Danmachi - Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon OVA


It's an onsen episode.

Hestia a bestia.

Nice! Lookin' forward to watching this.

guess who is not there?

I hope we get some good shots of Hestia's feet

>It's an onsen
Wasted episode to be honest. But at least the anime is not dead.


Not even a second season is going to restore her completely dead popularity. The age of blue titty ribbons is gone forever.

I want to fuck Hestia's chestia.

lili's lilis

Did I see that right or did Bell actually stop acting like an asexual faggot around Hestia

Time for more doujin for these sluts?

>It's an onsen episode.

Because we can't get enough of Hestia's tiddies

Will we see tits?

Hopefully. At least it's almost guaranteed that we'll get a bit more Hestia fan art.

Am I the only one that actually enjoyed this show? I wasn't on the edge of my seat or anything but it was just a fun little show that I could watch with a smile on my face.

>Am I the only one that
Stop posting like that. And no.

I did too. I was just talking to one of my friends at work about it yesterday and he enjoyed it, as well.

I want to but the MC's power is literally being a beta faggot for his own good.

Post your best Hestias





>onsen episode
>no nipples

Will never understand Bell why he doesn't waifu this instantly.


There's a possibility.




I did spend way too much time on this series but I loved every moment.

Rematched it just last month.

Holy moly


Please let it be so.

because this show is for fappers


Bestia doing what she does better, make me diamonds, looking forward to it.

Still my favorite

what doujin is this from?

One more bump

so that't the power of blue rays, removing censoring towels and light rays and fog.

Still no nipples.


Built for standing paizuri.

Did they get even bigger?

Me too. It was a good adaption, the animation was good, the music was great, the minotaur was great,only downside being a bit rushed at times.


>ywn come home to a loving petite busty Goddess after fighting all day at the dungeon
>ywn have a relaxing bath with her
>ywn eat her pussy for dinner
>ywn fuck her brains out then sleep with her in your arms

just kill me already fampai

G-getting too daring here

Our goddess is a merciful goddess.

I feel the same way. They could of had done something better then used an ep for fan-service which although I don't hate it's just feel like wasted potential.

>eating pussy for dinner

Is that what you call deep fried potatoes?

They even did add Aiz in her bath and probably Loki molesting her.

2 months away ;_;

That's from the manga

Hestia a miraclestia