Non-Japanese MC >>>>> Nip MC

Non-Japanese MC >>>>> Nip MC

what if he's a non-japanese but is secretly japanese

>non-japanese MC >>>>>> Nip MC
>posts worst jojo

>Worst Jojo

This is literally the most retarded thing I´ve ever heard

Naruto >>>>> Jojo


I know your peepee shrinks from the thought of anime onlies but Joseph is by far not the worst JoJo when Giorno and Jotaro exist.

I think you meant Josuke.

I think you mean Jonathan

Jonathan is equal to or just below Joseph and not under any circumstances worst.

>posts worst jojo
I don't get what's with all the hate when someone that can't even be the MC of his own part, someone like Giorno exists. The other jojos are good for what they are but Giorno is in a part that lost it's potential throughout it's debut.

>Liking Joseph is anime only
What is this meme?

Part 5 was the Bruno and Mista show pretty much.

I like Josuke, I think his character and shenanigans fit Part 4 well
"Anime only" is the usual retort to people who like Joseph more. It's a stupid meme.

I agree. Jojo parts which have a lot of non-jap characters and have action going on in interesting locales instead of just japan are way more enjoyable.
Araki abandoned the cool journey part of the story and stuck to one town, in the newer ones and I couldn't enjoy them as much beause of that. SBR was back to the old good stuff and it was amazing.

I'm here to prove you wrong

Jonathan is a better "generic" MC over Jotaro.

The only ones that stick to 1 town are part 4&8. Half of 6 took place in a prison but in every other part they've traveled

what shit taste

Joseph will always be the best JoJo.

Stoically frowning as you turn the tides is cool and all, but nothing beats Joseph triple rusing his enemies and pulling the shit-eating grin.


i don't think nigger MC is better

I hate niggers IRL but I think the MC of Afro Samurai is pretty great.