It's time

It's time

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For what


I want Asuka to swallow my seed haha get it? haha

misato is better

I want to give Asuka a piggyback ride when she sprains her ankle and after a while she slips lower so her hair brushes my face and her chin rests on my shoulder and she whispers in my ear that she loves me while her other hand caresses my face slowly before she gently guides my head to the left to meet her lips lmao




>She's eating Kaji's melons

>people still unironically use "Rei" when referring to 3 separate characters and personalities.

You niggers just fans of expressionless chicks


Asuka is a cutie.


Those don't look like Asuka and Shinji. I can't even tell why not, which is what makes it really uncanny and creepy.

She gave up her cat ears in that one. She still wears one, at the back, but she gave the other to Rei.


It makes a big difference too because Gendou has definitely been inside Rei 1.

Asuka is ugly!

Rei is cute!

Asuka is cute when she puts on her bitch face
which is all the time

I'm going to need you to refrain from making posts like that.

i want to cum on the inside of her eyepatch and then have her put it on

I want you to die.

Live and let love.

That's oddly specific user, I'll fulfill your wish for you.

Fuck off.

rei best girl

Literally which Rei?

Q obviously.

>Liking Rei Q
>Liking a version of Rei with the character range of an Ayanami Rei blowup doll

Doll Rei is best Rei.

Kuronami Rei because doujins

Mah nigga.

Here you go.

Delete this

Azuka best girl

Rei x Gendo is the purest form of love. Literally the most romantic pairing possible.
>Dude so grief-stricken he clones his wife
>Has dinners and shit with her
>Eventually she begins to gain her own ego
>Falls in love with him
>Realizes she's a replacement for the one he's lost
>Takes it upon herself to heal his wounded heart, even if she has nothing to gain
>NGE Begins and Shinji ruins everything

If Shinji didn't fuck shit up they would've had a 30-tankoubon shoujo manga on their hands.

It's got enogh bitchy love rivals for it.


It's Gendo's own fault for using Yui as the template, he already knew she was predisposed to choose Shinji over him.

All of you are arguing about who is the cuter girl but i'm still fucked up about the last episodes
Can somebody explain please?
I'm more than confused
Also Asuka

>non-anime image posting cancer is a newfag Reifag
Wow, who could have anticipated this.


>Implying Asuka is best girl
>Implying Rei is best girl
>Implying Misato even qualifies

It's like you plebs never even watched the show

Hikari >>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else

That's just narcissism in Yui's case. She chose Shinji because he's a "perfect being", composed of half of her and half of Gendo.

Rei liked Shinji because he was the only person in the entirety of Tokyo-3 that treated her with the bare minimum respect a human deserves. Kensuke probably could've tapped that ass if he didn't have a inherently objectifying voyeurism fetish though.

And even then it took Rei three lifetimes to choose Shinji over Gendo. And only did so after Gendo tried some pulling some gross all-the-way-through titty grabbing. Girl needs to draw a line somewhere.

My fucking nigga. The only two who come close are Maya and Shinji

>not using a gif
>not using that weird ultra HQ version









who's that girl ?


>reposting this AGAIN
Haha, so funny!



>advertising syphilis






>inb4 Yeah! What're we doing?





You know you love it.

Want more?

Yes pls













BakAsuka is cute. Cute!




>Please spoonfeed me because I can't think for myself

At least use google for an explanation about the ending instead of asking in a thread debating about which girl is best girl

Want one more? (last one)


Gendonami is life.

Oofuji Reiichirou's works are weird...

Suzuhara getting cucked by Asuka is always funny.

Woah I thought this was gonna be a general yuri thread.

Rei is best grill

That is not Rei.

You know what sucks,

I have one with Hikari, but it's not translated.
(probably never will be, its been online since 2008...)

Monkey Taste's works are amazing...

Akebono Haru's dj are so fucking good. Feels like a retelling from Asuka's perspective phrased in the form of a shoujo-esque manga.

It actually provides a plausible case for Asuka naturally transitioning from Kaji to Shinji (sans a few tweaks here and there). Very good. Shinji is a prick and I hate how he's always the protagonist. If NGE did an Asuka POV spin-off in the 90s then instead of fujoshi we'd have girls female ejaculating onto Fuyutsuki figurines right now.

>Akebono Haru's dj are so fucking good.
YES, they are.
> If NGE did an Asuka POV spin-off in the 90s then instead of fujoshi we'd have girls female ejaculating onto Fuyutsuki figurines right now.
You know that in the (original) first concept NGE,
originally Asuka was the Main character. similat to Gunbuster, then later changed to Shinji.

I can't read Asuka doujinshi. When she says those default "you're penetrating my womb!" things that the girls say in hentai manga, I hear her voice from the mind rape scene and instantly the feels overwhelm my boner.



>Fun to tease.
>Not someone you'd actually want to stick their dick in you.

Confirmed. And that's exactly how that scene would've gone if he took her up on her offer. Bitch can't even foreplay.

I can imagine an Evangelion story retold like how it was in its original conceptual form. With Asuka as the Main Character.

Something akin to "The Star Wars"-comics (it tells Lucas's original concept for Star Wars. (StarKiller instead of Luke ect...))

Like how it was in Proposal.


The Green Alien is Han...

It was a Yui/Asuka yuri piece.


Originally Rei was Yui?


Truly, Gainax capitalized on the stupidest shit ever instead of tapping the literal goldmine that they have just sitting there.

Still waiting for NGE/zero. Kaji's backstory in the manga was fucking punk; I wanna see his transformation from slumdog Shinji, to playboy superspy fucking big-titted 2nd Impact survivors in college, to raising a little German loli daughteru (Hikaru Genji-style).


cool story freaky

Eva is truly a goldmine of a franchise,
Anno and Ginax must have high Artistic integrity
if the only thing to spin-off from NGE (film-wise) are the Rebuilds.

Asuka the best.

Kaji so cool (according to Sadamoto)
>So cool he gets retconned into Instrumentality
>So cool that he gets 5 Rei clones
>So cool that he's the only one (other than Gendo) that the Rei clones speak for
>So cool that he's the only one whose Rei clones didn't take the form of their impure romantic/sexual interests
>So cool that he figured out all that NERV/Seele shit halfway through the story (but Misato was too much of a teary-eyed bitch to look over his files thoroughly until well after he died)

>the Rebuilds.
Literally why were they made? No matter what you say at this point, I'll never believe the excuse they use to loosely connect the nonsensical strings of imagery in that franchise. Anno has his head further up his ass than JJ Abrams did when he was producing LOST.


I want to be sandwiched in a mmf threesome with them.


A safe investment. Grantee on making it's money back.

As she died, she asked Kaji if she did the right thing.

How about the theory that NGE was a Studio Ghibli tie-in that gained sentience?

Should've been her.

Blush vs no blush
Blush is the only thing you can trust in this world.

Would've been more heroic with Kaji. Giving Shinji a kiss and then walking to his death with a grin across his face. Instead we just get this pathetic widower trying to make a teenager fight robots by promising him sex.

Each character has a memento representing their desires.

Asuka - Cat ears showing the world she is a pilot
Rei - Glasses cause I dunno
Misato - Cross for the future of humanity
Shinji - Tape player cause he's stuck in a loop

Glasses are because Rei 1 was SERIOUSLY into Gendo. The cross is actually a stylish case for birth control pills.

sadamoto is a fag but jesus christ his art is good


Rei was in proposal, Idk if she was Yui before.

You're a fag. Think a fag could write a manga about a teenage girl falling in love with her rapist/a serial murderer? Didn't think so idiot.

>that dub
I always hear Oscar instead of Asuka

jesus fuck is that the actual dub?



what's the fuyutski prequel doujin that has an instrumentality dance and also rei destroying a cardboard tokyo three with a water gun?

I cant find any of them either.
i know that three exists.

Quite a puzzle indeed. I have these, but still can't find it. You'd think a chapter name would be enough.

archive link with more clues:

thank you

do any of them have the Artist's name?

I tried to google search "Gendo Adventures"
only found this gem.

Lord God why...Oh why.

Not even him, but Sadamoto blogs about how he began to have the hots for Kaworu in a chapter afterword.

This might be it, but I'm not sure. I'd have to buy it to know. Which might not be the worst idea ever, based on the reviews. I can get it for 1 cent and 7 dollars in shipping, according to amazon. but is 170 pages long enough to have a chapter seventeen?

This is so good

O yeah!

in a thread prior to this one,

an user posted a different doujin (same art style) and included that image when I asked if he had more..

So that doujin IS licensed by Khara... I never would've guessed.

This is the thread I'm talking about.
(I was the OP)
only a little bit more of the early days of Nerv.

God that was a weird thread.

> ">"

top kek



Kaworu a stud.

Pole-sisters status makes them equal.


[AIHARA-OTOME (Yamada Nyoriko)] Lovely Pokanami-san 3rd (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Artist nyoriko
i think

The guy mainly does Rei-Shinji stuff.

More rare Asukas pls


just one for now

What does the watermelon represent?

His Kaworu-Asuka is out of this world.

happy birthday asuka

Shoot yourself.

Kaji's testes. Don't you pay attention at all? Look how Misato is jelly and Shinji is like "muh Asuka ntr". Kaji putting the melons under his shirt brilliantly remind the reader that testes are just male ovaries and that men (xy) are just incomplete women (xx). As such; Adam, is just an incomplete Lilith, and mankind (the fruit of Lilith's womb) itself (as a collective) is an entity (angel) more powerful (in terms of AT field) than Adam himself.


Fuck off you self-inserting mudslime.

That doesn't even make sense. Kaworu a shit.

One of 2 men that can truly make Asuka happy. And Misato has dibs on the first.

Kaworu can't make anyone happy nor is he a man. You don't belong here, crackshipper.

Took me 20 years to notice that NGE an Adam&Eve ouroboros sequence.
>Adam created by god
>Eve (Lilith) was born from the rib of Adam.
>Lilim was born of the body of Lilith.
>Lilim became(/becomes) god
>God creates Adam
>Inception music

Asuka's pretty.

Kaworu as a character can make many people happy. Kaworu as a NGE plot element inherently cannot. Kaworu exists in hundreds of AUs that Gainax has shilled out. Go kill yourself you single-source consuming fucktard.

Take your fanwank and shove it up your ass you fujo slime.

Yeah she's pretty,pretty cute

Praise me more

They're both cute.

Is there one with Shinji in the middle?

>being this mad at pictures on a screen
Sasuga Asukafag


I only know of this one.

>when Misato isn't at home

>implying Seinfeld isn't the best SOL anime

She's 21 actually. Reverse image search is your friend.

Now it has a proper title

welp, I just fell in love with a cute Russian Asuka whom I will never meet

Happy birthday.


go to Neon genesis Evangelion shitposting on normiebook,she "shitposts" her shitty pictures there.

What did she mean by this?

Anno is a big fan of Austin Powers.


but Misato is mean desu

user help me decide!

Should I
>rewatch NGE + EoE
>watch rebuild
>watch rebuild
>rewatch NGE + EoE

Misato was best girl for most of the series to me, then it was revealed she's a pedophile whore.


You should
>rewatch NGE + EoE

Rewatch the original stuff. Although it's not like rebuilds are in the same continuity as far as we know so you don't really need to rewatch the series again.

>not streaming Eva when nothing else is on

Rei best girl
Asuka a shit


>Best Pilot
>Most advanced Evangelion
>Child Prodigy
>Overcomes more mental trauma than the rest of the characters combined
>Prettiest too

A slav

I want to cuddle with Asuka and feel up her minuscule breasts and skinny, bony ass.

>TFW anime girls become real and you goto jail if you touch them

Asuka is not for lewd

I respectfully disagree.


For you

Make me.

She's 14 tho

How the fuck do I stop getting so pissed when people criticize NGE or EoE.

Like whenever I read a bad review my hand starts shaking like I have parkinsons or something.

But tell me how you really feel user.

Post watch order.

Seriously, onegai~~

Evangelion pop quiz!

Who is the cutiest cutie pie in the series?


Choose carefully

Uhhhh Asuka? I DONT KNOW

That's the kind of thing I was looking for in spinoffs, stuff like Asuka retelling Evangelion where she's working like mad to be the best at the only thing in the world that matters and the closest she has to peers are a stuck up teacher's pet and an out of nowhere prodigy overshadowing all her effort and acting like it's nothing just to hurt her.

Fuck off moot Asuka a shit.

>You will never be a bridge bunny for nerve.

Rei being stuck up to Asuka was in the original. All Asuka wanted was to be besties with the only girl in the world just like her, but cold, cruel, callous Rei wouldn't even so much as look at Asuka.

Fuck Bennett's review man.

Missed the point entirely.

Don't be naive. Girls do this thing where they become your "besties" but only so they can have you under their thumb. Asuka was asserting how dominance, not being friends. If she wanted to be friends she wouldn't have announced it in a flashy way putting Rei on the spot.

Eva is a postmodern master piece. Its going to have its detractors or people who interpreted a different way.

>being this much of a paranoid débutante

Whew, she legit just wanted to be besties. The height thing wasn't a calculated dominance play, she probably just got off the school escalator early to save time because she was so eager for bestiedom.

Yeah, there should be one where Asuka and Rei are friends. There are enough Betty and Veronica stories.

They could do away with the shinji dilemma by just being polygamists or something.

It wasn't something Asuka did consciously. In her head she was earnest and communicating clearly, everyone else was smugly fucking with her.

A "no tits" suka

Why does everyone forget who the real best girl is?


Maybe her catchphrase would help?


Reminder that Rei can only assume the form of dead people to coax them into accepting her.

Fuck off, in the Evangelion world it's commonly accepted that adults can have intercourse with kids because of how few people are left alive at all. That's why no one bats an eye at any of the adult relationships in the series, such as shinji Misato, asuka kaji, or rei gendo.

Hell, Misato and Kaji are the only ones their age from second impact and they hate each other so they pretty much have to bang children.

Is EoE really the masterpiece I think it is, or did Anno trick me

Reminder that Asuka and Shinji are the smartest people on the planet for choosing to live, because they literally have a peaceful, blissful existence free of sin since they know there is an afterlife waiting for them where there is no pain.

Holy shit, how can you fucking up eating a goddamn candy that bad. Fucking wipe your mouth you uncultured swine, I thought German was better than this.

pls no bully the asuka

Shinji and Asuka were literally TRAINED to choose to live. Since your ability to maintain (actually your ability to deconstruct) your body's AT field determines how proficient you are at piloting an EVA. Sync ratios depend on you tearing down the walls of your ego; that's why pilots who're shut inside themselves had their sync ratios go down. Escaping the LCL ocean hinges on regaining your ego. In simple terms, powering up your AT field and regaining human form.
Also Shinji had already escaped a miniature sea of LCL when he got stuck in the entry plug, so the faggot who turned everyone to goo already had experience de-gooifying himself. What a prick.

So they aren't really smart, it was just their job. They've been doing Java for the last year, everyone else has to figure out what the fuck Java is and what the fuck a computer even is.

>trained to choose to live

Well, that explains all the suicide attempts, suicide missions, and times they went on angry rants about how they wished themselves along with everyone else was dead.

It does. The only people with more experience combating nihilism are bullied cutter preteens with 10+ suicide attempts.

Do you think that inside the LCL ocean the white people are like "What the fuck is this asian chick saying? I can't understand Japanese. What the fuck am I supposed to do? What the fuck is this? Why the fuck is she in a schoolgirl uniform?".

Also sometimes I wonder if people who're into bestiality got tanged by sexy horses or something.

Pretty sure the best fight was when Shinji came back after running away again and wrecked the shit out of that angel in headquarters.

Misato was all like: Kay imma die now and Shinji was like: lolnope I kick ass.

Best fight was Asuka in End of Evangelion

She lost that fight. I don't think losers can be best.

What does Asuka actually say at the end of EoE?

>more schnitzelgruben

Why doesn't she wear any panties?

So that Shinji knows shes really a redhead

Kimochi warui
Basically just talkin bout how gross he is.

So that S̶h̶i̶n̶j̶i̶ Kaji knows shes really a redhead

Asuka always wins


Asuka shot Kaji. Confirmed. Secret sleeping proponent of the 3rd Reich embedded into NERV. Confirmed.

it's from a mantou dojin. There's some shape shifting body snatcher type alien infiltrating Nerv

It's maybe the best example of what Shinji was really good at as a pilot; a high tolerance for feedback and ignoring pain when he got excited. Losing arms had Rei and Asuka curled on themselves and trying not to throw up, Shinji's response was kicking and controlling the Angel's head so it couldn't do it again.

I'm pregnant and feel sick because of my pregnancy.


IKTF, bro.

Too bad this one's voice is a little annoying to listen to.


>those nails

fucking disgusting man

Asuka cosplayers gotta be jailbait or it's no good.


>Local Woman Leaves LCL Ocean Pregnant; "Impregnated by a penis that had regained it's ego!", The Mystery of the Child's Soul - Red Earth Times

It probably makes sense somehow.

I lost my poop when Shinji started choking Asuka.

>It probably makes sense somehow.
The tagline for NGE.

Shinji's action replay-using mommy was carrying his ass.

Man, I think Shinji's cool. No idea why everyone gives him so much shit.

He's an unlikable twat without any semblance of a unique personality; coupled with the original target demographic he's a clear self-insert who performs his EVA duties proficiently but not exceptionally, usually winning through shear luck or technology. Being the protagonist everything ultimately centers on him despite having the presence of an insect.

Asuka is a fucking captain in the German Airforce and a college graduate but Shinji somehow gets everything, even Kaworu falls in love with him for no particular reason when it could've just as easily been any of the other pilots.

Fuck Asuka. Crazy bullying cunt.


I luuv you Usuka

Asuka is a bitch who treated him unfairly for no reason. Shinji did nothing wrong, he deserves happiness.

E) Misato

wait a minute, if the angel in the first episode was the first angel in fifteen years why was rei all banged up like a retard. And why did gendo ask fuyutski to wake up rei and then talk to her two seconds later on the commlink. Can she get awake and start talking that quickly?

First thing Shinji said when he came into contact with LCL in episode one was that it made him feel sick. Asuka probably just drank some of the damn LCL water.

i thought it was because of a training session

as I recall, when gendo opened up that hatch, Rei was fine. She had no eye injury for sure.

Asuka just needed his love desu

I don't get it. In episode three, shinji's classmates have all fucked off except for a few, but they were all supposed to be backup pilots, why let them leave at all?

She could've given a better implication of her needs.

Recent picture that has Mariya Ise (voiced Midori in 3.0 & Eriko in Yurikuma) with Anno and Ikuhara.

Post more jebangelions

DadNTR is hot

Is that Devil May cry thing some sort of joke? Why would I give a fuck?

Every time I see this retarded piece of fanwank I have the urge to kill the poster. It's not funny, it never was.

uh, pregnant asuka is canon

Tru,Its sad we will never see those two happy with one another

>My fanwank by Matt Memefield is uhhh canon!
Shit bait from a shitposter.

half the words you said weren't even words and it certainly didn't make sense

Lurk more you troglodyte. The fanwank originated in a commentary track with Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield, with Memefield proposing the accursed fanwank.

Fucking newfag shit.

Shinji NTR'd Rei. Rei 1 was into Gendo so hard.

Shinji is kinda hot with glasses

and you have reason to believe that these people were dishonest?

Of course. Lurk the fuck more you cumsnorting millenial and maybe you'd know better to spout such shit. Nevermind the fact Anno and company never acknowledged such a retarded theory.

Even Evageeks knows it's hogwash, the home of mouthbreathing shippers like yourself. Fuck off newfag.

>newfuck who doesn't know the origin of the theory doesn't capitalize either and uses punctuation only half of the time
Sasuga phoneposter.

>but Shinji somehow gets everything, even Kaworu falls in love with him for no particular reason
Fucking this, they only made Kaworu into him because of protagonist powers.
Kaworu should have fallen in love with Asuka instead and made her happy.

>with Anno and Ikuhara
I fucking knew it, Anno is cheating on his wife to get plowed by Iku-chan every night.

Shinji and Asuka can't be happy together. Any perceived romance is just them licking each other's wounds. Shinji and Asuka falling in love would be the purest form of narcissism because they are inherently similar people.

At the end of the day they're just not romantically compatible (at least as they are currently; 14 years old). I know "forced proximity" is the cornerstone of Japanese romance (because of arranged marriages), but sometimes it just won't work out.

Shinji has an Oedipus complex and Asuka has a father complex. They're parallel lines, moving forward together, but never intersecting. At best Asuka and Shinji will have a Jerry/Elaine thing in their 30s.

Out of all the available characters, Toji Suzuhara seems he'd be most apt at having a long-lasting romantic relationship with Asuka. While they clash just as much she does with Shinji, it's more mutual, and he does have an air of maturity at the most crucial of times.

Not a shipperfag (I like her with Kaji anyways) but just looking objectively.

Shippers aren't welcome here. Fuck off.

I asked for a reason why you thought the story dishonest. You subverted the discussion by talking about something that seemed like an answer to my question, but avoided it completely.

>shipper double
Fucking sasuga. What's with all this cancer lately? Shouldn't you be out partying?

Too bad if it happened NGE would've never become the behemoth it is today because of people going "muh ntr" and the inability to capitalize on toting Shinji's harem.

>I am such a tremendous newfag cunt I have complete faith in localization teams and will believe every spit dribble that pours out of Greenfield's mouth, nevermind not knowing his track record
>Please rape my face
Fuck off and lurk for two years at least you blithering newshit.

I guess that explains why she's fucking him in the EoE live-action scene, but I still think she'd be better off with Kaworu.

I really can't wait until another Kaworufag ends up dead. Fireposter is a blessing in disguise. Cleans up trash like yourself when the mods can't.

>doesn't even know what a double-space is
kek. although I do apologize because I'm looking at my post and it looks really shipperfaggy. But believe me it wasn't intended that way.

If it happened in NGE the world would have literally been saved.
Kaworu wouldn't have died, therefore SEELE/Gendo couldn't start Instrumentality, Shinji wouldn't have to go emo, Misato wouldn't have to die, it would have been a happy ending for almost everyone.

Believe me, you're an unsightly samefagging shitter who needs a bullet in the head.

Holy fuck, what the utter fuck is with this cancer? Fuck off and stay fucked off. Christ.

delet this

Toji should've been the self-insert protag but self-insert protags always needed bangs in the 90s.

>can't wait until another Kaworufag ends up dead
You want Asuka to end up dead? That's not very nice.
Are you a falseflagging Reifag, by chance?

I'm willing to bet that fujo asphyxiated on its own tears. God bless.

Is that all you know how to say?

Don't double-space.

Holy fuck, what the utter fuck is with this cancer? Fuck off and stay fucked off. Kek.

Probably. Shame about him being pretty much the only one who tells faggots to fuck off properly.

Pretend he isn't here like the rest of us.

It's a Shin Megami Tensei thing. Nocturne, the third game in the series, was released in Europe with that disclaimer and it reached laughing stock status almost instantly due to how unimportant Dante actually is in the overall scope of the game.

Trolling is a art.

Woops, forgot my Asuka x Kaworu picture to increase the triggering.

Ebin samefag kid. Learn the history of shit. Fucking newfag. I'm not the only one telling you to get lost.

Man, you sure showed me.

That's some chunky looking Kool-Aid.

It's how Kaworu attracts Asuka "BLACKED" Soryu

Misato "Homocaust" Katsuragi putting another faggot in the grave,

>I guess that explains why she's fucking him in the EoE live-action scene
what?? sauce??

Kensuke is actually pretty good looking (seems like he'd grow into his looks) and would be a genuine top quality male if he didn't have a quintessentially 90s voyeurism fetish.

This is the poorest attempt at a samefag I've seen in years. Now some "user" will spoonfeed you.

I liked him better when he was French.

>that one Reifag that tried to start a crusade against him
That thread was pretty funny.

Hey, that's pretty good. I'll remember that one for my next shift over at Westboro.

Yeah sure dude. Check it out.

Fucking weebs.

Toji's basketball scene got me hard. He would've been such a good pilot if he didn't get spawn killed.

Asuka would make a good shoujo heroine where she thinks she's in love with the guy for 29 volumes but realizes in the 30th that she's in love with his gay best friend/her love rival.

This faggot is still viraling his shitty flash.

This faggot is still samefagging.

Are the mods just all blitzed out because of the birthday bash? Fuck. Just rangeban this filth already.

It got me hard too.
Really hard.

Why do you have such a hateboner for that video?

Who is samefagging what are you talking about? Don't press the return key after every sentence.

Except Kaworu isn't gay, he's straight and is dating the master race Aryan Asuka like God intended.

Mods are complete newfags, go figure.

You know mods can see that all these posts are just you replying to yourself, right?
Aren't you getting secondhand embarrassment from that? It's pretty fucking pathetic.

Ebin. XD!

No shit, at least they deleted that Kaworufag thread once.

>Mod is a Kaworufag

No emoticons, newfag.

>implying the mods have watched Eva
It's too normalfag for them.


See? Donnae give a heck.
Mods are fucking abysmal retards that do it for free.

But of course. See Troid's normalfaggotry etc etc. They're all shit and completely out of touch.

Someone needs to pull that monkey out of your ass.

Shoot yoursell in thae face, laddie. Kaworu deserved to die. Big ol' shit on his faCe XDDDDFFDF mums spghetti

Mods' mothers are complete whores. Shouganai.

Man, that's real enlightening stuff. You're like Ghandi.

>Kaworu should have fallen in love with Asuka instead and made her happy
Not even Kaworu has the patience to deal with her for an extended period of time.

Watch the drama CD, D&R and games where they interact.
He's the only character in the entire franchise who can and does.

He knows who best girl is.

Clone high Gandhi?

I meant Gandhi.
Forgive me, I'm American.

He'd catch the slap, pull her in, an kiss her. You know he would.

>Kaworufag got banned
Heil Fire.

Why are you posted the raws of all these Asuka Kaworu doujinshi when they've been translated?

Because its a fucking retard crackshipper that just posts the ship to bait. Doesn't actually care.

Fireposter, you are one dumbass nigger.

Enjoy the ban evasion ban.

But I wasn't banned?


They haven't though

Yes they have

They haven't


There weren't any raws posted from that one and the rest by the artist are untranslated

Aihara Otome will never get translations.

>that user that recommended reading RETAKE
I don't know what's worse, that I was rused, or that someone has shit enough taste to think that's good

Retake made me rip my balls off and swallow them. So much wish-fulfillment and grimdark edge.

Azumanga Misato is best girl.

>she gets pregnant
>baby is an angel
>lol it was a dream
>but she's still pregnant
>also ghosts

>Shinji's weak-ass sperm getting anyone pregnant

Absolutely true.
>Best Pilot
Subjective statement, everything she's achieved Shinji could've too, plus she has the better Eva.
>Most advanced Evangelion
Compared to 00 and 01 (not in Berserk though). 03 would be either equal or superior and 04 would've been especially better (if it would've actually been successfully created) and would shit all over 02.
>Child Prodigy
This is true.
>Overcomes more mental trauma than the rest of the characters combined
>Prettiest too

Rei is love

That's what shitty LAKfags deserve.

>that no effort photo

>haven't watched anything outside of the original show plus EoE
>don't understand what anyone in this thread is talking about

Just for that, I'm going to translate the rest of them.

I think that I shall never see.
A poem as lovely as a Rei.

>Reifags in this thread


miyazaki and anno have worked together in the past so it wouldn't be surprising

>Subjective statement, everything she's achieved Shinji could've too, plus she has the better Eva.
Shinji has plot hacks. Shinji has the best EVA since his mom lives inside it and she invented that shit.
Also Gendo's mental trauma is more than Asuka's. I feel bad too. He was so close to becoming god but then Rei got NTR'd by Shinji.

Which one?

If Rei and Shinji boff where does that leave kaw and asu-tan?

Translate something worth translating.



>Shinji has plot hacks. Shinji has the best EVA since his mom lives inside it and she invented that shit
What I'm saying is that, hypothetically speaking, if Shinji were to pilot Eva Unit 02 and face the same Angel's like Asuka did, he'd manage to accomplish all she did.


It's mostly fankwank/shipper shit. You don't need to watch the Rebuilds or read any of the official NGE manga to understand this thread. Just relax and enjoy the show.

Honking for best girl.

Fuck. Took me a second.


They just don't get it man.

You must be this tall to Rei.


Is the scene where Shinji and Asuka kiss the best scene of Evangelion?


Nah, for once, I think Rei wins. The fucking Old Hag scene was gold.

The way Rei gets asked if she is lost and she actually thinks about it before answering is hilarious.

Yes user

She was already fighting the angel before Shinji came
Unit 00 probably was damaged as result, so they needed to use 01 somehow




Rei was injured when Unit 00 went berserk during its activation test and ejected the plug, which free fell to the floor.

She did fight Sachiel in the manga.

her eye wasn't hurt.

Fuck off shipper

It's not shipping when they are the canon pair.


posting Rei reposts from circa 2004 Cred Forums

It's not shipping. Asuka clearly regrets it after doing it. I think it shows a part of her character very well.

It's always funny seeing someone who missed the point.



Maybe I did, but from what I took away from it she had a very romanticized view of relationships of love especially after being exposed to Kaji, when it comes to her actually doing it she didn't like it.

Rewatching the TV series for the first time since I first saw it some 10 years ago. A lot of these episodes are weak as shit godamn.

>She did fight Sachiel in the manga
Which was out before the show as part of its promotion, adapted by Sadamoto from an earlier version of the script for the episode, based on a older concept that opened on Rei in Eva-00 fighting the Angel, barely driving it off and left in worse shape than the escaping Angel, with Shinji not arriving until the very end of the first episode.

I don't really like the idea of Rei in Eva-01 at the start. I think the idea might be to demonstrate that Rei absolutely couldn't have done it and they really did need Shinji, but it feels like less without the billion to one activation of the unit that hasn't responded to anything in 10 years.

Original TV show or the Sadamoto manga, which is better?

I'm saying if you put Asuka and Shinji both in that weird EVA training simulator that they only showed once in the entire series and never brought up again, Asuka would wreck that scrub.

This one

Asuka spent her whole life training and Shinji beat her over the course of a few months. So maybe a Shinji in his first robot flight might lose, but if he had trained he would win.

Depends on your definition of "better"
I think the TV anime is altogether a more emotionally moving and introspective experience, given that the audiovisuals truly enhance the existing story in ways that print media can't match.
But in terms of plot continuity, setting, characterization, and exposition; Sadamoto's manga is superior by far. Which naturally makes sense because he made it over 16 years and didn't run into budget limitations like the show did.

Its a war which will never end.

"As long as the Earth, the moon and the sun exist, the waifu wars will rage on"

Shinji beat the angels mostly through happenstance and Unit01's overclocking cheat. Even disregarding that, it was Asuka's sync rate that fucked her over, not her piloting skills.

Asuka really got shafted because everyone was busy circlejerking over Shinji to help her with her emotional distress. Living with Misato just made her develop an inferiority complex, whereas it made Shinji subconsciously try to get swol so he could take a crack at that pussy eventually. I'd suggest Asuka should've lived with Kaji, to keep things equal, but Kaji was too busy doing important spy-stuff unlike Misato, getting paid to yell orders (because Gendo couldn't give a fuck) and be a nanny

Sometimes I see pictures and wonder if I ever even really read that manga.

Anyway, I skip over all the fights in comic books anyway, because those are the stupidest shit ever. The fight pages are usually too cluttered and full of bullshit and they almost never matter. I can flip to the end and see who won, because the rest is just filler.

Not really, Rei won it in the 90's fair and square.

What you're seeing is the butthurt from Asukafags.

>Asuka really got shafted
She's good, she's experienced and better trained than Shinji, but her biggest weakness is that she is far too cocky, which means she often underestimates opponents and has to sometimes get bailed out by people like Shinji.
It's a little unfair to compare her to people like Shinji because if he received the same training as her he may as well have been better.

>tfw you read a tankoubon of DBZ in 8 minutes

>muh 90's poll

Well, she is a captain in the German Airforce, and they made her fight with a giant robot. Maybe if they gave her a fighter jet with a progressive knife strapped to it,

...and 2012, 2015. The only way Asuka beats out Rei is because she's more pandered and therefore more "in" with the loyal fanbase.

Asuka my bab

Asuka is the best. She puts up with so much more than Shinji "my father ignores me" Ikari and Rei "I'm a clone" Ayanami.

Goddamn, the test suit is insanely lewd.

Rei started moe but failed to stay relevant in moe culture. Asuka turned out to be timeless. Tsundere btfo moe.

Yeah, she has to put up with herself no matter what she does so that's one area Asuka has it worse than everyone else.

No wonder she attempts to kill herself.

winning is winning.

She's the best at moving an Eva and had the most training, but it was training for an enemy with forms and abilities that couldn't be predicted and were always a total surprise. From her introduction on she was the most unnerved by the reality of the Angels and spent the most time complaining about them.

Yes. For some people, living with yourself is harder than living with the whole planet.

Which is something Asuka doesn't do.

Because the angels subsequent to Sachiel were all so conceptual. Asuka was trained to fight things that looked like EVAs (probably Adam because that's the only one they knew what looked like), instead she needed to fight tetrahedrons, antimatter spheres, halos, and giant prawn tentacle monsters. The whole situation was nonsense to Shinji in the first place so since he had no expectations and relevant training he was able to adapt easier.

It has been a long war, friend... and it will probably go on for all time. For as long as human beings remember what "anime" is, they will remember Evangelion. And so long as they do, there will be waifu wars.

She never showed any weakness but instead tried to act independent and be an ''adult'', unlike Shinji who basically lived and did things for other people. He was heartbroken whenever he could be replaced or wasn't needed, in one episode he even started to be smug about it for a bit.

Anyway, it's Asuka's fault in the first place because she never seeked help directly, she was very passive about it all and when it all came out it was already far too late to do anything about it.
It was too hard to approach her and to know what she desired, which is why Shinji didn't help her and Kaji didn't realize the full extent of the situation she was in.

If you try to be independent, you're gonna have to live like that.

Did somebody say "best girl"?


ctrl + f best girl

nope, you were actually the first so go away.

>your waifu of choice will never be relevant

Man, Gendo, for a guy who seems like a mastermind of planning, really his whole plan was: Shinji better pull through.

Show would have literally ended in episode one because they entrusted defence command to him and he literally had no pilot because Rei couldn't move without going into shock.


Asuka will save you.

>EVA in school uniform
That's clearly Asuka, though.

It all depends on the unprepared kid who might say no just to spite him, to maybe appeal to the test-type enough to make it work for the first time, so hopefully the half-robot corpse of an angel running off an extension cord can beat a living angel with an infinite power well, and then do it thirteen more times to win the war you started by killing half the world before you had any of this shit. Nobody in the conspiracy gives any fucks, if they didn't get what they wanted they figured they may as well die.

I wounder how Eva would've been like had it not been for budget cuts.