Something something copy better than the original king of gets something something

it's not stealing if it has hardsub :^)

Just because you are correct doesn't mean that you are right faggot.

I hope you guys are happy when the anime industry dies because you wouldn't stop tracing.

Don't worry the chinks will save anime.

There's no crime in stealing from a thief.

I would if I had better legal options. Also I don't upload anyway.

Don't blame us.

Blame the 1%

It's just a regular PSA, nothing more. He might as well tell me not to masturbate, see if i listen.

>implying I care about what a fucking faker wants

> Stealing from the 1%
You're going to get V& so fucking hard boi you don't even know how bad ur fukkd.

Don't think he was referring to anime.


I don't want to pirate, but I have no choice when most anime is not available in cruncyroll

You know that the whole point of this board is the existence of illegal uploading right?

>All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga.

>implying tlg isn't anime

You sure are proud to be cancer.

The whole point of this board is to discuss anime, not trace it.