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>not waiting until the chapter comes out

>Recap movie

Wrong thread?

Sir are you lost?


Based on the spoiler in the previous thread, I think Enri and Nfirea did it and Lupus laughed at either of them for smelling of semen, but it's hard to tell without context.

Also I don't remember if anyone calls Entoma En-chan?


Maybe Lastborn?

Doesn't Lupu call her that?

Here is the summary of the epilogue(moon runes).
Entoma is back??
458 むき出しの胸元が震える
461 鼻を鳴らしながら、ニタニタ笑いながら話しかけてきたルプスレギナ
462 夏のさなかに越してきて、秋、冬、今と共に暮らしてきた仲間
465 本当はその次に銀鎧ゴズリンが護衛役に就いてくれていたのだが、ある理由からこの赤帽子ゴブリンと交代
468 ペタン血鬼航空、フロド05便
468 こっちのエンちゃん

>tfw the Author forgot about you

BUT user




458 [someone's] exposed breasts are moving/shaking
>they woke up next morning after doing it
461 Lupus came to talk to [someone] while snorting/sniffing the air with a mocking smile
>the smell of semen

The greentext is the nip's interpretation of the above lines

Will we ever see more of clem? It was implied she had been resurrected and she knows about momon being Ainz. But ST still doesn't seem to have any knowledge of it.

Even in Volumes 8&9 she has more character interactions than Nfirea's grandma.


not caring for the prologue that Nigel-sama is working hard to bring us

>probably don't care for the intermission and epilogue

Why is everything Lupus does so arousing.

because shes a bitch in heat

re-posting illustrations from previous thread for those who haven't seen it


Good, better chance for her to stay alive.

The movie one is missing.

Does anyone really care? I hated brita. Not for any rational reason, she just looks like a bitch. Really should be killed off.

She'll probably make an quick appearance refusing to go back to adventurer's guild and choosing to stay in the village.

I see that fake epilogue spoilers have already started

I don't give a shit but it's waifufags just like the two or three clemfags won't shut up about their frog waifu
Also 6 minutes.

stupid slimeposter

You have the shittiest taste



Its out









And here we are, new chapter, new names to learn and easily forget the next week. I hope it doesn't happen as much as in Tokyo Ghoul.

Whoop de fucking doo. I can't read moon

Gondo Firebeard or at least Firebeard is memorable as fuck.

Cant you read english Mossad-kun?

Off yourself faggot

> “8821… Caloric Stones, then?”
>Caloric Stone
>C A L O R I C S T O N E

They are digging for caloric Stone? Wasn´t the caloric Stone a WCI?

Prologues are always the worst chapters.

It's what we thought Rubedo was made of

fucking this

Isn't this the one they got Ouroboros'd out of
Jesus fucking christ

Ok. So finding the location is part of the fun, I take it.

Can't confirm or deny without the RAW. The CN said "heated rock".

Caloric stones.

Whelp. Hummiefags are fucked..

Isn't she destined to become Chair's next slave?

OK, but still the thought of having an entire mine full of WCI-ore is amazing.

Ah, found it. Sasuga, Nigel-sama.

Holy shit caloric stones. When are we getting our army of Rubedos?


Chair having slaves is too childish for this great novel.

>caloric stone
No wonder he's losing his shit

use google you'll find it easily

Actually it might not be that amazing.

Imagine going back to south of US back during the civil war days. And tell the generals there that you have uranium and this can help them win the war.

They will laugh you off.

They might be sitting on tons of WCI ores but they only know how to use them as heating element.

Where is everyone reading this?

i don't get it, i know humiefag is retarded and annoying, but what are caloric stones and why is it to his mental retardation?

Thank you, Nigel-sama!

>Rubedo gets massproduced

Yeah but Nazarick can do more with it. If it's actually Caloric Stone then it's also the mine they got locked out of with Ouroboros, that's how overpowered that ore is - people actually used one of the twenty to break the monopoly.

You're a fucking retard.

tfw can't tell whether this is the actual prologue or the fanfic from back from april.

I don't think this is the same as THE Caloric stone that requires 7 high tier mines to create.

>fucking caloric stones used as sustitute of coal

>albedo is given command of rubedo

Well, what do you think would happen, if Ainz were to discover the ore?

Sorry no links. Thread will get deleted. And we have FBI-kun and his special friends here.

nice try FBI-kun

>ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ™
I admit I laughed

It might be, it might not be. It'd certainly be a reason why Ainz rushed there with Shalltear and Aura in tow.

Didn't FBI-kun and FSB-chan have a fight?

They're no longer friendly last time I remember

>NW has access to an shit-ton of WCI
Nazarick is fucked

He likely will keep the actual usage a secert. And trade wood and other unimportant stuff to the Dwarves.

Imagine humie-fags face once he reads that.

Nigel was Maruyama all along. Just like Ainz is Momon.

We only know that this type of ore was rare and only one mine existed for it in yggdrasil. There for was highly contested.

It doesnt mean its overpowered. But possible a major ingredient for higher class equipment.

>Much like other Dwarven cities, the city of Fio Kula sat at the heart of several ore veins which it worked. Only the west remained unexcavated for some reason

What is the thing sleeping on the west sector?



They had sex. It solves everything.

prologue so boring....

Some fucker stole my verification so I trademarked it

FORTUNATELY, they don't know what to do with it other than to replace coal. What is this White iron anyway?

By tw, does anyone have rare nazaricks on display?

Obviously. I meant him starting to `massproduce` Rubedos.

see they not have an idea of how massproduce the equivalent of nukes

Now are we sure this isn't just a translation thing? Or is it the exact same Caloric Stone mentioned during Ainz's mining gig in Yggdrasil?

For reference:

“You’ll be in Sector 8821.”

“8821… Caloric Stones, then?”

Caloric Stones were very important things to the Dwarves.


yes i am, can someone please explain?

See and

Faggot Dragon Lord?

>caloric stones
>white iron

fuck it, good enough for me

I can only imagine Demi's face when Ainz returns, announcing that he can mass produce WCI now. the sasuga will be beyond orgasmic

I expect andother word for Mithril.
Considering you atleast need Mithril in order to use the Caloric Stone as a heating source it would make sense to be valuable

Caloric stone is a WCI that required seven other endgame mines controlled at all times to produce.


We aren't sure but hype is hype.

fuck off humanfag

Yeah all it says is Heat Quarried Stone (Hot Quarry's Stone?)
That being said, "Thermodynamics" is called "study of heat" in Chinese so it could still be Caloric Stone

>tfw Ainz is going to give you more sisters

does it make it a WCI? Because sounds weird implying you can have it at the same time as another one can produce it...wouldnt make it a WCI...because those are unique.

How does the source write `caloric Stone`( the WCI )?


80-th lvl or special ability required, no?

>Just occured to me that Ainz brought the shorter guardians for ease of travel in Dwarf Land.

Sasuga Ainz-sama, and all hail Nigel-sama.


I don't know, I'll check how the Chinese translated "Caloric Stone" give me a sec


>Post Ainz's face when he finds the caloric stone

I hope he uses an item to shrink himself into shota Ainz

It means that if a guild holds the mines for long enough the WCI gets produced and then they have it. This either means first come first serve or the stone was a WCI that could be mass produced, in theory.

>Gets hot when hit
>Has an extremely valuable use, enough that one of the twenty was used to break AOG's monopoly.
>NW obviously has no fucking clue of its value

So either its

a) A very basic, but very critical ingredient. (e.g. IRL Oil). WCI was used because AOG's control of it was equivalent to a signal nation controlling 100% of the worlds oil production, so they would obviously rush to keep said monopoly.

b) an re rare, extremely high end material used in top level crafting - i.e. Platinum/Chromium

c) Translation mix up

Caloric means "pertaining to heat", so it's a valid translation. However we honestly won't know until we can compare raws.

If anyone has v11 already, they should compare that part of the prologue with v6p35 l12; Caloric Stone is spelled out in furigana and the kanji is 熱素石.

However these mines were so valuable that players were willing to use WCIs to conquer them.

Sounds like oil and diamond having a baby on steroids

Rubedo is made entirely out of it iirc

>“Speaking of World-class items, why don’t we use ‘Calroic Stone’ to make a golem core?”
Caloric Stone == 热质石 -> "Heat-Property Rock"
It's still unclear because 热矿石 means "heat quarry's rock" but could also just mean "heat rock" or heated rock.

So, that means we'll have to wait for Ainz to find out about this ore to actually know what's the deal with Caloric Stone really is.

>why don’t we use ‘Calroic Stone’ to make a golem core
So it might just be a high end component like mentioned, but you need more to make a full Rubedo?

How in hell do you guys even consider it to be The Caloric stone that Nazarick possess. NW people always gave overpower names to everything they see. All the titles,skills,items and materials have so much crazy names that Ainz and his minions got trick so many times thinking it's the real deal.

>inb4 ainz never finds out about it

Sounds more like what i pointed out, its a rare ingredient. Probably used for the creation of high class equipment. Wouldnt be suprised if AOG used one for their Guildweapon.

Caloric stone is NOT the WCI. It is one of the SEVEN ingredients to produce one.

Because the problem is that Caloric Stone is not an overpowered name it just means "rock that gets hot" and actually matches the properties that we've seen, that of being a near-inexhaustible source of energy.

>overpower names
>Caloric Stone
choose one

I'll only get my copy of v10 around the 4th or 5th of October, but when I do I'll double-check everything.

So it's like those legendary items in say GW2 where you need a big stack of the top-end crafting ingredients to produce the parts needed for it, then?

Is that what you think? implies otherwise. Speaking of WCI...Caloric Stone implies that Caloric stone is one of those WCI they're speaking of

Now we know how the europeans felt when they found out the chinese were using gunpowder for generations to light fireworks

That makes more sense

Since the more it gets hit, the more caloric stone gets hot, does that mean at one point Rubedo would be literally hot enough to oneshot anything near ?
It would be like fighting a zombie army on fire.

Good thing it's in english

So that's where Rubedo being compared to a raid boss came from?

the fanfic states that the dwarf kingdom is constantly consuming these stones. I don't think they're much more energy dense than magical coal and they're only inexhaustible as long as supplies last.

To be fair, those Blue Rose Ninjas are definitely Ninjas.

WCIs are supposed to be balance breakers, what kind of a balance breaker is the one that everyone can farm?

Well, the problem is complicated by the fact that the v6 CN, v6 JP and v11 CN all use different renderings. The only two constant words in there are "hot" and "rock".The only way to be sure is to have someone compare the kanji in v11 JP to v6 JP.

Can someone who knows enough nip go on half chan and ask them?

that would make sense. the prologue is before they became a guild and probably before they held a monopoly over the hidden mines, and maybe caloric stone is just one of the hidden ores/metals

I'm with b. personally.

Option a would be nearly impossible to monopolise, a basic resource will have a shit ton of sources.

However, If we say its something like Plat/Chromium/Uranium (I think Uranium is a better analogy, especially the "gets hot when hit" thing. There was probably a few sources and the enemies of AOG identified the mine as the easiest target, so they blocked off AOG from rushing to its defence.

As for how dangerous it is for Ainz in the NW, I expect its like finding a ton of uranium. Its powerful yes, but it takes a lot of other high end materials and technology (in this case, magic) to turn it into a nuke.

So the existence of Hot Rocks might only benefit Ainz, since he's the only person with the magical know how to turn it into anything The Dwarfs clearly have no idea of its true value (if its not just fuel)

That quote is from Volume 6's flashback.

If nip doesn't make a fuss about all this then I guess Caloric Stone in NW is just a regular heat-rock.

Titles like Wise King of the Forest are bullshit but the real names of things, like spell or monster names, are the same as in Ygg. So it's highly likely that a "Caloric Stone" would be the same item as in Ygg.
But it's probably a mistranslation.

at weakest she's a raid boss. using a "twenty" would literally make her a world-class threat level

I'm on the Chinese tieba but nobody seems to have said anything yet

Someone please give me a link i tried google and i did not find anything

Well if the stone is commonly used in dwarfen socity..i am sure Ainz will encounter it and will be clear about what it is.

It's like saying "speaking of a WMD, why don't we go mine uranium to make a nuke"? That skips out the fact that you need to purify it, set up the detonators, wiring, etc.

“Speaking of World class items, why don’t we use ‘Calroic Stone’ to make a golem
“Shouldn’t we think some more about this? Since it’s an item we can ask the GMs for,
we should consider it some more.”
“Isn’t that right? Momonga-san?”
“I know how to get more ‘Caloric Stone’, but we already spent so many minerals from
The Seven Hidden Mines.”
“To never be able to attain it unless we own all of them, it’s a headache.”
“Yea, as long as different guilds own different parts of the mine, we can’t get it back
once we use it. [...]”

I guess i was wrong.
>To never be able to attain it unless we own all of them, it’s a headache.
The Caloric Stone requires minerals from 7 mines to produce. My guess is the WCI and ore just share names.

Maybe it's a just World-Class material that makes whatever you make out of it a World-Class item. Or NPC.

Personally, I'm leaning toward it being rare but not WCI-level by itself.

use brains. or go to reddit

>Titles like Wise King of the Forest are bullshit
Bad example, Hamsuke was the undisputed ruler of her part of the forest and pretty much all NWers thought that her eyes showed wisdom, even that scumbag Worker with elven slaves.

Who's to say she isn't Wise? Wisdom is "common sense" and "perception", something an intelligent beast would have in spades and she's level 30+ anyway. She probably literally does have Wise eyes compared to everyone else. Same for Nabe, who has WIS as a dump stat.

Guys, this is not the same Caloric Stone as the WCI. By the way its used, the WC-version is implied to be an infinite energy source for things like golems. The dwarf version, by comparison, is depleted upon use and requires constant replenishment. It's literally just a coal replacement.

Use your brains.

Right now, the thought of Albedo rebelling is absurd and nigh impossible to succeed, in order to make us see her as a real threat here's what I think Maruyama has in mind:

>ainz somehow doesn't discover the caloric stone
>in a future volume, albedo visits the dwarves and discovers it
>uses it to secretly mass produce inferior rubedo clones
>initiate rebellion

The dwarves are obviously not using it correctly then.

Albedo still has no reason to rebel.

If it was infinite Rubedo would be always ON. Instead most of the times she isnt active and Ainz is checking if there are any problems with her activation.

Well its one thing to keep in mind as the plot progresses towards that route

>The dwarves are obviously not using it correctly then.
A WCI that requires constant ownership of Yggs 7 hidden mines for the minerals to create it is just naturally found in the weak ass NW. No.

Why not? Things work differently in NW.

There might be consumable WCIs for all we know anyway.

Also mithril was already named so it can't be it. maybe silver?

So, what is the big announcement?

And Pandora's Actor can use any ability of the guild members. The sad part would be if an ability requires two members, and nobody else but Pandora's able to do it.

Aura dies protecting against berserk chair

>Albedo still has no reason to rebel.
She loves Momonga in the same fucked up way Renner loves Climb and she's already so far gone that she hates the other Supreme Being and resents having to call Momonga by their name. I imagine several scenarios in which she would rebel against Nazarick to kidnap her beloved Momonga "for his own good".

The Author is quitting his job to work on Overlord 24/7.

They'd just call silver silver
Mercury maybe since dorf mentions some sort of research, probably alchemaical

A shitty recap movie

Post your face when Nazarick discovered the legendary WCI-tier material that can potentially counter Renner's crop rotation.

Maybe it is not that caloric stone in itself is a WCI , but that a very high quantity of it can be purified and turned into a WCI? Just like Ainz s staff has power near to a WCI , if we exclude a WCIs exclusive power.
In lore WCI are made of the leaves of yggdrasil, maybe caloric stones can be used together with yggdrasil leaves to make a wci?

>Blue Rose Ninjas are definitely Ninjas
Assasins, no?

Try harder.

I imagine Caloric Stone is something that can be made into World-class items which is why it's a WCI.

Entoma confirms them as ninjas from their jutsu.

Well, by that definition it's not a WCI because it's a component of a WCI.

>Everyone focused on the stone
>Nips and Chinks obviously don't care about it, meaning its likely just Nigel using fancy words Praise him
So what else was there apart from the Hot rocks?

>Dwarf miner
>Gondo Firebeard has daddy issues and isn't afraid of abandoned city of doom
>Dorfs have a strong state (state mines, state forges)
>Dwarfs love beer
>Dwarfs have recently abandoned several cities


Guys wasn't there going to be a 30 min OVA of Ple Ple Pleiades? When's it going to be released

Sounds like Warhammer stunies. They keep losing their keeps.

They have the Ninja class listed in their character sheet.

Okay, does anyone have a link for the ova or pictures for it?

>the wild ride for dwarfs in near future

No, I mean it can be made into [World Class] items as an entire class of weapons or armor that act as WCI for the purposes of protecting against other WCI or something

Not really the same.
Renner would have no problem climb being harmed and nursed back to health by her.
She is obsessed with him. No one can have Climb because its HER climb.

Albedo loves Momonga at the same time she has no problem sharing him to Shalltear. The question for her is who is the first wife.
She is not obsessed with him. Her life doesnt depend on him, she can do her work fine and perfectly beside knowing that Ainz has problems returning those feeling back to her.

Renner would literally kill herself if climb dies or lost to any other women if she cant kill that person off somehow.

When someone uploads it and subtitle it.

We have no idea user. The stuff just came out.

Oh. I'm an idiot.

Well there was also Ainz making plans to go Dawrf kingdom. Or did no one else scroll down to Vol11 Chap1 part 1?

Other than the stone, the prologue is just boring. I don't give a shit about cute Dwarf doing cute things. Just give me more Nazarick shenanigan already.

>She is not obsessed with him. Her life doesnt depend on him,

As a lover that is, She is obsessed with him with the standard NPC/SB love

Did ch 19 for the manga come out also?

Getting sieged by goblins is the cool thing to do because dorf fortress does it.

read the source material then

>She is not obsessed with him
She literally is. Even if it's an obsession different from Renner's, it's still an obsession.

Well, once I get v10 or access to scans, I'll doublecheck the caloric stone thing and amend it if need be.

Do remember that this is the Dwarven name for it...

Prepare for a whole novel about dwarfs doing dwarf things.

>Or did no one else scroll down to Vol11 Chap1 part 1?
I will end you.

So Gondo's father thought he could restore runemaking but failed and his son will succeed with the help of a friendly skeleton?

Lizardmen 2.0 here we go boys, who's ready for hot dwarf x dwarf action

The unexplored West sector is different from the abandoned city. Something might be there. Gondo's father was the master runesmith, probably, and he is trying to revive the knowledge.

Holy shit I didn't see that.

Paste: ebuNKSEZ

Since when were you under the impression that I had only finished the prologue?

Seems like it.

Holy shit thanks dude.

Y-you're w-welcome user-kun...

What? Did you read my comment? I said "I didn't see that, here is the paste for anyone else who didn't see it". No idea what you're trying to say.


Thank you Nigel-dono

I did. It's just that everyone seemed focused on the fact that I had finished the prologue and forgot that I also said that I had parts of chapter 1 done.

Lol, its true...

Why aren't we talking about the fact that Ainz has gone from "I won't hurt or use the NPCs" to "fuck it lets use them as shields"

>However, there was no sign of the dwarves’ beloved beverage, beer.
Why people are racist?

>Just give me more Nazarick shenanigan already
Good thing you are not writing Overlord and yo are not Maruyama's editor.

wasn't caloric stone was mentioned in vol 6, not 10

The fuck?

Yeah it's just that I forgot about it while reading. I came back to the thread and noticed that part of CH 1 was done, so I posted the paste for others who forgot as well

He meant volume 11.
Nigel is translating from chinese translation.

I meant to say v11. I keep mixing them up in my head.

Scroll down on the NOW page, there's a pastebin update that pointed out.

thank you Nigel-sama
you just made my day

Scroll the fuck down.

That was really subtle, nice surprise.

everyone just look at the previous post, before prologue

Yeah, i thought it was weird. I figured it was because not much happened, but when that other user recapping it didn't even mention it I figured it might be worth a mention...

Thanks based Nigel

Holy shit. Nigel is actually Aizen.
He has internet connection built-in in his chair.

when would the next fanfic be released? I'm looking forward to it. thanks a lot!

Welp time to delay my fap session a bit more

Love you two, I'll think about user when I schlick

In an instant, the woman beside him sprang into action. She had a very lively energetic look on her face, and the boyish cut of her hair made her look quite masculine. She was Decrement, Ainz’s duty maid for the day.

What a cute.

You should read the line above the pastebins.

Sasuga Nizel-sama, always a step ahead of everyone else.

That logo is radical as fuck

>Giant Skeleton Wizard running around dark tunnels and spooking little dwarfs
We need to put a stop to dwarf bullying at the hand of the skeletons.


That's supposed to be masculine them I'm a faggot.

oh shit sorry, didn't realise you were nigel. sorry about

Wait, that's not masculine at all! I feel betrayed.

Heil, mein Oberherr!

He looks ultra mega spooked

Why should you be sorry? I should have replied better, but I just wanted to use that line.

I'm going to redo that line once I get the RAWs and verify what was being said there.

Boyish would have fit better.

> There was a large cave underground, but he had no intention of messing with it for the time being. Of course, he could take control of it if doing so was profitable to him.

second time this cave has been mentioned

this is where catastrophe dragon lord is buried

But then you have 2 boyish in a row.

I was thinking the same.And it should awake soon enough .

Everything is so exciting thank you.

More likely that Rubedo is too dangerous that he doesn't feel easy to let her activate all the time.

"why did he bring up the matter of vassalage… it’ll make trouble for Albedo and Demiurge, right? That’s not good, right…?"

seriously can this get any funnier



>Sebas was a good choice too. ... but the matter of his fighting power left him a little uneasy

is ainz questioning the potency of the dragon dick??

>I don't give a shit about cute Dwarf doing cute things.
Get a load of this guy. I bet you like Elves faggot.

What if the dwarves are just shitty miners and can only produce inferior versions of the true Caloric stone? And only use it for power?


I think "fighting skill/style" is more accurate. Maybe Sebas going Super Saiyan underground is a bad idea.

You say that now, but wait until there is an elf slaves doing elf slaves things.

>check old translation link
it works!

Sebas most likely requires support to fight level 100s. You know like the Pleiades.

There already are, they just don't get screentime. Remember that one scene with Aura complaining about how that worker guy's slaves keep trying to dress her in the morning?

The CN refers to fighting power, though. I'm pretty confused myself.


I forgot to add. To fight effectively he requires support. Ainz wants to avoid needing to bring a army.


A novel about life in the ST would be more fun.

Literal translation -
>although on the facet of combat strength it's [something that makes] people somewhat uneasy

I have the impression Sebas' is a bigger Alpha-Strike deal than DPS oriented. Even then, I have the feeling his build is too much RP-shit which further drop his pure attack power.

All this, of course, taken with Yggdrasil as a base (pvp). In the NW, he's still absolutely broken.

Only True Form Sebas in strong and it's probably a limited transformation time so Ainz wants to avoid relying on him.

So the dorfs and surrounding countries will shit bricks when he fights?

Hate to disappoint, but I don't have many pictures of elf siblings doing incest.

No "people" there isn't literally 'surrounding peoples'
The translation is correct t. chink

VERY sexy Aura

Pretty much. Does it imply that Sebas isn't strong enough? It doesn't feel that way. However, in the context of Ainz's later musings, he seems to expect two things to happen:

- they fight an army
- they fight a player

Sebas doesn't seem to have wide area attacks like Mare does, and while he's very strong and fast, a good player might be able to tank his offensive (he's specifically called out as being weak against Albedo, who's a tank).

In general it just feels weird because I think we all know that Sebas is very badass and it seems strange to imagine Ainz being uneasy about his fighting power.

We need badass-looking Mare in the kilt. With the sword in one hand and the staff in the other.

It implies he can't trust or rely on whatever facet he's mentioning.
Another way of wording it is 'it is disquieting to people [who are involved]', he's basically saying he can't count on Sebas' combat power

best for last, huh

>The Caloric Stone requires minerals from 7 mines to produce. My guess is the WCI and ore just share names.

Yeah, it's more likely that the caloric stones were sort of serialized into ores 1-7. The dwarves have at least one such mine, but they are clueless as to what it is. They must only have one such site. Still, it's curious how they labeled it as "Caloric Stone". I wonder where they got the name from.

Also, I'd like to point out how goddamn hilarious it is that dwarves are using a WCI component as super-coal without knowing it's significance. That's like if someone fashioned a uranium lamp in the medieval ages without realizing the refined version has the ability to vaporize cities, or even countries. I can't wait for Ainz to discover it.

>Sebas confirmed for garbage tier pleb

Sebas is much better at 1v1 situations compared to army fights.

Also, I have a feeling Sebas might be implied one of the weaker Guardians when in human form with Shalltear's boast in the carriage. Dragon form might be too big for the cramped Dwarf areas.

Though he doesn't have AoE attacks, I imagine Sebas could easily just slaughter the enemy officers Dynasty Warriors-style until the army is routed and still walk away unharmed.
But yeah, he might not fare well against other lvl 100s.

>mfw positive karma faggots

>Shalltear is in her battle armor
My body is cum.

next part tomorrow?

Seems like it'll take forever until Ainz meets Gondo, which is kind of a shame.

Bringer of death have never looked cuter.

Does Aura not have battle gear

I guess beast tamers don't get as flashy gear

That is her gear. Along with a whip and bow.

The bickerings between aura and shalltear will be hilarious.

No.. where is that?

Impossible unless she's wearing generic gear that matches styles with Mare?

That is exactly it.

She's a beast tamer and mare is a druid ("plant tamer")
I wouldn't be surprised if those two equip sets are like a matching pair, one of them used by a male beasttamer boss the other used by a female druid boss or loot drops from a boss that killed a legendary nature duo before


Vol10 in the beginning when aura and mare sit on Ainz lap.

They are mentioning the former elves-slaves being spared and living in the 6th floor with the rest. And seem to be rather forcefull on Aura and Mare about serving them. Seem to have something to todo with their hetrochromic eyes.

Guardians gear is custom made, that's why they match.

Apparently the shirt she's wearing is actually dragonscale, so yeah that's as battlegear as it gets. She's a ranger so light armor's a given.

Can someone post some spoilers, or translate posted?

>Guardians gear is custom made
Along with this they all have legendary-tier gear with the lvl100s each holding a divine item and now in the NW a WCI as well.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Something something Sasuga Ainz-sama something something like a puppet whose strings had been cut something something Ainz doesn't know what the fuck someone is talking about something something detailed documentary on dwarven society

Where're my wry smiles?


No smiles in this volume, only the sweet scent of ammonia.

Newfriend here. How are you guys accessing the new prologue TL?

> Beer so important that the money-conscious bureaucracy explicitly accounts for a beer stipend.


Of course, his face is a skull so the expression did not change

>can't begrudge him a concubine or two

If wild magic uses exp instead of mp, and Ainz can use his exp to cast [wish upon a star] then does that mean [wish upon a star] is a form of wild magic?

By the way ammonia is from dragon lord himself if spoilers are true.


Wait what?


What is going on? THIS IS MADNESS!

So according to Ainz every time he faces against a army he would bring Mare around. Ainz is training Mare to become the army slaughterer. Mare must be freaking tough with his spells and his stats are also hinting the guy can fight.

Just Ainz making friends with the inhabitants of NW again.


Nigger can summon a fucking earthquake, of ocurse he is ideal to fight armies.

Mare is said to be the second strongest guardian

I like Ainz's new robe, it's pretty

Mare just drops earthquakes and everyone dies.

Those two are designed to work together, and Mare has top tier AoE spells.

They have great synergy and are better at dealing with numbers than anyone else.

>Cocytus getting promoted to ruler of thr great forest
Feels good, knowing insect bro´s managing skills are finally ackknowledged.

insufficient shoulder pads for keikaku

So Mare would be later know as the bloody war elf God that bring death. Ainz should really consider that bringing children to show them how to destroy and massacre armies is not a healthy issue. It will turn Mare way scarier then he already is.

I though Ainz also took control of the underground caves but he didn't. Such a shame.

The poor kid needs to build confidence, and what better way than to make him realize he can wipe a country off the map on a whim?

>fuckup Cocytus being given more responsibility
how long until he goes running to Demi for help?

Looks like dragon lich may be hidden there.

He is literally in charge of a bunch of lizardmen village.
No way he can fuck that up.

Probably the instant something happens.

>I should probably ask Albedo about the delegation of duties… but before that… why did he bring up the matter of vassalage… it’ll make trouble for Albedo and Demiurge, right? That’s not good, right…?
>Plus… as time goes by, I might be able to hand over the vassalization of the Empire to Demiurge and Albedo, and let them draw up the plans for it. Yes! It can’t be helped. It’s not like I want to flee from my work or anything!
How one skeleton can be so moe? How!?

>Shalltear makes a public appearance with Ainz
>Brain hears word that Shalltear is part of the Sorcerous Kingdom
>Brain travels to E-Rantel and offers to join them

Finally, the Brain arc is about to begin. The thing we've all been waiting for.

>shalltear scans never

Who the fuck is that on the bottom

>The thing we've all been waiting for.
Speak for yourself. I could care less about weaklings.


The lewd is narb?

I need all those things

yo my dick

Yeah,he should have died in vol3 or at least become a vampire like the wn and lick her boots like a good boy

>Ainz hears there's literally a mountain of Caloric Stone
>Mobilizes overwhelming force
>Finds out it's just a naming coincidence
>Unintentionally awes the dwarves into capitulating him after massacring the invaders and the dragon while being seen as benevolent

I'm calling it now, this is another Wise King of the Forest moment.

More like

>exposes the onfo of mass WCI to Renner
>Renner outsmarts Albedo and gains Rubedo blueprint
>mass produces Rebedo army and wins

calling it right now

Do want. Where is that all-consuming Shalltear user who who does vectors and scans? We need him.

This costume looks so damn cool, damn it. I hope that Ainz is going to wear it again. Black liches is out of fashion, we need more white liches.

His name is Risky user.

What i wanna:
-demi-humans bowing to their new king after Shalltear slaughter their king and massacre a great deal of them
-dwarves become his servants and vow to make weapons for his kingdom and adventurers
-dragonlord become Aura pet and the rest of them can be ship of to Demi farm. Or he can use them as mounts for his army

No offense but didn't a goblin in the NW end up getting the stick?

yeah he's been destoying dragon lords left and right with it and will join the Enri Army and destroy Nazarick

I doubt anyone except Ainz know how to make a new one now.Maybe even he doesn't know since a part of his former guild members were in charge of crafting.

It implied that he was on the final day of his five-day-on, five-day-off work regime.
So they work 5 days straight in the mines and then get 5 days off? Seems like a pretty good deal honestly.

If they capture a dragon, can they flay/heal/flay them for infinite scrolls?

>goblin will end up smashing Enri's pussy cause Nfirea is too beta

I imagine that will be the first priority since the human ones can only store up to tier 2 spells.

That's the same for oil rig workers and whole bunch of other hard workers.

>Ainz ran off the the dwarves to avoid Demiurge and Albedo in fear of their responses


If there is no Chair vs Gondo drinking contest I will be disappointed.

H-he is just going by himself because it's the most appropiate choice!

How would that dragon react after seeing Aura wearing a vest made out of dragon scales? No way he would think that they are friendly
Ainz(love peace):hello there. Can we talk?
Dragon:(damn you! First you mock me with your subordinate wearing those clothes and now you try to fool me by acting friendly?.What a evil undead.). Dragon breath!

>Bar nazarick
Has Ainz been down in the NPC "hub" after the move to the NW?
I really want to see him try to disguise/stealth himself to see what his nieces/nephews get up to.

humiefag retardness reach to a new lv

He's going to become servant to the level 90 dragons in Nazarick

>LvL 46 FDL
Seriously? Was Dominion of Authority the strongest NW creature Ainz and friends ever fought?

A bit in the Drama CD.

Chronologically, that was after vol 1, before vol 2

the Tree from the Drama CD

>balance breakers
Depends on the usage right? So let's say that Caloric Stone is one of the Twenty, in that it gets consumed after it is used, and will only respawn under certain conditions. All WCI have their own uses and values, the Caloric Stone's value might be that... say, there are WCI, and then there are the absolute pinnacle items that players can make. If the Caloric Stone is used as a crafting material, it will give special properties to player crafted items that go beyond anything that other players can make. If WCI can give a benefit of, say, +11 and the utmost limit of crafted items is +10, a Caloric Stone item might be +10.5. Even if it's just something like, "item cannot be lost at death" then it's already a balance breaker, especially if you can crank out massive amounts of equipment with it.

>everyone can farm
Not everyone can farm them. A guild would need to be in control of seven separate minds of high class materials, and hold them for a period of time while fighting off attempts to take them over. It's something that would probably happen once and then be nearly impossible to happen again. Plus, I'd assume that as long as a Caloric Stone had spawned, there would be no other respawns until it was consumed somehow.

>goes to the bar undercover
>tries to drink something
>it falls from his skull into his chest

But isn't Tree assumed to be an Ygg event boss transported to NW?

Was it? I don't remember but it seems likely since everything in NW is so delicate.

It did fall out of the sky so it is probably from Ygg.

Wasn't that what Ainz wanted?
He wanted cocytus to not be ashamed to ask others for advice/help

>Ainz ran off the the dwarves to avoid Demiurge and Albedo in fear of their responses
Perhaps that would be the case if Ainz was incompetent, unsure how to handle the changing situation... But you are all forgeting what kind of skeleton you are dealing with. We're speaking about the guy who planned to use Momon persona for peaceful subjugation from the very beginning and who turned Empire into vassal state in the span of 3 days. Ainz Ooal Gown surely must have a plan in mind.

>And then there was Shalltear, the best one-on-one fighter. She could serve as a trump card against a strong foe. In addition, there was another reason why he wanted to use Shalltear.

What other reason could he have for Shalltear?
It could because Ainz feel that Shalltear is being neglected and without work or it could be he want to lure out the enemies that brainwash her?

That wasn't at the bar and such wasn't it? it was just randomly spying on them in the halls

She is draining Nazarick's resources with her rampant alcoholisism.

he's going to marry her

Dwarven chairs are too small for Ainz.

Ah yes, that ainz fellow, i would like to meet him and Ask about the plan

That's fine, he needs a footrest.

Guys , a question.
In WN Ainz appears in undead city, where EE is.
In LN we can speculate that the dragon lich is near where Ainz is summoned.
So can we say that there is a reason Ainz got summoned near negative energy(like normal undeads) or is it just a coincidence?

>>What other reason could he have for Shalltear?

Ainz-sama makes a dozen maneuvers with the move of a single chess piece, how can you possibly fathom them?

>tfw no season 2 of anime

Well, we are getting a recap movie so that means they are still interested enough to animate Overlord stuff.

>wanting another shitty season
just make more PPP


Why do they make a recap movie if they could just continue the story?
Instead of a recap they should have made Overlord - The Great Lizard Wars

fuck you overlord was one of the better animes that season


Fuck, just read epilogue's spoilers. Looking forward to see vol 12 with Jalbadoth arc. Maruyama and So Bin did not lie when they said that epilogue would make you forget rest of vol.

Isn't Ainz spec'd to be more of a support character? I know he has some direct combat spells given his fight with Shalltear, but a vast majority of his spells are based around buff/debuff, and a lot of his spells have casting delays that would make them useless in actual direct combat.

The tragedy is that in addition to Ainz luck and bluff skills we are now getting the ridiculous reputation bonus. Even if Ainz tries to tell anyone(and i repeat *ANYONE*) the truth, nobody will ever going to believe him. The truth is too much unbelievable at this point of the wild ride.

To test the waters and make money for season 2 since they will be using most of their money on one punch man (again).

probably busy with OPM and wanted to do something cheap and easy

Overlord anime was only good thanks to source material but the actual adaptation and animation was pretty garbage. That 3d Ainz made me laugh pretty hard, well at least it wasn't Berserk tier.

Yeah but he is also the one with the most combat experience of anyone in Nazarick.

Dude,that was not WN but a twitter story from the Author with the story route of "what if..."
And there is still no dragon lich

i thought they adapted the first two novels nicely

the third obviously needed another episode or two though

That cave continues to be foreshadowed tough.

Ulbert (Urbelt???) commented on how Ainz's build is actually quite practical, and if you read how [Dark Wisdom] works then you can see Ainz has the potential to be quite broken since he can just keep learning spells.

Zenberu also went with Ainz huh. They should also bring the lizardmen great treasure, the wine pot ,that create unlimited wine.The poor mining dwarves would love that item.

Well, in terms of pure damage, Ainz will lose against the blaster casters like Ulbert(now Urbelt?), but he wins against him in terms of pure versatility. Ainz just can do more things than just blasting things with magic, Ulbert even envied Ainz build. So yeah, you can consider him more of the support caster, rather then magical attacker.
>This eternal debate about specialisation vs versatility, deaking damage vs utility

Spoil me!

The thing that most people forget is, normaly mages are more feared because of the wide array of spells they can use and utilise. Modern games put them into the glasscannon dd spot. But that isnt the case for the D&D Magic casters. They have a wide array of spells for buff/debuffs damage, crowd control ect. They are ridicilous adaptable.

Momonga was a "Wild Card" someone that observers a situation and cast the best spell to answers to it. And with over 700 spells..he had alot of answeres to the point where ulbert was jealous about the amount of spells momonga can use.

fuck my ESL

Well, i know a little about how DnD casters work, i was speaking in more broad definition of the spellcaster. Heh, magic became so boring in the most of the modern games, i just want to turn people into toads and levitate and stuff. Granted, you can still find some games there magic is fun, but you need to search.

Can someone make summary of every chap?

In D&D terms: Ainz is a Wizard and Ulbert is a Sorcerer.

Wizards CAN specialize and nuke stuff really well, but their strength comes from the immense amount of spells they have at their disposal to cover a myriad of eventualities. They can nuke, they can buff, they can debuff, they can CC, they can summon, they can stealth, they can stealth detection, they can support.

Sorcerers are the polar opposite. Far less spell variety means that they focus almost entirely on damage spells and pick up a few critical buff/debuff spells.

If Ulbert had went 1v1 vs Shalltear, his strategy would've been to chain nuke her down before she could heal and then keep nuking her ass down when she revives because he'd likely be far more efficient at transforming his mana into damage than Ainz ever could be. On the flipside, he'd only be buffing himself with like 2-3 spells before the fight.

Technically the angel is from a ygg spell as well.

I don't need a summary.Would spoil to much of the book.Some spoilers news i can accept. I only have 1 important question:did that freaking weak lizard become a pet of Aura or not?

will shalltear embarrass herself in front of Ainz?

Ulbert envy him because Ainz can learn all kind of spell with no limit. I mean come on,a undead learning devine spells and can create angels? How shock would the temples be when they witness it

Her flatness allows for swift movement in dwarven tunnels.

You could just use Pin to the Sky as a high-level mage on DnD and throw people into orbit once you're tired of their shit

Spellcheck is your friend

You simply buff yourself so high that you exceed the pure damage characters.

Most factory workers where Iive work 3 12 hour days then get 4 days off.

I still love the mage and i loved playing them in several RPGs where there was more to them then just flinging fireballs...i mean its fun flinging fireballs...but its more fun when they burn in the oil field i placed to slow them or trip down...Divinity:Original Sin is so much fun as a mage...

>Aniz thinking who to bring as bodyguards
>Forgetting the Pleiades ARE designed as bodyguards/sacrificial pawns.


Can you fucking not
Why do Overlord threads inevitable bring in the worst kind of cancer

Because he is thinking about bodyguards for fighting players rather than new world scrubs.

>Forgetting the Pleiades ARE designed as bodyguards/sacrificial pawns
Only superficially, they're mainly there to look cool because AoG wanted a battle butler and battle maids. They were put in the deepest levels because there was no difference between level 1 and level 60 NPCs there, anyone who busted through Floor 8 was going to go right to the throne room.

Because they would not even be able keep a player busy for even a minute if they ever encounter one? You don't bring maids to battlefields

Don't bully ESL-kun.

Reminder that Lastborn buffs all the Pleiades to level 100 for a full 6 man party

That's what combat focused Clerics do.

Step 1: Chain cast buffs for 5 minutes
Step 2: Kill everything and anything on your own for about a minute or two while your buffs are active
Step 3: Rest for a day to get all your spells back

Entoma kawaii!

Well as a general rule honestly, even unbuffed Wizards are superior to Warriors in DnD past a certain point
I think even at level 1 really, Acid Splash and Ray of Frost are pretty good ranged attacks for cantrips and you get stuff like ray of enfeeblement too
Basically if you can't use >fucking magic in DnD you're shit

no idea because its hard to cut you out?

A certain someone dies. A very plot revelant chara.It may be a bluff tough.


Is it Ainz

Ulbert envies* him because Ainz can learn all kinds* of spells* without any limit*. I mean come on, an* undead learning divine* spells and who* can create angels? How shocked* will* the temples be when they witness it?

Not bad, read worse. Keep learning foreigner-san, you're doing great!

>inb4 PDL

Wait for Nigel.

inb4 cosmetic items to hide massive scale armor that makes her look like a gundam

I hope this recap movie at least has the decency to update the art and animation. The fucking angels looked like a Kid's coloring book drawing.

Beer is super important. It's a high calorie substance that can be stored for long periods of time and the alcohol makes it cleaner to drink than most water sources in a pre-modern society. Plus, taverns and inebriation are valuable sources of community, friendship and a safe way to have your underclass relax and unwind after a difficult day of toiling for the benefit of the elite.

Nazarick of Human?

Can you send the chink over I think I'm going to spoil myself now

Well put

[Spoiler]That would be pointless, since Ainz can be revived, and unlike the 8 Greed Kings, he has an entire infrastructure to not only revive him, but to protect him whereas the Greed Kings only had themselves.[/Spoiler]

What are these expressions trying to say?


I will leave that to your imagination.

The strongest characters in Overlord that we know so far are not strictly pure casters.

>Raid bosses with WCI
>Touch Me

Touch Me and Rubedo are melee or have melee oriented abilities at the very least. The raid bosses well vary quite a bit, and then among the guardians the CoDzillas reign supreme.

This also doesn't include the rest of his guild mates since they were never compared, but there's a high chance that Ninjaman could be considered pretty hot shit though I don't know about beating Ainz who was probably the overall most decked out player of the guild sans the WC and WD who only win out through their exclusive class/gear.

All that said, Dark Wisdom seems like insane bullshit, so magic reigning supreme wouldn't surprise me if you had enough time.

It's Mare. He is killed unsuspectingly by a new character. Likely a new player from Yggdrasil

These threads always make me sad that I've never played DnD and most likely never will.

Do you not know how to use CTRL-s

I don't believe you
That doesn't make any fucking sense
What the niggershit

>Mare and Aura fit into elf lore as nature gods, heterochromia is a sign of divinity in elf lore.
>Nazarick conquers the elves without even trying.
>Sasuga, Teapot-sama.


Stop with that fake spoiler. Just wait Nigel for the truth, dont want to spoil epilogue.

But what about the staff under the kilt?

It has it's ups and downs, but it's definitely not as amazing as everyone makes it out to be, since it's basically cherry picking the great moments. Kinda like how a sports anime can just skip all the meaningless down time on shit like Baseball or Football which are still parts of the game in reality.

There's tons of DnD based vidya out there though.

Find a club, it isn't hard they are all over the place.
Or if you're too autistic for that download neverwinter nights 2, it's dnd for casuals.

Are you fucking serious? I don't want to believe that.

It's definitely amazing you just have to find good groups.

Where are you even getting the chink from
Just send me the chink, I'll read that

I did not read that spoiler from the chinese but from the nips.

>Nazarick finally has competition

Nazarickfags on suicide watch. I hope it's real.


if Mare dies im dropping this shit series fuck you

That spoiler is fake. It is not Mare.

It's not Mare. Don't let that dumb fakeposter trick you.

>>It's definitely amazing you just have to find good groups.

That's part of the ups and down I mentioned. I was regarding it as a whole. Like with my sports analogy earlier, something like baseball can be amazing like the finals of a champions game down to the 9th inning with tied game and bases loaded at a full count. That's exciting sure, but how often does it get to that point?

Finding good groups, and more importantly maintaining good groups, is part of the 'expense' so to speak, it's not something you can just pick up whenever you want and have fun you get me? You don't have to align the stars, but you gotta align quite a bit and things can crumble down just due to people's lives getting in the way in more than one meaning.

How else will you know who's Mare's keeper?

>Mare dies
>he gets ressurected
I love how anons are completely overlooking that little detail.

Well my group's been going steady for 10 years since middle school so there's that

It's Climb or Renner isn't it

It's probably a humane reason. Shalltear's first mission ended up a total failure, and the only real crisis that Nazarick has faced so far, and she blamed herself for it. Ainz is bringing her along so that she can recover her confidence and so that Ainz can do some 1-1 coaching on how to behave while abroad.

Practically, Shalltear has various minion generating abilities that would make her useful in the field if they come up against a potent enemy or force. Plus she can thrall people, that's gotta be useful for getting information.

humiefag's head might explode

That's awesome, but I don't believe it's something that you can recommend to an user and say "Yeah it's easy, just do what I do". I'm not preaching that you can't take it for granted, but ya know what I mean.

Otherwise he's just gonna get the wrong impression and have a horrible time if he happens to play with whoever. It's also time consuming which is not for everyone though I don't think that's a problem for anyone who frequents these threads.

I hope not. I need more bait.


Phillip impregnated Albedo

Probably that
The fact that she's basically had no responsibilities at all since volume 3 unlike everyone else who's been doing little shit here and there at least
This is basically her second chance and big opportunity to prove she's not a fuck-up

I can't think of anyone else, if it's a member of Nazarick he'll just bring their asses back to life.

Just Ainz going into battle with his son, what's wrong with that?

But the thing is, even if a Guardian can be revived, it would still be shocking if there is a being who can kill them.

Unless someone used that erasing WCI, but Guardian have WCI too

Seriously? You have a problem if you have issue with that sentence. Who would waste their time to correct other people sentences just because you think you can do better.

I mean I guess yeah. I dunno, I just think
Like he said 'plot relevant' too and the guardians aren't really [plot] relevant.

Not him but because you weren't here last year and early this year when 50+% of the posts were in nigh-unreadable ESL bullshit and the most cancerous thread on the board bar none (yes, including jojo) because when people tried to get the ESLs to fuck off other people told them to deal with it.


As expected of country grown vegetables!

>implying [/spoiler]Phillip would cheat on his vegetables[/spoiler]

>Mare and Aura worshiped as gods.
>Elves send virgins as a sacrifice to appease them.
>Mare's face when elven women keep trying to get under his skirt before, during, and after work.

>Mare and Aura develop god complexes
>Challenge Ainz for the throne

Actually, I didn't know about that specific shortcut, but I forgot that the tags on Cred Forums are case sensitive. Usually argument functions just lower or upper everything before triggering to avoid things like this.

Oh well, at least it wasn't too significant anyways.

Ainz looks legit spoopy there, like I would stare at him and slowly walk backwards spoopy.

Just use ctrl-s next time

OP here

please stop with all the fake spoilers and wait for nigel salam to announce.

more spoilers Aura and Shalltear end up getting into a fight and start kissing each other to see who is better

Giant pairs of melons and bountiful peaches may be fruits but they are generally in the same category as vegetables which is why we say fruits AND vegetables.

I wish

I refuse to believe he multiclasses. Phillip is faithful. One day he may even reach the level of acquiring the world class skill [Crop rotation].

Don't you mean men trying to get under his skirt?

When will i get Shalltear sexually bullying Mare to get at Aura?

>Mare and Aura develop god complexes
>Challenge Ainz for his hand in marriage

I like my version better.

Touch Me is the fucking world PvP champion. im sure he wrecked some caster in tournaments.

That's because Ygg seems to lack some of the more broken spells like Imprisonment (game over unless you have Freedom prepped on a teammate or Eternal Freedom as a property) or Pin to the Sky (which sends you into geostationary orbit)

There's 9 of them though, so discounting Touch me, there's a possible 8 World Champions that could potentially meet Ainz some day. For reference though, Touch Me is amazingly the #2 WC in the WN, so it's quite possible Ainz could win out against the lower end WCs with his filthy richness and preparation even if we talk about solo duel.

>Black Edition PDFs gone

Fuck. Can anyone spare copies if you have one?

>there's a possible 8 World Champions that could potentially meet Ainz some day
>there's a possible 8 World Champions

Greed Kings confirmed

What was the reason they took them off? Honestly there were so many versions it was hard for me to even find time to compare them.

Possible but unlikely.

The original guy who made the Black Edition PDFs removed them when the LN got licenced, preferred to have people buy the official release.

Goddesss still has them.

Fair enough, it's his work.

Link? Google's not hitting anything.

Madoka.You need to register.

is Aura just going to bring her entire zoo with her?

Considering Mare is a Druid, he could be her mobile zoo.

>next vol is more of pic related
How many looking forward to it?

Unofficial list of characters stronger than Dragon Lord
In Nazarick
>Floor Guardians
>Frost Virgins
>Library Overlords
>Aura's Beasts
>Mare's Dragons
>Colloseum's Dragonkins
Status Unknown
>Death Cavalier
>BS members

kinda disappointing since Demi is just going to job for Ainz again

If you take* issue
other people's* sentences
Just because you can clearly do better*

This is an English board. Shitty English is tolerated, but unreadable bullshit isn't.We also accept moon

It's a lot easier to learn a language when native speakers are constantly pointing out your mistakes in both spelling and pronunciation.

Spoilers for mai Shalltear waifu when?

I have one right here, She remains shit___________

Isn't PDL roughly level 60? He's definitively at least level 50, given his class, but as a dragon lord and as one of the strongest at that, he should be around level 60 or higher.

All we know is that his level would have to be somewhere around 50-80. Normal NPC humans are generally limited to around level 30-40 as the maximum possible they can earn.

Does anyone have an estimation of Flueder's level? I thought his level was only about 40-50, but he knows 6th tier spells, and if 8th tier spells are the realm of level 100's, he would roughly be around level 60-80, which seems absurd for a NW character.

>A mere bug picking fights with the True Vampire Princess

He can be around level 50 just like WDL. The whole reason ST is afraid of him is Wild Magic.
>8th tier spells are the realm of level 100's
Narberal can cast 8th tier spells, Lakyus (around lvl 30) can cast 5th tier. Fluder could be around level 40 to use 6th tier but he can also cast other types than Arcane so we assume he's 50-60.

>8th tier spells are the realm of level 100's
Nigger what

He must have forgotten about those lv10 spells.

>if they should encounter a player, their priority would be on fleeing and not exterminating the enemy. Thus, Mare would stay at Nazarick this time.

Who's afraid of the big bad druid?

Exactly, Mare is harmless.

Shalltear doesn't know how to be sexual with men.

Normal mid-upper tier Yggdrasil mob, ridiculed for it's level breaking HP but low overall stats giving some players the "Christmas tree" idea.


I would like to pay Nigel in blowjobs, where do I find him?

It's true actually according to the wiki. I had the same reaction. I assumed ranking was directly based on level 1:1 but apparently the rules of Yggdrasil are a bit different.


But Shalltear knows how to sexual girls and entertain herself using them. It can be reason she knows how to work with guys too.

The wiki is wrong.

North Korea.


that will happen after Aura gets her first period, and Shalltear reacts to the familiar smell.

I know a little bit of metalworking, and I was considering making him some sort of medal fashioned similarly to military design. Make it out of bronze, with the inscription saying something like "BEST FAN TRANSLATOR 2015-2016" and have little icons of the main characters from some of the things he's translated.

>her face on the last panel
Darkness gathers

Then she bites it?

>still no scans
Stop reminding me.

>This work was deleted.
Where do I get the non sandwich version now?

>It's true actually according to the wiki.
>according to the wiki


sasuga shitty devs!

I wish, she just fucks him while he sleeps away

I'll have it up on Sadpanda in a few hours unless my scanner's power supply dies

The preview page on the artist's pixiv

Thanks Kalavela! Have been looking forward to it.

At this point I'm honestly surprised nobody got to it before me

what is this?

Save Your Loli From Papa Bones: Remastered Edition

Can you provide a different source then? I remember they explained a lot about magic and tiering, but can't remember where they mentioned level approximates of tiered magic.

Hilariously enough she doesn't, as said Shalltear doesn't actually know how to sexually deal with men as she completely lacks any experience in that area unlike with women.

I'm not even going to right now. Just process the fact that Narberal Gamma can use T8 spells

Mare sexually bullying Shalltear with her lack of knowledge on how to please men while Aura support from the side when?

Shalltear is pure. Ainz needs to make the first move so that she can have her first experience.