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>Black and white doujin at 300 dpi in PDF: 50 yen + tax per item
>Black and white doujin at 300 dpi in JPG: 100 yen + tax per item

>Color/mixed doujin at 300 dpi in PDF: 150 yen + tax per item
>Color/mixed doujin at 300 dpi in JPG: 200 yen + tax per item

>Color/mixed doujin at 600 dpi in PDF: 400 yen + tax per item
>Color/mixed doujin at 600 dpi in JPG: 450 yen + tax per item

What's the point of scanning in the goddamn PDF? Does this guy forward books to a scanning service instead of doing it himself?

>36 pages good non-h that only cost 108円 dlsite
I know they are making doujin for fun, but I could appreciate them by paying more.


Next fakku leak when?

Ooh more people

This thread is getting bored. Others aer still sleeping

Let's slowly crawl to page 9

A bit more

That was some good shiiiet, not sure how they'll take it further with the supposed continuation that's coming given she's already a tattooed 黒ギャル風俗ビッチ at the end of this one.

Now to wait another 2 months for the next good moral degeneration work to come out.

I just found about this series/artist, it's better than I thought it'd be.

>Continuing from another thread I made elsewhere:

I literally do not understand how this site is still around. I'm not hating, I use it regularly myself, I just don't get how it survives when its competitors offer easier access to things for the common layman.

Like I said, they aren't "competitors". They're "leechers".

If panda ever went down, these sites would likely go down too.

The least evil of all the others is NH probably because it's slightly easier to access, it doesn't require any brain at all.
But it leeches all content from panda, and it doesn't let you (afaik) upload stuff like panda does. So it'd die without any content or will be forever stagnated.

Is there literally any single competitor though? I don't think so.
i don't get it, she's already married or what?
>keep it a secret from papa
>the ring
>strange response after guy suggests marriage

Post your best untranslated stuff with good art.

Dunno what the significance of the ring is, but it's on her right hand so I don't think she's married.

Literally every single competitor is objectively worse overall.

Those are some tough prices to beat despite the scan quality being what it is and the cutoff on some pages. I'm also bit curious about the PDF bit, why not PNG?

I saw few stores in Akihabara when I was in Japan that offered scanning services and years back some user in /h/ actually got a business card in Japan advertising scanning services.

Is there anything to replace MangaViewer now that it's behind a paywall for exhentai? I just want to be able to fit images to screen by height.

every week, as usual

You download the fucking gallery and read with a real image viewer, not through browser, like a non-fucking scrub.

You disgust me.

Anybody know the link to this one doujin/manga where the first scene was in a library and the girl was sucking the guys dick under the table i think, and another scene where they were outside behind a table if i remember correctly, and some shit like that.

that fucking art

Here's a thick girl with some inception thrown to the story. Enjoy.

Also couple of new bounties, including a fluffy tail one.

Yes, these scanning services exist but they are probably pretty bad to passable quality wise. Funny thing, most of these explicitly forbid uploading scans anywhere, I'm wondering if he's not causing trouble.

Comments in jpegs from that guy's scanner indicate he uses an automatic Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner which isn't exactly known for quality and I think the software doesn't allow lossless compression, only jpeg and pdf.

Only brilliantly depraved person would come up with something like using a girl as a literal condom.

Yeah scanning services are mostly geared towards text documents and such. Sure they'll scan your porn/comics but don't expect attention to image quality or cleaning. I'd imagine color pages could turn out pretty bad.

>he uses an automatic Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner
For shame
The ad user got back then advertised the service as a way to "backup" manga and doujinshi and was self service

>Continuing from another thread I made elsewhere:
Do you not know how to link to other threads?


>I just want to be able to fit images to screen by height.
You can do that in the site settings.

Making mama and papa panda proud

slowpoke here, so Comic Tenma was canceled? The last one scanlated was 2016-04

and what's up with mikocon nowadays?They are notable slower now, in fact the public magazines reached the vip ones

post stuff with cute girls involving torture, guro, depressing shit, etc BUT has a good/happy ending


Why don't they apply like heavy aphrodisiac drugs on pandas to make them breed? Surely someone might've thought on that.

Would have liked there to be more stuff by this artist.

Both drugs and herbs failed.

Pandas are trutly a good example of us.

did Fakku stop doing books?, its been a long time since I downloaded one for free


When will nhentai let you categorize your favorites?

Go ask in their discord, no one gives a fuck here.

Isn't the userbase of the "competitors" mostly western?
Sadpanda is pretty big in Asia, it's in the top 200 sites in Japan and top 400 in China
When it's not the middle of the night the Asia/Oceania region also generates considerably more H@H traffic than the other regions

their latest book is by Sugaishi who is in the same circle as Homunculus

They aren't in the same circle, they just used to share a website (not anymore). They're just buddies.

Nah they are same circle

>literally listed as separate circles

Woah why has no one translated this Homunculus + EVA

So any place for decent but cheap portable scanners? (must be Epson or Brother)

>Orgasm art takes up 2 pages
>scan cuts it into 2 pages

Please end this

You all know when Obama gives away the internet in 5 hours panda is going away right?

Panda isn't under US jurisdiction anyhow.

you guys know any extensions that load exhentai as one continuous page? manga viewer used to do it, but now they put it behind a pay wall

Doesn't work that way. America having custodianship of the internet indirectly protects pandas existence.

Would you pat a panda Cred Forums?

post tan, brown, or tomboy lolis


Don't kid yourself.
EVERYTHING is under US Jurisdiction.

What, I thought something like this was going to happen.


How many total C90 out there?

Anybody know why Ehtracker isn't loading properly?

No idea but the forums, henativers and wiki are all down as well

Well that might explain it, I've been unable to download nor upload torrents for the past 2 days

Damn god.

>Eh it broke? What kind of crappy condom is this?

May also be a routing issue as I think there would have been some infor on it by now, or at least more people talking about it. I am in Australia on Telstra NBN

Why the fuck i find this artist so hot?
I don't even like inflation, or touhou.

Hell i even hate tentacles and parasites.
Yet my dick is diamond hard, not even 2 hours of panda browsing got me this hard today and yet i am like this now just from browsing this artist pixiv.

What the fuck is wrong with me, or is it my boner the one that is wrong?

Wow that art is awful.

I fucking know, yet i still dont know why.

Is edging bad for your prostate?


Do you have any way to prove that it does?

It's not, but if you're really worried feel free to finger yourself and check for cancer every now and then


I'm doing translation scripts at $0.30 per page this weekend in case any of you are interested.

>$0.30 a page
Why so little self-worth?

Translating is fun. And I still get more than I do at my internship.

I don't see anything that work's like mangaviewer used to work. There's infinite scroll which shows the separate galleries on the front page in a continuous flow, but I was the individual pages of a chapter to be continuous and on top of each other.

nvm i'm a dumb cunt

I have no idea why this panel is doing this to me, but thinking about getting shot in the head as I cum is really fucking hot. I'm not even a gorefag. Is there anything with something similar to this?

What a fucking jew.

They should all be illegal.
They are mostly illegal.
Makes sense that you'd translate for $0.30 since since you have no self-respect and love exploiting yourself.
Interns are basically slaves.
If it's unpaid, it's illegal.
Why are you so willing to cooperate with breaking the law against your own interests?
You aren't even going to get anything out of it in the end.

But they don't even have the magazines on VIP.

>tfw I've pretty much read all tanned gyaru doujins
>tfw no more to read
Pls kill me.

You're right. Thank you user.

Well if someone likes translating, let him translate and earn some pocket money at the same time.

Can someone give me the English title here?

why is my sadpanda kill? it won't even load the webpage anymore :^(

Just you.

Translated or transliterated?


It's on the cover page then.

get amnesia and start over

and me, though I can get the webpages, can't get torrents, hentaiverse or forums......

I'm interested but your site seems to be down.

are they kill

Anybody know that multi chapter series about the futanari manga artist and her Loli lover? I remember another pair getting strung along too. I forget the name of the series.

Any doujin where the plot is basically
they have the house all by themselves
preferably incest ',:^)

Its been awhile since I got a good laugh from a fap.

I lost interest in a lot of wani stuff since the wipeout, plus some of my favorite artists barely do manga chapters anymore.

Are you one of the senators who voted to give 9/11 families the ability to sue the Saudi Arabian government? What a dolt.

> That last one
Fucking masterpiece right here. And I don't even like NTR.

>tagged as lolicon despite Aoba looking even less like a loli than the usual
>not tagged as shotacon despite the fucking title itself saying the dude is a shota
Just what the fuck is wrong with all the taggers in this shit?

>why is my sadpanda kill?
Don't know but my shit just vanished too. Fucking devastating.

>Still no translation for any C90 Monogatari doujin
For fucks sake
Maybe they quit.

It's based on visuals. Nothing else.

You've probably done something you weren't supposed to do.


Yeah. And that Aoba doesn't look like a loli. And marumaru-kun looks like a shota.

They just moved it.

>read spanish translation of doujin
>hear character voice speaking in spanish
This is fantastic.

Is there any reason why I can't log in anymore? Panda or the forums won't load for me at all.

I thought maybe I got banned or something but It's not like I actually do anything aside from fap.

If you were actually banned you'd see a message saying that. Not loading/blank screens are usually due to your ISP blocking the site.

Oh that's a bummer. The regular site still works fine.

So this is why i haven't been able to log on e-hentai
how'd you find out by the way? the main page and tenbooros twitter show nothing.

>Succubus Stayed Life 3/4 literally never

Wow, did ITU take its first victim? Yay globalism!
Also how do spanish speaking people deal with this?

Translated 3 and 2.5 were just released

Holy shit

Alright, I will admit that I'm a newfag in this respect and many others, but I would like to, after all these years, know how to get past the panda. A lot of people throw around methods, like messing with browser extensions or making an account. I really want some help here and I want to know how to get past the panda for sure. You guys meme about it all over Cred Forums and cuck me so hard and I want to know what's so great about it. Pls help Cred Forums, I want to become a bigger degenerate now.

Fuck off

You seem honest so I'll be nice. There is no such thing as exhentai. It's all a big meme. exhentai is just a euphemism for e-hentai, like "the site with no mothers".

>cant access the normal way since my cookies regularly get fucked up
>stopped using the plug-in because i didn't want to get fucked, also the warning of sadpanda regulars
>now cant access anyway since the forums are down and i cant login to the main page
son of bitch

Sheesh, what happened yesterday? I don't remember such a streak of great releases in one day in ages.

Forums are working fine, I was sending PM's just 5 minutes ago.

PM'd you the fix

I was literally passed out for a few hours, woke up to 2 pages of new shit and had to check the date to make sure I wasn't out for a week.

sad panda ?

More crazy cock hungry sluts like this?

Try visiting your mother

>professional scanner
>only able to output jpeg

And even more good shit coming out. What's going on this weekend?

aint working for me
ebin desu

>aint working for me

Try a VPN.

Nor me, it's a routing issue for my ISP(Telstra) from what I can tell.Other Aus ISPs seem to be fine from checking their trace route tools

Two of those where doujin I uploaded the raws to. I don't know how to feel about being the guy who is responsible for so many people fapping

What is everyone's thoughts on uploading replacement scans. Is it a waste of time, do people really care if the pictures are slightly bigger. I mean instead of rescanning and cleaning this I could be working on stuff in my backlog.

>it's a routing issue for my ISP(Telstra
Well shit that explains it, is this the kind of thing that gets fixed (i'm not knowledgeable on the subject myself to know or where to look to learn) or will i have to listen to

Providing proper scans for pop9/Nasen's shit quality tiny images is well worth the time. No one in their right mind will translate using that shit. Doing alternative scans to already existing high quality scans is more of a waste of time but happens from time to time, especially on Comiket works where people have paid for scans.

The real question is why even upload bad scans in the first place. I mean unless you a scanning with a toaster it is pretty hard to have such bad scans. I mean even when I was using a 40 USD scanner I still need to resize images to get them manageable

They rip those uploads from some obscure Asian website which is operated by literal retards who impose a tiny image size limit on their content.

>is this the kind of thing that gets fixed

Maybe, if you're man enough to message your ISP that you can't access this porn website due to them blocking it or using bad routing.

Should get fixed, there are a few reports of others on Telstra network having trouble loading some sites. Someone posted it has to do with telstra testing ip6 and certain IP ranges. I am going to try resetting my modem a few times and see if I can get a non affected IP.

Not hopeful though.....

But Manhattan is right. I love futas and dickgirls and I'm straight as a line. They're still females. Just with dicks.

Why is Japan so slow to pick up on new shit. You would think each major magazine would have a strong digital footprint already.

Phew, i'll wait then, i have downloaded plenty to keep me going for a few months, if it still isnt resolved than i'll contact them myself

Aren't companies normally slows to adapt new forms to sell their products? What Japan needs is a new publisher.

Publishing companies in general are pretty slow to adapt. They really don't seem to understand that digital would be just pure profit for them, they charge the same or more as they do for physical products but there's no printing/storage/logistics costs involved.

It's just that people doing such business are retards who don't understand digital content. Hell some magazines actually scan their damn printed copy and then put that up for sale as the digital version, instead of using the damn original image files they have to generate the digital copy. And of course there's the delays compared to physical release, pathetic resolution and highly annoying DRM.

any gals/gyaru?

Why is anal so rare?
Do japanese artists not like anal?

rare? what? it's not fucking rare...

That's criminally cute.

It is pretty rare compared to what you'd expect. And 99% of artists whose art doesn't actually look like garbage don't ever draw anal. Fucking japs any their nakadashi obsession.

>nakadashi obsession
Nakadashi is great thought. What we need less of is blowjobs.

Man it would seem that the situation is ripe for someone with a good model to make some money. However there is a catch 22. If you are one of the first to come out with it people call you a Jew and backlash against for being a money grubbing fag. However if you do nothing you will be super salty when someone makes a killing with an idea you had but never acted on.

>And 99% of artists whose art doesn't actually look like garbage don't ever draw anal.

How awful it must be to be wrong.

If you think about it, it's surprisingly rare to find a proper anal-focused work. It's mostly seen in double penetration/tentacle works but just simple anal sex is very rare.

For example Fakku translates three whole magazines and among that whole list of releases proper anal works are extremely rare sight. Outside of tentacles and the like anal is mostly limited to few specific artists who focus on it like Nukunuku Orange or Namidame.

See uploaded just yesterday,

GOT is getting there. Their digital releases are high quality without much censorship, magazines are only delayed about 3 weeks and some tanks have almost no delay (Marui Maru's latest tank was available like a day after street date). They just need to increase the resolution to tolerable levels and reduce/remove the DRM and they'd be perfect.

>And 99% of artists whose art doesn't actually look like garbage don't ever draw anal.
Well why would most talented artists waste their skills on disgusting shit like like cocks going in holes where, really, they'd be smeared in poop as most stories don't even involve them doing any prep? So god damn gross.

>It's just that people doing such business are retards who don't understand digital content. Hell some magazines actually scan their damn printed copy and then put that up for sale as the digital version, instead of using the damn original image files they have to generate the digital copy. And of course there's the delays compared to physical release, pathetic resolution and highly annoying DRM.
They're not stupid, they know they could release high quality digital shit and still make a profit. However they don't want to kill their existing business model as a sudden massive shift to digital would, as the print audience is still probably bigger since tons of sukebei old men who wouldn't like to read digitally or don't know how to, and all their printing/brick and mortar partners.

>Why is anal so rare?
>It is pretty rare compared to what you'd expect
What should one expect?

>And 99% of artists whose art doesn't actually look like garbage don't ever draw anal.
So very subjective.

>nakadashi obsession

Ok, let's look.
~122k manga + doujinshi Japanese galleries.

16k are tagged with f:anal.

Now 13% may seem low, but you have to remember about the presence rule. There are probably tons that only have a few pages of anal.

Much less, but again, it's because the tag mean what you probably want it to mean on E-Hentai.

Twice as many tagged with loli as anal.




and various others. Anal is probably on the higher end.

When i tried to access the site today, it re-directs and fails to load this page

It's never done this before, what do?

2Stroke have stopped doing Sekirei and has shifted to Boats. Even better he has great taste and his first book is about the strongest boat

>Well why would most talented artists waste their skills on disgusting shit like like cocks going in holes where, really, they'd be smeared in poop as most stories don't even involve them doing any prep?

Reminds me that Nagare Ippon's one of the few artists who actually put poop smears on the dick during anal sex, which was as nasty as it was a minor attention to detail.

I don't know, but your link loads exhentai for me, with a strange url.[long string of characters]

Also, string is probably something personal to you, so there's a decent chance Maximum_Joe or someone else will report you to Tenboro and get you banned.

>more boatshit


Okay it's better than 2hushit but god damn why can't they fucking move on already from both.

>The real question is why even upload bad scans in the first place.
Some people just have this "I wanna be the very first" no matter how bad the scan looks like

This is my last upload for the weekend I have to work Sunday. Next week look forward to 2 more Love Live books and some Macross Delta books.

Apparently this is nothing new.
I've finding posts about it from years ago.
I guess wasn't paying attention at the time.
Here's one:

I sorta get that feeling, when I first started scanning I wanted to fast as well. However over time I wanted my stuff not to look like shit as well. For me the real goal is to have my scans be the ones people want to save to keep for later viewing. Being 1st doesn't matter if no one wants to keep my scans.

Are you using a plug-in for access?

Fresh tank drop, but as the months go by I fear the tanks I was hoping for ain't gonna happen.

Fingers crossed for that new Inochi Wazuka futa tank that hits shelves in a couple days gets picked up...

Yeah, but i removed the extension, instead of seeing the panda, it still tries and fails to load the same page.

It's the UN.

>What we need less of is blowjobs

Are you fucking mad? There are literally almost no artists who spend more than only 2 fucking panels on a fucking blowjob.

I fucking hate it so much. When i search for the blowjob tag i don't want to see shit that only has 2 fucking panels of blowjobs in it. I want to see something that's fucking blowjob centered.
Does such a thing even exist? Except for the artist who does those Monster Hunter doujins i can't think of ANY artist that actually does proper blowjobs.

Fue does enough shitty blowjob fetish garbage to make up for literally every other author anyway.

>Monster Hunter doujins

Fujiya Honten/Thomas?

So when i use a proxy and view it from America

It DOES show the panda.
I live in Australia by the way.

What the fuck is going on.

Ok, so I did a little bit of searching, and I have some bad news.
What you just posted was your member id, password, and various other stuff encoded in base64. The member id is plaintext but the other stuff is encoded in md5 with salt.
Apparently some Chinese guy actually decoded and posted everything years ago.

RIP your account.

Let me rephrase this

There are almost no GOOD artists who spend more than 2 panels on a blowjob.

Fue's art is 6/10 at best.

>used the extension ever
>account not working now

Congrats your account is probably permabanned from the panda, you embarrassment to our nation. I bet you're the kind of retard who votes for the Greens too.

Does it matter that much if i never uploaded or favourited anything?

Aside from quite possibly having to create a new account and having to wait to have access again, no, not really.

Why do so many people have problems getting on panda. I have been coming to the site since 2004, back with it's old owners. The most trouble I have getting on the site is once a week my computer does a clean up of my files, even then I just have to log on to the main site and it works again.

Is it really that hard to get on the site or is this just a ruse/meme

In other news, aflac1 if you are reading this, a google search comes up with all your complete info.
Apparently a few people posted their poni string.

Fue and Insert/Ken for guaranteed blowjob focus. Inoue Makito and Bubuzuke don't always focus on blowjobs but they do it often enough you should still check them out.

Bubuzuke has some great oral focused stuff

Usually the first scans are those people save, since most of the userbase is made up of shit-eating retards

Love this series, hope you guys will too.

>made up of shit-eating retards
At the risk of getting flak I have to agree

Telstra screwing up it's routing I'm guessing, that's what it seems for me at least

I'll take a crap scan with decent filesize over a "good" scan with insane size any day.

there's really nothing good about it. People just use it instead of e-hentai to feel special, ergo, it's about feeling that you're better than others since you have access to the not so sikrit club.

also loli

What is an insane size. I know bad scans can have a lot of bloat, but if you are saving 600 x 900 scan to save space then I feel bad for you

>bawww muh filesizes
Data is so fucking cheap these days you third world faggot.

100mb+ for doujinshi is where I draw the line. Someone has started doing some resizes to 1200, I usually get them. I also get digital tanks when the censors are not worse. 600+mb for a tank is stupid.

>Implying 100MB is that bad when it's ultra HQ
If you said 1GB I might've sympathized but you're just an idiot

I guess your one of those that grab the external dl of the 1gb+ {higher" quality tanks eh.

100mb for 20 odd pages is dumb

When it's like 3000px+ and lossless, not really. Feels good to be able to fap to single panels maximized on your screen.

Yeah because I'm not a storage Jew.

It's scary to think that people might download this over because muh size

>ultra HQ
The only thing you're going to see is printing dots.

I bet they'd download those brown carpet/blanket scans to save room tbqh.

Why wouldn't you this isn't 2007 when you were pay like a dollar a gb. I have over 10tb of storage and it only cost me like 400 USD. When storage is that cheap why wouldn't you just go for the best.

Side note just because the file is large doesn't mean the scans are good. New/bad scanner tend to have huge files because they don't know what they are doing/ don't care.

The problem is we now have 2 extremes, crap tiny files which have really increased lately, and massive bloat by retards who refuse to save the files properly or turn a 30-60mb raw into a 100+mb translation with some even managing to hit the 10mb page limit.

>Doujins sometimes poorly translated (sometimes badly translated on purpose for joke)
>Majority of them censored with maybe 2 pages of color.
>Western usually has english the first language so no worries on mistranslate
>Most of them in color and uncensored
Help. I feel like I'm being converted to the other side.

Also, Incase's stuff is fucking gold.

>30-60mb raw into a 100+mb translatio
Those 30-60mb raws are usually .jpg though, so when tl'ing it's natural for them to become 100mb~ or so since you don't want to be a retard and resave a .jpg and a .jpg.

So you'll finally start studying Japanese and reading raws? That's great.

You do realise that the books they are scanning are not printed on large high quality paper right? There is a point at which higher dpi starts producing worse results

Well with translators I know they like the largest raws they can get. As someone who scans their fair share of raws, I have been contacted by translators asking if I could give them the original scans before I resized them.

For good translations there is a lot of editing and cleaning that will make the files bigger.

I have been scanning for a while so I have a bit of an eye for good scans. If the file is huge but looks like shit I will save the smaller version if there is one. However ever since the Wani purge I now save everything that I like. If that means saving bloated scans then so be it.

I wish we had "subs" for manga, one of these days I will finally try and make it happen.

'Subs' for manga? What's that even meant to mean? Sounds fucking retarded.

Futanari with balls or not?


The only ones that I started passing on are some of the magazines and thats more to do with the censorship. I do skip the massively bloated translations like usual though, unless I really want it. Most of the stuff I dl I barely even flick through

You mean something like softsubs instead of hardsubs?
We would first need a format that supports that. And then publishers that actually do anything right digitally.

>The site is currently in Read Only/Failover Mode.
ia this the start of the end? will icann put the final nail?

As in soft subs like anime, that way the raw doesn't need touching

I don't particularly care one way or the other, but the people who get autistic for futa with balls only are the worst shit and should stick the barrel end of a shotgun into their mouths and pull the trigger.

Yea, I was thinking external subs like srt, just pack em in the zip. Problem is viewer support

As long as it is Shemale on Female
That's just the hottest damn thing

Well then the tl'ed script would just be on the bottom/side or some similar ugly, unreadable shit, or you'd need to create some sort of revolutionary AI that could auto-edit any random manga it throws at it and put the text in the boxes in a decent way while erasing the moon, and if you could do that you'd be rich after having been bought out by Jewgle or something already.

i don't really care (as long as futanari means she has a dick and a pussy)

I never really did understand futanari. why do you anons like it?

Why, you can already use images with subs, a fuzzy select tool that uses the co-ordinates to create a white fill over the box, the same co-ords for the size of the text box.

A female figure is generally more fun to look at, for me it's like yuri but without the boring lesbian sex.

Well if you looked at and didn't enjoy it even a bit then you'd probably not understand why.

Is the ability to download an archive not available for anyone else?

is sadpanda shitting itself for anyone else right now?
Some pages just won't load

So you propose those releasing 'soft' manga subs select every single text box and do an operation on it to tell the program "this text goes here".

How the fuck is that different from selecting the text box in photoshop, and just just ctrl + v'ing the text into there after hitting delete to white it out?

And what do you propose to do for all those mangoes that have one or dozens of transparent text overlays that presently can only be redrawn (decently) by hand, in photoshop.

Your idea literally saves no time, if not taking more for the editor to prepare, and the finished product would only work in your stupid image viewer. Kill yourself.

digital goods are so easy to pirate and distribute in the internet, not even Obama's move for this day, will make it harder for us to pirate.

yeah ddos attack from lizards

What would you do for words not in bubbles. I for one like translation that take the time to edit in the translations without just whiting out the original text.

>One of our hosts is currently experiencing a network outage. Galleries will be in read-only mode until it is resolved.

The same could be said for tv and movies but Netflix makes tons of money. People will pay for things they can get for free, if the price is fair and it is easy to use.

>torrents not working
>doggie bag not working

I'm literally being blueballed midfap by a DDOS attack

but why

Anything that can replace poop9/Baden thumbnails they upload from chinks.

Wow something is stuck really far up you but.

It is different because its possible to draw the images to cover the text boxes on the fly using pre selected co-ordinates than add text. PHP is capable of doing this.
Also redraws of sfx text overlays suck.

glad I wasn't the only one.


it isn't just sfx, a lot of book have transparent bubbles that need to be redrawn. Just filling in transparent bubbles us lazy and always looks like shit.

Just face it what you are asking for is harder than what is already being done, and will give worst results. If you feel that isn't the case then prove us wrong by showing us.

I prefer sfx to remain as is, there isn't that much text out of the boxes except for cg sets. It would still possible to use a pre made image overlay if it is text that needs tling and is in a messy spot.

>draw the images to cover the text boxes on the fly using pre selected co-ordinates

Once you've 'selected the co-ordinates' in photoshop with the select tool literally all you need to hit is one key to white them out. And you'd have to format your text files in some special bullshit way to tell them what line of text goes in which bubble, so again your idea saves zero time if not costing more, requires bullshit special tools, and has no solution for the problem of overlaid text outside of white bubbles baka.

>there isn't that much text out of the boxes except for cg sets.

Except many, probably the majority, of works have transparent text boxes on at least some pages, and some asshole authors do it on every page.

Why not go to the gallery with superior quality and hit the download resample button if you're hurting for disk space?

Why don't you stop talking about it a do it then. It sounds like you have an idea you think sound good, but haven't really tried. I would be more on board with your idea if I could see it in action.

Also who does this really help, it sound like this will be more work for translators. As for the readers why would anyone who wants a translation want to have the original text. Just who gains from your whole soft sub translations.

The main reason was to have the raw unchanged and have it portable to any better raws that may come available.Also if at some point in the future decensoring tools get better, the overlays could be added in using the same format.

So instead of dling the raw than the tl than the decensor tl and all in different galleries, 1 gallery with the scripts / overlays as options

>have it portable to any better raws that may come available.

Different raws come in different sizes and due to differences in page placement during scanning/cutting off borders in the cleaning the panels are in slightly different places in different raws. So you'd have to still do it all over again and give new placement info for every single bubble when switching to different raw.

honestly why are some people hell bent on crushing my tiny dream with real problems, at least humour me a bit

>Connectivity appears to be restored. We're still seeing issues with IPv6 routing, but that only affects HV and should fall back to IPv4.

That would only work if everyone agreed to use the same raws. The system you want would really only work for a scan group who were all on the same page. Since most scan, translations, and decensoring are done by different people, what you want would have a hard time getting started.

Also your system would require that everyone use the same photo editing software. You need to face facts, while your idea may sound nice in your head, the amount of work it would take to make it happen just isn't worth it.

>portable to any better raws that may come available

Except they wouldn't be because every page of every different scan of the same thing is slightly different not only in size, but minor angles, wider margins, etc. Your program would probably shit itself trying.

>Also if at some point in the future decensoring tools get better, the overlays could be added in using the same format.

'Decensoring tools'? Nigger at present 'dencensoring tools' consist entirely of photoshop and assloads of redrawing time, no software today is smart enough to auto-decensor or anything (in a way that makes it look passable more than 0.5% of the time out of pure chance like photoshop's content aware fill).

And if someday photoshop becomes smart enough to auto-decensor properly with its content-aware fill or whatever, people will just use photoshop rather than some program using its features because who needs a pointless middleman.

>stead of dling the raw than the tl than the decensor tl and all in different galleries

Who the hell needs the raws and tl? You read moon or you read English, and get the one for you. And if it's decensored afterwards and someone's already got the censored tl from earlier what exactly is your bullshit tool meant to do? Be some sort of file manager that auto-replaces/dl's galleries when their uncensored versions come out?

This is the stupidest proposal I've heard in years and I work in IT.

Because your stupid idea needs to be euthanized before it wastes anyone else's time.

I was hoping that it would be possible with auto detecting exterior dimensions of actual content by giving the ratio of content in original

I know, which is why it has stayed in my head all this time. Though I may screw around in PHP and see if I can get the basic text boxes working. I need to work on using php to build graphs and such, but they are rather boring.

I have been meaning to build a filemanager to do just that and more, but unfortunately I am presently lacking in motivation

>rather boring
>lacking in motivation

10/10 project you've got going, go ahead and make a kickstarter.

Hey if I am going to be learning how to use php's image functions to draw shapes and add text to images might as well make it interesting

>there are bounties for translation of English tls to French/etc

The worst part is that most of the french translation are quite mediocre

You could just download the samples or downsample the images yourself, you shit-eating retard

>new yunioshi tank

It is time.

The images take forever to load. What's up with the site? It isn't a problem on my end cause stuff from /h/ loads instantly.

and spend GP, god no

Let's hope Fakku for once displays good taste and translates it.

Speaking of GP, if someone has GP and wants easy credit go convert them now. GP's price has been going up lately and then some rich people wanted to toy around with the system so currently 1kGP is worth over 300 credits. Few weeks back it was at 250ish.

Seriously what's up with this weekend? So much good shit being published.

How much pointless internet money is too much?

>what are torrents
>what are gallery rippers
You are only confirming the fact that you are a shit-eating retard

You could go help the bored people here:

crash the GP market.

You must be american. You people seem to get buthurt very easily

>u mad
OK pal

>middle of fap
>panda dies

Enter guru meditation

>not downloading every gallery you want to read
You deserve to suffer.

why are you obsessed with shit?, you had shit everyday for dinner?

How do you guys keep track of artists you like? I have a bookmark folder that is getting hard to manage now.

In what way? Keep track on panda or keep track as in their blogs/twitters/pixivs?

I use something called memory. And if memory fails, it's a great feeling when you rediscover a great artist.

Follow them on Pixiv and you can stay kinda up to date on their stuff with a quick glance. Or twitter if you use that shit, the problem is that a lot of artists spam that shit constantly so noticing the updates related to actual content will be hard. Unfortunately some artists only really use twitter to announce their new works and then throw stuff on pixiv days or weeks later.

Moreso on the panda side. For example when I find a new artist and don't have the time to go through all their old stuff. So I bookmark their name for later.

If you download stuff organize it by artist name

Then put artist name in a folder with backlogs. I've tried using mangaupdates but they don't update h stuff well.

There are also bounties to REWRITE a work, not translate, REWRITE, that shit should be banned in the first place.


Could i find something in iwara?

I just have a filter on the RSS feed that filters out all my favourite tags, including artist tags. If there's something new from one of them it'll show up in my news reader automatically.

That sounds interesting. Mind expanding on ow you do that?

I just have Flym installed on my phone, point it towards e-hentai's gallery RSS feed (should be on the wiki), and then added accept filters for both content and the title with all the shit I like. Would probably work with any RSS reader.

This Since I download things I like, I sort by least recently modified to keep track of which artist to look up next.

H@H requirements have gone up quite a bit.

Good. It's annoying how often I have to click this button because something is taking longer than a couple seconds to load.