What's a good translation for nakama?

What's a good translation for nakama?

I'd use family.


samurai's attendant

Hey nakama I think you got the wrong door, shounen club's two blocks down.

literally "brutha from anutha mutha"


Unironically nigga
Try it, it works.
But comrade works too


That reminds me, I sure was sickened when I started reading One Piece and the "nakama" started rolling in. I remember vaguely the controversy over it many years ago but wasn't following it at the time. What was the retarded justification for not translating a word that can be translated?

tomodachi > nakama

>nakama is such an amazing word that absolutely nothing in English or any other language could even begin to encompass all the different meanings it has !

hoo boy


Russian "товарищ" (tovarysch) is pretty close actually

I know, that was the excuse back then and now it stuck

pretty much so is "comrade"

It actually means a lot if you really think about it. It's more than just "friend", for starters

It does not exist.

Ok, I'll go with Comrade, thanks for the input.




Shonen manga confirmed for being commie propaganda.