, I'm planning on changing my room to be inspired by some of the pics posted here but I'm not sure about paint. what color do you guys think will stand out and not look tacky?

Vert pls

>Rider shelf ran out of space
>Have to place my Faiz and Ryuki next to my cute anime girls

Is there a worse feeling

I'm 6'6'', 250 lbs, and love live is one of my favorite shows. come at me m8

How the fuck fujoshits can afford this type of stuff?

did they signed their lives for some shitty corrupted system and now they will ruin anime and manga forever?

fuck them


More like "and this is our son's room" thread, amirite.

Well you cant beat chris chan in autism

>and this is my wife's son's room


No my dad has more anime shit than i have

reminds me of

My Dad's nearly 70 now. I don't think I've even told him I like anime

My parents never show my room to guests because I'll be sleeping or jerking off in it at any time. It's perpetually "in renovation".

>Dug them up from the graveyard
No harm no foul.

Does he talk shit about your waifu? "Son, you have shit taste in girls. Maetel is clearly best girl.,"

Whenever I see these threads it makes me sad because I'm a poorfag.

As a truneet I only have a tablet that I use to watch my anime. In my bed, all the time. Only leaving for toilets.

Just live on the toilet and cut out the middle man.

Normalfag from before here. For those that I did offend with my speak. I was just fucking with you guys, i am an animefag on Cred Forums after all. While not as hardcore as you guys, its actually quite a cool thing to invest time and money into this and be so open about it. I respect that, its something i couldnt do to that extent. Just wanted to see for myself how people here would react to the asshole persona and i was actually impressed by the responses. So yea, sorry for the shitposting guys.

>merely pretending

I made the best I could out of this tiny apartment

>all these Sysadmin room pic repost

Good taste

No one cares.

That looks really nice

more like
>it was a social experiment



>It was a prank bro.
No but really most people dont mind that shit, they will look a bit perplexed at the beginning but who even invites total strangers to his room.

We used talk who was best girl in K-on

He was who got me into this


Question to all those anons with figurine collections: how do you manage dusting all of those?

hermetic seals and argon

Why keep the box for the controller?

What was it??
It's to late to see this image for me.
Can you describe , please?

Tiny is good sometimes. Movement between areas in large houses is a pain. Not just your fridge, but your entire kitchen is both right next to the desk and close to the loft (bed?). You could watch the projector from just about anywhere in the entire place, assuming you have some form of speakers as well.
It should cost less to heat and cool. There's less space to clean.
But there's still plenty space to use. If you so desired there's even room for buyfag displays. Temporary shelving, stands on the desk, etc.

The only thing it would really be bad for is entertaining normal guests, like family or some shit. You know, where just snuggling to anime isn't an option.