Is Hammerhead the best animated short out there?

Is Hammerhead the best animated short out there?

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There are many good animated shorts out there Bear.

But yeah, hammerhead is probably one of the best from animator expo. I love the grittiness of it and how they handle the action scenes. Other than that, I still think Nishi-Ogikubo is the best animated short from animator expo.

Also, Hidetsuto Ito's effects are amazing, he's simply the best.

Have you watched his cut on UtD ? under_the_dog

Too bad they don't use anything from the trailer lol.

Hey, let's just turn this thread into sakuga thread.

Izetta (Shuumatsu no Izetta) is only 20 hours from now. Can't wait to see Tetsuya Takeuchi's action. I wonder if Ryo Araki also following his step too.

Speaking of animator expo, Isuta seems pretty active in this season. He had live drawing (more like chat tho) session just this morning. Other than Flip Flappers episode 2, I think he will work on Kiitarou Shounen Enikki (Imaoka's show).

If you don't know him, he's the guy who win animator expo OP contest

He also did cuts on Deremas final episode and Yoru no Yatterman final despite have no background in drawing in-between before.

Oh, sada toshi guy too. There's too many interesting young talents.

It was great.
A bit too graphic for most people though.

Ryo Araki did key animation for the first episode.
Oh, last cut is Shinji Hashimoto ? A bit too weak for him but it seems he's still sharp as always.

This autho panther CM is fucking great

Felt like he was speaking, "this is how you do racing animation folks"

wait, ytnek-kun already watching it ? how can !?

Also, not too surprised desu. I know he will go where his senpai goes.

I wonder if he's also doing Haikyuu cuts...well, I'm not too worried about it tho. We still have Suetomi after all.

Izetta had a prescreening event.

Nishi-Ogikubo was pretty good but I still preferred Hammaheddo.

I hadn't seen that short, the final helicopter crash was real nice looking.

Ooh, makes sense. Wait, when's the prescreening event ? today ? isn't it like 1 day before airing lol

That would be World Record.


I think it happened sometime last week.

As far as The Animatrix is concerned, Kid's Story is the best-animated one.

this cuts ?

His effect always good. Never fails to satisfy me. If you're not down for UtD for the story, just watch the clips from sakugabooru.

New Pokemon Generations episode

Damn, this is too good....


Ugly digital effects.

just like your post, heh heh

Rakugo BTFO

>it's a web gen episode
>casuals are already hating on the animation
Fucking plebs.

No, it's Presence