Cred Forums sings Uninstall (Bokurano Opening)

I started this one quite a while ago, but didn't get many submissions (about 12) and I didn't want to spam the board for more so I've gone into hiding for a while, but I think the time has come to get the one's I need.
If you want to know what you're getting into before you're sending me your submission, I'm the guy who made Cred Forums sings Tabi no Tochuu and here's a sample of what the project currently sounds like:
This is very non-final and will sound way better with more submissions (need about 30(~15 more) to make it sound really good).

I'm looking forward to hearing (and judging) your singing.

Send your submissions to [email protected]
You can also ask me any questions you might have.

Remember to only record your voice and not the song in the background.

Lyrics, karaoke and normal version:!TIYG3SiZ!76UmB5UyjbOgnzqscFdZWlKIuxt9l6TyoBGEkPJvfZ8

Other urls found in this thread:

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sing the Mob Psycho 100 OP instead.

Nah, there's enough people doing newly released songs. I want to get some of the classics out that have been neglected.

That sounds great already.
Will submit.

Wasn't uninstall done twice already? First was i dunno when and second by bedford?

Kill yourself and your family.

Seriously though, fuck off with this cancer garbage.

Searching Cred Forums sings uninstall doesn't get me any results and it's not on bedford's channel either. It was in the Cred Forums sings kamikyoku for like 5 seconds though.
It's alright, I don't hate you.

Nice one brah, will try to submit

Aww yizz, time to get hype.

Tabi no Tochuu was fucking great.
Godspeed user.

Thanks guys.


Great, thanks user.

any deadline?

Not really. I don't want to release this in subpar quality, so I'll probably wait until I've got enough submissions.
Faster is of course always better, but I'll make a thread when I have enough submissions to let people know that they only have little time left.

Is it just me or the background swallows up everyone's voices?

I didn't do much mixing yet, because I'll have to do it again anyway for the final version.
This is basically just timed and made somehow listenable for this sample.
With more people singing you can make them louder because you'll still not hear every individual person. If I did this here you'd hear the microphone cracking on some guy and another singing to loud and fucking up the audio quality etc.
Final version should sound relatively close to Tabi no Tochuu on the background to voices ratio department.