Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀

Final episode soon.
The land is cloaked in deepest blue
The shadow of eagles across the moon
Endure the pain, it's easy now
In words can I say it?"

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Previews to wet everyone's beak

>Lin jumping around like a crazy lunatic
dis gonna be gud

They really went all out on this last fight

Don't let it end yet. No!

watched 8 minutes into this episode...

The most fun show is going to end, I wish they announce a season 2 right after but i doubt it ;__;

Never say never, user.

Did Thunderbolt fantasy do well in Japan?

I feel like that last episode could have been split up into 2, but it was still really good. I hope there's a S2.

I think someone said only a small amount of dvd+bd was released to sell, and it did well. I could be wrong, though.

Now to play the waiting game, for now have some Tan hi.
Sequel confirmed!

well then that escalated quickly

But will it be written by Urobuchi?

Shoufukan's poem
I will try to translate later
By the way, they are making Thunderbolt Fantasy hand puppet for sale.
And season 2 confirmed

Im curious to know how much the puppets will cost.

Alright lads, i'm going to miss the threads but i uh-



Who is the red head?

The legend himself

Here it is
The fierce wind and strong rain hasten the umbrella
The wanderer's footprints never stop
How do you cross such an endless world?
Raincoat was faded by the muddy water

The price is to be announced.
But one thing is certain: expensive af

Oh man, will the TM Revo puppet do a cameo?

Nishikawa probably will voice him for one episode then have his character killed off.

The ride never ends

Gotta be honest, I teared up when Shou's poem was read. Fuck, I can't believe I cried watching a puppet show.

English sub is not out yet, but we got the Chinese sub

Final episode,what a great series and excellent ending.
Tian Hai is a strong final boos, but both Xue Ya and Shāng prove that they are at another level in this final episode
( Xue Ya beat Tian Hai easly with sword match while Shāng take down the giant demons all by himself ).
Dān Fěi end ou with Ken, she start training him with swordplay and wants to push him to become stronger and more manly so their future "son" will not be disappoint of his father.
Xue Ya and Shāng part away , but both give hint that they may meet again.

Sorry for the lack of ducks last week.

Most of us thought the puppetry was a joke at first and it turned out to be a masterpiece.

who drew these?
need more ducks

Does Xing Hai get a happy ending?

I hope he stays for more, though. Half the party is either dead or has left due to betrayal.

Do't know, she disappear after the giant demon is release .

In almost every interview, Urobuchi said he wanted to do write an S2, he's definitely writing it again.

When Urobuchi and TMR were in Taiwan for the last fan event, they teased that if there was an S2, his character will be incorporated into the show.

I think they have S2 completed and everything they've just been quiet about it.

I'm not even mad

>[HorribleSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy - 13 [480p].mkv
Won't be long until 720p is out

Based chicken man

This is a show about puppets.

Is that a gay bard?

Nice, was not expecting that.

An user.

>Unlimited Blade Works

Urobuchi you motherfucker


I'm not even mad.


>Vape Wizard actually being a god tier swordsman and just doing thief shit to not be bored and fuck with people
>10guy still getting the last laugh
>The narrator was the demon the whole time
>36 Blade Works
>Ken got to fuck his waifu
>Buddha statue got his umbrella back
>Shofukan's poem is the final lines

Have you ever seen a more perfect final episode?

Betsu10guy/10 show

Unfortunately I can't make webms this week because of real life but it was a fun ride guys. See you next season.

>>Ken got to fuck his waifu
I felt the most happiest about this. He lost an eye but it was worth it


Isn't it from chinese sites?

ken's waifu gonna fuck him in the eye socket with a stick

Vapeduck losing his shit was the best part. Bones got the last laugh.

Will it be like Psycho Pass 2 where Urobuchi has no more TWEESTs to pull and so the plot just goes nowhere?


This whole fucking episode was 20/10

Oh god yes


>Tan Hi and Ken end up together

Ken and Tanhi surviving was a plot twist itself. It makes me happy too.

But what happens to Kei Gai? Why is she missing in the final scenes?

badass Ken

Psycho Pass second season wasn't written by him, the movie was.

Either she's fused with the demon or she'll return in season 2.

>mfw Gate of Babylon

Niggas they announced season 2 at the end if the stream on Crunchyroll what the fuck are you guys talking bout

Only downside is given how the end up, they probably won't be a real part of the second season.

I felt weird for crying at that but I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

There are people who don't watch to the end of the credits?

the OP is playing over it anyways so everyone should

>You thought Shou-sama powers are all revealed already
Fucking hell I love this series. Looking forward to Season 2 for adventures of Vapeduck and Shou-sama.

I hope season 2 and maybe onward will just be (mis)adventures of indifferent man with dickass thief

I watched it streaming on TokyoMX and I didn't see that last part

>has 36 legendary massively powerful swords
>uses stick

>insane strong swordsman
>turns weird into pipe because being evil is boring

I really like what this show has to say about war and shit.

I feel healed, I never knew Urobuchi could do happy ending so well. I'm really surprised.


Was there any any doubt? The 36 sword thing was a massive sequel hook. It's the perfect set up for a new adventure(s)

>has 35 swords left to seal
>sequel adventures has him gaining more unnecessary space swords to get rid of made by Cthulhu sages
>Thief wont stop bothering him the whole time
>He keeps making more enemies while being chased by old enemies
This will only end poorly

What if they aren't the protagonists?

As usual, wizards have no sense of right and wrong.

>Swords don't kill people
>People kill people

Or she just got exploded with the mountainside, which would just send her back to demontown.
Though I could see her getting away offscreen for an S2 appearance, since she would be an obvious way for unsavory types in Dong Li to learn that Shang is carrying all that loot. Though Vape Duck intentionally spreading the word just to draw out jerks to troll is entirely possible too, being the asshole that he is.

Yes. Blame the wizards.


Urobuchi said S2 would be about them:

Q9: 可以製作續集的話會用舊角還是新角展開故事?
A9: 覺得凜殤兩人描寫不太夠,所以還想寫他們兩個。

What in the fuck

Don't know if it has been posted before, but his acappella version of the OP is quite nice.

>Swords don't teleport demons into outer space
>People teleport demons into outer space

When will it be scanned?

no chink shilling pls

Sweet Jesus, what a great day. Guys, this was my AOTS, but i'm too afraid of Cred Forums bullying when I say it.

Yes yes yes!

I said this show was a slow burner and that it would pick up enough steam to get a sequel!

I'm guessing Shang's nemesis are the ones that are going to be next cour's villains. If they could force Shang to run away, that means they are no joke.

>not a duck


>If they could force Shang to run away, that means they are no joke.
it seems possible that he just thinks that it's annoying to deal with them like how Lin kept running away from Setsu

TBF has almost no shitposters because most Cred Forumsnons don't watch it. Just praise away.

Don't be, those who say this show sucks clearly just judging it from its cover.
TBF is my series of the year.

I was kinda expecting that he was actually able to kill demons, erase their existance or some shit like that by the end of the story, so I guess that might actually happen in the later sequels.

That was fucking awesome


Will happily watch more puppets again.

Where were you when Lin got utterly and absolutely BTFO

You know, considering of how fabulous the dolls in this show are I was kinda expecting that the design was made by Yoshitaka Amano, or at least there would be some art like it, but turns out that there are none like it.

That was actually the first Urobuchi show I enjoyed start to finish.

Also reminded of the days I spent watching old school magic flying swordsman Chinese movies.

I really liked how both of them got really fucking salty.


Betsu10 still won. Dat mad laughter was awesome.

To be honest, story-wise this show isn't anything amazing, but it is a satisfying watch for sure.



Chinese censorship probably had a role in that.

>literally trace on

Can someone do a webm of both of them opening the magic circles?

That's why I really like it, it doesn't take itself serious at most times.

Shang literally walked up to a demon god and blew it the fuck away into outer space.

So far he has seemed prepared to deal pretty directly with people who are a pain in the ass. If he decided to run away and hide the blades it means he must've perceived them as a legitimate threat to the blade's safety.

The ending was flawless.

Using the poem which is supposed to be for character introductions as the final lines and a way to tie everything together was genius.

You think it is possible to get a clearer picture and get some of the names? I like that orc megasword.

It was great and fun as all hell. I'm pretty happy about the sequel because Shang and Lin are great as hell MCs. Plus I fucking loved those nods to UBW. I can tell Urobuchi is having fun writing this and the staff love the series.

To bad Shofukan didn't beat the demon god with a stick. But maybe that would have been too dumb


I thought that he was going to do a kamehameha or using his bare hands instead of pulling a list of legendary swords.

Man this is the most satisfying ending I've seen in a while. Easily AOTS for me, can't wait for S2. Still kinda wished to see Tanhi and Ken do a bit more though, they jobbed to Archer and Demon lady, and struggled against 2 generic mooks last ep.

>mfw Shang pulls out Ea from his 36 noble phantasms then proceed to Enuma Elish the demon god's ass

Yea, this was amazing. I called him using a real sword to take down the demon god, but I thought for sure it'd be a shen hui mo xie.

I had a feeling he was gonna turn the whole field empty with tree branches sticking out of the ground

Story's don't have to be good for the show to be amazing. They just have to be told well.

My dick is so hard right now.

Shang does everything he can to avoid a fight. He only confronts people when he has no other choice. The demon god ending the world = no choice. He doesn't have to confront those chasing him, he can just run, so he does.


>I don't want to kill villains, I want to humiliate them and make them feel like shit.
Why is Lin so based

>Also reminded of the days I spent watching old school magic flying swordsman Chinese movies.
Recommend any?

Why does this feel like NTR?

I don't remember any titles, I was a kid and it was on TV.

Fun times, robed people jumping around with smoke everywhere with magical swordsmanship and demons and shit, real cheesy comedy.

Because you're a memeing idiot

If I was I would have said cuck.

She will probably return.

I remember just this one.

I absolutely love Ohara's crazy laugh.

we can expect all this in S2 right?

You have no fucking clue what ntr means and using it like a memeing idiot

It had god tier pacing.

I remember scenes from my favorite magic flying kung fu people but I don't remember the title.
Flying something, I think knife? sword?

Anyways if you want flying people and cheesy comedy try Future Cops, basically knock-off Street Fighter movie.


Flying Dagger
So damn close.

>hands under dress

S1 was just to get people used to medium.
S2 is where it gets really wuxia and Pili-ish.

Guess what motherfucker

Also, why is everyone ignoring that traitorous cunt kei gai?

>no more Tan Hi bullying
These are sad times...

>Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
>Holy Flame of the Martial World
Since we're on the topic of flying kung fu people both of these are a must watch, they're hilariously insane.

Someone please do another one of theses with WHITE HEAVENS : LUNAR CRATER VAPOR

Gib webms.

Shit this is hilarious

dvd bonus video
Thunderbolt Fantasy - Behind the scenes
all 13 episode

she's not on their level, like, not even a threat. she's probably back in her swamp eating baozi out of depression

Got a torrent?

>only right hand wielder
Crow shows the way

Seconding this since I supposedly have an account but I don't know about it. Why mega went to shit lately?

She never really lost a fight, though. But yeah, her being on their level would mean she could have taken out Screaming Phoenix by herself but chose to say nothing.

im already hype enough for S2 already anymore of this i cant take it. i hope there is more swordplay tho, The demon got jobbed so easily.

sho and lin could have killed that edgemaster at anytime, i don't know that she could say the same. she didn't have the power to overwhelm a weak shrine guardian an wannabe hero by herself. besides, she really has zero motivation to do anything now that the demon god is gone. it's not just sleeping this time. it's literally gone.

Kguy probably got squashed when the demon was summoned.
Or she fell in the abyss back to the demon world.

I wouldn't count journey to the west as a Chinese sword fighting movie/show
Really good story though, highly recommend checking out if you have not.

>quest to protect one powerful sword
>MC has 36 of them in his ass AND they are even more powerfull
[email protected]!!

fun fact:
the dragon in op actually is Screaming Phoenix Killer

>it's not just sleeping this time. it's literally gone.
MC said that it takes 100 years for rift in space to close. Would destroying the sword reopen the rift and let the demon back?

Holy shit butcher

Man I had no idea what to expect going in to this show but this is one of the best shows of the year.

I can't wait for season 2


Didn't even realize the others were left handed.
Does that symbolize something maybe?

What's his backstory? How did he get a human form?

Watching Lin Setsu A and 10guy fighting, I was worried Shou was going to get shafted out of a chance to shine, but not only was his fight great, but that last scene was 10/10. I am eagerly awaiting season 2.

It was also nice to see like boss like subordinate.

wtf i like urobutcher now

Actually, I think destroying the sword would actually make it impossible to open the rift again, since the sword wouldn't work anymore and it is a portal opener more than anything else.
But doing that would make Tanhi jobless.

it means he's left handed in the real world

Shoufukan is the best Urobuchi character. He's beautiful.

I really think he would make a great Kamen rider MC.

Isn't she full time housewife and mother now?

More like full time shrine maiden, kung fu instructor, mother and housewife.

The way I understand it, if someone manages to use it within 100 years, they can reopen it from where he threw demon god and possibly bring it back.

But if someone destroys it, I think the sword is sealed because it's still in the process of closing it, so it might either reopen or unleash a wormhole that can never close, sucking everything in.

>lol good thing i have 36 of those swords


when did she gets pregged? isnt that a bit too quick.

The irony of the whole story is pretty funny.

>Your only demon sealing sword is destroyed. Prepare to die human.
>Lol jokin I have 36 left. Which one do you pick?

I find it believable.
After all, nobody believed that he came from the neighboring land simply because it's not humanly possible.
If none of the strong people believed it and it turned out to be true, it stands to reason that he's more powerful than those people could imagine.

I think you mean what in the duck

>blew it the fuck away into outer space.
It looked more like Ghostbusters.

I'll bet he could have beaten it unconscious and saved some trees, but Shou isn't the kind to faff about, he goes for practical methods that achieve what he needs. Stick it turns out was just to hide the swords.

Maybe their surprise daughter will be a chi master who shows up her dad.

>no more Shofukan bullying
Good times.

I'm just channeling my inner Ken.

>pic related is the true underlying plot of Thunderbolt Fantasy

I love it.

why didnt he just toss the scroll into the space portal that that one sword had?

Can Vape duck steal Gilgamesh's arrogance?

I think I like Rin Setsu A more than Shoufukan.

I'd say the whole purpose of the show was too pile up layers upon layers of twists just to make fun of the whole thing.
>lel, I was in fact stronger than you, just pretending to be shit
>lel, I know people have been passing swords for better than they are. Too bad I have 36 that are stronger than what people have been killing each other for.
I laughed quite a lot during this episode. 10/10 show.

There might be several demons got sealed around as Shou mentions other Goinshi

Thank you, I was searching for that and couldn't think where it came from.

So was Rinsetsua's master one of these wizards, if he made the pipe? Or am I remembering wrong?

>aliens and or devil gods from space cut a portal to their world

Who's the illustrator?

Is there any part in Japanese?

Why don't he just break them in two pieces?

The answer is probably that he doesn't actually want the swords destroyed. He wants a long term solution that both stops crazy warlords from abusing them and keeps them ready in case of demon/ghost/spirit/god incursions.

>sho is literally unlimited blade works

japanese version doesn't have this part
even not appear in BDs

So were any of the rest of he swords in 10guy's collection magic at all, or just really nicely made? I'm assuming the later since Shou didn't seem to give the slightest shit about them.

Can someone upload behind the scenes somewhere else?
Mediafire or nyaa.

Mega isn't working for me.

I think it was implied they were from the other country and Betsu10 never heard of them because the countries got separated.

>why don't you lock the door and throw the key inside the room

The fights in this episode were beautiful. Is there similar quality stuff in other Taiwanese puppet shows?

He said the sword he was going after in the show would make all of his swords look like rusted metal.

you mean puppets throwing CGI at eachother?
actual good close-quarter combat is a rare sight recently

This. People underestimate how easy it is to fuck up pacing, and even great shows tend to do it sometimes. Say what you will about Urobutcher's themes, etc., but he has the basics of storytelling down pat.

Ahh, right, I remember that now. Poor bastard, born on the wrong side of an impassable death zone to ever truly sate his fetish for awesome swords.

His fetish is his own swordsmanship though.


Watching the second video, and it's in japanese. The Butcher is in there too.

>>aliens and or devil gods from space cut a portal to their world

Kawaii Outer God waifu in S2.

>Have 36 other divine tier sword with him the whole time

>Probably just pissed that he can't get number 37

The Hell seriously, it is like watching Star Wars with the Death Star showing up and some random dude just walk up an say:

"O well, another planet destroyer, Luckily I owned 36 solar cannons."

And proceed to fire one from the other side of the universe and 1 shot the Death Star.

you must be real bad at math if you think 36 is unlimited

Chinese is very edgy and full of ego.

>O well, another planet destroyer, Luckily I owned 36 solar cannons
Basically Empire in the EU.

Do you think Betsu Ten Gai would have had an attack if he had seen Shoufukan's inventory? Oe perhaps his boner (of creation) would have pierced the heavens.

UBW webm pls.

Now I want to know his nickname on the other side.


cmon, stuff like the duck tossing the sword on the backswing and catching it again were godlike.

VapeDuck has the Unlimited Blade Works since he can copy anything.


Is a fake(swordsman) better than the real thing?

he'd be stuck with one instead of 36

I just finished this and I'm so glad.

Shou has the real deal though, not fakes - it's more like Gate of Babylon

>if 10guys knew he might have tried mooching up to Shoufukan for swords, because he wouldn't be able to beat him in a fight/access them without compliance
>Rinsetsua would have achieved his goal right there

My favorite part was seeing the vape wiz get so upset he started yelling. His personality expanded a lot after being mysterious for over half the show. He was totally beyond good and evil and didn't feel heroic or villainous to me.

He probably killed himself. His pride and ego all destroyed by a random hobo.


Does anyone have all the poems and their translations collected? I would be really interested to see them.

It's my AOTS too.

That looks like a rape pig.

ABAJ meant A?

Well that was quick

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

It fits!

What are those tentacles in the third panel?

damn, yao tu li looks pretty cute there.
This thing

kind of mantis's parasites

>Vape wizard and Shou form a "Fuck Swords" crew

absolutely glorious



Urobuchi has said the medium of puppetry is what kept the story the simple as possible.

So it ended.
Amazing in general but this episode blew my mind from the first 5 minutes.
Then as i was sad because it ended pic happened.


Doujin of Lin stealing Ken's wife when?

Free tohous.

Speaking of which, he never found out his ex-master got strung up and dropped into a demon pit, did he? Nobody who's still around saw that happen.

I should have made popcorn.

Zu Shan Jian Sia?

>Ken's face when Kei Gai inevitably shows up next season

She doesn't really say, but even if she isn't pregnant yet she really intend to get so.

This was the kind of episode popcorn was invented for.

Already seen it, but thanks.

The worst is that at the beginning, everyone was expecting Rin Setsu A to be the big bad guy who was going to end up keikaku doori.
In the end, he was nothing but a guy who got his kicks out of ruining people's lives, and even he was denied his pleasure in the end.
Urobutcher really did it.

Im sure he survived that huge explosion which caused the whole mountain to collapse.

>Ken being in the next season

I demand Ken's blonde Tanhi clone daughter with a spear next season. I will eat duck if it doesn't happen.

Fairly sure that's a matter of karma. Everyone that was in it for bad reasons got fucked, even Setsu to some degree.

Archer sought the fame and fortune of heroism over being a hero itself, he probably even wanted Ken to help carry some kind of legacy into the future as his pupil, instead his final legend ends without anyone knowing or caring he was involved.

Is it from another making of? Any link to those beyond the 4th?

While this is nice to hear, I feel like it'll be less exciting now that we know about the secrets of the two main characters.


No way!? I absolutely MUST buy the puppets. Price is not a problem. It is a must have for me. Any information on who is making them and what news outlets to keep track of?

>In this episode
>betsu 10guy: "nou ga FURUERUUUU"

why no MAL page for this show?

>Does anyone have all the poems and their translations collected?
Seconding this. Someone translated Ken's on a past thread.



People laugh that good intentions are just unrealistic,
my will is higher than the clouds and I will uphold to it.
don't race time for fame and fortune
and never regret when you die

良圖: good intention
華胥: a place in mythology, meaning not real
朝夕: morning and afternoon, meaning time
黃沙染身(originally 命染黃沙): die

Are you boys ready for 35 more seasons?

Because not anime. And that's a good thing, we don't want a MAL invasion. Now fuck off.

sadly this is from their twitter account

this Isn't no one demanding translates because the sub does it already?


CR subs are of dubious quality, and has skipped some poems too.

Holy shit.

The magic isn't that he pulled out the fucking smartphone catalog of magic swords of nowhere.
Its that it worked because the story was building up the mystery of that point the entire time. Shang didn't give a fuck because he knows he has them swords.


This show was so fucking fun, holy shit guys.

>VN, anime, live action, puppet show
What's in store for the Butcher's next "grand coup"? Can this guy really do anything?

>Kei Gai porn

Maybe stop being a retard.

Fucking puppets, man.

How did they afford to go into space for that practical effect?

You forgot

Yeah, I was suprised every week. I think its because it was so ridiculous yet it just fit perfectly or something like that. Its like, 'well of course the vapeduck can sword as well' and 'well of course phoenix dies like a bitch' but it was still amazing.
I think he's just really tapped into the nerd/otaku soul thing. He understands it deeply, so it comes easily to him. Thats what happens when you read WH40k and write fanfiction about it for years.
puppet satellite

>Can this guy really do anything?

Hes a swordsman now though that art is wrong

this show is how to do rule of cool correctly

Ken as a swordsman really does strike me as wrong. Him wielding a spear and wrecking shit with his nekketsu eagerness, attacking half-haphazardly with great force was really a huge point that I liked about his character.



look better


Absolute madman

I never thought I'd say that about some Sawano shit but OST when? The fighting song is actually insanely catchy.


He has a big challenge ahead of him with the Godzilla film, it needs to balance the human drama with kaiju fights and also have an interesting plot.

Urobuchi's peek is going to be either Gundam or when he does Kamen rider again.

He got henpecked.
They played it off as comedic, but in the end he's going to turn into an old man who always wished he could have been a hero but he had to stay around a fucking sword all day long.

I know wanting a 3rd Ryuki is a little much, but I would love to see him do a sentai in the same vain as Madoka. I feel like that could be a very interesting dynamic.


Going by his poem, he will have no regrets for choosing his ideals+love over fake heroism.

>the OST was released this whole time
All of my fucking whats.

I need a webm of him killing himself. When Zan Kyo sliced his head own off I was genuinely baffled, but when Best 10guy suicided I was fucking laughing.

For some reason it was never added to Nyaa

He died the way he wanted, at least. ;_;

>unleashes satan
>breaks the thing that can hold him back
>brb sudoku lmao
Best villain ever

>shang too busy trying to seal the swords in ep 1
>betsu eventually steals another sword and breaks it himself because vapeduck trolling
>ancient evil awakens
>shang gets to get rid of another sword
plus minus one

You are a saint user

>Tan Hi's new job is to bend over, push out her tight butt, and take a (new) One Eyed Impaler inside her to the hilt until they have enough children to form a new clan
>visual illustrations of this never

Isn't she getting her own manga though?

Dude, that's precisely the point. He chose to give up on his aim to become a "hero" as it was nothing he had been expecting so far. His fight against One-Eyed and his poem coming up at this moment really were the turning point of his character, showing he had chosen one of the options his mentor told him when he was outside of Seven Sins Tower before freeing Tanhi: either you go after the girl and you give up on heroism, either you become a villain wearing the mask of a hero.

Just hope that the nips liked Thunderbolt enough for you to find something like that in the next Comiket.

Holy shit, what an episode. Can season 2 even top this? I think the fact that the characters' motivations were unknown for most of the show was one of the best strengths of the show.

Forgot to link the comment.

>poor taste spear/impler jokes
Aniihua is turning in his shallow grave

I like how Snowduck knows what to do when 10guy tried to either disarm him or "teleport behind him" multiple times, prove that he did pay attention to the Phoenix battle.

Now I'm wondering if the side of China that Thunderbolt Fantasy takes place is made of shitty jobbers while the China that Sho comes from is made of living legends.

Motivations were given for most of the cast.
Everyone except the naïve girl just lied.

Ten said it himself, his sword skills being a surprise was an edge. He didn't realize that chastising the Phoenix Killer for showing them off was hypocrisy considering he'd just shown Setsu them.

S1 emphasized the mystery element, it was a perfect way to ease-in people who aren't familiar with wuxia. S2 will have a different vision and a different kind of story.

As long as we get a lot of banter between Shou and Lin, I think it'll be great but I'm skeptical that they can top S1.

Season 2 will need a new protagonist, but in terms of plot, they will really need to dig into other untapped wuxia conventions.

A sequel could just be an OVA, who knows.

If it is just Shoufukan and Lin, then a movie or OVA would be more appropriate.

>characters' motivations were unknown for most of the show was one of the best strengths of the show
I don't think there will be many recurring characters, Rinsetsua and Shofukan aside. The surprise element can be reprised, albeit in a different way.

Shangs on new game ++++ everyone is scrub to him, and Lin was just better than betsu for a long time.
I didn't notice that, super cool
We weren't expecting anything much from s1, so s2 might just be more like episode 7-8 with plans on the mountain and characters bouncing off each other.
Maybe shang gets all his swords stolen and he has to beat a guy who has them all.

Hiding one's skill is great.
It is not a Mary Sue trope as these guys are mature men who have lived life and must have trained hard in multiple disciplines.

More like Xiyu was full of the same kind of villains acting up, but with super powered swords, until Shoufu took all their swords and walked out. Now they're probably evening out, except that at least this side had most of their weapons under sacred orders this whole time.

The mystery was to both audience and cast, but now we have the potential to keep playing it to new cast while the audience knows the characters' secrets and are waiting for it to reveal again. Both MCs were set up so they'd keep things from others as long as possible, and they won't suddenly drop that if we join them again.

I think we'll see Lin in one of his disguises next time, as he'll be stalking, and that'll make for more guessing games.

My motto is to not use show all our powers at once. Only use what is relevant now, and reveal others when they become relevant, hence there will be more impact. At the same time, we need to develop and learn new powers to continue surprising people.

This show resonated with my one of my life principles deeply.

Is this show worth picking back up?

I dropped it after they introduced the spear guy

>Duck/Tenguy big fight is literally "lolitrollu!!!!44!"

Everything is spoiled already. This is a spoiler sensitive show.

It reminds me of Kamen Rider Agito, which was spoiler sensitive too.

I have been avoiding threads because of spoilers

Now that a sequel is announced I want to pick it back up

>We weren't expecting anything much from s1, so s2 might just be more like episode 7-8 with plans on the mountain and characters bouncing off each other.
>Maybe shang gets all his swords stolen and he has to beat a guy who has them all.

From interviews, we know it will be focused on Shou and Lin. It will also shed some light on the lore of the series. The demons, immortals, ect.

They might go to the demon world for a change of scenery too. Ironically, Shoufukan might end up collecting more OP weapons than he seals.

>my first webm
>file limit is 3MB
Fug, wasn't it 4mb?

I think lots of Urobuchi shows are full of twists, which makes spoilers particularly deadly when it comes to them.

Do it now

Jesus fucking Christ user, there are so many artifacts in this webm, you'd almost rouse the Templars from their death to steal it from you.

This show was fucking beautiful. They need to make more beautiful shows.

Sadpanda or pixiv?

The bad-ass puppet action and pathos works even with spoiled.

I can see myself rewatching the whole show and soon even. Won't matter that I know everything.

I genuinely believe your opinion is entirely correct yet still hate you for it because it was so well done I can't take that as a insult to it.
That sounds edgy as fuck but I like it. Surprise is pretty much the only thing that entertains people, as well as is something that people can't handle too well.
You could say how you manage and showcase surprise in your work is how good it is from the very start. The most boring stuff is always unsurprising.

>Godzilla and TF 2 together
I hoep he doesn't burn out.

The quick reply window still limits to 3mb. Use the normal posting method.


Nah, they just wanted to do a typical epic, and epic is the most cliche and one of the most simplistics genres after all, I think expecting more of the show'd be unfair.

yfw they actually designed and named 36 swords

>Shoe is a guy who collects powerful swords and has a group of unsavory characters after him who wants to steal swords from him
>Betsu10guy is a guy who collects powerful swords and has a group of unsavory characters after him who wants to steal a sword from him

Shoe was enjoying this ride more than he admits

>other untapped wuxia conventions

A-am I the only one who wanted this and didn't like the 36 swords deus ex machina at all?

It's a nice hook for the next campaign, though.

Translation when?

Maximum trolling.

Timehack sword from future?


>It reminds me of Kamen Rider Agito, which was spoiler sensitive too.

I don't see how knowing that the hero kicks God in the face ruins the show in any way.

What if we get one season per sword?
But he still ends up with more swords

Best news all week

watch the first couple minutes of EP 1 then something came up. Looked campy but interesting. Should I go back in?


He finished writing Godzilla a while ago and with TBF giving how it was going to have an S2 no matter what, I'm sure he already wrote it and is working on something completely different now.

Gaim was brutal and he didn't take a break after he finished at all, doing TBF right after. He's a workaholic.

>why can't i hold all these swords

If there is no keyhole inside it's actually a great idea.

>He finished writing Godzilla a while ago
So when is it going to air?

The amount of pottery in this show is insane. In all kinds of forms.

Vape duck can defeat Gilgamesh! Discuss!

10/10 villain

I loved the way he made him loose his nuts.

Just leave now and watch the 12 episodes. You won't regret it. (I was initially pretty turned off because it was a puppet show and intended to drop it quickly.)

It's going to premier sometime in 2017. He's been working on Godzilla for more than a year when they announced it.

Should've been called Gate of Xi You.

Holy Sword swing dust
Society · Sirius
Ink from the deep mysterious
· Magic Sword fall day cut
· February cold funeral tired soul
· God Jesus Christ nether V
Chin snow
Funeral Moon Night
Solitary & # 29022; Lan month
One hundred cutting Kun
· Hime demon Qisha TIANLING
· Sumeru day Magic Sword robbery shortage
According lamp in solitary
Phoenix? Butterfly knife to kill
· Lei Yue Yan kill
* New sun and the moon
Yan evil Ebon Blade
Grom Ming Sword
FY wall down
Wind mysterious tooth
Movies broken knife
Dongfeng Lan month
Movies & Videos Teng empty
Yue town? Imperial
Shortage of red Xiao Meng
Special six month
Sulfur light Sword
Cologne Qingque
SMG interest
Nine days Xuanming
Six Questions Nether

Pretty sure good swordsmen develop ambidextreness

Also doesn't Shou fight with his right, despite having his stick on his right?

Nature is horrifiying

I have to wonder what was going through the head of the person when they created that particular sword.

>Hey senpai, check it out. I just created this awesome new sword
>What does it do? Create sword-beams? Cut giant boulders in half? Seal things away? What?
>It sends people out into outer space
>What the fuck is outer space?

>· Magic Sword fall day cut
The fuck?

>Probably just pissed that he can't get number 37
Except that allegedly he's trying to get rid of his swords

They're left handed because that's how the puppets work.

>Gate of Babylon
>Do you have enough swords

Etc, etc


What is jewgle translate for 500 Alex?

>God Jesus Christ nether V

>Movies & Videos Teng empty

What is that?


>Vapeduck was just a swordsman bored as shit with swords
>10guy managed to shit on him and get the last laugh
>Shou was actually fucking Gilgamesh all along and launched the demon god into space
>Tan and Ken finally got together
How could this ending have been any better?


What about 1 - 4 though.

That issue of the magazine will have Interviews by the staff and comments from Ikuhara, Oshii, Imagawa and Tomonori Kogawa. Seems like senpai-tachi finally noticed him.

Now, that is something.

>comments from Ikuhara, Oshii, Imagawa and Tomonori Kogawa
translation never

BDrip never.

>How could this ending have been any better?
If the opening started playing in the final battle.

BDs have Urobuchi's commentary for every episode. We're not getting that too.

If it make you feel better, my favorite show has two hours and 45 minutes bonus footage on the BD that never gets subbed.

Holy shit, thank oyu google translate.

Cool sudoku.This nigga.

Wait! Does Urobutcher reads WH40k?

>Hime demon Qisha TIANLING

That's Lou's sword from Chaos dragon. I wonder what other references are there.

Doubtful. WH40k is more along the lines of grimderp and completely self-aware of it. Where as Urobutcher's idea of grimdark is more along the lines of real life grimdarkness. The two is mutually incompatible.

That just makes Shang retroactively even more awesome. He went and jack that shit from that horrible abomination of an adaptation.

He used to play the tabletop game.
He also wrote an LN about a chaos champion elf which is kind of a fanfiction. He considers that LN his darkest work, it ended with only chaos winning in the end.

yes although if i remember correctly it was more among the lines of WHFB and that he wrote a novel about some Tzeentch inspired chaosfag

>Ink from the deep mysterious
Cthulhu sword?

>More than 6h after the episode
>Barely any webms
Guess I'll fill in the gaps
>4chanx disables regular posting in leu of quick reply
>Stuck with 3MB limit

.webm of bad guy sudoku?



They fucked in the woods, didn't they?



>get so fucking salty because some fag who likes to troll evil people beat his ass
>tries to destroy the whole world because of that
I think the best part is that duck actually got salty from that too.


Goddamn what a finale

>10guy managing to shitter shatter VapeDuck
>Shang sending Mantis Demon to FUCKING SPACE
>Ken and Tai Hi confirmed for banging

I'm glad I was able to watch this show and that there's gonna be more of it. AOTY.

There are no words for how great this final was

Did Best10guy mean to kill himself? Because it looked like an accident.

Also, if those special swords can be destroyed why doesn't Shou just do that?

That was perhaps the most beautiful death I've ever seen a villain have.

Shame the demon god was so unweildy to puppet for a more interesting fight, but the one before it was fucking god-tier as fuck.


Can someone do a sound webm of Betsu10's mad laughter?

Cool as fuck. I'm getting maximum filze size is 3MB, I guessed I'm rused.

If not, they will now.
>sweet missionary sex
>while holding hands
>and not for the sole purpose of procreation

The fuck kind of Discworld bullshit is this IT WAS VISIBLE FROM SPACE?!?! FUCK YEAH


How is he going to lose the scroll gents?

It's probably going to be some silly shit, like getting drunk and using the scroll as a napkin, and tossing it away.

10guy sudoku

I literally guffawed at this line, this motherfucker cracking jokes at the end of the world, what a glorious bastard.

Show of the fucking year for me.

When swordfag died, it was the best ending a villain could have. Nothing is going to top it this year.


I'm still kind of hoping Shang is actually some kind of undead, and Demonlady is still around AFAIK.



Shoufukan and Rinsetsua got a cameo on one of Pili's other shows. That explains why there was fanart of them drinking tea together.

>this doesn't end the world
>but a demon god who messes up a garden will



Which show? Nice trivia, too.





>let's go of the blade for a half second to catch it back

RIP earth

Anyone remember Blasting Zone from FF8?

Nice work, google translate.

>>Godzilla and TF2 together

I think it's called 霹雳狼烟之古原争霸.

I sound like a faggot ,I know ,but it's really sad how a show this good is known by so few and barely fills a thread in 10 hours even though it had the best end this year


It was a really nice change of pace, especially considering the time and effort put into the puppeteering, I was done since episode 1 though since I've always loved wuxia especially a setting without guns.

And some of the philosophical quotes weren't half bad either, quite pleasing actually.

Did he intend to kill himself? It makes sense to secure the last laugh but I'd be cool with it being a hilarious accident.

I think he intended to kill himself from the get go, he went out on HIS terms, not vapeduck's.

It was definitely intentional.

Probably show up once word of the villains are causing too much trouble for the region, and show up for 1 to 3 episodes.

Yes,vapeguy just want to see him in despair and enjoy his tears.

Question is, is the mystical sword collection an asspull?

>Vape duck spends the entire series to rustle Best10guy's jimmies only to get his jimmies rustled instead

>crazy sword collector knows about me since ep1
>let's wank around my überswerds
Nah. He kept them hidden for a good reason.

Shou's entire background was shrouded in mystery from day 1, we only got confirmation in the penultimate episode that his fucking sword was wood after all.

I've seen bigger asspulls in legit scholastic fiction, see: FUCKING BEOWULF.

He's voiced by MOTHERFUCKING ARCHER, so it was great that he had a collection of swords.

>we only got confirmation in the penultimate episode that his fucking sword was wood after all.
Yeah, but it was teased multiple times in some sense or another. The stock wood sound effects, his "blunt" swordsmanship, and Vapewizard's reaction upon seeing his sword.

Yes and no.
To the point that they reveal the scroll you already know that Sho can save the world in some way.
But the scroll makes Sho turn from a Qi master to a fucking legend in less than an instant.

Why doesn't fantasy chinkland employ some form of inquisition to keep the crazy magical inventors in check?

but the moral of it is that the swords doesn't make the swordsman, so in a sense is not like he is invincible, so I think this logic will stand by the next season.

It was pointed out, first subtly and then explicitly, that Sho was some kind of super legend. For instance, no one believes he's from the other kingdom, because no one, not even the greatest of masters, has ever crossed that desert. Implicitly, this means he's greater than anyone who ever tried.

Then Ken points out that, if he's from that place, it makes sense why he'd never heard of the legends in the area. And how, consequently, if there were any equal legends on the other side of the desert, no one would've heard of them.

The point of the climax is tied into what Sho said about why he has all these swords: there are a lot of evil bastards trying to get their hands on some mystical sword or another, not just the main villain of the season. It helps show how much larger the setting is than this singular quest.

It is an asspull, no real two ways about it. But it was satisfactory for me.

In wuxia the government is either evil or a bunch of useless fuckers, which is why wandering qi-master swordsmen have to do all the save-the-world jobs.

>hey guys, don't mind the world ending demon (that I am not at fault for) lets go steal another fucking sword :D

No matter what government, aren't they concerned that every other sword is a planet splitter?

Well at least it seems there are clans devoted to protecting them, now the bigger question is how fucking good are they at them

I mean the Tengyoken wasn't even kept in one piece so it had some measure of failsafe.

She does a great wicked-witch laugh.

Wait wut

Rinsetsua heard it happen, so he could tell them if he felt like it.

after watching so much garbage this season, TF saved anime for me

Shofukan was too much of an old grumpy to get a young maiden this season, but surely an Elder God would be the perfect fit for him.

>mfw Tan hi will return again in S2


>Chin snow
A sword powered by beard dandruff.



Notice how he only said most here.


Notice also how he refers to himself personally. He went and checked them, plenty of times.

Can I just say I really like the music usage in this ep? I've noticed that in recent years, anime with Sawano soundtracks tend to be very unapologetic with its usage. One single big moment coming up and it's full blaring of that one notable track. This one actually had the restrain to start off with some quiet moments to build things up before actually bringing in the hype music.

The evil governments will want the swords so they can do more and better evil, so the heroes will have to stop them. The useless governments might be concerned but they're useless so their concern will amount to nothing, leaving the heroes to deal with the problem.

Anyone else kind of want to touch Shoufukan's feathers? Just, y'know, in case they're soft.

>butcher actually hid his name inside a sword

I wanna smoke his pipe, if you know what I mean


Basically another Tanhi like character, with Lin and Shoufukan acting as her mentors?

Why am I convinced it's going to be a cutie?

It also saved that full vocal track for the final scene and it was very satisfying.

That risks coming off as a string of asspulls unless they're carefully foreshadowed.


I like how "10guy" caught on so fast after someone used it a few weeks ago.

Source? I remember hearing the opposite.

Who's the sexy redhead, from another show?

N-No don't do this to me. She's coming back.

>shit, our world is about to get fucked
>"well, how about a ponzi scheme..."

No way, you watched the episode too?!

Faker have all the real deal this time
Must be intentional

People thought Shou Fukan was going to use Unlimited Blade Works.
The fucker ended up pulling the real shit out of the Gate of Babylon.

Damn it, Butcher, I just can't stay mad at you when you pull shit like these.

T.M.Revolution's puppet.

>God Jesus Christ nether V

Now I want to see it in action.

No need to be a wise-ass. Can't i react to what i just watched?



Yummy, love that illustration there

Maybe vape guy could get a kick out of raping villains in the ass.

The sword-collector thing is somewhat foreshadowed by his conversation with Tanhi in episode 3.

Gah, beat me to it.

After all that we have seen, do you honestly believe he is just that unlucky to have a sword that he had caused to explode, to have the blade end fly right through his heart?

>Kyaaa, Shou-san don't put me in your scroll, I'm a good sword!

>master swordsman who's so sick and goddamn tired of people's shit he goes around to different places and steals the Macguffins to throw them the fuck away somewhere else because he's tired of ancient evils awakening every goddamn Tuesday
Shou's had a hard life.

Shang had been talking about the other weapons to Tan Hi and 10 guy like he knee about them since episode 3

Remember when he was saying to Tan Hi that she should have just used the Damn sword when 10 guy showed up?
That was episode 3, and that's exactly what he did.

so is the head singer going to voice act and sing while he kills other puppets?

I dunno. Having an anti-climatic end for a boss character is something Urobutcher does. I mean, did you expect a long and drawn-out fight with ever-increasing power levels? Fuck no, you get teleported into deep outer space within the first minute, bitch. It made Shang that much more awesome.

People really started to embrace 10guy after the OST came out and handed us that abbreviation on Kguy. I'm disappointed we didn't confuse ourselves by calling Phoenix Killer 'Kill Don't Kill' though. There's a goofy ring to it.

I think the nature of Crunchy's subs made it far easier for people to latch onto nicknames. What I didn't expect was for users in other countries to adopt some of them and start calling Rinsetsua '鴨鴨'.

user, please, it's only been a matter of hours, the Argos catalogue of swords is still funny.

And dialogue. Yes, the story is really standard wuxia + RPG type of fantasy, but the pacing plus character dynamics were what really nailed it.

>mfw Nanami and Tan hi have the same Seiyuu

You forget
>while both imagining the other person is Shang

Close. It's a reference to Urobuchi name

Hey, thanks a lot. Are these subbed?

Read the thread....

>Pretty sure good swordsmen develop ambidextreness


I don't have much memories of the various TV series, but the original novels definitely count. Hell, it even has the personal poems/verses theme like Thunderbolt Fantasy. Also, Journey to the West is basically xianxia before xianxia was even a thing.

After seeing this, I realize 10guy wasn't joking that he could take on and win against the demon god after it had rampaged around first.

Hear me out

If you're gonna be living by the sword and shit, it makes sense to be as dexterous as you can with both hands.

With enough practice you can do really good with your off hand.

>Ken and Tai Hi confirmed for banging
wtf i hate thunderbolt fantasy now

>It wasn't a compliment, BAKAYAROU!

fuck I dont wont him to get killed off for just one episode

Also Inigo Montoya and Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts give precedence to this

>somewhere out there, Imagawa and Urobuchi are arguing about Jon Yong and Gu Long and having nerdy discussions about wuxia in general.

>142 posters
Puppers stronk. It was a pleasure to watch with you guys.

As a drawfag who recently lost use of their dominant hand, you really fucking want to have a back up hand. If your hand is key to survival in ancient fantasy china, get a back up hand.

The sound director of this show, Yoshikazu Iwanami, has worked with a number of Sawano OSTs so I think with this show he knew how to utilize Sawano's music correctly, which is nice.

Who had the best laugh, red or blue? Blue

Always Blue, but Red had the best HMMM?


Blue. I cling to my fanwank that 10guy actually used evil sorcery to save her and she was lying on a sickbed back in Seven Sins Tower for the rest of the series.

So is it confirmed there will be a season 2? The end of the episode just says "sequel in production", being pessimistic that could just mean a movie or an extra episode.

That's a good fanwank, I mean after he fucking showed up and decimated the zombie army while not hitting his troops I thought for sure she might get a continue.

butthefuturerefused to change.jpg

Also, this has to be one of my favorite exchanges in this whole series.

Atleast there is more Edgeless bullying. I actually hope the name catches on and there is a reference to it in S2.

Even a throwaway line of the One-Eyed Impaler saving the world from an escaped demon god at that shrine and settling down to protect said shrine would be pretty cool.

>As a drawfag who recently lost use of their dominant hand
Ouch, my condolences.

Yeah, I liked the analogy.

Anyone have the lyrics to thunderbolt fantasy?

>Yeah, I liked the analogy.

Ditto. I think Urobuchi is a much better author when he keeps away from the edge.




It has been posted before but here you go:
>The land is cloaked in deepest blue
>The shadow of eagles across the moon
>Endure the pain, it's easy now
>In words can i say it?

Oh you.

>It's a fucking cuck end
Fuck this shit, jobber doesn't deserve Tan Hi's pussy

What I really like is that it shows how lonely at the top it can be for someone like 10guy, he's amassing all this skill and swords and he lives almost like a recluse in the middle of nowhere, scurrying out infrequently to build up his personal collection, in contrast at the end we see Ken now being taught Tai hi's sword skill, with the implication that it will also be passed down to the next generation.

What the fuck happened to Keigai though?
Was she crushed by the demon god?

Thanks anons i'll just combine them since one of you is trying to ruse me with the middle passages

Why do you think a thread needs to be 'filled' to be successful?

Shou didn't raise enough Tan Hi route flags, that's why.

I like to think he'll resort back to using spear once he learns how to shoot swords the TanKen way and tries to do it with a different weapon.

She's like a daughter or a niece to him. Anyone could see it from ep 1.

She survived. Remember, demons can't be killed. They can only be sealed or sent back. She was probably watching from the sidelines like everyone else.

I think it's more about how few people know about the show. You look almost anywhere online and there only seem to be handfuls of people actually interested, at least outside japan and taiwan.

I hope it picks up steam by the time S2 hits.

That "consider yourself honored, my kin" sounds like she got absorbed into her, that or she got hit so fucking hard by the explosion of energy it jsut sent her right back to the demon realm.

Pretty much this, every conversation Shou has with her is mostly very blunt

>Nah, that's pretty dumb
>Why didn't you guys do XYZ? Would've saved a lot of trouble
>I don't even want to be here
>I'm hungry

Shou went through all of that shit in Xi You. He probably knows how it would normally go and destroyed every possible flag he came across to stop this shit from happening again.


You don't want that, trust me. Just a few examples in this very thread were posted and it already filled me with disdain.

There's more to the name of the sword.
For a start, 墨淵玄離 literally translates to "ink deep mystery leaving", which is nonsensical, so the more 'proper name' would be something like Abyssal Phantasmagorical Disappearance
墨淵 and 玄離 are apparently the names of some other wuxia works. 玄離 in particular is a character from another Pili puppet show.

I might do a more "proper" name translations of the sword names if there's a next thread or something.

We came so far through the darkest of peaks
Undead will rise your brother dear
He fell to the sword
Of a mighty lord
Once upon a time
You remember peace completely?


We can survive through the darkest of peace
And every rise you brother deal
He felt to lost wad
Over my lil' one
Once upon a duck
You remember peas, completely

Make your choice.

This. The best threads on Cred Forums are the ones with tiny fanbase. It's not about being hipster/contrarian: big popular shows attract more shitposters and retards. Small fanbase has better discussions.

>I might do a more "proper" name translations of the sword names if there's a next thread or something
Please do, when the opportunity arises.

Tan Hi also doesn't have enough reason to fall for Ken. Anything ken does, shoufukan does it better.
She just picked him because she needs to breed fast and he's the only thirsty fag around.

Shit, forgot to say that's for Darkest version.

It's not about who's the better person, it's about who's been setting off flags and who hasn't. Shou actively destroyed all the flags while Ken tripped into every single one of them.

he also managed to hide something else in those names

>Shou actively destroyed all the flags while Ken tripped into every single one of them.

Ken showing her the flaw in her fighting style then deftly slip in a line about having a son one day was smoooooth...


>you stay in this cage princess, I'll be back for you later.


>I've turned away from those vagabonds, let us away now, TO DESTINY!

Yeah because we want another Jojo right where the whole thing becomes a giant meme that people can only care about ironically?

>xD epic puppet fights

The vape wizard shit in this thread is already awful and sounds like something I'd hear a seventh grader call him.

I don't ironically care about Jojo.

Yeah whatever I'm just salty since Ken literally contributed nothing other than releasing TanHi from the cage (which is actually bad) and jobbed to his aniki.
I thought he would at least make it up by fighting alongside Shoufukan but he's useless the entire time and just being there to be sperm donor for Tan Hi's clan.

Shou go places to go.

Be glad Tan Hi at least ended up with somebody.

Here's what I have so far.

>1. 聖剣・蕩塵
Holy Sword・Scattering Dust
> 2. 耆・天狼
Ancient ・Sky Wolf (Sirius)
>3. 墨淵玄離
Abyssal Phantasmagorical Disappearance
Literal translation would be "ink deep mystery leaving", which is nonsensical. Also, there's like a multi layer reference in this shit.
(1) 墨淵 and 玄離 are apparently the names of some other wuxia works. 玄離 in particular is a character from another Pili puppet show.
(2) Gen Urobuchi's name is 虚淵 玄, so he basically snuck (part of) his name into the sword.
Demonic Sword・Sky collapsing Cut
Mourning Moon・Deathly Cold Spirit
Netherworld・Unlimited Realms of Lurking Deities

It's going to take a while because of chinese and their fucking multi meanings when different characters are paired together.

>we all chortled when Shoufu told her they should have just used the sword
>we didn't consider he might have been pressing for answers about its purpose in the shrine rather than picking apart their teachings

Nice catch

>suddenly realize we never got any barefoot nude Tan Hi purification lake scene

At least we'll have the OP eh...

>Gen Urobuchi's name is 虚淵 玄, so he basically snuck (part of) his name into the sword.
The madman. Also interesting to see nods to other Wuxia series.

I'm sure we'll get some barefoot action in the manga.

still conflicted about this one,mostly the word伏

I take it you joined threads some time after Keigai joined the party?

here you go Fantasy Behind the scenes

Yeah, 伏 can mean conceding defeat or ambush as well. So alternate interpretations could be
>Deities Ambushing from Unlimited Realms
>Taming of Deities from Unlimited Realms

>my Qi hurts

New thread?

I really hate you fucks.

Go ahead. I'll post more sword translations there.

幽冥 nether world
萬世 thousand worlds / all worlds
伏 subdue

Subduer of All Gods

>Phoenix? Butterfly knife to kill
My sides, guess Butterfly > Phoenix

Explain yourself!