Danganronpa 3

Well, the wild ride is finally over.

What did you think?

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I think they didn't resolve touko and byakuya like I've been hoping for since trigger happy panic

Togami doesn't care and Touko is tsundere for someone else anyways

>Munakata has to live with the burden of killing his best and only friends because of a misunderstanding
>Hajime is so fucked up that he sees visions of his waifu inside his head
>all good characters are dead
>only Naegi wins: the ending
good job kohacka

It was okay.
I just wished it was a game instead. Too many things are left unexplained and most new characters are simple plot devices and needed more development.

Pure shit and it made me angry at how it wasted my time.

I will never accept that! Togafuka forever!

>they brought back DR2 cast
>ppl seriously expected this man to kill Kirigiri off
Reminder that the anime-only characters got fucked the hardest. And what was the fucking point of it all at the end? Everyone died so Mitarai would use the Hope Video, but he didn't, so literally everyone died for nothing and Mitarai gets away with it and goes to probably fuck and impregnate Hiyoko or some shit along with all the other Osama Bin Laden-tier terrorists.


DR2 """"""""CHARACTERS"""""""""" SUCK




For people who complain about the brainwashing, how exactly do you think Junko could turn them to despair?

When they are remnant of despair, they think like her and all they do is spread despair.
There's no way she could manipulate them without the brainwashing video.

I liked it but Junko should have been the mastermind again, there was one AI chip left, it's not like it would have been too far fetched.
Also did DR0 got retconnned?
Kodaka is such an hack.

But at least the best girl is alive and won.

Mommy is here, stop crying.

It was stupid and fun.
7/10 would ride again.

>there was one AI chip left
Kodaka probably forgot about that.

Stop shitposting

Shut up despair slut

I agree it needs to be a game, but I disagree that we need an explanation since explanation to shit is always dumber than anyone really expects.
Again, Kodaka's ability to write an overall story is shit. He needs to just give that part to someone else and concentrate on writing murderers and character interactions


Danganronpa 3 was the worst thing since my son.

But you know, maybe that's a good thing. Now Danganronpa V3 can start over in a new setting.

Tengan might have been the single most stupidest villain in the franchise, but at least Danganronpa 3 showed that Kodaka wouldn't keep bringing Junko back like Ganondorf or my herpes

I want this ride to never end.

I'm not shitposting though, honest.

Kodaka never forgets

Good side
>DR2 cast alive and accounted for, live their lives on the island in paradise
>Naegi gets his girl kiri in the end, run the school together
>a few more class 78s live out the rest of their lives in relative peace

The Bad side
>Tengan was an asshole in general
>Mitarai is an idiot from day one
>Real chiaki, though accepted her death, still suffered a great deal even for the greater good
>Chisa couldn't be saved
>Poor Juzo, infact poor majority of FF leaedership
>Munakata essentially alone
>Monaca situation (unresolved?)
>Is there an actual movie theater in hell?
>Most of class 78 is still dead in the school of horrors and will haunt the survivours forever
>The world will still house despair in amoungst the population

Overall, the ending needed work, i give the entire series a 4/10, and thats me being generous. Should of been a game DR3

We should rewatch everything together.

Why is Komaru gay for a serial killer?

That was supposed to be her character tho. By being the Ultimate Analyst, she should be able to foretell exactly what will trigger them and make them convert to her cause. Instead all she did was make Mitarai make some shit, copied his shit then made her own shit and took over the world with said shit. It was fucking awful. Happy Ending with no twists or reprecussions for anyone is stupid. Also I think its symbolic of Naegi's luck - a lot of people died, shit got fucked, but in the end, it all worked out.

>wild ride is finally over.s
It is?
This ending it's just a new beginning.
I can't wait for the future games and shit.

>DR2 cast alive and accounted for, live their lives on the island in paradise
I don't like this.
They should help rebuilt the world they destroyed.

Does V3 goes back to the usual killing/detective game?

This D3 bullshit was a snorefest for me.

>ppl on MAL gave this 9s and 10s
Dunno what I expected, desu.

You forgot about Junko and her ability to make the writing and characters bend to her will via making them dumber than dirt

If Tengan's plot was less convoluted, I think this would have been a great ending.
Also, I wish the RoD also mentioned that they'd help rebuild the world from the shadows so it didn't look like they would "party forever" while hiding in the tropics.

Yup. You play as a Pianist with the power to lie.

They had to take the fall for FF killing game, they have to stay in hiding pretty much


30% of the time, it works everytime.

That's not what Batmen and women do

>lol Im gonna make people kill themselves so this kid would play this video
>I cant just ask him to give it to me, say its for research and then play it oh no I need to kill everyone and myself too

>Im so fucking clever

Munakata and Sakakura deserved better. FF was wiped out and forgotten.
Fate is kind of a bitch when you're not SHSL Good Luck.

In the end, we never got Munakata wearing Juzo's jacket and Great Gozu's mask while wielding his sword and Izayoi's gun, all while riding on Gekkobot's wheelchair.

No, they really didn't have to considering no one knew about it other than Togami's branch

Yeah Tengan was a buster. Age must have taken its toll on his brain

I liked it.

And fuck people who hate on the ending. They were locked up two times and had to kill each other and shit and I just wanted some happy ending where they didnt fucking die because of some bullshit and Naegi can fuck his detective bitch and Aoi and his sister and lead a happy life with his new harem and I can stop being sad and go to bed with a smile. It already destroyed me enough when Aoi "died".

>it's ok because I got pandered to with a cheesey cop-out ending

Really faggot

Who is best girl and why is it Seiko?

Imposter is so fucking based.

It's mostly Chiakifags who are buttmad their waifu didn't get revived like the rest. The story was already falling aparth so all things considered this end wasn't bad

Why did the RoD look like they're still in high school?

They can still help Naegi and everyone else while hiding from the public.
Naegi could also say he caught them and made them reform or some shit.

wait so which one is the real Munakata?

It was okay. I never expected too much from it since I figured V3 was Kodaka's priority. You could guess the mastermind and the "killer" before they are properly revealed which is the bare minimum at least. I also loved episode 10 of Future as a whole, Munakata and Juzo also ended up being cool characters.

I didn't like Despair arc at all, in the end it didn't seem like it was necessary. I don't think they thought this double episode format through.

That's not a bad idea actually, maybe we should do a marathon stream, like the week before Danganronpa V3 gets localized
So in two years from now on

Not really, since they legit died for nothing. It was a happy ending for the DR2 and DR1 cast only.

Hands down my favorite part of the last episode

>Hajime losing.

If you only consider Chiaki being dead. But account for him having superpowers and cool bros and better girls around him.

AND he can summon fatty tulpa.

Shut up and suck my cock

Im just going to pretend its not cannon
Only the games happened

I really need to stop watching adaptations

Most retarded thing from DR3.

Imposter was the only DR2 cast member with real development during Despair Arc

Yes, really. I thought both arcs were okay, even though I liked mirai-hen a bit better but at least, after two games and two anime shows, the ending was nice and complete for me. Happy and only with one bullshit move to save the day.

Because we're too lazy to make post-Despair character models and rehashed a lot of the game's sprites even. Some of the laziness in this was inexcusable. Especially the plot, Jesus Christ. Mitarai becomes fucking Lelouch for a bit, then it turns out everyone died for nothing and this whole thing could've been easily avoided.

The one who's not missing an eye

Maybe the genre of fiction isn't for you then

only for the dr1 cast that actually survived dr1, the ones that didn't couldn't even get voiced for the 20 seconds they were on screen. That's my biggest disappointment, the despair arc could've easily shown the dr1 characters but instead it focused exclusively on the dr2 ones.

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

>All that despair.

>>all good characters are dead

But komaeda is alive and has a totally sweet robot hand

To be fair, Chisa infiltrated and slowly destroyed the FF perfectly.

Still not mourning you or your masochistic sister Slutko

>Ok guys here is the plan
>so there is this countdown to the video to be played right, and we dont know how much time is left
>so lets all just stand around this mitarai guy
>and just try to convince him to be good
>he might not listen to us
>even if he does he might not stop the video in time
>but who cares just stand still put on your ripped from the game poses and each one of you say a stupid phrase in order


Didn't even focus on the DR2 characters. 90% of them were side-characters in their own goddamn show. It was mostly anime-onlies, Hajime, Chiaki and sometimes Nagito. Junko and Mukuro stirred up the pot for a while, but MIND HACC fucked everything. Was this worse than ZTD?

>Was this worse than ZTD?
It depends entirely on how you view pandering

DR3 was full of pandering, ZTD had none of it. Plot wise both are on par

can we ban DR3 from everywhere

that was fucking terrible, what the fuck happened, how do you go from the game to that clusterfuck

Do you think all of Class 77 secretly has Chiaki lewds?

Since apparently she is literally all of their waifus

All the while the countdown was wayyy past done. Motherfucker even took the time to cry for a bit.

Waifu > superpowers

Mikan and Imposter got some quality screen time

I think Seiko is a retard. If she could suppress the poison, her time was honestly better used to suppress the sleep. You even get chances to test it's effectiveness.

Anyone else was hopeing for a miracle like:
>all of class 78 is alive and well and help run the school under the headmaster Naegi

yes, at least ZTD didn't magically make all VLR characters appear at the end to help them stop Delta while leaving all the other characters in the dust.

Dunno about that, but you know what I need? More bestgirl lewds. Ya'll know who it is.

Mostly Sonia I bet, She's all over her in the ending.

>Naegi could also say he caught them and made them reform or some shit.
They're million-level murderers. No one would be satisfied with them reforming, people would want blood.
>They can still help Naegi and everyone else while hiding from the public.
There was no mention that they wouldn't do that. My guess is that they'll keep helping FF from the shadows.

So what's dumber, killing a family because you can't work up the courage to call a boy you have a crush on, or killing a foundation because you can't just ask some guy for his anime?

Keep in mind that in both cases resources and aid are not a problem

As a Chiakifag myself I'm quite satisfied. It was beautiful that all class 77 subconsciously chose Chiaki as the A.I. representation just because of how desperately they wanted to see her again. Also she was the one who turned Hajuzuru away from despair, and that in turn saved everyone.

I'd have liked to see Junko BTFO in hell though. Bitch got off too easily considering the shit she did.

He wouldnt have saved Chiaki if he hadnt done the project. Because he did the project, he was at least able to save her class. Any other Izuru wouldnt have reacted to Chiaki's death and thus not care about hope.

If he was a fucking Nekromancer, sure. Sadly, everyone from DR1 and DR3 is very very dead. Sad we didn't get any legit Monokeka action.

>tfw you will never have threesome with chiaki and ai chiaki

Most Chiaki art is cute.

Decent fan service, but pretty disappointing overall. Things like the DR2 cast or Kirigiri surviving could theoretically be earned with better writing, but they're just thrown out here for no reason. Naegi re-opening Hope's Peak is also a dumb fucking ending that feels like no thought was put into it at all.

Despair arc was always gonna be disappointing but I thought Future started pretty strong and had some fun moments. Oh well.

I utterly hated it. Chiaki had no real closure, and her death destroyed AI Chiaki's message about them choosing their own future for me. Junko was right, there are no miracles for them. I can't even look back on the ending of DR2 with warm memories now, they utterly destroyed it for me. I'm in despair and goodbye to DR. No V3 for me, I'm not going through this again.

Why does that look like a SeaCat?

Where is that Cred Forumsnon who bet that Kirigiri will stay dead?

It's OK. I understand. I wasn't the nicest person, thinking I could get saved was really silly. I really don't deserve it. It's not like it was your fault anyway.

Thank you for saving my classmates - Asahina, Togami, Toko, and even that stupid Hagakure. I hope It works out for you and Kirigiri-chan.

I'll be watching over you from here with Chisa. Maybe one day we will meet again, Naegi-kun.

Thank you.

honestly with this ending they might as well have gone all the way and brought back every formerly dead dr1, dr:ae and dr3 character. Why stop at the dr2 cast.

I wanted some Aizen-level shit, like Junko or the true mastermind planned everything from the beginning or something. Also who were the characters that got revealed on the website?

She thinks of genocider Syo as a celebrity

I want to FUCK Mikan


Don't we all user?

Just stay away from anime


Hopefully uploading his video on pornhub or whatever.

Tengan did nothing wrong, the planet was fucked by brainwashing so healing it with brainwashing was fine and Munakata is a psycho who wanted to genocide everyon that was "despair" and went so far he killed his own best friend.

They would've been lynched in no time, and caused further despair.
Innocent or not, they did cause untold damage.

Nah, there are plenty of better series.

Well have fun with that then.
Its VNs only for me from now on

Full fucking Naruto? Might as well.

I bet Munakata feels so silly now

Komaeda is cute!

whoever moved kirgiris body to the underwater base,could have groped her boobs and fucked her while sleeping

Post your best Hopeman memes

Well, in the end Munakata's only real mistake was killing Juzo, and even then that made Juzo shut the power down for redemption

now we're talking about real dangan


The shit you put in the bad side are just bad things that happened to the characters that make complete sense within in the universe and the first two points of the "good side" completely ruin the ending.


the worst part of all this for me anyway is that after being hit on the head or whatever aoi was unmindhacc'd
what's the point of brainwashing the whole world if it's that easy to undo



This is your Führer for tonight.

Glad we'll never see this gay faggot ever again.

>By being the Ultimate Analyst, she should be able to foretell exactly what will trigger them and make them convert to her cause.
But that's exactly what she did for the most part.
Brainwashing just helped her achieve what she wanted since she wouldn't have been able to accomplish everything with just her talent and she was going nowhere.

he's the best character in the series by far

>it's so powerful it takes complete control over you in a literal second
>but take a bump on the head and you're fine

That's why Mitarai himself had to be convinced I guess. Someone has to rule and maintain the new world.

/r/ing that Tuxedo Mask pic of him doing nothing but with Naegi as TM and Hajime as Usami

user better deliver.

Stop with the shitposting please

Ypu forogt about Danganronpa 2.5 that will come out with v3


What did Tengan mean by this?

No need to thank her for saving the giri

The sampleless version is going to be released with the BD, right?


It means he was in both games, we just couldn't see him because of the camera angle


Hello, autismo.


You could probably make up more or less convincing excuses like "it takes effect immediately, but short exposure only generates a superficial control. To take full effect and root it self deeply into the subconscious, the exposure of the mindhack anime needs to be longer", but does it matter, really?

Me too user, me too.

So, like

What do we do now?

Are your hips moving on their own?

Those are some adorable Komaedas, anons!


No it doesn't matter because the whole premise is already completely retarded

>he watched Danganronpa 3 in its entirety

we wait for v3


This is what we do.

Posting memes.

Where do people speculate about V3? /drg/ is nothing but roleplaying and people blogging about their lives.


Why was there no payoff with Junko's hand?

Post dangan memes untill the OVA comes out

When is the Kirigiri VN going to be released?

Possibly it wasn't even the Hope Video considering it made people mindless slaves, maybe 30 minutes of it just made a victim pliable enough for his actual anime to have deep, personality altering effects. Only justification as to why this shit wasn't even a fucking anime.

>no more J U Z O B O Y S

Only the dankest ones.

>tfw all the HOPE I felt when I saw the bottle and knew that Kirigiri will return is now associated with Mikan's face

It's weird but I like it.



>/drg/ is nothing but roleplaying and people blogging about their lives.
Really? That doesn't surprise me in the least, somehow.

We HOPE, user.

You can't mindhack someone with a tiny brain, user.
That's why Asahina snapped out of it so easily because it barely affected her in the first place.

>half the thread is arguing about the anime

>there were ZERO deaths in DR2

It's fairly obvious, but Mystery Animes don't make good anime

Especially when the head writer merely "supervises"

>AI Chiaki
>AI Junko

Jabberwock isn't an island paradise IRL, dunno why people keep forgetting that

Regardless, I doubt they can stay at the island. They're wanted criminals now

>near entirety of the FF was created just to die.


Welcome to multimedia franchises, Cred Forums blends in with Cred Forums. Just don't RP like the Homestuck faggots and it'll be fine.

I guess I committed mass murder when I emptied my recycle bin

Right here, man
I think most of the others already left though

Is there ever any real, good mystery anime? Besides something like Detective Conan.

I'm genuinely annoyed that we didn't see more of Naegi's reaction to Kyoko not being dead or how she handled it. If I had to guess, it's because the writers didn't actually know how to handle it.

Was the Most Despairing Event up to the hype, in the end?

Possible. It's not like you can convey much plot or anything in a few seconds, might as well use some flashing fractals or mandalas and shit.

Except your porn folders don't have consciousness or feelings.

>he thinks AI have feelings

That K-ON show which translates to "Ice Cream."

But classic murder mystery? Nah

Best ending.


In DR world they do.

How long do you think her clothes stayed on after waking up not dead and funding Naegi? I'm thinking minutes.

TFW Hajizuru fucks all remnants of despair but makes them wear a Chiaki wig

TFW Imposter-kun is best at it

No, and for some reason the anime was needlessly edgy at times but of course during the most appropriate time it was really tame

>this can actually happen now.
Oh boy. Bonus points for not being a stinky womanlet anymore.

RP fags


>Naegi glancing those giris

I hope the magician girl is an actual illusionist, and not some "magic is real" character.

Am I the only one who ships ImposterxMitarai


>giant pupper was the highlight of the entire anime

Guys, how do we improve DR3?

Saionji is now up there with Naegi with the most kind and forgiving characters

>forgives Mikan for slitting her throat and trapping them into despair


How do we improve on something that doesn't exist?

Her magic utilizes neither tricks nor gimmicks.
It's all real.

I'm pretty sure that will be it. Magic doesn't really fit in DR world. It's batshit crazy and unrealistic, but not to the point of having real magic in it.

The first one wasn't mindhack at all, in fact, it was the one time Junko ACTUALLY manipulated people into killing each other without having to resort to bullshit mindcontrol until DR1

She reverted to Ultimate Despair during chapter 3 though.

My only complaint to the show was why would they bring the characters from DR2 all back? Makes the game seem useless

Does it? The end of DR2 says there's a chance they could come back

That's bullshit, but I'll believe it.

>TFW it's literally the Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei ending

Magic or no magic, shes gunna be as dead as my witch waifu from the DR1

Should have seen it coming, Kodaka just doesn't want to 100% confirm any pairings that weren't already stablished from the beginning, regardless of how much blatant teasing they have.

Frankly, I'm surprised we got episode 10 at all, it was a lot more than I was expecting.


Yes but they came back within days of DR2 ending. It really ruins the ending of DR2

If her magic is real surely she will be able to save herself from her execution.

>tfw you're too good for the girls of this world
>tfw the only girl you liked is dead so you have her as tulpa

I just hope she isn't the obligatory "shitty Chapter 3 killer" like Celes and Mikan.

And Hajizuru's kids from the remnants are the inmates in NDRv3

>wont hurt a fly (no, case whatever from DR1 doesnt count)
>puts her life on the line numerous time just for a friend, not even for a love interest

SHSL Waifu

It's also really fucking weird since most of them have no idea what happened since they got murdered or executed

This made me realize her remembering disease is now retcon'd

it was a good ride I will miss it

>tfw the only person who could save you from your own insanity didn't, choosing someone who was willing to sacrifice him just to achieve her own ambitions

It's obvious that one of the cases will involve a death that seems like magic and you'll have to solve the illusion to clear her of guilt

Hajime found a way to wake them up and undo the brainwashing in a couple of hours probably

Hajime can have a harem of Mikan, Mahiru, Hiyoko, Ibuki, and Akane, (and Nagito if he's into that thing) if he so chooses.

>those guys who said the VAs were lying and something was suspicious about how they talked about Kirigiri's death turned out to be right


don't forget teruteru

Komaeda OVA is coming, baby. I'm super excited for it.

Akane for Nekomaru

We knew this, they said Asahina was dead after episode 2

But it's the last time we're ever seeing them. Would elation and a tight hug really have divided the fanbase? Because the show already spent a good deal of time establishing that she was basically the most important thing he had left regardless of any romance.

It'll be the maid framing her. Damn maids and their witch illusions.

Why was best boy denied a robot ai waifu now its just ghost bjs for him

I just hope Kodaka has finally realized double murders are absolute garbage in a game like this. They remove an extra character from the game while being absurdly easy to solve.

Probably because it really easy to figure out how the both of them would react.
Naegi already accepted her death so they would probably just smile at each other just like the last few seconds.

Maybe for you.
Them coming back made sense for me because they wanted to atone for everything that they've done and they knew what they've done.
I don't know how you would think that DR2's ending was satisfying because most of the class would've died/never wake up and they would never know what they did nor would they know about their past before becoming the RoD.

Well we never said class 77 were geniuses.

>Everytime a timeskip occurs in the franchise he gets more handsome.

Kigiri choose a good man to be the father of her children.

This was one amazing ride and I will miss you guys, shame we can't discuss v3 here since not many can stand going to Cred Forums and /vg/.

>That school isn't actually neo-HPA
>It's just the only practical way to support and organise all the children they plan on having

Izuru is ultimate analyst too, he acted that way because he knew it was going to work

I don't really see the issue with the act of bringing the DR2 cast back to be honest (hear me out here before replying). DR1&2 ended on bittersweet but uplifting ambiguous notes featuring the casts pushing ahead towards their uncertain fates. In Kibou-hen, which is the story's finale, we see the result of that - the DR1 & DR2 survivors won their battle in the end. It absolutely was cheesy as fuck (which is nothing to DR really) and more importantly, it absolutely could've been executed better. The idea itself that's being so heavily criticised here is fine though, in my opinion. Not mindblowing, not terrible, just fine.

In regards to execution, the biggest strange element with the DR2 cast's return which I'm not really seeing anyone talk about is the matter of the dumb mindhack brainwashing thing. The DR2 characters themselves didn't really play the "but we dindu nothing!" card at all, instead talking about living with regret, being proof of AI Chiaki's existence, and a bunch of other stuff. They even willingly take on the Remnants of Despair mantle again 'for the greater good' and had no qualms with doing so. The only times the brainwashing was mentioned was where Mitarai was talking about how everything was his fault.
With that in mind, fucking seriously, why have the brainwashing plot point there at all? Even the DR2 characters themselves don't acknowledge it and didn't need it. Junko really was the only character that was seriously damaged by it as a character in the end

I'd fuck her hard desu.

Someone updated this last night.

Endings can be satisfying without everyone being happy and ending up fine like nothing ever happened

Wait, so did the Chiaki AI literally enter Hajime's brain, thus having it function like a tulpa? Unless he was talking to a computer program's ghost, that seems to be the only explanation.

And is he seeing/talking to her whenever he's alone? For his whole life?

The best way to do a double murder is the two killing each other, but the second person taking long enough to die that they end up in separate, possibly locked, room.

Fuck off dr2 fanboy. Your game was literally shit, just like your characters

You know, Kyoko's VA did say we could expect to hear her again in something 'like a flashback'. We all assumed she just meant the despair hallucinations, but maybe she meant the epilogue timeskip.

To be honest, I agree with you, I think it's pretty silly for them to pretend that pairing is still up in the air somehow at this point, specially after that episode 10 in Future. Even a little something like Naegi calling her "Kyoko" at the end would have been enough for me. I just wasn't expecting it because I know that's how Kodaka rolls.

>it's the last time we're ever seeing them
There's still the extra footage that we are supposedly going to get with the BDs and that short Kirigiri VN that is going to come out but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Since a lot of you asked, I'm dumping some doujin recomendations for you because I love you all!

Mostly fluff and funny

Somehow sad

Maximum sad


He'd look even more handsome if he dyed his hair a little darker.

That wasn't the point I was trying to make.
DR2's ending didn't give enough closure for the characters.

Well he did talk to her alone in this episode instead of having fun with the others so maybe.

Oh sweet, thanks senpai.

Amazing, thank you.

Thanks, user!

Does Cred Forums like boats?

>With that in mind, fucking seriously, why have the brainwashing plot point there at all?
because the writers clearly weren't sure what/how to actually write this story. You can say this for DR3 in general and not just this one thing really.


Fuck, i missed the thread when hope was streamed first.
What were the reactions overall?

You're welcome, my friends!

Think about how the world sees them. When something as big as global terrorism is being discussed, people are always looking for someone to blame. And I don't think having a press conference and telling the world that "we were brainwashed by a high school girl (lol)" is gonna cut it. The world needed a hero and a villian. They can leave the hero role of Naegi, and with Junko stuck watching shitty movies for eternity, no one's more fit to take the villain role than them.

I'm going to miss this.

I love Zakiko. Her art is godly. Thanks.



Just like the victims in DR1 died without ever knowing about their wiped memories, or that the entire world was destroyed.

The idea that every single character in the cast in a game like these should be guaranteed an ending with perfect closure is ridiculous. The DR2 cast's role in this episode could've worked without bringing back the dead ones, too. They weren't owed anything, they were just brought back to life for dumb jokes.

Has anybody actually confirmed that the BD will get an extended version or is that just us being hopeful?

Me too.

I'm going to miss Munakata giving us a new meme every week.

No one has confirmed it.

Tried their best. The way that was alluded to being used in DR2 would have probably taken too long, and we would have ended up losing a few other good moments.

They tried to reconcile this by showing us what happens with the brainwashing in the case of Naegi, and Chisa. It does emotionally torment people like DR2 suggested, it just isn't in that face to face conversation that so many people expected.

Despair tsumiki specifically said "I became the person I am today because of countless human interactions" before her execution. That was what got us hyped about what Junko had done to them.

Jin was a misguided but good man that actually had the well-being of HPA and its students at heart, he just lacked the pull and authority to actually do anything.

well, he's going home

Oh fuck someone actually screen capped me in my falseflag king days.

That's why I said "supposedly" I've never seen proof. The Kirigiri VN is real however.

how many of those are not gay?

Munakata's wild ride was top tier meme potential. Felt like every episode he had some new shit.

When is the OVA?

Wasn't the Neo World Program also a form of mindhacc?

I was going to mention that.
At least with DR1 characters we know that they were just normal highschool students.
DR2's students were the same but were also the RoD. It just seems a bit off putting knowing that these guys pretty much destroyed the world and will never know it or make up for it. It's the same thing with RL Chiaki and Chisa.

I was talking about both games and their characters, dunno why you're even shitposting this at me. Stick to shipper talk or whatever else you normally do instead.

I get that, it just strikes me as odd to even have the brainwashing element at all. Pretty much everything the DR2 cast were saying to Mitarai straight up didn't even rely on it as a plot point, barely acknowledged it either. They didn't use the "we were just brainwashed" card at all (and went the opposite direction with what they were saying even), despite that basically being the only point of it?

What is the "DB", if you don't mind me asking? I haven't been keeping up with future releases.

If its the Nagito 2.5 OVA, that comes with V3, so January 12th.

when the new game comes out. January 12, 2017

i thought NWP was suppose to help the RoD "heal" on their own

>that they were just normal highschool students
They were supposed to be the "embodiments of Hope", to be fair. It's why them specifically being in that killing game was such a big deal.

Why did he have to get the worst ending? That's not fair

BD is the standard contraction of Blu-ray Disc. So basically, the home media release, just like if we were talking about the DVD a few years ago.

It shows how Class 77 escaped right?

So the Hope Peak story is over. Who had the stronger luck power in the end Naegi or Nagito?

Read them and find out

>will never know it or make up for it

Well, they died. That's atonement in a way.


The problem is they didn't really do anything that Naegi and co could not have done themselves.

Hajime wasn't even close to Mitarai so the person giving him a pep talk was pretty interchangeable

Stronger was undoubtedly Nagito, but Naegi's is easily the most useful. I mean, his lucc protection even extended to Kirigiri at the end there.

Alright, makes sense. I don't have a Blue Ray player or a PS4, so I can see why I haven't paid attention to that.

I think it's reasonable to say that the BD might have some extra stuff, but who knows really. It's just another thing we'll be hoping for.

I don't think anything is known outside of the title.

Makoto's, apparantly. Though as far as I can tell the only convincing difference between the two is that he's not self-aware of it enough to attempt to manipulate it like Nagito does (which is more to do with the person than the talent, but whatever).

Using the brainwashing as an excuse would be just that, an excuse. While it is a valid one for us as viewers, they don't want anyone else to use that as an argument against them, so the best move would be to not bring it up at all.

Naegi is basically invincible.

Headmaster, it seems my panties are wet.

BD based release will always look better than TV rips and often have fixed animation, you shouldn't be ignoring them entirely.

That's actually not true, Hajime is specifically a good choice to give the pep talk since he's facing the same inner struggle Mitarai is. Naegi couldn't appeal to him on that level, he doesn't know the feeling of being responsible for mass murder.

Hajime's role makes sense, its bringing back the DR2 students that were dead that was dumb.

I don't remember that at all.

Nagito's is more destructive but Naegi's is a lot safer. I'd rather have plot armor than a self destruct button.

I agree with you - but it's for that reason that it's heavy implementation into the story was so weird.

I dunno, I thought Hajime's pep talk was good both on a personal level for him and in relation to Mitarai.

I do think they could've had Makoto a bit more involved in the end there though.

She meant her past, didn't she? Tsumiki was bullied heavily during her childhood and school time so that's what probably made her act like that.

So, the "Killer Killer is relevant" comment by Kodaka was just to boost Killer Killer's sales, right?

I mean the pairing is still technically up in the air, but the fact that they are running opes peak academy together in addition to episode 9 and 10 pretty much leaves little up to the imagination as to what their relationship status is.

But yeah kopdaka should of just followed through and outright got them together. Maybe the hopeman ova is a sequel and they drop a mention of them, or the unlikely BD extension people are talking about.

Remember that time you killed me? Good times.

He got rused the hardest and has to atone for it.

But may all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you;
may those who love your salvation
say continually, “Great is the HOPE!”

As for me, I am poor and needy,
but the HOPE takes thought for me.
You are my help and my deliverer;
do not delay, O my HOPE!

So is class 77 just going to cruise around for the rest of their lives or are they going home to their island?

I mean he kind of needs to atone for what hes done.

It previewed Juzo's character before he really started doing anything in DR3. That's about it really.

If your car broke something and went out of control and you ended up killing a dozen people you probably wouldn't get over it just because it technically wasn't your fault.

Naegi was also not in the best place to be giving hopeful speeches. The thing with Munakata wasn't even his HOPE winning, it was just suggesting that the solution wasn't to erase memories of their waifus no matter how much it hurt.
Speaking of, I wonder if Munakata felt cheated when he walked past Kyoko on his way off to commit sudoku.

It's just a game, bro

For a second i tought Nagito was pregnant in this picture.

People need to stop misquoting this, its relevant because characters like juzo from 3 are in killer killer.

"Directly connected" meant cameos before anime even aired, it also showed what was going in the world after second game.
Hacced kiddo

Mikan was part of the class 76/77 tag-team that directly gave class 78 a happier ending. All is forgiven.

It was relevant because it kept dumbshit theorists posting about SHSL Makeup Artist in every thread, upupupu

Them & Naegi are doing some sort of dumb Dark Knight type thing where they'll keep up the facade of Hope & Despair for the greater good or some shit

Is there a chance of it showing the world after the events of DR3 when it ends, i.e., what the fuck Munakata is doing with his life?

>forgetting Komaru
>implying a girl can ever be more important to him than his imouto

Kiriniggers everyone

>Kimura finally help somebody

Feels good.Love how people keep dissed the bottle before

Izuru has all talents, so who says he can't revive everyone with his SHSL necromancy?

The only reason I can think of for mind hack being so important is time constricts.

And I think it was for the best Makoto stayed out of that final scene. He's already done enough and is an outsider to that class being an underclassmen. Naegi's role with them was over.

>Using Cumaru to try and start shit
You're better than this, user.

But she didn't mean to kill her.
Ibuki still got some.

>I mean the pairing is still technically up in the air
If the pairing is up in the air I would like to know what the intermediate status is between lifelong friend of the opposite sex and romantic interest that caused Naegi to have such a huge discrepancy between his reaction to Asahina's "death" and his reaction to Kirigiri's "death". Though I guess it's possible he just didn't care that much about Asahina.

>The DR2 cast will still spread despair to maintain their Remnants of Despair image
>but only unto yurifags

I refuse to accept this stupid fanservice ending. Everything, starting from Juzo's return, was Naegi's despair hallucination as he was killing himself.

No such talent existed, he possess every talent known to HPA except 78 classes.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nagito had become pregnant at the second he touched Naegi's hand, his fanboy levels were off the charts.

It's still true, user

He could, he just didn't want to.

The morals of DR3's story seem to be that anime was a mistake and that sexual deviancy is the root of all despair, as far as I can tell.

>Neagi gets to lick Kirigiri's thighs every night for the rest of his life
>Kirigiri gets to get kissed anywhere she wants every night for the rest of her life
Fucking 10/10 I'm happy for both of them

But that's fucking retarded because I'm pretty sure telling people that the element that destroyed the world and caused untold suffering is still out that would be disconcerting

As opposed to telling the truth of what happened, which would give closure

>Headmaster Naegi having kids with anyone
>not taking the obvious Tengen route

They're probably on the same tier. Don't forget, Naegi totally would've killed himself to avoid triggering Kirigiri's NG code.

I am waiting for the DR3 doujins.

So does Kadoka hate the DR1 and DR3 cast or something?

I mean he says he wants a fanservice show but neither cast of characters gets anything?

Naegi live my man

We don't even know if Tengan had kids or not. It also seems wise to avoid doing what he did as often as possible. It didn't turn out so good.

It's obvious he's taking the Jin route user.

Well, guess I'm dyslexic.

DR2 cast was treated like shit for most of the anime, I don't get how people are disregarding the fact that they were ultimately irrelevant in their own arc

And when they weren't, they had no development and behaved like pack animals

>tengan is naegi from the future

He hates his fans. That hatred has driven him to continously kill waifus.

DR1 characters were basically unnaffected by DR3.
DR2 characters got their backgrounds damaged, and then said background change was basically ignored in the finale anyway so I dunno.
DR3 characters only existed to die.

But DR3 ends with him saving a waifu

>Don't tell anyone, they might think it was our fault

>Just lie to everyone, they might think it was Future Foundations fault

And not a damn lesson was learned.


what happened with the mutilated bodies and all the shit they said in DR 2 ?

class 77 is just normal... nothing like said in the game.

Basically the entire anime except for the last episode was pointless filler. The very last episode is something of an epilogue to DR2, where we see the DR2 cast restored and get a bit more closure on what Makoto is doing. The fact that Mitarai is there doesn't really change anything, and since Munakata fucked off his inclusion in the plot is completely irrelevant.

it would be a better ending if they had kept her dead.

It was a hack ending, but Fuyu and Peko were back together again. That's all I ever wanted.

Fuyuhiko doesn't have an eye
Komaeda doesn't have his hand

Akane probably ate for weeks to go back like she was

The rest was stuff like fucking Junko's corpse and selling off your own parents

He real killed Chiaki twice.
He fake killed Kyoko twice. (DR's bad end)

Nagito has an onahole arm now
Fuyuhiko removed his Junko eye
Akane was eating non-stop the entire fucking episode so there's that

Those three were the only confirmed cases of self-harm in the first place, I guess. Hajime's dick potentially smells sorta weird now too.

Yes. They are """""together""""".

And have her die off screen? No thanks, we were better off with what we got.


He really didn't do anything except get tricked. He killed Tengan, which was probably for the best, and sped up Juzo's demise, a guy who is very responsible for everything bad happening because he was afraid of leaving the closet.

munakatana didn du nuffin wrong

It's Izuru. I ain't gotta explain shit.

Everytime you say a logical argument, it's a shitpost. Okay? Got it? This only for illogical hate.

chiaki's AI latched onto hinata/izuru as you can see at the very end when he's talking to her, it was a fake-kill.

A dead clock is right twice a day. 2 waifus (Kirigiri and Asahina) out of all the others isn't enough to offset his burning hatred.


Post cute gundham

But then we wouldn't get Dark Knight ending

>haha remember that time i killed your best friend

fuyuhiko/peko weren't even despair yet. they have absolutely no excuse

Which ties in nicely to V3's truth vs lies theme, huh? oh for fuck sake V3's not going to be disconnected from this stuff at all is it?

>>only Naegi wins: the ending

I'm sorry, but Sayaka is alive?
Right, so he only have a mediocre ending.

Your pic almost makes up for the horrible ending... who am I kidding it's the worst ending I've ever seen in all media

Ill take it since he died first. A lot of characters that didnt do much in the game didnt do shit in the anime though

Not enough Ibuki/10

>Hajizuru used his SHSL womb implanter talent to impregnate the guys

Said best friend killed his sister too.

Fuyuhiko actually talks about all this in his DR2 FTEs, can't quite remember the specifics of it beyond him saying that he intended to give both Peko & Mahiru proper respectful funerals and so on once they got off the island.

>DR2 cast are wanted criminals
>DRV3 cast are in imprisonment

>her remembering disease is now retcon'd
Not really, everyone is aware of what they did, they got fix'd by Izuru

Anyone else glad that it's over, only because they are tired of listening to people bitching and crying about this anime?
I don't recall when was the last time I was part of a fanbase so cancerous like the Danganronpa fanbase

"Waaa we don't see how Junko turned class 77th into despairs one by one"
"waaaaa MINDHACK"
"waaaaa Tengan motives were shit"
"waaa Chiaki is still dead and so does most of class 78th"
"waaaaaa Kirigiri is still alive"

And so much more
Like, fuck you. Danganronpa 3 isn't perfect by any means. It has a lot of flaws, didn't follow people expectations and just..could have been better in so many ways

And yet, this is probably the best gaming-related thing to come out this year so far and it's not even a video game
This is the only show besides GoT that I downloaded the episode as soon as it was put up
This is the only anime ever since Code Geass that made me even visit this shitty board

I am so glad that this anime exists and here is hoping that the Danganronpa series will expand even more, and maybe one day we will meet again Cred Forums

The episode where she "dies" did plenty to establish how close they are. Her appearing at the very end as the one to guide him towards leadership is also more than enough.
I would have liked to see Makoto bawl at seeing her face, but it's not like it was really necessary. Her letting him touch her hand says more than anything else they could possibly do.

I'm just glad that both smiles were protected.

you're cancer go back to Cred Forums

LAME ENDING. So the remnants of despair who destroyed the world got off with everything and having fun in their island instead of going to jail.


In all fairness, he was probably doing her favor.

The detective has the characters for Hajime and Makoto in his name apparantly? Is he Hajime & Makoto's test tube baby raised by Kyoko or what

DR2 cast should have struggled with their despair for much much longer. Just knowing that they're somewhat okay and know they can't return to society would've been better. Rather they'd not appear at all and left their status uncomfirmed

I won't. I'll post hot Gundham.

Ship was confirmed. Both are alive. Win/win.


We don't know if they went back to the island or not, they're wanted criminals now. Also Jabberwock is actually a dump unlike how it looks in the VR World, you learn of this in-game.

Here's my problem

DR1 cast is dead and can't be revived in any bullshit way

DR2 cast was made so they could have some kind of happy ending, and they did in some way

I loved both games but man DR1 didn't deserve what happened to them

being Makoto is suffering

> /ss/ Kirigiri

That would be fun to see

Makoto is an invincibility tier armor that even Junko cannot read.
Nagito is a reality warping curse.
Power-wise Nagito's stronger, but Makoto's is much more useful.

>It's okay to eat shit when it's less shitty than the rest.

I doubt any real legal system even exist, and anyone who catches them would instantly try to kill them.

I will, tomorrow or something
But nice to know there are people like you on Cred Forums that are very nice and cool to talk with

He actually dindu nuffin. The worst thing he did was kill the mastermind.
What a travesty.

he's still a manlet though, right?

>island mode was canon the whole time

Post Cumaru

I'd be salty as fuck if all the DR2 cast got off fine but Kyouko stayed a corpse.

No during the trial Mikan's disease was remembering the memories taken away

But now she would remember the mindhacking

He was planning to kill most of humanity in order to wipe out despair. That's kind of a wrong thing.

Thank you, friends!

got any more hot gundham, user?

I agree except Cred Forums is my main board

the DR1 cast had no problems with hiding in a shelter and leaving their families out in the apocalypse

they were horrible people except for a couple of them



Why didnt this poor mindhacced girl gey yhe happy end that she deserved? She hasnt even tried to kill Makoto, unlike that weird father-complex detective


That would've been unfair on Kyoko and absolutely cruel to Naegi. And they very nearly did it. Even Naegi knows it, everybody else is off having a happy ending and he's just standing there, slowly dying on the inside.


>but man DR1 didn't deserve what happened to them
It's not supposed to be fair for anyone. That was partly why the twists that was there
>DR1 cast were a group of distrusting kids who fell to despair over petty shit, were actually mindwiped embodiments of Hope and originally close friends
>DR2 cast were a group of kids who grew trust over the course of the game and had to be near-specifically targetted in order to fall into despair, were actually mindwiped super criminals serving Junko
was so interesting. The DR3 writers seem to have thrown all that out of the window.

I couldn't believe Naegi not trying to sway Komaru coming along as well.

>she hasn't even tried to kill Makoto

I know that Izuru have now his own fatty tulpa, but at the end which girl is going to satisfy him?

Thinking about something isn't the same as carrying out the action. You can think about killing someone, but if you don't actually do, are you a bad person?


The tulpa of course.

I was hoping DR3 would elaborate on the specifics of this, since if AE was anything to go by there weren't any hard feelings about it or anything.

At the end of Killer Killer he will kill all the Remnants, immediately after the DR3 ending.

All of them, even the guys.




I'm kind of nervous about how they'll handle Komaeda in his OVA. His character in DR2 was so well-developed and solid that I actually like how they didn't try anything new with him in this anime, I feel like giving him a whole new arc could easily fuck him up.

I kinda hate how no one fucking grows up in here except Hagakure and well Saionj

SHSL Rusemaster will pretend to be an onahole for him.


Poor Hina will never get the ahoge now.

The Japs seem to ship Mikan the most, so if not Hopeman or harem end, then her.

Imposter obviously

Well, I liked how he came across in Hope. Still with a fetish for talent and hope but way more manageable and less creepy about it. Like a functional human being, even.

When does the OVA take place anyway?
Will we see Nanami in it?

Thank God someone said it.
Just a tip, this shit happens on this board to nearly every popular show every season especially during summer, whether they are good or bad. Which ironic because Re:Zero has more support and you get called a shitposter for saying anything bad about it.
The Danganronpa threads were actually very positive for the first few weeks because everyone knew it was shit but accepted it and no one gave a shit about the quality because people just wanted to see their favourite characters again. You hardly ever seen anyone moan about it apart from all the "pandering" with Chiaki. It got fucking worse half way especially when UDGs and brainwashing were introduced. That's when crossboarders came and people started bitching and moaning non-stop and it only got worse.

Considering the only thing that stopped him was Tengan pulling his shit first, yeah he's probably still a bad person.

Wouldn't even notice that she gained weight. Chiaki is the perfect disguise.

It was partly due to the way the game was written, with motives only being a focus in it's own case, but the fact that after the first chapter no one really gave a shit anymore about what happened to their loved ones - with a handful characters acting like complete asshats despite this fact even - was pretty disconcerting.


He didn't really change at all in DR3 beyond getting a wacky robo-arm. Even when brainwashed, he was just saying the same shit he was saying earlier (to Chisa in the staff room in that one scene, for example).

>And yet, this is probably the best gaming-related thing to come out this year so far and it's not even a video game
Kill yourself, Cred Forums cancer. It isn't even top 10 gaming related media this year.

I am nervous for the same reason. I hope Kodaka doesn't delegate the writing.


>Naegi’s height is growing, but it’s just an expression thing and he’s going to look mature.
By "expression" he means just for the look of the anime to be more mature, so he hasn't actually grown. nice try

>mfw the threads are already getting slow


Dr1's cast is taller in 3 than they were at the start. And Komaru's boobs have grown quite a bit since the start of AE.

>When does the OVA take place anyway?
After Nagito wakes up from his coma.

>Will we see Nanami in it?
No, unless there's flashbacks.

Listen pal Naegi is 6'3"


Lots of plot holes even in the most important parts so it is automatic shit

Who fucked corps though?

I really need to know...

He didn't show any interest on anyone except Chiaki and her hairpin.

>no source

The canonical ending to DR

Like all anime

What else were they supposed to do? We don't know how far away from their homes they even were.

>Let's head out into this dangerous apocalyptic world on the off chance that our families survived! We'll be fine!

Will we see him cut Junko arm?

Yes, I'm talking about some kind of flashback where Chiaki AI help him wake up from the coma.

You're taking it too seriously. I liked the anime and I had really fun with Cred Forums. I was in almost every thread. I don't know how Cred Forums works though because I've never been there.

God damn, Hinata looks so buff compared to Naegi.


He was the Ultimate Ikemen even before labotomy.

That's actually the conclusion the survivors themselves reach at the end the game though

I'd really lile to see anyone even remotely try and catch them. But they are fugutives now, so all they can do is hid on an island and run for the rest of their days. But again, other than Naegi and his friends, no one else was able to catch them, much less kill them.

So they aren't scott free for their crimes. It's the opposite. The world hates them, but nobody is going to go after them other than maybe Naegi again just to put on a show of Hope vs. Despair.


I think that, if the yuriship don't happen, Hajizuru and Komaru can have a children.

Just imagine that.

And thank me later.

Maybe she can get together with Togami and have genetically perfect children.

I want to see Hinata and Komaru interact.

>with a handful characters acting like complete asshats despite this fact even
Yeah, characters like Yasuhiro and Ishimaru should've been a lot more concerned-acting about that throughout the game at the very least.

That's what I was saying, it was pretty boring but on the other hand they preserved his beautiful development. I guess there's not much they could have done, since it was a prequel and to have development they would have to have him start somewhere different and end up where he was by the time of the game, but him acting significantly differently from the start might confuse people and he wasn't a focus in the anime anyways.


Weedman is too stupid to give a shit about anything.

Nah. Hajime will have a kid
Nagito will also have a kid
and those two will fuck, making KomaHina canon is a farfetched cosmic sense in order to semi-satiate fujos



>Will we see him cut Junko arm?
Probably. Could be an off-screen thing though. And then Souda will probably build his robo arm.

Weedman also probably fucked some waifus. Question stand Asahina or Kanon?

Speedwatch more

Reminder he was 100% correct because ~30% of the cast survived

>We never got to see the two women in Naegi's life interact
Fanservice my ass.


Whats the purpose of this loop

I'm surprised there's still so much posters

I want this.

Hope dies last. ;_;

To show how cute a completely normal girl can be

Of all the things they listed the RoD did in the last trial, that was the only one that didn't explicitly show one of the survivors, the only survivor not already matched was Izuru. We also know from DR3 Izuru told Junko he'd "see her again" right before DR1.


No. Gays ruined everything. While Juzo made amends, he's still responsible for letting Junko go. And don't hey me started on Sato.

Hajime with Chiaki( I bet the scene where Izuru was trying to have a kid with Junko was actually with Chiaki)
Nagito with Mikan.
There is your foursome.

Anime was trash compared to the games, maan sometimes I regret wasting so emotion this

>Chiaki stay ded
>Kirigiri alive



>They didn't know whether Junko was telling the truth or not
>After having been through a killing game
>They weren't leaving for their families specifically
Circumstances and reasoning were different.

>That was supposed to be her character tho. By being the Ultimate Analyst, she should be able to foretell exactly what will trigger them and make them convert to her cause.
And how exactly did you expect her to do that with 2,357 people?


The only regrettable fact is that Mai Nakahara's character isn't prominent enough.

And that she will never play major character again.

Fuck you Japan. Thanks for Chisa though.

I can't believe someone expected her to survive after all shit that happened to her, even Juzo died after 2 deep wounds.

She still lives, on his heart.


I wish Chiaki would've lived instead of her hivemind class.

It confuses me that some people expected Kirigiri to die but Nanami to live.

Two bodies, two locked rooms. Even when they figure out they killed each other they still have to figure out the order they died in to avoid getting executed themselves.

Can someone please post the 147777777 screencap? I've been trying to find it in the previous threads but no luck.

>She ded not once but TWICE


I had fun too most of the time
Even people that compared brainwashing MINDHACK and all that Delta memes were fine
It was still criticism, but in a funny way

The problem is when you read posts like
And I can link to Cred Forums threads posts but then people would murder me so better not



Here's one with all the replies.



Praise hope

To think that I missed all of this hope.

Real life cult leaders manage to. Why can't a fictional super-genius do it?

>Not the gun picture

He had one fucking job

Really despair inducing, isn't it?

Kirijunko is still possible

There was an enemy not even Junko could defeat; hack writing.


Um, no. Real life leaders get followers because they lead them towards a cause. But they don't get ALL 2,357 students from a single school to commit suicide on command for the sake of "lol despair" just because some girl is soooo good with words.

The anime did well to actually give a good explanation for what would be retarded bullshit otherwise.


But Kirigiri is healed, at Naegi's side and in a styling new getup fitting of a ridiculously hot 20 year old teacher that still wants to be taken seriously.

>7 sevens
>14x2=7, he's from DR2
>7 is associated with luck
Holy shit, this couldn't be more perfect, I'm so glad this happened. I'm laughing so hard.


You're bad at math.

Reminder that Sonia literally had sex with old men for money and masturbates in the bathroom.




Sorry for caring about the story. People can post whatever they want and if they think this anime was shit so be it


>still no 16 hours
Cmon family

Fuck off.




I said up in the air as in we dont know if they made it official, theres nothing up in the air about naegi's feelings towards her the guy is head over heels for them bacon hands, and as for kirigiri what she did in episode 9 is basically a love confession cause she said she only shows her hands to people she considers family.

the only thing up in the air is just if they officially admitted it to one or the other. thats why its frustrating that they still left us with assumptions as to them getting together. Cause frankly 1 kind of hit you over the head about it but a couple years later they still werent together.

It was to cover up tengan's bullshit, had they not taken the bullet like they did the world would of likley fallen apart right when things were getting good.

>telling people to go to /u/ in a thread that regularly ships guys together

They suddenly decided to acknowledge Hajime's weirdly wide chest in this episode.

ayo post gun memes.
while you're at it post happy teru

He really wasnt at the thinking stage but more at the execution stage, and he was still responsible for most the deaths in 3 because he lost control. Hypothetically had he not given into tengan's motivaitons in the first episode let alone episode 5 they could of all worked it out and maybe only lost chisa and bandai. But because he flew off the handle a ton of more people died including juzo at his own hand.

He has shit to atone for


Isn't that the literal exact same mistake Jin and HPA made with Izuru and Junko being involved in the killing game? We all know how that turned out.

Imoutos belong only to their Onii-chans

I actually yelled out "this is kind of bullshit" when it cut to naegi looking at his hand feeling sad over her death whilst poppy music played and everyone else got a happy ending. Kind of made the scene of mikan holding the bottle that much more satisfying.

But fuck it i dont care if im a broken record here. They should of shown naegi's immediate reaction to her surviving, that would of been the most heartwarming shit.

It was ok.

Difference this time is that both sides are in cahoots with each other to begin with.

No, that happened because they were covering their own asses. The FF needed to stay as a respected institution and as a result of the killing game, basically its entire leadership had to be replaced.

>After Nagito wakes up from his coma.
oh shit is this confirmed? Maybe we'll see something more of an epilogue for alot of the characters than we got. Though ill be honest my retarded shipper mind is basically just hoping for something more concrete with naegi and kirigiri with nagito somehow being involved. Like a wedding or something they would have at jabberwock and nagito winds up burning the place down.

>Not understanding why she grew an ahoge during her solitary confinement.

No, with jin he basically was the voice of reason in a corrupt establishment just trying his best to stop all out chaos by giving into a cover up.

With naegi the FF is still a respectable organization restoring the world with the corrupt asshole heading it now dead, they just need to keep that hidden so people dont distrust FF from there on out when the people left running it are genuinly there to help.

Overall, Future Side sucked and Despair side was better written. Not good, but better written.

Also, can we just acknowledge the fact that practically all the FF members are all fucking idiots (save for a few).

1. Tengan is by far the worst antagonist in the series. His reasons are "COMPLEX!!!" while it's actions are not only stupid, but make no sense given how he could have confiscated Mitari's stuff and hacked his phone/computer for the Hope anime.

2. Munakata is WAY too edgy and really was just kind of a huge spark in this entire confrontation. In fact, if he had actually looked in Chisa's body to analyze what happened to her, he would have notices the fucked up pictures of Chisa.

3. Bandai is by far the most sacrificial, cliche character in the series. He dies off to checklist the whole 'Black guy dies in a horror story" cliche

4. Juzo is liked ironically, but he did cause a number of things (Izuru Kamakura's conception, allowed Greatest Tragedy to happen).

5. Chisa was just a remnant of despair who basically got sent to hell theater with Junko Enoshima while Junko laughed it up at how pointless her contribution was.

6. Ruruka was just plain awful and was just being a cunt for the sake of being a cunt. Her entire character was about fucking over the characters in a whole other way like trying to kill Kirigiri.

7. Mitari just went full blown Retarded Lelouch on us in the last episode and it was really interjected. Sad, given how he was closest to being more solid. Those last two episodes really just went down the drain with his character.

8. Izayoi died for a dumb love who wouldn't have died anyways if he had checked what was INSIDE THE DOOR. Seriously, it was pretty stupid of him to even follow that chick.

9. Maiya Gekkohara was just replaced by Monaca for her to mess with Naegi on that fakeout with the knife and ketchup.

Only Koichi, Seko and Gozu seem to have some form of head on their brain.


Why Naegi such a manlet?

No way, its probably going to be all about Komaeda and Junko. I don't think we're seeing Kirigiri and Naegi ever again. But lets be honest, even though we didn't get a kiss and embrace they're basically married by the last scene of Kibou-hen. No need for any more.

Stopped reading at Despair side was better written.

Nice meme.


The issue with the FF wasn't its people, the faceless mooks that make up its ranks all seem to be good at its jobs and commited to the cause. All the FF's problems came from the top brass. This is unlike HPA, where Jin near the top and a few other employees here and there were good people but the rest of the place was rotten to the core.

It is though, Future Side basically screwed itself since Episode 2 onwards.

>Villian was stupid
>Mitarai went retarded Lelouch
>Mitarai was basically a huge instigator
>Many of the characters didn't even try to investigate the bodies despite this happening TWICE before hand
>Just plain killing all but 2 Future Foundation members while FAKING OUT 2 DR1 CHARACTER DEATHS. Asahina was quite good, but Kirigiri was bullshit.

>Juzo is liked ironically

I thought that naegi was surprised that RoD covered for them? I thought that the cover up was purely Hajime's decision.

>game jokes about Komaru being a lesbian/brocon
>yurifags and incestfags both call each other delusional

I guess shippers will see what they want.

He is liked ironically. The dude basically caused Izuru Kamakura's conception AND allowed the world to end because he was trapped in the closet while Junko was holding his little 'gay lovers secret'

Juzo was one of the only new characters who had an interesting arc in the show. You don't have to like the unfunny juzoboys meme pasta to see that.

He is an objectively awful/idiotic person, yes. That doesn't dictate him being a good or a bad character though.

see this

my heart

I don't believe incestfags exist in here, only anons who know family/sibling bonds

>Juzo is liked ironically

yeah stopped reading there. A good character does not mean the character is a good person overall. Juzo is responsible for alot of wrong but its that acknowledgement of his sins and insecurities that made people think hes one of the best characters in the series.Same reason alot of people had their ironic enjoyment of munakata transition into genuine enjoyment, though at least with that one you can use the excuse of memes.


>caused Izuru Kamakura's conception
You're right, he forced Hinata to become Izuru, actually he also forced his parents to sign the form and he's the one who operated on his brain.

Seiko/Izayoi/Ruruka shouldn't have been there at all, their entire sub-plot felt out-of-place amongst everything going on and they're all just sorta shit characters.

Koichi, Tengan, and Monaca should've been explored a little more. Bandai & Gozu should've cameo'd in Zetsubou-hen somewhere as teachers or just visiting alumni or some shit.


You have to be fucking new if you think that every single juzofags in these threads liked him ironically.


But that still is WAY too much negativity that he instigated all of it in general. It's one thing to allow the

Hinata was about to NOT become Izuru until Juzo came along and pushed him over the edge. Besides, it was Hinata's consent that they had to get, not the parents.

>Despair arc
>Written well
Yeah no. It was pants on head retarded ever since Junko showed up. Before that it was boring character development for Chisa and some SoL of Class 77, but mainly Chisa, who didn't actually do jack shit in the future arc and was mainly a waste.

Mad Junko didn't turn up to be the villain again?

Who's gonna conceive Izuru's children?

>Tengan's words doing the polar opposite
>Chiaki's speech to him making him doubt himself more
>Chisa's speech doing the same
>Juzo's speech doing the same, except it's done rudely.
Hajime was an insecure fucker ever since the start. He wasn't just casually going to walk away from an opportunity like that. Had Juzo not done it, it would've been a different guard that would've knocked him out, does that change a thing? No. If he didn't do the surgery he would've been a dead kid, with no future and nothing in DR2 could've happened, neither could the DR3 Hope Arc be real as they would've all died in a comatose and Mitarai would've been able to upload his shit without any interference.

a comfy end to Komaru pics

Ok for starters the whole juzo causing izuru is the part people are ironic about, he just punch hinata when he was sensitive, the thing that actually caused izuru was natsumi's murder in general. Hinata was already at the top of list for possible test subjects and had natsumi not died he might of just turned it down but then they'd of just gotten someone else.

screw it, just one more

He a good boy, he dinddu nuffin, was just trying to fill his students with hope.


Junko wins the Naegi bowl from beyond the grave. Truly the SHSL Waifu, even death can't stop her from claiming that dick.

This time everyone bad is already dead or Munakata.

This isn't comfy, at all!

He just gave him a push, he would have become Izuru eventually.

No one is saying that he did nothing wrong you moron, but thinking that he's entirely responsible for Hinata becoming Izuri is incredibly retarded.

>Besides, it was Hinata's consent that they had to get, not the parents.
The computer files Chisa was looking at showed a consent form the the Kamukura project, and needed signatures of both the participant and their parents/guardian. Both were signed.

Fuck off kodaka

loreal paris