I usually shit on animes but I watched Jojo and enjoyed it

I barely know animes and mangas since shonens aren't a genre that interest me in general but a friend of mine told me to watch Jojo's bizarre adventure and I instalty felt in love with the show.

Please, tell me the art of Diamond is Unbreakable was rushed or is going to look better on Blu-ray. Just what in the fuck went wrong?
>loud as shit sfxs
>drawn like it was a draft

I am @ the episode 23 right now and I saw many people saying that Diamond is Unbreakable is better than Stardust Crusaders.

As a Non-Anime fan I think Stardust Crusaders is much better, I liked every single episodes from it while I still have a lot of difficulties to get into Diamond.

The entire post reeks of bait but
>I liked every single episodes from it
I highly doubt that, there's so much story-filler in stardust it's palpable

Not bait I am really just not into anime, I watched 3-4 animes (Higurashi, Elfen Lied, Another, Death Note, HOTD(fuck ecchis animes) and started Cowboy Bepop very recently

I think non anime watchers get into Jojo because the concept of stands is really good and the battles are (usually) thought out and creative. Unlike Dragon balls or some shit like that where every new enemy is Megacox, Destroyer of Galaxies, who's the storngest faggot in the universe, until the next episode where it turns out that he's just a henchman of someone stronger, etc etc.

Just started with the anime too and i'm having enormous fun
S1 ep17 right now. hows the manga ?

Funny thing is it at first turned me off until I learned what it was, I preferred the ripple and Jonathan/Joseph's legacy, Jotaro is probably my least fav. Jojo because of how silent and random he is.

Polnareff have more relevance than him until the very end

Just spend 10 minutes in the general, you'll soon hate it.

>normalfag who hates weebs but love JoJo
There is a board for people like you. It's called


I don't hate weebs I just dislike gay ninja things like Naruto
It's excellent, I started the Colored Adventures because I wanted to know more details about Phantom Blood and so far I am not disappointed sometimes there's a bit more details which is fun (such as seeing Jack the Ripper speak with a woman before killing here vs he just kills her on the show)

They are minor differences but it's still worth a second run

>gay ninja things like Naruto
you speak like a literal 14 year old.
This is a 18+ site. Enjoy your ban.

Non-anime watchers get into JoJo, because it's barely anime. It's borderline Cred Forumsshit, only belonging on Cred Forums because it's from Japan.

Why is jojo popular, it was never good

Wew lad, you like generic repetitive ninja cartoons that are directed toward children? I just wanted to point out it's a disgusting show. You anime fans talking like you were above anyone are pitiful. You are aware the society laugh at you daily, right?

it's manga you retarded pleb

I don't get it. I started watching this and it was just a shitty children's show. It's like the ponyfag delusion to me.

>start manga
>oh these character are pretty interesting
>suddenly vampire thing from edgy mask out of nowhere
>lost all interest
>still finished part 1 and made it to halfway part 2

Dont see the appeal, would have been better with no fighting and instead real characters with real problems

might be because the season 1 is slow paced idk

>pick up jojo
>wants no fights

shut up, Amerifat

I went in with 0 expectations, the first few chapters where there is no fighting or supernatural stuff were the most interesting ones by far, with realistic normal humans dealing with problems like love, betrayal and being part of a family you dont belong by blood, then the whole tone changed and I was like meh another fighting shonen fuck this

owned idiot

Araki's editor told him to make something like Fist of the Northstar which was printing money at the time.

And really, it was just as asspully but in a more interesting way than just bringing up yet another hilariously specific pressure point.

>Generic melodrama
>more interesting than betting your soul at a poker game

Great post OP.

Best joke I've heard all week. Thanks for giving all of us a good laugh, and thanks for all you guys for playing along.

It's very different from shonen fighters like said. JJBA changes a lot every part, the beginning is quite serious, but later it becomes more and more absurd and comedic. Vampires and other supernatural things introduced in first part doesn't even appear after part 2. But yeah, if you are looking for drama with no fighting and supernatural then it's not for you.

Shonens are why I dislike most animes

Anyone knows if Psycho-Pass worth it? My brother watched Parasyte and says he likes it better than JoJo

>Cred Forums the thread


Parasyte was garbage. It started out cool, as a dweeb having to rely on his partner he couldn't really trust, but then he because badass for some reason and the show somehow turned into preaching about climate change.

What is he requesting?

>directed toward children
You mean just like Jojo is?
They both ran in Shonen Jump, dumbass.

On the off chance you're serious, the manga changes art styles in Diamond is Unbreakable. The anime is actually a pretty good representation of the new art style. It looks like this up until Part 7, so you'd better get used to it.

I asked if Psycho-Pass was a good show. I mean, sure I could go there and post but that'd be fucking retarded for something that irrelevant