It's been more than 10 years and there was not a single better anime about depression and isolation. Why...

It's been more than 10 years and there was not a single better anime about depression and isolation. Why? Is it such an unpopular topic?


because it's for little gay bitch boys

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Because they're trying to escape reality, not face it.


I don't even know non-anime about that topic. Guess because serious stuff doesn't sell unless it panders fetishes or has at least a big amount of action.

That's because depression doesn't exist, so you wouldn't enjoy watching the life of people that headcanon their inability to deal with anything.

>Being this naïve.

Much be nice.

Purest love


that was the shittiest most boring anime i ever saw

But if you're an escapist it's easier to relate to someone who escapes as well. Nobody can relate to characters like Kirito and such, they just don't act like real people and they don't really run away from anything.

This was the most boring show I've ever watched. I remember watching it episode by episode, and wondering "Wow, it's fucking nothing, the show."

//sign was a defining anime for my adolescence. 10/10 soundtrack, comfy setting, interesting plot and characters.

Anyway most anime don't rock the boat. Same character archetypes, same setting, same tropes, same themes; "power of friendshit" and other garbage. Because nips can't write a decent story to save their lives.

Spice and Wolf touched on loneliness and isolation, though, OP. And Lain on isolation and ostracization. They exist, just rare. But you look at all the seasonalshit and it's as deep as a puddle. Good stories don't sell--waifus and tits do. Only solution is genocide otaku.

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Depression and isolation anime stopped being in vogue after 2006.

If it wasn't basically glorified advertising for the games I have no interest in and had an actually proper ending, I would consider this basically perfect.
Still one of my favorite shows of all time and Kajiura's magnum opus.

>had an actually proper ending

Only thing I hate about it.

I played one of the games. It was okay but didn't hold my interest long. Pretty comfy though. But I don't have consoles or a gaming rig for emulator, so whenever anime tie in with a game I get upset. Like I feel so excluded. I just dislike games. Final fantasy, persona, 2hu, kingdom hearts, .hack, etc, Just things I can never have.

I blame Haruhi

No waifus. Otaku couldn't give half a shit about an interesting story - they want IQ-sub-50 schoolgirls wearing striped panties and a skirt which barely qualifies as a belt.

Maybe he already watched old stuff, I loved SaW, and Lain even more, but these types of series are rare as shit and you probably watch all of them during your first anime year. I think nothing like this airing in recent years unless I am forgetting something.

Because dealing with depressed people is exhausting and boring

Even if they are right, it isn't remotely fun to talk with someone who says all the time "I'm so sad" or " I'm so depressed", 100 times more if you are depressed and sad as well

Why? I actually became a fan of Sign because I found it during a time when I was pretty depressive and it was the first series I ever saw that I could really relate with. I watched some anime before but it was this series that turned me into an anime fag because it was the kind of healing shit I needed to kinda chear me up. Maybe it's just me, but I can't enjoy funny stuff or slapstic when I'm down.

It's been more than 10 years and there has not been a single cooler character than Crim.

There have been better encodes of the show than that though.

Watch a letsplay or even just the cutscenes you fuck

Haibane was greater imo

I rewatched it over the summer and it really wasn't that good. There was just too much boring dialogue repeating things that we already knew. There were a ton of panning still shots, and then flappy mouths.
Plus, the ending was bullshit.

This is also still one of the most bizarre series around.
What else had such weird music, deep themes and totally glacial pacing?

- gorgeous looking scenery
- good soundtrack
- stereotypical characters
- tremendously and needlessly slow and boring pacing
- almost nonexistent plot

The bottom line: same exact shit as SAO

> Because nips can't write a decent story to save their lives.
And .hack//SUCKS is a prime example of that.


There's a difference between slow pacing and bad pacing. SAO has a plot that should be rushing along, but instead meanders. dot kek is just not in a hurry to get anywhere.

>gay bitch boys

>stereotypical characters
Every character had hidden depths thanks to the online game aspect. Even Sora had a more surprising background than it seemed at the start.


>not haibane

the best form.

Haibane was great as well, I actually love both.
Despera when?

Why watch new anime when you can rewatch evangelion and realize it's a masterpiece?

Generally for most stuff now you are better off just rewatching Evangelion.

>Not mentioning Welcome to the NHK

Well, it's ending was certainly as shit as SIGN's.

Sign's story has a continuation though.