In this thread we say nice things about Aqua

In this thread we say nice things about Aqua.


She has a nice but for a retard.

her ass is fat

Second favorite character in the show/novels. Megumin's the best thought. Darkness is shite. Orange is such a bad color.

>She has a nice but for a retard.
Spotted the retard.

She shuts up on occasion.

I like her personality and want to give Aqua headpats.

Aqua is a good girl.

You could probably sell her for a good price.

Y-you can keep my part of the reward, Aqua-sama

nice things about Aqua.

She has cool party tricks.

Get butt looks very fuckable

she's a classy lady

Best voice of 2016.

She knows how to shake that ass

What if Aqua said nice things to us?

Everyone would be dead if it wasnt for aquas op skills.

She has a nice butt, she's a cool drinking buddy and she's fun to bully.

When she cries my dick gets super hard. Like double diamonds hard.


Aqua will never be nice to us. We're worse than scum.

My dog has a higher IQ then her and I'm Asian

Asians are retarded then


I'm glad you didn't wait too long to point out one of the oldest jokes in the book.

Why hasn't this been exploited more in doujins?

I'm currently on episode 6 of this. Does it get any better or can I just drop this if I don't like it so far? The comedy is unfunny and the girls don't have any redeeming quality. Only good thing so far is Aqua's ass but they don't give us enough of it.
Kazuma is still less annoying than Subaru.

She is bothersome only most of the time.


She's highly malleable.

She's hopeless. If she weren't a goddess she would have been a NEET. All she's good at doing is pleasuring the cock and nothing else.


Does it tell in the novels if she wears panties or not? I'm curious here.


This is like the 3rd page of 1st ln.

Blue is a good color.

She's a goddess at artwork.

So to which point in the LN are we getting with S2? Do we get the Megumin x Kasuma scene?

She has a nice ass. Given to how exposed it is, I'd like to imagine she would be ok with me casually sticking my dick inside.

She is endearingly dumb

Season 1 covered about 2 volumes I think. Season 2 will likely cover volumes 3 & 4 so it'll introduce a bunch of characters that won't be important until later (if ever) and we get the hotsprings volume, which is one of the best in my opinion.

Megumin stuff on the other hand is volume 5 so I don't think we'll make it there unless it's two cour since they already had to cut some really good stuff for the first season.

She is not as cancerous as her fanbase.

She fucks old men for wine (vinegar).

Like a previous user said probably vol 3 and 4 but volume 4 is actually a really, really shit place to stop so unless its two-cour its a bit up in the air what the plan is.