Next season

>next season

You know how I and people on Cred Forums ironically say that "this season is the worst season in anime history"?

Well, in my 15 years of watching anime, this season has to be THE ABSOLUTE WORST and I'm saying this unironically. Only Hibike is worth watching, and there's a huge gap after that because everything looks like horrid shit, like what the fuck happened?

>not watching the seasonal kirara show
>not watching the seasonal yuri show
>not watching the seasonal comfy show
>not watching the seasonal lewd show
>not watching the seasonal teekyuu
your loss

I completely agree with you.

>15 years and thinks this season is the worst
nice bs

You're just trying to shill for Euphonium. That's all, OP.

Kinda a boring tactic, but eh, if it works.
I'm still not going to watch it though. I'm not interested in drama shows.

At least wait until the season starts to post this shitty bait.

Give me one thing worth watching this season other than Hibike. And Hibike S2 is not even that incredible.

You fags have no argument.


Eat shit faggot, I'm just happy I got more Witches.

Strike Witches was shit, and so will be brave witches.

Haikyuu 3
Drifters, maybe
Teekyuu 8
3-gatsu no Lion

And I'll probably be watching Vivid Strike too.

Fune wo Amu
Yuri on Ice


Recommendation threads belong on the worksafe request board. Also, we had like a dozen Fall recommendation-what-will-you-be-watching threads just this week alone, dude.

Nigga there's at least 20 things that I'll try watching.
There's no much to look forward to specifically, but when has that ever been the case?
The fun is in expecting shit but actually enjoying it.

it's shit.
working has fallen to grace, too many seasons
drifters? more like driftshit.
Hmm. Maybe.
and Nope.

more like driftshit baby

I like you :)

I'm an open minded person who likes to give everything a try but honestly it looks pretty bad.

I hope I'll be surprised.

Mami Kawada is shit.

I totally agree with you, for now.
Anyways, that's how it usually is before the season starts.

Most of the time people on Cred Forums tell me what's good to watch for the season anyways, and I do that by lurking threads to see what's popular in Cred Forums.

It's not worse than this season.

OP just wants to shitpost about everything anyway because he's currently bored, and he's forbidden from blogging about his life here on Cred Forums.



Haikyuu alone makes this season great