You can see Kirigiri on the left and Aoi on the right

You can see Kirigiri on the left and Aoi on the right.

Not shopped, it's part of the promo screenshots they released:

>people thought the ride was over with the anime ending

Other urls found in this thread:>>147925209

Monomi, Shirokuma, Kurokuma confirmed for V3

They're friends now
and piggu is dead so there's nothing to prevent komahina from being kanon

You do realise that came from a trailer showing off the new courtroom style prior to the DR3 characters being announced right? They're just placeholders, they filled the entire courtroom with shiro and kuros

Haven't they both suffered enough already?
Let them live in peace, goddammit!

Probably just a little easter egg. Unless V3 really is about time travel.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

Placeholders dumbass

If you see kodatama it means its not finalized you moron. Stop spreading misinformation.

>DR1 versions
Probably just memories of them and shit.

Why are all of V3s characters so good looking? Excluding tiny tennis dude.
Hopefully the whole cast has decent personalities.

Pretty sure that user was just hinting on Kirigiri and Aoi also being placeholders.

>Unless V3 really is about time travel.

It's the only thing kodaka has left to take from Zero Escape
Don't tempt him

That's the point. You can't take pre-release material seriously, especially in this series.

>good looking

I know.
Hagakure was supposed to be the first to die and that fucker won't bite the dust.

Yeah, exactly

You're a retard.
Still seems like a fucking weird thing to include.

Where were you when Mikan saved the giri?

She's extremely cute.

Tennisbro is cute as fuck shit

>Chiaki is now Hajime's tulpa

Komaeda is cute!

Why is she so perfect?

What do you think he uses his robot hand for?

She's cute but definitely not perfect

She's not. She doesn't have "the look" of either a protag or even a main heroine. No amount of ahoge enlargement will fix it.

She just is.

Virgin detected. She's a qt, user.

I think he uses it as a hand . What about you, user? What do you think?

The only unattractive girl is steampunk Junko who just looks like a whore

Nice try Keebo





Why is despair depicted by spirals?

What did they mean by this?

>Nagito "Terrorist of Hope" Komaeda befriends everyone and is okay with Mitarai calling brainwashing hope
What the fuck Kohacka?

I liked them but 5 new bears is already a bit much

He is quite handsome.

She's very sweet, pretty and nice. She may not be perfect, but I love her nevertheless

Did you like it? :3c

The fuck you expect

Are you autistic?

I would agree if he didn't look so silly. He reeks of dying in the first or second case so I don't really wanna get attached to his character.

Stop this at once, Keebo!

Kodaka didn't write this series, but he did supervise it. Isn't that basically the same thing?

because its sexy

>Nigga I can't die

Kurokuma is one smooth motherfucker

I can't believe RoD are just able to live peacefully like that.

What really triggered me was when Hajime was telling Mitarai that the RoD were *atoning* for their actions. Like are you fucking kidding me?

You guys are going back to a luxurious Island Resort. Where you will have the best food all day everyday, get supreme massages, listen to music and watch dances, play with cute animals, play video games, play with whatever gadgets Souda makes, etc etc.

You mother fuckers aren't going to atone! You are going on a lifelong vacation till you die of old age in peace! Thats bullshit!

Even if you think they don't deserve to die because of brainwashing, they should at the very least be locked away in prison for life, not having the time of their fucking lives.

Whats even worse is how hypocritical Hajime is. He berates Mitarai for trying to erase the bad memories he had, by telling him "Don't run away!" but then moments later tells him that he would've loved to have erased his history of being a despair, except he couldn't just forget Nanami.

So basically if Hinata didn't have that memory of Nanami he didn't want to forget, he would've had no problem erasing that shit. Just like Mitarai was about to do.

God damn I'm sick of these Hope faggots and their platitudes

NAH she just activated her cloaking field

That scene won't stop being confusingly adorable.
>tfw you will never give Chisa uppies.

Let's predict stuff for V3.
I'm not usually too confident in this stuff, but I'm fairly sure SHSL Hitler will survive. He seems like the guy who's an asshole but will get redeemed by the end.

I didn't mind it but i prefer the red eyes.

Are Juzoboys all right? I didn't see the pasta last thread

I expected him to say
and follow up with something creepy

My bet is that SHSL Hitler ends up being a bro the entire game, he just also happens to be Hitler

Yeah but the world hates them so it's ok

Unlike Monaca who just fucking leaves and even someone she affected (Komaru) is happy to let her go

What did you think it was going to be, user?
Did you read the whole thing? You could have stopped at any time

no one actually dies

>see Mikan in Despair-arc become a masochistic slut that get off from Junko forcing her heel up her ass
>see her betray her friends
>feel despair over my waifu being defiled
>watch Hope-arc
>Mikan actually seems more confident, happier, gets along with Hiyoko tad better and manages to save the day for Naegi
>get filled with immense hope

how can this series be so meta

It was left ambiguous how they're going to atone

Komaru is True Neutral though. Her best friend is a serial killer

I-i was curious how it's gonna end. And it was drawn nicely...

And it was kinda sweet, Hajime confessing his love to Nagito...

I still don't trust Sonia Mastermind

SHSL Hitler will gas the Monokumas and free everyone.

>You can see Kirigiri on the left and Aoi on the right.
Isn't this franchise so dedicated to trolling their customers that they released fake promo images? At this point I am shocked that anyone would trust them not to lie at every opportunity.

Kaede did actually the stuff she was supposed to be framed and she was lying to everyone so she can save herself

What Hinata thinks of Mikan:
"She's a bit hard to talk to, but really kind, smart and cute... And I mean really cute... I don't know what she's felt living her life up until this point...
Though I'm sure you can say it wasn't happiness much at all...
So, I want to protect her"

What Mikan thinks of Hinata:
こんな私にも優しくて、 ぶったり、罵ったりじゃなくて話しかけてくれて、私のことを見てくれて受け入れてくれて……あと、意外と逞しい。
"Hinata-san is the person who forgave even a thing like me...
He's kind to even me, doesn't beat me or treat me horribly, talks to me normally, looks at me for who I am, and accepts me. Also, he's surprisingly muscular.
I-I... like him. I don't want to be apart from him. It's selfish of me I know, but I always want to be by Hinata-san's side. I really like him!"

Mikan is gonna take real good care of Hajime

Kaede will be directly involved in one of the cases. She'll either kill someone or be killed herself.

>incredibly well-written yaoi doujin causes user to fall into despair

Is it possible that Mikan's has two talents - SHSL Nurse and SHSL Bad Luck? Let's recall some events that happend to her...

>despite being well-meaning and nice, gets constantly bullied by everyone, even in a class where everyone is supposed to be great friends
>constantly is being put into compromising situations
>arrives at Mitarai's appartment at the exact moment Mukuro is there
>gets affected by Despair Disease, basically forcing her into commiting murders, even though it's unlikely she would have done that normally
>get's cut-off when trying to explain how she saved Kirigir to Naegi

She's the main character so fat chance of that.


Last chapter.

>every despair is happy go lucky
>only Sonia seems depressed and moody

Do they seriously not give a fuck that each ne of them has million body count?

Teru killed and cooked his own mother.

>implying that isn't a ruse

His words to Mitarai were the same as what Naegi said to Munakuta. Even though it may be easier to run away, and you may feel like abandoning those bad memories, you still shouldn't want to forget. He was empathizing with him and understood where he was coming from.

And as far as atonement is concerned, everyone has to live with the fact that they will forever be hunted down for their crimes. But with Hajime and Imposter, it is still possible for them to rebuild parts of the world from behind the scenes, so they can work on that atonement.

V3 translation fucking when? Its not like I have a vita thou, I just want enjoy the ride

long enough to forget dr3

Instead of playing as the main character, you're actually playing as the main love interest of the actual main character.

You switch roles once Kaede gets killed.

Its called plot convenience. Get used to it tinfoil conspiracy fag.

>Shirokuma, Kurokuma

So... Junko?

Considering they all will be living on Jabberwocky for the rest of their lives, most likely, what pairings will naturally come up as the time goes by?

Sonia and Gundham
Akane and Nekomaru
Peko and Baby Gangsta
Mikan and Hajime

we are left with Ibuki, Mahiru and Saionji out of girls and Nagito, Imposter, Teruteru, Soda and Mitarai from boys. Can we come up with any combinations out of those that actually make sense?

Danganronpa where the main character becomes the murderer and successfully fools everyone into believing someone else was the murderer thus getting everyone else executed when?

Except he told Mitarai that the reason he couldn't erase the memories, even though he wanted to, was because of forgetting Chiaki. Meaning if Chiaki wasn't there, he would have no problem getting rid of them. Which Mitarai was also about to do.

If the Future Foundation army of warships didn't stop them from escaping. Absolutely nothing will. I highly doubt Hajime and Imposter are trying to rebuild any single part of the world.

Except maybe their island that their living on. To make it more relaxing to them or something

Bullshit. We have Naegi with Good Luck, Nagito with both Bad and Good Luck working together so it's only logical we need someone with Bad Luck

Ibuki and Imposter

>constantly is being put into compromising situations
it's actually implied that she might do those on purpose....
Apparently after being neglected most of her life as a child, she got the warped view that it's better to be abused by those around her than to be ignored, as such she tends to still stay around those who bully her due to the fact that they at least give her attention, god damn i want to give her love and protect her

Hiyoko and Mitarai. She will be free to bully his skinny ass.

Pepsi builds himself a Sonia robot.

Naegi has shitty luck

Saionji/Mitarai could actually work
Mahiru/Souda maybe

Then there's:

So how exactly will the themes of "Truth vs Lies" be used?

Is the masterminds entire schtick going to be seeing if they can pass the biggest lie ever and you have to correct them to the truth or something?

Like its easy to see Hope protagonists overcoming a Despair Mastermind. But I don't really see how Truth and Lies are going to be used

Where are those from?

I'm ready for this

Placeholders, my man.

>if they can pass the biggest lie ever and you have to correct them to the truth or something?
The "big lie" being murdering someone and getting away with it of course.

It was some magazine with a bunch of DR2 stuff when the game was released I think.

Naegi has Bad Luck already. The way his luck works is that it's just shit, but the shit his luck brings ends up giving him a good ending.

Nagito already has good luck.

That screen was originally from a 9 month old Famitsu issue, well before they revealed the cast. You can make out Kirigiri and Asahina in the scan but it's hard to make out unless you're looking for them which is why it probably took almost a year and a direct-feed screenshot.

They're just placeholders but honestly common sense should have told you that.

I'm not a fujo but that was pretty good.
Any more? I don't mind if they're Komahina.

Sonia Gundham
Akane Nidai
Peko Fuyuhiko
Mikan Nagito
Pepsi Mahiru
Hajizuru Chiaki AI

Rate which OST you liked better:



Although it was confirmed she doesn't do things (like tripping over) for attention, she just wants someone to see her as a person. People took the "ignore" line in the NISA translation the wrong way.

Which one is the best bear?

>Hajizuru Chiaki AI
>clinging to the past

Not something the Future-Man would do, friend

Mikan and Hajime is the way to go. He already proposed and all...

DR1 > DR2



Teru Teru/Mikan

Now, I wonder if it was wonderful bullying delivering or just a mere pathetic delusion of a fujo.

Anyway, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

UDG because the kids theme is the best

okay, what the fuck is it with Ibuki and Imposter

was there something I missed?

>Still holding her hairpin
>Delusional about her
Not so future if I say so myself.
He only considered the future because it was something Chiaki wanted him to do it.

I think you're being unfairly cynical about of his words. Regardless of his reasons, his point is still clear. You have to accept what you've done and continue to move foward. It's again similar to what Naegi said when he told Munakuta that eradicating despair isn't hope. It also mirrors Junko's comment at the end of despair arc about how having all the despair destroyed would just create more despair in itself. You can't erase despair without also erasing hope, and for class 77, Chiaki was that hope. To erase one would erase the other and leave you with nothing, so you have to accept the pain with the pleasure or be empty.

wish was true for nigger monobear and monomi

Their child is going to continue the best girl legacy

Can't wait for Kaedi shitters to get btfo

Any end that isn't a harem is objectively wrong.

>Takes breaks
>Is considerate
>Likes hugs

>2 threesomes
>2 gay pairings
Too progressive for Kodaka

>Everyone fucked by Hajizuru is also fucked by Chiaki

How about that Killer Killer relevance

> finally get SHSL Clown
> he's just there to job to Akane

This is what bugged me the most about the Hope Episode

She likes fatties.

Give it up hope toaster, you are the first one to die

>The madman actually got his blonde gf.

This just shows that even if a girl likes someone else, and constantly calls you disgusting, avoids you like the plague and wishes you were dead, if you stalk her enough she'll eventually fall for you.

Is there a dick edit yet?

thats hot

I survived the killing game too!

Why is this gay shit so well drawn?

It would be cool if you could FTE the bears to win them at your side so you can have advantage in the trials

With Truth and Lie bullets I think the last case will be Kaede as a blackened trying to actually win

Kill yourself hopebot Kaede is better than you'll ever become in a million lifetimes.

> Have an imposter and animator threesome
> it's not with the nurse girl throwing herself at both of them


>looking at gundam before
soda fans truly the worst

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

>Junko never appeared in Hope episode

This was worse than a fanfiction

She likes fat guys.

She actually remembers me of a girl I fucked in high school. She had this weird hair, was thin as fuck to the point where she looked like a drug addict. She kept hitting on me because I was fat as fuck back then and it turned her on. I thought she was just mocking me until she sucked me off in the bathroom.


Call me a shipperfag all you want, but I think Toko x Komaru is a good ship.

It's your fault for thinking "Killer Killer is connected to DR3" means "Killer Killer is super important and affects the plot of DR3 and you can't watch DR3 without reading Killer Killer first".

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are filled with soil from the grave

What do I get in Island Mode or whatever it's called this time?

Considering the fact that she'll be spending the rest of her life living with both them, it seems obvious that she'll just fuck them both.

Artists who can draw Junko correctly but draw nothing but gay shit are the bane of my existence.

They are just friends

Thats a remix isn't it?

dafuq its 50min long

If Touko isn't gay she's certainly very close

Souda will make Hajime a robot to put the Waifu AI inside

Nagito wouldn't end up with anybody, eventually slipping away one night to never be seen again, counting on his own luck to never be found.

Saionji ends up with Teru because he's fun to bully

>they never fugged
>they never even kissed
>they aren't even confirmed lovers

Fuck Zakiko for getting me hard every goddamn time.

Fuck off, Togami and Fukawa are OTP.

This, especially now that Hajizuru is full Cred Forums with his waifu.

They're friends. Toko literally dreams about being turned into Byakuya's bitch

I know, but if they decided to scissor I'd be all for it.

How does it feel that your panties were once on fire?

This one's better in my opinion.


>forgetting that kirigiri most likely watched this scene

>I can now fully self-insert as hinata for being a delusional chiakifag


Its Masafumi Takada's remixes for the Japanese release of Crypt of the Necrodancer since its published by Spike Chunsoft in Japan

>DR2 cast are a bunch of sick and crazy despair psychos responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths, murders and rapes
>They get to live together peacefully in a sex crazed communal life in a resort island

Wow, Hajime now gets to spend the rest of his life fucking a big brested, huge assed clingy nurse up the ass in a resort island. What punishment.

He touched her bacon hands, that's far more intimate.

Im sure it will get boring eventually

That deep fried Teruteru is Buttered Mondo-tier

Sorry i mean
>Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are on fire

Figured id update it since the other kiri has updated the pic

even if he fucks mikan, he will still be imagining thats its chiaki

So you mean its going to get even worse?
God this was one of the worst anime Ive ever seen

Come on man

He literally held her bare bacon hands, now he is obligated to take responsibility.

Hajime did nothing wrong tho
The one that doesn't deserve that is Mitarai

I know. For me a ship isn't necessarily what SHOULD be true, just something that would pretty neat if it were. I think Toko x Byakuya is a good ship too.

The imposter will be fucking her and Ibuki, so he's the true pimp.

He didn't even talk to her this episode, where are all these delusional Mikanfags coming from?

>only chiakifags don't get a happy ending
Why couldn't she live?

So Makoto and Kirigiri got married so she gets to run Hope's Peak like her father, right?

Why don't non yaoi doujins have the kind of buildup that yaoi doujins have? I can't feel invested in a character if they're tits are out on the first page and they're already mindbroken by the third.

She lives inside her hasbando though.

So Kirigiri wears the pants of the relationship right?
Makoto must be into femdom.

When does that Kirigiri VN come out?

chiaki reminds me of ritsu from assclass,which is also my fav character


She's a tulpa now, so that makes probably the third Chiaki Hinata will know until he either dies or she gets her imaginary ass shipped to Foster's.

Because fujos care more about feelings than sex.

She isn't real, again.

This is a good fucking question.

assassination classroom

If you think for a second that he isn't going to be tapping that ass every single solitary second, you're fucking crazy.

He probably faps every night to the memory of the time he woke up with her nearly naked wrapped around him

He'll always think of Chiaki, stay delusional.

It's ironic that any h-doujin where there is a plot has a terrible ending, either mindbreak or death.

He means this qt.

They all barely talked to each other this episode. We know she likes him from DR2.

Must be sad to be stuck in such a shit show.

>an open V3 thread
Alright Cred Forumsermin, it's time to leave.

He's much more likely to fuck komaeda than mikan

Just because he liked her when she was alive doesn't mean he's going to spend years in celibate.

Makoto got over Sayaka in like three days and went straight into the Kyoko train

Mikan got the body but chiaki has his heart

That was a good read and I'm not even gay or a fujo.

>shit show

She likes everyone who gives her attention, Imposter included.
Also just because she likes him doesn't mean the same for him.
After all when everyone was having fun he was there alone thinking of his dead waifu.

you mean dr3?

Don't compare Naegi to Hajime and don't even dare to compare a killer like Sayaka to a savior like Chiaki.

>"Hey put on this chiaki mask"
>"Hold this gamegirl advance"
>"Now call my hinatakun and bend over"

Human Chiaki never got closure. They just had Hajizuru make fun of her and then have AI Chiaki show up in the ending instead.

Why do that, Kodaka?

Am I really supposed to feel anything at all about this episode? Was this supposed to make me feel happy or something? Because you don't just have a ten minute torture sequence of a sweet girl and then act like I'm supposed to forget about it.

It became shit the moment they stopped wanting to kill their teacher.
Title lost all meaning.

He's been staring at her hairpin for years. It's over. Nobody else will ever win his heart.

>implying he won't do a surgery to make her look like Chiaki and then put the AI in her brain

he'll just create a robot and stuff the AI inside it

No implication of that. They could've had it happen on screen if they really wanted it to happen.

dr3 also became shit the moment we get mindhaccs

I can't put my finger on what style this is similar to

Are you stupid? They did kill their teacher.

I never said dr3 was good.

>Chiakifags this desperate
Komaeda won, get over it

All their memories created her AI, I'm sure Hajizuru can do it again.

Did you expect her to be alive user? Be glad that AI Chiaki is there to help Hajime move on with his life and into the future.

but komaeda also loves chiaki because shes the true hope

>Nagito had more screentime with Chiaki than Hajime
Fujos must be crying blood.

Thats despair, user.

But they should've had it happen on-screen if it could have happened.

While I would've greatly preferred that, they could have at least had her ghost show up instead.

A future of squeaky-voiced bondage chokefucking every night

But Hajizuru is the one who's desperate.

Nope. They think he won because his only competition is dead, ignoring the fact that Hajime would probably move onto another girl instead.

Yeah, you can say that again. All I felt with this awful series was despair. They insulted the "make your own future" ending of DR2 by having real Chiaki locked into death and despair with no real payoff for it at all.

holy shit thanks for linking this

Damn, their delusions knows no bounds.

I...I kinda wish Junko had showed up in the end now

Hope side felt like fucking nothing

Come on user, Chiaki living would have stolen what little gravity DR2 still has. I liked her and all but her surviving would have been the worst hack move ever

Why is Izuru in this picture ?
He literally did nothing wrong

They're happy with this scene and I think Nagito won because he's alive.

Didn't save his waifu with all the talents he got.

>Nagito's face

No. If you're gonna give me a happy ending, you give me the best girl. Her staying dead robs me of caring about it at all.

someone post that twitter comments pic

I mean, Naegi is kind of in a league of his own in terms of getting over dead girls. If Kirigiri hadn't gotten up when she did he'd probably have been balls deep in Asahina by the end of the day.

You mean little sister

Anyone else disappointed that Hopeman wasn't all that relevant in the end? His one madman moment was great but besides that he wasn't important

1, Manlets will never learn.

2, Sonja like the dark master of the universe cock.

3, Gundam Wing whatever his name is, is gay for his gerbils and probably puts them into his anus

It was a super happy ending user. The former despairs lived, Kirigiri was saved by Mikan and Seiko, and everyone is moving towards the future. Sorry your waifu didn't come back to life, but she's playing an important roll in helping Hajime move towards the future, so that's great for the both of them. I mean, come on, you never actually expected Chiaki to be alive did you? That's like thinking Sayaka will come back to life.

He's getting an OVA, that's more than enough.

This gives me hope

>Ahh, yes. The second continuation of Kamukura Project. Don't worry, I will not let it go to waste. Yukizome san. Soon.

Yogi Bear

Sayaka isn't as important as Chiaki, At least say Junko.

nvm found it

That MEAT ON THE BONE must be delicious

He literally admits he did a lot of things wrong, you retarded surgeryfag

>That glowing Hajime
Is that artist the same guy who drew the white hajime floating around in the NWP? Where the hell is that picture anyway?

But they aren't relevant. None of the DR2 cast is. They're just supporting cast to Hajime.

Equating Sayaka to Chiaki, among other things?
Do fuck off. It was a terrible, despair-inducing ending and as said, it robs any point of caring about "the future" when real Chiaki basically showed that the future is fucked. Do you understand? Just shut up if you're going to spout stupid stuff like this.


Calm down Chiakifags, I was comparing how she definitively died with no indicators that she might live, not their story relevance.

well, wouldnt say its a terrible ending but hey, there could of been more done, ashame there wasnt more episodes allowed

Yeah, Celes and Kiri should have gotten married in the end

I'm not sure if you're applauding his teeth or you're disgusted at them

Ah yes, the fujos.

Comedy gold.
They're right about Komahina being relevant only for selling posters though.

How would user react if we had a scene in the Bluray edition where it focuses in underground sector of the newly revitalized Hopes Peak Academy, in the room where Hajizuru was created and a lone pod in a capacious room opens up. Fades to black, "Tadaima." Continued to apocalypse arc.

Shut the fuck up and see

They kinda look disgusting in this image, true, but they're definitely a great set of teeth.

Kirigiri was already dead for an hour or so, like he's going to wait even longer to get to her before getting a new girl.

She got closure, though. THE CLOSURE OF DEATH. Also, her body ended in some random ditch, with her family never seeing again.
And then they too got killed, by Chisa, maybe.

You and I both know that's not how you should treat a main heroine.

What does it mean?

Then I completely agree with you

How does that have anything to do with what I said? My point was there was no chance she would be alive in that final episode so I don't understand why you're so shocked and angered when she is still dead. I agree, the despair arc was shit and Chiaki's existence in it was pretty pointless other than delivering a gut punch to the fans when she died.

Disgusting American Fujoshis

>spreading boipucci with junko arm

Ask Kodaka, he was the one who tortured her.

>How to make people happy
>Make a character "die" for stupid reason so people keep watching to know whether dead or not
>Bring it back at the finale

>>How does that have anything to do with what I said?
Junko mocked her for believing in a miracle. Therefore, it stands to reason that a miracle would come to her. Instead, she just fucking dies in misery and ends up forgotten and doesn't even get a proper sendoff in the fucking finale that dares to call itself "Hope". As I said, it also invalidates AI Chiaki's message about "The Future™" when real Chiaki had no real future to call her own.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, the sheer hypocrisy Kirigirifags are showing is really telling.

Her magic employs nether tricks nor gimmicks.

My fucking sides

I hope her magic is legit.

If a guy can shit and destroy half a school, I think Jesus should be able to bring revive people teetering on death. It's fiction, so give the fans at least some payout if you are going to end a series on a supposedly good note.

V3's theme is deception


I don't think Chiaki's message about the future is invalidated. It was through the profound effect she had on Izuru that her AI was created, which basically gave all the remnants a future. Now she's watching over them as they move forward, there to help and advice Hajime as they look to the future.

Also Kirigiri living was obvious ever since the cure w bottle, as well as Kodaka saying from the start he wouldn't kill DR1 survivors.

>bursting into memes
How embarrassing.

She wasn't "teetering" on death. She was dead.

>I don't think Chiaki's message about the future is invalidated.
Well okay, you can think whatever you want, but when real Chiaki had no future and she was doomed to die (I mean you can't even make an IF where she lives, there are too many things up against her), it feels really fucking cheap to me.

>She's watching over them
No? AI Chiaki isn't the same character anyway.

So what? She could be brought back.

>Kodaka's Plan
>"Incase V3 flops, bring chiaki back for no reason"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for Hajimeme dindu nuffin."

Maybe if Izuru used his pharmaceutical skills and Mikan assisted with her nursing skill she could have been brought back to life.

just kidding, nothing could have saved her

1st survivor confirmed

Nah, she could've been saved by SHSL Everything.

No, he hates Chiaki and Chiakifriends, he would refuse to do that no matter what. You should know this from how he and the production team decided to shove her way in the background in the BD bonus art.

>She could be brought back.
No, she couldn't. Because she was dead. You can't bring back someone who is actually dead.

Did Chisa deserve to be sent to hell's theatre even though she couldn't control her craziness?

>You can't bring back someone who is actually dead.
Try looking up "people who came back from the dead". Yes, it is actually possible for somebody who is out-and-out dead to come back anyway even in the modern, real world. I think that something like that should be a cinch in animeland, especially in a ridiculous world like Danganronpas.

Again, in the realm of fiction, anything is possible. Also, Danganronpa 3 is anything but realistic. Hell, there have been people that have sustained worse injuries yet survived, and being next to Jesus, the shady camera movement also implied it was within the realm of possibilities for the writers. Maybe they just couldn't afford to toss out a few more shekels to HanaKana

I just watched it. That was a nice ending.

The whole gambit with Mitarai and Tengan was a really shitty idea though.

It's possible to revive someone who is clinically dead, but clinical death isn't real death.

She was legitimately, irreversibly dead.

Would you ruru?

You are obsessed with arguing from 'realism' when DR is anything but that, and healing her wounds+restarting her heart should be easy enough for Izuru.

I really don't care about a single character besides Chiaki, so the ending felt empty to me.

seems that Sonia broke up with Gundam

>People wanting a fictional character to come back from the dead because they really love them

Come on now.

Why are you convinced that immediately after she collapse, she was dead? How'd you know that she didn't just fall unconscious. You're just assuming the worst.

Shut the fuck up.

I took that as a general afterlife and not Hell specifically, those two just had their own reasons for watching the conclusion of the story. I really wish we got a shot of Juzo there at the end though, to watch Munakata walk alone into the sunset with new understanding.


>hey Nagito, remember that time when you orchestrated a highly complex suicide to get my waifu killed? You were a good friend.



So who the fuck where those superpowered mooks anyways?

fuck off you chuuni

If he could have done it, he would have.

Izuru isn't the ULTIMATE SUPREME EVERYTHING like you retards make him out to be. He has every talent that HPA researched in the time it was open. If nobody had a talent that brought people back to life, he doesn't have it either.

>Why are you convinced that immediately after she collapse, she was dead?
Because the show makes it pretty fucking clear that she was dead.

>Marrying your mistress

She would see her behind Naegi's back.

hey guuys c:
where cna watch season 2? sorry for question! >_

>Literally everyone with a DR2 waifu and Kirigirifags happy
>only chiakifags BTFO
I love Chiaki but I'm glad chiakifags got anal blasted

Bleeding out of multiple spear wounds makes it difficult to sustain homeostasis after the onset of hypovolemic shock.

Yeah, it's really cheap writing. Don't do fakeout deaths (twice) just for a weak cliffhanger when none of it mattered it the end.

She got stabbed more than a dozen times completely thorough, and then the wounds were left open, leaving her in a pool of her own blood, also she was left untreated for several minutes.

This is plenty lethal, user.


Its not even about waifus. It's about payoffs when a writer promises things. Imagine if in Breaking Bad, they offed Jesse on bad terms when they promised a "good" ending. If no closure was given to his character, I guarantee that people would ransack the studio of the writing team of Breaking Bad with death threats. That's how us Chiakifags feel

No, he could have done it but it was too tsumaranai for him. Fuck off. It was a terrible ending emotionally and it's as simple as that. Don't keep feeding me "but the plot". I'm talking about on an emotional level.


You mean to get them except his waifu killed.

Fuck, I was one off.

Do you think she jumped off the roof too?

>Izuru has a Chiaki tulpa now
I didn't know what that was so googled it, wow, is this tulpa stuff legit?

I like Kirigiri and all the DR2 characters but I'm not glad any of them came back. It's just shit writing

>"that was an AI hajime, shes not real,the real one died because of you stopping me from capping junko ,you could easily make another copy if you want"

>The only death that actually sticks, with the purpose of killing the survivors.

My waifu lived and saved the giri, so I'm pretty happy. I wasn't even hoping for or expecting a quality ending at that point, so this was the next best thing.

You guys are aware that the point of Chiaki not being able to leave the NWP was that she wouldnt "die" if her classmates remembered her right?

>He doesnt have a tulpa
Enjoy not having a ghost blowjob every minute, familia.

Agreed. I would have been okay with her staying dead because her death meant something. Either kill off a character or don't do it at all.


I don't care, Mikanfag. Your girl got all the fucking space in the BD art while Chiaki was left with nothing.

I think you guys are missing the main point. Even if Izuru COULD have saved her with bullshit powers (I do agree that he could because dumber shit has happened in DR) he didn't WANT to. It was Izuru watching her struggle and die the whole time, thinking it was all pretty tsumaranai, up until she kicked it for real. Then he cried and didn't understand why.

It was just a very faint bit of emotion he didn't even UNDERSTAND. He didn't snap and say OH SHIT NANAMI! and race to save her. He wasn't emotional enough to want to save her. He just wanted to understand the meaning of her existence and the impact she had on his former self.

So yeah, if he gave enough shits he could have saved her before it was too late, but he didn't. Don't forget that he was still 99% pure Izuru at that point.


Sauce please i wanna jerk off to the princess

That's upsetting.

> characters all look older in Despair form
> revert to teenager status

That's the worst part. That final episode would have been more impactful if their designs were somewhere in between instead of a full regression

I still can't get over it ;_;

delete this

Uwaaaah don't yell at me




Finally mr. hopeman

yo what the fuck

Chiakifags are the fucking worst kind of cancer. Every character in this series that died has stayed dead. That's one thing that this series has actually done right. Nobody has ever come back to life after being legitimately killed.

So people succumbing to hypovolemic shock can still talk and form cogent sentences? I don't think that's the case. Again, this is anime universe. We can't make any assumptions until a confirmation is given, and Kibou pretty much gave it to us.


Him touching her hands shows more affection than any normal romantic act could convey.


Take off your clothes

Strange reminder that the entirety of class 77 subconsciously agreed that Chiaki had a mole on her boob.

Yeah, and? That's my point. It was fucking bullshit. Real Chiaki deserved a miracle and never got one.

You can't set up anything for her in even a wishy-washy IF fanfic because of how many dominoes were falling on top of her.

That's what you don't seem to understand, that that in and of itself is my biggest problem with it.

She was not able to fight for her own future, she was not allowed to have a miracle that gave her a happy ending. She was just stuck to die in a labyrinth, cold, alone, scared and miserable.

Well fuck me he went and done it

Hope keeps delivering.


Here's more


Now that Kirigiri finally made it alive I'll have to keep in mind not to get attached to any character in V3 even if they are a survivor. My heart can't take this shit.


She was at the beach, they probably all remembered that.





Fujo's are fucking awful.

Kirigiri was obviously coming back from the moment we saw the bottle. Bringing the DR2s back was unnecessary pandering, though. Even if it was nice to see Ibuki happy again.

Shut up, phoneposter.

Did you forget that most of the DR1 cast is still dead? No characters who were dead after DR2's ending came back, it's just that all the survivors survived again.
The fact that Chiaki was added as a real person at all is retarded, if she was brought back to life that'd be just as bad as if Junko showed up again.

Are you just memeing or do you actually have one, if not, could you say more?

He was just kindly stating his opinion, Christ dude... No need to get all butthurt over something not even related to him.
Nanamifags are always so aggressive, even before this episode.

It was almost like she was asking him to save her though. If Izuru found any interest in her, won't you think he'd at least try to preserve her? That's the mindset most Chiakifags carry.

noone ever promised you that chiaki will be alive

Tough shit. Plenty of characters have died in this series. Some have died for even worse reasons. Your autistic gamer waifu (who didn't even exist in real life until DR3 was announced) is not a special exception to the rule. Get the fuck over it.



what about him?


I don't care. He could do that without replying to my post.

She outright begged him to save her.

How about you shut up if you can't actually say anything?
Oh give me a goddamn break, you're not allowed to like characters unless they're your "waifus"? Grow up.

I agreed with you until the Remants all woke up. Yeah, they weren't technically dead, just enough for loopholes, but it's still cheap.

I don't really care that IRL Chiaki stayed dead mind you, I'm just saying there's a bit of a contradiction in your logic now.

You missed the old Jackie Chan Tulpa threads on /x/.

>tfw when the hopeman poster got something and I was kicked into a ditch

He's in a better place now

You know how.

Top mastermind
1-Hajime hinata
2 Tengan kazuo
3 Monaca

Your gets are weak, someone post the 147777777 get

>Chiakifags this fanny flustered that other people get to be happy
This episode was better than I thought

When was this shit made
I want this gone
It's a bit too good of an OC.

Screencap this shit

That makes me want to be a chiakifag, if only to piss off those delusional fujos.


I'm sure you believe that, memester. Just remember that it shows that their futures can't be fought for and they're all doomed, just like Chiaki was.


Kamakura was the actual mastermind of 2.

Ultimate fan service was promised and saving Chiaki is the pinnacle of pandering. What don't you understand about that? I guarantee that most Chiakifags would not give a fuck if they made no promises like that. We'd have a nice surprise and be upset about real Chiaki's lack of closure and move on. Kodaka stated specifically that DR3 is the ultimate fan service anime, so a lot of people jumped the gun that the main heroines will have a good ending. Is it that hard to make that connection?

This is a sign that HOPE is the way to go.

DR3 is finally over. Did it change your list?

I wish Junko showed up again, bullshit or no would still be better than Tengan's retarded plan.

>kirigiri is alive that means aoi is going end up with weedman

The future seemed pretty bright to me, user. All the reminents are alive, they have each other, and are moving to the future. Naegi gets his detective waifu and is headmaster of a new Hope's Peak.

This. I think it was all or nothing, desu. If Class 77 survives, CLASS 77 FUCKING SURVIVES. If only the people in SDR2 survived, only they fucking survived.

And yet Nagito's one chapter of mastermind was better than the 4 combined.


I said more than enough. You're the one who needs to grow up if you can't accept the death of a fictional character just because she's your favorite.

EVERY DEAD CHARACTER deserved a happy ending and a miracle. She is not the only one. If they were going to bring her back then they should have brought everyone back. But they aren't going to do that because that would completely cheapen the entire concept of death in this series.

Nobody in DR has ever come back from the dead. That's the way it should be.

You'll get it one day my dude. I believe at you.

>Someone saved my giant clusterfuck.
Feels neato

Stop referencing your headcanon.

Weedman has Kanon

Do you think his dick remembered how all of Chiaki's holes felt?

Congratulations, I was rooting for you!

>I guarantee that most Chiakifags would not give a fuck if they made no promises like that.
Well said. I'd still be upset that they actually decided to make Junko 100% right about "no miracles" for once, but it would be 'okay' because I was never hinted at anything more.

This too. I kept waiting for Chiaki to show up and it was only her AI ghost.

I love how you're stupid enough to equate them with one of the main heroines. Just stop it for your own good, okay?

Read through the autism in this thread and you'll see that they're all just as bad as each other.


yeah, only people i like now is fucking noone pic from before anime

He's a SHSL tulpamancer so he's good

Why did Chiaki deserve more than anyone else who actually died in this series? Her death was like a tradeoff for her class to wake up from their comas. We couldn't have both.


At the very least Izuru was successful, I'd also give 2nd position to Monaca, she almost won, and her plan wasn't pants on head retarded, like Tengan's

>We couldn't have both
"Ultimate fan item"
"Perfect ending"
"Happy ending"
Yes, we could. Full pandering at full force.

Because it's not your ordinary despair. It's BRAINWASH despair.

Junko really went down
Juzo really went up

Not to mention they had a fucking counter for Kibou and closed out Zetsubou-hen with Hajime and Chiaki holding hands transitioning to hope. They had a counter. A Mother Fucking Counter.


>15 Likes on Hiyoko's comment that just says "Kill yourself"
Gets me all the time.


>amazing art
>good writing
>long story buildup

>it's yaoi

I hate this world.

Aoi can not only be shared, but share too.

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me of that. They just fucked her fans over as hard they could, didn't they?

>died thinking that munakata abandoned and hated him
I'm still mad

The first 777 was better desu

Can we agree that Junko was ruined as a character? If they were going to make an anime, I wouldn't of minded waiting another year for good writing. She's kind of like an Eldritch Horror.


So why didn't Izuru just kill Junko after he realized he didn't actually wanted to do any of this

You and fans like you aren't the only fans that needed to be pandered to. There are fans that wanted her to stay dead, and there are fans that didn't want 77 to wake up. Kodaka evidently tried to compromise by having her live on in Hajime's head and having 77 stay on Jabberwock for the rest of their lives.

Move on guys,Chiakis dead,shes not real,your waifus arent real,anime isnt real,we all die in the end


>mfw juzo was not in the purgatory theater
We missed a chance of seeing chisa and juzo getting wet for munakata

She was already sealed inside HPA by then, i think?

Fuck off, edgelord. Again, they didn't give closure because AI Chiaki is not the same character as real Chiaki.

he's in a better place

Just go gay for 5 minutes and enjoy it.

I warned you people from the beginning to keep AI and Anime Chiaki separate. AI was handled well, Anime was not.

The guy in red with horns and tail promised me eternal life.

Oh believe me, I'm already doing that. This despair I've felt has helped me break free of DR and get ready to move on for good.

Say, if Junko is SHSL Analyst, and Izuru has the same ability, how did Izuru plan out the events of SDR2 when Junko couldn't even predict the outcome of DR1?

It's OK, judging from the ending Kyosuke is joining him and he'll tell him it's not like that

Hope is not despair. Faggot.

He didn't, he HOPED that every thing will go just fine

>"Im coming baby!"

I am still confused which one that cause the rubble to drop.
Naegi luck or Komaeda luck?

The problem for me is that I did. I did keep them separate. I liked both of them, and I admit that I'd prefer human Chiaki because she's a much more animated, expressive girl. So to have her get sidelined so incredibly in what was supposed to be the big finale, to have even Hajizuru mock her for her talk about talent not mattering and then not show up in the ending with only AI Chiaki making some wishy-washy excuse (while simultaneously acknowledging that they weren't the same person)...

I didn't really like it at all.

Rewatch her final speech again. DR3's pushing them being the same in spirit. You got pandered to enough, stop asking for more.

Who here has an alive waifu?

Naegi luck summoning Komaeda to use his luck.

Am I the only Chiakifag happy about the way it ended? Those swayed by the false Chiaki I can see being sad. But getting the original in a scene set to beautiful ruin was fantastic.

But they aren't. You know that, I know that. AI Chiaki knows that. She's a fucking gestalt who has no place talking about Chiaki.

only weedman is a man enough to handle Aoi



>Am I le only one xD
No. I'm sure if you're stupid enough to not stop and think about how real Chiaki's fate fucks over AI Chiaki's speech about the future, you'll be fine with it.

Wait, wasn't he neutral about the whole thing?

Right. Hope isn't despair. What does that have to do with what I said? They chose FUTURE anyway.

>risked her life

Why'd he need Togami and Naegi's help to satisfy her in DR1 then? The true ship is Aoi x Every dick.

Real Chiaki didn't. Real Chiaki just wanted to play games. This isn't the same at all.

She's alive for now

That's AIChiaki, who did take a gamble

You Chiakifags are forgetting that complex motives come with complex plans. I can't wait for the DR4.

Shut up.

Even if she doesn't, she did, telling us we should think of them as the same. You don't have to agree with it, but you have to accept it as canon pandering. You got pandered to enough, stop asking for more.

>implying v3 isn't about mitarai's cellphone that contains the HOPE video

He didn't predict the outcome. He just set it up.

>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over
>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko and her role in creating the bright future that awaited her friends
>Munakata lost his waifu and best friend
>Hajime has memories of his waifu dying twice (but his class came back to life,) so fucked up
>Miaya got literally nothing. No recognition, no screentime, and AI Chiaki, bless her electronic soul, even fucking stole Usami from her.
>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Almost entire class of 77 comes back while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers
>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
>Junko got a good end (bad end for us)
>Ruruka died saddled with guilt and self-loathing over what she did to Yoi and Seiko to the point where the despair video made her fucking mutilate herself almost beyond the point of recognition
>Bandai did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG and died scared and confused
>Gozu died stabbing himself in the eyes to rid himself of despair after promising to protect the hope that Naegi represented

Anymore bad ends?

She's going to be executed, user. Her execution is her trying to do escape tricks and it ends with her being impaled by an iron maiden coffin.

No, I don't, because it was a single line and it does nothing to resolve her story. Fuck off, I wasn't pandered to enough at all.

I think there are, but I can't think of them right now.

Now that I think about it, my perfect version of Junko would be 75% Junko and 25% Ryoko.


user a happy ending to a series doesn't require that literally every character has a happy ending. There are plenty of series with sad moments and characters with fates they didn't deserve, but still had a happy ending.

Any execution doujins?

>Fuck off, I wasn't pandered to enough at all.
can we agree that chiakifags are the worst

other people got pandered to
no one cares about (you)

Notice how they are also their DR1 sprites even though they all have grown and look alot different now.

Monaca became a space neet and will likely die from starvation unlesss she dives down back to earn for some hopedick

Jin's rocket was partly iron maiden.

(You) replied, so clearly you cared.

Even if she got a bad end,we should'nt act like she didn't exist.

The episode seemed to imply sonia is fully ok with polygamy or at the very least throwing souda a chance.

We need to find all the characters with bad ends to honor their memories fully.

Besides, I'm a Kirigirifag.

they got an entire anime making her Gaming Jesus and they are still not satisfied

Poor Jin man.
>playing for the first time
>think it's just some random dude to show how c r a z y the game is
>find out it's kyoko's fucking dad

Define. Given the context her execution was set up in and how it could be perverted, you might get a Chisa/Chiaki gangrape doujin if that's what you're into.

Wonder if this was a holdover from DISTRUST like Leons execution

I mean as long as you recognize that, feel free to continue.

The implication is enough.

Komaeda is for cuddling!

>"but I got this cool hairpin tho"

>I should forget that she gave me the reason to save class 77 and myself from despair

I personally can't wait to see her execution even though she's my waifu. She really looks like a case 3/4 murderer

>that skull
Was he experimented on too?

You can stop samefagging.

They are indefinitely a pair but marriage isnt really implied, but the fact that they are both running hopes peak academy does pretty much solidify they are boning.

yeah, i cared. i care about you. but did kodaka care enough about you to pander to you and your lesser chiaki? evidently not. there were lots of sad unnecessary deaths throughout the hpa arc. chiaki's just another one of them.

Or just make executions into kinky shit

I wonder if Hajime still has a stray pube from Chiaki. He could use that pube to clone 5 Chiakis and imprint them all with AI Chiaki. With 5 Chiakis and Hajizuru coaching them, they are guaranteed to win grand prizes at esports competitions all over the world. Plus Harem. Did I mention he can clone 5 Chiakis?

>more junko

Problem is that it fucks over what AI Chiaki said about the future. Well hey, like you said, Kodaka didn't care, and that's why I can't bring myself to care about his stuff anymore.

>0 animated never

Fuck off fujo

>he thinks only one user is tired of chiakifags

She should have not made that dying speech.

The funny thing about that comparison is how fucking close it almost happened, jesse was meant to get killed off in season 1 and they only changed it cause they were so impressed by bryan cranston and aaron paul's chemistry.

>yfw Izuru cared enough to fulfill her wishes, but not enough to save her.

This is going somewhere. Just needs a lot of touch ups.

Yeah, that's the problem. If they did that, they should have spent more time on her in Hope instead of being brushed aside.

Izuru isn't the ULTIMATE SUPREME EVERYTHING like you retards make him out to be. He has every talent that HPA researched in the time it was open. If nobody had a talent that brought people back to life, he doesn't have it either.

>when the episode shows that he is even MORE broken than we thought


It was me all long, user. I'm not sorry, you could have stopped any time you wanted but you didn't.

Nah weedman already has his love interest with kanon. Aoi is going to get with a literal who, or togami and get murdered by fukawa.

You got your wish in the DR3 ending - look how shit it turned out

>I used to shit on mikan and tell mikanfriends she was a shitty waifu and stop posting her, constantly
>she saves kyoko and hiyoko when she didnt even need to

Wow, I really am a piece of shit. I apologize mikanfags, I will carry this burden with me.

that was the point of the ai being created out of their memories. to carry her with them to the future. they all survived didn't they?

I can't believe we got Star Wars Prequel'd again

As a Chiakifag, it would of been cool seeing both girls duking it out. The Icons of both hope and despair clashing for Hajizuru's member.

It's okay! I'm happy our angel was there to save Kirigiri!

But the real Chiaki herself did not, she was stuck in a maze of dead ends. To me, that implies that they don't have much choice in their future. You can disagree, I don't care, I'm just pointing it out.

To be fair the DR 2 cast were brainwashed into becoming monsters.

Mitarai got off easy.

>Juzo redeems himself
>Mikan redeems herself

Holy shit

who liked tengan's comment?

This. The dying speech was purely there to give Chiakifags a psychological blow to the gut. Fuck the parallelism bullshit.

Maybe we'll get a doujin where Izuru remembers right after he sees Chiaki, and in a primal fit of lust he fucks her and Junko right then and there. With both girls subjugated to his cock, a happy ending would be possible.

So like

When did Tengan got brainwashed

And also why did he do that thing if it meant the world would get brainwashed into hope

Isn't that the least despair thing

Chisa probably. I must have forgot to put the hover there.

>sonia gave soda attention
truly a hope filled end

Them and Kirigirifags are getting fucking annoying.
And I'm one of both, by the way. But the way both react is just ridiculous.

Man, poor Miaya

>When did Tengan got brainwashed

He wasn't brainwashed.

I can't forgive them for scaring the shit out of me several times.
That scene when Naegi wakes up in a dream with a zombie Kirigiri telling him that it's reality and then this scene got me the most.

He wasnt brainwashed at all. He wanted to force mitarai to use the hope video under any means possible, tengan using it or attempting to recreate might not have held fruitful results.




extremely cute

I'm glad somebody gets it. I got fucking stabbed and I was bleeding out, waiting for medical attention, and instead of that I just died.

I'm glad our angel didn't save Junko.

He was just a senile old man. But maybe we may get a DR4 and his complex motives expounded upon.

she never gave mikan the fucc so she wasnt really worth it in the end. Hiyoko can take junkos role now

Real Chiaki is with them through the AI, who's now with Hajime. And they never had choices for their future. SDR2's ending wasn't a choice, it was a "miracle". It was also a miracle that the kids woke up. This series can only handle so much bullshit.

Then why the fuck did he do all that shit

But why couldn't real Chiaki get a miracle, too?


Christ did you even watch the damn show!?

seeAt least chiaki seeded herself into Izurus brain


did you skip the episode that he explained that

Go play Dangan Island if you want to fulfill chiaki's wishes and to play with her again

Sleep tight Chiakers

To make Ryota use the video and kill assholes like Ruruka (+yoi) and Munakata (+Chisa and Juzo).

Normal Mikan didn't do anything wrong in the first place. Her kindness was the cause of what happened each time. Nothing was her fault, but people besides the Mikanfriends couldn't get it into their heads that Despair Mikan and Mikan are completely different people.

Juzo needed to do something before he died because many people would of hated him or just called him a "fag" otherwise.

But the way he spoke in that last message really made it look like he was a remnant of despair

Do you think they'll have tulpa babies?

Tengan was never brainwashed, he just wanted a successor and for some reason chose mitarai before he died,

his motives were disappointingly poorly explained and basically requires people to go back and rewatch scenes from the start and ep 12 to actually figure out what he wanted. Basically he was losing power in FF rapidly to munakata who was growing more and more batshit by the day, tengan was dying (not literally but he was fucking old) anddidnt want to hand over humanity's future to a crazy person like munakta, he also started to thnk humanity was so fucked that brainwashing honestly might be the only way to save things. So he set up a the killing game for 2 possible options
>A: he kills munakata as well as his supporters leaving FF in ruin for a bit but ultimately giving power to different people
>and B: the best case scenario he was really shooting for, pushing mitarai over the edge to accept tengan's fucked up ideals and carry on as a ruler over a brainwashed mass which tengan couldnt do cause of the whole dying thing.

The shitty thing about tengan as a villain is he really could of been the best one in the series if they werent so sloppy with everything regarding the pay off to his character. It was so rushed and poorly explained only 1/20 or so people seemed to actually pick up on what hes doing and when that many people misinterpretate what your show is saying the the show is fully at fault.

why do you keep bating people user

That's the point, genius. Did you watch the episode at all?


So did Tengan do all of that by himself? Setting it up, moving everyone when asleep, shooting a missile to the building...

Does anyone have the picture of dying Chiaki with the laughing hajimeme

>yfw you hired HR but fucked up on hiring HR so HR fucked up on hiring everybody at your company and you have to throw a killing game to rectify the problem to avoid paying severance packages.

>Setting it up, moving everyone when asleep
>shooting a missile to the building
Probably a Random member of FF.

>kirigiri and naegi likley fucking every day runing hopes peak
> peko and kuuzuuru having a happy end where they can be honest about eachother
>imposter more or less accepting his own identity
>Naegi and nagito actually meet.
> Munakata telling naegi to reverse suicide.

Fuck it this ending pleased the shit out of me, its awful writing wise but hey this is the first time ive been pandered to and didnt feel the urge to reject it.

Did you not see the elite task force and helicopter shooting hagakure or...? He clearly had help from other subordinates. You FOOL

The characterization shift compared to the beginning and how hypocrite it was regarding Munakata certainly didn't help. By the last episode he was so well-liked by a LOT of people that a lot of them had trouble getting that it wasn't because "muh despair", after all he's too cool for that!

He set everything up himself for sure, as for moving everyone to the basement its possible chisa did that since she was the first brainwashed person that or he just did it himself, he could very easily lift everyone down there.

As for who the hell the helicopter was, yeah i dont know im still bothered by that, i initially assumed it was just monaca remote controlling but i guess it wasnt.

All he has to do is give her a robot body and upload her into it and she'll be alive again. Why does she want to torture him that much? Is this her idea of giving her husbando a little payback for having her get killed twice? Just make him stare at her hairclip and be sad for the rest of his life?


Another Izuru would of been the perfect successor. Hmmm.

So wait, did Tengan know about Miaya being a robot? Did Monaca know about Tengan's plan?

>tengan raped kirigiri aoi seiko ruruka chisa while sleeping

as pandering as it was, it wasnt a bad way to fully conclude the entirety of the HPA arc. Both classes got their closure, we got some DR:AE (sucks monca literally just flew away but thats fine) inclusion, and it wasnt fucking open ended.

I'll take it over some edgy ambiguous bittersweet ending

So what was the point of Nagito having Junko's hand?

So wait, did Monaca really become a space NEET? Did the other Warriors of hope care?

This is bait, you guys


It's very simple. Buy DRv3 prease

The thing i adored about him as the villain was because of how much of a hypocrite he wound up being in hindsight, they fooled the audience into thinking he was some based old kung fu grandpa only for him to turn out to be a hope sadist. I love that the context of his dialogue takes on an entirely different meaning looking back on it and i think the reason alot of his motives get lost in vagueness is cause understandably 95% of the audience isnt going to rewatch his scenes from ep 1 where alot of his motives get explained.

I think whats unforgivable is that they could of used the theater scene to explain things more directly. Thats all they needed to do and any more persistent fans could go rewatch the scenes on their own accord.

Like i hate that i even need to explain why i like tengan as a villain if i mention it cause most people think he was just some retard who could of punched mitarai and taken the hope video. And i dont blame them even i thought that at first and it wasnt till like an hour after watching ep 12 that i even noticed half the shit he said. I really dont want to sound like one of those damage control fags for kodaka but i guarantee you had he actually written the episode tengan's motives would of been alot more understood by the audience, i think it really shows that hope arc was the only episode where kodaka didnt hand it off to someone else.

you guys must have a thing for bating

>they fooled the audience into thinking he was some based old kung fu grandpa
They really fooled me with that, from based kung fu grandpa to some senile with a retard plan.

>I'll take it over some edgy ambiguous bittersweet ending
I think this is why im so ok with this ending, i was also super against killing kirigiri too cause killing off survivors is just fucking cheap and movies like alien 3 really have left me burned when they do it. DR3 didnt need to exsist, thats what would make it ending on some dark note all the more insulting than the happy ass ending we got.

And honestly for as happy as this all is, its not like it came out of no where, id prefer they of kept it vague like 2 but you have to be delusional to of not gotten the insinuation that they would all wake up.

They did that by keeping Chiaki dead, though.

This ending makes a lot more sense when you remember it's supposed to happen right after DR2

>Not asspulling somebody back to life is "bittersweet"



DR2 """"""""CHARACTERS"""""""""" SUCK



Go back to your theater Junko

Someone that didn't exist before DR3.

It should be easy enough to upload AI Chiaki into a robot body so human Chiaki's dying wish can be fulfilled.

So what? It changes the context of everything.

Are there really still people that think that 77th class must be somehow punished after watching the Despair arc?
Literally nothing they've done as RoD was of their free will. They were brainwashed into doing the bidding of a bimbo despair-Hitler for years. The mere fact that they're trying to atone for something they've never had any control over must be more than enough.
All the while, a mini-bimbo despair-Hitler hangs out in space playing videogames.

Or clone her.

I wish Junko and Chiaki came back having hot sex and cumswapping hajimes cum

So, how the DR2 cast went from the island to the killing game? I thought all that boats were going there to kill them or something like that, and why put them in a place underwater?

That's just too much hope. But yes

Yeah, it really does.

Such a wonderful despair.

>tfw you will never fuck chiaki because shes not real

>yfw all DR3 Characters were made to die besides Raiden and Otaku including the reserve course students.

Waste of talent.

wew you did it

I feel you user. it sends me into despair.

Two survivors, guess V3 will have to top it with one survivor. Looks like we're finally getting a blackened winner.

Unless the rules have change.Which wouldn't surprise me.


Yeah, the way the trials have a person in middle makes me think the whole trial system is going to change drastically, maybe to a guilty/innocent vote with a specific person being accused or something. The whole having teams in trials would work well with there only being two sides.