Kiss X Sis

What's been going on with this mango lately?
Are the translators kill?
Does anyone even remember this?

dunno but I need more piss

I wish I knew what was going on.
Loli made a comeback to the bowl in the 100th chapter and Keita seems to be breaking in general; like it's trying to be a deconstruction. At least it's what it looks like.

Kijouni sensei the best

Never forget

This user knows.

This shit still going? I stopped reading when the sensei starts to go out with Keita. Does it get better?

I think he broke up with sensei in one of the RAWs; like he desires a harem end or something. I wonder if the translation team disbanded in one way or another.

You meant to say that there are no translations as of lately?

>sensei starts to go out with Keita
does she really? picked up

Yes. I think there are something like 6-8 RAWs by now.

>Loli made a comeback to the bowl.
Just caught up again and saying she came back is an understatement. Wew lad.

By the looks of the raws MC managed to tame the thirsty loli for the meantime.

Loli with keita at her room is the best scene in kiss x sis history

A-user I got some bad news...

The story is at a critical juncture. Whoever Keita dates next automatically makes the last girls/girl chosen the end girl.

You don't say. That mean KxS is announcing an end?

I mean, it happened more than once at this point. Are you talking about the first time which was animated or the most recent visit?

Well the teacher's arc+her relationship with Keita was probably 20-30 chapters so I'm guessing we're looking at 3 years give or take before the end.

KxS OVA is my favorite ecchi anime ever made.
Shame manga got so boring after some time, I had to drop it around time he started dating teacher.

I liked chocolate lipstick more, but it's second best.

What gets me is that the even more repetitive series with the pink haired devil girls and the insufferable beta is more popular. I can't bother remembering the name.

To Love Ru?
I started watching it but it was so generic ecchi-harem I couldn't stand it. I liked how characters in KissXsis actually wanted to do ecchi things and MC wasn't complete beta who is afraid of women and sex. Instead of usual absurd, purely-coincidental scenes where one or two sides wasn't very happy about.

Pretty much. I understand the need for shitty harem, but who can just stick to the exact same formula for 10+ years and call it good?

>blood related sisters


>I liked how characters in KissXsis actually wanted to do ecchi things and MC wasn't complete beta who is afraid of women and sex.

Like getting a handjob from his sister and letting her finish?

>like he desires a harem end or something

Wow, what a cunt.

Spotted the dangerous pedophile.

Nah, Riko's toilet scene was better.

Yes, and if you mess with the brightness/contrast, you can see that they actually showed her butthole too.

I'll always remember best scene being the twins using a teddy bear and a marker.

i misjudged you. /pinoy/.

Both wrong the gymnastics bandaid scene was the best

Does the creator of KxS have a Twitter?

My brother from another mother!

The day I watched that was the day I realized that I was living in the wrong country.

>anime=real life
Nigga I got some bad news for ya...

D-Dou yu goto??

Explain further.

>What's been going on with this mango lately?
Piss-chan won.