Anno & Ikuhara

Ikuni having rice with his cute wife.


Is this a gay OTP ship?

>Ikuni looks like shit
What the fuck happened?

I wonder what they're talking about in their free time.
>Which Sailor Senshi would you fug?

Ikuhara/Anno anime when?

Two talented storytellers hanging out.
>I wish I was talented and had talented friends

Anno is the man of the relationship

Keep telling yourself that, Anno.

Bad angle

my little iku can't be this cute

He looks like shit in your image as well.

Asian aging.

He read YKA reviews

I miss Penguindrum days

Just like muh Kawoshins.

Beautiful days. Especially when I remember that one guy who deconstructed every scene on his blog.
So much fun.
So electrifying

Anno looks really well for a near 60 year old.

Anno is Shinji, Ikuhara is Kaworu, user. Shinji will never be the man.

Why are they hanging out with Mariya Ise? I can't remember she working on any show for either.

Ikuhara is a fucking crossdresser.

Not really.

She voiced a minor character in YKA.

And he's still manlier than Anno


Kaworu is a hermaphrodite and he can carry babies. He was supposed to be a mother


My dad on the left.

He always looked like an ugly jap.

Fuck off, Anno is handsome.

I wonder if Anno is still crushing hard on Ikuhara while Ikuhara is too wrapped up in himself to give a shit. I'd watch that anime.

I bet Iku-chan gets a sadistic pleasure at seeing the mighty master Anno literally begging for sex

Instead of hoping to have talented friends, you should try to make a friend first. Even if it's just one, it will be a big accomplishment for ya.

Nah I'm good at making friends don't worry.
It's just that we are all quite mediocre.

Pretty sure this meeting will affect how Kaworu acts in the next Rebuild movie.

Why did Ikuni change his hairstyle?

Why not?

I'm starting to think Anno may be bi-sexual.

He doesn't look as fabulous with his new hair.

Man, Anno sure is getting old. Kind of makes me sad even though I don't give a shit about him.

Anno is a hack, sorry.