Hotaru is a good girl

Hotaru is a good girl

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Hotaru's personality just feels forced, like the writers need to constantly remind the audience that she's 10 years old by making her act like she's 10 year old.

So a ten year old acts like a ten year old. The horror.


b-but she's 11.

The cutest muffin since the fall of the USSR.

Ii kanojo ne.

I found that part to be horrible. I couldn't concentrate because all I was thinking was 'Damn nigga ain't yo hands cold?'

Best girlfriend material.

I want Hotaru to slide on my lap.

how did she get the body of a 16 year old but is only 11? hormone treatment? is the tapwater in japan infested with estrogenes?

What's that webm of when they're on the beach and hotaru is edited to be topless?

She's keeping her hands cold so she can drain Komari's temperature later.

You see, Komari is small and petite thus has smaller total surface area over volume ratio (TSA/V) so is warmer.

On the other hand, Hotaru is a huge cold-hearted bitch.

I want her to tell me that I've been a good boy

Does she even have any friends?

The constant joke of S1 is Komari thinks Hotaru acts like an adult and even mistakes her for one.

>You see, Komari is small and petite thus has smaller total surface area over volume ratio (TSA/V) so is warmer.
This is not how it works, senpai.

>tfw you will NEVER had fun with Hotarun

she has sensei

That is the opposite of true.
Please learn basic geometry.

Most impregnable 11 years old.

The bigger the sphere, the bigger is the total surface area over volume ratio?

Surface area increases slower than volume.

Volume increases with radius cubed. Area increases with radius squared.

>Kid act mature and hide power level in public and in front of others
>act like a fucking kid while alone and unsupervised
Look like your typical kid

Natsume is a cute girl.

Girls that young should not be exposing their chests like that.

Konomi and Hikage.

Those three were an entourage in school. In fact they actually made the hideout that Komari and the others use.

I miss Hotarun's creepy lesbian stalker shtick from season 1

Tokyo food hormones


Delicious Renchon armpits


I'm so worried about Nee-Nee's future. She's so lazy

Eating plenty of green pepper and drink milk everyday

Season 3 when?

Fuck that was cute.
I have to watch this at some point.

Is it bad that i still do that at 26?

Probably, but the way the world is right now I can assure you that you aren't the only one.

Well, basically it makes you still a kid at 26.

It would be bad if you didn't.

I'm worried about Candystore's future, because there are no customers.
What will she do after few years?

Hotaru is pure perfection, the most adorable anime girl ever !

Iirc she does a bunch of side jobs like the ski rentals to supplement her income. Her family also most likely outright owns the store and land at this point so they aren't paying for it beyond basic utilities and stock, and considering its size its probably not too much (plus the building doubles as their house).

Shops like that also tend to act a bit like general stores for random basic necessities as well and they're pretty much the only store in a the area. And with most of the stock being non perishable and them not being a larger store in a more competitive area it doesn't hurt them much to let stock sit for a while.

Overall the store is almost more of a family hobby than a real business and probably doesn't cost much to keep open.

Didn't she get the store from her grandfather?
Rest of the family didn't seem to be involved with the store. She always talked like she was doing everything alone.
And I think there was a general store somewhere nearby.
But most importantly: will she ever get married?

Whale meat.

I agree the "Hotaru is secretly childish" thing came kind of out of nowhere. There are scenes earlier in NNB where it shows Hotaru with her mom in private and she behaves just like she does around her friends.

But I also think it was one of those positive changes that helped make her a bit more interesting. She always was kind of a "city girl in the country" so the idea that her demeanor is based on a certain etiquette makes sense to me.

There always have been moments where Hotaru started to lose her cool, too. Like when she thought Senpai might discover her bedroom, which was subverted by the other kids finding her plushies and actually thinking they were neat (because, surprise, it's okay to be a kid, Hotaru).

So yeah I don't think it was completely out of nowhere, it seems consistent with her overall character. It just gives her something to do other than spill spaghetti around Komari.



>forced meme

Dagashiya and NeeNee are best

she's that weird unmarried person who minds her own business and sometimes helps out with watching the village kids. draw your own conclusions from that.

Not to start shit or anything, but why exactly do people hold this show in such high regard? I mean, I liked it, but I don't see how people can compare it to something like Hidamari Sketch. Just curious what other people liked so much about it.

>You will never marry Dagashiya, having many children and growing old together


>You will never rape Komari: licking her flat chest, feeling her virgin blood drip onto your benis, and pushing her small head into the dirt as you manhandle her

I liked the Dagashi

I'd use the c-word but that would end badly.
As far as relaxing shows come it's perfect in a lot of ways. The only aim the show has is showcasing the lives of a group of little girls and making the audience feel good about it. There's no need to overanalyse it.

The long thoughtful pauses, the scenery porn, the really nice background music, the slow and comfy pacing, the actually funny though intermittent jokes. Hidamari didn't have quite the healing factor NNB did. I like both shows a lot though.

>it's a bully Koma-chan episode

Fair enough. It certainly had its moments(like Candy Store and Renge falling asleep together), I guess I just like shows like HS more.

>will she ever get married?
She is already married to me.

Thinking mans anime

There were way too many of those. What we really needed was some real yuri instead of just slight teasing.

Reminds me of my childhood.

>being this much of a pleb to not appreciate NNB

Get out

Same. Mixed-age school?

NNB is the perfect iyashikei anime. I love Hidamari Sketch too though.


what bugs me about this is that Hotaru and her mom's main difference is Hotaru has bigger eyes.

>the c-word
what? spoiler it

she isn't her mother's clone, she has a father too, she took after him
She will be a gorgeous meganekko


The adventures of Pechi spin off when?

why did she show the dog the snow man

It's her endgame

ever thought about taht she's actually a social retard but got integraded so well that it doesn't show as much?
She probably didn't have any friends at her old home and only looks social because country kids with the same age become automatically best friends

Will this be the next NNB? Though I highly doubt that SL can make Sol as good as Biyori

me on the bottom right

don't know anything about this show, but tomboy looks too annoying, kuudere looks boring and main girl seems like the generic kind of protagonist yryr parodied with akari.

Hope you enjoy latesubs

holy fuck thats cute


dang that animation, even puts madhosue to shame

Skirts don't work like that.



What did she mean by this?
No really, I have no idea.

>you will never be pechi and see hotaru change her dirty panties


>you will never be Pechi and smell Hotaru's first period
Why even live?


Would you take responsibility as her father if you accidentally your daughter?

Ah that's too bad, and bicycle girls is latesubs as well

Who Hotaru in the white van doujin here?


Which one is which?

looks generic as fuck

Went to middle school with a chick with bigger boob and ass than most 18 year old now she look like a bombshell anything is possible