Vivid Strike airing in 30 minutes on Amazon

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Who's going to rip it though? you need a premium account to view it.

I'm fine with waiting for Teopard Raws or whoever will up MBS or what was the better quality channel source, like last year. But we could maybe see screenshots posted today.

Someone will probably rip it, like they did with the amazon series from the last few seasons.


Vivid was a mistake

I have a feeling that Strike might prove to be a bigger mistake. Hopefully I am wrong though,

>on amazon

Which is fitting, isn't it.
>TFW when you recall seeing first mention of Amazon in 1990s and thinking it has something to do with hot amazons.

I'm sure n a blank slate because I know Nanoha effectively died and this show will be as far from the cooler portion of the cast as possible. Hopefully it will be a good series on its own but it looks too Yuri focused. We'll never have back the perfect balance of S1 and A's isn't?

I don't expect it to even reach the level of yuri subtext in S1.

And there were some people thinking she's a loli before.
Obviously they chose a non-loli protag so it will be more fit into current anime industry.

That's the problem. S1 managed to masterfully work it's Yuri as subtext. ViVid is more in your face about it and that distracts a lot from the more interesting aspects of the show. Strike seems like it wants to have a more meaty plot so I have some hope the Yuri will be subtler and we get a real story to follow this time instead of endless episodes of girls just blushing at each other cuz that gets old really fast if you're a veteran Nanoha fan.

Good, lolis are disgusting

I'd try to argue, but then I realize it's anime in 2016, so I have no right to complain.

I wonder if they'll have Sieglinde jobbing of screen to Vivio or some new girl to justify her not being there anymore.

I don't consider Vivid yuri, or stronger than S1. Obviously that is what we would like, but it is pretty much loli friendship series with a subtext aimed at teasing us and cash in on that. Like mostly any anime with a girl cast.

futaba thread

What for?
Sieg is known for suddenly disappearing and not showing up anyway.

Then why ViVid feels so hollow compared to the first two shows? Even when all of them are merchandise oriented anime at least S1 and A's (and even StrikerS if a little) had some substance.

Last time we saw her she became city champion yet again. If the new girls have any motivation to be champion they should mention Sieglinde. Unless she suddenly stopped being the ultimate rival to beat, meaning something happened with her.

>no more Nanoha
>more importantly, no more Fate
>anons don't even spam the thread with NanoxFate pics
How do I end this suffering?

Get hype for Fuuka?

I'll miss them but more than that I'll miss Signum and the Wolkenritter. They came and went without glory as mere background characters living in the shadow of the three aces being ultra badasses in the dark. Long live the Cloud Riders! I'll always give you the recognition you always deserved but never got.

>Everyone so serious.
>Cept Vita who went full rapeface.

Hammer always was the best Wolkenritter.

She knew she can't be more useless than how she already was, so nothing to lose there.

Absolutely love Vita but Signum will always be number one in my book (we need more sisterly banter between them).

>anons don't even spam the thread with NanoxFate pics
That's the one thing that can be fixed I'm too lazy to post more than one pic though.

Reinforce is shit.

>No Zafira.


Don't take INNOCENT at face value. Vita had her big moments in the main show.

He's there but it can't be seen.

She had a cool moment in StrikerS, but then again she was also a bit pathetic in the end, and jobbed when it came to fighting.

>no loli version of Strike Witches
>no loli version of ViVid
What else is this season ruining?

But then they moved on to other tournaments.
Why they can't mention her anyway?

Don't worry about that, Seven Arcs is doing all the right things to end your suffering by killing the franchise.

When I first saw it I thought of the rainforest.

There was no yuri in S1, Nanoha was obviously intended to be hetero. It just happened that the popularity of the gay shipping led to more pandering where each subsequent series was more obvious about it. It's obvious that the rat existed in the first place to be Nanoha's love interest, but that was dropped entirely when the yurifags got ahold of the series.
Nanoha was probably never intended to be more than one season, anyway.

>she was also a bit pathetic in the end
Only if you count FORCE.

>and jobbed when it came to fighting
Everyone jobbed in the show.

Vita was always reliable and saved lots of asses. She's stronger than all the forwards combined but has terrible match ups (her defeats were against upgraded Nanoha, Zest and freaking Curren Huckebein, give her a break).

Sieglinde is the ultimate champion of the biggest tournament available. If the aim to the top they'll inevitably has to bump into her unless something happened.

>There was no yuri in S1, Nanoha was obviously intended to be hetero.
Fate character was introduced as the stereotypical rival and love interest in the first series, that much was plainly obvious. The opening and ending themes alone were pretty much a love confession from one to the other, you literally didn't have to do more than watch the first 90 seconds of S1 to know the direction this series was going.

> It's obvious that the rat existed in the first place to be Nanoha's love
That would be like pairing Usagi with Luna in Sailor Moon.

Fuck you, little Rein was god tier.


I think S1 was sort of experimental. Fate was obviously the rival turning friend/lover (sort of took the place originally planned for Chrono) but Yuuno also had plenty of obvious hints with Nanoha back then.

I agree with the show probably being intended for just one season as well because the first half, the middle part and the last portion of the show felt really different from each other. The identity of the show didn't got solidified until A's.

I don't even feel like watching it even though I sat through the earlier season.

oh boy

Jobbed against who? Nanoha?
Everyone has jobbed against Nanoha except Reinforce and Signum.

Remember she is also more of a fortress and armies destroyer than a close combat fighter.


The veterans will be in this!?

She fought in StrikerS once, against someone who had an instable as fuck fusion at that, and still lost like a retard.
Later she could hardly destroy a fucking static object, if Hayate didn't come along, she'd have died there.
Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

So how is it?

Shit. What did you expect?

Is that Ixy on the left?

These girls work fast.

>Vivid Strike airing in 30 minutes on Amazon
>3 hours ago
>No screenshots
>No discussions
>No subs

Already off to a fantastic start.

>against someone who had an instable as fuck fusion at that
Low quality bait. Zest was OP as fuck and gave a good spanking to Signum as well arguably only losing to his decaying health. He easily makes it to the top 10 in the power level rank and was forced to pull his ace in the sleeve to get rid of Vita.

Yes. She's alive. Fucking finally.

Turns out "like Nanoha without Nanoha" is actually a bad advertisement. Go figure.

Will it fit in Einhart-san?

Nice headcanon and damage control.
What we ACTUALLY saw is a person well past his prime, about to expire doing an instable fusion, and still beating Vita because she was retarded and weak.

You are talking about someone who gave Signum a fight, that alone should tell you how strong he was.
That static object was supposed to be almost understandable as well. Vita did a good job there.

You are also forgetting another thing, Vita is cute as fuck. Cute creatures can't be pathetic regardless of the circumstances.

Whoa, it is fucking Iksu!

Gotta be careful there, not to accidentally do loli lewd!

Dudes, don't start with power levels. Who loses and who wins doesn't depend on strength, but on the narrative structure and plot. Whoever would be fighting Zest in ep16-17 would lose no matter what. Be it NFH, Signum, Vita, Subaru, whoever.

Amazing that it didn't tire you yet after the year or how long you keep posting these blogs.

>but Yuuno also had plenty of obvious hints with Nanoha back then.
His hints, if you can call them that, were all one sided though, it was at most a hinted one sided crush from his part.

>a person well past his prime, about to expire
Just imagine how strong would he be at his peak. Probably would have stomped the four captains. Even Cinque admitted she had a lucky shot killing his weaker human counterpart. Dude was a Juggernaut in the show even when he was decaying.

By the way it was faulty clone degeneration, not aging.

No need to be salty. Yuuno was obviously a hinted option for Nanoha back then. Down to the shocking "he was a real boy all the time" revelation long looks on each other in difficult times and getting each other's backs. Nanoha showed enthusiasm in him opening more to her but the moment never came which was probably on purpose. Chrono also teased the possibility. Nothing came out if it but you can't really say he was never in the game.

The even had the guile to give him a moment in StrikerS

>inb4 Nanoha blushes to everyone

Not like that, the only ones are Fate and Vivio.


>Not like that
Stop being so delusional dude.

He wasn't an option, because they knew better than to trigger lolicons with a random shota love interest.
Nothing can turn off the majority of lolicons as easily as a shota love interest.

This is adorable, my heart. I hope someone rips the episode soon.

Nanoha was originally planned to have a shota love interest. Tell me about it.

>hinted one sided crush from his part
I actually don't recall anything like that in S1/S2 (rewatched it a year ago). Also he was small boy, so it is more likely for Nanoha to have such ideas, not him. You know boys.

>Yuuno was obviously a hinted option for Nanoha back then.
Most people wouldn't get to that conclusion, but then again most people weren't ferret fags either. The few "hints" were one sided too, from Yuuno or from Chrono's side, and ultimately didn't matter.

>Nanoha was originally planned to have a shota love interest. Tell me about it.
And swapping Chrono with Fate was the thing that boosted S1 popularity enough to consider making a sequel.

If it wasn't for that change we wouldn't be on this thread today, and Symphogear and Madoka probably wouldn't exist either.

>ultimately didn't matter
Yes but they were there.

>And swapping Chrono with Fate was the thing that boosted S1 popularity enough to consider making a sequel
Indeed. I don't know why you feel the need to point the obvious when it doesn't have anything to do with the discussed topic.

>Nothing can turn off the majority of lolicons as easily as a shota love interest.
It worked with Sakura.

Sakura was targeted at girls, and the majority of its fans were them, and every lolicon who watched it knew what to expect from a shoujo manga.
Some still hated it though.
But it's completely different when it comes to seinen.

I don't get anons who dislike a perfectly fine cute romance just because one of the parts involved happens to be a boy.

Screenshot for Vivid Strike EP 01:

does it play before or after the tournament?

Not boy.
Just shota in general, and only lolicons. The reason is obvious: he can legally do what they can never.

>earth tv

it begins before, with loli Fuuka and Rinne


Chaika. Show, come to improve. Needs new lead magic girl. Shocking truth!

>Yes but they were there.
Will you bring that in every Nanoha thread too?

Who cares about past which never meant to be or which wasn't even mutual in the anime?

What next some user brilliantly mentioning that Nanoha so called "prequel" was a hentai OVA and a game(which can be found on the wiki with 1s search)?

Please guys give up, it was years ago and in reality ferretlovers didn't win, in a way seeing how mild NanoFate is portrayed in the actual series that too wasn't a big success of a pairing either.

We have new anime without the Nanoha and Fate and people still shit the thread with ancient discussions over shipping...

I will never understand why 7arc simply didn't hire a new VA for her role, instead they removed Nanoha character along with Nana one which is insane.

I'm a bit behind, do Nanoha and Fate literally not appear in this series? What's the point? I guessed they'd just be captured or busy most of the time. But not at all?

Seems its after. There's no way Corona, Vivio and Einhart are this famous just being newcomer rookies.

It's another bait n switch like StrikerS. Except they're using Vivio for this for some reason.

I want to fuck Einhart-san. I want to kiss her neck and touch her with my fingers. I want to have bondage sex with Einart-san. I want to watch her have sex with Asteion. I want Asteion to lick her funny parts.
I want many things.

Mid-tilda 2008

Yukari is not doing Nanoha anymore and I guess they decided Fate simply don't work without Nanoha so that's why.

It's a shame. I wanted to see Nanoha and Vivio mother-daughter explosive bonding time.

Mid-tilda 2016
WTF happaned?

>7arc simply didn't hire a new VA for her role
They could have actually used Yukarin, King Records doesn't own them and they have already collaborated with Aniplex showing that King Records doesn't affect their decisions so much as some seem to think. They just didn't want to bring them back, probably because they think sticking to the same cast would kill the franchise or something along those lines.

They aren't listed, so they're most likely not appearing.

> I guessed they'd just be captured or busy most of the time
Captured? Not a chance. Busy? Maybe they're on vacations to a distant planet with no communication, or saving their marriage, or both.


>Yukari is not doing Nanoha anymore

WTF? Did she make a formal announcement? What about the Strikers films? Why not? This is tragic...

>hire a new VA for her role
It's like you're asking for a catastrophic riot.

They'll appear for, like, 3 seconds waving to Vivio in the background.

Cred Forums in a nutshell.

She fought Zest with fucking limiters on.

Zest was nowhere near top10. His original body died like a fag vs cyborgs Fate slaughtered in seconds.

And StrikerS was a horribly written piece of crap. It's pointless do discuss powerlevels in that mess.

>instead they removed Nanoha character along with Nana
Gotta make way for King Records' new top sluts.

>I will never understand why 7arc simply didn't hire a new VA for her role
Because that would be asking for people to bomb them directly, multiple times.

>She fought Zest with fucking limiters on.
I don't think she was strong enough to have a limiter user, only the Aces had them.

Ebin bait.

not him but dude, you words kinda suggest that if somebody is passionate about this issues, it might be you

I agree we should drop topics like "canon", force and all that usual shitposting material of the past decade now, when we actually have something new to discuss.

People, people. We didn't even see 1 second form that anime, so why is everybody jumping to conclusions like rabid lemmings to watery death? Just give it time and let's wait if NF make an appearance or not.

Signum didn't had limiters when she got spanked good by him while he was already coming apart. Cinque got lucky by her own admission. The clone was more powerful.

they are also too expensive if they don't get screen time or songs.

She wasn't "spanked good". He only managed to buy some time by using an attack that was literally killing him.

Someone must be really bitter at life to hate on Vita.

This really reminds me of autists screaming "it's not Star Wars without lightsabers!".

Nanoha has a great setting that can easily work without the old cast.

Well you know what Vita means in latin, right?

He was literally dying from clone degeneration already. And still gave hell to Signum. Heck, she only won because he let her.

Wave goodbye, they're literally leaving the stage.


They are more expensive if they get songs or screen-time, there is a reason most A-tier seiyuu roles are of secondary characters.
And Nanoha sells a lot with Yukarin and Nana names anyway, it is a safe investment.

I do.

Yeah, Nanoha does have a great setting. You know what isn't a great setting? Fucking tournament arcs and SoL shit.

If this had been about Einhart and Vivio getting enlisted in the TSAB and enforcing the multiverse I would have been all over this.

So what the fuck is it?
Is it another side story?
Is it just S2?

It is a spin-off of an ongoing spin-off of Nanoha.

Borrows from Einhart's design/colors a lot. I wonder what that means for little Hegemon's futuer relevance/screentime in the franchise (assuming it won't completely die after VS).

This. They have a magical military force upholding peace and collecting mysterious treasures of untold power across multiple dimensions but don't do jack shit with such rich premise.

It just feels so transparently soulless and commercial along with the sudden team up with Garbageplex for god knows what reasons. Maybe shitty companies like to stick together or something

It's the non-loli protag ViVid, the StrikerS of it, basically.

For the brits, October 2:

wheee, so it will actually have an almost simulcast?
What does that mean for us pirates? Does amazombie hardsub the streams?

Also, doesn'T amazon buy just high-profile shows?

At least Nana still has her awesome concerts and energy, but Yukarin is slowly being left without a thing to hold on.
No lover, no singing career, no Nanoha, no self esteem, she is going to kill herself eventually. For now she at least still has a fanbase.

Yukarin's life in a nutshell.

How do I marry a Yukarin?

Find her and break the delusion of hers showing her that she can still love and be loved.

Maybe they can now both settle down with real husbands instead of this weird pseudo mother/daughter thing.

Where the fuck were those cowtits in all the previous art?

Are we gonna have Belka and > posting?

Husbands in Nanoha are required to be female by law.

Are Chrono and Griffith rebels then?

wtf, all Aces have limites for 4 ltvels, and all capitans for 2 levels. Nanoha saying that personally.

Fate is the husband you silly!


Do you really want to marry a 40yo woman with emotional breakdowns?

Chrono had to marry on Earth, Griffith is a reverse trap.

They are reverse traps

Marriage and babies is the best remedy for a lonely Christmas Cake.

So can we expect subs, or even rips, for this?

Making babies on her forties really doesn't sounds like a good idea.

Wait what?
Did they just forget about the rest of the story on Vivid and went for a time skip?


>Are Chrono and Griffith rebels then?
One got shotgun wedding, and the other also got wed due to his mommy influence.

One thing I really miss about this Vivid setting is that we never got one fucking chapter in the manga about Nanoha bringing Fate with Vivio and maybe Einhert too to Earth to her parents.
A bit of Shiro and Momoka grandparents anticks would be golden.

Can HS even rip from amazon?

Raw rips are certain.

Judging on the speed is going at, I wouldn't bet on it anytime soon from the nips side.

It's gonna be funny when the scripts end up being lower quality and more importantly less consistent than aRon's one-man work.

Giving her some dick sounds great though.

That's the kind of stuff that they would make a chapter of Vivid Life or A la Carte, but it never happened.

Not exactly, this is a spinoff with a new, non-loli lead instead.

You think they just recorded one of Yukarin's therapy sessions for that scene?

So it's a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff?

She's not drunk there, so no.

They had to put Nanoha and Fate down, since they were getting old and stale.

I only wish we got a fitting end for the two best mages.

They then had Saya directly quote lyrics from Pray.

There's a non-h doujin about it which is basically the same thing.

No, it's just a spinoff of a spinoff.

Doujins are not canon, and usually have better writing.

Only difference with A la Carte is a licensed name

>he doesn't know that Nanoha is a spinoff

Nanoha is a spinoff of Triangle Heart.

>Nanoha is a spinoff of Triangle Heart 3.
>Vivid Strike is a spinoff of Nanoha.

It's just a spinoff of a spinoff.

Nanoha is a spinoff of Triangle Heart
Vivid is a spinoff of Nanoha
Vivid Strike is a spinoff of Vivid

Vivid is the spinoff of Nanoha, Vivid Strikers is an spinoff of Vivid.

Technically, this is all sequel to Nanoha, so it's just one big spinoff.

Bring back the familiars.

This. Fuck Teo and Kris. We need some badass animal people.

I want to watch this now. I'm so desperate for Nanoha to be good again, I don't know what I'll do if it's bad


Would ferret have worked if he had just stayed the fucking ferret?

>Dempsey Roll

The blog up above said that Einhart taught Fuuka a few things about fighting. Einhart is basically her role model, I guess. If they do an actual non-sport sequel to Vivid where the girls are around 15+ then Einhart will have plenty of screentime. I don't think she will still be a sportman after graduating from school, not with her personality.
Meanwhile, have a nice little scene of the hegemon being cute with her mistress.

>E: I would be really happy to have your help on this race towards my goal

>E: I don't know what I can give you in return... Maybe I don't even have anything to repay you with, but still

>E: Won't you fight with me?

>Y: Th-that's what I want to ask you! Actually, I already planed to do so since the beginning!

>Y: I will do whatever I can in my power to help you!
>T: Nyaa
>E: Thank you very much

>Y: I'm just doing this because I want to so I don't need anything in return

>Y: But if it's something I want then there are only two of them

Reminder to use spoiler tags...

>Y: It's your smile and victory

>E: I will win

>E: Let us laugh together... from now until forever
>Y: Yes!

>T: Nyaan

>Y: Ah... eh? Now that I've calm down, wasn't what I just said extremely embarrassing?
>E: No, erm... what I said is much more

>Y: L-let's eat! The food's gonna get cold!
>E: Yes! Let's

>Y: I have even properly calculated the nutritional values, you know!

Why did the devices have to go from badass talking magic sticks into little critters.

I'm having a hard time dealing with this.

Fuck both of those, what we need is badass devices talking in foreign languages to come back.

So, Fate and Nanoha 2.0?

>T: Nyaa
Ah, of course. It's all so clear now. Why didn't I think of that earlier, Teo?


Oh right, they were already cloned before

That would make them Mk. IV though. We also have to take Vivio and Einhart into consideration.

>tfw no Yukarin


I'm very lost, does this mean the rest of Vivid is just being skipped?
Who is this girl?

We don't know since no one has watched it yet.

How many layers have we reached?

Spin-off of a spin-off, of a spin-off, of a sequel, of a spin-off?

Vivid S2 is airing later. Fuuka Reventon is the MC now

Ow shi, dont bring them up. I still have hope for GoD: the anime.

Did any UK anons watch the episode yet?

>Vivid S2 is airing later. Fuuka Reventon is the MC now
That hasn't been officially announced yet, most likely it's not happening, specially not if VS doesn't do well.

inb4 they make a cameo appearance as background characters in VS.


Who the fuck are these? OC's from some shitty animesuki thread?

Maybe spin-off of a spin-off Mk.V

Game P2s that turned out to be the best new characters since A's.

Play GoD you mongoloid

>if VS doesn't do well.
That is almost a fact already, only a superb final product could save it.
As it is now not even hardcore fans seem too excited.

Only Hayate's recolor looked kind of interesting, the other two seem dull.

I though I heard an anouncment, maybe it's just me.

Oh shit. Oh fuck. Those aren't joking-material flags anymore.

It's on newspaper along with pachinko announcement, and nowhere else.

Nah, the Materials are amazing.

Vivio and Einhart were there first.

No, that was a text on a pachinko machine, it had a small ad in one of the pictures about the next Vivid season. It was probably a mistake or was meant to be about Vivid Strike.

They clearly said more Vivid anime in 2017 though.

Their recolor is not that special but their personality and banter with each other is absolute 10/10.
They even look like proper non-copy characters with their Innocent hairstyles.

Excuse me for not having played this most assuringly shitty and obscure japanese Nanoha game user.

>turned out to be the best new characters since A's
Dunno man. Not that the bars are super high, but GoD Materials are no masterpieces as you try to portray them. It's still somewhat fanfictiony game plot and lots of their appeal is probably just in the novelty in comparison to Nanoha/Fate/Hayato. Recolor/clone/twin/copy characters always get some popularity/attractivity boost for some reason. What probably helps is that the fans get to feel special by jumping on the new bandwagon and claiming "hey the remake is actually better than the original". And similar things are probably at work here.

Which could be a mistake, Vivid Strike could have been originally planned for 2017 Q1.

Is anyone subbing this?
There is nothing on fansubwiki.

>getting subs
You should know by now

won't we eventually get the amazon subs? Do they hardsub/does their shit get ripped?


Just bring back S1's Arf and I'll be the happiest user.

>created a super hot, badass wolfgirl, yet caring familiar
>fuck that, let's downgrade her to oblivion
>still mad.rar

It's okay, Vivio. It's not like Claus only fucked Olivie either. That's just how a hegemon works.

>What is aRon
Fast, great job, no setting/consistency mistakes, even.

so what was the reason they didn't sell vivid on bluray until now? some hold up with aniplex and king records? will we finally get to see subaru and teana's nipples?

Quality mutts should be used for breeding, after all.

I honestly found the three of them much more interesting and entertaining than anyone introduced since and after StrikerS.
Their dynamics are really multi-faceted and they work incredibly well as a trio.
Plus they're all fucking cool as fuck. I love these over the top characters that can back it up.

Although Kyrie was my actual favourite GoD character but no one seems to care as much about the robot sisters.

Let me have my tiny hope of Yukarin coming back.

I'd say odds for S2 are higher than for that leak being a mistake. Hypetrain on platform 1!

Even if vivid got a second season Nanoha has no speaking roles in the second half of the tournament

She still needs to talk to Vivio after Miura thrashed her.

Subs are on nyaa

But not the raws.



Get horriblesubs to grab the raw from amazon.


I don't mean to bash them, their work would of course be appreciated. But last time they needed a bit more responsibility. I think I discussed with them on IRC and they claimed they have people with knowledge of the series on the staff, but the results didn'T reflect it, kinda.

Compare that to user/aRon, who was taking feedback and fixed like everything - and he didn't have many factual msitakes.

It seems this will be on Amazon Prime for UK.

The mental image of Subaru reading a book quitely in the library scares me.

How is that even possible?

Reminder that Tsuzuki banished her to the Library, since obviously no one was interested in seeing a loli wolf girl run around.


>Vivid Strike

Where did this come from?

Shit, now I have to fight the urge to read through them and get spoiled. Would be almost like working on a fansub/encode without watching the show first (which I do and it fucking sucks).

BTW, did raws for Vivid manga volume 16 ever appear?

Seems like Einhart doesn't participate in the U15 anymore so she picks up and trains Fuuka to take her spot.
Damn, now I want to see what the little hegemon is up to with her life after Vivid Strike.

Fucking huge time skip. What the actual fuck happened with the last tournament?

Big too.

What tournament you are talking about? If it's last year Intermiddle then Seig probably won that, and if it's the Winter/Spring U15 Cup then Einhart won it.
The sub says tgat Rinne is the current U15 champion but there is no way Einhart could lose so I assume that Einhart didn't participate anymore.

>Name: ViVid Strike! - 01 (Amazon).srt

How many years has passed? Is Vivio 12? How did Einhart got past Kaiser Vivio and Sieglinde in the U15? So many questions!

She gained her secret technique.
It involves nail trimming.

Roughly 1 year. Vivio is in 5 grade now. Seig was already 16 in Vivid, too old for U15. Vivio was only able to win that one time because Einhart's mind was elsewhere half of the match anyway.

>doubting Einhart
Ein finds a way

Cyclone is so easily recognizable.

Can Einhart ever be stopped?

>Seig was already 16 in Vivid, too old for U15
I should have realized that, silly me.

So they essentially made a new tournament that guarantees that only lolis will be participating?

Bummer, i'll miss intense girls like Harry and Chantez or refined war ladies like Micaiah and Victoria. This is already disappointing.

the bullied becomes the bully
Why did it have to end up like this

Rio should try to land Corona while she can.


Corona was the first one to give Einhard a hard fisting

So how was it?

Was it wondrous return to form or another sloppy cash-in?

The Intermiddle will still happen but not in the timeline of Vivid Strike, or maybe it's is happening during Vivid Strike and that's why Einhart stopped doing U15 to participate in it.
The main reason why Einhart joined the U15 was to earn some money and reputation for Nove to open the gym, and because she promised Seig that they will fight again when they're both on top of the world. There is no reason for her to do the U15 instead of Intermiddle anymore now that she's already the champion and the gym was established.

Slowly working on it.

Actually she just retreaded Vivio's steps.


Well since she's voiced by Minase Inori maybe this show will become popular considering how people always like her chaavters.

Hopefully she will just gentlewomanly teach Fuuka how to get successful with Rinne instead of adding her to the hegeharem. It is fulfilling to raise apprentices.

Vivio is her wife. Yumina is her mistress. Seig is her fuckbuddy. Fabia is her pet. Fuuka can be her minion.

>Fuuka and Rinne pet yuries

>implying Yumina is not her wife

>her nipple looks erect when Corona punches her
What does that mean?

Einhart may win in numbers, but Nanoha got the better quality catch.

I still see the BRS settling down with ojousama.


Delete this

Reminder that Einhart is used goods and was raped by Nanoha.

Wrong but hot.

>subs before raw
This is like the Movie 2nd release threads all over again.

I really wish someone would. It's only going to attract a certain negativity.

Today should be a happy day. We could get a raw at any minute and already have subs.

>Making the Church's Saint King and White Devil's daughter a mistress
That's politically retarded.

Don't be afraid! Today we stand strong and united, and have way better things to shitpost about. I feel we can do this. Nothing can stop us in this thread.

>I guessed they'd just be captured

I would watch an entire season that was about Vivio rescuing Nanoha and Feito-mama.

They just perfect. In GOD Sound Stage A they personalites and stories shine almost like other Aces. It's like actual 4th season to me


>there will never be a raw

The worst part is that I don't even have a reaction image for this. All of them are for complaining about there not being any subs.

I was expecting fanfic tier characters and got something awesome. The Materials need their anime.

>Settling down with anyone anywhere
Once a hobo will ever be a hobo.

This franchise is a fucking pile of trash.

Will it ever recover? Can it even fucking recover?

Well, youknow how it is with thunder women. She'll be tamed in no time. Also, sex drive can be strong.

Seig is destined to spend her life gazing longingly at Vivio and Einhart from afar.

I have this long lived wish of seeing Sieglinde going nomad on solo adventures meeting all sorts of interesting people and fearsome unusual foes. Making and leaving relationships on the way and sometimes traveling with new companions.

Victoria may not be as strong as Sieg but she indeed seems to know how to tame a Jeremiah. Sieg seems to listen to her the most.

One and only true Knight in Vivid

Are there even any ancient belkans other than Yagami's?


I liked her also as the token (sorta) adult woman in Vivid. With exception of Micaiah, that is.

Einhart is a real deal, given the circumstances. And Ix probably, now.

>tfw nanoha will never be your harem girl

The pope and her brother

Ix is a real knight from Belka, all the other vivids are just playing pretend

Actually since Jeremiah and Dalghryn techniques are kinda inherited too, they probably count as authentic ancient belka too. Sieg definitely.

Sieg techniques looks stupid. Vika techniques is Badass magic, like true Knight sould be.

Victoria is an actual descendant of ancient belkan royalty and Sieglinde is basically the host of her ancient belkan royal line of fighters. So yeah, after Vivio and Einhart they're the next closest thing to a modern representation of the belkan knights of old.

Hmm, Vivid manga doesn't say what Victoria's and Siegloinde's magic type is, because for both, something "custom" is listed.

Intesreting thing I found is that not just Corona is midchilda. Also Miura, Harry and Chantez are all Midchilda, with Lulu being hybrid mid/belka, as is Vivio. Didn't find it for Else but she seems Mid. Fabia has magic type not listed, maybe it doesn't apply. For Einhart, it says "magic: true ancient belka"

Vivio only has Olivie's magic. Her style is that of modern Strike Art.

>everyone is a fist fighter
Where are the fucking BEAMZ

Vivio doesn't carry any inherited techniques, besides the kaiser color effects. Or she didn't originally, but maybe that black BJ is something she drew from the past.

Her magic at start of intermiddle was mid-belkan hybrid. And it was probably modern belka.

>martial art competitions
The beam users are in another category altogether.

Vivio is good at copying techniques. Just like Olivie.

Slulu used them.

Raws when?

It was a mistake, it make yurifags take over making the normalfag audience leave with their money.

Nanoha with her hair down's goddamn weird

Took me a minute to figure out that was Nanoha

Fuuka seems to already have fanart.

I like it, alternative hairstyles should be done way more. Tanuki-dono Hayate looks great there BTW.

>Took me a minute to figure out that was Nanoha
How? The face is pretty spot on, hair color and blue eyes should be dead giveaway.

She doesn't shoot big ass beam with a staff, though. What user wants is probably that.



Remember when people used to call Rein 'Small Boss'?

Remember when Bardiche used to say things?

That's straight from the anime, isn't it? I liked that a lot. She's great in any case.

So is Fuuka older than Einhart?

I member

Threadly reminder that instead of this they could have made Dog Days season 4. SevenArcs wouldn't even need Yukarin's blessing since she isn't in the show, just Nana.

I think they're the same age, now.

Still no info from official profiles?
Einhart is at most 13 while Fuuka has a job - she might be older. Also some breasts it seems.

13? I guess it's fine.

Vita a best.

What do you mean 'Yukarin isn't in the show'?

Do Nanoha and Fate even get mentioned, at least something along the line of "Vivio's parents?"


Yes. Ein refer them as "Vivio's mothers"

Choose your fate.

Remeber when nanoha was good?

Oh, I 'member

Remember when it used to be about Nanoha?

I never thought they'd actually do an older Vita.

It really only looks like the color of her dress changed.

Nah, she's taller and her dress is longer. Plus the slight bumps (guess she'll never be a titty monster).

Comparison pic.

The pink Eisen's cute but looks a little too Signum-y imo

Remember when Subaru and Tea fought those evil robots?

Left is my mother
Right is my little sister

Both Nanami and Rico were voiced by Nana Mizuki, not Yukari Tamura.

Go to bed Vivio

I'd take a Subaru fire-fighting, Teana paper-pushing OVA

Hell I'd take a whole series.

StrikerS, impulse.

Nah, compare shoulders to head. That it at least adolescent character, no loli anymore.

>guess she'll never be a titty monster
Hayato gonna be disappoint


Oh I was mistaken. I thought Yukarin voiced Ricotta.

Can't wait for more pizza dogs.

Does Pizza Hut even still sponsor anime? I haven't seen a spread like this in a long time.

Who is this Hayato you speak of

I think for a while, they got really big into sponsoring shows.

As far as I know, they haven't stopped. They did an AoT promotion recently.

There's a good chance Dog Days S4 would (at least partly) take place in the bunny kingdom, which runs the risk of even more cast bloat.

Be careful what you wish for.

Still can't believe that we got 2 Seven Arcs anime this season and one of them has Nana in it but it isn't this one.

It's not like a 13 years old working and living alone is anything strange in Mid.

Eh, I recalled Excel Saga this week and it keeps messing with my language brain center.

Oh I hate that

Do you think they would summon a fourth hero?

Seems like Vivid Strike will be airing on television tomorrow so somebody has to rip it.


We just can't have nice things

I have no idea what 7arcs is doing this season. What is the second one?

>so many characters sidelined in Nanoha
>eventually even Nanoha's written out of her own series
This should be funny but I just feel sad.

Is this how you pick up girls?

She started off as a side character and is ending as a not even recurring character. Sasuga.

try to mug them at vending machines? haven't tried.

She's not written out!

She's just taking a very long vacation!

Visiting her family with Fate I'm sure.

>Names: family or surname


She's just vanquishing the vicious chicken of Bristol.

Idol Memories.

I just looked it up.

What the hell 7arcs? Why do you think you're going to do great in the idol business where almost every single company except for one or two have failed? Because it's in VR now?

Or is it some other company contracting this?

Salty Yunofag detected.

Just because the Ferret decided to marry a library doesn't mean you have to get snippy at others.

He is very likely banging Arf every night.

He is very likely banging his hand every night.


How could I not forget?

>He is very likely not getting screentime with Arf every night
But seriously where the fuck's Arf been from Strikers on

Is this what his hand looks like?



That manga had no business being as good as it was

Staying on Earth watching over Chrono's kids.

Banished to the Infinity Library for all eternity.

These two were the only reason I cared about Vivid.

She helps out Yuuno from time to time but she doesn't work there. IIRC in the sound stage, Arf is staying with Lindy and Chrono's kids to "protect Fate's second home" because Fate has grown up and doesn't need her protection anymore.

That's adorable. You'll never have a pet as loyal as Arf.




>wearing panties

it's like you don't know about midchi-fashion or something.

I was just pointing it out.

Nanoha and Vita are so old fashioned then because the love their pantsus.



I don't know what Strike is trying to portray her as, but she really doesn't seem like the delinquent type.

Who is that blonde girl in Yumina's spot?

Why is Vivio so flat

How would you react if she tried to jump you while at a vending machine?


Einhart and Vivio sure grew a lot in 1 year.

basically used goods, now


>you'll never be able to commit a crime because all these girls can beat your ass


It looks like you fit an entire loli into one of those lockers. Just an observation.

>I'm with you
>comparing our breast sizes.

It's where Einhart stores her bitches.

Einhart's what, 13 years old? Considering how her adult form looks, she's kind of a late bloomer. Or she's going to be one of those poor girls who goes from flat to titty monster over the course of one summer

If she keeps training her muscles up then her tits will stay small forever.

Is vivio going out with Einhart ?

>gentle touch of a woman, trained extensively to master the art of massage and knows how to handle a girl's body
>great cook
>learning to fight so that she can be useful to Einhart as a training partner as well
>no motivation beyond wanting to see Einhart's smile

>crude and rash, only skill is punching things
>can't cook despite having two mothers who are great cooks, one even grew up in a bakery
>learning the most inefficient way to use her magic because muh heritage and it shows because she loses to everyone
>no motivation

How can she even compete

>What are drugs
>What is surprise element
C'mon Cred Forums, I thought you were pros.

Einhart is going out with everyone.

No, Einhart is going out with me.

Dat eyes, tho.

Einhart is a pure girl.

I wish Seven Arcs would just release Nanoha the MOVIE 3rd already so I can kill myself.

>Lindy and Chrono's kids
user can you reword that sentence

It's almost like it's magic or something

She's trying.



>Loli Ixy is up and about
Vivid Strike is what I wanted. PRAISE.

The series should have ended with Nanoha.

For them to try to milk desperate Nanoha fans by introducing Vivid is just sad.

A's Feito when she was still interesting and sexier.

So this is what it looks like when a franchise goes full "Lolicon must die"?

Nah, it just fell apart.

No, it's pretty deliberate "fuck Vivio, we need older protag, who cares about lolis".
Once again, they blame the girls being young for ViVid doing shit instead of the choppy production.


>Please go out with me, Einhart-san
>Okay, where are we going?
I bet this happened more than a few times already.
Btw, reading the sub
Yumina makes breakfast for Einhart while she is out jogging.
I wonder how far this ship will go before Vivio sinks it.

In jolly old England, apparently?

I bet Admiral Graham is behind this.

>Replying to that LRD troll
Stop. He's being a retard as usual.

He's not retarded in what he's saying, and the series did get of the lolis once again, so there.

>LRD replying to pretend he's right
Not even once. Remember, don't do it.

>challenge Yumina for Einhart
That would turn out badly for her considering her tournament results.

You guys are talking as if all the lolis were erradicated. Nanoha has always been a multiaged story. Non-lolis can do cool badass stuff as well.

>being glad about StrikerS #2 and another annihilation of loli cast
You're the real shitposter.

Whoa let's not be hasty. "Glad" is an awfully strong word

All the lolis WERE erradicated as far as the main cast goes, and that's all that matters.
It's not like the cast is mixed loli and older girls. It's full-on no lolis.

Nanoha and Fate all over again?

Nanoha might be great again if they return to S1 and S2 roots with dark mahou shoujo elements.

Why doesn't LRD watch actual lolicon shit instead of complaining about every single series that doesn't exceed the bounds of good taste.

What the hell are you babbling on about? Vivid Strike still have lolis in the main cast. The old main cast are still lolis, you dumbass..

>Why doesn't LRD watch actual lolicon shit
Because there isn't lolicon anime?
>having loli main girls exceed the bounds of good taste

Not sure if troll.

>Feeding LRD
Come on, you guys are better than this. You know he's just trolling.

No, he is not.


Even Vivio could win against Yumina in a fistfight, and if she asks the numbers in the church to help her out there will be no trace of Yumina left in the world.

LRD only lurks Cred Forums to falseflag loli and lolibros. Seriously, the nigga is a normalfag pretending he's on a crusade to fight evil by posting like a moron and making up false claims. You'd think his creed of lolis are dead that he has been spamming since nearly half a decade ago would have collapsed onto itself from all the times he has been wrong and called out as a troll by now.

What kind of bait is this? Do you want carbon test of Vivio & friends to verify their loli authenticity?

Was there eventually a soundtrack released for Nanoha Vivid or is it still just the singles so far?

>Still replying to him

>predicted that lolicon will slowly die out of anime nearly a decade ago or so
>it actually happened, look at today's anime
I want these meme posters to die.

Would you really call any of this girls a loli?
I doubt there will be no lolis at all but so far I have seen no loli in the main cast.


Loli is a body type, just so you know.

Those are difinitely not lolis, wasn't ever intended to be.

>Yumina has expert knowledge of all the key points on her opponent's body
>direct and precise attacks there would shut her opponent down
Vivio would just fly in swinging her arms like a gorilla, and that's even before we get to the homemaking portion of the contest.

>muh magazine scans even though they are commonly drawn incorrect
Fuck off.

Which Vivio and friends just so happen to have. Your point?

>Actually replying to him
You guys never change, do you?

That's when Vivio will pull her ace under the sleeve and show the secret training she had with Sieglinde to re-learn the meister Arts that made Olivie so terrifying.

Nice hat, .

That's the only explanation that makes sense, I guess. Anyone genuinely butt-devastated about lolis would have given up long ago.

No, that's when Vivio puts to practice what Raising Heart taught her and just uses Starlight Breaker.

Some people are, but LRD is also pretending to be a different person so he's samefagging. Nothing can be done about that.

>Raising Heart
>Vivid Strike
I hope so but I really wouldn't hold your breath

My waifu > your waifu

Don't worry, she's already been trained in it.

LRD probably gets paid to troll. That must be it.

>Belkan words
Would be cool if Vivio and the Wolkenritter chummed it up more

Not like there is much else to do, the other options are crying of nostalgia or bashing the new season and 7arcs.

Yeah, because no people can be upset about killing the few remaining loli titles. According to your logic.
Well, guess again.

>learning the most inefficient way to use her magic
Could you explain? I haven't read Vivid in a long time.

Simply, its not her talent to fistfight.

She is more suited for shooting spells iirc.

She has good control of her magic but her mana reserve is low and her physical power is average at best, definitely not someone suitable for close quarter fistfighting. She still wants to do it, though, and so focuses most of her training on polishing her techniques of dodging and countering.


That's a nice jacket.

Am I seeing things, or did only Miura stay a loli?
Everyone else seems to have gotten taller as well as getting a nice bust.

Vivio is getting pretty curvy...

Its her superior ancient belkan genes.

>growing up Vivio

Is that a Force timeline?

This is 1 year before Force.

>I wish Seven Arcs would just release Nanoha the MOVIE 3rd already so I can kill myself.
Instead of that we got Vivid manga, crappy Vivid anime, hiatused Force manga, Vivid Life manga, Material joke manga, Innocents manga, retelling of first season manga, and now Vivid spin-off anime set between Vivid manga and hiatused Force manga timeline without Nanoha and Fate in it...
And also crappy Dog Days season 3...
I would gladly put all of that in the trash just to get proper Movie 3rd or Nanoha anime 3rd season with Nanoha and Fate as MCs.

At least I can happily wait for Symphogear 4th and 5th season next year, maybe they will give Yukari a role there too?

There are doujins with that pairing. And Lindy-Erio too. You know, mom has to prepare the boy and such crap. IIRC she then convinces Fate to do that too.

All Erio pairings are good pairings when it comes to doujins. Strange but true.

Yukarin is ded


I think that was just kinda bullshit and the manbgo said that at the precise point before intermiddle so that it seems to be more challenging. Remember, like when Nove siad that they won't defeat anybody in the elite class.

She has the same genes (and thus body) as Olivie which had some physical handicaps on top of that (and small boobs!), and yet she could trash anybody of her era. So Vivio can't really suck, she can just be under-trained or something. Or be nerfed because of that quintuple SLB in StrikerS, but you know how it is with "permanently lost powers". Only permanent temporarily.

Maybe, maybe not. I would not rule out the power of green peppers.

Well I mean, she's just a kid for now.

I mean that's kind of jarring considering Nanoha and Fate were already high level combatants at that age, but she's young and only at the beginning of learning how to use her power.

And she's got stable parents/family keeping her from the shit that made Nanoha and Fate grow up fast.

I guess I'l just wait for tomorrow.

>considering Nanoha and Fate were already high level combatants at that age
I'd say Vivio just has an unfortunate case of being talented for something else.

Like how Fate is different from Alicia, Vivio most probably came out different to Olivie in some ways.

Besides, Nanoha coincidentally got a device that worked perfectly with her talent and magic pool, Fate had a device made for her specifically and had a good magic pool due to her artificial mage background.
Vivio is running on a device that specifically works in a fighting style that she isn't suited for, she's fighting in said fighting style as well, and she got nerfed by SLB in StrikerS.

It's not bullshit. The issue got brought up again at the end of SpaceChina arc. Rio's grandpa showed Vivio how she will literally have to walk through hell going down the hand to hand combat path. He said with Vivio's magic type, she would do a lot better if she picked up some kind of weapons but Vivio refused saying she wanted to grow strong and surpass her mothers with the only body raised by them.
Just like how Fate is right handed while Alicia is left hand. Clones are not exactly the same as their originals. If Vivio was 100% the same as Olivie, she would have no hands.

Hmm, well it can still be a narrative trick to make it all sound more challenging, with her eventually becoming a master anyway.

Every time I see a Nanoha thread I remember how sad I was the day I learned Nanoha's weapon wasn't RAGING Heart.


>That ass on Vivio

>1 year
Impossible. Corona should be mid teen by then, if not a bit older.

Well, it would be really sad if Vivio can never defeat Nanoha in her whole life after everything she had said and done. One thing for sure, though, if Vivio will ever win against Nanoha, it would be thanks to some sort of cleaver tricks or techniques, not because of a giant beam.

Check the profiles page on the official website for yourself
Vivio is in 5th grade while Einhart is in her 2nd year of middle school. It's one year after Vivid.

Yeah, definitely. Powerlevel are meaningless in Nanoha that have this philosophy.

Huh, I was under the impression Force is further ahead by several years from Vivid.

Force was two years after Vivid, based on Nanoha's age.

What did she mean by this?

For X to be greater than Y ( X>Y)
Then X has to not be less than Y ( X!

I wonder what the issue with 3rd is. Is it the budget or something else?

stronger (as in power)
weaker (as in spirit)

Looks like you left out the "stronger than yourself" part.

I love Nanoha logic.

She stated that Y>X already though.

Yukari, maybe. Wasn't she fell into depression not too long after the 3rd announcement?

Yukarin has always had depressions. Before Nanoha, during Nanoha, after Nanoha, she has always been a girl with suicidal tendencies. It has gotten worse lately but it is something to be expected.
I'm surprised she is still alive.

It's a purposefully paradoxical question designed to make you consider how you define strength, weakness, and victory.

Yukarin's 'depression' has always been of the melodramatic teenager writing on their blog how awful life is kind

Unexpectedly deep coming from Nanoha "I'll drop nukes on them until they listen to me" Takamachi

That lesson is taught to drop those two nukes efficiently user. Nanoha is pretty good at preparing the field for those two to be as effective as possible.

heh whoever drew that screwed up, or used some US celebrity with enlarged buttocks as model.


Her depression looks like the real deal honestly, she is actually a depressing person and that's something you can see in her personality commonly.

Ah my bad, try this.

(X + C1) = You
(Y + C2)= Opponent
Where C1 and C2 are variables called GUTS

Main battle equation of
W = (X + C1) - (Y + C2)

If W is positive you win

For W to be greater than 0 then:
(X + C1) - (Y + C2) > 0

(X-Y) + (C1 - C2) > 0
(C1 - C2) > (Y-X)
(Note: since Y>X then Y-X > 0 )

since your opponent is stronger than you ( Y-X > 0 )
THEREFORE to get a positive W value:

Your GUTS must be GREATER than your opponents GUTS (C1>C2) such that it offsets the str value difference of your opponent and yourself ( Y - X )


>the silly messed up English letters aren't just a stylistic choice but the actual language

Mid language has always been English with a bunch of weird shit all over it

And Belkan is apparently german.

Boobio makes her appearance!
Ja wohl!

Su- I mean, raws when?


You are wrong again you idiot. X and Y are irrelevant factors, it is all about C1 and C2.
If GUTS1 > GUTS2 then GUTS1 wins. It is all about GUTS.

No sign of it, and the thread is dying. Still waiting though, hopefully any minute now.

Read again numbnuts,


W = (X + C1) - (Y + C2)
W = (X - Y) + (C1 - C2)

We plug in some assumed numbers that make Y > X to reduce the amount of variable

We shall then tabulate the values:

X Y then (X-Y) So that (W > 0) then (C1 - C2) must be
0 0.5 -0.5 >0.5
1 2 -1 >1
2 4 -2 >2
4 8 -4 >4

Therefore your GUTS1 must be stronger than GUTS2 by a manitude of the initial power difference (X-Y)

I rest my case.

But X and Y doesn't matter at all, as long as GUTS1 > GUTS2 you win even if GUTS1 is only a decimal higher than GUTS2.
GUTS is everything.

Did someone say Guts?

So apparently she just gets rekt.


Miura appears already?

>giving up already
Figured out as much. You don't have enough GUTS.


Nothing a training montage can't deal with - if those pics aren'e exactly that, even.

The animation stills already have more impact in their drawings than Nanoha:Vivid.
7arcs have lolis beating other lolis in their ace alright. Compared to A1

So, did she abandon the Yagamis?