Archive thread

Just finished customizing the icons on my anime hard drive, what do you guys think?
Also archive thread, show me what you got stored in this day of streaming.

>show me what you got stored in this day of
That's all I have.
And now I will proceed to delete 90% of it.

Why? at least a quart of that is decent and hard drive space is cheap as hell.

how the fuck did u put specific anime icons?

Just found out today. You can find ico images for most anime on DA, it took some time to do it all but it looks nice now.

Needs more consistent icons/names

Thanks for the spoon feeding user. Appreciate it.

That definitely looks a lot neater. It must have been a major pain the ass to do that.

>this entire thread
You got a chuckle out of me. That counts for something, I guess.

Now this is worth the effort.

OP, apply yourself


With a bigger pic


Holy shit that image gave me cancer

Ok how much time did that take to make? I ran into a half dozen that I had to make myself I can't imagine yours were all lying around on the internet.

>being this new

The picture is plenty big. Open it in a new tab or get a higher resolution display.

It's too fucking big for your window retard, It's literally 2 screens wide so it's reduced to a thumbnail sized image. try opening it on a new window.

Yeah my theme is really shitty when it comes to file managers.

2-3 years? It just kinda grew. I don't really archive stuff unless it's Bluray or DVD quality so I'm missing a lot like seasonal shows.

I meant in terms of formatting, do you have one site where you get your icons from or do you search around?

Oh you meant the fucking Icons , I just got it from some Cred Forumsnons' blog just lying around the internet just as you said.

I'm always under the impression that I have a bigger archive than I actually do, until I look at it like this.

I'm taking a guess. 10TB?

How big is your drive? Do you have it mirrored?

Less of it are BDs than I'd like to admit, so it's just sitting at 6TB right now.

It's really just 2 separate 4TB external hard drives.

Where does it save the icons? Would they carry over, if I put the folder on an USB stick or transferred them to a different PC?

Also, is there a way to batch change folder icons? I want to change to the star icon on like 90 folders at once, but it seems like you have to do the same steps like in the image over and over, instead of just being able to select the ones you want to change and change them all at once. Microsoft a shit.

In a raid array? I would be careful if you are using a spanned array, one drive goes out on you and you have lost it all.

I found out the hard way that they come off if you move the icons. I saved all mine in the misc folder at the top. Safest bet would be to put the icon inside the individual folder, I haven't tried it but I give that a 50/50 of transferring from computer to computer.

Not sure if you can batch change but is seems like is should be possible if you want them all the same image. Maybe set you star as one of the default icons, that should save you some time.

Still more than what I'd imagine a good chunk of Cred Forums had downloaded.

Update, tried a transfer and the icon stayed on, not sure where the icon data is being held though since they all came off when I moved the folder with the source images. I give it a good shot of going anywhere if the image is still in the same root path inside the folder when you move the folder.

Just use Cred Forums's automated icon manager dummy.

I need to the change the icons in my obscure H-MMD collection, though. A manager optimized for anime series won't help there.

When is Pokemon Trainer releasing the new icons?

How do you archive when there are 100 encodes of 1 series?

How do you know whitch one is the best?

>download the 40GB bluray rip
>2 months later a new group eoncodes the same show but with better quality
>delete old and downalod the new
>4months later again some new group does a better encode
>repeat the same shit again

Its a really abstract form of autism.

100? I usually see about a dozen and only half are seeded worth a crap.

Anyway I don't need "the best" I am happy with 720p but I do want BD rips.
For some of the older stuff it is hard to find any torrents let alone good ones, but back in 90's and before the broadcast quality was shit to begin with so it doesn't really matter.

TL;DR It's all about efficiency, the best quality for the smallest size.

why would you even archive subpar encodes?

whats the point? the whole appeal of archiving and collecting is that you have only the best of the best in your collection

might as well archive HorribleSubs then

I delete almost everything after watching.
I also need to find a proper copy of Alpeis, both of mine are garbage quality.
Maybe watching Lupin next.

Not that user but speak for yourself, that's not the appeal for me. I don't plan on rewatching most of it, but it's there to keep track of what I've watched, to give to anyone I know who might want a copy, and if I ever need to refer back to specific moments to job my memory. I don't get a lot of use out of it obviously, so reasonably small file sizes are preferable. I also watch a lot of anime on my tablet, which can't always handle higher quality versions so sometimes I just downsize them.

nothing personal but you sound like a fucking normie faggot

I really like the dedication of the folder names.

I only archive shows that are good enough that I plan to watch them again at some point.
I pretty much expect some kind of breakdown of the internet in my lifetime, probably followed by lots of free time in which I can re-watch old anime.

The point is so that I have them. Huge file sizes just mean more money on hard drives and back ups. I already have a dozen or so hard drives and back ups. I would like them to be somewhat portable if I ever need to move things.


Jesus OP, clean your filenames up.

But I want to make sure I don't redownload the same file if there is something wrong with it.

But yeah I will probably do that next time I have a manic spurt and feel like working on my anime drive.

Or you could just do what I do and make a little note inside the folder. Takes literally no space and makes your outside appearance look a lot cleaner and presentable.

and that is almost certainly what I will do when I go through and clean things up.

But I don't really feel like doing that now since I'm not really bothered by the fucked up file names. Though I did delete any shit before the title so that everything would be in order.

I really did all this so that I could more easily browse, I can't remember half of the Japanese titles so it helps to see the characters.