>Fucking up an OP this bad


Anyway, I'm hyped.

Other urls found in this thread:


>idiotic LN for /ak/ dumbshits getting adapted

In what aspects does this LN excel?

Providing vicarious entertainment for idiots who post on Cred Forums.

what studio?

new red-pilled anime to add to the list

I bet you guys any money Aoi Yuuki will voice her.

That's actually quite good.

Soneone describe the loli MC to me please

That info hasn't been revealed yet, from what I can gather.

Some super serious salaryman with a grudge against he world died and was reborn as a little girl.

Apparanrlty the author is a huge military and history fanatic.

Is something I read here on Cred Forums years ago.

Literally Hitler.

so another alderamin?

>Apparanrlty the author is a huge military and history fanatic.
A fake one. He's just a fat neckbeard.

>Press X to activate hype glands


Alderamin if Ikkun would execute anybody that defies orders. Also no romance bullshittery, just pure warfare.

Tanya is cute.

What have they done to her?

Looks like it will be the next Alderamin.

The designs that are placed on the website always tend to look a little off. They generally look better when they're in motion.

what a good season to be a historyfag

No crazy eyes, as expected.

>wanting to watch Germany get bumfucked again in Izetta

I want to hug her & pet her

I for one can't wait to see The Littlest Fascist.

Came here to say I fucking love the art of these novels.

Don't tell me the mustache general who smokes a cigar is incompetent or corrupt.

I think its the guy who loves little girls.

Is that the one with lesbian witch and the princess?


I thought it's magical WW1

its a girl now.
So it is ok.

A shitty one

It will run on the same season? Anichart doesn't have it, what date?

For isekai shit it has pretty decent historical\military\economical groundwork made by author.

Inb4 it's Schliefen

well if change character design, i think this made by madhouse

The covers are really nice. It kind of reminds me of Hellsing.

So is this Isekai bullshit - this time in nazi germany ?

That's pretty blatant wish fulfillment even by isekai standards


>this time in nazi germany ?
Not nazi.

Its magical ww1 with early 30s tech.

What characters does MC resemble?

What is this?

Evil loli goes to war?

Now in a little girl's body.

Fucking hell already??


Only difference is the mc is literally Hitler and it's only pure warfare.

>no romance



So wait whats the point, what conflict is at work here ? Besides the war itself

Essentially that

Looks like it'll be madhouse again. God I hope they don't fuck with this like they did with Mahouka, Overlord and Alderamin. Getting real tired of their bullshit.

Youjo Senki.

Anyone think the background art style feels like Alderamin.
So Madhouse?

Is this Carlo Zen some half Brazilian half Jap?

That youtube comment summed up my opinion.

( ゚∀゚)o彡°幼女!幼女!

The sponsor is kadokawa, not universal studio, so no worries the design getting butchered to appeal for wider audience.

Why can't Madhouse give a shit again?


It actually reminds me more of Joker Game and Death Parade.

So yeah madhouse.


Even the character designs look really unimpressive. A bit disheartening but well there's nothing I can do anyway.

I'm getting mixed vibe here, the artstyle differs with the video.

well if this got enough budget. we will get superb animation

What's wrong with those?

No S2 again, I guess.

Did they at least keep then jawlines?

this will be another madhouse light novel adaption season 2 never cursed.

Looks like Silver Link, Feel or Madhouse.

Und ob mein Herz im Tode bricht,
Wirst du doch drum ein Welscher nicht;
Reich wie an Wasser deine Flut
Ist Deutschland ja an Heldenblut.



The only way I can get more hype than I am now is if facist loli-chan gets a harem of busty onee-samas.

no A-1 or Bones?

Doesn't look like Bones

It's been a long time but in Mahouka they cut off all the important monologues that gave tatsuya's character a personality, the horrible pacing and average production values. In Alderamin, the production value were again shit and the series was being carried by it's writing alone. Not even going to talk about the awful character designs. In Overlord, the second half of the series was rushed as fuck and lots of dark stuff in the anime got toned down.

Not cute enough. Doubt it will ever top Sora no Woto.

but all that series got score more than 7.9 at MAL.

A-1 maybe but Bones not at all.

I personally have plenty of problem with those 3

- Sub par seiyuu choice, side character are more fitting compared to main cast.
- Awful BGM coordination, like why the fuck silhouette of ballerina doesn't play during mirage bat or ballroom dance.
- The animation itself is lacking, the action scene are so bland ( like when tatsuya using flying magic ), and the scene where anyone using their CAD just looks silly.

- Awful coloring, doesn't fit with the dark theme of the environment.
- Compressed story that cut important stuff.
- Some episode are directed badly, biggest example is kajitt and clementine conversation. Their exchange of conversation doesn't flow well with the directing of scene.

- awful shit character design, totally trash.
- They cut into characterization, they didn't even show ikta's fetish for older girl.
- did I say awful character design ?

"Tanya wants to work a desk job but the military won't let her" or "How I fucked myself out of a cushy job because of my good work ethic".

MAL is shit


MAL eats up anything made by "Based" Madhouse.

Finally an isekai without lewd.




Jesus, that looks pretty fucking low budget.
It's a fucking PV too. Did they not have anything better to show?
I'll still watch it and all, but this is a bit of a bummer.

It's anime, there won't be lewd loli, so not a lot of chance for it to be like the usual ecchi shit.

Will Not!Beria ever get his hands on Tanya?


>Saga of Tanya the Evil
This works

I thought this was gonna be some news on steins;gate but I guess this is fine too

What's kek about it, memposter?


this series not sell well like rezero.

It's not fair to compare it to the Evangelion of our age.

Well Re:Zero is garbage so seeing that Japan has shit taste it makes sense

Re;Zero wasn't even that huge.
It was just relatively popular because of the kids and its normalfag/casual appeal.

Of course this won't be popular. The protag is a loli to begin with, and the adaptation will suck ass.

The MC wants a comfy desk job far away from the front lines.

Her ruthlessness and bloodthirstiness, cobined with misunderstandings based on her trying to seem diligent in front of her superiors, cause her to get repeatedly assigned to the front lines.

Also the gods are actively fucking with her. She only became a German loli because she mouthed off to God when she died the first time, and later on to counteract waning faith from mankind the Gods (yes, multiple) essentially force her into using a highly unstable magic amplifier that only works properly when she's loudly singing their praises.

Why would you not want to watch the Nazis get fucked?

Everyone has shit taste. There are shit series that is well liked in the west and not liked by nips. Same goes the other way. So don't sound all condescending and shit over that. We are not so different.

Also, you people are a bunch of shitposting maggots that deserve to die in a ditch within a POW camp where your carcasses will eventually be devoured by the dogs. Sniveling pigs, all of you.

It's the typical LN purists bitching.

Heil Tanya!

What the fuck?

So this will probably be in winter or spring season?

Typical madhousefag

winter is most likely

>Cute loli fighting in wars
>It's actually a Japanese Salaryman stuck in a loli's body

Nah. It happens to almost every LN adaptation. Studios cuts stuff and source readers will be there to bitch.

Doesn't matter as long as it's cute

Can the studio please cut the part about the MC being a Japanese Salaryman in a little girl's body?

Holy shit, this would be the icing on the cake.

Nah, it'll be the chick from the drama CD.

Who was? Also this had a Drama CD?


Her VA is the main girl of Oni Chichi.

Oh, it's Hiromi Igarashi,

>An isekai not set in Dragon Quest Fantasy World #136


What's the problem? It explains why a little girl is so powerful on the battlefield.

This guy is too much for me. It's no wonder he got pushed in front of a train.

Straight out of r/atheism.

She sounds too damn squeaky. I hope they recast.

So literally loli Hitler?

You mean she sounds like a kid? Yeah, that's because she is one.
No. She's just good at her job.

It's not uncommon for a Drama CD cast to be dropped when time comes for an anime though.

Overlord used literally the same VAs as in the drama CDs, but yeah.

Only when they're animated by A-1 or Madhouse.

Ch 6 manga raw was released. Can be found in archive if you guys are interested

Or JC, or SHAFT, or SL, or Whitefox.
List goes on you know.

Grown men can't be cute, especially fedora tipping salarymen.

Silver Link yes. Shaft and Whitefox didn't have design like this.

Looks cute

No, it's overpowered magical lolisue wreaking havoc and killing by the dozens on the front lines. The actual tales of loli Hitler would be far more interesting and compelling.

She's 11 so puberty is gonna hit her hard no matter how adult her past life mind is

Oh, look, another fujo pandering anime

Fuck anime

I hate anime now!

>You mean she sounds like a kid? Yeah, that's because she is one.
I have no problem with high pitched little girls in general but this one sounds especially off-putting to me for whatever reason.

Are you retarded?

When God proves himself to be a petty, whiny asshole then it's time to stop giving a shit about him.
Combat drugs kinda fuck with her growth so hope you like your lolis.

I would pretty much just be Hidamari sketch

>Shaft and Whitefox didn't have design like this.
I dunno about Shaft but you're fucking delusional if you think Whitefox doesn't cut stuff because they bloody did in Re:Zero.

You and me both.
Let's go watch some MLP or cartoon!

nime is ded

fujishi win

Fuck i was joking lol

no. Whitefox did 1:1 adaption in Rezero. No cut

Shaft cuts though.
They cut Shinobu's lewd scenes from the 3 loli arc.
Yeah, I know it's different, since they cut it because loli sexualization doesn't fly even with them anymore, but still, cut is cut.

>who is Rem

>watch the PV
>QUALITY cannon fodders
>Weird ass hair on the HR guy Lehrgen
>Generic old men
>ahoge on Tanya

I am not looking forward to this...

>Glimpse of Tanya's evil/crazy eye as she turns around
>Saga of Tanya the Evil

Ok, fucking sold

They cut short dialogue of the candidates at the palace. There, you're wrong already.

I hope Aoba VA will get MC role

Well this kid's voice doesn't make my dick hard. They better find a better one.

So when will it air?

It's not supposed to. It's a kid that sounds like a kid.

>who is Al

well if we already get pv. early probably march 2017

If so then fucking dropped then

No, kids actually sound deeper and less colorful, especially japanese ones.

Not to forget Tanya is drawn pretty and normal until she goes into jiji mode.

First an amateur translation, now even an anime.

I'm always sad to see a good series go into the hands of EOPs.

so, next winter?

they wouldnt release a PV for Spring already, right? right?

They didn;t cut anything important for arc 1,2 and 3. The WN is irrelevant here since the author stated he's going to make arc 4 much smaller in LN format.

So is MC being a little girl actually an important plot point that effects the story or it just stupid japanese writer bullshit?
Because it honestly sounds like the latter.

Didn't use shit character designs or rush the fuck out of there material.

Based Madhouse. Only they could get away with it.

Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo adaptation when?

There wasn't any QUALITY.

Why waste money on promotional video that don't matter?


That's never getting animated, neither is Noel's Bizarre Adventure.

If you cut shit then it's not a 1:1 adaptation anymore. This isn't a sleight against the overall quality of the Re:Zero anime but saying that it's a 1:1 adaptation is disingenuous as fuck.

Who's the female standing behind Tanya at 0:30?

The MC is a Japanese salaryman who pissed off God, so he was sent to live as a girl in a world plagued with war.

So the latter.

glad I wasnt the only one turned off by the ahoge


If it's get anime, bitching about incompetent commanders will be hilarious.

Nobody said it was a 1:1 adaptation you fucking moron. The point was that they didn't skip anything important or relevant for arc 1 to 5.

Nobody said it was a 1:1 adaptation you fucking moron


Hitler wasn't a deskjob person.
He was the kind of person that enjoyed WW1.

>Re:Zero autism takes another thread

>Fell for a bait
You must be proud of yourself.

>implying hitler didnt want a comfy job painting shit
>implying he didn't go with the flow like tanya in order to secure a comfy retirement

when does it air?

>Germans have magic and early 30s technology even though it's WW1
>They still lose the war


Obviously as fuck that it's going to be Tanya's underling/second in command Visha

>Germans have magic and early 30s technology even though it's WW1
So does everyone else.
The Germans just excel in quality, as they did in real life.
And if we're waving dicks about the time period, Germany nearly won the first world war about 3 times despite every major power trying to fuck them over and their allies regularly fucking things up.
It's fucking amazing that Germany was able to last as long as they did.

>All people from one race are the same unless they're white
Fuck off basement dweller

Is this Dies Irae of our era?

If he's turning you into a loli, even if it is for spiteful reasons you've got no business being anything but thankful.

>Underneath the little girl's skin is actually a monster
>Saga of Tanya the Evil

So the Protagonist is actually an Antagonist?

No, the protagonist is the protagonist.

What I meant is Villain Protagonist

Don't use words if you don't know what they mean.


You don't understand what you are saying.

She may be villainous depending on your personal beliefs but she is not the villain. Not a villain protagonist

>What's the problem? It explains why a little girl is so powerful on the battlefield.

Pffthahah yeah Japanese Salarymen strongest in the world

Kill yourself.

Oh, more Isekai trash, huh? This time featuring a Japanese Salaryman in the body of a little girl

I predict

>The MC not so much as being "smart" but making decisions that anyone with common sense would

>The MC being said to be a genius level prodigy, praised by all

>The MC curbstomping opponents and rising to power almost instantly

Oh, and of course, as a given

>LN faggots insisting the series isn't trash and saying the anime ruined everything

They used clips from the actual show. Are you retarded?

You may call it common sense, but in the early days of WW1, I bet you'll find that vaunted common sense missing in many places. Hindsight is perfect after all


50/50 fear & respect instead of praise


Yes it will be shit adaptation.

Who cares? Isekai is a shallow pseudo colonial fantasy, made particularly immature in this case via the little girl angle.

>50/50 fear & respect instead of praise

Ha, another sad power fantasy. All these LN trash authors, bullied in life, writing novels where they're at the top.

It's pathetic. But great to see you're already making excuses for your trash series.

Good to know it pains you this much.

What is it about this genre in particular that gets you so anal pained?
Over half of the shit aired today is wish fulfillment trash, what's one more to you, bud?

I insist that the series isn't trash. The anime just ruined everything.

If I had a nickel.

I wanted crazy eyes not this blond haired blue eyed girl.


That music is great though.

you must have missed a glimpse of crazy eye in 00:48 min of the PV

What studio?


Chapter 6 RAW's for those interested


Your favorite manga/LN will never get adapted, but this shit will.

the uniforms look like fucking shit, god damn. Who pins medals so damn low.

Just stick with the not!Germany.

>moving ahoge according to her emotion and etc.
Oh please fucking no, but I can forgive that.

I hope It is not going to be only a 12 episode thing, and that will be it forever.

Why do people keep saying Nazi Germany

It's Imperial Germany


It is simply more fun that way.

Also, the Military uniforms look pretty good there and Nazis had the best looking uniforms

You really expect people not to complain about a shitty series just because half the stuff currently airing sucks? That's some retard logic right there, pal.

So when is it going to air? Winter season or maybe spring?

Can't wait for the bad nip german.

>that ahoge
cute, CUTE

but still I can smell the failure

>no signature eyes

what is this face trying to convey?

Well expecting the novel level detail from stills and random shots is bit too much but alas I hope they pay enough attention on the crucial moments like the manga artist does.

>watch isekai only to self insert


>No circle eyes
no, No, NO!

Why does it smell so much like it is going to be a huge failure?

>half Brazilian
why do you suspect?

How could it be a failure when there's no expectations?

But I am expecting fun and an Angelic beauty blowing shit up.

>anime adaptation
>loli protag
Already a pile of shit.

You're wrong

Does Hitler makes a cameo?
This is important.

I wish

Um, no, I'm not.
There's literally no anime with loli protag that came out these past years and was good.

You're wrong


at least I want hotaru-like ones but no


Good news.
I just hope that the LN translation will pick up some speed once the anime makes this more popular.

Good news for you then. It won't.

Imperial Germany

She also doesn't actually belive those are Gods, so they must be some kind of aliens demos or some shit.

What's with all this butthurt, is the shitposting starting?

>He's just a fat neckbeard
As yourself?

It's another isekai wish fulfillment garbage

It's going to be a third rate, unknown, or recently new studio trying to establish themselves in the industry.

Ja, aus Norden kommend.

>case closed
Holy fuck, Conan became gritty as Hell.

Looks like it will be another "Madhouse takes an LN and puts half an effort into adapting it, therefore ruining it", well the PV at least sounds good.

Tanya speak with a lisp. Maybe that's the reason.

Either way, she sound alright in my ears.

Not supposed to.

I think it is more of a grown man trying to imitate a girl's intonation. Tanya sound kinda raspy and high pitch.

Why can't have make her, her spiral eye? Like hellsing or hotaru.

Better than Alderamin at least, no man face here..

More like feared.

I don't believe he is atheist. He simply refuses to believe the gods that contact him are gods because of how incompetent and out of touch they are with his world. He considers that even if they are gods, they aren't holy sacred beings whom must be worshiped, simply beings that are vastly more powerful and trying to fuck with him as a past time.

There's nothing fedora tipping about it.

They lose because America developed nukes and well, nuked them instead of Japan.

I don't think it was so much what he said as it was the way he said it. He couldn't possibly have been more of a smug, self-righteous asshole about his confrontation with a vastly more powerful being just because he's a "man of reality", and shit like that is exactly why idiots who try to adopt atheism as their personal identity are so made fun of. Not like the god he confronted was so much better but realistically speaking he pretends he knows exactly what it's like having that much responsibility to handle and a world full of know-it-all dickheads like him to keep in line, which he very clearly doesn't since the only notable thing he seems to do after getting a taste of power is go full-blown TIME FOR JACK TO LET 'ER RIP on a bunch of hapless slapnuts with no hope of fighting back.
Something just tells me he wouldn't do a much better job as god than Zeus up there if that's how he gets his kicks.

I'm not denying he's what you described, but I was mainly pointing out he wasn't actually atheist. He immediately ascertains the being before him as a higher being, but simply refuses to accept that he's a god because his own beliefs in what constitutes a god contradicts that.

It'd be like for example, if a Christian met Buddha and denounced him because Buddha wasn't Christ/God, or you can swap around that scenario as well with a Buddhist meeting Christ/God.

His lack of personal social skills is a core part of his character, and a driving force for the plot. It's the reason he died in the first place, the reason he was turned into a loli thrown onto the battlefield, and also the reason he keeps getting sent to the front lines when he wants nothing more to do than retire comfortably with a high paying desk job. It's also the driving force towards the fun moments as well as the comedy.

As for whether he'd do a better job than the gods, it's hard to say since we do not know the nature of the gods and why they desire faith from the masses but he'd definitely do it very differently, so the outcome of the pros and cons would likely be swapped in a sense.

You're not really supposed to self insert into him, just like you wouldn't self insert into Light. Rather you are supposed to be interested in seeing how he wipes his own ass so to speak while continuously getting himself into new shit. That's not really something I believe someone would wanna self insert into unless you're a masochist. At least that's my take on it, for all I know the people who cry wish fulfillment on every isekai thread are simply faggots who wished for the most gritty edgy GOT rip off for their own self inserting purposes so they can play it off as if they don't because it's an ensemble cast story and the characters they self insert into have shittier lives than they do.

Fuck would I know what people wank off to.

( ゚∀゚)o彡°幼女!幼女!

That's a far more reasonable and well thought out explanation than I ever allow myself to expect these days. The way you describe it all makes perfect sense, I mean obviously he isn't an atheist no matter how much he may act like one, and there's no mystery whatsoever as to why he got pushed in front of a train to begin with. Even if he is a pompous douche as long as the events of the story unfold appropriately in accordance to his actions then I can't hate the story for that now, can I? I'll wait to see how the anime turns out and hope for the best before drawing any conclusions.

This is the kind of hope I needed this week. Thank you, OP.

Guys. Just think about the doujins that will come with the anime.

In the WN which has already finished he doesn't grow up much because the drugs he abuses to gain an edge in combat (which all magic users use but he takes ridiculous doses) ends up stunting his growth among other things. While on one hand you can see that as a plot device to further 'wish fulfillment', keep in mind the character himself does not actually identify as a girl even if he acknowledges he is in a girl's body and has to pass himself off as a girl to live, which is why there's no romance in the story. As far as the character himself is concerned, the change in gender is just a drag 99% of the time (besides when he uses it to his advantage in negotiations, but well that usually ends up with the misunderstandings as I previously pointed out). It's something that very clearly stands out to me as at no point in all the parts I've read, do I ever feel like I envy the guy. I mean his happiest moment since reincarnation so far is going out to eat at a pub restaurant that others said was good, not even high class. And that moment is simply glossed over between volumes.

>Eternal loli because drug abuse

I'm okay with this

So is this more militarist/nationalist wank like GATE or is it actually good and not written by a pathetic netouyo

It's a story mainly based on an alternate world's WWI. So it's definitely militaristic, but how would you draw the line between wank or not?

The nationalism is played more straight though. The MC is definitely not a nationalist, practically the opposite. He just maintains the facade of one because he believes he'd be in deep shit if he wasn't. The country she resides in is only militarily more advanced due to necessity rather than well some other reason, and it's not like a overwhelming margin, merely to the point where they are confident in waging war against a neighbor. Unfortunately they are landlocked on every side which was the original reason why they focused on developing their military so much.

Where can I read the manga at? Militaristic lolis are my fetish.

what is a google?

It's running far behind with the translations though so I hope you can read nip

Butthurt moeshitter

Nah, Aoi Yuuki has no range. She can't do the crazy voice Tanya does when she goes batshit insane(80% of the time)

So who do you think should get the role?

>Aoi Yuuki has no range
You cant be serious user.

This. People who keep spamming Nazi don't know the source material at all.

It isn't Imperial Germany, more like Imperial Prussia by the way.

There is even an Empress but she doesn't play any big role in the story yet.

This is more like a WW1 story than a WW2 story so far.

Pic related seems more fitting desu

There are retards who thought the East Germans in Schwarzesmarken were nazis.

german + uniform = nazi

The wonders of people getting their education from Hollywood fettishization.

anyone are translating it?

Nope. The LN aren't even all translated yet, what hope do we have for content much much later?

Where can I read/machine translate the WN?

I just want to post more Tanya.

Tanya is cute!


>calls people moeshitters in defense of a moeshitter anime
What an idiot.


>No crazy/spiral eyes

Literally what's the point of adapting this if they're not going to properly do the eyes?

Would you a 3DPD Tanya?

Because why would nips do anything right, ever.

would it still be possible to tell whoever doing this about the spiral eyes?

It might not be too late.

>that facial expression

Shouldn't even be that hard to do or take long at all. Literally just grab a pen or pencil or whatever the fuck nips use to draw anime and go around a couple of times in a circle or someshit.

There, done. Spiral eyes. Takes like 5 minutes if you do it pretty.

Does this series have a realistic portrayal of guns? If so, I'm hyped.

They do go into weapons at times, but I wouldn't really expect it in the anime.

7.8 on MAL lol mediocre SKIP

Realistically she wouldn't be able to carry it so no, there's no accurate portrayal of guns or whatever.

Weapons do look like the real thing or similar but

>bolt action sniper rifle that fire magic powered lazer beams


Yes she can because its a magic gun

Why are they keeping the studio and staff a secret?
I'm 99% sure it's by madhouse so just announce it already.



>See thread and get excited thinking the LN chapter got finished early.
>It's just about the anime.

That's cool too I guess.

Tanya a CUTE

>tfw discussion will be literally impossible due to Cred Forumsposting

Next LN chapter won't be out til late December fampai

>posting that pic'
now i got to fap, you happy?


post volume 1 and 2 raws maybe some nice person will translate

You mean Cred Forumsposting

Does the author know his military history?

So far the biggest shitposters seem to be your average Cred Forums dipshit with hateboner for isekai

>Noel's Bizarre Adventure

What am I reading?



Bruh, novelupdates.com/series/the-girl-who-bore-the-flame-ring/

>implying little girls can't carry full size rifles.
>implying it wouldn't be trifling if they had magical assistance

That's just like 5 or so guys that rampage on Cred Forums and /m/. They probably generate 10% of the traffic on Cred Forums alone.

Just started this, it doesn't seem like something that would go well being animated. I'm only a handful of chapters in though

The amount of violence, the kind of violence and the amount of shit you'd have to animate basically preclude it from getting animated, not to mention it's a finished series so no point in advertising it.

Even if this is Magical girl it strikes close to that other series last witch or something


I'm really excited for this even though the adaptation will be shit.

How many volumes will be adapted?

Look at that fatass on that sexy loli. I guaranty that this will be a hit show. God bless.

I'm really hoping that there are a lot of easily triggered Neo-Nazis in the Izetta threads. Might be pretty funny.

>been using combat drugs to survive overwhelming odds in battle until she received the type 95 elririum orb
>her growth got stunted because of the drugs and looks like a loli through out her entire war service
>is more or less an eternal loli

looks so dumb


I guess but hope not 3

What happened to the manly chins?



>When you get put at the rear lines.

So this is alt WW1 right?

What if Tanya tries so hard to get a cushy office job that she becomes the fuhrer?

>That's pretty blatant wish fulfillment even by isekai standards
It's fulfilling my wish of being a cute loli for sure

what a waste of resources

I only watch my animu for wishu fulfillmentu and so should you. Fix your shit taste.



>jap got away with literally making nazi the anime
they are asian so it's ok I guess

Oh boy, I can't wait to see Hope Chapman make an idiot of herself again.

>tags: rape, mindbreak

The chapter where she's praising the Lord in orgasmic ecstasy can't come soon enough.

>forget to post image
>copy post, delete, post again
>(You) (You)
Ah forget it.


>that fang

What is Tanya for?

Praising God and looking cute

So this will air on winter season 2017 right?


I haven't read a ton of the source material, but it seems like it, at least on a surface level. MC tries to constantly look as presentable and professional as possible so that people will respect him, and that results in his superiors thinking he wants to be on the front lines more. There's also a character that thinks the MC is an example of the monstrous effects of war on children, or something like that

>shit seems interesting, love the MC's design
>discover it's isekai shit
was really fucking necessary for the MC to be a reincarnated japanese salarymen?
Does it fucking adds something to the plot?
It is because they needed the MC to have somewhat the superior japanese genes/mentality or it is to let the otaku neckbeard self insert?
So sick of this shit

She would have to be pretty badly in a dead end by circumstances if her only choice for a cushy job was to go against her work ethics and usurp power from the nobles/royal throne.

It covers a lot of the MC's understanding of how military, war, history, and battle works, and it explains why the MC is so efficient and ruthless. It also gives the MC a preexisting relationship with the gods, who seem to become more important later, and explains why he has such high magical ability.

Because there are millions of wageslaves salarymen in Japan thinking that there's has to be something more to life than their soul killing jobs. That's a huge target audience for the publishers.

In fact that's the thing I like the most about Japan: if there's a demand for it, they'll make it. No matter how bizarre, shameful or repetitive the story is. And they're 100% professional about it, even when the quality is shit at least you don't have to suffer the shoehorned prog ideology that is now mandatory in western games and movies.

This anime will be exposition: the anime. Fucking called it. I have no hope for this except maybe the anime will speed up the LN translation and put out some nice doujinshi (though I don't dig old man in underage girl body get a good dicking)

>or it is to let the otaku neckbeard self insert?
Selfinsert for every Prussian.

Not really
Fuck yes
It could be worse

I'd rather not have Inori Minase appear as the MC in another fucking anime thank you very much.

>It covers a lot of the MC's understanding of how military, war, history, and battle works, and it explains why the MC is so efficient and ruthless
this actually proves my point. Is the author so arrogant to think that some Japanese salarymen who read some book is better and more efficient than officers, generals and soldiers who studied war and tactics too and also have actual military experience? This is just powerfantasy

I don't think they were a man user. I dunno, can anyone who reads the LN confirm that Tanya was a man in previous life?

>West and East Germany in charge of both halves of the world

Whoever wrote this was high as shit.

>pseudo-WW1 isekai

Good. Now, when can we expect other stuff from that era animated?
I'd love to see Baltzar animated, even though that takes place like 50 years before WW1.

is this a war story with loli?

>no German unification
>even in my Eurasian 23.9fps book games

There's a reason why it's called Salaryman and not Salarywoman, user

What I meant is that a lot of the MC's mindsets are not those of a little girl. I wasn't trying to imply that all those factors should give him an overwhelming advantage over others, but that the story and the character wouldn't be the same without that isekai business, that a salaryman in the body of a little girl does change the story, characters, and character interactions in at least somewhat meaningful ways.
If all those things do make him an overpowered sue, which they probably do, then it would be powerfantasy indulgence.

It's 23.976 fps.

Growing up to have big boobs and wide hips.

>an ahoge that moves at that

Looks pretty bad.

Anime staff wants to put the emphasis on gap moe is my guess, have to emphasis Tanya's cute side when she isn't in genocide-mode.

They even went with "Saga of Tanya the Evil" for pete's sake. Too much polar opposites being in play here since she isn't known for being "evil" as far as I know just ruthlessly efficient.

Tanya is anything but evil, Sgt. Hardass sure, but evil? Goddamit anime staff.

I think it would help if summaries said she was a ruthless businessman in her previous life instead of a salaryman. Usually when you think of a Japanese salaryman you think of a spineless wageslave that's chained to his job.

They say she was a high up black company salaryman. Way different to a normal salaryman.

>Is the author so arrogant to think that some Japanese salarymen who read some book is better and more efficient than officers, generals and soldiers who studied war and tactics too and also have actual military experience?
The Japanese are very proud of their management efficiency.

Also remember that early in WW1 the military thinkers of the time were still in the process of working their way out of the Napoleonic era and adapting to industrialized warfare, it wasn't until the late stages of the war that tactics began to resemble what we would later see in WW2.

She was a midlevel manager who got killed by a guy he just fired for not meeting his sales quota or something. She was ruthless enough, for her traits to be creepy in a 11 year old.

ANN will be mega triggered

Evil to the enemies of the Empire

I want to hear either Ozawa Ari or Y.Aoi as Tanya. Yukarin seems like the obvious choice here but would she even be up for voicing a nazi nanoha?

True but her host country wouldn't market her as that nor would she revel in such nickname when she already hates current propaganda ones given to her.

>Yukarin seems like the obvious choice here but would she even be up for voicing a nazi nanoha?

The threads for this show are going to give me aids. I just know it.

ehh. novel isn't even that good though.

Not that she could object, war with the west suddenly broke out and giving Tanya the Sliver Assault Medal with a nickname 'Mithril/Silver' as a propaganda tool to stop the imperial citizens from panicking while the miltary tries to unfuck the mess.

Next on the Empire's propaganda agenda, make Tanya a magical girl mascot

VN Yukarin is absolutely sex and makes the anime one look/sound like an old hag.


I know that, hell, judging by her performance, she didn't particularly like the changes the anime made to the character.

Did they fix the LN translations? I tried looking at the first chapter when they released it, but the English was so bad I couldn't stand reading everything.

>dat ass

Said salaryman made 1-2 more digits than you or your parents though. He was middle management at minimum considering he was the head of the HR department.

She's evil in the eyes of today's entitled SJW generation. You know the same generation that also lets refugees flood into their countries and rape them then blame it on their husbands.

Just think of it from their point of view. Tanya would be worse than Hitler, not sure how but that's how'd they would see it.

One of the best pics of Tanya-tan.

Cred Forums banner when


Hiro-tan, please hear our prayers.


not sakuga at all. lame ass PV. Disappointing.

>expecting sakuga in a series that's going to most of the time be old men talking

If only.

Why does it have to be isekai? Why couldn't it just be a fantasy story about a young ruthless girl who is a genius tactician?

To piss you off.

Because even a young genius tactician couldn't predict what a World War is without a history book.

This and there's limits to how much a genius can do out-of-the-box stuff at the age of 9 and have a completely formed self.

Yeah i hate when manga/animes use 'Oh he's a genius" to excuse repeated asspulls.

Because girls are cuter if they used to be boys

2 bombs weren't enough.

Still better than "Oh he's a genius reincarnated bussinessman" to excuse repeated asspulls

Haven't seen any asspulls so far though.

Far more shit you mean.

He isn't a genius though, he's competent. There's a difference, and you don't need to be a genius to understand it.

He never claimed to be a genius, even when he was a businessman though, in the prologue he says that that the only reason he made it this far is because he made the right connections in uni.

I was refering to alot of other series that do that and how it's worse than having someone reincarnated from day 1 to explain them knowing more. Not Youjo Senki.

And it only feels "off" because it's someone so young doing it.

I'll be honest, modern level of education even at high school diploma is more than what almost everyone ever got in the past. The problem is that since that knowledge is so common now it's almost worthless.

what is common knowledge now may not be common knowledge 70+ years ago. Knowing basic history of the pass seems like it's cheating in a alternate yet similar past world as well.

Sure, but knowing history isn't enough to change it. Guys like Tanya have the skills to move up in the world so that's probably where the cheating feeling comes from.

More or less, and even if Tanya was a an elite when it comes management and hr, she still does extra work in the new world to learn new shit as seen by the War College.

Then again if food critic was a thing and paid well enough that'd probably be her dream career but alas, no time for food when the country is struggling.

And no chance for cushy desk job because of 'good work ethics'

At least she's have paid holiday once in a while every time she kills 50 enemy mages

What the fuck you are not me

Anyway I didn't read the series but usually in Isekai shit the MC is some sort of gary stu just because of his SUPERIOR MODERN JAP KNOWLEDGE. In a LN about WW1 knowing some stuff from o modern perspective can help but wouldn't be enough to make that much of a difference, it would require a real genius to do it

If you didn't read the series, don't talk about it. Simple as that.

MC isn't a genius. he's a psychotic utilitarian who places little value on the lives of others

>who places little value on the lives of others
But he detests throwing away lives for no reason.

Little value doesn't mean no value

That doesn't explain why he strives for efficiency in preventing Human loss.

Because in war you don't get to choose who you want to work with, the only option is to nurture them.

Because in war your resources are limited and you have to work with what you're assigned with and nurture them if you can.

Though Tanya instantly says and turns down the 2 little princesses that came with Visha and said she'd rather just make the duo work.

those 2 volunteers are a bunch of whiny bitches and got posted to a bunker at the defensive line, only to get rekt'd by enemy artillery.

Like Tanya said, if you can't pull your own weight, then die.

Yeah and better cast them off than be the officer that was "reason" they died.

Picked. The shitpost will be glorious.

>he hasn't watched Overlord

Is that a bad thing?

It's a shit series so it doesn't matter

The lolidom doujins oh gawd yiss


>Aoi Yuuki can't do crazy
Bruh, she voiced Frog in Overlord, she can do crazy just fine.

Tanya is such a tsundere.

God I hope they make her hair extra fluffy.

Did it get a release window?

Not even a word on studio but hey it's a PV so a decent guess would be '17 winter or spring season.

The wait is going to be unbearable.

Vic related, obviously spoilerific:

I love you Aoi-chan.

Cementines voice is so fucking annoying

I found scans of it labeled cv1 and cv2, what's the difference?

I would normally agree with you but he is such a loveable edgelord, I'm glad he's a loli now.

I know she is a middle aged salaryman but she is also my daughter.

Yet here you are

I wouldn't even go as far as calling him a edgelord.

He's definitely an edgelord.

Define that term.

In the sense that edge is a callous disregard of human life as well as generally one's own sense of superiority.

She's my wife.

>Anyway I didn't read the series but usually in Isekai

Then why the fuck are you here? Why did you even click and enter this thread in the first place? Do you have a vendetta against Isekai? Did you get scammed by some shady god telling you you could an Isekai hero only for it end with only your dick being transported into another world? Are you angry because your 2 inch dick is now the MC of an Isekai while you are stuck here with just two peanuts?

That's not edge stop trying to commandeer buzzwords.

She's also me

Good taste in self insert user.

It is, but Cred Forumsedditers see anything vaguely Nazi related and start screaming about muh epic redpill.

To be honest the Empire did nothing wrong. It's all the other country fault.

>you can never have history stories without autists spreading disinfo
Why do I even come here

WWI Germany didn't really do anything wrong either.

They didn't, yet everyone acted like they did.

picked the fuck up

They lost.


Fuck,now they will take the easy way out with displaying emotion.
>Deen tier mooks
>moe look
>everything is colorful and clean
>eyes ruined

I wouldnt be surprised if we go
>evil for evils sake,not for effeciency.
>filler shit in HQ
>Filler moe

I seriously hope anime don't use furry analogy like in the manga because that shit pisses me off

Sadly true. Like holy shit Serbia, you fucking madman. Why did you have to start this shit, and holy shit Hungary, literally why

Oh my there was a new manga chapter?

Serbia was a joke they literally killed the guy who was trying to make things better for them.

that's ch 6 raw


>chapter 3 translation nowhere to be seen
true suffering

I don't see why, but by this point I already made peace with the fact that Tanya's Bizarre Adventure triggers people in amazing and always different ways.

One hell of a joke. But I guess they're happy with the result now that Kosovo is Serbia


>Like holy shit Serbia, you fucking madman.
What did Serbia do? They wanted to avoid the war the most out of every single country
It was Austrian autismo that led to the war

>What wine of victory?
>We are letting the chance to end the whole war
>Slip our grasp
>They know nothing about achieving victory at all!

>They wanted to avoid the war the most out of every single country.
>Assassinated the one guy trying to fix things which was also the spark that plunged europe into war.

Yeah, No.

Shieeet what do they do?

>A terrorists group represents an entire nation
>Implying they didn't give in to all the austrian demands except the one that would turn them into vassal state
>Implying Austria wasn't just a power hungry shit hole with retards for leaders who had the mentality of 18 years old wanting to gain fame

Dunno, just translating what little chink knowledge I have

But If I were to guess, the higher ups are being incompetent as usual

Like moving the strategic reserve to the north and failing to actually finish the war incompetent or changing the build spec of your main battle tank every week incompetent?

Where did you get this dl from?

>Aoi has only one role this season
Take your well deserved break, Ao-chan.

desu archive

Why do the gods hate him?

So is an user actually scanning these pages?
Been looking for a site who has all the raws but with no luck so far.

Heil dir im Siegerkranz

I remember one user said he's subscribed to the digital version of Monthly CompAce magazine and he uses some tools to screenshots the pages

All of them are in old threads for this series and can be grabbed via the archive. I mean ch3-5.

>Written by a Mexican
What an age we live in.


>ch5 raw
>ch6 raw

>that expression on far left panel


This is being translated right? Just that its very slow right?

But still, having learnt some Japanese, even looking at the scanslations I can sense that the language might be difficult to even comprehend I suppose

There's like 1 guy working on it for 20 minutes a week. He doesn't edit his work either.

Man that's pretty sad to know

Wonder if interest and efforts might go up once the anime airs

It probably will, but in the sense that some shitters like Yenpress will license it.

He's full of shit but yeah it's not something that's easily done even with the few guys on it while doing other projects at the same time.

>The next Alderamin


>He's full of shit
It does not take months to release a chapter, especially if there is more than one person.

Alderamin and Youjo Senki are nothing alike, other than the main characters fight for the strongest power at the start of the story.

And you know this from experience? Sure I would understand the resentment if it was the sole series done by the team but no. Same with swiss momo & /ak/ with the manga, they're swamped and I'm not going to complain about slow manga translations either.

I know this because they are not putting in effort to translate it within a reasonable timeframe. There are two people accredited to working on Youjo Senki, and the translation page is called a "Teaser Project".

If it was being focused on I guarantee you it would not take over 90 days to translate a chapter.

Exactly, a teaser/side project and nobody has seemingly applied to work on it as sole focus. It's nothing you or I can help with now is it?

Exactly? Well if that's right then why am I full of shit?

Whoever thought of colouring land in blue while the sea is yellow should be shot

On the work focus and people part since you knew it was inflated from the get go, no?

So basically you are misinterpreting what I am saying even though you agree with it, got it.

Yeah because you say it's done by one guy and in no possible scenario it should take so long.

And then agree by backtracking and agreeing that you know it's credited for more people and not the sole focus.

So yes, your initial proposition was full of shit.

Right, but it doesn't say there are two people translating it, it says there are two people working on it. That could mean there is still one guy translating it, while the other edits. This isn't really hard to figure out and I think you're overreacting.

That board is 16 years old. Cut it some slack.

Maybe, I've only worked on this shit decade ago with a team that had multiple interests and ultimately died so I might be overreacting when people assume shit with flimsy basis.

Six volumes already? Man, envious

In fansubbing business I might add so no need to point fingers that I could help the speed in this case.

Who is the mangaka?
Did he make more stuff? It looks pretty good.