Why was Infinite Stratos so insanely successful? What was the secret?

Why was Infinite Stratos so insanely successful? What was the secret?

Countless harems tried to emulate it's success and failed miserably.

Is it the retarded MC who fails at everything instead of being a Gary Stu? Female dominated world? International harem? Mecha musume? The way girls treat him as a walking dildo and call him a wife?

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>International harem?
>Mecha musume?
This. In particular, mecha musume hype was high thanks to Strike Witches, so IS was the next thing that mecha musume fans in Japan attached themselves onto. Also, because Germany and France were best girls.

But IS sold quite a bit better than SW.

And I wouldn't say that mecha musume hype was high back then. It's always high.

It was the first of its kind.
Also, international harem was kinda fun, I guess.

IS anime predates SW anime. The mecha musume hype was a lot higher than normal because of SW. IS didn't only attracted mecha musume fans, but also intentional girls/harem garnered a wider demographic than a regular harem. Those two combined during a critical period crafted a recipe for success, so it's no wonder it sold better than SW.

>It was the first of its kind.

That's kind of funny since all the series trying to copy it fail at the most basic parts.

Apparently retards in charge of them still don't get that people don't like super amazing chosen one MC's.

>Apparently retards in charge of them still don't get that people don't like super amazing chosen one MC's.

I don't think that's a problem. SAO end up being succesful.

You can't just catch lightning twice. IS blew up itself later after the initial premise worn off.

SAO had a different target audience. It's a normalfag series for teens. Not an otaku show.

Second season still sold two times more than other harems considered big successes like DxD. And last novel sold over 60k which is great for a LN.

It succeeded because of Charlotte's design. Here you have a hot FRENCH girl with blonde hair and big tits as well as a voice provided by Kana Hanazawa. It is every Japanese man's dream woman. (Then you have Houki who symbolizes the best case reality, but that's a different story.)

The fact of the matter is that Charlotte is so sexy that she transcends the anime she was in. The show was popular solely because of her.

>Forgetting ubermensch Laura

She wasn't much more popular than other girls.

>It was the first of its kind

New anime with Choco inspired art when?

Cecilia took it to 10k zone.
Char took it to 30k zone.

You forgot Laura at 20k.

And the most popular pairing in the show was Char x Laura.

Then why the hell is Yumizuru still a lazy fuck?

There are plenty of other superior authors who could only dream to get that kind of numbers.

He's probably like Miura. Enjoying his semi hikki lifestyle and only releasing new stuff when he needs new money.

>And the most popular pairing in the show was Char x Laura.

Yuricuck delusions even in harem shows, holy shit

He is just shit writer who have no idea how to continue the story.

School battle harem with tournament plot. Is there stuff like that before IS?

Why do you think they got so much art together? They were fan favorite.

Hell, they have more art than Ichika + any of the girls.

The tournament plot is incredibly secondary. It's just school battle harem and those things existed since forever.

IS simply managed to perfect it.

Only thing i remember about them is them going out shopping in that OVA, did something else happened or was it because of that one episode?

Yurifags are thirsty as fuck

Charlotte may be the favorite Stratos, but Nee-san is the least shit.

By having it interrupted all the time?

This is surprisingly accurate.

Yes. Nobody gives a shit about tournaments or MC getting stronger. It's about time idiots in charge of harems understood that.

Animators were great. There's not much author's contribution for this success.

This stupid show really begs for a Railgun style spin-off. It's kind of strange it never got one. Almost all popular harems did.

I don't call it successful, but they have a large promotional fund, so they are mentioned a lot.
Similarly, like idol shows, I don't think they make a lot of money

It aired during a rather dull season, thus it s tood out despite not being anything that good or special.

What? No seriously, what?

Do you even realize how much merchandise money those shows make? And merch sales are far more important than discs.

It aired during the same season as Madoka for Christ's sake.

I'm pretty sure it was the season that sold more anime that any other. Ever.

Different demographics dude

Don't make it sounds so Arab.

Female entourage then?

>IS Pachinko
>Shove balls into Houki's mouth
Admit it. Most of you guys would want this.

It's was successful because every girl is best girl.

How did Pikachu get so fat by eating so little?

with the exception of Houki
Houki a SHIT

This thread needs more Britannia

The wonders of 2D.


I have a feeling Yumizuru doesn't even understand why and how IS became such a hit.

How he turned Tatenashi everybody loved into a timid blushing haremette is a sign of that.

>International harem?

Sakura Taisen did that first and better.

>Unintentional Yuri

It was incredibly mediocre. Bad guys were such a joke.

This girl was anything besides timid

Have you read volume 9?


Less yuri than a sisterly relationship.

Well she became even shyer than Kanzashi.


Quite a change then
But it would be cute to see an aggressive girl act very meek


I wonder if he'll even write any more novels. Sales drop from vol.7 onward was pretty crazy.

I thought the reason why the author stopped caring that much for IS was that he was directly working in another serie that he prefered more

Just read about the half of it, it seems like she is really in love with him now, before she was just teasing him

Thats why shes shy now

I'm pretty sure he's not doing anything for like two years now.

He wrote Houkago Battlefield in 2012, which sold terribly.

>It was incredibly mediocre.

Still miles better than IS.

>Bad guys were such a joke.

Which one? ST1 had Aoi Satan, who was pretty cool and ST2 had that twist with the main bad guy. I agree that 3 and V's villains were pretty weak though.

Also, ST has the superior German Super Soldier Waifu, hands down.

Was vol.10 even ever scanned properly?

With seriousness, he sighs and tells the truth.

「It’s true being with Tatenashi-san is fun」


「What’s wrong!?」

Rin was on the verge of tears and stared intensely.

「Because, well, Tatenashi-san has great style」

「Ugh!」cried RIn.

「Because she’s not domineering」

「Uggh!」cried Cecilia.

「She pushes constantly」

「Ugggh!」cried Charlotte.

「Because she doesn’t exert violence」

「Uggggh!」cried Houki.

「Because she doesn’t come to creep in my bedroom at night」

「Ugggggh!」cried Laura.

「Because she is cheerful」

「……He did quite some damage」said Kanzashi.

「But I think everyone has their own charm as well!」

「「「That doesn’t follow!」」」

The roar echoed throughout the special care building.

Would IS improve without Ichika? He is the biggest reason the show is dogshit

If you remove Ichika it just turns into Strike Witches.

Ichika is hilarious

>「Because she’s not domineering」
>「Uggh!」cried Cecilia.
>「She pushes constantly」
>「Ugggh!」cried Charlotte.
Come again?
Aren't those two traits polar opposites?

If the violent girls would stop hitting, maybe he wouldn't have lost so many brain cells.

Maybe she is not as extreme as those two

It's fun to see him gettin his ass handed

Yes. All-girl spin-off would be perfect.

That said Ichika is less horrible than most harem leads. Of course "muh alpha leads" retards always scream how he's shit and how much better the show would be if he was a badass gary stu. Meanwhile all harems with badass gary stus fail miserably.

Not so funny when genders are reversed.

Fuck no

He's actually not that weak when compared to regular pilots, the problem is that practically everyone in IS academy are specially selected cadets aiming to be their country's next representative.

>Not so funny when genders are reversed.
I beg to differ.

>He's actually not that weak when compared to regular pilots
I'm willing to be your average pilot would kick way more ass than him when plopped into his super special one-hit kill IS.

He has the best IS except for Houki. It's like if a guy in F-22 was getting his ass kicked by people in F-15's.

The only one he can regularly defeat is Cecilia because his IS is super effective vs beamspam.


This. Tons of otome series are like that.

I'm still mad over this shit. That girl had a 10/10 design.

Why Cred Forums It is full of Subnormals Haters Fags against Houki

>trap Charlotte
>looks exactly the same
>still voiced by Kana Hanazawa
Well, at least the disguise would be more convincing.

Specially chifuyu

Houki a frowning shit.

>violent retard
>actually yamato nadeshiko in hiding
>dreams about Ichika overpowering her

She's the worst girl by far.

She hits him with a book, the girls hits him with mechanised weaponry.

>girls literally blow up a classroom and try to kill him out of yandere jelly rage
>never reprimanded

>Houki a frowning shit.
That is Touka, perhaps it is wrong for a waifu doing frowning
>violent retard
She is violent but not retard
Besides the other girls as Cecilia, Lin , Chifuyu and Laura are worse specially Laura

>actually yamato nadeshiko in hiding
Wafuu-Bijin Jerk
>dreams about Ichika overpowering her
What are you talking about, You are talking about this

I think he meant during World Purge Hen, when her fantasy was Ichika overpowering her in Kendo.

Manga chapter 20 when?

An attempt to do so has started:


Based on pic, which has the real-life Senanque Abbey, would Charlotte and her mother be from this place:


Seems like it, although I don't think it was ever specified in the LN.

At least somebody still cares.

I guess Yumizuru will also start working again when his $ runs out.

nee-san the best




Dude has a lot of hot girls with top tier genes to breed and he just wants to fuck his own blood related sister.

His sister is a Brunhilde, literally the most powerful pilot ever. It can't get any more top tier than than.

She trained him well.

A clone fucking the original can't be good though.

Then it's just masturbation, so it's OK.

Dude, look at the woman. Tell me you don't understand.

All IS sluts have 10/10 bodies. It's no excuse.

China certainly has a AAA body, if you know what I mean.

In vol 10, she was upgraded from A to A+.

I'm talking about her tits though.

She is fully aware of it.

So was I.

There was a scene in Volume 10 where Chifuyu was drunk and was shit talking everyone.

“Hey, Rin, did your chest grow a bit?”
“Ugh… they did grow a bit.”
“Is it? From A-cup to how much?”
“Hahaha, every little bit counts. She’ll cry when you mention “little bit”.”
Rin threw her towel.


Whose that semen demon on the left


Nothing wrong with that.

Some say that if you stare hard enough at this picture you will notice a guy.

Charlotte was definitely more popular than all other girls. The only one who came close was Laura, who herself outclassed Houki, Rin, and English girl by a large margin.

Charlotte waifu cancer on Cred Forums was bad enough. I remember the threads where people would put on tripfags and RP in threads as being knights and feudal vassals & servants for Charlotte, Laura, and English girl.

It was apparently a lot worse in Japan, because it spilled out into IRL. Some guy got punched in Akihabara for wearing a Rin shirt.

>Some guy got punched in Akihabara for wearing a Rin shirt.


I remember Char waifufaggotry, but don't remember it being that horrible. And later people started shipping her with Laura.

I remember Cecilia fags being quite obnoxious.


Thanks for reminding me of her name. I just kept thinking 'English muffins'.

It's such a shame what happened with this series.

Setting was nice. Mecha-musume was nice. Most of the girls were nice.

At the very least it should get a spin off with a female lead. I bet it would revive the series just like Railgun did with Index.

Dont you have enough similar yurishit shows already

There is plenty, but this one was still fun.

Right set of fetishes for the Eleven NEETs at the right time, really nothing more than that.

IS came out way after SW was already over.

The girls are cute, Hundred was similar but the girls where much worse

>pure sex character designs
>dense MC leaving the girls pure

like pottery

It wasn't even Ichika being as generic a harem MC as possible that killed my interest. It's the fact every fight ended the same way even people who knew what his IS was cappable
of still get caught pants down by it's one trick pony fighting style.

I think you get one fight with a different ending in S1 and by the time S2 came out i was tired of it because aside from girls and mecha it had nothing.

I don't understand why shit like this get anime but great harems like Umi no Misaki, or Honeymoon Salad, don't even get OVA or movies.

>Hating on such cute ribs.

What the hell is wrong with some people?

Ribs and tits

>Why was Infinite Stratos so insanely successful? What was the secret?
The girls are better than every clone

Probably the chicks. Because Umi no Misaki is way better as a harem, with a more likeable lead and ALSO great women.

the art

Background girls in IS were better than main heroines in most harems.


When you realise THIS wasn't a main character jebus.

Well, that explains why Madoka was such a big hit. Gargantia would've been a blockbuster if it had aired in the wasteland that was Winter '11.

She got her time. Waited for Ichika to be at his most vulnerable, and then striking.

How many fractales did your favorite anime sell?

The sly fox.

She deserved a whole like more than an asexual lemon like Ichika.

Indeed. She should go gay. Majority of their class already is.

But all of the enemies are already lesbian. Squall and Autumn, Forte and Daryl, Tabane is probably lesbian, no idea about Madoka though.

I dont remember this bit...

World Purge Hen OVA

>S1 - january 2011
>S2 - october 2013
>OVA - november 2014

I guess it's not too late for more IS.

I bet S3 would still sell good.

There's no content left. 8bit skipped over too many things in order to make S2.

The only way to fix this is to reboot season 2 and properly follow the LN.

There is, if you combine what's left of 8, 9, and 10 and add some filler like they did for S2 there would be enough.

Entire vol.9 is filler. They could easily make another season.

But that won't have any continuity. Season two skipped out the lesbian traitors, and the Italian Rep from volume 10. There won't be any storyline. Just a mash up of harem antics.

>insanely successful
Nigger please, it's been a long time since the 2nd season and barely anyone remembers it anymore.

It is above all those FOTS that only got one season, but it is no SAO or TLR.

That's because the authors of SAO and TLR still gives a shit about their work and is still releasing content regularly. The last IS volume that came out was last year.

It actually sold better than any TLR anime. Much better.

I really forgot how fun this dumb shit was.

Is Laura still the only girl that's kissed Ichika?

I'm pretty sure she is.

Charlotte is still best girl.

I miss the days when Charfags ruled these threads. Good times.

The popularity of harems comes down almost entirely to character designs. For example, Oreimo got so popular because of Kuroneko and Boku wa tomodachi got popular because of Sena. Hell, Index despite being more of an action series than a harem got so popular because of Misaka. Anyway Char and Laura's character designs are fantastic and that's why IS succeeded.

I don't remember there being as many Chifuyufags as there are now though.
Where did they come from?

Light novels volumes 8+.

Makes perfect sense.

Spin-off about her and Laura would be perfect.

Wait, did 8bit really animate volumes 9-10 but removed half of the plot?

Yeah, because Izuru hadn't even written it yet.
S2 was released in 2013, while vol 10 was released in 2015.

8bit wanted to make S2 as soon as possible, so they got Izuru to tell them what was basically going to happen, which lead to loads of stuff being left out.

It started as far as beach episode in S1.

Well, I'm sure 8bit would love to do another season anyways. IS is pretty much their only hit.

It'd make more sense to reboot season 2 so that it follows the novel, they way, there would be enough content for season 3.

Madoka a sis-con

Lesbian as well then.
I think Yumizuru has something against lesbians.

>Tabane is probably lesbian

Tabane is crazy gay. She will also most likely be the final boss if this ever continues.

That is the perfect scenario. We'll see.

I just thought she didn't care about anyone who wasn't Ichika, Chifuyu, Madoka, and Houki.

She was manipulating the entire world. Hacked the nuclear missiles to show everybody how OP IS are. Hacked US IS so Houki can have her first real battle. Gave terrorists 4gen IS for no good reason.

It's also implied she set up the entire situation with Ichika accidentally activating an IS.

I'd much rather the christmas cake with the gatlings than edgfuyu.

What is the context here?

Ichika was blaming himself for being weak, and Honne said that's it's okay to rely on his friends.

Yeah okay, she has a bucket of loose screws in her head, but that doesn't really have anything to do with her sexual preferences.

Nohohon best girl

Maya a best

I think you're into something there.

Nothing bad about that.

She's 150% gay for Chifuyu. And has a lesbo as her right hand.

In fact there are tons of lesbos in this. All the bad guys are lesbians and half of their class is gay.

Sounds like another case of yuricuck delusions mate

No one is gay in this, the usual groping scenes are there for fanservice

Go read the novels idiot. Bad guys are literally lovers. They are not even trying to hide it.

No, Autumn and Squall, and Daryl and Forte are legit lesbians.


the only thing i remember from this show was a tripfag associated who for some reason also wanted to do an irl version of that game from amagami ss.

You can clearly see which girls in their class are het and which are not. Specifically 13 are het out of 27.

Which ones?

I've been one since day 0. Chifuyu-nee is love, Chifuyu-nee is lfe.

Ichika is moderately more tolerable than some leads because he is a Natsuru-level doofus.

He might have a hard-on for his sister or very good at "merely pretending" to be a dunce, but at least he's not Ayato in terms of "oh shit nigger what are you doing".

Well, ton is an exaggeration. Honestly I can't name one in recent years where the guy-on-girl violence is for comedy.

This. Ayato is literally worse than Ichika.


But they thought she was a boy.

Ichika is the best thing about IS

claudia a shit

Exactly. Those are the het ones. Rest of the class was drooling over girls.

Het girls do that all the time. It's just checking you best friend eyes, just mirin' no lesbo.

My brother from another mother.

Fuck off Pink Houkifag.

I don't see drool anywhere.

Yeah okay i dont read this shit, but nobody is gay in the show

Is that new tiny girl supposed to be Italian?

I would marry the fuck out of Rin.

She's great. But there are simply better girls in this.


No, big breasted Rin is the Italian Rep.


Nah. Rin is the one for me. I like her quirkiness.

In anime Chifuyu told them to split up themselves. And the ones who picked girls were happy.

It stays consistent in other group scenes too.

Wasn't it sorted by name?

>And the ones who picked girls were happy.
Ichika is the only guy in the school if you didnt know.

Season 2 remake when? I want to see that fucking race animated and the Cinderella thing not done so shittily.

Maybe the next time 8bit needs some money fast. Although we'd probably have to send a few passive aggressive notes.

>Fuck off Pink Houkifag.
Claudia Faggot

Ichika is only more tolerable than, say, the MC lead from Asobi ni Iku yo who is weak and beta in every way, but Ichika is still very bad and hardly tolerable without comparing him to anyone. But compared to Ayato, Ichika isn't really better. Ichika's denseness stopped being amusing a long time ago. Ayato isn't amazingly perceptive and you can complaint about being a faggot for not wanting to get into bed with Claudia who had ulterior motives which Ayato sensed, but Ayato is at leas aware of his own feelings and has attraction to the girl that he likes.

>pretending and shitposting as Hayate
What the fuck are you doing?

were you not aware that moot changed the key for the trip generator around 2010 due to some russian hacker cracking the old one?

Laura is best girl reminder.

We can also give them tanks and see how far this can go.

Houki Bingo: If you've fapped to enough Houkis in a row/diagonal, you win.

Are there anymore Houkis like this one?

With the exception of the elf, you have really shit taste.

>Pink Houki meme
What took you so long, Stella/Claire/Claudiafag?

Please like, subscribe, and share! And tell me if you like my singing below in the comment section. Thank You!


wrong thread?

Thank you user, I must collect all of the Houkis for research purposes.

Houki best girl

My Nigga

>asterisktard found the thread over an hour later

I don't have to like Asterisk to see you, Stella/Claire/Claudiafag. Infinite Stratos and Asterisk are both shit, but here we are. Also, only the first post is mine and I've been here since the beginning. My first post is the first two post in the thread. You, however, are 13 hours late.

is one of the first two*

>Asterisk is shit
That's not what your fanboyish defenses in the past said.

>only one person has ever called me out
>you're all Asterisktards!
I literally saw you failed this defense in the other thread.

Only one person is obsessed with muh Stellafag, yes.

At least Ayato isnt a pussy faggot who needs the help of women to save his ass every time

Nah. A lot of people hate you and give you shit for being a shit in the first place. You make it way too easy to identify yourself, so you can't blame it when people single you out for being a faggot.

>A lot of people
It must suck living with schizophrenia.

Houki is breast girl.

I wouldn't know since I don't have personal experience. Enjoy your day, Stella/Claire/Claudiafag. And try not to make a fool of yourself, kay?

Sure schizo-kun.


>Why was Infinite Stratos so insanely successful? What was the secret?
I have no idea why, but the first season was really great.

Also, recently was able to buy Volume 5 of the Yuuki Homura manga, and man, I love how it's Chifuyu-centric.

Miss China is my wife~


Would race mix with~

Deserves more love, to say the least.

Noticed me, Hayate-senpai.

Ichika is pretty good when allowed to actually be a character instead of a stock genre convention. It's just that this only ever happens in the earliest novels and Homura's version.

Spend enough time overthinking this series and everything falls into perfect place conceptually, but falls apart in execution.

Inner monologues are basics though. That should be expected.

1. The figure is from alll anime
2. Total net is total income - total expense including promotional fund. If you have a large promotional fund, you can pump a lot of promotional activities, even for a crap anime. From outsiders, it looks popular, but actually it is all about marketing risk to bet high or low.

That was just the most convenient example I had to hand (though he has plenty of noteworthy internal dialogue the show skips, including some great snark). The point is that he has a character to explore, but he's become regarded as an irrelevant cardboard cutout plot device by audiences, and not without reason, since that's exactly how he's written now, in series and novels.

I love pachinko paying for my anime.

I've had a thing for Chinese girls before Rin. She just solidified it.

Volume 5 was probably the best volume of the manga series.

I am actually surprised by how much more interested in sexual shit Ichika is in the Yuuki manga. Also, Chifuyu has a much larger role.

Himura's nee-san doujins are great.

It just is

wasn't it said that the author didn't like how popular Char was?

Don't know why that'd be the case.

I want this.

Infinite Stratos has some of the best figs ever being made for it in the industry.

Sakura Taisen is nothing like IS. I can't believe you would actually even post this.

Because of his Yamato Damashii Nippon Stronk nationalist pride.

Houki can't be upstaged by some dirty gaijin. And when it became clear that Houki would never dethrone the French queen the author started chucking more Japanese girls into the series hoping at least one of them could claim the throne.

But it was all for vain, so he took his anger out on China instead.

how much?

All the shekels


What happens?

>There will never be another Chifuyu doujin.

Feels bad, man.

China cutest butt.


Some kind of mysterious binding that loses effect as pages go by.

He shouldn't have made Houki appear permanently pissed then.

You really don't get it.

Nobody watches harems for the guy.

Ichika is perfect because he's weak and non threatening. He's not taking spotlight from the girls.

She really is.



Strong harem MC's are shit. If you want dudes kicking ass go watch generic shonenshit.

>And when it became clear that Houki would never dethrone the French queen

Houki was literally the least popular girl.



I'm still mad those were only dreams.

He is Laura's bitch, her waifu whom she dominates in bed and outside of bed. It's cute cause Laura is a loli who's clueless about how the world works, and has her wires crossed in gender roles because she's a child solider who has things mixed up from learning from otaku culture. But yeah, MC is irrelevant in harem.

But then why is her World Purge fantasy being dominated by Ichika?

They all were. That's how this thing worked.

It's not real.


That's not Rin.

He's butthurt his waifu is not getting the attention he wants.


Nice joke. Rin was still much more popular.




I want Chifuyu-nee to feed me and then abuse me.




I really disliked the fact that Tatenashi was not actually Russian. The great thing about season 1 was that every country actually had a foreigner component to it.

>be Yumizuru
>butthurt that his glorious japanese waifu is the least popular girl
>introduce a great japanese waifu
>turn her into a moeblob the moment she falls for the MC

This fucking guy.

He couldn't risk having another non-Japanese girl being more popular than Japan.

If he ever made a Korean girl, who turned out more popular than Japan, I have a feeling he'd just kill himself right there out of rage.

Its called gap moe and its great

Tatenashi went to shit. There's nothing great about that.

Shat bricks

What are Chifuyu and Mayu doing to him?

Is it gay to want this?

Hiding him from the harem.

Only in Australia.

Doesn't seem to be working.

what are they going to hide his dick from the harem too?

I know the perfect place for it!

Why is Yamada stroking her nipples?

His new Odin Sphere doujin was pretty damn hot. I wish he would draw more doujinshi.

Chifuyu should just pretend to marry him to get the harem off his tail.

And keep pretending for the rest of their lives.


why would their house need to be an independent nation?

Probably lesbian.

How far has the manga been translated anyway?

That's not from the manga. That's from the anthology. The manga has been translated up to chapter 19.

Why is Tabane so wonderful?

Anime remake with CHOCO art when?

Believe it or not, but it was actually humorous.


Eternal Anglo on the job

Every girl was not Houki you stupid dumb idiot

Strike witches is my favorite animé.

They are all violent with him though.





Proof or lies

Why is shit fanart like this allowed to exist

post more laura and china

would plow

>gosh, user. you're such a loser.

IKEA subliminal advertising.

Ichika's face
>Who the fuck is this bitch
Top kek

I don't get why they changed illustrator because the new one is pretty damn bad.

She's violent towards her own brother.

Because Izuru got pissed off at his original publisher.

Is her brother Ichika?


Well then I guess you're a lying scumbag then

The dub is MUUUUCH more entertaining with the funny accents the girls have.

Especially the cockney, the frenchie, and the little nazi girl.

Here's your proof.

Haters will say it's photoshop.

Why does wear a wig?

For you.

I've been hearing a lot about this show, and I'm sort of skeptical. Is it just some generic harem anime? Is it some political message about the genders? I've been seeing people mention stuff about the protagonist and how he's struggling in a female-dominated world. Is the show sexist or something?

there's a penis in the ceiling top left

Really? Can i have a link?

Here's the entire show.


IS is the prototypical modern battle-academy harem, most of the harems you get each season are fairly direct descendants of it.
If you're for something with a deep statement to make about gender politics then you won't find it in the anime.

He repeatedly gets abused by those around him for the sake of comedy.

So that's a yes on the sexism, I guess. Or at least it's just dumb double standards.

Who is that Nintendo-looking chick on the left?

Why would you be mad it was the one moment he shows any kind of sexuality in the entire thing. It figures neuterboy could only do such things in his dreams.

If you thought he'd actually do something then i'll have to laugh.

Dude. That is disgusting. Even if you want a dub, you do not have to resort to youtube for it. Like what the fuck.
nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=1_37&term=infinite stratos dual&filter=1&sort=5

Best parody dub:

They beat the shit out of him all the time, and some try to rape him occasionally

>And when it became clear that Houki would never dethrone the French queen the author started chucking more Japanese girls into the series hoping at least one of them could claim the throne.

And then somebody wised up and made Hundred to sate the Charlottefags

That's Houki.


Well shit. She seemed blonde

>And when it became clear that Houki would never dethrone the French queen
Why would a goddess want to dethrone a mere queen? It would be a waste of energy.


No islands for you mongrel.

>Sis, I wanna do the incest.

I forgot how OP serious Tabane was.

And nopan too. Shame this shit is probably dead for good.

Could serious Tabane beat a serious Gilgamesh?

>we will never find out why Madoka was so edgy

>fagboy who lost to a generic japanese kid
>lesbian mecha moon rabbit

Dude, it wouldn't even be a fight.

Isn't it obvious that she's a clone wanting to surpass the original?

Never be game over?

There's a lot of anime like that where you really just wonder what it did extra special compared to it's countless clones and counterparts. Usually it comes down to some combination of cute girls, the right kind of packaging and extras for the merchandise, marketing and just having the right timing. Also being a major publisher helps too. When dealing with otaku it's generally predictable what they're looking for to spend money on but honestly it just seems like you have to get lucky or have the right kind of people and branding to get the super hits that don't really seem to happen much anymore. I don't think this shows second season made even close to what it's first one did though mecha musume stuff is still a viable genre to try to start a hit off of.

BD market reached an absolute peak after the first post 2008 financial disaster in 2011 where a lot of stuff sold started selling abnormally high for late night anime thanks to a combination of people actually kind of having some money again and the introduction of new marketing tactics that have since become commonplace in the industry. It's died off substantially since then. Release it today and I bet IS Season 1 is a 5K seller at best.

Light novels were also still exploding in popularity at the time. Now the newest thing is Isekei but the average BD numbers are still nothing in comparison. Something like Re:Zero nowadays is practically considered a smash hit.

Madoka a cute!

>Release it today and I bet IS Season 1 is a 5K seller at best.

Nice assumption. Every year actually sells more BD's than the previous one. Osomatsu and LL broke previous records.

S1 of IS was actually a really fun show. I bet it would sell good today.

Mini Chifuyu is pretty good.

>Ichika said she looks like a Chifuyu that's around the same age he is
>15 year old Chifuyu looked like this
Not only is he retarded he's also blind.
Madoka looks way younger.

She seems 13-14 to me.

Or maybe Chifuyu was just a tiny loli when she was younger.

Hello newfriend Znt/Shana obviously doesnt exist eh?

So I decided to finally watch the last OVA.

What the hell, this was actually pretty good. They stopped the series when plot started going places.

Blame Izuru for being a lazy bastard.

> These aren't my glassed.

Also, interesting placement of the bottle.

But what about Perrine

Eh? CHOCO is a great artist and top tier mechanical designer.

I wonder if his new publisher is also tired of him.

Probably, but he's still a valuable asset for the company, on the off chance that he does release a new volume.

It's been a year since last volume. I doubt they care anymore.

Ok, this really needs a remake with the new art style.

They're going to need a lot of budget if they want to animate CHOCO's art.

pray to the god bibi for all his doujins and official Laura centric manga.
bato.to/search?name=infinite stratos&name_cond=c&artist_name=bibi&artist_name_cond=c

So influential they are still making hentai games of IS today like that recent Cecilia 3D Hentai Game.

Other girls when?



>Some guy got punched in Akihabara for wearing a Rin shirt.
I call bullshit.

Nobody cares enough about Rin to bother wearing her shirt.

I would have called bullshit because Japanese are too beta to start shit especially otakus.

Fuck you.

Damn, that's one good looking IS.


How do you feel about Rin's butt?

Cutest butt.

Those SFX sound pretty cheap.

I can tell Charlotte and Chifuyu are my favourites without having even watching this yet.

I know right? Ikki was so much better.

You're correct.

>have massive complex about size of chest

>have the most fuckable butt ever

I will never understand it

You mean like how it sounds like someone repeatedly sticking their hand into a bowl of non-Newtonian fluid?

Do they get much screentime?


>most fuckable butt ever

I beg to differ

Only Charlotte in the anime. Chifuyu gets her screen time in the manga.

So much that fans of the other girls never stop bitching about it

Why did they write Ameri-Tan out of the anime again?

where are her pantsu?

They probably didn't think she'd be relevant, or wasn't planning to make a second season.

Because they didn't want a far better girl to upstage Houki

That already happens whenever literally any other girl is onscreen with Houki

It was pretty funny to see normalfags get uncomfortable over Suguha crushing on a cousin she viewed as a brother.


He said gay, not illegal.

I would fuck the Houki pouki. But only with restraints.
Screw getting beat up dead while she orgasms just because her violent nature takes over her weakened mind.



Terminal case of bestgirl-itis.

>Not realizing that Chifuyu is just gender-swapped Big Boss

I fucking love Chloe.

She was honestly the best girl. All those dumb harem drones can't even compare. Maybe except Laura.

Charlotte Best Girl in season 1 (2011)
Tatenashi Best Girl in season 2 (2013)
Houki Best Girl in season 3 (2017)


Her butt is huge!






These three look like they're saying
>How come I'm not feeling that dick inside me right now?

What's the context of these pics?


>he hasn't played the game

>The Orimura siblings at home

why hasn't he fucked any of these yet?


Honestly this is probably way more accurate than it should be


Charlotte gets like half the first season to herself, it's great. And Chifuyu gets so much more focus in Homura's version that she replaces the other girls on the covers.

A combination of wilful ignorance brought on by self preservation, and self loathing.

He would rather spend some time with his future wife (pic related), but the others would kill him if he tried, so he pretends to be dumb. He isn't interested in any of the others.

Only redeemable thing about season two

The birthday episode despite being completely different from the LN and actually having Yumizuru be a screenwriter for that was actually kind of nice too, but yeah, that and Tatenashi were the only redeeming thing about S2.

>having Yumizuru be a screenwriter
Why is this a good thing? Anyone else that writes his material does a better job.

What about that entire episode devoted to Char's panties?

Not him, but I liked the Char part and could have done without the panties part.

Maybe the moron shouldn't have written IS as a train sequence of moving on from one girl to the next, and give the literal best scenes to Charl

>and give the literal best scenes to Charl
Yeah, what *was* up with that? He rushes through the first three in one novel/4 episodes, and gives her the second novel/4 episodes pretty much to herself, with particular focus on the development and nature of her relationship with Ichika....then she gets abandoned by the wayside for the flavour of the chapter like everyone else. What gives?

So if Ichika chooses either Laura or Charl, does the other come with the deal as mistress?

So why exactly is France the best girl?

The bagels.

Best roommate, the least violent of the bunch, best bro, and rocking body. Also cutest loli.

>gay lolicon

wait what

I assume they thought she was a shota at first.

Well good, because the whole point was the no panties part.

Too cute.

>「Because she doesn’t exert violence」
>「Uggggh!」cried Houki.
Self-consciousness at the next level.

Look, it's not his fault he can no longer seem to write a piece of genuinely somewhat interesting character stuff without excessive garnish of dumb fanservice.

Well no, I guess it's entirely his fault.

I think we are all to blame.

Her smug expression makes my dick diamonds

>best arc
>most natural relationship development
>not childhood friend #1 or #2
>or 'he beat me now I love him'
>or 'if I marry him I get easy access to his sister'
>or whatever the hell the blue-haired chick's deal was
>markedly less violent than the other girls
>best swimsuit
I shouldn't have to keep going.


>Season 3
Will it going to be flop hard like Hundred did?

Have silver Charlotte too.


>Literally the same scene
How original.

She isn't. She just appeals to the lowest common denominator, which explains why she is so popular.


I fucking love Charlotte for the reasons you said. She along with Laura (and the fact that the dub was surprisingly enjoyable) makes the series bearable.

Not really.

The series isn't that bad, especially after sitting through years of clones and ripoffs, IS is kind of fun. Probably the most fun I had with a series with Cred Forums.

I really didn't like it when she went a bit more jealous.
The great part about her in the s1 adaptation is that she isn't that violent, she isn't jealous and almost acts as if she already won, SHE ISN'T THAT VIOLENT.

They should have stuck with that in s2.

>could have done without the panties part.
Char's panties are pretty nice tho

Where have you been? Even C was more fun.

>volume 5 has Chifuyu holding hands with Ichika in bed with her great big tits in a hot shirt

I want to see that.

Is this it?

oh just a cover and not real?

The dub was fucking awful man unless you mean in a "so bad it's good" way which I think is a stupid reason to praise something,

Just bad bad.

Its the thing everybody figured out by the end of season 1. Charlotte was to OP none of the other girls stood a chance (especially yamato damashii) so they had to either nerf Char to the ground or buff all the other girls to her level and without physical abuse of Ichika about 90% of the "humor" vanishes, so the choice was clear.

Just kill me now, this creepy, psychedelic and spooky.

There wasn't even a choice when you think about it.


I want to spoil loli Charl

Is that wrong?

CharLaura yuri a best.


And now, Mermaid Rin



Not a mermaid.

No but she is wet

Lady of the lake?

Where's her sword?

She keeps it well hidden.

if you say so

You have it

Guess where the sheathe is


Tatenashi commands you to lick her feet

Why is the anthology so much better than everything else?

So is IS going to end anytime soon?

Doesnt pikachu have an imouto or onee-san? Are they hot?


Her onee-san is Tatenashi's meido

Ran is best girl

Houki a shit.

Char a shit.

I want to kiss Rin~

Hey hey, no fighting

But that would be rape

Laura a best