Who's hyped for more popular-chan?

Who's hyped for more popular-chan?

The new cast is trash, and they will never be popular because they forgot how to design cuties, so they deserve it too.

user, I have bad news for you.

user, I...

How tall is she?

The perfect height for standing blowjob

>The new cast
they are the original cast. Poplar and friends is the sequel

Do you need to watch the prequels to get into working?
Also servant x service S2 when?


I wanna praise Yamada's butt.

After the rabbit boss bullshit?

Hopefully never.

How many child she can squeeze out of her tiny body?


Not him, but it's tomorrow?

Shit. I missed watching S3 with Cred Forums ;_;

Hopefully a lot.

It's irrelevant now with all C/S.

>there are people who actually like Popura

She's perfect
>short stature
>big breasts
>wide hips
>long hair
>great personality

Shortstacks are disgusting

all that sounds nice, but 140cm is too short

Still waiting for the last batch of season 3 BDs.


Holyshit I've actually done that.

Holy shit, that's cute.

which one are you?

Did you go doki doki

>wide hips
In fan art, yes. In her real design, sadly not. She's the typical super skinny banana type anime body, save for her tits. Its the only thing keeping her from being perfect.