Why did Anno make her German?

Why did Anno make her German?

Because Japs feel special bond with germany/finland thanks to ww2.


Reference to Sigmund Freud.

Austria is German.

Fuck off evatard

So the Angels were supposed to represent the Allies?

>Austria is German
I know some austrians that will be really, really pissed to hear that.


That's a tranny though.

>it's Cred Forums when you talk about nations
Atleast point me to Cred Forums.

Asuka is American.

That might explain why she's so shit.

Why are old anime tiddies so much better?

It's just as German as Bavaria. The only reason that it's not German is that the Allies decided to cut our balls off after WW2

Germany and Britain are probably the only countries in Europe that Japs are aware of.

Back then, when the anime was made, Germany was a really totally cool and exotic country for Japan.

Because back then artists actually drew them somewhat realistically-sized, as opposed to either completely flat-chested or total cowtits.

because white girls are hot.

Then why are small tits these days shit too?

Most anime girls are hot.

She's an American citizen, anyway. German-Japanese mother, American father. If only Langley were also Chinese Asuka would be part everywhere with a NERV branch.


Because he was thinking of a race befitting her personality. Hostile, rude and loud.

You said artists draw them too big or too small these days, that's why they are worse than they used to be. Small or medium sized breasts are shit these days too.

Superior genes.

I should've mentioned that was my reaction to the webm

What's wrong with it?

It's something else...but what is it?


What exactly am I looking at here?

Give me all your rare Asukas




Cause master race shit.