Make someone want to watch an anime by posting ONE gif or webm from it

Make someone want to watch an anime by posting ONE gif or webm from it

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Will he ever do another anime? I loved Trava and Red Line.

Why would I want more people watching anime.

Nice rec thread faggot

it's just the anime equivalent of a "one page thread"

how the fuck is this a "rec thread"?

op didn't ask for anything at all.












that is the last image I want to see when I die

I'm glad all that glass didn't hurt him.



>Cred Forums x title: farted so hard senpai
Holy shit.

That measly webm doesn't do GR:tA justice.

Name of anime please?

Me too, user. Me too.


Forced animation.

Sauce ?

So the one page cancer wasn't enough? You had to make another shit thread?

>webms when even the admins of Cred Forums prefer to use youtube videos for their memes

>trailer spoils all the great action scenes


>it's mahō shōjo
What the fuck?

bungou stray dogs

it's not very good

fuck I need to finish that

in line with the madoka style mahou shoujo trend

Good choice, I think I'll kill myself now.

It's from an anthology film called Memories; the scene in particular is from Stink Bomb. Magnetic Rose is the best of the three, IMO.

those trips speak the truth

Oh, ok.


Stupid reply.

>What the fuck?
what anime is this


That choreography never gets old.

Can somebody who's into sakuga shit explain why it is that despite evidently having a high amount of frames this looks sort of stiff and jerky?

>passable animation done by subcontractors
>the character designs are garbage done by a murilardian weeab

What's the point?
And I know the story is a low tier ya shit.

Because chinese shitters can't get the timing and tweening right.

pleb tier opinion

This is fucking beautiful. What's it from?

garden of words

Thanks man.

You can (not) be this new.

You can (not) be this shit
Shit thread

Autism has arrived

Unrested is the man

Not the same without the laugh

Wow, a thread literally designed to attract retarded saucefags and spoonfeeding.

>glorifying being an asshole
Watch out, the cool guys have arrived.

What is it like being retarded? Does it hurt?



ill bite

I hate so much the hot but fucked up feeling this gives to me

He directed a Lupin Movie featuring Jigen.

Loved the "cock goes where" not they had

Bennett have you this OVA, can't for the life of me remember its name though


Forced criticism

>no one's there to cut off the head
japan do you even japan?


This didn't make me want to watch Ponyo
This made me incredibly hungry instead.


what the fuck is happening here?


Should I give that season a go?

All the Korra seasons were fucking shit and it's the only one left

i don't need your help i downloaded redline 3 hours ago but i'm not going to watch it .


It's a shame the rest of the movie is mediocre, but that 10 seconds of him drawing is worth the price of admission anyway.

Any webms from the last 2 eps?

Why do Korean animators suck at making subcontractor work for American anime-influenced cartoons?

thank you but i think i'm going to watch grave of the fireflies

Recently watched this, thought it was some shitty comedy anime with some fights in between, it ended up my favorite anime of the year, why the fuck did no one tell me it was this good. Fucking one punch man looks like shit in comparison.

Missile spam eventually got me watching Arpeggio. Don't remember if it was this webm that did it.


Fuck off

Tougou did nothing wrong


I don't even /k/ and this still bugs me.

I tried a few different episodes but never got into any of the seasons.

That makes me want to kill myself, not watch the anime...


I love the small details of Kuvira's hair in that fight.

probably one of my fav char designs. Azula is still queen though.

what is this team america but in china?

Its Taiwanese actually.

And written by our top meme man, Gen Urobuchi, too

Symphogear is better watched with company, it's never really more than a C-grade show

>farted so hard senpai
That's snow/ice/whatever

A shit didn't meant to greentext


If there were more legit fantasy anime I'd probably find Grimgar boring.

This was the first webm I ever saw and it blew my mind.

Still haven't watched this though




last one


ONE gif or webm.

sue me


Everyone's seen Redline.

wtf no they haven't why would i watch something so blatantly reddit????

user, very few things in this world do it any justice at all.


the fuck?
are you talking about your own post?
if so i'm biting pretty hard huh
eat shit and die desu

What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you have brain damage? There is no way in hell you can actually be this stupid, and this is far too idiotic to be reverse bait.

maybe i am, u should explain how the post you quoted originally is bait

because in my honest and valued opinion he was right

Jesus fucking christ I haven't watched Conan since the early 2000s because it was such a clusterfuck trying to find it subbed properly without huge episode gaps, but that shit escalated hard.

I thought I had it, but it's from Spriggan where he throws a sword like a mile away to break a camera spying on him

Sauce my man I'm begging you!



>caring about le reddit
You're trying too hard to fit in redditor-kun


Last one was my favourite.
Season 2 was alright, that's the one where the show finally gets good after the two episodes about the very first Avatar right?





I forgot how good Ponyo felt to watch.

This looks like it's from masked maid guy.

He is My Master

God damn, I forgot about this one. I remember watching this shit the year it came out, back when fansubbing had horrible yellow text. Best maid outfit in all of anime, as well. I have it on my hard drive, so I think I'll watch that later.

That show is also great. I need to go download it again.

I thought this was to make you watch the show, not stay away from it forever.

>insane Azula


thats fucking cool


which Gundam user?


Yuki Yuna

yucky tuna

>he doesn't look at mecha until he finds the exact same model and then figures it out

That gave me a headache.


Get out.

I feel like I've watched the entire episode with just this.

Because it doesn't have a high amount of frames moron. Anime in general has very little frames.

This looks awesome, source?


How do I WEBM?

Tangentially related

i am still mad



It was still one of the best episodes in the series.


>have you ever been so mad you burst into flames and carved out your cyborg parts with your bare hands



>no u
lol nice


>there are people on Cred Forums right now who don't know Devilman

>glorifying being an asshole
Hey shithead, if you don't even know Garden of Words you're just a fucking crossboarder.
Even my normalfag friends who mostly don't watch anime know about that movie.

Anyway, here's your (You). Good night.


Why are there no doujins of these two, WHY?

the kizu movie


this is almost certainly from shorts series so you probably just did.

Angela a cute!


Just watched redline today actually what a coincidence

And that's the gif you chose from redline. Over the countless beautiful crashing or racing scenes?


Not everyone is a homosexual, dude.




Do people actually think that this looks good? It looks so unnatural that it's disturbing.

Nah you're just retarded is all

Too bad it didn't work. Tougou a shit


She wanted it

it's not porn

what's this from

Admittedly this video, posted on /f/ got me to watch this

kek, love Sunny too

This is what got me to watch the series, was glad I did.

It's what got me to watch it, at least.

jesus thats cute

what is this?


Never mind his goofy face, he's still a badass






Looks like Flash animation


persona looks good this season


The manga was better

Get your eyes checked.

Riding Bean

this looks comfy as fuck

Source please




Red line still the best



Wait wait wait wait when the fuck did this happen


>[Detective Conan is a criminal mystery manga]

Book 3 had some of the best animation and choreography of all time, East or West

Wow, nostalgic. I think this was the anime during which my uncertain dislike for the cliche the interactions between the "pervert" and the "girls" matured into full-blown hate. She literally destroyed his body every time he even tried anything.

How did it end? All I remember is feeling pissed and unsatisfied.

This also reminds of another stupid anime about a guy with a girl allergy inheriting a mansion full of girls. That anime also made my blood boil and I never found out how it ended of why that one made didn't trigger his allergy (to this day I'm assuming shemale).

Fuck off.

The style reminds me of a hentai artist I kinda like. I'm a sucker for stylized porn. A lot of it is made in such land unrecognizable styles...

>in prison for years
>suddenly can airbend
>be better than aang at airbending
book 3 was the only remotely good book and it still sucked ass

>be better than aang at airbending
let's not get ahead of ourselves


I still remember being blown away by this. Just straight fast paced physical fighting fand just kept going and going.

>spend ages [redacted] every sauceshitter and crossboarder
Every time in these fucking threads.



these are hooks though.


wtf I hate bait memes now!

G Gundam

> Anonymous 09/30/16(Fri)17:39:37 No.147928863▶
What the fuck is FORCED ANIMATION!?



Fire bro had a hard lie

Because there is so sense of weight, force, dynamics, impact. It is stiff because it's full of pose to pose.

desu the animation quality is B-tier at best and even then it's inconsistent.




Berserk's CGI movie trilogy. This scene in particular is from #3.

wh isn't Kuvira just metalbending her armor ?


this nigga cold as fuck.


yeah ok I'm down, sauce?

Shame the prequel eps they made looked so damn bland in comparison.


that's only for pussy ass bitches


same writer/artist and a better story.

Can't find it from image searching

Post the one where enforcers from Jin-Roh murder Velma's girlfriend.

OP said animes, not slideshows

Thirty fucking seconds by image-searching in the archive, and I found it.

no sound no subtitles

literally missing the best parts




Jontron has lost it




I like the direction this thread is going.


yes he can suddenly airbend. It's part of the story. Is that supposed to be a criticism?

No he wasn't. He lost to tenzin





The show looked good, especially S3. But the story was absolute garbage, and the ending is the worse type of pandering a writer can do. If it was Yuri from the first season, then I wouldn't give a shit. But they shoehorned it into the final season to please their Tumblr fanbase. And if you tried to criticize it, you were labeled homophobic.











Woah, cheating bastard, I'd be just as mad




Now I want to die too






Those are some tasty fucking noodles man.

OK, you got me.




what anime?

Nice try, but nobody is that new.

Get fucking wrecked little girl.

just tell me where they're from please

Grimgar was top comfy.


glad you had time to write this pointless unoriginal garbage but not enough to just fucking answer

You win, what series is this?

Worst girl.
Worst succubus.
Worst loli.

Go to /wsr/ then cross-shitter.

madoka magica

google the filename at least

angels beats pretty sure


This thread is for making people to watch new anime, what's the point of not telling the names of the shows?

Girls Bravo


Practice being a functional human being.
It takes no more than one minute to find any of these examples using google or the catalog.

More importantly, requests belong in /wsr/. Requests do not belong on Cred Forums. Look at all the deleted sourceshitter posts and try to disagree.

>pec decks are bad for your shoulders
>Wrists bent way too far back during bench
>static stretches
2/10 would not lift with

Dont bully Roka

How can I see a post if it's deleted?

Roka saved the show.
I'm bullying the faggot MC, and the author and director who thinks forced tsukkomi is funny.


Did you just come to Cred Forums for the start of the new season, or do you belong to the usual weekend Cred Forums crossboarders?


holy fuck finally i know what anime is this, its been like a year since i saw another webm from it and wanted to watched it but havent got the name, talk about ineptitude

>Wah muh secret club, I'm not gonna tell you what animes these webms are from because you should be able to figure it out yourself by reverse image searching still frames which rarely works

Fuck you senpai, I'm gonna spoonfeed newfags at every opportunity and there's nothing you can do to stop me.


>those ball bearings
Somebody liked Swordfish

"He is my Master."

>watching the remake
OS was perfect and had THE best fights.

What videogame is this?

If Funimation ever gets a hold of it, who wants to bet Monica Rial will do her voice? :)

best maid anime
wins for alpha MC


I think the MC was great, because forced tsukkomi is pretty rare.
Also the voice actor nailed it. Its great when done right.

Even if it's a mishmash of animation and stills, you cannot deny that it is top comfy

Wasn't he beaten-up and frustrated at every turn and it ended with him being abandoned or something? Also I'm not sure if blackmail over destruction of valuable property counts as "alpha".

I won something?



>tumblr on my Cred Forums
Drink bleach

What an aptly worded post

Despite being a perv, Yoshitaka was basically just a lonely guy who wanted people in his life.

Don't get me wrong, he was social retard of the millennium, but every "punishment" he handed down was basically to help the girls (giving them a place to stay, etc).

Of the 3 main characters, the only one who doesn't get this is Izumi. Mitsuki gets it, and knows that Yoshitaka loves Izumi, and would never REALLY take advantage of Izumi.

Aang is was and forever will be cuck trash

i think that's one of the movies
just don't watch them, they are all retarded
although aoyama has been getting more and more ridiculous with his murders aswell

holy shit

But he got with the girl of his dreams who gave him multiple children and stayed faithful for a lifetime.

>trump wants to ban this



Oh boy. My dick is hard.


one of the rare pieces of Votoms footage that has a framerate higher than 2 every second

Yeah it definitely wasn't the show's strong point, but the OVAs delivered on it i think.

>i have literally nothing to say/criticize but i need to seem contrarian and intelligent somehow

eat shit and die

tenzin handed him his ass though

His sister made me drop this so hard it's not even funny.

Robot dancers and muscians that are creepy killers at the same time? I didn't know they made mecha Madoka.

what is


Ichigo Mashimaro

Look at the title.

why did i think this was a good idea?

Not the file name, the title.


I just had a Bowl for lunch at the local eatery. Now im hungry again

are we watching the same thing.
im not seeing a title anywhere.



What's this from?


Lucky Star


>newfag doesn't know how to see webm titles

suck a fat chode you fucking retarded faggot piece of shit fuck you dickface mental retard i hope somebody hogties you douses you in gasoline and sets you on fire in the middle of the street and the whole neighborhood comes around to laugh at your burning dumbass while your skin sloughs from your bones you gay retard die in shit you turd shoveling douchebag

monogatari sucks by the way, so fuck you

Manabi Straight

Maria Holic



Strike Witches

Brilliant satire.

Boku no Pico.


does this look like the face of mercy?

Vividred Operation

What did he mean by this?

This looks rotoscoped.



God, sports anime is so fucking dramatic.



>gunfight in easy


picked up

Did you mean "Mikan Lesbian"?

Tamako Market



Wakaba Girl


Tonari no Seki-kun

>cutting off into black when she does it, not even showing it happen

Baka Test

>373 posts
>0 anime picked up

Welp, fuck anime

Everything in this thread is either already must-watch material or absolute garbage. Shame.


Galaxy Angel

You get to see what happens later.



Hidamari Sketch

Himouto Umaru-chan

Kokoro Connect

Infinite Stratos



Happy Birthday Cred Forums

I loved Mob Psycho 100, but I'm not sure if I'd want to watch it just because of this gif.

I think it's one of the Devilman OVAs. But I might be wrong.

>Essentially an animation thread
>400 posts
>0 Birdy posts... ZERO

I'm a little disappointed with you guys




If so only it was a hour longer



Same happened to me, dropped it after first 2 episodes, picked up later after seeing some webms and it ended up being one of my favorites this year.

GI Joe Resolute?


Yo she Kokoro Connected her knee to that dude's nuts m8


Picked the FUCK up, holy shit




Cute gif


In the episode preview. Still salty about how we never got to see it.


man fuck that show. There's almost no fights after this one, and when there is, they aren't nearly as good as this one.

Holy fuck
Why do people eat up that bright poortly animated thing we ot now but ignore this?

alright ill try it what is this, seen this red haired girl before

This other one is newer and we already discussed this one to death before we had an anime. Also, of course the animation is better, it's an OVA.

what are these called?


One page threads might as well be hentai dumps, though.
On that note, why are sadpanda threads here and not on /h/?

who's subs are these?

At least capitalize your words faggot.