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Alternate PV1 with Tenchi

>Cred Forums doesn't like TM anymore

Its fucking 6am nigger.

It is 4am.

Is Cred Forums going to re-discover timezones now?

So.. in preparation for this, I went back and watched all the OAV series again. The original still holds up so long as you don't take it too seriously, the third OAV series actually improved on a second watch.

Maybe I just understood it more the second time around, I don't know. I can understand why it isn't liked, but after Seikishi no Monogatari, it really isn't much different in tone and style.

You are both wrong, it's 5 am.

M8 we had a big tenchi thread like 1 day ago. Do you know how hard it is checking it every half hour to post a pic so it doesnt die? 3 days of work. Im tired

My biggest problem with it was adding more girls to the cast taking focus away from the original. It literally felt like a clusterfuck.

Midwest is the best. Get over it.

This is painful. How many months to wait inbetween episodes? 3?
Are they trying to kill us?

Did anybody like ai?

There was just a Tenchi thread that hit bump limit yesterday. The only people who liked Ai were the people who hate Kajishima.

>the fingers
Wait, are they going for Roman Numerals now?

only the autistic faggots that won't stop hating kajishima because ryoko wasn't the sole winner of the tenchibowl

No, this is the cover to episode 21.

thinking about how asspained all of the dubfag universe autists are going to be when they're confronted with ringo and all of the other characters from the gxp novels and doujinshi pleases me.

Speaking of which, who are Ringo and Mikami's VAs?

I can't wait. Watching them defend Ai just because Negishi was involved was great.

Ringo Tatsuki: Rui Tanabe
Mikami Kuramitsu: Yoko Soumi

I kinda miss the hand-drawn part of it all.

and watching them claim ai was kajishima's work, after that retarded ending was even better. those autistic faggots sure love to lie to all of the idiots that'll listen to them.

it's already happening

Fucking hell tenchi look awful

That delusion tho

Ai was garbage and doesnt exsist.

I think everyone does.

>best fingers


Such impressive animation.

Ai was fucking awful. Even if you separate it from what you expect from Tenchi Muyo (which is easy because it carried over nothing from the other versions except a couple of names). It's a show with an awful plot, comedy which is shamefully bad. and characters which are stunningly unlikable and uninteresting in every respect. I went into it expecting a mediocre product Cred Forums had jumped on as something worth hating. What I got was one of the greatest examples ever of an utterly incompetent team, making a product they don't care about, based on a franchise they have contempt for, all in service in one of the shallowest, most cynical attempts to sell something on name recognition alone I've ever seen.


The first episode of OVA4 is said to be released on November 30. Cheers!

Thats stupid. When is next episode? March? Wby the extreme wait cycles

The release dates are November, February, May, and August.

Lazy ass PV is lazy.

They're OVA releases user, just like they did the original OVA's back then. I could at least this one to be 30-45 minutes runtime I guess. Either way, I'm looking to this one because this is the only harem I'm getting this season.

What was the isekai release cycle? 1 month? How is a show supposed to get popular this way?

>How is a show supposed to get popular this way?
Get popular with who exactly? Tenchi fans will pick it up. A fourth season isn't exactly a good place for new fans to jump on.

I mean generaly. You lose interest in something if you have to wait so long for a new episode. Would be understandable if it was something running paralel to lets say an ordinary show like isekai s2 or paradise wars and then you bemonthly ova. But only one thing at a snails pace?

If people were willing to wait 10 years for a 4th ova they will be able to wait a few months for each episode. We also don't know how long each episode is yet.

Wait is this new VA for tenchi because he sounds so different.

We all know the studio doesnt care about the fanbase. Isekai per pay view monthly, ai cancer. But if you want something to sell better you would want to make new fans? If not i cant believe that we get anything from kajishima the next 10 years after ova 4 is done because funding is not avaiable.

>last thread went over 500 posts

Lets make it a twofer.

No, he's just older.

The only reason ova 4 is being made is because Ai's fist few episodes had really good ratings. AIC is kinda hurting for money, so if ova does okay they will milk the shit out of it.

I miss when extra detail was put on the lips of the women. Made my dick twitch.

Just give me a "Mihoshi bonds with Tenchi" episode already, it's long overdue.

Bonus points if it shows Mihoshi sleepwalking into Tenchi's room naked.

season 2 never

Have hope my child. The story isnt finished.

Tenchi and girls go on vacation to geminar and seina with his fleet to make a galactic union contract. Big hot springs episode.

best girl



Y'all are wrong. It's Wahanly.

I'm Kiyonefag, and I'm actually happy that she got excluded from that mess.

No, though she is nice.
After her comes Lahrasha, I'd say.

lol fatass flyover nigger honestly thinks hes the best

So what did kenchi to them? Having random orgasms is rather suspicious, real deep massage?

She sees your ____

I still think that Ai would have been better with normal length episodes and not this seven minute crap.

It did help prove that there is still interest in the franchise and got us OVA 4, though, so I can't hate it that much.

Ai has generic as fuck shit girls that dont belong into the tenchi series ever. Also tenchi was degraded to an almost girl pussy.
Until now all girls in all series besides ai had some kind of personality with i little twist and background

Massages can cause orgasms, and I guess the effect lingers.

This is the only show I've seen where I can't pick who's the best girl. It's not fair man, they're both so perfect.

Thats called a good harem. Many girls are best, not only one



Kajishima realy knows how to design sexy babes

That's because he makes characters, not cutouts to fit into an archetype.








The things i'd do to that dark elf in the mornings.



absolute best girl

So, I haven't watched Tenchi anything in 800 years.

Going to from the start, anyone got a timeline or something?

loli version



>tfw she realizes she missed out on some first class seikijin semen


He wasn't good at asses for a while. I'm glad he got better at it (looking at Ayeka's new design).

OVA 1> OVA 2> Dual> GXP> OVA3> Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Watch Photon, Agga Ruter, and El Hazard at some point, probably at about the same time as Dual.

>we have to wait 10 years to see them all together


>dubfag universe autists
You are pretty new around her.

but hes right

best oldest girl?

I've never seen one that's both, but there are folks that praise Universe for going with only Ryoko.


Ryoko is for

they also love love hina.

living cancer.

who into galactic harem here?

I'd like to, but NO, no one wants to translate it!


>Airi's nipples on vol. 2
>Seina's guns on vol. 9

fuck off autistic toonami dubfag

I really liked GXP. I just wish someone would translate the novels.


What's the good thing of this? Even their women are Peru tier.

Your English is Peru tier.


>body so rockin' she's counted among the adults

well she was the first one to starve for kenchis D.
Even more when Maria said that he could be a seikijin assasin

>tfw on laptop and don't have all my ryoko images



thanks ryokobro




Paradise War anime never,

have hope. Isekai story was made pre 1999. kajishima takes his time to release something.

>years later
>still no good fucking tenchi doujins

>He doesn't consider the ones written by the author as good.

Seitokaicho was the best. Too bad she had so few moments on the screen.

soon, also hope new ryoko figures


They just aren't very fappable.





is this an official one?


Where is Sakuya?





love kajishimas characterdesigns


What does he mean about the OVA? What changed?

its from 2005






I know, but what did he mean? What changed?


only god knows

Nice, looking forward to it


is this a remake or what? looks great

next ova in line
takes a decade but it will come now


I'm assuming you watched it on Toonami, and never since, right?
There was the series just titled Tenchi Muyo, and there was Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo.
The latter two are in their own continuity, as the creator had nothing to do with their writing.
The first one got a new season in '06, and then two spin offs that were canon.
Last year, we got a new non canon show, a series of shorts called Ai! Tenchi Muyo.
They sucked, but they proved there was still interest in the franchise, so we're getting a 4th season for the original series starting in two months.

>and they fucked up the isekai release

umm not sure you can say they fucked up the release the name change was a way to key off to american buyers that this was part of the Tenchi universe where if they had just went with saint knights tale then a lost would not have known and missed it. Tenchi has always been a bigger hit in the west than in japan so it was smart.

I mean the marketing and destribution. Would have been the hit in the charts if they did it right and there would be a reason to produce more and not just ads that are 1min long.

I think he means how it was released on pay-per-view and not advertised at all in japan.

I just hope that original english cast comes back

sue me later


We're getting there guys, so fucking close. Only a month away from now.

Two months exactly.
Then I might be able to figure out what Ringo's deal is, other than "Seto's accountant" and "keeps ending up in boxes".

I liked it when it was "whuch girl will he fuck?" But immediately lost interest in "which girl won't he fuck?" Just have to keep adding girls.

Tenchi more or less started being mediocre after the first OVA when he stopped fighting. I liked Isekai better if only because despite being overpowered, Kenshi had limits, got in to conflict regularly, and let the supporting cast shine as opposed to having everyone falling over his dick 24/7 because he's the chosen one. I mean everyone still wanted his dick, but they had other things to worry about too.

They've added ONE girl since the original run.
You might have a valid complaint if this were Seina.
Though I do agree, he needs to get in more swordfights. I mean, Seiryo's supposed to be the best swordsman in the Academy, right? He'll lose if Tenchi uses the LHW, but he can hold that back and just use Yosho's sword.

>he needs to get in more swordfights.

Even if he was held back as a trump card, they need more conflict from the girls. Hell, the best episode in the series is when they think Tenchi is dead and they assault the Soja.

The biggest disappointment in OVA 3 was that they built up one of the GXP agents to fight Ryoko with some robots, and when he draws blood, she gets that violent smile like she can finally cut loose. End of Episode. When the next one was released, I was PISSED that they just gave the guy PTSD and resolved the whole thing off screen.

Hopefully they get someone who knows fight choreography this time to at least give us some interesting fights.

>Even if he was held back as a trump card, they need more conflict from the girls.
That's not the theme of Tenchi Muyo. It is never about girls against each other. You have any other number of monogamy anime for that.


That was one of the aspects to Tenchi that I missed, it became too SoL driven thus everything has become really laxed. Back then it was more balanced out and didn't feel like it veered too much into either territory while remaining that perfect equilibrium.

At this point it don't matter. Either one of goddesses living there can just snap a finger or if it gets too damn crazy, Tenchi will intervene. We won't get any conflict of that caliber, but rather of political kind I guess. Something unconventional to challenge the household.

>rather of political kind I guess
Yes, but you're talking about Seto's politics.
She sets up marriages, and when there is a need to fight, it's not a war, but like Seina Vs Seiryo.
She just needs to get Tenchi off the farm, which is what Minaho is there for, I think, then set up a wager. Someone else's champion against this backwater shlub that her granddaughters are sweet on.

>She sets up marriages, and when there is a need to fight, it's not a war

Ehh, it depends I guess. Because what about that one planet called Airai? The place where Airi is from. Apparently those guys have a hate-boner for Jurai.

Isn't it because they think that Jurai is holding Tsunami hostage, or something?

>Isn't it because they think that Jurai is holding Tsunami hostage, or something?

Yeah something related to religion and how Jurai isn't up to snuff with what they do. But I feel as if that'd be one of the few frontiers that a show could explore because I don't think there's a whole lotta stuff to go on about these guys.

That's what I figured initially GXP would be about anyway, Kajishima giving you a shitload of worldbuilding and exploration of that galaxy. Kinda right but not really.

As I understand, that's what the GXP novels are, since Kajishima made them after he was dissatisfied with Nabeshin's direction.

I have little to prove this, but Kajishima has almost as much of a hard on for worldbuilding as Minoru Kawakami, and 17+ volumes is a little much to just fill with harem shenanigans and SoL.

It's honestly really cool when you got something that everyone thinks is just some simple harem or slice-of-life or whatever the fuck you wanna classify it as, but goes ahead and gives all the characters some extensive backgrounds, a shitload of worldbuilding which expands out the universe this is all in. Coherent reasons for why things are the way they are.

Makes it feel much more like a complete package instead of a cardboard cutout. Also reminds me of when Shirow Masamune was still doing his crazy ass shit, that guy was in-depth like a mother fucker.

Ugly 90s anime hair should stay in the 90s where it belongs.


Quick bump

They fuckin' here, or is it a misunderstanding?

One of the earlier panels she was getting that weird magic contraception thing removed. So yeah they most likely were about to fuck or were fucking.

It's an imaginary tale using examples for worldbuilding,
Chiaia's mom needed a stud, and Kenshi was too young, so she prayed to the goddess, and Tokimi showed up to age up Kenshi.
What follows is an explanation of how Seikishi marriages and breeding works.
As I understand it, basically a male is auctioned off the highest bidder, a "marriage" ceremony is preformed, then they get a honeymoon to get her pregnant.
If she gets knocked up, and it's a female, she gets pampered and monitored closely. If it's a male, they just say "Better luck next time."
A male seikishi gets assigned a girl from the church to act more or less as a handmaiden, and occasionally, a fluffer. It's not uncommon for a male pilot to marry their handmaiden, because she's the only person that sees him for how he is, and not just a piece of meat.

Dagmeyer was a bitch, but he wasn't entirely wrong.

You girls have no idea how much I want this.

>No Dual! crossover with both light hawk wing robots.

It hurts.

>Naja Akara

Man what a fucking enigma. We need Washu flashbacks with her.

GXP at least had a male character that wanted to go out into space and adventure. Damn carrot farmer.


I know, but I like that about him.
He's literally a god, he could become Emperor of the Galaxy just by telling Azusa he can take a break, but all he wants to do is plow his fields and plow his wives.

me on the left

Not sure if Funi gives a shit about the english dub if OVA3 wasn't any indication.

I find him to be pretty boring. The world is far more interesting than him. I would say he's your typical Japanese kid that gets super powers but complains constantly about wanting to be normal except Tenchi is old enough to be one of the progenitors of the stereotype.

With every new protagonist Kajishima makes, they get a bit more interesting.

The kid from the IF doujin that's going to fuck the tree woman? I expect him to have an actual personality.

So, I've watched all three main OVAs, and I'm currently working my way through Universe. Which other series should I watch before OVA 4 comes out, and which ones should I skip?

The movies, GXP, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, Dual! Parallel Crisis Adventure, El Hazard, Photon, and Agga Ruter.

Avoid Tokyo, Ai! TM, and Pretty Sammy, unless that really appeals to you after the Space-Time Adventure episodes.

I still need to watch El Hazard, but Dual is Great, it's like Evangelion filtered through Tenchi.

I prefer Ayeka over Ryoko.

Care to explain how?

I wonder how sexually frustrated Sasami must feel since the author keeps cockblocking Sasami.

She just hasn't had a kid yet.
You really think that after waiting about ten years while maybe everyone else in the house gets laid, that as soon as Tenchi was ready that she didn't fuck both their brains out?
Hell, she probably summoned the Tsunami sapceship so the others wouldn't try to interrupt.

>yamato nadeshiko
>etiquette of royalty
>elegant and fashionable spiritual miko-esque outfits
>pure form of incest love
>barriers for powers
>awesome Jurai family
>quarrels with Ryoko provides a delightful contrast to the proper and prim
>even when she insults and ridicules, she does so with touches of mannerisms
Why not?

I'd add to this that GXP is extremely divisive, so if it doesn't click with you in the first couple of episodes don't be afraid to drop it.

This. I love the show but when I showed it to a friend he hated it. Granted I loved Babylon 5 and hated Battlestar Galactica while he was the opposite.


I would love to watch/hear more about this story, the green haired girl (I think it was Tenchi / Noike's daughter). seems to be the quiet type and just goes balls in to everything.

ill never marry mihoshi

Ironic how despite Noike being the least related to Tenchi gets a kid that's riddled with all sorts of fucked up. Whereas you got this incestuous breeding pool spawn a bunch of well-functioning children. Backwards as fuck.

El-Hazard is a fun ride. You'll probably end up liking the teacher and school president.

> Dual is Great

My nigga.

is dual part of the tenchi universe? i know the robot sena gets is in gxp right?

apparently its a parallel universe. Mitsuki's lookalike shows up in GXP (novels I think).

I'm guessing that because Juraians and humans are the same species, with Juraians being genetically superior for some reason, inbreeding doesn't show bad effects until later (at least for royalty). But because Noike is a non-Juraian breeding with a human-Jurai hybrid it causes some genetic problems.


Everyone loves Ryoko but this has always been my girl.








As much as I love Tenchi, the family tree resembles Alabama more than I feel comfortable with.


I didn't mean against each other. I meant that since Tenchi is basically God-King of the universe, at the very least we could see the other girls doing something beyond hanging out around the house. Have Ryoko get in a fight that isn't flying around in Ryo-ohki, have Ayeka do something about Jurai politics, Washu doing something science-y, Mihoshi having to do Galaxy Police stuff that isn't handled off screen, ANYTHING beyond sitting around the house waiting for Tenchi to work up the nerve and the erection to bone one of them.

its funny cause it pretty much does a full circle when Tenchi's son with Washu hooks up with Masaki (the sister to the juraian emperor).

Will the LN's ever be translated? I really want to read them badly, that guy is still making a book yearly too.

I'm honestly surprised they haven't been picked up officially. I wonder if anyone has the rights?

I don't recognize half of these outside the OVA's/Animes any japanese bros or fluents want to explain some of the unknown girls?

Reminder we get more best girl soon. Poll is proof that Cred Forums still has some tastes.


Hell yeah, I'm excited for this.