>liking a hag

Please don't say shit about my wife

I just did and will do it again..

Please don't do that again or your wife Chino will hate you

Chino is not my wife so Aoba is a hag.

Who is your wife then so I can say nice thing about her

I don't have one.

Chino isn't as good as Aoba.
Maybe when Chino grows the fuck up she might be able to compete.

My wife Chino is so cute

Ha, loser.

No wonder you are so salty

>I dont have one

Nope, just don't need delusion to keep going.

You think you're better than us?

No, I am not one to judge how one lives.

I want to flood Chino's womb with my sperm.



>dat banner

I want to touch that kiddie ass

Why is Sharo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

I'd like some more kafuu chino.

Rize > Sharo > Chiya > Maya > Megu > Chino > Cocoa > Mocha

Why is Cocoa so shit? She ruined the whole show.

Why are all the threads about this show so bad?

Anything that gets a second season usually have god awful threads.

And what us good about Aoba exactly? At least Chino has a sad backstory.

My wives Chino and Aoba are so cute

My wife user is so cute.



Congratulation user

Upload them on Nyaa please