Kuwabara was the best YYH

Kuwabara was the best YYH.

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mediafire.com/file/29q3ipydennjeyi/Yu Yu Hakusho-The Complete Unreleased OST.rar

Yet Leorio, his spiritual successor, was the worst HxH.

Why this?

Leorio was great in HxH. he just never got any time or chance to show up. It turned into an awesome group of four awesome likable characters to the Killua and Gon show. Biggest fripe with the show is that Leorio and Kurapika were great friends, but then they are shoved to the sidelines when things start to go down. Fucking bullshit

He's also one of the rare "friend of the MC" character to get the girl he want in the end.

Yeah that was pretty weird.

He is pretty normalfag, but still da man.

He is the strongest human.

His power comes from his flaming sword, if you know what I mean.

Nah Kurama is best boy
Botan best girl

Botan is so sexy

Every YYH girl has less than 20 hentai pictures.

Except Botan who has over 200 hentai pictures herself.

Really makes you think...


Botan was my waifu when I was a kid

Botan is a catgirl done right. Pitou should take some lessons.

His character was absolutely shitted on for the finale. He had a sword that could cut anything, but they just had him go to school instead of fight which is completely out of character for him.

>The funeral scene with Kuwabara is still incredible to this day

Why should a male ant take lessons from the Grim Reaper?

Don't talk shit about Pitou

So how did all the strongest demon participants get to the Dark Tournament when portals can only bring small and weak demons through portals between the worlds?

Toguro brothers used to be humans so obviously they were always in the human realm
the others were mostly b-class so maybe they just made it through a bigger hole than average

Jorge is the best YYH.

C-class actually. C+ at best.



This anime gave me epilepsy.


So I was just randomly browsing through the soundtrack on YouTube when I saw this in the related videos.

I didn't know Kuwabara did educational videos on the side.


I would like to see fox Kurama pounding that furry Koto's cunny.

There's not even fanart of Yusuke pounding that tight Keiko manko.

It's a joke!

That's because meme artists don't watch anything before 2006, you'll need another ruined "modern" adaptation by badhouse if you want a lot of pron. Though YYH has a shitton of sfw art on pixiv.

I like that he was introduced like he was an antagonist but was quickly revealed that was just how his friendship with Yusuke worked.

Nice try to shove in your 2011 HxH hate but that adaptation gave us basically no hentai either of anything from before the Chimera Ant arc, which wasn't done before 2006 to begin with. Like one new Machi doujin and a few Bisky pics and that's it.

Mukuro is really fucking underrated.


I can agree with that.

and i agree with you too OP.

Who will take Juri's virginity?

She was a pure maiden unlike that stinky furry.


Track list:
A side:
1. Suicide by kid
2. YUURAMESHIII (Cuttin' thru dimensions mix)
3. Stinky furry slut (feat. Norio Wakamoto)
4. Who takes mermaid's virginity?
5. (Please) Don't underestimate Jagan
6. Who watches the watchmen (Koenma-sama solo mix)
7. I need to pull but there's no ass in vicinity (Togashi blues edition)
8. Don't throw your dirty sneakers at me when I shittalk you (written by Sensui's female persona)
B side:
9. Rose Creep
10. Your eye is about to fall (Hiei vs Mukuro mix)
11. I'm da demon king (Yusuke vs everybody mix)
12. (Let's) Return and fight together again
13. (Bonus) Are you browsing my latest grim reaper catalog again Jorgu? (Botan remix)
14. (Bonus) Grim Reaper's ballad
15. (Bonus) Muh muscles (in memory of Toguro jr., written by baasan feat. noname literal who miko-san from movie nobody watches)
16. (Secret track) Touch my groin (Ambiguous edition)

Which one is the one that plays when they remember Genkiai after she dies? The tragic piano one but not too tragic one.


Wait, did this really happened?

Wasn't Yukina as dense as a black hole?

Also lol Hiei i'm banging ur sis

Yes she is a girl, did you confuse her with the transwoman from the Demon Triad? Who not only was the victim of transphobia but also violence against women! Yusuke is literally Hitler!!

I think knuckle was more of a kuwabara successor than Leorio

There are, like, three women who are (somewhat) relevant before the Chimera Ant arc.

>That episode where he studies his ass off just so his friend can continue with his part-time job with ghost Yusuke helping

The seed of the YYH characters was not spread directly into HxH characters, it mixed a lot with others and into multiple characters too sometimes.

In example, people say Killua is Hiei, but he really just inherited some of his edginess and being the most efficient (as in usually the fastest) fighter. Other than that he is quite different. Perhaps you could describe him as what you get if Hiei impregnated that innocent little boy from Rokuyukai.

Leorio is much closer related to Kuwabara in that he is the constant jobber who loses most of his fights and a joke character (being the butt of the joke most of the time as well). He's basically Kuwabara except much weaker but smarter in return. I don't see any other admixtures in him. Knuckle resembles Kuwabara a lot but he is significantly more powerful and he doesn't really job anything. Perhaps you could say that both Leorio and Knuckle are Kuwabara's spiritual sons, with Leorio being the smart and weaker version of dad, and Knuckle the strong and dumber version of dad.

Kurama's child, Kurapika, is probably the most similar one. Almost everything with the two of them can be seen as analogous in one way or the other.

Gon is clearly what Yusuke's child would be like if he fucked a doggy.

I don't think saying any of the main four is an incorrect choice - they're all pretty awesome.

Though I might judg you a little for picking Hiei since he's the edgiest - unless you make it obvious that you don't just like him because he's the one dressed in black who broods and has forbidden powers. I do think Hiei was the "dark" team member done right, but not everyone will see that.

Same tastes as me, nice.

>Hiei impregnated that innocent little boy from Rokuyukai.

Rip you glorious motherfucker (chill mix), that's from the last album, track #4 if I remember it correctly.


Wow, I get it too even with completely clean cookies in incognito mode.

Yet there's hentai of Toguro fucking Misaki from Welcome to NHK. I don't understand why my little sister is on top of me

>my little sister is on top of me

I'm calling the police!

That was Toguro? Holy fuck.

We all know this but I have a more pressing question...
Who was the better announcer?

The one on the right has short hair which I despise.

But the one on the right is black.

So, neither.

What's it like having the worst taste imaginable?

Which one is last again? None of the number 4 tracks in any of these
are it.

That fucking song
>And the winner of the Dark Tournament is TEAM URAMESHI

Why do you think they're the MC of the current arc?

she is but she did start living with him in the manga

They're both good but I find Juri's helplessness cuter than Koto's genkiness
If you wanna know who was better at the job it was definitely Koto though

Live action adaptation when?

It's called growing up my dude

Pitou was pure catgirl kino.

It's because of Youtube's shitty new algorithm.
Everyone gets that fucking video recommended constantly.

What's with the kino appearing here too nowadays.

Left = pure virgin
Right = used up ho

>implying you weren't hyped the fuck out when you saw this in preview of the next episode

Yeah okay, it's of course the one unreleased track that isn't available.

Best and strongest girl. Only girl that can compete with her is Koko, that green haired girl married to the fat Demon King


Only ""version"" of the song I could find, aka someone literally recording it from the episode with all background noise. So much better than all the "sad song" unreleased tracks and yet this is the best we get of it.

You can find some Yusuke in Knucke, Gon and Ging.
Kurama => Kurapika, no need to explain. Also, Senritsu
Hiei and Killua / Feitan / Hisoka
Kuwabara in Leorio, Knuckle


this desu

Technically Kurama is a human, just one that can access a demon form.

shouldn't Yusuke and Kurama be in the same category
I mean they're both sort of yokai/human hybrids the main difference being that Kurama seems to use yoki exclusively and Yusuke can use both yoki and reiki

Were the English dub dialogue changes good or not?

I had no idea that Toguro kicking his elder brother was because he suggested they cheat in the original dub. It was much better the other way.

That's very cliche for battle shonen and delinquent manga though

in the original dub he also gets pissed over him shittalking Genkai constantly but yeah it's mostly because he wanted to cheat
personally I don't like when dubs change the source material though

How he looks a lot like David Bowie

>surgically altered as a baby so she could be raped as quickly as possible

what was wrong with togashi?

Togashi is the Shakespeare of shonen anime.

It's literally the opposite.

Except she literally says she is a pure virgin and the furryslut laughs at that.

She laughs because she knows it's a lie, dumbass.

>Towards the end of the Dark Tournament, as the stadium was collapsing due to Sakyo's detonation, Juri pulls Koto out of the way of the falling debris after which she wails that she doesn't want to die as a virgin. The two then run to escape before the stadium fully collapses with Koto calling out, "Let's find you a man"!

>Later, in the Demon World Tournament, Koto implies that she got "what she wanted" which implies that she is no longer a virgin. There is an extra scene showing Juri watching the Tournament with a demon with a moustache. She's apparently working as a waitress.

So I was right

Well she was a pure maiden, now she's just a used up whore.

>You will never deflower a desperate Juri
Why live?

the whole virgin thing is just on the english dub just like sadist koto

So once again the English dub is superior!

>english dub
>adding sex jokes instead of removing them

Well it's English so of course they laugh at her for being a virgin.

Biscuit is Toguro and Genkai's daughter then

why did the anime ruin Kuwabara's sister by making her fall for a murderous psychopath?

Seriously, what was up with that? They never interact once in the manga, I think Sakyo interacted personally with only a handful of people. Was it the best way they could think of to give them both more screentime?

I think they wanted to make the dude seem more sympathetic

>he tortured and killed animals as a child and plotted the destruction of humanity but he was nice to this hot chick once so he's ok now

I never really understood it either

Yu Yu Hakusho was very memorable up till the end of Genkai Tournament Arc. Afterwords, it completely became boring until Dark Tournament. Afterwords, it was completely forgettable again.

Bleach on the other hand was memorable up till the defeat of Aizen. Then it got boring at Fullbring arc. The Final arc (1000 Year Blood War) had it's problems but it was definitely more memorable than the shit that YYH did for it's final arc.

You could easily make the argument that Bleach had 4 good arcs and 2 bad arcs. However, even the things that YYH did first like the 'kidnapping what's-her-face' was SO FUCKING BORING. Overall, Bleach just did the better job in making people remember it's comic than YYH did because it fleshed out it's world far more than YYH.

The final arc is the best part of the series. Sorry that your parents raised someone with that shitty of taste.

That's a funny way of spelling Kurama.

Final arc of YYH was completely shit and forgettable as all hell. It was by far the worst of the tournament arcs. Genkai Tournament and Dark Tournament were so much better.

Dark Tournament > Chapter Black > Spirit Detective = Three Kings

pretty much this

Nah, I would say

Dark Tournament > Spirit Detective > Genkai Tournament >>> Yukina Capture >> Four Sait Beasts >>>>> Chapter Black > Three Kings

Its not gay!

>pours acid on herself to become ugly to stop being raped

Togashi was in a really dark place while writing YYH, wasn't he?

>closes eyes and sniffs rose

I didn't like the Genkai tournament that much at all
Rando was too hyped up but ended up being a weak shit


No, I'm being legit here.

Satan speaks the truth. is a straight dick faggot.

No, you are just being a troll. I read YYH before Bleach. By the time I picked up Bleach, I was already done with Genkai Tournament arc.

YYH just lost me in areas and wen to shit past Dark Tournament.

Bleach just did it better.

Is HxH worth checking out?

This whole scene is why kuwabara is great

Up till Greed Island, and then everything goes to complete shit afterwords

Chimera Ant Arc was just a bane of HATRED for me.

>Shitty villian
>Bullshit enemies
>Stupid storyline
>Loads of bad artwork.

the chimera ant arc is actually pretty good, don't listen to that underage user though it does drag on for a long time

I like how a lot of animes have a "Kuwabara"- Someone who jobs to main baddy, serves as a comic relif, usually 3rd strongest or the weakest, and is either hated or loved by the fans. Examples include
>Joey Wheeler from yu-gi-oh
>Okuyasho from JoJo
>Yamcha in Dragon ball
What other "characters are Kuwabars"?

It was absolute shit tier arc. I was fucking frustrated as all hell with that stupid arc and had no entertainment with it. Many of the things that happened just seem to come out of nowhere with no set reason for happening.

>Oh look, this Chimera Ant Queen is basically a S Rank Nen Hunter baby factory!
>Oh look! The main villian wants to know what his purpose is, but decides to do NOTHING but play GO all day!
>Oh look we killed Kite but not really!
>Oh look, we bombed the main villian, but he survived, but not really!

God, it pissed me off how shitty that arc was

Maybe that's just Togashi
>Level E
>iirc cannibal schoolgirl alien chapter
>sentai/power rangers parody chapter where a mermaid is forced to be a sex slave unless she wants her family killed
I should read that again, it was pretty swell.

I want to cum inside Genkai's old hag pussy

You could try this guy's stuff: mediafire.com/file/29q3ipydennjeyi/Yu Yu Hakusho-The Complete Unreleased OST.rar

It has a lot of unreleased YYH songs.

so you're mad that the villain was a superpowered child, I found it better than dbz 2 boogaloo

>DBZ 2 boogaloo

Are you talking about Majin Buu or what? Because that arc sucked the moment that Evil Buu showed up and became Super Buu AKA Cell knockoff.

Gon and Killua get shoved to the side in other arcs, because four people with their own goals and lives do not have to spend every waking moment together. Sometimes they're irrelevant to the arc, sometimes they're in the spotlight, sometimes they split up and do their own things, just like reality. Leorio and Kurapika are getting their arcs now, it's an unfinished story.

And Leorio is objectively less interesting than the rest anyway. He's the likable bro character, sure, but the other 3 have had significant character development that he hasn't. The story never wasted time on them, it was the Killua and Gon show for good reason- because they have so much narrative potential in both their characters and relationship.

There is not a single thing about Mukuro to dislike

she's half ugly, and is prone to murderous rampages

she is 100% beautiful and isn't murderous since Hiei calmed her down

she is literally half ugly, and I still wouldn't feel safe around her because she gets pissed when you insult her accidentally, I think Hiei did, but I forget the specifics

the only time I remember her getting mad at him was when they were fighting and he complained about her holding back, saying something about her being a woman which wasn't really an accident and since they were already fighting it didn't make much of a difference

Genkai is my senseifu

Genkai is dead

your what?


>Chimera Ant Arc was just a bane of HATRED for me.
But it was literally Kino, whatever that means.

>>Shitty villian
Meruem was amazing, he was like the Dragonball Z villains done right.
>>Bullshit enemies
All of the ant powers were justified, bet you're a speedreader.

Man, your complaints remind me of my autistic friend who also always whines about such total non-issues when watching it. Not a single comment on the depth, the writing, the message... nothing of substance.

But it was literally Kino, whatever that means.
What the fuck are you even talking about?

>Meruem was amazing, he was like the Dragonball Z villains done right.

He was not! He was born, whined about his purpose, flew over an took one castle, played GO, whined AGAIN about his purpose, had one fight with the old man, died, revived and then died like a fucking bitch.

He is DBZ villain done WRONG.

>All of the ant powers were justified, bet you're a speedreader.
No, they are not! There is no way that some special little snowflake of a Chimera Ant can shit out S RANK HUNTER CHIMERA ANTS and magically be able to take on or even defeat the top Hunters of the world.

>Man, your complaints remind me of my autistic friend who also always whines about such total non-issues when watching it. Not a single comment on the depth, the writing, the message... nothing of substance.
And you are a troll who doesn't even know how to analyze the fact that your arc fucking sucks shit because of all the reasons I have listed.

I see now, I think you're the real toll here.

Says the guy who couldn't even counter any of my arguments. If anything, this proves how much of a troll you are!

Meruem wasn't anything similar to a DBZ villain.

Ants were strong because they were made from the auras of hundreds of human beings and the whole point of the chimera ants phagogenesis system was compounding the strengths of prey to form stronger and stronger offspring.

But that just makes it even more stupid that something that is a conglomorate of people would equate to "I'M STRONGER THAN 95% OF MOST HUNTERS!"

It's a broken as shit scale that came out of nowhere.

Having ten times more aura than a single human being makes them quite justifiably stronger, what exactly is your problem with this beyond "ugh it's dumb i can't even like can you not"
It's not like the majority of hunters had the super-autism of Netero that let him hone his aura for years and years.

And I hope you're just talking about royal ants, because if you're trying to imply that soldier ants were stronger than 95% of hunters then you might have brain problems.

But the fact that they were able to somehow miraculously use this is complete and utter bullshit.

The "Trial and error' phase is practically nonexistent in that arc. Look at the Arrancars of Bleach. There were plenty of those guys who basically were nowhere near the strength of a Lieutenant rank Soul Reaper. Their top 10 kept interchanging too given the 100+ rankings some of the Arrancars were given.

>But the fact that they were able to somehow miraculously use this is complete and utter bullshit.
Alright, so you're saying that your sole complaint is that the guards had their auras unlocked once born?

Right, there is no fucking question. I love left's skin, hair, and her design overall; but I could say the same thing about right and add how I like her personality better.

Of course he was.
Also, why do people even complain about him being absent at the final arc? He has no place with all of those stupid strong demons.

>yfw Hiei won everything

>You will never poke the Keiko

My complaint is that there was no learning curve. The characters were WAY too OP as all shit when they first started out and that caused them to be artificial villians.

When Kite is easily killed off by Pitou, ESPECIALLY since she didn't have any Nen to use, that was basically the warning sign that terrible things were going to come.


how does Kurama do it? How does he not take the virginity of (and cum inside) every cute schoolgirl at his high school? It's a mystery.

Pitou had just learned about nen in the very same chapter. Knowing Ko and the like is more than enough, did she need a hatsu before you'd consider her legitimately threatening?

There is NO way that Pitou learning Ko would have immediatly killed Kite. The power jump is too great.

She was broken as all shit. If anything, having her do some damage but still be vulnerable would have been a much better fight sequence. To show that she still had room to improve.

>ESPECIALLY since she didn't have any Nen to use, that was basically the warning sign that terrible things were going to come.

Wow, we're hitting speedreading levels never witnessed before. Pitou could clearly use Nen from the start (even without learning it, or having her pores open by a punch), it was explicitly said that the Royal Guards are born with complete instinctive control of it. Even Squad Leaders and Captains had a small amount of inherent Nen abilities (being able to see it) before having their pores open. Pitou could not only control it pretty much fully from the start (just didn't have a Hatsu yet) but the amount of Nen she had even as a specialist (making her Ten only 40% effective) was way too much for Kite to do anything more than a few scratches to.

Pitou had at least 10x the aura of Kite, a stronger body, was fresh out of the womb while Kite was romping around in the woods for days, Kite was missing an arm, Kite's hatsu is fucking shit (it's cool but anything left to chance is shit), and even then we still see Pitou roughed up a bit after all was said and done. It's not like Kite was offed in one fell swoop.

>She was broken as all shit.
The Royal Guards were made from hundreds of eaten humans, so their power is far above anything but the strongest human individuals in the universe. And Meruem was made from tens of thousands so he was pretty much the Nen god, impossible to kill by any human individual.


He lost to Yosuke and then to Kuwabara

How did Botan not get fucked also?

She acted surprisingly prude for a slut.

Don't call my girlfriend a slut or else...!

She wasn't really a catgirl though was she? That was just metaphorical, same as when Killua became a metaphorical catboy in Hunter.

Yu Yu Hakusho was ridiculously popular in the '90s and early '00s for Hueland. Maybe almost as much as The Philippines with their shitty English dub "Ghost Fighter".


>O corre-corre da cidade grande, tanta gente passa estou só
>O vento sopra pelo campo e trás uma lembrança sua estou só
>Já nem sei dizer
>Qual desses lugares, me dói mais
>Mas sei me decidir porque cresci
>Sou forte, estou pronto a lutar
>Eu fico loko e a energia e o poder vão crescer
>E bate de repente um desejo ardente de romper limites e sonhar
>Eu fico louco e mais sorriso me faz entender, saber porque
>Alguém esquece a dor e encontra no amor a força pra poder dizer... Arigato Gozaimasu!

"Someone's gotta be a catgirl, even if it's not a girl or a cat" - Togashi

did he say?

Very pretty girl.

Oh wow, I found one!

Reminds me of how superior Hunter x Hunter was in the Peruvian dub or something like that

It feels really weird how younger Toguro still feels like one of the biggest badasses of the series and yet he's actually kind of hilariously under powered as it continues on.

For some reason Sensui never really felt as powerful, even though he could have annihilated Toguro

Sensui weren't hyped enough.

Sensual Sensui Sex

>Chapter Black

What's wrong with it?


If you're gonna shittalk her, be ready to back it up.

>Kuwabara had the best potential to be a good caster
>specced as a fighter instead

At least he has good CON and STA I guess.

Kurama is weaker than Kuwabara in his human form though, isn't he? That said, Kuwabara doesn't really have the brains or reflexes to beat Kuwabara in a fight regardless of what form he's in.

Go eat shit.

he probably mumbled it once while playing dragon quest

>That said, Kuwabara doesn't really have the brains or reflexes to beat Kuwabara in a fight regardless of what form he's in.
Indeed, a man's greatest struggle is against himself.


Fuck's sakes.

Megallica are an overrated pop band.

Why did the Semen guy get bullied again?

Don't you ever talk shit about Megallica in my presence again. Fuck you. Shit taste.

he's saving himself for Koto obviously

>saving yourself for a slut


also Koto herself actually thinks he's lame, she has a canon preference for the ninja from the village hidden in ice

it might be because Sensui doesn't go around blowing people's heads off by just flicking a finger
what's ridiculous is how some of the yokai from the Dark Tournament reach S-class just by being trained by Kurama for a while in the human realm

I was just joking but Kurama seems to be totally asexual, he's never shown interest in anyone has he?

As a master-thief, he's treasuresexual.

Why can't Kurama be a girl

he was a girl for a while in the philipino dub

Typical peenoise.

For some reason, Kurama didn't seem all that girly to me really. Kurapika was a lot more "should have been a girl".

I'm not a slut!

Post proofs.

That whole "marking my territory" stuff pulled out of nowhere after being 60% into the story already.

not him but it probably had the most asspulls of any YYH arc
the story itself was kinda good though just not perfectly executed

Because he didn't have black hair like the rest of the Yamato master race.

I think he spread more than enough of his seed throughout the series. But a lot of it ended up in men, and none of it in women...

worse than Hiatus?

is Hiatus the power of togashi's territory?

What a beautiful kanojo

How does it protect her from rape if you could just put half a paper bag on her face and you're set, man, you're fucking set.

>half the vagina feels gross

I doubt she acided there too.

Yeah, Kurama was always a dude to me. His prettiness just played into how people underestimated him. It's a part of his character.

If anything, I wish they had Botan do more. Out of all the girls she had a lot of fighting potential. Kuwabara's sister, too. Togashi should've used them more.

Thank you for waking me up.

sensui took a little boy who was clearly not related to him to a romantic dinner in a luxurious restaurant

sensui played games with the little boy too

Seeing George again reminds me of when I watched YYH for the first time on HK subbed VHS.

>Something happens
>George barges in panicked

erotic games too?

>demon pussy SCORE

>even though he could have annihilated Toguro

Why didn't he, anyway? There were about 40 years Toguro was a demon before Sensui quit his job.

he told the biology club he was too busy on weekends to compete in meets with them, what do you think he was doing?


toguro was probably smart enough to lay low whenever sensui was around I guess

>Get a mutilated angry damaged goods slut for a girlfriend

Maybe Sensui wasn't strong enough back then or Koenma was just too much of a pussy to assign him

he is a demon after all, probably has weird tastes

I can't argue with that point.

sensui was a prodigy but that doesn't mean he was stronger than toguro the 10-20 years ago that he was a spirit detective someone correct me on the years

No, Yusuke is 100% demon now.

Normally I would disagree with dubs changing shit, but a lot of the dialog in the original was REALLY dry and the dub had the one in a million shot of having both really good voice direction and the actors really doing a good job in their roles. It's one of the very few dubs I would recommend outside of Outlaw Star.

The first HxH also got Hue dub, but the YYH one was way superior. They put lots of good local jokes without ruining the translation.


Not him but while I enjoyed the stuff about the psychics and territory, it all just get dumped when Sensui fights because he's just Yusuke with a soccer emphasis.


reminder of in the filler when killua asked gon if he wanted to watch tv porn with him

It's true, the funeral scene was GOAT and it was only 10 minutes into the first ep

This is why the 'powerlevel' nonsense that chapter black introduced ruined things. Toguro brothers were only upper B class, making every demon in the tournament C class or lower. They could get through the Kekai no problem

It's more likely that they were here before the barrier went up. That or they came here through other paths.