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Is he going back to Inaba? Also New thread before its all over

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He's gonna go kill himself so he can be with Juzo and Chisa.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

Don't call me baby gangsta'

The lack of Junko in the finale has left me empty.

>that pic

So people have begun accepting that that theater is part of heaven and Junko is literally in heaven because she was mentally ill?

I'm the exact opposite. It gives me a bit of faith that maybe Kodaka can resist bringing her into V3

She'll be back for V3, along with Chisa in the Monokuma Theatre mocking everyone.

No, they've said it's hell.

It´s hell.

>Ultimate Pianist
>Declares herself leader
Yeah I'm pretty fucking sure the Detective and Dictator are going to be like "Dude wtf"

Japs have a different concept of Heaven as far as I know.

When did they say that?

Why would Chisa go to hell? Its literally not her fault that she got mindhacked. She literally dindu nuffin.

They don't say it. It's just Cred Forums saying it's hell cause Junko is there.

And yet, she never got a happy ending. Never got cured of her Despair.

Why would Chisa be in hell? She was brainwashed and lobotomized, but not a bad person.

What makes you think anyone treats her as the leader?

Its a peaceful afterlife where you get to watch current events in the world unfold while eating free popcorn.

I wouldnt mind spending an eternity there with Junko

This x100.

What was the point of those scenes?

My favorite part of the episode was when he left to go visit Juzo, his fiance, in the hospital. It was really sweet how he told Naegi that he loves Juzo more than anything else in the world.

I can't wait for the wedding OVA where everybody parties it up on the despair yacht in celebration of their beautiful union. Juzo will make a beautiful bride.

Giving a semi-happy end for those two. Even though their lives were fucked up, they dont have it any worse than limbo, at least

So let me see if I got it straight:
>DR2 cast goes back to their Island, now hated by everyone.
>DR1 survivors make a new hope's peak academy, also Naegi is banging Kirigiri
>Munakata probably kills himself
>Chisa is in hell, but at least not brainwashed
>Junko is in hell.
>Monaca is still brainwashed by the hope anime in orbit, until she dies of dehydratation/Starvation.
>Both Chiakis are still death.

Is this correct, or did I get something wrong?

I guess they just can't forgive Chisa for destroying the FF from within. So she's on the same level as Junko.

Late to the party here. I'm glad we got a happy ending and I was very happy to see Gundham alive again

I also want to say that the moments I spent with you guys this summer are unforgettable and That I will always remember them fondly.
Special thanks to my fellow Juzoboys, you guys were fucking awesome

Hopefully we'll meet again when the OVA or DRV3 gets released

She could be like that hotblooded kid from AE who thought he was the leader even though Monaca was pulling the strings.

Monaca wouldn't be brainwashed any more because mitarai stopped his bullshit.

I wonder if that's really her talent

>We will never see Mukuro again
Im sad

You know, if you guys are going to miss each other so badly and want to continue the memes going, why not just share each others contacts?

That movie theater is not hell, retards. Why would it be? Does it look like theyre suffering? Does it look painful? That is Limbo at worst - a "place for virtuous unbelievers". If you knew christianity even a little bit - mentally ill people go to heaven, where their diseases are fixed. Those two fit that definition perfectly. Its not like Junko chose her talent and its not like Chisa chose to get mindhacced.

You're a baby gangsta'

>also Naegi is banging Kirigiri
Why the fuck do you retards keep saying this

Hell is probably heaven for Junko anyways

Really? I thought Ishimaru and Impostor tried to lead from the very beginning, and died soon after.

Also, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

I feel your pain.

Where the fuck do I watch the last episode?!

When does the artbook and OST come out?

>being this new

Junko is nothing but her talent. When you remove her despair, she becomes an empty husk.

Because you're a faggot

You know why.

I imagine Kaede will take over as leader when Dictator Kun or Detective pulls some bullshit in the first trial

That is something I don't get, it took just a few seconds of the hope video to brainwash donut and the FF agents, why would it take thirty minutes to brainwash everyone else?

>an MC who isn't a pushover doormat


She will be after the rape scene

Why would anyone want to give Junko a happy ending? She's literally Satan.

Chiaki AI is still alive.

Can't wait for his bitch-killing adventures with Adachi


Do you get the sense that there was probably a theatre scene for Side: Hope, but it got cut out due to time?

Junko is perfection

She will never surpass Hajime in terms of being relatable.

Of course he is. But do you know why?

Fuck off Kiibo

You know why

Hajime isn't really a pushover doormat
He's in between

>Monaca is still brainwashed by the hope anime in orbit, until she dies of dehydratation/Starvation.
No one was brainwashed by Mitarai because his mind hack anime was never uploaded, that sequence was all in his head.

Buy the BDs.

You know, maybe Tengan being the mastermind wouldn't have felt so bullshit if they had not given more screentime to fucking class 76 than him. Seriously, Bandai and Gozu aside everyone got more screentime than him.

Honestly, I'm just happy that our boy's smile has been returned. I didn't know how much I liked him until I saw him staring despair in the face.

You don't need screentime to become a mastermind. Look at Junko in DR1.

You know wide.

Not enough Junko

Fuck you, I had faith in Chiakizuru.

Essentially yeah. There's about 40 minutes of Director Cuts there.

Huh? Wasn't it Cure W?

She is literally suffering because of her talent. She has suffered all her life. What if there is a "normal" personality inside her, just watching what her despair personality does while being powerless to stop any of it? Junko is a really tragic heroine.

user that's lewd.

I wonder who's going to be the mastermind in V3 and how complex his motives will be.

Stop thinking about things

Same thing in DR 2. We barely knew about Izuru. His existence was revealed in like chapter 6 IIRC.

What the fuck is going on with V3? Look closely at the image...

Nice headcanon.

I'm not sure if the brainwashing video is the same as HOPE video.

Asahina was snapped out pretty easily while DESPAIR video is almost permanent.

Man I can only imagine the amount of HACK that's gonna happen in v3 now that he has a new world to play with

Post yfw they rebuild Junko from class 77 body parts, for DR3

>tfw Kamukura of all people ended up having the best motive for being a mastermind
I'm already bracing myself for V3 having shit motives as well.

Fucking weeb man cucked Junko out of final boss.
Much despair.

>guy is the head of the Kamakura project
>him being twisted makes no sense

Junko in DR1 only got a few little hints.
AI Junko came literally out of nowhere without any prior hints.
DR3 was really generous here.

At least Junko gave us a nice explanation

>Weedman shelled out 500 million yen for his new crystal ball
Classic Weedman.

Is that who I think it is back there?


Kirigiri and Aoi? Yes.


Did he have something against Bandai? Why did he give him that bullshit NG code?

Yep. I dunno which BD Box it's in though. Someone said they'll tell us what got cut.

He's a dirty nigger

Aren't they old ladies at this point?

>personaman, there's no way Tengan is the mastermind. You're fighting him midway into the anime


who is the nanalan of danganronpa

So what was the point of SDR2 if every single one of them survived with full memories? Why are they best buddies now when they just happily tried to murder each other in the program? Why is Komaeda suddenly retarded? Anime was a mistake.

Alright you fuckhonksters, goodbye for real

He probably made togami buy it for him since he won the togamibowl

Maybe? I don't think they're supposed to physically be there, though. Those are the DR1 designs anyway.
No idea why they'd put them there in the first place.

What the hell, I never noticed that

>SHSL Nursery School Teacher
That's seems really unlikely. What's her real talent?

>Danganronpa 2: GOODBYE DESPAIR
it was to make them despair less

also, we don't know how Izuru made them wake up, what if he turned on the NWP again but without Junko? they would experience Dangan Island and then wake up Despairless as it was meant to be in the first place. making them forget about the murders

SHSL Nursery School Filler. Look at that body.

And I didn't notice that zipper until now.
Ah that's nice, Togami can't say no?

SHSL best girl

So...does she have Junko's baby maker inside her?

>That's seems really unlikely.
why? If the best teniss player can be a midget why can't she bee a NS Teacher?

Is this what they call love?

Second murderer, mark my words.

SHSL Chisa 2.0

Those children aren't going to be crying anymore, cause they'll be dead.

I thought Komaeda was gonna have one of his HOPEgasms but he really controlled himself in that scene

you have 10 SECONDS to name ONE legitimate twist in DR3

you know it

How can I be more like Juzo, /dangan/?

We might never know
Her kid might be already born already and they left it on the island with Junko's AI taking care of it

Wait. What happened to Naegi's parents? What happened to chihiro's dad? What was the point of Monokuma helms if you can brainwash them once?Also, how in hell DR2 cast have memories from Hopes peak and Neo world?
This anime was a mess

It's not like it can be shopped, right?
It's not like anyone would fuck around, right?

He's supposedly reformed now.

He seemed pretty tame in general. I guess Izuru's sessions are working.

>Hajime's ahoge between her titties

Almost definitely placeholders

Junko comes back from the dead as half man half machine, having most of her body parts reassembled from the class.

I was genuinely happy with this episode, I'm so glad everyone's alive, especially nagito, ESPECIALLY, NAGITO.

That was all fucking kick ass.

I bet that'd satisfy Junko.
The despair of watching some other girl get pregnant by one of the hopes with your womb inside her.

Like she transplanted Junko womb into her own body?
>No junko hand
Best girls legacy has ended.

That's because they cut him off right when things were about to get steamy.

Post art

Tengan was complete ass as an antagonist, but at least that means V3 might not have Junko

Did they ever explain how they got body parts out of Junko when she got turned to mush?

>What happened to Naegi's parents? What happened to chihiro's dad?
Dead. Come on, user, this shit's not exactly hard to figure out.

So what is the DR2 crew doing in the island now?

At least the Tennis Midget has tennis rackets on his beanie. Nothing about her image screams, "I take care of children"

I wonder if she's like Junko and has a talent that can be used to manifest other talents.

Fuck off

>wants to spend time to meet his class' savior
>classmates reject him of his wishes, ignoring guy who gave them a second chance at life
Love the writing

I think kodadka said the executions were stylistically exaggerated or something equally made up

That makes sense, depending on when that image was released and which characters they revealed/wanted to reveal.
Hadn't thought about that.

Because there's no real outfit for taking care of children, what do you want, baby corpse parts coming off her skirt like tassles?

That doesn't stop his hope boner

So, basically this doujin is canon now myreadingmanga.info/zcc-zakiko-dangan-ronpa-dj-umare-kawarenu-kanashimi-ni-eng/

All he was asking for was art though?

Kodaka can only write loli villains well.

What the fuck was Izuru 2.0?


Anyone have the image with all the V3 characters and their talents?

I swear to god if the tennis midget dies in case 1 Im going to be the maddest person on earth


Is there official art of the vDr3 already?

More /ss/HL Nursery School Teacher

Well this isn't /ic/ or any other image-dumping board though???
If he wants art he can fuck off elsewhere, there are plenty of places for that and this isn't one.

That's exactly what I had in mind, brother.

Here u go


>a pushover doormat

thats official. and the V goes before the 3

Are we 100% sure that one remnant took Junko's womb instead of humping her corpse? Because the dude in the picture seems he is trying to fuck something

Japan doesn't really have a concept of Hell.

If you follow the Shinto faith, there is neither Heaven nor Hell, just Yomi,

On the other hand, if you follow the Christian faith, the concept of Hell really can't be found in the Bible despite Dante's Inferno convincing people today that Dante's fanfiction of Hell can literally be found in the Bible.

Then last of all, if you follow the Buddhist faith, especially certain sects, Hell does exist but it really isn't eternal damnation like you think it is.

In certain Buddhist faith, you get a chance to escape from Hell eventually after undergoing basically punishment/trails in the specific Hell you were sent too and eventually your sin gets punished out of you and you get a second chance.

A popular example of such cleansing is how Monkey King underwent these Hellish trails and came out even stronger than before.

This is just my opinion but only a few religions allow both bad people and good people to hang out with each other at the same time in the afterlife without any problems or separation and that happens to be Shinto.

So the reason Junko and Chisa can interact with each other is because Shinto doesn't separate bad guys and good guys but dumps them all in the same afterlife and even the Japanese Gods, themselves, don't get special treatment; they get chucked in with us humans as well should they ever die or get killed.

Nagito is going to make himself more and more robotic until he becomes Kiibo, right?


My fellow hope bro. Honesly, Zakiko makes the best doujins I can't believe they predicted dr3's ending


After being cucked by literally a whole country which Sonia fucked on her nationwide tour of despair, of course Pepsi would be willing to stick it into whoever he could.

SHSL Yukiko cosplayer


What exactly did Tengan call it? The other hope project, I mean.
I thought it might be the hope video, if it isn't a fuckup and they just forgot it, but the timeline wouldn't match up at all would it?
Same for me for Goku. The "gentle giant dies" (or sacrifices himself, in a way) meme needs to end. Also, eternal madness if Maki dies early and/or is a bitch.

Now I want a scene of her playing the piano.

>boyband is ???
Is that what was actually published or from before his was published?




Actually it's because they know Komaeda is a weird/annoying fuck and don't want to burden their lord and savior Naegi-kun with him; he's just an embarrassment to their class

It's on the Amazon page

I hope 2B survives for more than 2 or 3 chapters.

>Seiko, you are my greatest ally

The closest outfit that comes to mind is some sort of apron but she doesn't even any objects on her that one might use while taking care of children: a pacifier, a picture book, various toys, etc.

After, his actual talent really is unknown


I'm not gay but guys with long hair makes me erect.

That needs to be updated, he's SHSL fuccboi

need links for chiaki rape dungeon doujin

So what you're saying is Junko is vest girl?

The names are wrong.

Maid, she reminds me a bit of the new Nier protagonist.

>Just imagine Munakata reaction when he watch Makoto speaking to the public about whar happened to the FF and see Kirigiri by his side.

Still my favorite Komahina artist to this day

How can my pianist possibly be this THICC?

>Keebo/Kiibo is going to have to be renamed to H0P3 or something like that.

Too bad she died alone.

BD better have extended theater scene which include all dead characters.

No one will escape hajimeme

What happened to the second Junko AI?
Who was 13th branch leader?
How did Kirigiri stay in a near-death for several hours after triggering her NG code?
What happened to Monaca?
What happened to the Warriors of Hope?
How did Seiko stab herself in the heart, but still manage to suspend herself with her arms out at her sides, embedded in the wall?
Why didn't Tengan just steal Mitarai's phone?
How did Hajime and co know that shit was going down at FF HQ? How did they even know where FF HQ was?
Why don't Hajime and co(save for Komaeda, Saionji, Hajime, and Fuyuhiko) look any different from DR2?
If brainwashing can be undone by simply losing consciousness, how the hell did anyone stay brainwashed?
Why did the DR2 cast care so much about Ryota if only Mikan and Imposter had met him?

>Seiko brightens up and smiles super hard when she learns that she saved Kirigiri while Ruruka sits behind her saying "gross" and then goes back to putting her tongue down Izayoi's throat.

You'll never get answers to any of this.

>tfw you will never feel this amount of HOPELBLISS

Outta my fuckin' way ghost bitch, I'mma get that meat!

She really isn't. That sweatervest she is wearing just makes her waist seem fuller, and she has kinda big tits. That's it.

>What happened to the second Junko AI
aaand you are retarded. not going to bother reading the rest

Thanks NISA.
I guess it could be worse, they could go Capcom AA with that shit.
Peace love and understanding

Where did his left arm go?

Mine too. I didn't liked their amputee doujin at first but then it really grew on me and the doujin is pretty sad itself so I ended up really liking it.

>Komaeda being carried by Hajimeme
I love this user, thanks, you're great

The happy-go-lucky boat scene is even funnier once you realize every person on that boat now remembers that Izuru fucked Junko's crushed corpse


>When that two different coloured eyes shit was real


>I've already got one finger in your delicate looking butt


We don't know who the corpse fucker is.

I got you senpai

Put the hopeman down.

I know what that's called, didn't want to bother spelling it.

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna try and see if I can answer this.

>What happened to the second Junko AI?

>Who was 13th branch leader?

>How did Kirigiri stay in a near-death for several hours after triggering her NG code?
Kodaka bullshit

>What happened to Monaca?
Still in space

>What happened to the Warriors of Hope?
Still in Towa City

>How did Seiko stab herself in the heart, but still manage to suspend herself with her arms out at her sides, embedded in the wall?
Kodaka bullshit

>Why didn't Tengan just steal Mitarai's phone?
Because it's likely Chisa hijacked his plan

>How did Hajime and co know that shit was going down at FF HQ? How did they even know where FF HQ was?
Kodaka bullshit

>Why don't Hajime and co(save for Komaeda, Saionji, Hajime, and Fuyuhiko) look any different from DR2?
They only have one set of clothes user

>If brainwashing can be undone by simply losing consciousness, how the hell did anyone stay brainwashed?
Kodaka bullshit

>Why did the DR2 cast care so much about Ryota if only Mikan and Imposter had met him?
Supreme Kodaka bullshit

How much time is there between DR2 and DR3?
How did izuru have time to revive all of them, fix their injuries and get komaeda a robot hand?

Most likely not going to happen. Spike Chunsoft has a history of vetoing name changes (NISA wanted to call him 'Monobear'), and his actual name being Kiibo means it's less justifiable to change it (unlike an alias, aka Genocider Syo)

Are people seriously mad that best girl Chiaki didn't come back?

Wait, not him, but I don't remember where the second one went either. Explain

Wait who was the head of the 13th branch?

That doujin is truly an experience, I HOPE you're enjoying it user

Hey, that's not true. Mitarai doesn't know.

>Seiko saved Kyoko's life, immeasurably brightened Naegi's continued existence and inadvertently helped facilitate the refounding of one of the greatest symbols of pre-Despair hope on the planet
When you think of it that way, it's really not so bad.

Here's something even weirder. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

It's finally over. Man, I never finish a franchise but this is it, their stories are over. This feels new, I feel bittersweet. But as I recall Kodhacka is a grade a scum fuck liar "Danganronpa zero will be important." I guess I'll go look up some fanfictions.

The 16th participant. Figuring the rest out is left as an exercise to the reader.

>There are at least 7 monokuma variants now, not even including Usami/Monomi

end my life

>class 77 woke up and dealt with their past as remnants in literal days

It was pretty entertaining desu
it's weird seeing hajime be the one taking initiative

>I guess I'll go look up some fanfictions.
this is the point I'm at too. I'm too invested in this franchise and its characters to just let them go

Is Hajime stuck with ghost Chiaki for the rest of his days now? If he starts dating another girl will she still be there watching him?

>strong independent womyn
Should we be worried?


Oh no! The princess held captive!

How do you save the princess?

there was second Junko AI? when? where?

Monotarou (red)
Monosuke (yellow)
Monofanii (pink)
Monokiddo (blue)
Monodam (green)



Love you guys, best thing about SDR3 has been these threads.
S-See you around...
When the OVA about Komaeda gets out it will be time to fag again

I want to hold Komaeda's prosthetic hand

He's stuck in the island forever so it means he's going to end up with mahiru or some other girl. I'm sure Chiaki will give her approval.

It's fine, as long as ??? isn't SHSL game developer or SHSL feminist we should be okay.

This scene was actually pretty damn cool. If only it was in a better written show.

Seriously, though.
Why the fuck did he do what he did

AE. there was one in both shirokuma and kurokuma

His motives are complex

You say its headcanon, but she ends up in heaven. She is pure and lovable and cuddly and waifu-tier.

>Fuyuhiko literally scooped out Junkos eyeball from himself

SHSL Child Rapist

Oh yeah wasn't Killer Killer supposed to be relevant?

Are you retarded?
That AI was the one Izuru uploaded to the NWP

If only instead of wasting the final episode of Future they bought out the elite task force sooner to kick everyone's asses and skipped bringing in SWAT then it might have been a lot less of a clusterfuck.
Seriously, elite future foundation members who only exist to job to despair kiddies. Tengan must be rolling in his grave.

god this should be fucking great as a non-h

>Red eyes were a Premiere filter all along.

already taken sorry

>Fanta originated as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during World War II due to a trade embargo.To circumvent this, Max Keith, the head of Coca-Cola Deutschland (Coca-Cola GmbH) during the Second World War, decided to create a new product for the German market, using only ingredients available in Germany at the time, including whey and apple pomace – the "leftovers of leftovers", as Keith later recalled


Fucking secondary. I bet you think first game's real title is Trigger Happy Havoc, too.

So I know I'm late to the party but where do I go after finishing the second game? Is the shooter worth playing or should I jump into the anime?

wheres the chiaki rape dungeon doujin?

but since there was an AI in each kuma, that means there was 2 total. one was used for DR2, so where'd the other one go


Shooter is super highschool level important.

I want to be a kid again to be raped by her!!

Why do you even like Junko if you're in denial about who she is?

But what if Kirigiri was Seiko?

You know why

>breaking the 4th wall is now "heaven and hell" shit

Kill yourselves retards.

>Is the shooter worth playing
Depends how you define worth

Characters from AE do show up in DR3, but not in a significant enough capacity that playing the game is necessary as long as you know the characters exist

The game as a game is a poor shooter

shooter is okay, but not totally necessary. you'll miss some things in dr3, but nothing big. you can go on to the anime

He was trying to create the Ultimate Hope student. It wasn't just about brainwashing people. He wanted to shape Mitarai into a person who will lead the world and eliminate despair.

>Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (スーパーダンガンロンパ2 さよなら絶望学園 Sūpā Danganronpa Tsū: Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen

Are you retarded? That's literally the title.

Y'know why.

>no heart eyes
I expected more HOPE from you, user

Me too user, me too

Why is that, user? Are you scared to have a HOPE boner?

Yeah, it sure was. Read the amputee one for maximum sad, it's great.

it's the fucking same AI.

>The End of Kibougamine Gakuen
>they remake the fucking school at the end

I was lied to.

That last episode was like watching fanfiction

I didn't know Hitler was a fuccboi who lived his childhood in mutual killing prison. Neat.

>Why did the DR2 cast care so much about Ryota if only Mikan and Imposter had met him?
I'm pretty sure they don't really, but they just had to stop him to save the world, so they said all that bullshit. Just wait until they are at the middle of a sea, and they'll dump him overboard.

Where did you get this picture?

And still cute

>They only have one set of clothes user
But that's bullshit and you know it.

The first few episodes showed everyone in they Despair clothes.
For some bullshit they reverted them back to their regular clothes and Hajime suddenly lost a fuckton of hair.

>265 posters
>79 unique IPs

I'm detecting a samefag...

It was fanfiction and non canon

>How did Hajime and co know that shit was going down at FF HQ? How did they even know where FF HQ was?
The ships that were shown to be moving towards the island in the first episode Hinata was shown in Mirari hen was probably sent by Togami and/or Future Foundation to bring back the 77th class. Also, Togami talked with Naegi through the Robogahara so he could have traced the signal.

>How did Seiko stab herself in the heart, but still manage to suspend herself with her arms out at her sides, embedded in the wall?
She had taken the drug which gave her super strength, so she could have endured a stab in the hearth for a few seconds.

>Why did the DR2 cast care so much about Ryota if only Mikan and Imposter had met him?
Because they understand what he has gone through. They have done terrible things themselves

>How did Kirigiri stay in a near-death for several hours after triggering her NG code?
They never specified how long you can stay in a near death state.

>Why didn't Tengan just steal Mitarai's phone?
Because he didn't know exactly where Mitarai was hiding his data.

>Why don't Hajime and co(save for Komaeda, Saionji, Hajime, and Fuyuhiko) look any different from DR2?
I don't know if it's the difference in art style but Sonia looks more mature. Also, they were 17-18 years old in DR2 not 15

You're the one in denial, Junko is for mindbreaking her back to hope.

>she literally said "we are dead"
She is in some kind of afterlife

I hope she gets summonned back into the world in V3

Post Seiko/Ruru lewds

Overall DR3 was a piece of shit but the last episode was some nice of fanservice for DR2 fans.

>Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen
>Goodbye Despair
Poorly localized titles aren't real titles.


are there renders of the other NDRV3 characters?

worst girls

It's called "having a conversation".

>Sonia is away from Gundham in every scene, but next to Souda

worst taste

>tfw folklorist starts telling the ancient tale of Hope's peak and Enoshima Junko

>I hope she gets summonned back into the world in V3
Too bad there is not a witch, but just a magician among the cast.
Maybe boyband will be confirmed as the long sought-after SHSL Necromancer, though. Hell, even a séance would be enough for that, actually.

I've seen the amputee one, that was hilarious more than anything

I loved these threads. The OC was incredible. The banter, the hopeposting,16hrkun. HOPE SUBS, J U Z O B O Y S, everything. This was a wild ride and one I'll never forget, my friends, my brothers.
See you at V3

Bad fanfiction at that.
Our boy Naegi gets his waifu killed, is shot in the leg and has to leave his back-up waifu to die while his new best bro risks his life for him.
Then those wacky kids show up and the show turns into a comedy.
Our boy went through hell while they get to play video games, ride a nice boat and steal the spotlight. There was no tension whatsoever and frankly this one episode ruined the whole Future Arc, if not Danganronpa as a franchise.

You blind, man? She was totally fawning over him on the ship, while Souda stood nearby crying

>>Because they understand what he has gone through. They have done terrible things themselves
no they dont, they never met him, they probably dont know it was him who created these videos, only mikan knew but shes so socially retarded i bet she never explained it to them

And here I was thinking this would never happen because I thought Ogata talking to herself and the characters not acknowledging that they have the same voice would be too weird.

>treats Keebo specially because he knows the importance that hope had on the story of HPA
I wouldn't be able to handle it

Alright I'll go with the anime.

Am I supposed to watch this 1 future arc, 1 despair arc episodes? Or is it fine if I go through all future and then all despair?

I'll miss the memes.

What would Tengan do if after learning from him that everyone is despair Munakata would just go and kill Mitarai?

His plan was so unnecesserily complex that it's a miracle it somehow worked. Was Tengan SHSL Luck back in the days too?

>they probably dont know it was him who created these videos
Mitarai literally told them. Also, Mikan and Impostor told them for sure.

nah, do it the first way. alternating, starting with future.

Character development.

It's really not. It's an adventure/puzzle game with shooting elements, kind of like the game Killer 7.

We'll see Miaya in the OVA when she gives Nagito therapy after he wakes up, r-right?

Memes never die.

What kinda therapy does she even do?

The avatars were them around the time when they first entered the academy. School starts in April, so they were actually late 15-16 (Mikan for example, who's birthday is in May). The age of Japanese school students is late 15-18.

Can we go back to Cred Forums now?

But user, Hajizuru is the one giving him theraphy


future 1, despair 1, future 2, despair 2 etc. Hope is the final episode, in the place of despair 12

Quick, post your favourite dr3 memes you didn't get to post

I'd assume cognitive/behavioral.

They can take turns, right?

It was a great scene. Komaeda x Naegi x Hinata x Izuru doujins fucking when

I like it here better tbqh

Can I do stretches alongside Mikan?

Komaeda is cute!


Hajimeme is the best meme.

Let it go, user. She's dead.

We can't stay here forever now that the anime is over and V3 is a game.

Was the Hope episode the last one?

Naegi-kun, it seems that the shippers were correct.
And my panties are wet.

Sexy therapy.
She's SHSL the rapist after all.

I want to marry komaeda!

>right after a horn sounds and the music becomes upbeat
>that point when Mikan was holding the bottle and you knew what was gonna happen

I had the biggest grin on my face.

I will never give up hope until the very end, user.

>The twist was that mitarai wasn't invited or supposed to be there

So why did monokuma mention 16 participants? If the count includes weedman and was not meant to include mitarai, who was the intended 16th participant?

French dangans were my favorite meme

Fuck, now I need to rewatch it again.

I've read somewhere that they only do the two final years of high school in the academy. If somebody can confirm that it would be nice.

About the avatars iirc they were before Junko brainwashed them, not at the time of their first year at the academy. I am not sure though.

Anyway, one thing is certain there certainly is some Kodaka hack being involved in this one. They even wear the same clothes.

>he thinks there wont be an anime after the V3 game

wheres the chiaki torture doujin?



not even one (You), guess you guys never been to Cred Forums




>2:51 kicks in

The avatars were based just before entering the academy. Also Enoshima brainwashed them in the second year, not the first. By that time, they were around 17.

Komaeda is for making happy!


I survived the killing game too!

Naegi-kun, it seem my p... W-What the hell am I saying?!

>Stuttering in text

sasuga junkofags

It didn't work. He didn't get to brainwash the whole world with hope anime. He did succeed in making Mitarai a stronger person though.

It was magnificent. I cried when Kiri "died", I cried when she was resurrected. No matter how shitty the plot was sometimes, emotional impact is superb.

Kodaka gave me it, he's my dad.

Yu-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

In their second year in the academy which, if i am right, is the third year in a normal high school.

Anyway, if the avatars were based just before they entered the academy it doesn't matter when they got brain washed.

So, the avatars are either 15-16 or 16-17, if they do the two final years in the academy.

Junko had sex with Naegi 3 times already.

The doujins are canon after all.

>Tengan must be rolling in his grave.
I doubt that he has a grave

see you user

1) There will be an OVA
2) Kantai collect anime is over yet there are still Kancoll threads here

Mokuro and Naegi are a better parring

>Mokuro and Naegi are a better parring

Look at this image. It is literally 1 step away from Junko being addicted to his unpredictable luck. A Naegi x Junko ending would even make more sense than what we got in the end.

>hurr kirigiri drank some pills and is alive xdxd

i know it might be weird, but i see what the other user means, she's dressed up way to formally to be dealing with children

Do you think Munakata went back to have sex with Chisa's body?

>Finish Chiaki's free time events
>This happens

>Naegi fucking the (very dead) person he despises more than anything else makes more sense than the moderate implication that he ended up with his trustworthy partner, who has a reputation for gambling on risky schemes when a situation looks bleak
I do not understand.

>A Naegi x Junko ending would even make more sense than what we got in the end.
But Junko is dead.

She pulls her panties back up?


link me the rape dungeon doujin

I really don't want these threads to end guys.
I had more fun with you guys than I did all year,
I hope we'll be able to keep these up until the OVA

Did anyone else start laughing when this happened

Was this the final episode?
I know there is a Hopeman episode coming.


Consider this: somehow Junko is alive, but the only way to defeat despair and turn her good is for Makoto to be around her 24/7. Would he do it? Be honest

It was despairingly boring and expected.
Of course they wouldn't have the balls to kill off Kirigiri, they couldn't even kill Asahina.


Yes. The hopeman episode is bundled with the LE of V3.

I have mixed feelings on Hope arc. On one hand, the DR2 fanservice really appealed to me, but on the other hand it was a bit of an underwhelming and rushed ending. I struggle to consider Despair arc and all the brainwashing canon, so I guess I'll just take what I have and wait for V3.

>Class 78 still dead


great taste user
_____-_________-_______________________fuck off_________________

juzo tits

It was even better in the stream without dialogue, because out of nowhere we suddenly had Mikan waving the 'Cure W' bottle around after everybody had given up hope on account of the credits rolling.

>kill Asahina.

>lived through yet another stupid killing game using her wits
>didn't even need to cut her hand off because that shit's inconvenient
>fondled Seiko's corpse for the medicine and made Seiko's wish come true
>reopened HPA to continue the scam like her daddy would have wanted
>made Naegi into the headmaster to satisfy her daddy issues

I shouldn't have doubted even for a second.

Reminder that Neagi x Junko is canon because their child is Kaede.

>Stream calling the ending shit
>This happens
>Chat goes apeshit

I'm of the belief that the 'Headmaster' thing is actually just Kyoko's daddy issues rearing its head in their sex life.

I think it was stated in the Naegi short story that Jin invented the SHSL Luck position by starting the normalfag lottery.

Gets the waifu, has the sex, surrounded by friends and family.
Waifu is dead but is still around in tulpa form, can rebuild her in the VR world, they have the technology. Gets the VR sex, surrounded by friends.
Loses his waifu, his bro, unemployed because he killed his boss, lost an eye, is just tired of anything and everything and all alone.

Wow, that was stacked.


It was. Nagito was the first SHSL Luck, Naegi the second.

>Implying that aren't married
>Implying he didn't take her family name
>Implying he isn't the new "Headmaster Kirigiri"

my biggest problem with Hope arc was that it was basically the 77-class show
Naegi was just decoration

I cant believe Mikan ended up being the MVP

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Well what's Naegi going to do to the hordes of mind controlled FF troops, be optimistic at them?

It takes the Despair arc time slot after all.

Reminder that cherry blossoms especially falling ones are a metaphor for suicide.

Naegi left a suicidal man go without putting him under suicide watch.

This guy didn't even bother giving Chisa and Juzo a funeral.

He still left them there instead of properly giving them a burial and gravestone.

How is Munakata gonna participate in the Obon Festival if he didn't bury Chisa and Juzo?

Simple, he is committing suicide so he doesn't bother.

Why would Izuru fuck the corpse? He wasn't even affected by despair.

Because Junko the Ultimate Despair wasn't around, Neagi the Ultimate Hope wasn't needed.


RIP Giga Nigga

>Naegi-kun, it seems you are now a father.

Mahiru and Hiyoko at the same time.

Based Kiri shaping her man to be her beloved father figure

>finally grew to love her future look
>she changes outfits yet again

What I find intriguing is how so many nips are disappointed it wasn't a Neagi x Junko finale showdown and Komahina wasn't confirmed.

I want Munakata to wander the world and one day to wake up to see a van flying out of the sky and he would then adopt the returned to earth Monaca.

Naegi was lucky that Munakata left before his waifu reappeared. Munakata would go jelly since they bonded due to the feelings they had about their dead waifus.

Watch it again, stop being delusional.

There's a reason why so many people here prefer not to talk about the Mitarai part and just focus on what makes them happy like the DR2 cast fanservice and Kirigiri's survival. Salvage what you can. Not like we can change the story anyway.

Let's be honest, thread.

77 and 78 classes deserved, like, really deserved their happy ending after all this shit they went through. It's unlogical, not as dramatic as the ending of dr2, full of memes and plotholes, yes, but this should have been done. And FF killing game was mostly a tool to achieve that ending.
Let the miracle be at least in animu.

I'm on board with every one of her looks, bar the DR2 version of the FF uniform. They all fit her and what she's up to at a given point. She's stylish as fuck but in a way that radiates competence and authority. Fits with the whole elegant beauty thing she's meant to have going.

>implying that she has daddy issues just because naegi became new headmaster
>implying that she didn't just followed naegi's wish to reopen the academy instead of herself
>implying that kirigiri should die in this useless anime for no reason at all

So I marathoned the last three episodes of this series.
What the fuck.

he could at least participated on the conversation/confrontation with Weeb man

fair enough

I can't believe the conman's legacy lives on. What the fuck.

Junko is dead and gone and Hinata doesnt return Komaeda's feelings.

End all shippers.



they sure are Kirigiri, they suuuuure are.
ill miss you panty poster

Future Kyoko is miles better that DR1 Kyoko in appearance.

>mfw Komaeda appears for the first time in the hope episode and kills ~15 people by simply being there

I don't even care for Kirigiri that much but I cried like a beaver

Never, ever lose hope.

So what will the MC of the next game be like? Will it be the son of Kirigiri and Naegi? Will a killing game take place at New Hope's Peak? Or will they set it at a different school?

>Monaca is still brainwashed by the hope anime in orbit, until she dies of dehydratation/Starvation.
I was under the assumption that those scenes with everyone watching the footage didn't actually happen. It was meant to show you what it would've looked like if the thing did get broadcast.
She pretty much committed suicide by going into space in the first place.
>Both Chiakis are still death.
Both Chiakis are still alive in our hearts.

that would be nice

Reminder that Toko wasn't in the finale because she would just solo the whole FF

Biggest question about the new series
What's the robot panties like?

Are you living under a rock?

The only reason why it didn't work was class 77 intervention.

I remember theories about them coming and saving the day after the very first episode and people vehemently talking about how there was no way they could ever wake up.

Who's that? One of your OCs?

Given that it's unlikely Akane actually starved herself, I think we can cross out that possibility.

Have you not been posting attention to the news of V3? We know who all the characters are now, plus their talents. And no, it takes place in a new school.

>implying she's not a fake out
Somebody else deserves the protagonist spot more.

Lets post characters that got bumfucked to oblivion. All characters welcome. I'll start.

I'm not saying they're gay but I do think they're four cups of sake away from waking up in a bed naked

Why do you hate Femcs that much?

Why does Killer Killer exist?

Is Hajiman an Izuru or not?

Fuck off Keebo

It was about time for Naegi to have more than a borderline pyrrhic victory. Shame we didn't get anything more than 'he turns around in surprise' because a single well executed scene here could've done a lot to improve Side Hope and overall impressions of the series.

She really makes those gloves work for her overall look. It makes her seem more covered up which makes the little parts of her skin you can see look even sexier.

Asahina is in her harem now, right?

>Will it be the son of Kirigiri and Naegi

Where has everyone been watching the latest episode? I haven't seen it uploaded anywhere yet

How can someone resist her normality?

Their love is pure

Because DR3 Cameos lol

Someone plese, delete the internet app from Keebo.

No, but she is considering applying for the title of Super Future Foundation Level Third Wheel.
Where the fuck are you looking? [Hope] has had it up for ages.

Delet yourself, Keebo.

So do you guys think Monaca will make an appearance in V3?
The only way they can make me forgive her lack of relevance in this anime is to make it a setup for V3.
>Monaca is tired of hope v despair
>Next game has different conflict.

I bet it's something for viewer to decide, headcanons are fine as long as they seem reasonable.

Despair arc. I can only find up to ep 11

>keebo spends the trials shitposting on Cred Forums and Cred Forums about how he should be the protagonist

>Munakata trying to get Monaca to stop being such a piece of shit NEET
>Enrols her in the new Hope's Peak
>awkward parent teacher interviews where Naegi tells Munakata that Monaca is a manipulative piece of shit that has all of her classmates tied around her fingers

The Naegi genes don't give you shsl luck, but rather shsl harem king. And Makoto's willing to share part of his like a good brother.

Now that naegi is the new headmaster he is going to be murdered for danganronpaV3 to start rip bad luck lolol hope lol

Try looking for Hope arc. And maybe consider moving out from that rock you clearly live under.

The are only 11 episodes of Despair. The final episode is called Hope and it's meant to combine the two arcs.

Nigga that's because there is only 11 episode of Despair this is Hope.


Never in my life has seeing a pair of women boots on screen got me this emotional.


Did I save this pic or did this pic save me?

at least she good with people like Munakata's dead not-wife


Goddamn it Kirigiri your daddy issues are getting fucking creepy

So is she stuck watching bad movies with Junko for eternity?

Jesus, how I long for Seiko to have survived. Her death really was uncalled for. Other people were either assholes (Ruruka), we didn't know them enough to care for them (Bandai, Gozu, Izayoi, Gekogahara), were basically dead already (Tengen, Chisa) or died a heroic death (Juzo, Kizakura).

Seiko was a great character that died trying to help and save people. She deserved to live.

wtf chiakis dead what do i do now

They reopened Hope Peak just for roleplay.

I cried for a different reason.


I'd pay for a Despair Science Theater 11037

I'm still fucking mad she essentially got wasted. I mean yeah sure she essentially caused Side: Future, but the anime probably would've been a lot more better if she was the mastermind.

I'd like to imagine that every so often there'd be that one troublemaker of a child who they would call in the despair boogeyman to scare them into behaving again. Just ring up Hajime and get him to put on his Izuru wig and come run round the school terrorizing students a bit just for funsies so they don't become the next Junko.

>QUALITY memes


i get angel beats ending vibes here

She kinda was the mastermind though because Tengen's plan wouldn't have worked without her.

>Still streams anime

QUALITY you say

Thank you

Reminder that based Weedman was right.


Well unless the voice recording has already been completed for DRV3, there will be no Junko in DRV3.

I hope the Monokuma heads come back for V3.

junkos a whore

But then if she was the full mastermind I'd have felt something when Class 77 came and saved her. Like, they failed before in Side: Despair, and it'd be like their second shot to convince her to get better.

Like fuck, I feel so bad for her, she essentially died not ever getting cured of her despair. She's the only Remnant who has canonically died. And worse yet, Class 77 doesn't even remember her.

But what about KH3? She's the voice of Aqua, right?

>Only Naegi got the happy end
>Munakata and Hajime are the other 2/3 of that

Thanks a lot weedman

There was no second AI, both parts from Shiro and Kurokumas formed one AI.
Probably some dweed or died in action before the events, who cares.
You gonna question science of a show with brainwashing videos, Bane serums, robotic arms and superhuman projects that give a person all talents in existence?
She is in space, duh
Actually, we could get some closer of this, so I will give you a point for that.
Stab in heart->it takes too long to die->she hits the wall with her body to die already
...that I don't know
They took an appearance that fit their personality and memories, I wouldn't want to look the way I did when I was murdering people
Asahina wasn't completly brainwashed, that shit took time. 30 minutes, to be exact.
They felt his pain. Also, they tried to give him a new start, most of them actually went 'It's okay, I don't mind him joining us'.

The real question is, if they all loved Chiaki so much, why not have imposter pretend to be Chiaki for them?

The fact that she went to Dangan Hell is pretty harsh as well, I'd say.

>there will be no Junko in DRV3.
I can only hope

they could at least make her be working with Tengan for different objectives like Nagito and Monaca

Hajime gets Izuru and Chiaki personality,but junko has 16

>helped Junko organize the end of the world
>killed thousands of adults, including her family and close persons of the main cast
>inevitably killed a lot of mindhacked children
>responsible for a prolonged guerilla war in the ruins of the formerly prosperous city
>stayed active after her first plan failed and plotted another one killing one of the FF key members in the process
>got away absolutely scot-free with everyone from her generals whom she betrayed and planned to kill to the girl she wanted to turn into new Junko forgiving her
>not even crippled actually even after AE ending

How does that make you feel?

Would the cure have worked if Mikan wasn't there to revive her since it only slows down poison? That's one hell of a gamble Kirigiri took. All that luck from Naegi must have rubbed off.

i wanna bang her

who cares about the past!

>Chiaki dies
>Kirigiri gets to live
It's not fair

Game is 4 months away.
It's mostly fucking done by now.

Anal sex.

Literally nobody had to pay for their crimes.
Only those that died.

Everyone got away with everything.

they remember her, Hajimeme even stopped to speak to her corpses

>tfw Hopeman cut Mikan's explanation off, allowing Makoto to feel greater hope when Kirigiri actually appears before him, and not just to hear from some bimbo that she found a purple-haired girl in the building and revived her

Is there no stopping of this madman's luck and hope powers?

Go play DR2 with her again

Yeah her and Chiaki got the bumfuck ending. Chisa died never getting cured and was basically sent to hell and basically has to atone for what she did, while Chiaki died thinking she was useless.

I need some side material with Chisa honestly. Like, to show us what Chisa did after she gave Tengan the videos. Show us her slowly manipulating Kyosuke and Tengan. I'm hoping one of the scenes cut was Chisa killing those kids. I'm not being edgy, I just wanna see what Despair!Chisa can even do.

He wasn't even part of her class

According to the show:
1 waifu = 10 close friends + Godly prowess.

Junko died. Mukuro died. DR2 cast was brainwashed at the first place and they still exiled themselves while posing as enemies. Mitarai joined DR2 cast. Tengan is dead. Chisa is dead. Monaca's generals work against her plans now.

Literally everyone payed for the crimes in one way or another while Monaca just chills on the orbit until she'll get bored about that and lands somewhere to have fun again.

>nips have the same notion of afterlife as Christians

gg, my friend

Who cares about real Chiaki when AI Chiaki gets to live on through her husbando?

Kazuichi is so pure

HOPEMAN will keep her in check

>"I love being a teacher with you ULTIMATE, it's great and all."
>She literally dindu nuffin.

Sure user :^)

fuck off chiakifag

Mitarai joining the DR2 cast isn't a punishment. He literally just ran away from his mistakes. Again.

Then fucking Chisa got bumfucked to oblivion then. Bravo Kodaka.


So like Kurama inside Naruto's body?


Junko got what she wanted.
Tengan and FF get to keep their integrity.
Mitarai ran away from all his problems again
And million class murderers get to live a happy life just because lolbrainwash.

There's no real form of punishment. The only semblance of anything is death.

Remember this bullshit?

This. It's much better board, although I might be biased, since I'm only browsing DR threads in here

It's true.

Do they get along now or is Hajimeme still creeped out by Nagito's antics?

>What happened to the second Junko AI?
There was no second Junko AI. Shirokuma + Kurokuma = AI Junko. I thought this was made pretty clear in UDG but I guess not.
>Who was 13th branch leader?
Hard to say, my guess is Hajime/Izuru working undercover for FF. It would explain some things. If not, Takumi from KK or just someone we don't know.
>How did Kirigiri stay in a near-death for several hours after triggering her NG code?
The events that occurred only took place 2 or 3 hours after her coma. If Cure W was that powerful it could have revived her more easily than say, Bandai, who must have been comatose/dead for around 10-12 hours.
>What happened to Monaca?
She's in space. I don't think she died, and she'll probably be referenced as a joke in V3 or something.
>What happened to the Warriors of Hope?
They stayed in Towa City. Did something need to happen to them?
>How did Seiko stab herself in the heart, but still manage to suspend herself with her arms out at her sides, embedded in the wall?
How did Mondo turn into butter? How were the RoD able to get her limbs and other body parts if she was crushed? Dangan logic, don't question it.
>Why didn't Tengan just steal Mitarai's phone?
He wanted Mitarai to be strong enough to broadcast it himself. Tengan is retarded, don't worry about it too much.
>How did Hajime and co know that shit was going down at FF HQ? How did they even know where FF HQ was?
Either Hajime/Izuru have experience working for FF (Like I said above, if he was the 13th branch leader it would make sense) or the killing game was exclusively being broadcasted to Jabberwock for whatever reason. We might find out in DR2.5, who knows.
>Why did the DR2 cast care so much about Ryota if only Mikan and Imposter had met him?
I guess they felt like they knew Ryota anyway, don't worry about that too much.
The RoD, WoH, Munakata, Syo, etc. also got away with what they did. It's the apocalypse, can't get too technical with what everyone did.

I'm not sure that exile for life while the rest of the world hates you and wants you dead is a definition of happy life. Better than death, that's for sure.

Monaca didn't even got that, she was forgiven.

So is hoping for the best, as an ending, only allowed when characters aren't shown to eventually be successful?

They're bros

I hope the next artbook has the Despair designs

Does this mean Naegi got kicked out of the Dead Waifu Club?

Komaru literally smiled as she watched the girl who killed her parents fly off into space.

>He wasn't even part of her class
but if he remember it's likely that they also do or the Impostor wouldn’t remember Miitarai

if I'm not wrong even when he was creeped out Hajimeme was the closest to Nagito on the 77 class

No Sayaka is still dead

Did Cred Forums know that had Kodaka knew DR was going to be a mulit-series and not a stand-alone. He wouldn't have killed Junko off in DR1.

Ah, the Liquid Snake problem.






>"Hey Nagito remember when you called my worthless trash and tried to kill us all?"
>"Hey Hajime remember when you fucking shot me and called me a boring loser who you never want to see again?'
>"Yep. Let's eat!"

> not "you know why"
missed opportunity

Is he a retard? There are so many ways he could bring her back. And the good kinds of ways, not the
>hurr magic pills lelele

New thread.

that would've been too forced

blacksmith reference?

It's both.

it's over
at least best girl Seiko's legacy lives on, having saved Kirigiri
just be glad you're not a Mukurofag, www

I don't think you're actually BS on this because in the DR stage play, Junko lives and that was scripted by Kodaka.

wtf I hate despair now

RoD are in a selfexile for life while being hated by everyone. That's a decent punishment, that surprised me because I though they'll go with "dindu nuffin" route, especially after Zetsobou-hen.

WoH are children and were heavily influenced by Junko\Monaca (with Nagisa technically brainwashed). They work against remnants of Monaca now at the hope side cleaning their own mess. That's an okay punishment.

Munakata was tricked by a killing game mastermind. And even after that he killed only one semi-innocent person (Juzo), rest being the mastermind himself and a robot. With all his flaming edge he really didn't do a lot of bad things and all of them are perfectly understandable. The pain in his heart after literally everything he held dear crumbled is an okay punishment.

Syo is working hard at the FF side since DR1 end for years now never ever commiting crimes again while being a key asset in defeating Monaca. Her hard work is a punishment in itself. And she still wears the same dress.

Monaca just went away with a smile.

But wasn't the stage play a few years after the game anyways?

>now hated by everyone
They improved their standing with the people who matter

The first DR1 stage play was done 2 years ago with SDR2 stage play last year and then another DR1 stage play this year.

Quite frankly I felt there actually was a plausible way to bring Junko back without it being a complete asspull. Oh well.

Munakuta has to live with the fact that he wrongly killed his best friend. I'd say the nightmares he'd be having are a good punishment.

At this point in her life, I'd say Syo has saved more lives than she's taken, and I doubt any legal system has prosecuting her very high on their lists of priorities.

DR1 Junko was actually Chisa.
DR3 Chisa was actually Junko, corpse was fake due to the help from SHSL corpsemaker (here is your token Killer Killer connection).

That's all, I've just plausibly brought Junko back.

Okay, both of you make a fair point.
I guess we'll wait and see what lies ahead for Monaca.

SHSL Penis Enlarger

We need more despair

How glorious.
Now shitposters can go back to Cred Forums and redditors go back to /vg/.
Finally these threads will die off.

>Orchestrate a super elaborate plan to meme the world
>Not just beating up the anime loving faggot and broadcasting his porno yourself

He was a shit

Sayonara, D/a/nganronpa!

Except they kept Chiaki dead. It's not a happy ending at all.

If you're gonna go this far, go all the way instead of holding back.

It really isn't. I don't care that much about Kirigiri, I would really rather have had Chiaki live. For a story that talked about hope, all I got was despair. They fucked Chiaki over way too much.