Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Will she be fighting Ochako?

Also, will Ochako be failing the exams because she can't get her shit together?

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Is she the ultimate girl? I mean she can be anything you want.

What if Ochako is shutting down her emotions for an entirely different reason?

Ochako/Bakugou femdom is an actual thing user. Deku a cuck.

E-Even a boy?


No don't be silly, she's just a good natured supportive girl

Please let this be the end of it. At this rate Ochako is becoming another Sakura/Orihime.

Well, this is the big trial. Will she succeed in shutting down her emotions or will she be yet another useless female in a shounen manga?


Cynic in me says option 2.

Female character who grows stronger fucking never;_;

What if Slime girl is hiding her true form?

Did you mean Sakura/Rukia?
Because Orihime did win the Ichibowl.

is this bait?

Can she be herself?

What if her actual form is a girl with a feminine penis?

>implying Ochako has useful healing powers

Her eyes look so fucking wrong in this panel.
Which is so broken that Kubo had to make her irrelevant after SS arc.

more like
>implying Ochako is useful

If any of the important character fail the exam, it means Hori plans to put them aside, and allow the side characters to develop themselves.

And with the way Ochako's emotional development is going, I don't think Hori intends to put her on the sidelines any time soon.

>Ochako x Bakugou ship is real
>Shipping Bakugou with any female at all
Sure, the fujo have their reasons as they ship Bakugou with deku.
But have you ever seen Bakugou showed any interest toward a girl?
Fucker might as well be asexual.

l sincerely hope all this crying about ochako comes from fujos who got lost on the way to tumblr because if this board is now populated by muh strong indipundunt wimmin male feminists it's really time to sell it to lowtax

I didn't know this was a cringe thread

user I was implying she was suppressing her feelings because she's the traitor, not that she wanted to fuck Bakugou

shutting her feelings down can go both ways, she can't and it cost her the temp licence (and maybe expose her feelings too), or she successfully repress them at the cost of losing the dekubowl and make her break down either by crushing her motivation or making her go yuno levels of yandere because a filthy whore is trying to defile her deku-kun

I don't ship Bakugou and Uraraka but their fight was my favorite moment in the manga, hope there's a rematch

He doesn't have to show any interest, all that matters is whether the girls ae interested in him. Even with his powerful quirk, he won't be able to stop the superheroine rapemachines.

Do we have any doujin where Ochako utilizes gravity so that she can fuck harder?

no girl is interested in him though because he's a colossal sperg

When are we going to see more of best boy gang porn

>Will she be fighting Ochako?
No she won't. She is stronger than Deku, Ochako can't do shit against her.

There's a character arc that Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V was doing with Yuzu Hiragi(Love Interest) before the show went to shit, basically it was Yuzu realizing she had to get stronger if she wanted to protect Yuya(The MC), but the irony was that in training to get stronger she distanced herself from Yuya

I'd like to see something like that. Ochako fucking up because she can't control her emotions would make her look bloody pathetic, but her getting stronger and more distant from Deku would just be a more interesting development

She'll use her quirk to look like Deku and take Ochako's butt virginity.

>She is stronger than Deku
l should be used to it at this point but the levels of retardation on display here always manage to surprise me

Ch 37 has him praising Uraraka in his own way, by considering her not fragile and respecting that by going all out to crush her

No one is interested in him true but the reason you gave is bullshit. In class A, Gravity is the only girl in love, there is some Todomomo teasing but no love, Gravity did say that she finds Bakugou cool. He is rarely seen interacting with his classmates even, too much action in this series.

I don't like Deku lads. Don't hate him either. But Bakugou, Ochako, and Cold Hotman are more interesting.

I wonder who will manage to get the licenses.
Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki is obvious.

And I'm sure one of the kids who gets the license will be the traitor.

Didn't you read how she owned him in the first test faggot?

I think Traitor might pull something during the test

Ochako, Todoroki, Bakugou, Momo, Wind dude and Lewd lady. Deku won't make it and All Mighty will demand his quirk back.

So who do you think the traitor is?

I think it's either Ochako or Kaminari.

And then she'll pretend to be Ochako and take Deku's butt virginity. Thus making them a couple.

>Gravity did say that she finds Bakugou cool
during their fight, not generally

no one finds a constantly abrasive sperg cool or attractive, except retarded cocksuckers on Cred Forums of course

Ochako is the traitor. It's obvious now.

Frog, she's experienced and rescued people during her internship. There are infinite points just waiting for her in the water area.

>Ochako suppresses her feelings
>Some other crazy girl doesn't
>Deku and other girl start dating
Ochacuck deserves this.

Okay user.

Why do people want poor Deku to end with "crazy girl"?

>Ochako suppresses her feelings
>Some other crazy girl doesn't
>Deku and other girl start dating

>Ochako: b-b-but I was supposed to be the one who walk side-by-side with Deku

I'd prefer it to be Ochako over Kaminari. Ochako is a good girl who struggles, and I think the traitor should be someone who is sympathetic.

As we see so many times in the series the official hero stuff causes villainy. Sort of like how in Civil War Vision says that the more superheroes there are the more disasters and world ending events which occur

glad you agree

What if Bakugou is just sexually repressed?
I mean living with his hot mom and not being able to fuck her..

Who said he doesn't?

Add to this that he can't use his hands for fapping. His hand sweat is explosive, one drip and his dick is gone.

>having to study every single day in the same class as quirkless Deku
>pathetic Deku worries about you
>being saved by the stupid Deku
>quirkless Deku hides his quirk to mess with you
Of course he is sexually repressed.

If Ochako is the traitor, what would her motives be?

Money for her family?

I want to fuck Deku until I can't walk right.

Love. Bitches in heat are unpredictable.

Money of course.


Fuck off Ochako

Could be like the Cartels do. "Hey, work for us, get a nice bonus, we pay your rent. Don't and we murder your family."

Is his entire body resistant to his explosions or just his hands?

Heel ochako is best ochako


Every time I see this pic the first thing I wonder is what the fuck is with Sugar Man's cock. It looks like it's tied in a knot or something.

Ochako is the one liable to get cucked most of the time desu.



Yeah, Deku is boring.

Chuunibirb a best
Ingenium 2 worst ingenium

Even his pack is way far more interesting than him. Kirishima a fucking best bro and Tapeboy is nice too.

Mt. Lady and Kamui is best pair.

Allmight? more like allwrong everything is his fault !

I would like to see a real twist in this manga sooner or later. Its getting a bit formulaic. The traitor arc had better deliver.

>Kirishima convinced 2 wounded people to go on a suicide mission because of his ego
>Sero stabbed Deku and Mineta in the back
Both of them are shit, as characters and as heroes.

Main reason I'm rooting for Ochako. It would shake things up

of course

Shake things up, force Ochako to do more than say "Deku...", force Deku to deal with someone he really likes, make things more gray.

Hopefully if they do go that route it's longer than Kayano's arc in AssClass.

>The artstyle is becoming cartoony again

That's great though!

the more i think about it the more underwhelming the twist will be i honestly think its mineta if it's a student, the pervy shit isn't an act but it does let him seem less likely

that's not a negative reaction image user

The traitor will be Ojiro and his reason will be "All For One promised me a better quirk than THIS FUCKING TAIL SHIT"

For the same reason I'm hoping she gets killed off. As for the traitor It'd be better if its part of 1A. Would be good if Hori took inspiration from Ao no exorcist. Its traitor reveal was one of the best ones in shonen manga.

Eh, killing Ochako off would be too edgy for this series. Game-changer, sure, but at odds with the campy tone

>Mt. Lady
more like M'Lady

Ms. Joke get out of here

Don't set yourselves up for disappointment with this traitor thing. It could be school faculty or someone in Class B1. The traitor might be a brand new character and when we do get to that arc, if it is its own arc, it could be self contained new info.

Ultimate girl is Seiji. He can mold you into a loli, cowtit girl, or whatever form you want. Except for your eyes

That, or it could be over in like two chapters.

Still, it's fun to speculate. At this point the only way the story can disappoint me is by having Ochako fuck up again.

I still haven't ruled out Aoyama as a traitor either. Even if he shot compact in the face I still think there's a lot hinted about him that hasn't been elaborated on yet.

What if she's what Tsyuyu turns into when she turns her stomach inside out?

She won't be fighting ochako because she was eliminated from the test.

it should be someone we know but at the same time everyone has suspected everyone at the school as a traitor so someone will be let down if that happens bleach ruined the trope by making it mainstream especially with a fake out death

That was shown last week. He thought he isn't like everyone else, Iida talk no jutsued him and now he's normal again.

I don't even know how the fuck someone can come to this conclusion. Both, Ochako and Kemi, are in the last round.

Guro assistant left to do the spin off.

her real form will be that she's average when it comes to looks and that's she's insecure

But who will convince Hori to include more Toga?

kemi your eyebrow is melting again


i will when i fly over to japan and break into his house with a gun. in one hand, my dick in the other

That's my fetish.

Use mine. All cneaed.

those are my trips

>Kemi: You think i look ugly, don't you?
>Deku: No, I think you look cute.
And she starts melting again.

I actually had it but did not notice it at my folder. Cheers anyways.

If you did that png, do you think you can clean the OP image as well?

I like to do easy ones where most of the body is shown. WIth that one, I'd have to redraw the hand.

What's her name?

read the mangu, specifically last chapter

so how long until kemi/deku doujins

I'm impatient

>Will she be fighting Ochako?
That's basically the entire point of her existence, yes.

Semen Demon has got the hots for Deku. Ochako is trying to shut her feelings down. Tensions rise, culminating in what is probably a scheduled fight between the two. Neither one really knows it, but the fight's outcome is essentially determining who gets to be SMASHED. It is only when Ochako accepts her lust for D that she able to properly clear her mind and win.

You can see this coming miles away.

>tfw the temptress will NEVER win in the hero's journey so long as there's more than one girl after his dick

Are you talking about the OP image? Because, I don't see any problem with it being cleaned without much work. (Though I do lack the skills to do it myself)

fuck you. I'm here for the characters.

Ok so after last chapter I want to see a Uraraka team vs deku team to see how she really handles not depending on him.

This is a shounen so we'll end up with three Inasa/Todo fujoshit doujins and then one Kemi doujin six months after those. Won't be translated for three months.

Shiketsu vs Main cast final battle confirmed

You know, if it wasn't for how slow the in series pacing is (its only like what, 4 months for them), I would have expected all of this Shiketsu stuff to be hyping them up for the next festival.

Nah, the terrorist is already there. Heroes fighting each other while a terrorist is present, that's just stupid and worth 20 million minus points.

Shit I just remembered the festival is only for the students of that school. I meant something like that

final battle ends in a kiss with Deku and slimegirl

If you want to kill off someone it couldn't be Ochako, Mineta or Froppy.

Iida or Kirishima might be epic tho.


Froppy would the best victim. Important enough to be significant, not important enough to make all the time spent on her a waste, well-loved by the fandom, well-loved by her classmates.

"Normal" they said. "Underwhelming" they said.

Has the possibility of the traitor being a teacher been eliminated yet?

If Froppy dies chuunibirb is gonna explode.

Oh it can be cleaned easy, yes. But it sets my autism on overdrive if bodyparts are left out.

Oh you didn't tell me about that autism thing(quirk) you got going there. Cheers.

That's my edit too. This is getting creepy.

I cut that myself, though..

>duplicate file exists here
Really makes you think.

Okay fine I admit I no longer have an idea which ones I cut.


Only in your dreams, shipperfag.

Bird a cuck.

I hope Deku transforms soon.

Biggest nonfujo ship

Ochako x Bakugo confirmed best

>Hori once mentioned how he "Has a lot of plans to pair up" Deku and Ochako
>We think its admitting to her being endgame
>Its instead a critique on usual Shonen MC and FeMC relationship dynamics.
Probably not that deep, but it'd be awesome if he could pull it off.

shout out to the user who made pic related

What's the sauce for this image?

>people think Baku will be able to calmly rescue these people

Ha. Baku is failing this part for sure, short of some bullshit situation where they have to fight.

>short of some bullshit situation where they have to fight.
Did you miss the last page?

what said, it is a terrorist attack the real challenge is that they have to deal with a terrorist who is most likely going to target the bystanders rather than heroes.this is were class A will mostly fail as many of them will try to fight the terrorist out right rather then trying to do both. i think this is where deku will have an edge since he's already done something like this

Last page looks more like Baku's leg, with the narration indicating him doing what he usual does won't cut it (hence why he's just standing around rather than rushing in).

Frog x anyone else > bird

You mean get swole like All Might? Not soon. Going 10% would be a huge boost in power but it's still just 10%.

Him, Deku, Iida, and Todoroki are most likely passing this whole thing. They need it to fight villains and not deal with the red tape.

It's pretty straightforward that she's gong to win the Dekubowl after some internal conflict. Would be amazing if the new girl ended up winning though.

worked wonders for rukia and ichigo

Kemii is best girl but she doesn't actually have much to offer to pairing with Deku in the long run. Ochaco at least works by being sweet since Deku is a gud boi.

It'd be another story if this were a hentai manga though.


It most certainly seems tat way, but we also thought all might was certainly going to die by the hands of AfO. (This isn't to say he won't die, but the death flags were crushed right before our eyes.)

Actually most of them have pretty flat asses. Asshido is probably the only one who has enough shape to be considered round.

It's just a crop

I forgot that her suit is supposed to be skintight. I'm surprised we don't get any good ass shots of Ochako considering she's shown to have a pretty nice body.

Bakugouxbeing#1 is the one and only OTP

What if they get together before the story reaches the halfway point and some time in their second or third year they break up? And he ends up with another girl?

She's also 13yo, you pedo.

I could see them get together, have a conflict, break up, maybe they try someone else for a little while, one of them saves the other, get back together again. It'd be like actual high school.

>13 years old
this aint middle school, you dangus.

15. UA is a high school not a middle school.

I said she has a nice body which she does, not that I want to fuck her. Stop projecting.

Also she's 15 which is pretty much legal in my country anyway.

frank AND beans

>I'm surprised we don't get any good ass shots
Don't pretend to be innocent, Mineta-level creep.

The villain of the next arc is replaced with Garou, what happens

Witch Hunter. It's gookshit though.

Ochaxdeku is happening and you faggots need to get over it. They're going to be vanilla good guy couple and have a bunch of curly haired, freckled, rosy cheeked kids. Deal with it

I can accept this but no capeshit is complete without a few unnecessary break ups that make celebrity couples look faithful.

Don't see anything wrong with what I said. She's wearing a skintight suit, so I'm surprised we haven't gotten any major fanservice shots from her.

Trying to project your pedo tendencies on me won't help you user. Go seek help, I won't judge.

So when is Grapes getting removed from the manga

Are you saying you don't like the best meme character?


He is /our guy/ after all.


>wanting smugmineta out
get out also needs to be a fucking banner


There is no traitor.

is this cheating or is she single

Thanks user, I'm digging the art.

Terra formars?

Has this already been posted to hell here

Don't get too carried away. It traces art in the beginning from bleach, FMA and other popular wsj titles. It gets a bit creative later on, but the copying at the start is just blatant

I don't expect much from manhwa. So long as it's nice on the eyes I'm fine with bootleg. Actually I don't ever recall focusing on the story in any Korean manga after Shin Angyo Onshi, but maybe that's cause I haven't read enough yet. Either it's cute girls or silly action like Gosu.

I don't have any issue with Ochako winning the Dekubowl. Just don't make her future character growth revolve around him as this arc has been doing so far.

>Horikoshi literally says he modeled Ochakos personality to fit with Dekus.

You faggots still do this .

The bodies were drawn weird in that whole picture. It has nothing to do with fat it's just that the bodies were kinda square.

For some reason she's always drawn chunkier when she has her kit off. It really puts me off her.

It just means her suit makes her look skinnier by changing proportions. Wouldn't even be surprised if she stuffed her bra.

Ochako looks so cute here

Also possible. I don't really think Hori knows how to draw naked women. Their proportions look off. Ochako either looks flat chested or fat depending on how you look at it.

Is it even possible for Sugarman to be anything but a worse Deku?

He could be a pretty good baker.

No what you're trying to say is he's inconsistent with their proportions and this doesn't just apply to Ochaco. No girl has consistent bust size in this manga aside from maybe Midnight due to her low appearance rate.

It's not a new problem, it's been something that's been going on for awhile. Ochaco has always been one of the flatter girls, it's just recently she was given the same treatment as post time skip Nami though of course since her breasts were modest to begin with the upgrade doesn't let her beat girls like Momo. And of course it all depends on the panel, cause right afterwards it shrinks back.

Momo has that problem too, she just has a higher average cup size range. Even Kemii who only came out recently is inconsistent given how her naked form went from big->modest->torpedoes->modest. The torpedoes can be attributed to because she was dodging tape and thus subject to physics, but it doesn't change the fact that she shrank down a few sizes literally in the next panel.

Mt. Lady has the biggest range if you include her anime/video game appearances and I'm not talking about her quirk.

Not really, but quirk-wise he's still ahead of deku for right now. OfA has a much higher ceiling with no drawbacks when mastered though

He's a big guy

He's less likely to be a manlet and more likely to be a dindu.

I wish he was a little more spiderman.
just a little more wittier with comebacks and dorkier.
hes kind of forgettable in this state.

it all depends on how much sugar he eats.
remember, his strength gets multiplied by 10. 10 x 10 = 100. 100 x 10 = 1000. 1000 x 10 = 10,000.
it can add up to incredible levels very quickly.

He's the #1 husbando of the class.

Bakugou is spiderman. Just look at when he grilled Potato.

Who knows, when he learns most of what he needs to learn he may pick that up as a coping mechanism like All Might's smile.

Only by 5, user. And we don't know if it also affects his speed in the same way Ofa does.

It should but with his slowed thinking the only viable maneuver would be hulk jumps.

I don't agree. He actually thinks and plans ahead, which makes him way more interesting than the average battle shounen mc. His theory spergs and madman moments are pretty good too

I think Deku is overdue for another madman moment. Problem is he can't afford to break limbs anymore.

It's cheating. The father is out there, somewhere, breathing fire, since he isn't stated as deceased

stop pls

a casual reminder that only male frogs croak, and even then it's only during the mating season to attract a female

Are you implying that Froppy has a floppy?

Who said Frog's quirk isn't that of a male frog?

I hope to god Dekudad isn't Endeavor.

Databook says he's a chef overseas.

There goes my worries.

>pubes peeking out


His dad is Gordon Ramsay.


>Only by 5, user
That's without quirk training.

what are those hand signals she's making

>he spits fire at all the fuck-up chefs

Kinnikuman is based fuck off

deku x toga otp

The spin off showed that Deku's mom works as a street walker anyway and goes around asking strange men for "directions".

it wouldn't surprise me if grapes actually has the biggest cock in class a but none of the girls will ever find out because he's so creepy.

He's a shitty representation of Kinnikuman with how much of a nonentity he is.

Just like how the real Kinnikuman is today.


deku's mom uses her quirk to jerk the semen out of dicks

Bigger=/= better. Don't let hentai fool you.

I am a full proponent of this ship.

>Kemii is best girl
She is a literal who. Mei has more personality than her.

You don't get to choose what defines the word personality user.

>muh antagonist is asexual cliche

Not that I really care all that much, but I doubt any of the guys would turn down Ochako if she wanted to fuck them

>Bigger=/= better.
But that's not true

>You must describe the character without mentioning:
>Plot relevance
>You must only describe the character in terms of their personality.

Mini arc idea Deku and his mom and dad win a trip to go to a family vacation at a resort/quirk bootcamp during the summer. They all get super fit, bond and talk about their lives and issues.

She's an inquisitive character just like Mei, only instead of being genki she's ara ara in their playful nature. It's actually roughly equal you are just being biased towards what you don't like but that's to be expected of someone who saves a self portrait of themselves just to use it for shit posting.

Still do what?

I want more interactions with the parents, mostly because that means more Bakumom

you guys love to go on about how pure your waifu is

Yet how much purer can you get than Ibara? But most of you seem to like Memefrog or Poopmaker or even, god forbid, FeMC instead

This is a rescue exam, why would they fight?

Describe mei and describe kemi. The personalities are similar in terms of how shallow they are.

But can she do this?

Deku being so sincere and straightforward is what I like about him. Heroes that try to be snarky are a dime a dozen in shonen.

Because slimegirl wants to steal Ochoko's clothes and her virginity

Nice buzzwords memester.


Froppy is literally perfect. I have proof.

>Mei has more personality than her
>similar in terms

You took this long and you still end up being a hypocrite within 1 post? Is your quirk [Retarded]?

That is an ahegao if I ever saw one. Just needs some double peace signs to complete the set.

Disgusting fanart. Froppy looks unnecessarily moe.

Try doing that to the rest of the girls and over half of them will be just as shallow. You're just being stupid, proven by how your next post is magnitudes shorter than your green text spam after you were shown to be wrong despite the gap in posting time compared to your previous intervals, evidence of how you got mad and gave up arguing and resorting to shit posting.


Did someone say "disgusting fartart"?



>imagine her stomach was filled with your cum
That's hot.

Well prepare yourself because it's about to get more disgusting.

Triggered? You come off really as a mad child when someone does not like your slimefu.

Tsuyu has so much quality work.


Does anyone have the official height chart?

Pretty sure no one thinks they're going to couple up. Especially with the author repeatedly stating his intentions to pair her with Deku.

They're still best though

Haha time for height wank.

What is with the waifufaggotry this arc is causing?

Ochako monologuing about her feelings and a naked girl with DSL attacking Deku and generally acting (faux) flirty.

Grapes should seriously kill himself. That's fucking pathetic.

a man of taste.
seriously though, why is deku so boring?

This is why he is trying to get into the heroing business. Just look at Danny Devito, do you know how many women would sleep with him for the street credit? Mineta doesn't have that 5/5 int stat for nothing.

>mfw i have the same deku´s height
at least i am a strong i should call myself ManletMan

Todoroki can't control his hips. It wants the Momo

>Pegando a foda fora

why does she have a baki face?

Deku better pray he grows into a 190+ bara in a few years.

you know all this action we've seen is just cops and robbers,
i wonder how wars in this world look like.

I can see where people would find Deku uninteresting but you're going to find rage sperg more interesting outside of an occasional cheap laugh? I would go with Todo or Tokoyami, maybe Kirishima as far as being interesting characters go. And honestly Ochako isn't the most interesting herself when you've got Momo, Tsuyu, and Jirou. If you're going to pair her with someone besides Deku why not Iida?

they look civilased enough to embrace in something so stupid.

Go watch some x-men or some other capeshit. Its the same.

I'd imagine using a quirk as a weapon would be a war crime

I wonder if there are any people whose quirk is going Allahu Akbar.

They might keep quirk use to a minimum because it's a warcrime or some shit, but you know that goes out the window when shit gets a bit too dire anyway.

>Tokoyami, maybe Kirishima
>anywhere near as interesting as Bakugo

It's clear you have no idea what you're talking about

To each his own I guess.
Ochako's definitely a favorite of mine. I just find her very charming and down to earth.
As for Bakugou, I don't really like him as much as I think they would simply work well together considering he actually respects her. On his own he's pretty annoying but paired with her, it would balance him out.

Bakugou is a spergy edglord.

His primary schtick got old very fast, it's unfortunate that no matter how much he develops that will be his default state.

>they look civilased enough to embrace in something so stupid.
no, if they were there wouldnt be a need for heroes
they may have super powers
but they have all the faults and mental frailties of humans just the same and as such wars must be a thing there.

All this war talk made me realize there would be more pressure for "realistic" themed FPS games to include quirks. Every shooter is now Overwatch.

ITT: canon massive penises

I know that's his plan, but with so many heroes running around it has riddiculously low chance of success. He'd have to actually become one of the top heroes


So everyone got a power up bonus ability now? Like how Hagakure is invisible but can now FLASH BANG enemies?

What power ups do you think the other kids got?

It's astounding that his class still hasn't figured out that he has only one leg.


>Boku no Manlet academia

Nope, it isn't Bakugou. His boots have a rectangle at the back.

so I just caught up
isn't this the same shit they've been doing the first arc?

Would get into a fight with boom boy for this milf.
One of those "despise this guy, but his mom is OK" type of deal.
Although being a freaking older gender bend copy of the guy could potentially make you feel a bit gay, it'll work out in order to last longer when at it.
>hmm Mrs Stifler

baku's mom can be nice, baku himself is an asshole 24/7

>Deku's wearing boots and is that height

Indeed. And there are no kill-plates on the knees.

Invisibility wasn't her quirk. Just like Tokoyami's wasn't being a bird. We told you guys already.

No. The only similarity is that they're taking an exam which is fine given that this is a school themed manga. The exercises, especially the rescue test; the one rescue exercise we saw got interrupted, are completely different and so is the end goal.

That's the best part of pic

>completely different
doesn't seem to me like it is.

>inb4 Ochako becomes another potentially useless character

I hope not.

The last chapter really made me hopefully that she will be a relevant main heroine.

Then your memory isn't very good. No offense. The entrance exam wasn't a student vs. student free for all but to kill some fodder robots. The second half of the test with these HUC people has never happened in any form.

They're all useless

Shut up Kakyoin
You're right tho [/spoiler[

Ochako best villain

It's gonna happen, can't stop it, her role as an moral boost/ gambate stepping stone for the mc is over, soon they'll introduce new girls anyways.

If in a recent popularity poll, she doesn't get at least in the top 10, she might end up written off as the traitor or something

Wat chapter is that?

that would be an interesting twist

>But have you ever seen Bakugou showed any interest toward a girl?
pic related is my suspicion

>yfw Ochako's motives as a traitor are revealed and is all about the ca$h

She won't be revealed as the evil doer she is until she starts dating Deku, for maximum memes.

>Sure, the fujo have their reasons as they ship Bakugou with deku.
well maybey he is into dudes, why the hell not?

>inb4 Ochako becomes another potentially useless
>inb4 Ochako becomes useless

>he's so much of a narcissist he'd fuck the closest thing to himself
wouldn't be surprised

>letting popularity dictate character progression

> It's all going according to plan.

Any clues on who the guy with the shoe is?

Emerardu Splashu!

Best OST for traitor revelation and for killling off Kirishima

Because even if that would appeal to all the women spending money on WSJ what's important is that it would squick out all the kids reading WSJ.

>tfw baku is the only one who realized she was holding back
>tfw he's been wary of her ever since

Latest chapter.
Could be someone from Shiketsu.

couldn't they just do it the way they did it for hajime no ippo?

It's really obvious that Present Mic is the traitor.

>not eraser head
that nomou should've crushed his skull

You mean she couldn't have sent Sadrock into space instead? Why Kirishima? How is Tetsutetsu going to get more panel time without the comparison jokes? She effectively killed two people.

Please. We all know who the REAL traitor is.

It's obviously niggerplasm. He's a walking gang of dindu

It has happen before on other shows, don't write it off as something completely impossible, japs takes stuff like "popularity polls" or "send a letter" very seriously.

If they start mass disliking her character due to her being unable to sort her shit out before it goes down, Horikoshi will just make her job into oblivion and eventually drop out completely only to show up on fillers every now and then.

This. He was using reverse psychology so they wouldn't see his super secret villain base.

I know it happens, I'm saying it's disgusting

Tail Guy should be suspect number 1, at least out of the kids, he just looks like a guy who'd turn evil.

Nah I think Aizawa's shitty teaching is genuine rather than sabotage.

>Horikoshi mentions that Eijirou was made to tie the class together with his personality.

Would be great if there were more than just 1.
A teacher + Ojiro from Class 1-A + Copycat/TetsuTetsu or that black fucker from Class 1-B and so on...

God I hope this isn't true. I don't mind cliches and troupes but I'd like just for once a shapeshifter to NOT be insecure about their looks and fake their default appearence

what if her true form is more attractive?

How can a tech nerd be so hot?

Is that possible user?

her quirk is having perfect breasts

Or the twist is everyone including Deku is somehow the traitor.

I remember back when she was first introduced and we all though her quirk was having a brain in each of her eyeballs that told her how to build shit

Why is Bakumom so perfect in Shiwasu no Okina style?

Has everyone already forgotten her?

Crazy villain waifu is best villain waifu.

Gross! She's wiping her nose with her sleeve!
Use my hand instead!


I got my sights on her.



The traitor's quirk is actually being a traitor.
No one could see it coming.


That face is saying
>The pleasure of being cummed inside

whats with Cred Forums and psycho girls?

>shipping bakugou and uraraka

I bet you liked onedera and sakura

So which character being the TRAITOR would cause the biggest shitstorm?

I'd say Ochako. Like literal nonstop shitstorm if it's Ochako.

>So which character being the TRAITOR would cause the biggest shitstorm?

>You will never have a girl love you as much as a psychotic yandere.

Now, you're just being retarded.

yeah ok, but her hair is stupid, that really bothers me.

i agree, pig tails would make the deepthroat better

says the one with shit taste.

Shut the fuck up, retard.

You're probably just some troll.

Kaminari, because Cred Forums would never shut up about how they were right for the rest of time


This should be simple enough to figure

The traitor has to pass this test, right?

In that case, let's keep a close eye on Ochako for now. If she fails the test because of her love for Deku, then she's not a traitor, just too goddamn lewd.

But if she passes the test, be on guard. Be on your fucking guard. Kayanos are a sneaky bunch

>The reason I admired Deku was for the sole purpose of achieving his objective
Ok I'll admit, this line sounds off.

I think the appeal of pairing Izuku with bad or crazy girls is to corrupt his innocence.

maybe because you forgot to read everything after the comma

>he always does everything he can never letting up

Sorry, forgot to include the whole sentence. Still sounds off

It's not a villainous line, problem is it's not completely heroic either.

Like, Albert Wesker for the sole purpose of his object does everything he can never letting up

It's best

Pig disgusting

Who will fail? Place your bets.

cosplay is mostly ok, but the fangs look retarded in real life


Goddamn it Ururavity I wanted to take you off my suspect list. Don't say shit like this

He also seems to attract them like flies to honey.

The post with the reveal would be legendary.

Some of you heroes are all right, don't go to the Provisional Hero License Test tomorrow

Thanks senpai

All she's saying is that she needs to focus on the test instead of staying distracted by bullshit that's not important at the moment.

That is what that page means, assuming it doesn't mean the other thing it could mean

In the case of slime girl I feel she's genuinely curious about how Izuku just wants to help people and is not in this for fame or money.

eyes need to be baggier, more sunk in

>reminder that this series literally crushed my heart

Oh fuck me.

Tough spot to be in. She admires him so much that she wants to fuck him senseless, but needs to suppress that urge while trying to emulate him. It's sorta like what Baku was/is to deku except if deku also wanted to fuck Baku and without all of the anger and confrontation

How does it sound off?

> I admire this guy because he doesn't stop going for his dream no matter what.

Sounds like it makes sense.

Except she doesn't say "dream", she says "objective."

There is a difference

Not it isn't. You're really overthinking this. People forget ochako is the one that stopped Black Mist from stopping iida from calling in the teachers.

If Ochako is the traitor that means every girl attracted to Deku is crazy/weird, evil, or some combination of the two.

Sero is the traitor.

Deku is the traitor

Traitorman is the traitor.

I am the traitor.

can someone post that sweating tsuyu macro?

There is no traitor, its all a ruse.

Sounds like something a traitor would say.

its in underwear

The traitor was the friends we made along the way.

toga wins deku or we riot

That's the wrong song user




>Rio still got 0 development at the end except for giving up on Nagisa


>You thought i'd become a great hero?
>That was a lie
>This was my origin story of how i became the next All For One
>Please look forward to Horikoshi sensei's next work, My Villain World, starting in 6 weeks

>only sane man Ojiro

Ojiro has mastered the face-palm at least.

danke user

>Story of how I became the greatest hero
>It's actually about Deku starting a huge rebellion and he's the "hero" fighting against the corrupt system.

he had to after spending so much time with Hagakure

The traitor is One For All.

Not the All Might or Deku, the Quirk itself.

Her body already perfect why would I ask her to transform into someone else

I know who I would ask her to transform into, a naked person.

is she main character yet ?

>implying you have to ask her for that

An user from the last thread requested something lewd with Slime Girl's lips.

As I said, I didn't want to draw deep throat, but maybe this is close enough for you


Maybe someday

I want Deku to spend time at her hero agency for awhile and learn how to deal with large-scale damage caused by his power.

Are you a god?

Did you not listen to Mineta's warnings?

>Deku visits her hero agency
>Mt. Lady wants to abuse him like she did Mineta
>Deku: Mt. Lady, do you still weigh XXX tons in your 20m form?
He would break her in 3 minutes.


Just watch out for her foot and deku will be fine

Yh it be nice tell the audience that your first crush won't always be the right one

This what actually happened

If it is can someone translate it

Someone did

Well, shit.



thank you for making these threads less cancerous one amazing drawing at a time



>Archvermin hasn't drawn Momo's thicc momoes yet
Some day?

Why is she such a semen demon?

>Also, will Ochako be failing the exams because she can't get her shit together?
Probably not, since if she did she would need to be kept out of all fights against villains for a while.

Why is such a semen demon interested in Deku?

She seems great potential in him
and if he learns to limit OfA he will be a beast in bed

she's interested in UA in general and deku was the one she happened to stumble upon

She knows he's the main character and she wants screen time.

Why is she so skinny? She should train her fat cells to have more quirk material.

Was Momo the female student to get the biggest injuries?

Well she looks an eccentric so she would probably act that way even if she ran into Mineta instead

I want at least one work of porn showing Kaminari getting lucky with this semen demon.

Hah, the party hat fits almost perfectly.

please continue to draw lewd for fucking ever.

I want to fuck Ochako in the prone position.

When is he going to get a girl of his own?

Why the hats? Is it Cred Forums's birthday?

You're probably about to get a whole bunch of (You)'s but I ain't one of them

I don't know, maybe?


mineta will lose his virginity before him and constantly brag about it which will make kaminari kill himself at the age of 18

there you have your tragedy

Who is the most lewd girl? I vote for Tooru, she would be the kind of exhibitionist who go to school with no bra/panties. Think about it, someone’s tries to sneak a peek from under the stairs and they see nothing. Said pervert is now in a conundrum, should they be turned on by the fact she’s commando or be bummed out because he couldn’t see any pink whatsoever?

How long until Mccree becomes relevant?

Momo with her hair down is so wonderful

Now this is how you make money.

Snipe is brutal as fuck.

As soon as he shows up just shot every villain ever in all of their limbs at the same time!

Would have been more merciful to use his aimbot quirk to just put a bullet in each of their heads.

What if the traitor does something in like the next chapter, but Deku and friends have to figure out who it was amongst themselves

>Plans ahead

All his plans focus around, "I've got to hit him really hard!" everytime

no that's retarded

the way he got first place in the festival race or the fact he had the presence of mind to mail his location to his contacts before the stain fight had nothing to do with "l've got to hit him really hard"


I could actually dig that kind of reveal if it was foreshadowed by occasionally having Deku's narration not quite mesh up with what's actually happening.

Because he keeps getting put into situations where that plan is apparently his best one. He can't really do much else against Todoroki in a flat arena or the short notice match against that muscle fibres guy.

Against Stain and his little training bout with Torino shows he has the potential to think on his feet given him developing his new style. Notice his most plain/worst plans pretty much was trying to be All Might 2.0 when he clearly can't.

SOL OVAs of the class boarding house shenanigans when?

Give me some scenarios.

>it's the "every character with interesting powers becomes useless because you can solve every problem by punching really hard" episode
what can ya do

don't have deku baku ochako ida shouto involved, they've had the spotlight far to long

i hope we see more of him, controlling bullet trajectory is such an underrated power

Invisitits is so fucking lewd. Hori a hack

>some rooms are empty in the dorms
>shiketsu students want to be friendly with UA
Who's ready for exchange students with Shiketsu?

Oh, I think you nailed it user. We'll probably have some cross school shenanigans in the future.


So do deku's classmates realize he's boss tier? Like when the non-icy/explody/speedy ones think "oh yeah those strong as fuck kids in our class" is deku part of the roster? Or do they just think he's around the same tier as the rest of them?

Also now that I think of it where does Iida sit with the rest of them? Is he deku/baku/Todoroki tier or is he around the same level as the rest of the class?

Yes I realize its a much wider gradient than that and a big point is being made that even the least of the class members is a soon to be literally certified badass

Hori fucked the pace of the manga. There weren't enough shenanigans at the start and then suddenly Shiggy appeared and everything started to get a lot heavier.

We've just passed the 100 chapter mark but A LOT has happened as opposite to your regular school romcom.

>scrolling through threads
>see this

Holy fucking shit Cred Forums sometimes I remember why I bother slogging through all your bullshit.

they probably hold him in the same regard as baku and shouto, the heavy hitters of the class

momo specifically says at some point his real worth is hard to pinpoint because he always wrecks himself everytime he uses his powers so they probably see him as an unknown quantity

I've wondered this myself. Its probably different for each of the kids. The fact that All Might actively dotes on him probably helps though. Mineta and Aoyama certainly see him as a heavy hitter.

So is the traitor gonna pull something soon?

I think they've prepared themselves for it

>>Momo's momos

Actually I have drawn them before

First time I see that one, I may have missed it on your pixiv.

Jirou Jirous is hims


>all might not in a maid outfit
into the fucking trash.jpg

Which kid is the one that would look the creepier if he/she endend being a Noumu?

I can think of Shouji, just give him powers like breathing fire or shooting something from his hands.

I will forgive them if they give us a All Might with the UA cheerleader outfit.

So Hori would be turning Ochako into Nashetania?



>he's using his quirk
momo's better of making a crowbar than using her hands

God damn

I would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear Momo fart through a walkie talkie

Fuck off

So the first episode just got re-aired

I hope mineta changes. It's fine having perverted thoughts but his actions are almost too much.

iida, ochako, tsuyu, mineta, todo, redhead, and even bakugou , and now tape guy probably hold him in high regard

Nice meme, user

Crowbro too, from the way he speaks. Who is redhead?

Fuck no. He is one of the only two sources to get girls in delicious shots. The other one is crazy bitches almost killing Deku.

From Class B

anyone have the deku reaction image for when he saw matumeis tiddies?

>He is one of the only two sources to get girls in delicious shots.

You can just show them changing

That colour page is nothing. Something like this is thanks to grapejuice. Or the girls bathing, or in cheerleading outfits.

Doesn't change my point. Besides the cheerleader uniforms you don't have to show mineta peaking you can just show them having a casual convo like the one i posted.


No, Nashetania's motives are retarded

Ochako saying "Sorry nigga I gots to get paid" would be both funny and reasonable

Also Rokka no Sales is a meme anime

Kill yourself. Mineta is literally the hero everyone needs, but doesn't deserve.