Fairy Tail

So when did you stop reading? I stopped at Edolas.

Why do you keep making this thread?

Anyway, my answer is still that Laxus arc.

>Reading shounenshit
After the grand magic games though

I think that tournament thingy after the timeskip.

I only made it twice. I just want to see where people stopped reading and if I missed anything.

I lose my interest during grand magic games arc. I can't drop it tho because I've reading it for a long time.

Haven't yet. Still read it to this day. I enjoyed the magic tournament arc and I unironically enjoy it more than Magi.

I dropped it immediately after the timeskip.I wanted to drop it earlier, but I was hoping it would eventually stop beign shit. Of course it didn't.

Couldnt stop once he mastered of the art of drawing tiddies

Yeah, why?

I dropped it right when the Tartaros arc was coming to a finish with Igneel's death. I could watch the GMGs arc but it was hard to push myself to finish Tartaros.

The only good thing was that Gray had a hot zombie father

The Guild Island Challenge already was pretty bad but I kept reading until after Tartarus.

It's shit, but I can't bring myself to drop it.

last thing l remember is some shit with a gate to the apocalypse and dragons attacking or whatever, couldn't tell which arc this is

l remember it because at some point lucy makes some sort of pseudo inspirational speech while the only thing in the panel is a closeup of her huge booty in tiny shorts so it literally looked like she was talking out of her ass

and that's basically a summary of fairy tail

Dropped when a time skip that isn't a time skip happened.

The magic tumor.

Around Chapter 50 something. Shit was boring, and Natsu was fucking shit

What is it about this series that makes it popular? Even the fanservice wears out its welcome with all the sameface mcgees in the cast.

Surprise, it isn't a magical tumor.


Same. I really liked Mistogan's look plus actually using wizard staffs instead of all the martial arts with elemental buffs shit.

Then they fucked him him beyond repair.

I think it was just timing. A long running shonen that wasn't as long as the big 3.

Everyone is Gerard. What a stupid concept.

yup me too.

I had to think of this image today

When Erza turned into a child.
I had no reason to read anymore since her ass and boobs was gone.

But the story clearly needed more Wendys


the whole hades arc was already bad but that was the straw that broke me

What happened during the time skip?

You filthy casuals make me laugh

Care to enlighten us Mashima?

Still reading

I binge read it a while ago when I was bored and it was... not very good. But hey, now I might as well read it till the end, not like wasting an additional 5 minutes each week is gonna cost me.

>What happened during the time skip
I give up

After chapter 2 ten years ago. Can't do it anymore.

Why is Erza dressed like a complete slut?

Kubo would be proud of those backgrounds

To get Gerard's attention. Plot and backstory.

Not wanting to read Fairy Tail makes people casuals?

I don't understand.

Whatever the tournament arc was after the timeskip.

> reading FT

you're doing it wrong user,
this is weekly fap material and nothing else.

To be fair, FT's backgrounds are alright. That panel's for effect.

You see Lucy naked enough times and it becomes white noise.

same here.


Erza is literally the only good thing about this series but she gets subjected to asspulls and the worst love interest in anime history.

Erza's as comic relief ran her course really early on. The last time I remember enjoying one of the jokes involving her was when she was turned into a kid and imagined Natsu and Gray kicking her ass, which is pretty far outside of Erza's usual routine. And as you said, she borders on Mary Sue territory in her fights. I'd say that in terms of characters, she's the worst thing about the manga.

>Not Jeral

Jeral never really bothered me. He's just kinda there. Unlike Erza, who's asspulls and uninspired jokes are omnipresent.

Somewhere after the spirit king summon from lucy dropped the flying cube thing. I did read some of the recent chapters, because boobs.

When the fanservice stopped being interesting.

This, tbqh. Fairy Tail is everything I wanted out of a shounen, so following it is pretty comfy.

Erza is written to have high-functioning Autism as comic relief. I can't say I don't enjoy it though.

Asspulls and fanservice

dude because its erza lmao

Truly a valid explanation.

>Robbed of all 5 senses
>Still wins because she's Erza

Fag c'mon, it's Erza

I'm not arguing she's not the best character, I'm just saying it's asspully.

and shipping.

I ship boring generic man with sameface mcgee

I'm still reading.