Berserk or One Punch Man who's stronger?

Berserk or One Punch Man who's stronger?

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not really fair to compare them though
Metal Bat would probably beat Guts


Saitama can blow up planets.

Guts can't.

One Punch Man would DESTROY this pussy Berserk dude.


Stupid question, stupid thread and autistic crossover OP.

who the fuck are berserk and one punch man

>responding seriously

powerman is better than both

The guys in the OP

Guts could win if he had a shotgun

I don't know.

Guts is the better written character in a superior series. Guts wins everytime.

You're asking which manga is stronger?

Well Saitama is older so he wins by seniority.

>the black sword man
>losing to literally who

>ironically posting seriously

These fine ladies can beat those two scrubs in no time

>1989 vs 2009