Would you fight for her?

Would you fight for her?



I'd fight for her but payment would be required in the oldest form of currency known to man

Fighting for your gods? what kind of holy war is this?

Would you fight for her?



Squirrel pelts?

food? security?

I'd let my dog fuck her.

Giant stone money, got it.


Yes to Hestia she's very kind and helpful goddess.
Aqua is a horrible person I rather not have to deal with

sex with a goddess must be heavenly

not going for divine

Would you fight for her?

I'd make her carry my child, yeah.

I would fight for Loki.

Absolutely, she's my waifu. Best girl, better than every other female to ever exist/not exist.

I forget what we're fighting for

I would fight for her anus

Absolutely, but I want her to sit on my face while she bullies me as a reward.