Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #1

Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #1

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A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Dressed as Lyn, maybe with a focus on her thighs. - imgur.com/a/5XApL

Or anything cute or slightly suggestive/lewd is fine too.

Standard ref pics - imgur.com/a/fdPxg

I would like to request Mai Natsume wearing an open shirt without a bra and in a paizuri invitation pose similar to this:

Another suggestion is Mai holding a duster, wearing an apron and a handkerchief on her head and possibly cleaning. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Hey, good morning or afternoon everyone!
I hope all of you had a great week!

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please!
To be more precise, I would like to ask for a drawing of her doing a thumbs up with a cool pose.
Maybe wearing a pair of sunglasses too?

If you want to do something else too that's alright with me, as long as it's not too sexy!

Please and thank you if you pick up my request.

Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- playing video games on a 3DS with a Demonee-Ho, or posing a Demonee-Ho nendoroid.
Reference: imgur.com/a/Tlp4j

- cosplaying as Miyako Hotsuin from Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. Can draw her with or without the whip, either is fine.
Reference: imgur.com/a/NMQA2

- joint request with Akeno and Karen of all three posing with their wings displayed

kisekae reference: i.imgur.com/NyHSLXX.png

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.

Sorry for being so late, this is really cute. That’s a nice sweater and one happy Frost. Thanks again, user. It makes me happy to see her with such a big smile. Hope you had a great week and have an enjoyable weekend.

Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

Can be:

-Her with my SI (my.mixtape.moe/tgjrwz.png) holding hands like this: my.mixtape.moe/ocwydw.jpg
-Wearing a Dirndl imgur.com/a/eZGXs
-Wearing the cat ear headphones with green LED (my.mixtape.moe/eyphbw.jpg)
-Or anything of your choice.

And thank you for your time.

Good morning, requesting please Orihime wearing either the pumpkin witch outfit or jack-o-lantern sweater in the link imgur.com/a/wxrQ8 Anything else cute or Halloween-y of her is good too, thank you.

Requesting Erza please! Anything is fine, but no lewd please.

If you want something specific, here are some ideas:
-her looking at her weapon rack and deciding what weapon to use for today
-her wearing a sports bra with spats
-Her wearing a sun dress and summer hat
-her wearing a miko outfit

Thanks to anyone that does this!

Requesting Maka. If you'd like some suggestions:

• Anything cute/comfy with her wearing fall clothes: Beanie, scarf, hot drinks. The works!
• Posing in a school swimsuit and thighhighs
• Spinning a book on her finger with a smug expression

If these don't interest you, please feel free to draw anything cute/cool of her that comes to mind. Much appreciated!

Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally wearing/trying on a pair of cat ears and a tail, but anything else is fine too.

Requesting Cyan:

-celebrating because season two starts this weekend
-watching the leaves turn in a comfy autumn outfit, or playing with leaves in someway
-with her angel wings around her while she holds a lantern plant shaped like a heart, black wings also work (i.imgur.com/qVtXXx6.jpg)
-wearing this dancer-like dress from FFXIV. Maybe while dancing (i.imgur.com/Xzw2e8A.jpg)
-sitting on a ball, butt view, looking over her shoulder. Wearing either a school gym outfit, bunnysuit, or whatever you'd like
-a joint request with Toyone teasing Cyan about her short height. Maybe laughing that she can't reach something, or picking her up. Toyone is 197cm and Cyan is 154cm
Toyone ref: Or anything else you want to draw. Cute or cutelewd is ok. Also if you want to make her assets bigger or have a different hairstyle I don't mind.

Requesting my lovely Anna cosplaying Nozomi from Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

Ref: i.imgur.com/nzaFoKz.png

Anything unrelated cute or tasteful lewd is fine too.

Hi there. Hope you have a great weekend.

I'll request my waifu Valerie:

Specific request(s):
-Wearing a black and red yukata, eating an old gateau, and maybe a little lewd.

-In casual clothes and being tired for having her clothes for long (her outfit weights like 33 pounds).

-Maybe her wearing a dirndl.

Or something cute at your choice, but with her eyes like on the bottom left image.

Don't get so overworked and have a happy time

Hello again everyone!

I'd like to request my lovely Madotsuki, really anything would be great, anything cute, seasonally-themed, romantic, or especially POV. Lewd is ok (within reason).

Or, if it's not too early, her dressed up as something cute or spooky for Halloween I'd love to see her with little plastic vampire teeth and a cape to match her red eyes, but any kind of costume would be cute.

Or, something a little sillier, her dressed up like Operator-chan, or in a similarly tacticool way. Operator-chan: i.imgur.com/Qx5BGVT.png

Good morning WWD!

Requesting any of the following of my Mamimi:

- Mamimi and my SI sleeping under a tree, or bridge maybe holding hands.

- Mamimi and my SI playing video games together.

- Mamimi in Autumn casual wear.

- Mamimi with sharkteeth.

- Mamimi taking pictures of spooky ghosts in a haunted house, or graveyard setting.

SI References: imgur.com/7U0FVpT

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Requesting my lovely Inori drying herself off after a shower.

Alternative: Her wearing Gwynevere's or Priscilla's outfit imgur.com/a/TdXqv from Dark Souls

Anything else is fine too.

Requesting Shion wearing her butler/maid outfit and saying "Welcome home master/darling" or her wearing a skimpy version of her cowboy outfit
Cowboy outfit ref: imgur.com/a/BH8I6
Anything cute of her is fine
Thanks in advance

Good morning, WWHD! Hope you've had a good week!

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please! I'd be happy with anything, but I'd like one of the following if possible:

• Since one of Ion's hobbies is working with electronics and vacuum tubes, something of her happily working away soldering some device together
• Asleep together with SI (in bed, on the couch, or whatever. Going for cute with this one. SI ref here: imgur.com/a/s6wR0)
• The "Are you my master?" scene from Fate/Stay Night with her and my SI
◦ Cosplaying as Athena Cykes from Phoenix Wright
◦ PoV pic like this (SFW but still kinda lewd) imgur.com/a/dWZgl but with a kinder, more loving expression on her face. Normal outfit preferred.
◦ Just out of the shower wearing only a towel

Personality reference if you need it: youtu.be/Z4ExDRvBR-M
Don't bother watching it all the way through, it's WAY too long.

But as usual I'd be happy with anything; cute, romantic and/or lewd. Thanks in advance!

I'd like to request Kiririn, sleepy, and slightly annoyed, playing Mystic Messenger on her phone, where one of the game mechanics basically makes you wake up early in the morning to respond to messages to complete routes.

Alternatively, I'd love to see her in any of the outfits shown here, or a mixture of a few of them: imgur.com/a/onkIL

SI stuff is really nice as well, ref here: imgur.com/a/qqu0P

And as always, anything else you may come up with is greatly appreciated, just nothing too lewd please, thank you!

Requesting Hibiki wearing an oversized scarf and holding part of it out towards user.

Hey, this weekend I'll be requesting my Yotsugi singing with her beautiful voice ( ref: u.pomf.is/nzmvte.png)

Alternatively her munching on a chocolate chunk scone, or a Mr. Donuts donut like the reference, it doesn't have to be animated by the way, ( munching ref: u.pomf.is/jslbwa.gif ) ( treats ref: u.pomf.is/kylonl.png ) although anything cute is greatly appreciated, thank you and have a good weekend.

Requesting Eureka wearing a mechanics jumpsuit, maybe partially unzipped with no undershirt with oil/dirt on her face and a wrench in her hand, looking distracted or maybe working on a car or something of that nature.


I'd like to request Kobeni wearing this butterfly costume, surrounded by colorful flowers or against the backdrop of a large full moon. cute/cutelewd/lewd is fine.
>Butterfly Costume: i.imgur.com/ZA6GteM.png

Or, wearing a Florges themed dress similar to the one below.
>Dress: i.imgur.com/zPOc4ap.png

Or a joint request between Yuu and Kobeni wearing kimonos at a festivel, with Kobeni cheering on Yuu as she scoops goldfish or the two of them sharing cotton candy with one of them getting some of it on their nose.
>Kimono References: imgur.com/a/pr5h6
>Yuu Reference: i.imgur.com/yDj8g6k.jpg

Hey everyone!
I'd like to request Dolce receiving a stuffed animal from a carnival or being given a warm slice of apple pie. Other ideas could be her walking home in the rain while holding a parasol/umbrella or wearing a school uniform.
Nevertheless though I'd love anything with her. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Requesting my Kobori forming a heart around her navel with her hands. Any of her outfits exposing it is fine by me.


Anything else that's cute or cutelewd is fine, as well.

Kindly requesting Colette dressed up as Erina from Rabi-Ribi,
Alternatively, her being super cute similarly to any of these images: imgur.com/a/u8jrQ
Or the ultimate madman challenge, challenge, her animated like this: u.pomf.is/hpfrdz.webm

I just came back from hospital. Please draw my cute Maihime as a cute or lewd nurse.

Requesting Nero in Solaire's armor without the helmet on doing the Praise The Sun gesture.
Or her in a bikini wearing a lion pelt like Hercules.
Or her in that cute costume from Extella up there in the top corner of the crappy ref I made.
Please, and thank you.

Requesting my beloved Momo as a maid, please and thank you.
References: imgur.com/a/XO4kr
Also, I'd like to request Touko Aozaki and Momo together wearing Black Forest Peak's senshadou uniform, mayhaps riding a Kettenkrad (with Touko at the wheel).
Touko: reference: i.4cdn.org/a/1474701878311.jpg
Uniform references: imgur.com/a/LEgUv
Kettenkrad references: imgur.com/a/e9J4N

Requesting Minori being comfy under a kotatsu and eating hotpot while wearing a sweater.
Though optional I would love something in POV like this.

Alternatively, seeing as it is Oktoberfest currently I'd like to see her as a cute waitress wearing a Dirndl.
As a suggestion I think the one on the right here is really cute: i.imgur.com/jPThdHn.jpg
Or you could also base it on her waitress outfit.
Please make sure to put the knot of the apron on her right side, as that indicates that she is married.

Anything cute, comfy or lovely would be amazing, though. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

It's Kukaku Shiba's birthday on October 1st so I'd like to request her in a new kimono smoking a decorated kiseru.
Or anything birthday related is fine as long she's smiling and happy.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Requesting a POV picture of my beloved witch of miracles Furude Rika reaching out for a kiss or an embarrassed confession of love please and thank you.
Or staring out the window on a moonlit night.
Anything cute would also be great.

Joint request with Satoko: Rika and Satoko having a teaparty with a big stuffed bear guest.

Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/horizontal#0

I'd like to see her leaning forward, with a hint of bondage ropes underneath her clothes.
A style like this gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3349088 should work. But, you know, under her clothes.

Dear Drawfriends,

I'd like to request something cute and happy of my beloved wife Hane.

Recently an exhibition of production materials took place so I did what I could to provide you with good references from multiple sides: imgur.com/a/lUnoF

Do note that the ones in all of photos are in wrong colors so imagine the 2nd and 3rd one a bit less offensively bright and in regards to hair color, please refer to the reference attached to this post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sept. 28th was Teacher's Day so please turn my cute husbando into a hot teacher~
Its pretty close to his FF wear though so I suppose either is fine.

Other ideas are fun too but please no extreme lewd things - not that anyone would.

Hello WWD!

I would like to request Arche Klein magically extending her hair long enough so that it could be used as a scarf like this (i.imgur.com/ZfkuQGt.png) or her playfully using it as rope to lasso me in.

For the male character, a simple stand-in user would work well, but if you have to use some point of reference for someone, I guess my PSO2 character will work (you can change the outfit to whatever and remove the armor bits: i.imgur.com/CubhrkK.png)

Anything else cute is highly appreciated.

Have a nice weekend!

Requesting my king Revo please.
Him with the outfits on the right of refs would be great but anything is appreciated.

Since I'm celebrating her birthday next week (5th), I'd like to request Kagura with a cake, receiving a present, or anything birthday-related, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Please and thank you!

Requesting my dear Ion, wearing only an oversized navy sweater would be great, maybe as he goes around doing the morning routine, thank you!

Also, a joint request with outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys.

Requesting Nepgear something cute with Nepgear. Nothing lewd, please.
Outfits references: imgur.com/VttVd8Z
HDD references: imgur.com/a/7SZWB
More requests: pastebin.com/sfxSV0C1

Requesting *Hyun-ae bathing in bathub or diving in ocean.

Or exchanging clothes with Kiryuin Satsuki

Anything else cute is fine too.

Requesting Mai Kawakami. Some suggestions:

-in an apron as in the ref, holding a bowl and a ladle and trying to cook something while looking at an open book on the table
-wearing a girly strapless dress
-training with a pair of dumbbells while sitting on an stability ball, preferably while wearing an sports bra and shorts like in the third image of the second row from the left

Though anything cute or sexy is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

Hello everyone

I would like to request Karen Shirogane either:
- Cosplaying as Priestess with eyes of Blue i.imgur.com/OIBSjDf.jpg
- In a pajama playing with kittens like this i.imgur.com/SDaS69o.jpg
- wearing a sweater, and if it is the boob window one she uses it for her wings instead of the original purpose
- wearing CUTE ribbons
- wearing cozy autumn wear with a big scarf, maybe even sharing it
- With a big witch hat
- with braid or ponytail
- As joint request with Rias and Akeno together posing and showing off thier wings

Anything cute is always welcome, just as wings, horns and glasses. No lewd pls
Have a nice weekend all

Requesting something cute with Nepgear. Nothing lewd, please.
Outfits references: imgur.com/VttVd8Z
HDD references: imgur.com/a/7SZWB
More requests: pastebin.com/sfxSV0C1

Requesting my love Yuu hugging/looking fondly at the stuffed rabbit of her childhood (ref: imgur.com/a/Z2pBi ), or as a fire mage casting some flashy fire magic.

Alternatively, a joint request with Yuu and Kobeni wearing kimonos at a festival, with Kobeni cheering on Yuu as she scoops goldfish or the two of them sharing cotton candy with one of them getting some of it on their nose.
(Kimono References: imgur.com/a/pr5h6 )
(Kobeni Reference: i.imgur.com/xPV9aOR.jpg )

Requesting my waifu wearing the white bunnysuit from Gochiusa

Or anything cute/lewd of her wearing a nice sweater with striped stockings that emphasizes her body lines.

-Or her stretching like this in her leotard
-Or her lying down nude similar to this

Humbly requesting Rikka making the face shown in the middle here, along with the thumbs down if you like:

Or alternatively, in a qipao, with a side view that implies nopan if you're interested in going lewd.
Or maybe this outfit from [email protected]:

Of course, anything else would be just as wonderful, including smug, lewd (of various degrees), or smuglewd.

Many thanks in advance, to anyone who gives this a try.

Requesting Natsuki with something similar to the picture on the right.

If that's not too interesting, I'd like to see anything of the following:

- something like this imgur.com/a/ITsGV , lifting her bangs like in the picture
- only a hoodie
- the outfit in this video youtube.com/watch?v=z9X_4ML9fZw maybe with tiny twintails

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or autumn related would be nice.

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin in Disgaea's heavy knight outfit. imgur.com/a/dW8hq
Clothing swap with *Hyun-ae.
Anything else cute/cool would've be highly appreciated as well!

Requesting my waifu, Futayo Honda. I'd like to her shopping for sweets and sporting that heartwarming smile of hers.

Also requesting this with her i.imgur.com/t17auAO.jpg with the pizza replaced with a plate full of sweets and pastries, dango or just the pizza. Thank you!

Requesting Kukuru wearing cute clothes and/or playing in the leaves. Anything else is also fine.

Requesting Oora, anything is fine really.

Requesting my beautiful waifu, Yukino, wearing Emilia's outfit with her cloak (ref: imgur.com/a/kAavv)
Of course, anything cute or cool is fine and greatly appreciated.

I'm no longer seasonal! Requesting hajime celebrating!

Requesting anything of my beautiful angel, please

You may not be seasonal but you're still a haremfag

Requesting my cutie, Q. Her source franchise is 'C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control'.
Anything involving her would be greatly appreciated even slightly suggestive items, so please feel free to experiment with any ideas you may have.

Additional references can be found here: imgur.com/a/hS579
Thank you for reading, please be sure to enjoy your weekend.

Hi, WWD.
Humbly requesting my dearest Jolyne, no need to mimic Araki's style since I know it's difficult to pull off.
I'd like to see her
• As any of these Disgaea classes imgur.com/a/v7jZK
• Drawn in Dowman Sayman's art style imgur.com/a/K2KUN
• Summoning SMTIV FINAL/Apocalypse's Satan to deal with a certain dark skinned priest i.imgur.com/Jb53z6g.jpg
And to end things on a lighter note,
• On a date with user, maybe in a fancy restaurant

Enjoy your weekend and good luck, everyone

Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please!

Requesting Mazaki Anzu as a rio carnival dancer.

ref: imgur.com/a/aCd0s

Any other works are very much appreciated.

Requesting Hagoromo Gitsune using user's lap as a seat as she eats his ice cream, going for a late-night stroll in the woods with a lantern in one hand and user's hand in the other, or trying on different lingerie and asking the viewer which he prefers. Anything else is fine, too.

Requesting my dearest Anastasia dressed as a maid or a butler. imgur.com/a/xzl1l

Requesting Sakuya enjoying a smoothie or bubble tea at a small cafe. Casual clothing is preferable. Maybe on a date with me, a self insert or point-of-view is up to you.

Anything showing off her cute side or her cool calm demeanor is always lovely and appreciated. A bit cutelewd or suggestive is alright within reason.

Work calls. Make sure to take it easy and have fun drawing. Thanks in advance if you consider drawing her. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them.

Requesting Hisui holding a small tray with a tea set.

I want to dick my waifu so bad.

Requesting Risty in a dirndl getting drunk imgur.com/a/8xiqN

Or her wearing this shirt: i.imgur.com/C8yNPb2.jpg

Alternatively, her in a bunnygirl outfit like this: i.imgur.com/qL2Qbvm.jpg

Or her in a cheerleader outfit like this: i.imgur.com/flC3fQc.jpg

watercolors 1

This weekend is automatically saved!
Good job, looks cute!

Requesting Tsubasa at a public square, wearing a fluffy dress and shades.


Sitting on a couch reading books/magazines
Wearing Takamaki Ann's Panther outfit/Cat Suit with an embarrassed expression on her face
Reference: imgur.com/a/KIVLH

If not possible, anything beautiful is fine.

Tsubasa's clothes reference:
If you need to talk to me, please contact me at : [email protected]

I'd like to request Etna in any of these costumes.
-Imperial class from Etrian odyssey 4
-Alicia's army outfit from Valkyria Chronicles
-Asuka's test plugsuit
-Hikaru Shidou's school uniform our armor
imgur.com/PmHWQlf imgur.com/X4VJVcO
-Hikaru's outfit from Angelic Layer
imgur.com/7YBO5SD imgur.com/2bXfDL5
-Crimson Eyes from Valkyrie Crusade
-Succubus from Ayakashi
-Fyuria from Agarest
-Or Void Princess from Elsword

Of course anything cute is always appreciated, and if you'd like to draw something with Etna and my SI, ref here: imgur.com/vNSeZLU

Hey guys! Requesting my cute Mai doing some yoga in these clothes please. If you could make the pants tight leggings, I'd love it even more.

Can be cute/lewd, up to you. Thanks in advance!

More refs here: imgur.com/Tru2Mjk

I'd like to request Uni. Dressed like a princess, or in the Knight's Set + Reiterpallasch + Piercing Rifle/Evelyn equipment from Bloodborne, but otherwise I'd like anything.
I would also request Uni and Yozakura as a pair of Wing Diver or Pale Wing and Fencer from Earth Defence Force, the latter with dual Jackhammer weapons. a.pomf.cat/ohggxy.png a.pomf.cat/vtwren.JPG If anyone wants to be a Ranger or Air Raider to make it a full squad, feel free to suggest.
Alternatively, playing co-op shooting games like Time Crisis - or doing some cosplay and cool poses as the characters. Water guns are good as well!

Requesting my miracle mira wearing some cute boots. Or anything cute really.

For something a little more complicated I'd like to see her sharing tea and cheese cake with mio from k-on discussing things while mio has a horrified look on her face.

I'd like to request my husbando, Mariya Shidou:
-Dressed Like Lailah, from tales of Zestiria (ref: i.imgur.com/iSPKems.jpg)
-Wearing nyangerie
Most anything else would be wonderful too, thank you

Also, a joint request with Ion outfit swap, or maybe Mariya making Ion try on one of his cute nightgowns. And please remember both are boys.

watercolors 2

Mornin, requesting Shinjiro Aragaki eating a ramen cup, sitting in casual wear and playing a psp/3ds, or dressed in either of the MonHun armors in the ref.
Anything cool or handsome would also be appreciated, thank you for the consideration and take it easy.

Requesting my lovely bassist, Akiyama Mio.

I'd like to see a slightly older Mioonee-chan, since she would be 24 years old these days if we follow her complete birth date. She's 18 on the ref and at the end of the show. You can also go for the complete opposite and draw her as a cute loli bassist !

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute, or not too lewd. Thanks in advance and have a nice day !

Requesting Chelsea, please!

Dressed as a super cute maid, doing cute maid things, or just being happy to see me.

Or wearing only shirt and underwear, dressing, brushing her teeth, or doing any other everyday things, or just simply being cute.
Examples: imgur.com/a/7Fwnu

Or putting on socks or thighhighs:

Anything else cute is also greatly appreciated.

Please and thank you!

I am truly sorry for not replying to you last weekend. I couldn't gather my thoughts before the thread died, I feel awful about not giving any response. I can only hope you'll see this. I can't tell you how happy I am to see her like this after that terrible week, how much this means to me. Thank you so much for this amazingly heartwarming and super cute picture of her. Her face is just so pretty, the wink is truly charming. She looks happy, and seeing her happy makes me also happy. Amazing work, pencilanon, thank you very much! And thank you for complimenting her. I'm happy and she would also be really happy to hear that you find her cute!

Happy Friday everyone!

Requesting my darling with a bow done up in her hair, or anything else cute.

As always, thank you for considering and thank you drawfriends for everything you do.

To celebrate our fourth anniversary on Sunday,
I'd like to request Yukari in a wedding dress.

Take your time and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your signifigant other.

Requesting Chiaki Nanami playing vidya with her own Puchi like the ones in [email protected] ([email protected] ref: imgur.com/a/7xyPj)
Alternatively, if that's not your thing:
-her dressed as Kula from King of Fighters. (Ref: imgur.com/a/aOBZr)
-her and Neptune () excitedly playing Dreamcast and singing together the chorus to Superman by Goldfinger (youtube.com/watch?v=XeNKhm09Q88)
If you have a better/cuter/cute ecchi idea that you want to draw her in, feel free, suggestions are in my ref! (Just in case, I'd like suggestive stuff to be confined to personal deliveries, please.)
Also, here's my SI (imgur.com/a/VXAM2) for the SI requests or in case you want to draw anything cute between the two of us
And to all of you, please remember to never lose hope!

Could you ever love your waifu like Creayus loves C.C.?

Requesting a small comic of Sawyer holding up her electrolarynx towards her neck, and telling a joke:
"I object... to all this sex on... the television. I keep... falling off." (note the pauses, those are part of her speech pattern).

I'm thinking just three basic panels, saying the first part in the first one, then the second one in the second panel, finally just making a cute grin in the final panel.
(also this joke still makes sense in the setting of Black Lagoon)

Or just her making a cute yandere face, a lot like this:

As always, I'm open for just about anything else cute, cutelewd or lewd (like maybe a cool pinup), within reason, if you have an idea for something, just ask me. I love seeing her in pretty dresses and various cool and fashionable outfits.

Further references: i.imgur.com/jXIwLCY.png

Requesting Rin as a smug or disdainful cheerleader.

Requesting my goddess dressed as any of these vampire girls: imgur.com/a/ued1O
-Or wearing any kind of shoulderless clothing, such as sweaters or dresses.

Other ideas:
-Neptune and Chiaki () excitedly playing Dreamcast and singing together the chorus to "Superman" by Goldfinger
-Neptune in a gorilla costume and me in a banana one. SI ref: i.imgur.com/T9YkfiA.jpg

Purple Heart ref: my.mixtape.moe/aiqcuo.jpg

Of course anything cute or cutelewd is always warmly welcome.
Please and thank you so much!

I've been drawing my waifu regularly for 3 years now.
all i need to do now is to be good at it ;_;


Requesting my waifu Yumi doing something adorable.

Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra for expressive shy/bullied girl testing!

draw a cute expression for mai waifu that suits her

thanks a bunch draw friends ~

You're on roll

Requesting Aigis In a large sweater with exposed shoulders like one of these imgur.com/a/Cdqq0
With long flowing hair or just an alternate hair style
Cosplaying in one the Cardcaptor Sakura outfits imgur.com/a/YSBfi
Doing heart hands imgur.com/a/lTOdW
Wearing gear outfit that this automaton girl is wearing imgur.com/a/YZUPXDoing ,but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Requesting anything cute of Honoka.

For specifics, requesting Honoka wearing a competition swimsuit.

Have a great weekend.

Good morning. Requesting my beautiful Ai Nanasaki wearing a really loose fitting tank top and no bra:


Also requesting her wearing a cute shell bikini, like one of these designs:


Of course, anything is appreciated, including cutelewd, thank you.

Thank you very much for the lovely and fast water colors of Shion.
Shion looks cute and sexy in the cowboy outfit I like the thigh cutout a lot. The chibi style is cute as well

Requesting Rukia doing something cute with any of these pokemon: imgur.com/a/700pN
rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA
or an animation of her performing this prayer gesture (a pokemon included would be nice but is not needed): i.imgur.com/kd9HgvL.gif

I forgot to mention to have a good weekend

Requesting Chronoire wearing a cool shirt

Happy Friday WWD

Requesting my Noir, almost anything is fine

Enjoy your weekend

watercolors 3

Is the MAGA hat request still available? Because I've already started drawing it

Anything you feel like would be great as long it remains sfw & tasteful!

A few suggestions:
- Hai to Gensou no Grimgar inspired
- Shoulderless sweater + pantyhose or autumn themes
- Kimono skirt or using tasuki

Other ideas (bottom) and more refs imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Requesting Sina being genki, whatever it means to you
Have a nice weekend!

Cute waifu

Pretty cute

Very cute Rin. I'm glad she got something

Requesting my adorable husbando Kousaka Kyousuke wearing Joseph's outfit seen here: imgur.com/a/wgdPY doing a pose

Alternatively, dressed as the gunner class from Disgaea imgur.com/a/lG9CB

Anything else is fine as long as its cute and nonlewd. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Hello everyone

Requesting Diana, anything is fine, but non-lewd please. Some ideas:
* anything I could wake up to
* her in a bath robe (might be slightly cutelewd)
* at a table at a cafe from the viewer's perspective

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Petting a white java sparrow, please. Thank you.

Outstanding. You captured the expression better than I could have imagined, and she wears it well.
It's even Wallet Size.

Hello everyone requesting my lovely Seras either

-Being cute while wearing worn out jeans and a big hoodie

-Dressed up as classic movie monsters

-Joint requesting Natsume and Seras locking arms

I'd like Scharlachrot wearing a plain white tee, cute clothes of any kind even gothic lolita or a military-ish uniform, or doing tasks/chores using her chains, like cooking, cleaning, so on so forth like a good young housewife.
All okay for something else.

Requesting Kyou Fujibayashi dressed as Nono while crossing her arms.

Requesting Stocking being comfy in a pair of these type of pyjamas, please.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Requesting my darling Miia drawn in an 80s/90s anime artstyle (imgur.com/oWONwke.jpg)

Or perhaps for something funny, her standing on the smallest bit of her tail (i.imgur.com/etQtliS.jpg), either menacingly or proudly looking down at the viewer.

A joint request with Akame would also be neat, maybe the two of them as partner assassins with Miia in her tribe clothes.
Or this from a while back. Also, here's a pattern for her scales in case you need it. (i.imgur.com/ZmFRIPH.png)
Thank you in advance.


watercolors 4

If I hadn't deleted most of my drawings from Pixiv, I'd be the one with the single most drawings of her on there. Oh wait, I think I technically am now since I uploaded a bunch in one set.

Requesting Watashi making a birthday cake or a PoV shot of her handing the viewer a slice, still wearing her cooking wear from baking it. Her giving some kind of present would be nice too. Alternatively, if you want to get a bit lewd, she is the present, wrapped up in ribbons. Anything else birthday related would be excellent as well.
Anything else cute or lewd would also be fine, of course.

Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly being smug, but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Requesting Hitagi sitting at a desk writing a letter. Open to artist ideas as usual.




I'm getting the impression that it's your birthday.

>Pope Mio the First

How ever did you come to that conclusion?

I'm a bit of a psychic.

Requesting Kneesocks in Panty's or Stocking's cop outfit.
Also requesting her wearing a wedding dress made of ghosts.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

Thanks. I've had a hard week and deserve something better though. Can i rerequest?

What an absolutely cool and pretty image of her. As I thought, a butler outfit suits her appearance well. She looks absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for drawing Anastasia again , watercolors!
I assume it's still fine to send you money for it to be shipped to me, correct?

I really hope this is someone falseflagging.

It's a new IP, of course it is.

Requesting him playing or being comfy with a black cat, or anything else you can come up with.
Take it easy.

Requesting Hakodate Omiko dressed up as Zero Suit Samus. You can draw whichever version of the suit you'd like, and you can either keep her original hairstyle or make it match Samus's; whichever you think looks better.
Anything else is also fine.

Requesting anything cute of Fuuka. Thanks in advance.

That was quick, and I like how you drawn her long black hair.
Thanks man, and have a nice week-end !

I banned SSF, of course you'd imagine that I gained a few fans and that they would try something.
Cutegurofag came to defend her and was banned by oldman for being annoying, ignoring every argument, and restarting a 24h old drama.
Chronoirefag also was banned, he posted futa pictures of a waifu in the server.

No problem senpai.

Also requesting RJ please!

>of a waifu
>a waifu
care to be more specific dear miobro?

Requesting Crona wearing comfy exercise clothes (tshirt/sweater and yoga pants/sweatpants for example, or the red gym outfit in my ref) and stretching/doing a yoga pose.

Alternately, wearing cute fall casual clothes and sipping a cup of tea/coffee.

Anything else cute or cool would be appreciated too. Thanks.


Why fuel what inevitably will derail the thread and cause you all to bitch? Who gives a shit, just shut the fuck up and request.

Remember how hanefag openly posted beast of someone's waifu. Why isnt he banned anyway?

Oh damn, delivered in the first thread? Shino clearly makes for a pretty kitty, even if a little lewd. Not necessarily a bad thing, of course.
Thank you so much for making a picture of my beloved (and so quickly too), and please have a great week!

Mine. And that was done on purpose since he also posted some EPIC fire and 100 emojis. And barely 10 minutes after Cutegurofag appeared to basically shitpost (he clearly wasn't here for a civil debate like I said in my previous post) and was banned by oldman after a hour of said shitposting.

Put the gun down miofag.

If I recall though you @mentioned him multiple times and told him to post futa?

Can you not bring up discordshit? This retarded drama doesn't belong here.

Howdy, WWD!

Requesting my Minty angel trying to look super tough (and super failing) in a Teddy Bear kigurumi!

Also requesting an outfit swap with Vanilla (Vanilla ref: i.imgur.com/IizLFLj.png)

Anything else nonlewd is awesome too, I'm just always happy to see her beautiful smiling face. Thank you very much and have a lovely weekend!

Requesting my cute waifu Maki dressed as Higashikata Josuke from Diamond is Unbreakable!

Anything cute or smug is also definitely appreciated as well. Thank you for considering, and have a nice weekend!

Josuke ref: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/49/4c/e6/494ce6178aa3854b22a07629505cbadb.jpg

Reminder that you missed a free ticket sign-up in the general this week.

Can you keep this Discord drama out of the thread? This isn't your clubhouse and the only people who want to hear about it are those who plan to fan the flames further.

Requesting anything of Misato Tachibana please, cutelewd is fine. For a more specific request I'd like to see her doing one of these.
- Rocking out while wearing some cool headphones
- Sitting by a bonfire getting warm and cozy
- Dressed as an elf and with a bow and arrow, specifically dressed like the one from Dragons Crown if you don't mind. imgur.com/a/eLGzc

Of course anything else is fine as well.

Requesting my lovely waifu Mahiru Koizumi dressed as a teacher teaching user about photography or anything else. Thanks in advance.

What was it?

watercolors 5

Why do people do this?

Can I draw for ssf or not?

What even is a discord?

glad you like it, cute waifu, and yes

Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters playing me(POV or tan work fine) in Uno, losing horribly and being extra upset about it, please! Anything of her with a cute pouty face after being bullied in children's card games would be swell!

Me: i.imgur.com/HfaN4FO.jpg

Alternatively, requesting Mimi having trouble doing normal everyday activities due to her super strength, please!


Thanks if you pick this up, home fry!

Another Halloween one.

I wish I could hear about more just I could laugh about them being idiots over petty high school tier drama. But I don't want the thread to get shitted up either.

Requesting Cynthia from Pokemon, please. Possibly of her wearing a diamond teardrop necklace, like her pendent on her coat, as a gift or something similar as per the 10th anniv. of Diamond/Pearl Ver. release in Japan. Thank you for your consideration.

>discord drama

Bring Your Own erb?

PRetty much the threads in a nutshell

Looking back at the req, I forgot to make Nero's neros soppy and wet. Take this anyways.

How's things going?

Very cute, but that belongs in the general

Wrong thread

Those are some nice titties

I really need to contact you for the piece you did for me a while back, I absolutely adored it. Do you still have all of your older works?

That's pretty accurate

Draw some waifus here too, m8

Nice fat tats, but for future reference, requests in the general stay in the general; the WWD is separate.

Requesting Homura wearing a drindl. Or anything else nice you'd like to draw of her.

requesting dokuro taking it easy with me

Requesting you fall and can't get up

You got a name you go by?

Well, that would be taking it easy. He can just lie there and wait for help.

Hello WWD, humbly requesting my husbando Slaine Troyard.

It'd be cool to see him wearing this costume i.imgur.com/I0gWR9n.jpg or him wearing something more suited for the current weather and being comfy i.imgur.com/Ys4fijq.jpg
Alternatively, PoV headpatting would be great (he'd get very flustered).

You don't have to stick to these ideas, I'd love to see any picture where he's happy and smiling. I wish you a relaxing weekend!

Requesting my lovely Lilly please, anything is appreciated of course, though one of the following ideas would be lovely

-A sleepy bedside pic as shown in the reference

-Lilly trying wearing her hair in twintails with a pout/unsure look on her face

-Anything cute SI related (reference: imgur.com/XpYXRWp)

Thank you very much!

are you a cripple, old man?

only mentally

requesting my beautiful wife Seiko

Good morning folks!

Next Wednesday is my birthday, so anything nice, cute, and comfy with Yukiho celebrating that day together would be nice.
Nothing lewd please, thanks in advance.

recently more than usual, usually its just the one knee.
this week i have very little energy as i'm recovering from surgery and have not been able to eat or drink nearly anything + having to choke down horse pills in an attempt to prevent infection. Bit difficult when you can barely swallow water though.

Damn, that's what I get for having both threads open in the same window. Thanks for the head's up.

Thank you, and I plan to do so.

I'm in the booru as Whale. I'm still very new, so I don't have much. I always put the date in the filename if stuff doesn't get tagged.

Do you post elsewhere at all? Your art seems familiar.

Patchouli wearing a oktoberfest clothing and her huge cleavage in clear view please.

Not really. Although I did make a tumblr to catalogue my progress and follow other artists I admire.

Sorry its been a while!

Requesting my waifu Kochou Yoshida please. Cute or tasteful lewd please.

Guess I've got the wrong person then, you have some really nice art though so be sure to keep up the good work!

Requesting something cute and non-lewd of my daughteru, Satoko.
Also a joint request with with Rika and Satoko having a teaparty with a big stuffed bear guest.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Requesting Birdy in a Dirndl saying " drink up!" or asking how good she looks in said Dirndl, or having a drink herself( she is very bad with alcohol, one and she is wasted)
Dirndl ref imgur.com/a/eZGXs
Birdy ref imgur.com/a/cmY90#0

Or in a classy dinner dress like this, enjoying a nice dinner. Must have nice and cute earrings!

Or my SI carrying Birdy like so
Can be other way around if you want to be funny.
SI ref imgur.com/a/OYu35

Please and Thank you!

wrong thread, go there:

Good morning everyone.

Requesting Kosaki eating strawberries. Preferably in cute casual clothes like dresses.

Or cosplaying as geniewiz.

Geniewiz Outfit Ref:

Slightly lewd is okay with me. Thank you and have a comfy weekend.

Could I have a request of Yasuna becoming Rapeman's new sidekick (no mask please) or them spending time together like going to get Ice cream or just sitting on a park bench together

Requesting Shalltear Bloodfallen, please.
For something specific, I'd like to see her using an umbrella to slow her fall, dress billowing out.

Anything else would also be appreciated.

ctrl+s is your friend YuriaAnon

Requesting Yuria in any of the following

- dressed as Memoria from Mystery Chronicle OWH (imgur.com/a/1o2hN)
- her reaction to being given flowers. She's shy and tries to hold back her expression sometimes
- dressed as Lana from Pokemon Sun and Moon (danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2440884)
- wearing high heels trying to reach my SI's height, or any cute or cutelewd interaction with my SI
- in a cutelewd mummy costume

Anything cute or cutelewd is fine

SI ref i.imgur.com/lxBROmF.png

filename was a nice kek

That is so far from how to spoiler that I don't think that was what he was trying to accomplish at all. It might just be formatting he used for himself


Don't be rude.

same people.

Haha yeah, you'd think someone would've already came up with it but I guess not

Halloween Waifus please.

cute maki


Didn't we already do this earlier this week?

I was considering putting a halloween suggestion in my request, maybe I should.

It's not even October yet.

Requesting Rukia carving a pumpkin for halloween. Thanks!

but that's next month

If anything that guy is rude, this isn't "Daughteru and Cuteguro General" or some shit. Not even a Waifu, Husbando or SI anywhere near his post, get my point?

requesting Sako being drunk and rowdy.

I requested cosplay which is pretty Halloween.

Actually daughterus have been allowed here since before the threads were created.

You're complaining about daughterus, and yet you justify this shit?

Oh man, that's a really cute tomato! Thank you so much!

What else is there to Halloween?





Tricking, treating, egging, toilet papering, groups of children threatening other groups of children to extort candy...

waifus bullying and scaring small children

I want my waifu to bully me into giving her all my candy.

Candy laced with drugs

Waifus exploring a haunted house, the baka/genki ones being scared while the more down-to-earth ones being stone faced

If I didn't know any better I'd think we have a Shidare Hotaru-fag now

Oh boy, all the cancer that we warned you all about is coming out at once. There's no stoping this train now. You chose this future.

Waifu giving candy to Trick-or-Treaters.

There used to be a Hotarufag, but he stopped requesting around the time the anime started airing.

This actually seems really cute, thanks for the idea user.

Hey. Looking to see Mayu with a pair of sunglasses doing a cool pose pointing her fingers.

as always though, I'm happy to see any art of Mayu at all and will appreciate anything.

thanks in advance.

Waifu giving quick blowjobs to cute trick or treaters that knock on our door!

I want this badly.

Delete this

Requesting Tsukimi carving a picture of Clara into a pumpkin for halloween.

Your stuff is so nice, good job

Waifu asking husbando to deal with any other trick or treaters that may knock while she takes the one that just showed up straight to our bedroom for a quick fuck

Requesting my lovely waifu Nano Shinonome.
Any of the following would be nice

- Recieving chocolates and flowers, reacting embarassed but happy.
- Wearing a yukata.
- Reacting to being told she's cute, among other compliments.

Or if you want to use my SI
-SI hugging Nano like this imgur.com/a/Npr2R (or Nano giving the hug, if you want!)
- Cuddling while SI has many kissmarks on his face and an embarassed/shocked look.

SI ref here if needed: imgur.com/OHaQYHt

Anything else cute, or cutelewd is really appreciated!
Thank you, hope you have a great weekend, and remember to have fun!

Requesting Okoi using the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Anything else is always appreciated.

kill yourselves

Requesting my cute Haruka Morishima as a prince similar to Yuu Kashima ref: i.imgur.com/pzYDBrk.jpg

Other ideas are:
-Her wearing a Yukata
-Binding up her breasts in bandages
-Wearing a track suit

Anything is appreciated though, even cutelewd. Thanks!

Ignore and report it all.

Requesting my kawaii kanojo Konata!

While I'm fine with something cute/cutelewd/with SI, a few little suggestions:
>Sharing a cup of hot chocolate with me in POV with an outfit to match the occasion
>Naked apron
>Reacting excitedly to receiving anime merchandise in the mail
>Dressed only in my hoodie that's too long for her, saying now it's autumn she needs to start sleeping in warmer clothes (or something like that)

And remember the most important part is having fun!

I can't decide between butt and midriff, so which one do you prefer?

Waifu jack o lanturns!
Waifus carving punkpins!


Partying hard

Thank you very much for delivering her, that blush is cute! Have a good weekend.

Hmm, go for midriff, since it rarely gets as much love as her butt!

Where are the waifu lewds?

Draw them. Anyone with the word cutelewd in their post is ok

What about lewdlewd though?

I'd be okay with that in private

She's the one confessing to you, I hope you say yes user.

This is my first time drawing so please forgive my flubbing of all fundamental pillars of drawing such a proportion, shading, hands etc. I hope it gives you at least a little smile

Ask anyone ok with cutelewd if they'd be willing to receive that. It's been done before

People have received that privately before today, after being asked.

Sorry to be a nuisance, but is it possible to make small changes? It's just that his right wrist needs to be covered.

I'd be okay with it, whether in private or not.

I might be too, but it would depend on the content.

Cool. Anime is already cute, so I'll draw straight up porn for the lewd part.

>Giving love to your waifu's butt

I...never really knew how to party in halloween since it's doesn't exist in my country, I never went in candies hunt or went in a disguised party or anything...

Same. As long as it got posted on /i/ so the artist doesn't get nuked

I'm okay with anal, bagpiping and palm docking with waifu.

Requesting my precious waifu Himiko Toga in tight yoga pants like in the refs below.

Or drawn have Himiko drawn in Hirohiko Araki's artstyle which looks like this.

If not than anything cute is find or cutelewd, much appreciated.

>not giving love to your waifu's butt

Come on user. She wants to feel loved as much as being told.

Hello WWD

I would like to request my beloved Noir playing some vidya.
On a picnic with SI in the falling leaves of autumn.
Or, her allowing SI to use her lap as a pillow to rest (or vice versa).

If none of those things fit your fancy, about anything else is fine too.
Thank you very much and please, have a wonderful weekend!

SI reference: a.pomf.cat/woqhsn.jpg

Requesting Akane warming herself under a ton of blankets, please.

OF COURSE. In a situation like this a man's got to make a fist and yell yes! I love you too Rika!
Or maybe I should play it cool and whisper the answer in her ear. More than a smile the picture's giving me butterflies in my stomach. Thinking of how I could respond.
If that's actually your first picture then honestly I think you're overflowing with potential. If you want an art gripe then the only thing that looks off to my non artist self is the hands.
Thank you buddy. I'll treasure it. I'll be cheering for your continued growth in artistic power.

Getting fucked in the butt just feels like pooping in reverse.

Requesting Kirika Misono, thanks.

Requesting Natsuru Senou trying on a backless bra (Reference fashionbyflo.com/media/2016/03/Backless-bra.jpg) or anything cute and autumnal themed. Thank you!

Requesting Naoto Shirogane wielding a Hino-Komuro pistol. The outfit or pose is up to you. Thanks in advance.

It's ok, frogposter. No one cares about you.

>I never went in candies hunt or went in a disguised party
What weird ways to say Trick or Treating and Costume parties.

Requesting Minatsu wearing some sexy high heel boots, lewd would be okay too.
Or wearing an evening gown.
Anything else is fine too, thanks!

>sexy high heel boots
Excellent taste. I hope you get something nice


Fuck off frogposter


cute drawing just a shame it isn't of a waifu

It's a shitposter drawing for a shitposter, what do you expect? They want this reaction from you.

Requesting Lavinia to be drawn:

Doing one of these Jojo poses
In a sweater and thigh highs, posed like this
As a Pokemon Go trainer with a scyther
Dressed in Charlotte Dunois' training outfit
Wearing a tshirt with one of these bands on it

Please and thank you.

I saw this but i didn't get a chance to thank you, I dont go to the general often. I don't mind if its not what I requested. This is adorable! Thank you!

It's a drawing in a drawthread, who gives a fucking shit?

This. It's all just shitposting. Ignore it and any other discord drama

Hi coupon!

I'm going to request semi-lewd of my wife for my birthday.

Of course privately

Coupon did nothing wrong, all he does is draw cute drawings

He literally said "my waifu" in his request.

She looks amazingly adorable! Thank you a ton and that fang Is beautifully cute and I just want to play with those adorable little twintails. The wink is cute and the drawing is so soft. Thanks! You're the best!

Hi coupon!

Coupon, plz.


It's almost like you guys don't want drawfags here.

It's like you all want to be in despair every week.

That's what they want.

that's my secret, user.
I'm always in despair

Where's the bottom right picture from? Did QB get a mobage?

Really good
Super adorable

>implying there aren't lots of people who just post then close the tab, or actually take it easy
i'm just tired, man, i just wanna see my waifu, and other people decently happy

Wish I could get something from you

pay one hundred for his lineart and you can lol

>He thinks this is expensive
Yeah, the same group of people that jewed P for $5.

Really? That's pretty cheap.

Your wish is my command.
Have a nice weekend!

For those that didn't request this thread, Please help me get this to them eventually. Thank you!

Momo K.

Mega cute

Too bad the requesters are just going to keep requesting.
Very cute though!


Requesting my dear husbando, Reigen Arataka:
-Something autumn related like laying in a pile of leaves
-Alternatively, him dressed in his vampire costume: imgur.com/5eM2ovK

Anything else nonlewd is fine, thank you.

Very cute! Did you RNG the names?

Oh wow, the alphabet one actually got it through.

Amazing work.
Thank you very much for including her. I wish you an amazing weekend!

So fuggin cute.

I can get better for cheaper

I have to ask which letter had the most waifus.

Cute! Thank you so much for including Dolce! She looks absolutely adorable and that parasol is perfect for her. Everyone else's waifus and Zygarde look really cute too. I hope you have a great weekend.

Pretty nice.

Super qt, good job.

Are they allowed to rerequest?


>These people will rerequest

Whoa I don't remember joining any collages recently, have you picked all of these randomly? Thank you, everyone looks so cute here but Jolyne looks the cutest of course, please enjoy your weekend and upcoming week!
As a side note, do you happen to have separate images of the waifus here?

Can't argue with the rules buddy. Collages don't count.

Requesting my lazy waifu Gamegear some love.

Holding hand while sleeping on wall or some lewd.

Now that's BM

Glad none of these were mishafag

Hagoromo OR. Man, that's one really cute alphabet. I don't remember signing up or anything for this but I'm glad she got in. Thanks for all the hard work on this adorable collage and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Hello! Requesting my lovely waifu Hanako! Anything lovely is fine. Nothing lewd or suggestive, please.

Thanks so much to all the artists who spend time and effort making anons here happy!

Why do you post this? Is it because you're somebody who doesn't rerequest after collages and you're mad that other people do even though that's the way things have been for awhile, are you just shitposting for replies, or are you so desperate that you're trying to guilt people into not rerequesting so there'll be less competition?

Report and ignore

Eureka a cute. The alphabet was a really neat idea, amazed you got through so many cute girls already, everyone looks very well done.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as well.

Because it's true? Why are you being so defensive?

OMG! That's so sweet, adorable and other adjectives I can't mention in this post! It's so adorable, that I decided be out for the weekend. So have a nice weekend everyone!

Requesting my lovely Tamaki wearing a wedding dress and accepting a ring from user, or just smiling warmly please! Some other ideas below:

-wearing her miko outfit and playing with a sylveon please! Perhaps nuzzling it like this danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1474833
Sylveon ref: i.imgur.com/rmAuSGF.jpg

-wearing this outfit i.4cdn.org/a/1474069528198.jpg

Or anything else cute and not too lewd, perhaps with some cute red framed glasses! Thanks for reading and have a comfy weekend~

Yes. I compiled a list manually and ran it through rng. I spent a little more time than necessary rolling the dice to make sure it was working but yes.

There were the most M waifus

I don't have separate images of the waifus, do you want me to cut it up? I have to leave shortly so it'll probably be later in the day

Is that you, yokura?
Excellent work.

Can I get Kate from sketchbook wearing either a Quebec sweater(like the full front is just the flag) or a similar sweater but with the Canadian flag

Very nice work. I guess the odds were stacked against me since my waifu's name starts with an M. Could you put your list on pastebin?

Idea for short waifus and SIs.


Why would the fact that "my waifu's name" starts with an 'm' affect your chances?

Did this have to do anything with me mentioning your name specifically when we were talking about an Alphabet collage?

this is nice

>There were the most M waifus

Read, nigga, read.

Who's thicc here!

My waifu's an S; I'm the M.

Archefag here, this is super cute!

Thank you for choosing her as 'A' and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Woah really cute work

Was waiting for this joke.

Muh dick

But trains are for poor people.

RNG jesus hates me

Thanks so much for drawing her, she and all the others look adorable! But mostly her. My favorite part of this is your color choice, the ones you chose for her hair plus the white lighting looks so pretty, that combined with her beautiful eyes and outfit and I'm captivated. I hope you have a great weekend, thanks again.


You can always commission Yokura.

Give me a commission link that are not too expensive and drawing eastern styles.

I'm curious can you put a list of all the ones you picked before running the numbers to get the final ones?

On t?

I wasn't expecting anyone pick this idea up but I'm really glad to see something come of it, especially when it came out this cute!
Seriously, each of them look absolutely adorable, and I can't possibly thank you enough for including my cutie, you captured her perfectly.

Please be sure to have a great week, no doubt you've made many other anons as happy as I am!

It did and most of the cards are uploaded.

Why do you want to feel worse than you already do

>tfw too poor to eat regularly

chibis are a dollar
don't tell me you can't spend THAT much for your beloved.

I understand why you want the whole list but i would really rather not. I am sure I missed some waifus and I would prefer to avoid unnecessary despair and shitposting. I'm really sorry.

Someone wished for it hard enough. So yes probably, you should thank them.

Requesting Alisha please.

Anything would be fine as long as it isn't too lewd. I would really like something of her in her outfit on the right, the fancy blue outfit. Still all her outfits are nice so have at it.

Requesting a cute picture of Homura akemi, Kaname Madoka, sakura kyouko or sayaka miki from mahou shoujo madoka magica. Can be any of them. Thank you.

How do you eat? Hanging upside down?

I spent all my money on a custom pic of her getting gangbanged by niggers

Wrong thread and bad post all around, go to the general and make an actual reference.

Usually once a day.

I wonder who.
Man, you've been getting a lot of work huh

Thanks for drawing her again. You should really take a breather.

Who is she? Got discord?

I do not care.

This image is for me only. I wont share.

On the contrary, I've had much less work the past two weeks, that's why I've been able to spend free time drawing here. There are no brakes on this train, weeeeee

you're welcome, and thank you!

Aw, bunmer Fine.

Shinjiro's a husbando, though.

>It's fine, seems you only picked discord waifus anyway


>Those chosen are the only "true" waifus
Jesus, you couldn't have worded that post any better?

It's like people don't know what RNG is anymore.

15 of those beloved are not in the discord

Humbly requesting mon amour, Mitsuru Kirijo.

If possible, I'd like to request her out on a hike, riding in a hot-air balloon, or on a road trip, sleeping in the passenger seat of a car.

Of course, I'd be appreciative if she were drawn at all, thank you!


But I've never used discord in my life

I think he just wants to talk to you.


Check you email, maybe I should say in your spam section

I didn't get your previous request straight and I've made mistakes, I'm drawing a loli Kobeni if that's fine for you

Posting for Kuromefag.

Requesting Kurome giving user a lap pillow.

Or a family picture with a little girl that looks like her like imgur.com/0QW8hk5

Or a PoV of her getting headpatted with user's legs visible to her sides.

Or lifting up her clothes to reveal wraps, or just wearing wraps like imgur.com/a/KKtjT

Or wearing either of these outfits

Anything else is fine as long as it's cute or cutelewd

That too. But it's fine if he doesn't.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much x23, have a good weekend.

Seriously, what's wrong with emails, or even the discord. Now it's fucking SMS messages?
Why are we so /soc/?

>Thank you very much x23
Wolverine drew it?

Requesting a make america great again kongou,

Surprise me.

He's an artistic guy, you know.

He's the best at what he does.

This is true.

Emails are shit, if I send deliviers they end up in the spam section.
Not such a thing, the only topics are the drawings

>tfw not RNGed for O
Pure jelly

/r/ waifu in a spitroast DP by Ainz, Skeletor and Dark Lich.

It's Halloween!

Waifus getting boned?


Requesting waifus personified as food items/flavors


I'd prefer to taste my waifu's flavor directly.

That could be a good collage idea, added to my list


Only chocolate in the thread


Counter requesting waifus with eeveelutions instead.

>More free drawings per week

That'd be pretty cool, I wonder what kind of food he'd be. Something sweet is a given.

I'd like to make a request for Makise Kurisu.

Seeing her standing in the control room of the Large Hadron Collider wearing her lab coat and pointing forward while shouting "Fire the main cannon!" while nearby techs give her a weird look would be nice.

If you're looking for other ideas:

- Cheering triumphantly or looking smug while holding the latest print of a scientific journal

- Hugging user in a pose similar to:imgur.com/Jj7JqKUwith a wistful or bittersweet expression on her face.

- Flying around as a tiny science fairy.

If you would like to draw something else, feel free. Chibi, cute, or lewd though I'd prefer lewd to be in character if possible. Something sad is fine too.

>rarely sexualize my waifu and try not to
>sometimes the thought of how her butt smells crosses my mind

I have similar thoughts, only more frequently.

Wow, you must have a hard life.

Gearfag, calm down nigga.

Already happened, with hoodies

Not me.
I have constant thoughts about butts.

I spend most of the time thinking about hugging my waifu.


My waifu is designed to be sexualized so I do it all the time.



>6'7" and 4'8"


>she wasn't drawn
Might as well stop now since drawfags don't like her apparently. What a shitty fucking thread, and the start of a shitty fucking weekend. I wonder if I should just end my life.

Are you who I think you are

If not, you're wrong

Yeah, that happened

Holy shit you're tall.
Or your husbando is tall, whichever one.

>he bases his love for waifu on how much other people draw her

Then do it again with different waifu/drawfag

I probably am, don't worry

t. 100% club

I'm not that tall, some of my family is taller

Have you even requested her this thread?

That's cool and all, but I'm talking about real live eevees.

What about the opposite?

Flareon is bro tier. Now I want to play Pokemon again.

Such an unexpected surprise, absolutely super cute collage! The alphabet is such a nice idea.
Thank you very much for choosing my Chelsea for C! She looks super cute and adorable, and of course, all the others are sweet too, overall very well done collage. Thank you and please have a great weekend!

Yiff in hell

I know your feel. I feel like i'm a invisible or ghost.

u wot m8

with, not as.
unless he means skinned eeveelutions worn as fur coats

Who's your waifu? Serious question.

>unless he means skinned eeveelutions worn as fur coats
I kinda want this.


What about you?

Make Reoko-sama scare away little kids who try to play trick or tread

I want to see my waifu dressed as a gijinka, maybe an Eeveelution

Nigga, it's only Friday.

Shit. I was sure it was saturday.

Theres a gijinka one that just had signups I believe...Some eeveeloutions. Did you signup?

Status of Pokemon gijinkas, kaomoji, or Yoko outfit pictures ?

There was? I must have just ignored it since I never sign up for collages.

>and try not to
Why? She wants you to, she sexualizes you.

>tfw just fapped to the mental image of my waifu wearing one of those see-through micro bikinis

My waifu's butt is for resting my head on while watching TV, not sexualizing!

Hello Kuromefag

I don't think it was a collage but who knows.

Yoko outfits? Her normal one or of them?

It's in the post I quoted.

I wanna fap right now to the thought of emotionless sex with waifu, then breaking her cold exterior until she's a drooling mess filled with my cum

Epic name drop, but I'm not him.

That doesn't sound like a comfortable position for her to watch TV.

>My waifu's butt is for resting my head on while watching TV, not sexualizing!
But that is sexualizing!

he's not me

Hello Kuromefag

Smelling, kissing, licking waifus butt.

I don't think I could watch TV that way, I'd be too tempted to bury my face in it.

>You're now imagining you're waifu saying "A-user, I can't hold it any more, I need you NOW!", with heavy breathing, heart shaped pupils, and stripping down.

She wants you BAD, user.

Yes please.

Will you lewd fags please fucking calm your shit till we hit bump limit at least? God damn.


Can we stop thread killing? Its only Friday afternoon, everyone chill out.

Seriously, take it to the discord or the archive or something.

I missed the thread, guess I'll post my request on the next. one

It's more like if she's laid opposite way out on the bed reading a book or something.

Waifu hugging a no pillow means yes?

Make a new thread then

Yes, all of my yes. In that order. I want to spread her buttcheeks as I bury my nose in her ass and take a deep whiff

It's too late


>masturbating to pantyhose while upset at lack of waifu in pantyhose art

This is great user, that cheeky grin of hers is to perfect and so endearing. She also looks pretty stacked which I certainly don't mind at all. This is a really great job, the coloring gives it warm and vibrant look and makes it and her really attractive to look at.

Thank you for drawing Kobeni, she looks positively beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend!

Good stuff. Maybe I should fap to my waifu now

Oh I got in? That's certainly a surprise!

I want to make out with her butt. I want her to sit on my face so bad

I want to play with my waifu's butt in her shorts and appreciate it, but not sexualize it!

I want my waifu to embarrassingly wipe off my glasses after she squirted all over them when I gave her cunnilingus

Well, you could request it. Then you'd have more drawings of her in pantyhose.

Post your waifu's butt!

I want to brutally beat up my waifu so I can nurse her back to health later.

I want to run my fingers through his hair as I'm straddling him.

Stop sexualizing waifus, stop it!

waifu + revealing_clothes


Next thread is ready.

With all this talk about butts, it's surprising how little butt requests there are.

I want my waifu to post this about me.

Yeah. But only if you want.

I only want to give her true happiness.

>found a dozen good artists who draw her perfectly for cheap prices
>don't have to beg for free drawings like a fucking bottomfeeder anymore
>have a literal constant stream of high-quality lewd and/or cute art
So long you fucking losers lmfao

Yes. Absolutely.

I think about these things every day, I can't stop. Waifu's butt is just too wonderful.
I want to tongue her butt as deep as it'll go.


I want to beat up user and just let him die there.

It's kinda hard to word that in a way that doesn't make you look like a pervert.

You're welcome, I'm streaming the loli Kobeni if you're interested picarto.tv/dondurma


That's a birthday request for me.

whoa it's almost like anonymously posting sexual fantasies is different than asking for deliveries of your waifu's ass to be shared with everyone on Cred Forums

Do it! Beat me up and leave me to die!

My nigger.
It's my top fantasy, I get rock hard instantly thinking of her cute butt on my face. Sticking my tongue in her butt and kissing it so much. It's painful not getting to.

Whaddya mean with that? If I want to see my wife in revealing clothes? Absodamnlutely.

Would they get drawn? Something tells me not.

For bump limit lets play a game.
Post your waifu's family member - see if anyone can tell who the waifu is just from that.

Post the autocomplete options that appear on Google when you type in your waifu's full name.

>not commissioning and begging
And you say you love her.

I'd honestly rather have a picture of her from a POV perspective, pinning down my arms an giving a yandere face.

I do.

I want to see more art of my husbando wearing tight pants that accentuate his cute butt.

But it's obvious from the art style.

I'd draw butts.

I love her enough to not have her drawn by the fucking amateurs in these threads lmao

I want to pin my waifu down during sex and slowly slide it into her butt.

While OOC, I'd like that. 'Wild with lust' is probably better, though.

Post your waifu's eye and we'll guess her

Gee I wonder

>fire emblem
>tokyo mirage

Facesitting, being able to sniff her butt and kiss and lick her butthole and inside of her ass is my ultimate fantasy.

this is great,m thanks. shes looks very cute.
the others are pretty cute too.


>not amateurs

so you're giving money to a pro?
I want to see one of those works you0re so proud of.

don't bait me into lewdposting

Does this count?

Requesting waifu bar collage.

I have requested her butt lots of time and poses of her bending over.

Post waifu + halloween costume you'd like to see her wearing

Sucks for you guys with obvious waifus...
Try a symbol that relates to her then.



>that feel when waifu's name is a kitchen appliance brand and nothing relevant comes up

if you assume every text post made in these threads is genuine, you're gonna have a bad time

is hinagiku's requester present

I did though. It was drawn.

Say nice things about other peoples waifu!


Shalltear is best girl from Overlord.

Minori is pretty cute

I used to be a huge anal fetishist before I met her. I would never sodomise her, but it's ok if it's just my tongue right?

Eureka is really cool.

Slaine's hair demands ruffling.

W-wheres Yuunafag?

Slaine is pretty great.

Mitsuru is best persona.

Taiga is a qt

How about we lewdpost in the /ghost/ version of this thread after it gets bumped off? That way we can tell how many people are lewdposting sincerely, and how many are just doing it to mess up the thread.

Izaya has a really fun voice(?)
Either way hes pretty cool.

If anything I rarely thing about anything but anal or buttplay with waifu, it's been a major obsession of mine for years.

I want to feel my waifu's firm ass pressed against my dick.


But people could just samefag?

>They never get complimented
It's okay, I'll always love you, my dear.

I want my waifu wearing nothing but bandaids covering her naughty bits.

Valerie has cute eyes.

I want to hold my waifu's arms above her head and fill her mouth with my penis.

There's no point.

Mostly because I'm a horny bastard, but 1/10 is a "shitpost".

I'd rather wake up to her giving me a blowjob.

My waifu never gets complimented either, but I did compliment someone who never gets complimented here. I guess I tried.

My wife is super cute

I want to eat my waifu's taco while she sleeps

Yukari is from a good series!

Is there any good software for tagging images on your hard drive? It's getting hard to find anything in my waifu folder. I wish png and gif had metadata

Thanks, I'm sure your beloved is a cutie as well.

>not purposefully keeping it unorganized so you get to look at hundreds of cute pictures whenever you're looking for something

Upload your collection on gelbooru.

Birdy a cute!

That just makes it all the better when they finally do get complimented.

Thats rude! She was saving it for lunch tmrw! Do you know how long the line for Taco Bell was?

my dude, why do you even care
why would you ever want attention when people will call anything circlejerking

But she was saving that for lunch

My heart flutters whenever I see new art of my waifu.

Fuck off, you creepy faggot

Whenever someone draws her here I can't respond for a bit because I get really excited. Sometimes I put it off for half a day

Did you change your mind?

What the fuck is wrong with y'all sometimes?

Requesting 5 waifus/husbandos.


Thank you for the nice words about him anons, I can't help but grin when reading this.I will definitely ruffle his hair a lot.

>Worried someone I like see get deliveries has left
>I'm a creepy faggot
Yep, that's it. Fuck all of you, I'm fucking done with this place.

Post waifu wearing comfy clothes.

Same here. I go full on avoidant sperg mode and it sometimes takes me hours to post my reply.


What is your discord name? Sorry for late.


Thank you! Pero?





Requesting Ishikei to draw my waifu

Some people just enjoy seeing the thread deteriorate.
Whether it's because they're bitter they don't get drawn, they don't understand why they weren't accepted as a seasonal, they've been shitposted one too many times and grew bitter, or are just plain old fucking terrible people.
I don't know why people take everything in here at face value when it's fucking clear as day that people say shit solely for the purpose of driving people away, or just making them feel like shit.


Comfy clothes are best clothes.

[email protected]
I'll tell you here.

I want Ishikei to draw my waifu handling my dick.






Wrong person, my bad.



She looks so cuddly in her tracksuit



...? Q?



You got her. Although I'm not sure if you could call them family members exactly.


3/5. Anyone else?

If that's alright.



Here's her father.


tried to pick something not as obvious but it's still obvious

>take a crop of a recent commission, so you can't reverse Google image it
>post it here

You should post this in the new thread.


I do love the Ginyu Force pose.

where's the waifu in this pic?

Most of my commissions end up being private, though.

Different game. You guess which one of these two is my waifu.

Both of us are waifus!


The one on the left.


Give me candidates for a new waifu. I'm getting of the one I have now.

left doesn't have a collar and also the ears and front bangs are different on the right one

The one on the left?

but one of them is a cunt

the thread's already dead, man. no need to kill it


Fat anime titties

Both, obviously

sorry for the (you)s
5/5. Thank you everyone, I'll try to deliver it soon.

In that case, she's my waifu and I'm her cuntfu.

just say you're leaving your old one but then come back a few weeks later to request her
worked for ssf

That's such a cool picture of a cute waifu.

Ganbatte, user.


Calm down, waifulover

You need to work on your chum, this is too obvious.


I really like this picture for some reason.

I look forward to it. Good luck.

Presumably, because Crona's in it.

At least try to change up your typing style.

Probably because it's cute as fuck.

Is he the one that bullied your husband so hard he became a she?

>ship waifu with her friend
>commission porn of them
>nobody suspects a thing

Keep this shit in mind, damnit

but I'm not trying to be someone else
maybe get the drawdick out of your mouth

Tharja looks super strong!

Mai is adorable and It's good to hear she's finally going to be playable!

Akaris hat looks super lovely on her!

Rias has adorable wings!

Cosmo has a cute fashion sense!

Orihime has lovely hair!

Erza is a super tough, cute warrior!

Makas twintails are adorable!

Cyan a cute cat!

Anna a cute!

Valerie a best gym leader!

Madotsuki is adorable!

Mamimis jacket looks lovely on her!

Inori has lovely hair!

Shion looks super cool!

Ionasals outfit is lovely!

Kiririn is adorable!

Hibiki is super cool!

Yotsugi an adorable!

Eureka has really nice style!

Kobenis facial expressions are adorable!

Dolces hat is awesome!

Kobori is super cute!

Colette is adorable, and seeing your request reminds me I need to play Tales of Symphonia still

Nero has a lovely outfit!

Momos half glasses are super cute!

Minori a cute and cool!

Shiba looks super cool! Happy early Birthday!

Rika is super cute!

Stockings style is awesome!

Hane has an adorable smile!

Hagakures hair is awesome!

Kleins a cool witch!

Revo is super cool!

Kagura is cute and tough!

Ion is a very cute boy!

Hyun-ae is super cool!

Mai is super cute!

Karens horns are adorable!

Nepgear a cute nep, her Dpad hair piece is super cute too!

1/2(?) if the thread archives before I finish I'll finish post bump limit in the new thread.

I sent a message

Fuck yeah her wings are adorable. Thanks user.

Are they both girls, because if so then that is fucking hot. Would you be willing to share that picture in private?

True enough, I suppose I don't need more of a reason than that.

Could represent her a bit more but looks cute, I like those eyes. Not OR.



He was a bad father but that had nothing to do with her ending up a girl.

I hated my waifu's new anime so god damn much ever since I saw the previews, I tried watching this new season and I hate it even more and everyone else loves it which makes me hate it EVEN MORE

So you're MommaMiafag?

The madman. Thanks a lot!


The one on the right? Or are they right?

Thank you very much for complimenting Mai as well as all those other waifus. I'm sure yours is great too.

No, I mean left is right.
Right is wrong.

I actually liked DR3, so no

So it was right, got it.

I looked right at this, and didn't reply. This would have been perfect for her since she does poses like these.

For some reason I didn't think this was a signup.

>not in it

At least your waifu gets a new anime/S. ;_;

>left is right
>Right is wrong

Is hinagiku user here?

I want to fuck my waifu in a gangbang so much. I want to see her pleased and enjoying herself as much as possible

Sometimes signups should be more clear I think.


No, she's been not relevant for quite a while now, it's more like her series got a new anime