What was the point of this character?

What was the point of this character?

Best girl quota.


Why do you expect bg characters to relevant?


Act as a catalyst for the plot. If it weren't for her the story would've gone nowhere.
Also the show needed 2 tsunderes, apparently.

Being a best girl to root for and ultimately be disappointed when MC chooses worst girl.

Ami > Taiga > shit > Minoridiot.

Actually, Ryuji is the best girl as being the best waifu

Ami was not tsun. She just didn't try hard enough to seriously express her feelings while she had the chance(s).

Too show how good the other two girls are.

I thought she voluntarily give up during the scene of swimming competition

All Ami did was mope around and mumble about her feelings
Such an annoying character

You dislike her because she reminds you of yourself, Shinji.

Being best girl

At first she gave a bit of outside grounding to the situation of Taiga and Ryuji by pointing out how childish they were, then getting sucked into it anyway.

Being best girl.

relatable best girl

Guys, why is Minorin objectively THE best girl?

anime reaction pics

There are entire essays written on Ami's point as a character. In short, she's a puppetmaster who wishes she were a puppet.

wait, i thought i read it by Ito Junji


This but swap Taiga and Ami

Ami is not your bro, do not fall for her lies. She was and always will be a thundercunt.

Every time I rewatch the show, I like Ami more and more, and hate Minori more and more.

Taiga still a best though
Great taste man.

>not watching the anime until episode 19 and then playing the VN to get the Ami True Route


>What was the point of this character?

forced drama bitch and somebody had to lose


Catalyst. She basically forces the hand of other characters.

Why do people hate Minori again?
I would understand if it's Ami or Taiga because they can be somewhat annoying to some people.
But what is wrong with Minori? Genuine question.

No one really hates her user, she is best girl and Cred Forums agrees.

Does anyone even care about her? Because she didnt even do anything

Um, she blocked the door in one of the last scenes?

She gave away her life savings just to help her friends. That's a pretty good example of her altruism.

I don't hate her but she's kinda annoying with her self-pity and pretentious fake genkiness. Very little about her feels genuine after you spend some time watching her. If we has more time to meet the real Minori maybe she would've been better received.


She is the best girl.

Best girls losing to shit

To talk about periods, it's deep.

A secondary heroines who exists to lose to the best girl.