Reminder that this is going to be animated

Reminder that this is going to be animated

>I love ch*beep*

You assume that's a bad thing

disgusting unpure slut

Google, iqdb and wait are giving me nothing

Same author as Oreimo

Please no

Lemme guess. They are brother and sister but not blood related

What do you expect?

They can show two naked 11 year olds tonguewrestling and grinding on each other, surely they can say dick?

oh god no

Everyone in this show is a premium slut, I'm gonna love it.

Just like oreimo

I haven't been here for like a year and this is what happens, what else did I fucking miss?

This is actually way better than OreImo.

Not really, from the same words of the author, Kirino is very innocent minded while Sagiri is pure lewd minded.

Elf >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *

Sagiri is better than Kirino but she just can't compare to Elf.


>teenage girls love dicks

This wouldn't fly in the Western world.

They'd have to change it to *Black dicks.


shut the fuck up


It isn't just a meme, I've seen people cucked left and right by the BBC. One of my friends is raising a half black baby, neither him nor his wife are black.

Take it to the nearest Trump General.

i can't wait for animated megumin