Just watched the first episode

Just watched the first episode.
What am I in for?

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RIP my thread


Something CREAMY


This is what a show like Creamy Mami looks like TODAY



Is this Madoka 0.0001?

A lot of the same fucking song. A lot of appearances of that fat kid with a huge crush on the main character, too.

No exaggeration one of the best shows of the 80s

>that fat kid with a huge crush
He is getting NTR isn't he?

>What am I in for?


Relic from the past when little girls were something dominant in anime, and they were proud of them.






>yfw anime will never lewd lolis again

The 80s were a different time

Even the mid 00's were.
The last decade has slowly killed lolicon off from anime though.

Mami isn't a loli. Yuu is.

>what am
Cred Forums need to fuck off

A lot of loli mangaka seem to be quitting too.
Is international pressure and feminists finally winning?

No. Puripara would be a better comparison.

I don't really care much for mangaka, but needless to say, with less exposition to the masses, lolis will become less popular, and since anime was the medium that showcased lolis for the most people, it's no surprise that with lolicon being removed from anime, there's less interest in them and mangaka will follow.
It will probably get to hentai artists too.

>Just watched the first episode.
"I just watched the first episode."
Is an appropriatetly formed sentence in the American English. British English speakers prefer to use the Present Perfect:
"I've just watched the first episode."
Kys britfag

The thing is that Yuu gets more lewds than Mami. Lewd Mami is just one episode while Yuu bathing or flashing panties is common.

She's using him to NTR the main lead.

The lewd Mami episode is deliberately lewd. Seeing Yuu's panties or seeing Yuu naked isn't supposed to be lewd.

Wow, it's nothing

Is this flcl?

They have too much detail.

The detail is there to emphasize how embarrassing it is. In Toshio's eyes Yuu is just a kid wearing kid's panties.



Wonder how much merch these old shows got.

Quite a lot.

They did make merch, but not in the same way. Remember it's a show for little girls so they made stuff little girls would want, a bit more like Barbie dolls and make up, or Hannah Montana microphones.






Creapy mummy

Who did they make the OVA? How many singles did the series have?


The series only has the one song. Sure they sold lots of music, and the VA went on to a singing career, but the series' bread and butter was plastic tat for 7 year-olds.

There's probably someone on Cred Forums shitposting with this keyboard right now

They started diversifying the music halfway through.