This girl better get some screentime.

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She wont, kazuya took ownership of her and he will only battle with the flute during the tournament.
So all the other tsugumomo will be in the sidelines.

The Mayoiga tsugumomo are still supposed to get owners sooner or later.

Bet Kazuya's school mates will try to find him, sneak in the place and end up with their tsugumomo

In any case we're going to be introduced to quite a many new tsugumomo during the tournament.
Chapter 93 where?


Does Hamada prefer small breasts or big breasts?

Tsugumomo has about as much variation between breasts sizes as its possible to have.

new chapter when

new fucking chapter when???

anime when?

>anime anounced
>threads go to shit
sasuga Cred Forums

Do we know who generally TL's tsugumomo? I guess its just some user who does it when he feels like.

cant remember the trip if he has one but he has a website for the archive. tsugumo.moe/

Pretty sure he translates it once the raws are available. Which isn't the case yet.

>when he feels like
You entitled little cunt how many manga's have you liveTL's for us? Keep your cock hole shut and take what is given.

Expect to see more of thesewhen it airs. Fuck you Japan.

It's Tsugumomo, the author explicitly states it's his goal to have girls exposed at least once and at least 1/chapter. She's going to get her time sometime.

Thanks for reminding how yoshi/tsugumomo has brazilian fans also.

As far as I know the TL bro just does it when raws become available, no?

IT's usually the same day or the next day he starts the translation threads.
The fuck are you on about?

>The fuck are you on about?
He's calling you a dumb br because you sperged out for no reason and typed like a retard.