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>DiU Live Action confirmed for 2017:

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Few hours til impact

is it part of the moment im thinking ? cause that small smirk on rohan face make me think so

Remember to dispose of garbage responsibly

What stand is this, /jojo/?


[Gay Fire]

Is Rohan the worst dressed character in the entire series?

Nah, that'd be Fugo or Rykiel



They only have one terrible outfit, Rohan is a gift that keeps giving.


Rohan is the best dressed character in the entire series.

its gonna be so good, cant wait

Except for this one, this one is genuinely good

I want to lick Rohan's stomach.

I want to kick Rohan's stomach

Hey user, check'em

Rohan and Eva 01 are the only women who can pull off purple and green.



To be fair that's a Stand and he's also fucking insane.

I want to kick yours too, Josuke


This. Effay as fuck.

Where's his nose?

I like your taste user

/fa/ as fuck

Cioccolata probably took it off


What? Its another Rohan chapter this week? Hope it isn't as boring as the last one

Bruno unzipped it

He's Rohan Kishibe, professional manga artist and totally normal boy.

Rohan is now the main character of Part 4

>RPS episode
Fucking faggot. Kill yourself.

>has googles to not tamper his vision
>his "hat" covers his eyes in the middle
Just why

This coming one is considered one of the best Rohan ones because it's fucking stupid but fun at the same time. Also the ending is pretty hilarious, although we probably won't see that this week.

Do we know who Yoshikage's actor will be yet?

I keep forgetting Rohan is 20 years old because he gives off middle aged alcoholic artist vibes.

So is he naked to non stand users or partially invisible?

No because it's called Chapter 1 and it seemingly only goes up to RHCP. So he'll appear in the second one if it's ever made.

In both this one and the two next he gets btfo, don't worry

His stand was fucking baller though.

20 is middle aged in the JoJo universe

That kid was annoying, Asshole, ugly voice and ugly in general. I was sad when he didn't died

Oh it's a two parter? Fucking nice.

Huh? You mean the one announced 2-3 months ago? It's Toshiyuki Morikawa.

He's probably wearing something underneath it. Part 5 has two suit Stands and the user of the other one was wearing shit underneath it, the Stand just covers them. But the guy you're asking about might not be wearing anything underneath it since he's crazy and the guy he's speaking to on the phone who treats him like a pet is a sadistic surgeon gang member who got arrested for purposefully killing patients and filming snuff. So it could go either way.

Would Vento Aureo be better if Trish was a toddler? Think about it, six men and a baby, it writes itself, as well as making Diavolo seem infinitely more terrifying and evil. And it'd give her an excuse for being so withdrawn, underdeveloped and underutilized, too.

The anime episode was terrible desu

Probably 3 but that remains to be seen.




Edgy as fuck.
It's fun in the manga.

>Orlando Bloom is a shape shifting alien allergic to sirens
What did Araki mean by this

Talking about the movie.

Her development was fine, she learned to stop being a cold bitch as a defense mechanism when she was actually terrified and that even though she didn't choose to be in the shitty situation she's in, she still needs to deal with it herself and not just let the other guys deal with it. And if she was a toddler it'd make Diavolo's rise to power seem less threatening if only a few years ago he'd been fucking women rather than being a closet schizo who doesn't like his face being seen for the past 15 years.

What do you mean? It was pretty damn good, music was nice, they fucking nailed and built up the hype in so many moments like when Rohan charged up his hamon and jumped in front of a truck with that Freddie Mercury pose. Only complaint was I wanted the speedlines to be blue and red like in the colored manga.

>Police comedy with Abbacchio as a MC

I don't think it was, just okay. Every important scenes were done masterfully, actually.

It really had too many QUALITY moments, hopefully bd release will fix it. Damn right, this fucking moment was amazing.

>It was pretty damn good

Annasui exists so no


She's very pretty though.

>Implying it wasn't
There was nothing in it that made it a bad or even mediocre episode. The QUALITY shots never overshadowed the best parts of the episode. It was hype and over the top like it should have been, unless you're the kind of person who sees 3 stills of moving frames drawn a bit wonky in these threads and instantly goes "DP ARE FUCKING HACKS STUDIO A.P.P.P COME BACK PLEAAASE"

Where is the user who posted this ?

Not him but, i liked the episode, all my favorite shots were done beautifully.

>195cm tall
>82 kg
>this buff

I call bullshit.

That oldfag from 2005, Anonymous, told me to roll dubs only when this arrow desires it.

Sometimes he is right, sometimes this is bullshit. (I also saw the entire post and it wasn't mean, what do you want from him ?)

Aside from the joseph point and the fact that the Wammu fight was brilliant, he's right on part 2. Not on anything else though.


Nah, I like her tits and stand.



I theorise that Joseph had his stand his entire life and it manifested itself in his younger days as the ability 'I was only pretending to be retarded'.

That or he can summon a fucking tommy-gun from out of nowhere.

Episode when?

In an hour.


Never. Jojo got cancelled.

It's not just QUALITY with badly drawn and off model characters, aside of that it was very, very poorly animated as fuck, It was like watching a cheap early 2000's anime. Try rewatching it. I can't be the only one feeling like that with this episode. Only part I really liked it's the animation at 1:02 in this scene and it last, what, 2 seconds?

But I get it, it's always the same when I feel like an episode was weak or even bad, you can't say a shit in these threads.

>koichi is more of a hero than Josuke

This. I like part 4 but I think Josuke should move his bubble butt more often.

Remember when Hot Pants died? I don't.


David will surely fix the issues in the blue ray versions, right?

Sorry but I honestly can't see what you mean, there were actually more better-animated moments. The only wonky one I can think of was when Rohan was running before jumping in front of the truck, but even that doesn't hold a candle to the animation of them flying in the sky whilst doing rock paper scissors, or the bit where Rohan's legs give in and he swerves.

If you're the type to nitpick everything and can't enjoy an episode unless it's perfect in every frame I'm pretty sorry for you, senpai.

Stream link when ?

Probably will but we just have to wait and see how the BDs handled the Surface, Yukako 2 and RHCP 1 eps. If they fixed a bunch of shit for them then I'd say it'll be good to go.



hopefully never

I'm not.

But sometimes it's like people doesn't have basic critical sense.

I get it, Buscemi reaction pic guy, I can't say that I liked the RPS episode in these threads too. It's always the same shit.

Were you the one, who went so far as to say to cherrypick the soundtrack? "They used to much of the RPS theme in RPS episode, assholes" and wanted some retarded dramatic and loud orchestra that wouldn't fit into the scene?


But will rabbit bro be streaming?

japanese don't understand height and weight because no japanese person has ever gotten to be over 3'10"

Nice dubs,old man.

Take it down.


Yep, that was me.

What a fucking horrible episode, right?

Or people just enjoy something more than you and aren't as picky about the flaws? Learn to have some fun in your life man

It's not nitpicking, it's an eyesore when they do a rush job on the animation.

Filthy casual. Because of plebs like you we can't have nice things.

Is that your favorite "condescending smug" reaction pic? Get some variety, user.

s-stream link please
I'll do anything

Source? That art is pretty good.

That kid looks like a fucking nigger.

It deserved to had QUALITY moments, it should be the same for Enigma(another garbage arc).

Post a picture of your dick on Imgur and link it here, I'll link you the stream after.

I will never let pass an oportunity to post Buscemi

I am just dreaming, but it could be fun if the next parts (EVEN PART 7) will be made by an another company.

>his power is to steal stands


stream first

What's the actual movie? Aren't some of those manzai comics?



And you lesrn to have standards in your life. Why do I have to try and give my best every single and and always go late to bed exhausted when people like you look at shit and think "good 'enough'".
This is why people don't fucking try. When you see something bad and think "hey, that could've been better if they really tried", remember the fault's on people like you.

Yeah, sure. Like that new Berserk anime.

Ok wait

are you implying Rohan wouldn't wear that?

b-but user I need the stream, you know I'm good for it

Davidpro is commendable for wanting to keep the show as close to the manga as they can, without cutting fights, but god, I really wish Jojo could be made by a studio that can manage consistent animation quality for the whole run.

Why though? Just wait like half an hour and get the 720p release.

Yep, the QUALITY is obvious when you look at the faces.

I'll only post the link if you do what I asked, this is not negotiable.

>implying you have the link
post half

How fucking cool would it be for this to be the credits music for Part 8 a million years from now?

here you go

Where is the bunny stream


You cheeky bastard you.

Do you want a hug ?

( థ౪థ`)))))


>no one replied to my meme

>I have the link but I'm going to be a cunt and not give it to anyone else

I just want an ED with Josuke, Yasuho and the Higashikatas dancing like David Byrne.

Asterisk are censoring the letters.
I'll be here all day, I don't plan on posting the link until you post your dick.

I want you dead.

I expect three things to happen in this episode.

1. Kars reference
2. Rohan stabs his own finger
3. Rohans house burns down

Well those trips of yours might demand the stream link even MORE.

Fuck niggers who don't post the stream links.

Why didn't Crazy Diamond just unburn Rohan's house?

>3. Rohans house burns down
Next week dude, unless you want completely rushed episode

Dont you dare click that shit

Why is Rohan wearing eyeshadow?

If you want the link, search the archives.


Rohan doesn't want to

Enjoy your ban.

>tfw no

Rohan wouldn't let him cause autism and pride, also who needs stand powers when you have money?

What is it?




Aint clicking that shit negro

What do you think is the reason?

Oh okay, still getting something this week.

The extremes Rohan goes to so that he can experience the right stuff man.

What the fuck
I've been here like 11 years
This is the worst

You retards just go on neetball

what chanel :0

/Jojo/ is going to be better, great.

Tell me that's not a real baby, jesus christ...

>30 second pre buffer
>Awful Quality
>It isn't even the Vaughn Live or Neetball stream.
No thank you.

>11 years

W-w-what was it?


post a link then


Here you go friends



im too pussy

Josuke is ugly as fuck, at least pair Godan with someone attractive.

Jesus christ that hand anatomy

Please tell me what was showing in that link.

Why is this considered bad again? It's really hot.


Click it, pussy.

Please David, don't do the whole arc this episode, leave one or two chapters for next episode.

Don't click it.

They'll include Kira's new life part 2. The fuck.


You click it, butt monkey.

Isn't new life part 2 meant to be right before the alien chapters?


Gay non cannon ships. I will admit it doesn't look bad

The latest episode of DiU, new OP is fire

>when you're in a screencap

Episode starts at 11:30 right?

I'm going to vomit

Shinobu is gonna look like that in todays episode, so looking forward to it.

>1 chapter of Kira's new life
>New OP
>6 chapters of Alien

T-they're not really going to do this, r-right? room when? I need polnareff land

We also need a stream that doesn't lag like fuck

rabbit bro please

Looks better than jojo

>only goes up to RHCP
It only goes up to Yukako actually.

Why are people crying about porn being non canon?

>no one has posted the good links yet
lmao, enjoy your shitty streams is shit.

I can wait. I just need polnareff land

Dont summon him!

neetball is running perfectly

Mainly because it's drawn or commissioned by creepy fujos

>Implying Neetball isn't the best stream around.
Typical Rohan poster, trying to seem all smug and superior.

Who the fuck is Rohans VA? He seems so familiar


> 1st October

>tfw you don't care about anything other than Kira and Highway Star
The sooner we get past this filler shit the better


Spinzaku or Oshino Meme from Bakemonogatari


that guy from psycho pass
Streamer guy can't post on Cred Forums, I'm posting it for him.

>Best boy Reigen is also Best bastard Rohan
Holy fuck we have come full circle

>Rohan is movie Griffith and Cloud
>Kira is tv Griffith and Sephiroth


Kill yourself.



What do you think Great Days is going to sound like?

I hope its like a happy wake up song that starts with Josuke's alarm going off in the morning and Kai Harada saying "GOOD MORNING MORIOH-CHO!".

This like this song:

>watching a stream
>of a stream

Purge JoJo threads.

Filtered, again.

What the fuck is the link?

No way

THIS is the quality you guys were pining for?

Takahiro Sakurai. His more popular roles are Griffith, Suzaku, Cloud, Oshino Meme, and Kusuriuri.
Its only natural that best boy gets the best VA in the show.

Or you could just report me and shut the fuck up.

I am Araki's bastard son.

Reigen is also a bastard, though.

Why Josuke is so shit compared to other Jojos?

Read the thread
Nah, fuck you.

I just want polnareff land


Hell yeah he is.

Apparently he's at work, so that could explain why it looks like shit today.

Stop acting like a retarded child.

>Griffith, Suzaku, Cloud, Oshino Meme, and Kusuriuri.
No wonder Rohan is so perfect.

This is the only post that says anything about it and its incredibly vague.

You haven't read the thread.

Rohan is truly the best boy in the entire series, how can anyone else even compare? They just can't.

Its a link that autosearches for some sick shit
dont click it. I don't know if its random or not but I wouldnt risk it.


He's a fucking meme alright.

This. If you feel it in your gut not to click it, Dont.

I clicked it and all it was were some black boxes with japanese tv stations names on them.


You Rohanfags are so fucking annoying.

Sick as in cool?

>Why is Josuke so perfect compared to other JoJos


Yes, click the link.

At least we don't like the the ugly cornet faggot.

What's wrong, does the truth hurt too much?

Why didn't Giorno just use his uber charm to give Koichi his passport back without incident? There was no need for these physical or mental gymnastics of trying to get the snek to eat the bread

shitty crop
shitty character
shitty colors
and shitty part

but you are right rohanfags are naranciafag tier now

Wakamoto in JoJo when?
I'd love him as Diavolo.

Nobody is naranciafag tier. He is in a league of his own.

Isn't he Hol Horse?

Literally who?


Do not engage Rohan posters.
Do not reply to Rohan posters.
Ignore all Rohan posters.

fresh from anime music video


He'd also make a decent Pucci imo

Josuke its alright, Rohanposters are all in good fun.

So how is live-action Koichi going to work?

Will they have a middle school kid play him?

A Japanese dwarf in a wig.

The actor that's playing him is considerably shorter than the rest of the cast.


Seriously this shit is annoying. No wonder why Cred Forumstards don't like JoJo hreads. Stop telling at everybody how much you want to suck Rohan's dick.

The actors pretty short next to the rest of the cast. Not circus midget small but it'll do.

Why is Rohan so based?

>He doesn't want people discussing cutest best boy.
What a faggot, I bet you don't even want to marry him.

>josuke is butthurt because nobody wants to suck his dick

I can't imagine it'll be too happy go lucky, even though we're getting a lot of the more wacky weird fights, once those are over it's full 'murderer tracking' mode.

If any episode should've been outsourced to the Korean's and riddled with QUALITY it should've been this shit episode.

>Hating Doppio posters
Mostly tame, they dont spam the threads with "I WANNA MARRY DOPIIO BLAH BLAH BLAH"
like naranciafag.
Rohanposters are smug as shit so they belong on Cred Forums

Because he is literally perfection.

do we have any footage/pictures of the movie, or has it just been "announced"

At this point I'm doing it to annoy you faggots.


Everything we know is in the OP.

Just a shot of the cast lined up on stage. Don't have it on hand, too lazy to look with new ep about to start.

Reminder that Doppio literally exists to be raped, he is SHIT.

Rohanfag is the worst one since she is a confirmed Fujoshi.
Naranciafag is just a run of the mill faggot, and Doppiofag did nothing wrong.

>Trap card
>Limited edition
As it should be.

Which you prefer if they squeezed most of the stardust crusader fights into one episode, or even less?

Which you prefer if they altogether cut some of the boring ones like devo the cursed/the sun?

> Riddled with QUALITY

But it was. aside from like 2 shots, it was all wonky, off model garbage.

Though IMO it suited how dumb the premise of that episode was, so it was still enjoyable.

Rohan is cute! CUTE!

Keep crying, loser. Rohan lovers are here to stay.


I just wish they took the budget from the early parts and put it into DIO's World.

Judgement, High Priestess, Anubis, Mariah, Alessi, Hol Horse and Boingo and Petshop all could've fitted in 1 episode instead of 2

that is a green headband, right?

Rohan is a saint and the real protagonist of part 4.



>It'll feature Bowie Kira turning into Kosaku Kira during a punch rush

Cartoons aren't real user.

The "Rohanfag" you're referring to hasn't actually posted anything since yesterday. I think you'll find that Rohan just has a strong following in general.

I rewatched it recently, holy shit is it drawn out, it's fucking unbearable.

But he's already turned into Kosaku, there's no point showing us that now.

Besides they already kind of did that in Chase, when it zooms in on Kira at the end it looks like Kosaku/BTD Kosaku's silhouette.

new OP is pretty good

Holy shit that was fucking jazzy as hell




Hol shit I couldn't be wronger

>reusing animation from Atom Heart Father in the OP








>tfw actually Cred Forums doesn't care about /JoJo/
>only few anons don't like JoJo threads
>always the same retards
>Jojo threads isn't the worst
>Other anime threads can be full of shitpost and fights like /JoJo/

>But still jojofags can act like retards

I feel like Kira should be going "Eehhhh?" because of this op

I don't like the new op chase was better




that new OP was a right ol' finger snapper


Do you have the entire pic ?


>No part of the OP that (((mysteriously))) rewinds for some reason




Wow, that was fucking shit.

CGI opening

Apart from the recycled Kira turn, it was pretty good.


new op
first part was great
rest uh

>Rohan in the new OP
I came.

I don't think anyone expected that. Holy Shit.

Someone shop Kira running with toast plz

The new op is the best you fuckers.
>inb4 "I HATE THE NEW OP!"

OP from the stream

worst opening ever, LUL

>all that reused animation

Fucking disgusting

There were a lot of recycled parts in the OP

I've never hated any OP before this
This opening didn't wow me at all, was expecting something a bit more tense.

Jesus, I didn't know Kira was fucking Wolverine.

That's even weirder than what Johnny does.

>OP from the stream
gods work user



Of course you contrarian memers don't like it

Was the OP gureato?


want hands so bad u guys

>t. white kid that thinks dabbing is funny still
>t. white kid who thinks he is doing it correctly
get the fuck out my board

I love you false doc

That fucking beginning, those visuals holy shit

Oh yes it was



Op faggots


What have they done to Shinobu

Oh damn, that dainty piano theme for Shinobu

>that OP


They entirely skipped the dialogue between Josuke and Oku about Josuke's mom discovering he won the lottery.


Why are anime girls named Shinobu always the best girls?

It's sung by the two people who sang the songs on Morioh Radio. It's the first JoJo OP with a female singer.

>no sound


Forget I Am An Alien, they should name this episode I Am QUALITY


Yet another QUALITY episode

Also Mikitaka is not an alien pass it on

>KILL-A behind Kira
I hate that localization.

We will, seeing how the title doesn't have "Part 1". I'm guessing that most of the arcs now will be just one episode.

I think they'll try to fit Alien into one.

There is sound you fucking retard.

There is sound.

Reusing the Kira turn is weird. But it was a good shot so I'm not pissy about it. I love the song. Visuals start strong with the funky credits (Arakis name plastered dead center in big fat text was nice) Visuals sorta peter out though.

why even have 3 openings?

>Loved both Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town and Chase the moment I heard/watched it.
Great Days visuals are great in general without the boatload of foreshadowing chase pulls off but I don't know how to feel about this.

>3 cour anime




It's not awful.

The facial expressions were funnier in the manga

It's only an episode

>preview of king Crimson


Is it Miki Shinichiro dubbing Mikitaka ? Sounds like him.

>Shigechi in the clouds

You fucking what? You're watching a direct feed from Japanese TV. Nothing has been localized in what you're seeing. Are you genuinely retarded?

Breakdown letters going back in time , bite the dust opening confirmed


It's not even over yet but there is already more QUALITY than in RPS kid.

Localization, romanization, translation, whatever. Kira is written in Kanji, they should stick to official romanization.

who the fuck is shinobu
fuck off with this shit

>Tonio gets to point too
It's like DP is trying to cover up how hard he was dropped in the story

>No yuuya in the fingers grupal pose



Not watching stream. Waiting for 720

is it goofy b-movie sci fi tier? I wanted that cheesy oWOoooOOooo sound

>Localization, romanization, translation, whatever

All three of those words have completely different meanings. On top of that, Kira is often stylized as Kill-A in JoJo.

>who the fuck is shinobu
She's a cute loli vampire

I stopped coming here regularly, is this a meme around here?

fuck this episode

It's kinda like that, yeah. His theme is really good, it has some boops and beeps.


and why should I give a fuck about your pedophile bullshit, get the fuck out

>there are people who actually think mikitaka is an alien

Nope, just an user being retarded

Mikitaka's VA?

Anyone got any sexy anime Shinobu?

Anime autist don't read mangas or understand anime without it being dubbed

Wait, they're ALREADY there after only eight minutes?

why did kyo try to stop josuke from meeting holly? is it because kira was responsible for her illness?

there´s no way for them to burn the house this episode

>people burst into sores and rashes when they hear loud noises

Full of beeps and boops and cheesy scifi monitor sounds. Yuuya better have an amazing theme if the quality is consistent.

Eight minutes? Try eighteen.

She's like Kars-tier older user

How long untill subs?


10 minutes left and they're just doing the part about dice. Even with no ed how the fuck are they going to fit it in? I guess Rohan's house on fire will be in the next episode

What if Part 7 Jesus was an Alien?

Oh right. I'm retarded. Does it look like they'll get to Rohan's house burning down?

That BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN part of the op is full WWE titantron

Does anyone have that character chart for jojo heritage to the future

Liking a fictional character doesn't make me a pedophile.

That was overall good, but christ, it ended like shit.

It's like they didn't find a good bit in the song to end it so they just edit it the "great daaays" at the end willy-nilly. It's so awkward

cgi dice

Please don't feed the retards

>CGI Dice

No way. Mikitaka only just now transformed into a dice.

CGI is perfectly fine for an object that is going to be constantly rotating. It would cost heaps and take ages to 2d animate it, and that isnt worth it for a tiny object that will barely look any better.

>yfw the clock at the end of the op start to go backwards and BITES ZA DASUTO
or instead
>The silhouettes at the start going reverse

can just imagine how many dialogue have cutted from manga.


So next week will be the dice game and the opening of Highway Star, and the following week will be the bike chase and hospital beat down.

I can deal with that.

that was a joke

They're already doing the first round, just past the point where Mikitaka says ouch.

Do you guys think part 4 will end with a 5 teaser? I know 3 didn't and we all proclaimed Jojo was over and done with with a neat trilogy. But this time its pretty clear 5 is guaranteed.

why do people call him Kakyoin if that's his last name? People don't call Jotaro "Kujo"

Not when I posted that.

So fucking glad they didn't put all the dice game in this episode.

>Secco spent that whole fight pretending to be retarded
Why did he do that again?


Daisuke Ono confirmed that there would be something at the end of the credits back before Part 4 even started airing.

>But this time its pretty clear 5 is guaranteed.
What happened?

With Koichi being in the first few chapters, I don't doubt it.

Was there a new ED?

>BREAKDOWN explodes then reforms then explodes again. This can either be taken as Kira blowing it up and Josuke fixing it, or Kira blowing it up and BTD reversing time for the loop



This episode ran a bit weird, but It goes into Highway STAH so i guess its okay.


Jotaro is a punk and dosent deserve respect, however kakyoin is a gentleman and a pure boy.

Jewsuke at it again.

The pacing for this episode is shit what the hell. They ended it on the first round so the rest is going to be in Highway Star pt 1



they skipped ED

The first one isn't even finished. There's still stuff through the tunnel at the end that hasn't been filled in. Did your brain development stop just before the ability to notice patterns?

Two reasons

They call him Kakyoin a lot more than his first name, just like Polnareff and Avdol

And he has like two first names depending how you spell it



Looks like my predictions were correct, 5 chapters this episode so next week will finish Aylmao and begin Highway Star.

That's his fetish, literally

I am fine with them ending the Dice Game in HS Part 1 and have the opening of HS in Part 1 and have the chase in Part 2 - this is the best option they could have done

Black Sabbath would be a perfect design if it didn't have those fucking glob feet

Yeah if they'd paced it better it wouldn't have felt so weird. There isn't even any tension to Rohan realizing Josuke is cheating somehow

Boom baby!

>first half of episode is pure QUALITY
>as soon as Rohan appears it becomes good

I rewatched the opening three times.
Where is Enigma, Highway Star and Alien Boy?

God damn creative liberties.

>yfw highway go-go part 1

That's a good thing though

But then again, this sort of feels like its for the best since if they cut a shit ton of stuff like Mikikata's antics or Kira shit it would feel empty.

Highway Star is next.

It means they can dedicate budget to a single episode to make the chase look good.

I love the new OP

Kind of makes me think of Sonny and Cher

>You don't look at every detail of a small part of a Chinese cartoon


The quality was kinda bad, but the pacing was fantastic. Not sure what to think about the new OP though

Chuuni's on the side of the house when they go through the doors

Yuuya is only briefly visible after Yoshihiro near the end


I couldn't cap any of the other QUALITY faces
that was all I could get

ayylmao pops out behind Rohans house.

this is probably the smugiest kira we will ever see

QUALITY episode, thanks Dr.Movie once again.

Polnareff and Avdol are called Polnareff and Avdol too...


after the "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigher~"
there are patterns based off of them

New OP will take a while to grow on me, currently I think Chase was better but visually it looks amazing and the song has the best fucking beginning.
>The beginning part literally has the guitar chords of Josuke's theme

The smugiest Kira is "Bites The Dust killing rohan" kira

I always wonder where these fucking troglodytes find their way into here.

He looks good

Waiting for the episode to see the op

I don't mind the next episode being QUALITY as long as Highway Star Part 2 is Top Tier


DP are Rohan wankers.

I liked Chase more

Fuck off

I really like how each "Breakdown" of the new op has one of KQ stands.

First one is KQ
Second one is SHA
Third one one Stray cat.

>The beginning part literally has the guitar chords of Josuke's theme
They're really riding the whole OP with Unbreakable Crazy Diamond and Morioh Golden Hearts.

This OP's visuals were fucking stuffed full of Crazy signs and i sorat liked that, but i didnt expect it to feel like a "We won" fanfare sort of theme

high quality op when

>new ED
They don't have money for this. Don't expect more than one ED in one TV.

DP has already tried out some drawings for part 5

Worst OP so far

I really like the song as well - honestly i think that this is the best OP out of the three

Is Dr Movie taking control of Jojo anime now?

>Can't wait to see White Album or Made in Heaven animated, Dr Movie always deliver!

Thats just a dude working there having some fun. Not proof of part 5.

Its totally coming though.

This episode was pretty good. There was QUALITY, but it wasn't the worst looking episode in the series.
The new OP is really good, too. The song itself not so much, but the visuals were fantastic.

Taste is taste my dude.

It reminded me so much of like an old 80's anime OP, or something akin to Scooby Doo.

First it was just an empty tunnel. Then they added Koichi's fight with The Lock to fill some space. Then they added Rohan to fill more space. Then they added Fatty to fill more space.

There's more space left still. Do think it's more likely that they'll fill in that extra space, or that they'll just drop the ED and spend fucking hundreds of thousands of dollars three quarters of the way through the show to buy a new song for no good fucking reason?

>ugly part 3 style
pls no

I hope they replace the reused stuff with new stuff as it comes out.

I wonder how Part 5 OP is going to sound like. Maybe diggy will finally get a chance.

There is 4 breakdowns...

Best OP so far

end of the world was great you shut your whore mouthh

Because part 4 is already outselling SDC and part 5 is the japs favorite part

This. Its probably all those Trumpets and soft speaking vocals that make you feel all warm inside

>Keicho, Aya, Reimi, ghost dog, and Shigechi pointing at the gang from heaven

That's so nice

So do you guys think is better then Chase

Here I thought I missed something in the OP.

>Because part 4 is already outselling SDC
Just plagiarise it david. Hell take the op and tape pictures of Giorno and co over their faces

>part 4 is already outselling SDC
>part 5 is the japs favorite part

>part 5 is the japs favorite part
Part 3 is the most popular anywhere, part 5 just gets a lot of fanart

I swear to god Jotaro was doing Giorno's GANGSTAR pose in the OP.

Kira in the beginning and the Breakdown sign revealing all his Stands, holy fuck.

Also anyone get the feeling it's hyping up for a BtD edit? The beginning emblem of Joseph, Shizuka and Jotaro honestly looks like it'll be replaced by a KQ skull later.

>They form 1999

That's cool but really weird.

I need Sexy Shinobu pics

everyone knows the nips love part 5

Look at all these useless characters.

Was this any good?

Part 5 is loved a lot by the japanese, I think Part 3 is more popular there, though.

>Lupin the 3rd
My fucking nigger

They HAVE to pull some time-shenanigans until Part 6 for the final segments of the end.


BD sales were pretty nuts when 4 started. Don't know about now but the informations readily available. (theres usually a thread up)

5 is close to 3 in popularity. Thanks in part to Fujoshi nutjobs but also because its the same basic formula. Its basically a direct mirror of part 3, intentionally so.


It's Keicho

It’s in the lyrics.


Read the manga nigger


that was an awful op but at least it was better than the first one

Kosaku No idea
Loving Tonio's hips and Yukako's lean

No I don't mind that, but the pacing is awkward. Even the cliff hanger doesn't feel like one.


Part 4 Shinobu is cuter tho.

Hazamada still the cutest

>Johnny literally gets ripped limb from limb by zombies
>shoots himself in the head and dies
>unlocks TUSK Act 3
>comes back through Civil War's power

This arc confuses the shit out of me.

>over all "We won" feel to the opening
>bite za dusto repeats a part of it with everyone gone and Kira celebrating instead



>Us shorty's gotta stick together

Honestly rewatching the OP it feels like it has so much soul to it, the fucking bouncy text and the cheesy 80's anime vibe to it is fucking beautiful.

I can't wait for part 6 to get fueled by the fujobux of part 5

Chase > Great Days > CNBT
Overall the DiU OPs are pretty bad.

Didn't keep up with the sales uh?
DiU is selling 8k per volume on average, 2k less than SDC and 12k less than Season 1.

>Lupin III
You're right that would be great



>Cuts to kira fucking laughing his ass off
>low trumpet sounds
>distorted "great days"

not him but I completely forgot since the emphasis is on "people killed by Kira".

Can't wait to see Okuyasu's dream with him again, always loved Bad Company and Keicho.

CNBT was fucking great.

Really fucking hope so, this needs the final-boss tension.

>tfw we might not get CGI opening

Why is Yukako so prominent in the opening when she doesn't even do anything

Wasted potential

The reused animation of Kira turning his head from Atom Heart Father is just begging to be replaced. Even if its animated nicely anyway.

>part 3 style
only if you're a retard
it's better than the current part 4 QUALITY style

Why did season 1 sell so much? I didn't know Parts 1 and 2 were so popular.


Bloody Stream > Chase > CNBT = Great Days (so far at least) > Sono Chi No Sadame = Kioku > Stand Proud

looks like ff here desu

not as good as fujiko

Why is he in Heaven? He's the reason for about a dozen super villains running around Morioh.

Cause this is the biggest cast we'll ever get in terms of friendlies so why not?

> no Josuke's grandfather

Thanks Doc.

I hope they add Yuuya towards the end.

Aya x Reimi doujins when?

25th anniversary hype

i noticed a lot of hint to all the upcoming stand users except one


Because he wasn't "evil" and guided Okuyasu.

He only did the things he did so he could kill his father. That actually sounds worse.

young people only.

can anyone translate that last one?

Alien boi standing at the side of the house when Cheap Trick is shown.
Power station guy's feet are visible. Standing on some power lines, right after Cheap Trick.

Paper boi and Yuya's in 1999.

I'm so glad the west doesn't have to deal with bullshit like buying a whole anime series in twelve $90 volumes of three episodes. Most of our stuff comes as entire seasons.

Part 5 ED confirmed

Even though Keicho had good intentions, and started a bunch of shit. In the end he still loved his brother and wanted his father to be happy.

should just skip straight to 7/8 desu

6 is alright too

They don't want to give away spoilers.

On the 3rd BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN, there's a Stray Cat sigil.

You only just realized that?

He appears in the BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN part. The one after SHEER HEART ATTACKU.

The third BREAKDOWN.

At the beginning after one of the breakdowns you see is plant form, and in the slideshow with Shinobu Kira's holding the cat

Mind = Blown

I'd rather they just end with part 6. David obviously cares and I'm sure they'll do 7 if they can. But I don't really want to see it in their hands.

7 deserves some big budget ova or something.


I need Shinobu pics pls

kira holds the cat

>Okuyasu and Josuke eating lunch with Yukako for no reason in previous episode
>The two of them are making a Yukako Sandwich in the OP

Where were you when Koichi was confirmed cucked?

kira's real name is hirohiko araki confirmed

>Yfw the full version of Great Days has a 2nd half that sounds much more menacing, which will replace the OP for when Bite the Dust happens.

what did they put for his stand? Earth Wind and Fire?

Kira is so fucking smug in the new OP.


What English VA could possibly be screechy enough to play Okuyasu in the dub?

Yeah that's what it says

>Stand Name??
>Stand User?

>earth wind a fiyuh
>Sick ass jordans 1999 style
Why is Mikitaka so based

New thread:

Can't wait to see what Crunchyroll does.

Dirt, Air and Conbustion


End of the World > Sono Chi no Sadame > Chase > Stand Proud > Bloody Stream > Great Days> CNBT

Face it, End of the World has the best visuals and subtle foreshadowing, while CNBT has easily the worst.

You can see Stray Cat's face in the BREAKDOWN sequence. Cheap Trick's user can be seen by Rohan's house in his sequence, with Mikitaka walking on the walls. The 1999 before Kosaku Kira is shown is formed by Atom Heart Father, RPS Kid, Enigma Boy and Yuuya (Highway Star)

The only Stand user that is not hinted at all in the OP is Superfly, yeah sure we can see the tower when they show Morioh's fields but the user himself is not shown or foreshadowed at all.

ASB and EoH called it Terra Ventus.

that's pretty good

Bloody Stream > Chase > Sono Chi no Sadame = CNBT > Sono Chi no Kioku > Stand Proud

Need to watch more of Great Days first.

Kira's going to fuck the ED this time, not the OP.

>ED reaches the Rohan part
>Rohan turns towards the screen slightly and the frame pulls in towards his eye
>Song hits the "I get to you" part, Killer Queen appears in Rohan's eye
>ED cuts to black, song abruptly ends

Keicho is in the heaven shot too

Secretly hoping they just completely remove Superfly.

Why is that stuff even acceptable in Japan?

He did all that shit just for his father. He was a good boy with wrong methods to make it.

>but the user himself is not shown or foreshadowed at all.
You can see his feet standing on the powerline

It's a great fight, though.

So is this guy a stand user or an actual alien?

Just realized something - In the opening shot when Kira is about to activate Bite the Dust you see Josuke,Koichi,Jotaro and Rohan all looking at something. Could it be Hayato

I keked

The world may never know

Place bets on what CR will call Earth Wind and Fire and Highway Star.

Let the voice of love TAKE YOU HIGHER!

Bet they call highway star like, road king or something.

Honestly i think Arkai intentionally kept it vague. It would have killed all the mystery out of it

terra ventus
highway gogo


I can't tell which one is the Stand.

September 99

not fully shown but right here


Thats the point of his character, he could be either. There's no definitive proof that makes one side of the argument much more likely than the other.

>tfw you realize that Araki liked Jumping Jack Flash's ability to use rotation so much that he based all of Part 7 on it

Who's this guy again?


I can't blame him. That fight was awesome, especially when Weather Report makes space suits out of clouds.

Gravity stand, Jolyne and Weather wore space suits and Jolyne pissed in zero gravity.

Wait so which one was Planet Waves, that one or the Meteor dude? I feel like a lot of the stone ocean stands run together for me

Planet Waves is the meteor stand

Planet waves was the meteor one.

Ready for some shitty subs anons?

Anyone else find it hard to imagine Part7 Dio with the same VA as Part1/3 Dio?

DiU's sales collapsed ages ago, friend. It's the worst selling Part so far.

It wouldn't be fitting, no.

No. I really don't like Koyasu's Diego voice in EoH.

Yeah. Even in the games, it doesn't really suit him. Especially since he's the only character to have their voice carry over across the reset.

Christ, I love part 6. It pisses me off to no end that my friend read part 5 over the span of a few weeks, but he's been reading part 6 slower than it was being released.

C-Moon is one of my favorite stands, I hope that some day they'll make a good figure of him.

How much of a dullard was Kosaku if just being Kira and doing "normal" things makes her damp

Part 7 Dio in the game uses the same V/A so i've gotten used to it. I don't think it would be weird to be honest. If you've played the MGS games, two characters have the same V/A. You get used to it after a while.

With the coloring of his outfit, he looks like he's doing a shitty GER cosplay.

That's a monkey in a wig.

Damn she looks terrible in that shot.


theyre out

>Highway go go


It's true user

What is with Josuke and wanting to make everybody happy

Chris Sabat is the obvious choice.