New Opening:

>New Opening:
>DiU Live Action confirmed for 2017:

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First for great days

Rohan is the bestest boy and we're married.

terrible new op

That shot me got super hype

The visuals in this OP were so fucking nice, can't wait to see them in actual good quality. Also I'm guessing the last part will be changed with the reused animation? This OP feels like it has the most capability to change along the way, especially when we get to Bite the Dust.

Josuke needs to "fix" Mikitaka's hairline

Rate the OPs

Great Days > Chase > CNBT

They're all great for real though

Great Days is fucking terrible


Can someone tell me where Teru appears in the new op?

I'm married to Rohan so back off???

This OP just too light and happy for me to think critically about it.



Thank God

Shinobu is hot as fuck. Kira is a lucky man.

I can't wait for the Bites The Dust version of the OP.
We all know it's happening.
Then I can consider Great Days to be possibly my favorite JoJo OP.


I like it. The song is much better alone without the visuals, in my opinion.

Chase > CBNT > Great Days

Not surprised, part 5 is more popular in nipland than 4.

thanks doc

I've been with him longer.

>It's a "recycled opening with no deep meaning or references" episode

>Koichi looking at 2001 sign



Pretty sure it's voice of love palleo


>golden wind

>hazamada still in the OP
for what purpose?

They just can't wait no more, holy shit.

Chase is the best once I realized it was from Kira's prospective and saw the lyrics. The visuals are even drawn so it looks the the mains are being spied on.

>Golden Wind
>That ladybird too


>No deep meaning or references
I guess you didnt watch it?
Heres your you

>New opening
>SBR colored scans have been completed
>Vento Aureo scans got updated

This is a pretty great day


Bloody Stream > Chase > CNBT = Gureito Daze (Will probably rise above Chase if there's a BTD version) > Sono Chi No Kioku = Sono Chi No Sadame > Stand Proud

All the OPs are fucking amazing.

Can't wait for Bite the Dust messing with this.

>not VA

God damn it, Vento Aureo sounds better than Golden Wind



>I'm actually kinda excited for the movie because no matter what it's going to be stupid and enjoyable

Shame no one pronounces it properly

It's ow-reo, rhymes with cow-reo

Great Days is just so jarring after chase, I expected something more tense.
I think it would be too obvious if they labeled it as VA. But it would have been as easy to figure out.

What did you think of the newest VA scans?

OP might grow on me but it's the weakest of all the DIU openings so far imo.

Now I wish someone with a budget did a Deadman's Questions OVA that would've been better than the Kishibe Rohan ones.


Doppio is cute! Cute!

>I think it would be too obvious if they labeled it as VA
i dont think they were trying to be subtle user

its one of the pattern that spell jojo near the end with rps kid , highway star and yoshihiro kira

Kira's going to fuck the ED this time, not the OP.

>ED reaches the Rohan part
>Rohan turns towards the screen slightly and the frame pulls in towards his eye
>Song hits the "I get to you" part, Killer Queen appears in Rohan's eye
>ED cuts to black, song abruptly ends

Yeah it was but after replaying it for the 10th time it's grown on me already. I'm expecting it to change Greatly though when we get to BTD.

Final arc is much more light-hearted than Quiet Life -> SHA save BtD

so house was set on fire in this ep?

Where can I download them?

Even if the visuals are kind of eh the song is fucking great


Help! I can't stop pelvic thrusting to this track!


Nice. Also, isn't pretty much guaranteed that they'll adapt the manga up to part 6, to finish the main timeline ?

Thats probably the best place to end it to be honest.

I'm just hoping something exciting instead of the passionate tone I hear. It's not bad, it's just I think their celebrating too early and it's definitely setting itself up for BTD.

THere is PERFECT spot for BtD before last shot, where CD is punches.

What do you think of Great Days?

Oh, I see. Do they release theme volume by volume?

Bloody Stream > Sono Chi no Sadame = Sono Chi no Kioku > Stand Proud

I need more time to let the Part 4 OPs soak in altogether now that all three have been released, but I'm a sucker for the upbeat feel of Great Days. It might even blow CNBT out the water. Chase was a nice change of pace too for the whole series in general

Bites the Dust variant, if it exists, would put Great Days in Elder God Tier though

I dread the day I have to explain MiH to animeonlies and how no, everyone isn;t dead and SBR isn't Ireneverse

Who's ready for DAGA KOTOWARU

They're going to spend more time complaining that Hermes isn't black going by the fanart thats out there already.

isn't she mexican

highway star when?

Good taste my man
Fucking perfect, why didn't they end the song there in the OP though? Is it incomplete?

chase was my favorite, Kira deserved an OP to himself with a shitload of foreshadowing. CNBT got it down right with the random stand users they might meeting before learning what happened with Reimi.

Great Days is growing on me but we definitely need to wait and see for BTD changes, which I'm hoping for.

It's a preview, they need to sell CDs.

It isn't the full version yet, dumbass

>everyone isn't dead

But everyone as we know them is dead

Damn, i want to know Mikitaka's seiyuu so much.

How would you react if SBR was completely CGI and made by people who did the openings?

Next week.

It's Valentine's.

No no I meant in the actual anime, why didn't they include the "BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN" bit at the end? It cuts off at the "Great days" bit in the episode.

please stop


They updated their site:

Nothing big though.

Jotaro and the part 6 cast, yeah, but everyone else is fine

Giorno might even remember Bohemian Rhapsody and the time acceleration even after they were erased thanks to GER


Honestly if they were able to keep up that quality for a full series of OVAs i'd be okay with it I guess. By that I mean, if the framerate isn't absolute eye gouging hell like most full cg shows.

But its impossible.


You know, this actually perfectly captures the tone of openings from the 80's/90's than Crazy noisy bizarre town or Chase did. It didn't feel like a recreation, but an actual op from that period. Aside from the "break down" parts.

Probably, but SO is least favorite part in Japan, so who knows.

eww no

720 is UP

>tfw the nips hate women who aren't moe moe waifubait

>We lived to see Highway Star animated
Oh god please don't fuck this up David.

>[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 27 [720p].mkv

Everyone remembers what happened, not just Giorno. And if he had GER, he would have stopped MiH offscreen.

The first 12 seconds of Great Days are cool and then it starts being shit

Part 5 is gonna sell really well if Japan loves it as much as people make it out to be.

And it's one more part till the OU is complete so it'd be a perfect time to stop.

It's the guy that voices Valentine. Maybe if we get a SBR anime they'll change it.
I know, I know, >implying we'll get a SBR anime

Considering how this episode looks like it's conserving budget (And rightfully so, nothing really happens in this one) the next 2 eps will be fucking amazing.

>Everyone remembers what happened,
Uh, no, only Emporio does because he was freed from fate

Everyone else's memories conform to the rewritten timeline after MiH failed and part 6 was erased from history

To late fucker.
I'm already hard at the thought of seeing animated Narancia soon.

Its just the fujoshi and dumb kid crowd. Theres nothing to suggest they "hate" part 6 beyond footage of a bunch of girls squealing at all the part 5 cast, Jotaro, Pillar Men, then going dead silent during Jolynes appearance in an ASB trailer.

As far as I know anyway. Cred Forums will tell you they despise part 7 too because its set in America.

it does, but also it /should/ be Golden Wind.
DiU takes place in Japan, SDC takes place all across southwest Asia, and BT takes place in Italy, but we don't refer to those parts by the translations of those titles into the languages of their locations

Are you serious? But his voice is too brutal for Miki.

good ratings, but only Great Days can be really called great, the others are merely good.

We don't know if everyone who survived MiH retained their memories after the second reset, but it would make sense otherwise since the bus driver continues his day as normal, and having everyone call the main cast by different names would be weird.

It also adds a really nice effect to Emporio surviving both resets if he remembers the new characters as different people.

CR here
What happened to the budget?

Finally, there are so many QUALITY shots, that I can practically prove that Mikitaka is an alien.

Brutal ? The guy is a smooth talker, he doesn't sound brutal at all.
He fits Mikitaka because he does that aloof personality really well.

Hopefully it went to Highway Go-Go

Into part 5

In the second half of the episode

It's him you can hear the dojayn

>11 SE 113 LE

Calling Pucci's death a "second reset" is inaccurate

Rather, it's time being rewritten such that Pucci's actions never occurred


what the fuck is this shitty song
great days are apparently because you still get paid for making a song even worse than crazy noisy bizarre town


It's faster to type out and easier to understand, I suppose.

don't quit your day job

If Highway Star isn't high budget (especially the chase after Josuke meets Rohan) fuck DavidPro

best milf ever

>tfw the song highway star will never play during the bike chase


Man after the blunder that was Chase it feels Great to have a good OP again.
CGfags need to fuck off.

>I'm not the only one that thinks the song is lackluster.
Its a 5/10 at best.


You're just jealous you didn't get paid to make a song that awful.


CG was fine for 1-3 but we're just about firmly in pretty boy territory here

finally :3

Kira is like "Shinobu, u have QUALITY all over ur face".

Visuals: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Visuals: 9/10
Music: 8/10
>Great Days
Visuals: 10/10
Music: 6/10

It should have been better offf as an ending insert but that license to use Western music tradition needs to play through.

>Nice Wife
>Cool stand
>Neat work
>Comfy life
>Has to trash it all , and get triggered by a couple on the train,ruining his quiet life.

I'm sure someone will redub it on Youtube

Stretching by this episode standards its a good looking shot actually.


>watch the new OP again
>mfw I see there is a scene with Reimi, Keicho, Shigechi and Aya streching their arms out from heaven

>Visuals: 3/10
>Music: 6/10
>Visuals: 1/10
>Music: 0/10
>>Great Days
>Visuals: 8/10
>Music: 6/10

So you are serious. That's frustrating.


>Terra ventus

>Terra Ventus might be the only name change that sounds a bit cool
>Used on An Alien to fuck over a Mangaka

Isnt that the same expression Narancia has when he sees Giorno healing Mista?

It's going to be in the next 2 episodes. There's no reason for them to spend excessive budget on this ep when all that happened was it establishing Mikitaka as a character and starting the gambling match. Next week has the Burning Down The House part AND Daga Kotawaru.

I rate this episode korea/10

>Terra Ventus
Where the fuck is the fire. At least they could have used all the words.

>that hairline

Reminder that the hand is a shitty stand and his user is a completely Dork.

>this op
>all that shilling/hype for the stands
Its not like any of them could actually do anything to Bites the Dust.

It's taken from a DiU cover, the one were each character is a letter.

OP4 (1080p):

That's as expected and actually not that terrible. Can't wait until we get to Flaccid Pancake

Why does Crunchy have such horrid formatting

Why is Terra Ventus spread over two lines

As expected of a namefag

VA is special because Giorno is referred as GioGio (not in the story), so for it to work the title would have to be Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio or some shit


Fixing is taking a bit longer from finding the new names and getting the new OP info.

>STILL not cgi
why do i even get my hopes up like this


These QUALITY is making up for a piss poor episode


new scans are neat

>wanting CG

Go back to your shitty Disney movies


The time that yukako looks decent

Fuck off reddit

>expecting cgi still
Its over, please understand.
>Josukes skinny ass head yet big ass ears
Holy fuck

She looked okay in the first opening too.

This episode is a complete cock tease. It felt short and Just as some good stuff was about to happen it ends

Why the new OP sounds like they made in 90s?



I am talking about the entire season user

The only good Disney movies are the classic ones that didn't get HD re-releases. So just the B-list animal ones.

literally anyone except americans
you guys can't pronounce for shit

sort like the new opening

They foreshadowed a fight against Kira and I expected an opening to follow through with that given how pissed Josuke looks during the final part of chase. But I guess not.

not my fault no other op will ever be as good as bloody stream

Daily reminder that Doppio did nothing wrong and Risotto is a bully.

Oh god

Post yfw you see the new OP

The new OP is eldergod tier wallpaper material

Got a link for this? That seems interesting to watch.

>10:55 - 11:12

What the fuck happened there, they talk but they do not open their mouths or even move, straight up telepathy. It's just 2 still shots. Did they just forget? Is this an animation mistake?



I can't breath

>RPS Kid
>Cheap Trick guy


Is he counting muh British Blue?


stray cat

I love the new OP, far better than the other ones from part 4.

It's like they don't care about Part 4 anymore

Great days is fucking GREAT.

Total change of pace, really like it.

Don't forget Superfly

Looks like they're saving budget like the rest of the episode. It's been the most QUALITY thus far.


Sono chi no sadame > Sono chi no kioku > Chase > Bloody stream > CNBT=Great days > Stand proud.
I really like the OPs

>There's even a ladybug on the sign

Fixed is up now!

Give the torrent some time to get seeders.

Great Days is seriously the worst song they've ever had.

Wait till the BtD variant senpai, oh boy.

Also people bitching about the QUALITY in today's episode, keep in mind the next 2 episode will most likely be BUDGET and rightfully so, nothing important happens this episode that warrants it to get a lot of budget treatment.

The new OP just makes me think of this

>End of the world exists

bloody stream > sono chi no sadame > stand proud > crazy noisy bizarre town > great days > chase

all op's are pretty enjoyable

who's mikitaka's voice actor and what's highway star's sub name?

>1 more week until best fight
I hope they don't fuck it up.

Shit, just realized the eyecatch got fucked up since CR changed the format again.

The tower was already a Stand, nothing to do with Yoshihiro

Its the guy that voiced Valentine in ASB.

Highway Star is Highway Go Go now.

Nice shit taste, faggot.


>All of the edgeposting in this thread

Opening feels a bit disjointed

We have the first "point to sky" scene with Reimi

And then another one without Reimi where she's with all the other dead characters

And then at the end we cut back to the first one

Like, make up your mind

I like the new OP.

Every episode it gets worse. DiU anime was a mistake.

Shit taste

Why is she so perfect?

I don't like the new OP

did Josuke and Okuyasu just King Crimson out of the crop circle

I don't like the new OP.

Was this episode drawn by the B-team or something?

I just dislike that opening compared to most of the others.I didnt llike Sonono chi no sadame that much either.

>There are people who don't think Mikitaka is real-life alien.

I think people sometimes forget that there's more weird shit in the JoJo universe than just Stands. Vampires, rocks that shoot lasers, ghosts, the zombified corpse of Jesus Christ and his moving earth-claw desert, mutants, etc.

But an alien is just far too absurd for this world?


If you mean by B-team Koreans than yes

These are the same people that'll be saying how much they loved it from the start in a month or so. Just like they did with CNBT, End of the World and Stand Proud.

>tfw QUALITY in the OP

Look at this smug fuck

They're all good, Stand Proud is just the least-good one.

Diavolo eyes are so great.

It's amazing how much of VA just flies over your head because of the shitty scans and translation

Reading PHF and the new scans are making me appreciate Part 5 a lot more in general, especially the god-tier fights. Can't wait for the new scans to get to Green Day

what abaout it?

Holy shit is that what i think it's referencing

Remember how Stand Users can speak telepathically?

This is crying out for a template without the whore in the background


>but everyone else is fine
Is Jorge Joestar canon?


What stand was renamed Flaccid Pancake?

There's another shot like this of Okuyasu when him and Josuke first see Mikitaka. Do you have it?

I in love with this song, but I was hoping for something much more sinister. Also, the points at which the Gyaan!! and Zgyun show up on screen, the images don't exactly fit as well with the music, and I would think that the part where all of the fingers raise up would be a better part for the line "let the voice of love take you higher" to start at. I can definitely see some edits being made to this in the future, especially when the justice clock at the end is about to make a rotation but cant get there before the song ends.
Once agian I really like this song, but I think its pretty jarring with this following up Chase. Perhaps with the happy go lucky music and the shot of Kira turning around at the end, DP is trying to trick anime only fans into thinking that Kira will actually turn his life around now that he's starting to fall for Shinobu.

GW 2001 with Beetle - Holy Shit it is referencing Golden Wind

like this one?

When the credits started rolling I thought they would shorten the arc, I'm glad they are fusing the second half with Highway Star, seeing how the first half of that arc features characters from this arc only.

Fuck that, animated webm when?

Limp Bizkit


Of course not.

This shot i mean

CNBT>Sono Chi No Sadame=Bloody Storm>Chase=Stand Proud>Sono Chi no Kioku

i'll wait till DiU ends before i decide how i fully feel about Great Days

Why are you linking the fucking image?

Limp Bizkit

My mistake - still cool detail

He's just some chuuni weirdo

He wakes up like OH IS THIS EARTH but then we clearly see he has a mother and if he brainwashed her like he claims he'd have a very small window in which to do so

does anyone have hi res shots of Josuke jewing out over Rohan?

I know but that's just a shitty excuse to not animate anything.


>"Everybody DIED~~"

Read the manga

I wouldn't care because it's an overrated part with boring stands and only a handful of worthwhile fights.

I hope that's the case

I love it when an adaption can introduce a story to its audience and be able to give its own spin to it even if it remains faithful


>16 minutes in and still not in Rohan's house

I thought this was a one parter? Guys?

shinobu makes me so fucking erect

Cred Forums need some input here. Me and a friend are trying to create a master-list of Dio's within Jojo.
A Dio is classified as a different "Dio" if he
>looks different, whether it be art style or design,
>acts different,
So far, we have this

>Phantom Blood
Shota Dio
Dio Brando
Dio Brando (Vampire)
Dio Brando (Headless)
Dio Brando (Movie, Shota)
Dio Brando (Movie)
Dio Brando (Movie, Vampire)
Dio Brando (Movie, Headless)

>Stardust Crusaders
Shadow Dio
Dio (OVA)

>Vento Aureo
Shadowless Shadow Dio

>Stone Ocean
Shadowless Shadow Dio

>Steel Ball Run
Diego (The World)

Dio (Shota, Pink Hair)
Dio (Shadowless Shadow Dio, Heart arm
Dio (Shadowless Shadow Dio, arm braclet, no hearts)

>Eyes of Heaven
Heaven Ascension DIO

>someone saved my crop
Dunno how to feel about this

He was on earth before he woke up in the crop circle, and it's unclear on how long.

Secondly, he doesn't introduce his "mom" until Superfly, and it's not stated how much time has passed between those arcs.

Finally, are you an expert in how long alien brainwashing takes? Maybe it's an instantaneous process. Maybe he snapped his fingers and some poor lady believed she had a son that looks nothing like her with pointed ears.

How about you read the manga and accept you're wrong

I like the begining but then it sucks, 1st opening is still top tier.

You should fucking come here more regularly. The entire week here was a discussion that they will cut the dice game and move it to HS.

That's one happy cat

you will be happy too if you were on kira's arms

me on the right

Why would you do this

Taking webm requests


This good enough?

Even the OP looks cheap.
What the fuck happened? The adaption has never been above average in quality but this is getting ridiculous.

ayy lmao eating tissue

Okuyasu and Josuke getting teleported out of the crop field

I need undressing Shinobu in my laifu

I guess this episode goes to show that even a couple of Koreans will taint the whole episode despite the others being fairly competent.
This was the worst looking episode since Quiet Life pt. 1

What is going on here?

Smug kosaku in the opening

>there are people in this thread that hate CNBT

josuke getting his ayy lmao kicks

Josuke telling the audience that his dice have been snuck into the game


Enigma boy


Started as a joke ala until we realized, there is more Dios than we anticipated.
There is quite a few Jotaros and such, but Dio reigns supreme.
We also wanted to find out how many possible designs someone could be referring to when saying "Dio is my favourite design"

Note, Accurate adaptations ala Part 3 TV anime, or Jojo ASB do not count, as they look pretty close to the manga

We already have a decent one here:

It's a representation of Enigma Boy. Read the manga.

Oh dear god, don't start the Teru hype already

>mfw SBR anime never ever

Mikitaka become a cgi dice

>Sono Chi no Sadame ended with the stone mask falling into the sea
>second to last shot of Bloody Stream was of the stars in the night sky
>End of the World ended with the logo disintegrating into dust by the rays of the sun
>Great Days doesn't end with ghostly hands
Otherwise pretty good.

King Nothing


That could be a Part 5 reference with the Scorpion and the Gun (With Mista being the one holding it)

Hive mind


Do the start of the opening, BREAK DOWN BREAK DOWN that ends with Kira pressing the switch

>tfw any succesfull loop of that means bites the dust has already activated


also bonus

My god, me and my friend were so off the mark
there is so many


I guess it's too much to hope for the nips fixing this shit in the BDs. Seriously, this episode was lazy as fuck.
Also, if I hear that slow piano song one more time... it's the one outright bad track in the ost, and they keep on fucking using it.

>Urge to maim: Rising

thanks doc

I assume that's Enigma, it's got the gun and the folding paper


>Shigechi, Reimi, Aya, Keicho pointing from the sky


>not just playing it in the background.

The BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN part is literally josuke's theme, listen to it closely

>Tfw the only person in the whole world that likes Anasui

Who voiced Mikitaka?

>Sono Chi No Kioku higher than Sono Chi No Sadame
>Sono Chi No Sadame pretty low on your list
maybe Crazy Diamond can fix your shit taste

>An episode made entirely by Korea

He's the best character in part 6 aside from Pucci

Chase>CNBT>Great Days

The fact that the OP jumped from a little bit darker because Kira's out and about to bright and cheery as FUG (Kira's still out and about) weirded me out a little

Am I the only one that thinks Bloody Stream is enormously overrated?

>Korea believes in Aliens too


wtf Shinobu's model was off in literally every fucking shot, how do you even fuck up this bad.
And knowing David, this shit probably won't get fixed in the BDs.

Dude there are a shitton of Dio designs, even that pastebin doesn't cover all of them.

It's good that David doesn't waste budget on worst arcs

Holy shit, I knew I recognized that voice.

Bloody Stream > Sono Chi No Sadame > Great Days > Chase = Stand Proud > Sono Chi No Kioku > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Bloody Stream = Sono Chi No Sadame > Great Days = Sono Chi No Kioku > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Chase = Stand Proud

>Easter Eggs/References
Chase = Sono Chi No Sadame > Bloody Stream = Sono Chi No Kioku > Great Days = Stand Proud = Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Bloody Stream > Sono Chi No Sadame > Great Days = Sono Chi No Kioku > Chase = Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Stand Proud

>Am I the only one that thinks

Probably. And you should be ashamed of that fact.

Well the pacing slowed down incredibly because Kira isn't acting out at the moment and the gang has no leads. They're focusing on Yoshihiro's Stand Users

Kira doesn't get particularly bad until Bites the Dust

As an OP it's painfully basic, almost as bad as Stand Proud. It's the music that people love though

>Sono Chi No Kioku = Soni Chi No Sadame
>>Sono Chi No Kioku higher than Sono Chi No Sadame
can you even fucking read?

In Easter Eggs/References Sono Chi no Kioku wins by a landslide.

I like Kioku and Sadame a hell of a lot, they're both equal to me. As I said, I adore all OPs, I just like some more than others. Why's that bad?

There's always one faggot.

I didn't mean "in the world" you fucking moron.

What is the first image on that?
I'm sure I've never seen it.

Holy shit, look at Josuke's eyes.

How do they get away with this.

I wonder who is behind this

I'd say Chase is almost equal there, it foreshadows a lot and the symbolism on what's to come next is fucking top-tier. Also helps it's stylish as well and compliments the song so much.

I like him too user


No, you fucking stupid piece of shit, you're not the only person in the world to think or do ANYTHING. Shut the fuck up.

>Traffic Sign
>Josuke and Okuyasu King Crimsoning out of the crop circle

Well, yeah, they are twitching, its intentional. You've never seen animation of twitching eyeballs?


I'll upload another version without the water.

Then don't fucking say it like that you retard.

He's high as FUCK


You guys are looking at this wrong.

Yes, this episode looked like irredeemable shit.

But maybe that means they're saving some money for Highway Star, so the action packed motorcycle chase episode featuring tons of stand usage and fighting might look good.

It's going to be worse than RHCP 1, isn't it?

It ends with everyone pointing their hands.

Don't make retarded assumptions you fucking imbecile. Why the fuck would anybody that says that ever mean "in the fucking world".

>we didn't get to see shizuka grow into a joestar in her own right


I noticed that too

The visuals in this OP are fantastic

I love you.

More like mongolian z-team

They even managed to make Kira look like a fucking beta loser instead of a creepy murderer oggling a potential victim.

I just now realize the repetition motif from the OP is a Bites the Dust reference.

Only part I really love in the new OP

Someone add the Brazzers logo, perfect fit.

No, it's the fact that there are literally two frames of animation in that sequence. It looks choppy as fuck.


Does an adopted Joestar share the same fate as blood Joestars?

The only other one I can think of didn't have things turn out great.

Is there SO 2011?

pretty great

Man, those symbols flashing in the first few seconds are cool. Each would make a pretty good wallpaper

>Koichi's full on OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD

Projecting much?

He needs to fix his own first

Get away with what, user?

Anyone else laughed at this scene?

>"I must NOT have a boner now!"
>"Honey, im going to change!"

I though it was fine, and the guy he took possession off is a loser user, he still looked creepy.

>Fucking Keicho

>Implying Kira was not a beta loser who just so happens to kill people.

You could literally feel the spaghetti fall our of his pockets

>theres more Hazamada rule34 than Shinobu

Whats the one with the V sign before him? Its the only one i dont recognize.

Might be grasping at straws but before that there's a clock that looks like a sun with the arrow as the hand, also says Justice on it.

Could that be symbolism for SDC?

No, japs hate it.

Who on earth would bang hazamada?

Reimi x Aya doijins when?

Wow that's awful, it barely looks like a drawing of a human face.

>part 4 fags will defend it anyway, for no reason, like a slave defending their master after he takes a shit on them

No, how about you.


I'll make one more version with just Breakdown alternating.

she is horny.


No, but here's a pile of shit.

It isn't though, haven't you guys noticed the pattern? Whenever we get an episode as shit as this we always get a god-tier one or two right after. Cases in point: RHCP 1 with RHCP 2 following up, Quiet Life 1 being followed by the fucking god-tier Quiet Life 2 and SHA 1 and 2.


The fucking alien got sick from the arrow and fell unconscious in the field, I can't believe it

>have to wait another week to see Rohan's house burn down

I'll allow it. They only have so many episodes left to fit the entire story.

Good episode overall.

Well SO might still happen..hopefully

Why is Shinobu so fucking great?
>Kira trying to hold back his urges, accidentally slips up and becomes too aggressive with her
>she loves it and gets wet as hell
Fucking Hayato just had to break this up, didn't he?

Cheap Trick, Superfly and Enigma better have QUALITY as well.

There's a Speedwagon panel where he makes that exact face, where the fuck is it, I can't find it

No, how about you.

>Killer Queen
>Sheer Heart Attack
>Stray Cat
>Kira becoming Kosaku

That last one feels like filler

Not his stand obviously.

Dr Movie will deliver user

A god among men

You're gureato


How's the new episode? Is new opening any good?

Downloading right now

Hayato wanted to bang his mother


>Terra Ventus
I like

Is wasn't ready for that


Yes, she is

I'm not trying to nitpick too much but you really just have to not give a shit about your product at all for the opening to look this bad

Smokey was just fine

Maybe it's Boy II Man.

>Stands are explicitly stated to be alien in origin
>People still act like aliens don't exist in JJBA

I think its better then them hinting at bites za dust

>Terra Ventus

I don't get it

They look like made of paper there.

Thats exactly what it is. It has his sleeve

I'm pretty sure that's the real kosaku

Josuke and Okuyasu rolling on the floor laughing

I was skeptical as fuck at first but I honestly am starting to believe that DP actually for fucking once are budgeting correctly so the finale will look perfect. We're not going to get a DIO's World 2.0 scenario here.
C'mon you can't deny the really nice detail there that the skull pattern on Kosaku's face were the strips of skin that were taken from the actual Kosaku's corpse by Aya to disguise Kira, fucking genius.

Whats the reason for so much emphasis on seagulls? It's been some time since I read part 4.

Can you do this without the Break Down in the middle?

New OP reminds me of wonder wings
>Final OP
>follows an OP with a darker tone
>lighthearted, better represents the tone of the show

I like how they put Keicho looking down on everyone from the clouds with the rest of the dead fuckers but then they forgot the most important character of part 4

What's the source of this picture ?


Do you want another webm of him jumping with it?

He is a garbage character, so he deserves QUALITY.

The OP has a decent start but it gets pretty boring after the logo. The posing after Reimi's finger is nice but then you get hit with reused footage from episodes, and not just in the background like in the OP. Are you kidding me? Seeing Kira center stage is nice but the rest is nothing compared to Chase.

You seem like the kind of dweeb that thinks Squidward's Suicide and DEDBORT are good scary stories.

Why didn't David Pro let Shokotan sing the OP? She'd probably do it for free if they gave her a Jotaro dakimakura

Is this fine?

It was great up until the fingerpoint.
She'll sing the Stone Ocean OP.

Because she'll be singing the Stone Ocean OP.

First time that I thought the pacing was too fast in jojo. So is the house going to burn down 5 minutes into the next episode, then go straight into the highway stand? I can't remember if anything else significant happens after the dice game

What did DP mean by this?

>Reimi's the first to point at the sky and when she does, the skies brighten up and everyone else follows suit
>Reimi was the reason why they discovered Kira and why they were eventually able to beat him

straight out of cromartie high school


That's either Speedwagon foundation or Ghost Kira.

>lmao it's a bad character anyway the QUALITY is fine who cares

Part 4 fags are literally this delusional
>[Moskau] and [Ra Ra Rasputin]
Perfect Stand duo, or perfect Stand Duo?

It's SpeedWeed, look at the scar.

Please make the webm of him walking up the building.

Deadman's Questions Kira

Nah, half the next ep will be for that, then the 2nd half will be for Highway Star.

>wasting money on a stone ocean adaptation

They have gone out of their way to please Jojo fans but they aren't going to just flush money down the toilet.

You are fucking mediocre.

Fucking flawless

Found the nip

It was an album cover that Araki drew. Can't remember the band though

>implying it wouldn't print money especially in the US

They fix it in BD.

>Great Days playing like normal
>Rest of the OP is Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

What is this supposed to be?

Fuck you I want to see the finale animated and animeonlys rage

What's the matter, Jap?
Don't like female protagonists? Not enough DBZ fighting for you? Crying because Jotaro died?

Janken boy

I don't know how they managed it, but the new OP managed to be even more shit than the last one. I fear for part 5's OPs.


>SC 1987
>DU 1999
>GW 2001

>no SO 2011

Wait did they do this on purpouse? Or was this just to save money? If they did this to represent King Crimson then holy shit. Gooks won't get napalm'd.

a 9

>A gaping hole
>A closed fist, an open palm, and two extended fingers


That would be the scariest shit. dont say that pls.

It's a Bad Company soldier

I actually like the OP, but the QUALITY on that Rohan part was ridiculous.

Japanese won't buy it and you really think a few dozen otakus that want to masturbate to Jolyne and actually buy the entire set would influence their decision at all?

Also, the line "let the voice of love take you higher" could be Kira's conscience telling him to give up on his murder fetish, accend from just fulfilling his selfish desires, and accept that he's actually falling in love and that this is his final chance at a quiet life. However, him turning around into the light expressionless could be him showing that he knows that his lifestyle has cought up to him and he is cornered.

>Yukako is promoted to "main character" status in the opening
>yfw this means David added her to more arcs

>spinning round thing
Some part will have an anime adaptation ;)

Jesus Christ, the stand rush at the end of the OP is recycled from previous episodes.

the opening animation was a btd spoiler anyway, its going to be beyond the world vs jotaro version of end of the world

Fucking gooks, remi still isn't in heaven becasue Kira isn't dead.

That and Kosaku spinning around

>Crazy Diamond
>Star Platinum
>The Hand
>Echoes Act 3
>Heaven's Door
>Empty Space

About the new OP, fuck you I liked it.

What the fuck anons, the episode is QUALITY as fuck, i can't enjoy Kira's chill quiet life like this

Atleast the opening was cool but it's obvious that they're starting to run out of budget

Chase was better than the two OPs before it honestly, outside of hiding and revealind Dio in EotW.

They don't care about baka-gaijins, and there is main villain is nigga, thing that is not welcomed in states.

Dead Man's Questions OVA

Josuke and okuyasu roling on the ground laughing


Stands are always the worst part of the openings anyway


Stone Ocean has zero connection to Diamond is Unbreakable

It's Pearl Jam, but Tonio's hat is blocking it.


There was only QUALITY in the parts that didn't need to be animated well.

There's a dice there for Mikitaka, if it's not the dice it'll be Highway Star

>Empty Space
You can see a dice right there, son.

>80% of the episodes budget probably went into animating this.
Well spent.

It's the opposite actually, the fact this episode was more QUALITY shows that they've got their budgeting priority right unlike in part 3. Think about it, was there anything in this episode that deserved BUDGET treatment? Next 2 episodes are going to be MUCH better user, remember RHCP 1 and Quiet Life 1 being shit but the eps right after being god-tier?

Can confirm, I hate part 6 specifically because the villain is a nigger and everyone I know from the states feels the same way. It being hinted that he's a gay nigger makes it even worse. Although seeing the dirty nigger get his face ripped off at the end was satisfying.

Fuck you DP how could you do this to her

Because they're saving the budget and time for HS and the Kira fight.

I already got that request here: Be patient.

Hazamada appeared pretty prominently in Chase, and I think at the very most appeared in one episode that had Chase as the OP.

why Kosaku didn't go to heaven?

You are not less garbage than . Go and eat shit.

It's a new cour so they should be drowning in money.
Well at least we know Highway Star will look good...

DP went to do multiple titles besides JoJo right know, banrkupt confrimed.

Cred Forums please leave.

You do realize Pucci isn't black right,he's only tanned. The fanmade colorization makes him black.

he was a bad husband


>The fanmade colorization
It's not fanmade, but it's also not done by Araki. He's never been coloured black by Araki, though.

Does your mother let you leave the house with all that edge, user? It can't be safe

She literally appears alongside the main group on multiple occasions in main character lineups though

Anyone have the rest of these?

I assume it's referencing the MC Escher piece that inspired Enigma

Make of rohan in the new op

Pearl Jam is scattered between the spokes and inside the Hermit Purple along with Stars and the Die block

The last spoke is legit empty

>no bite the dust effect

The episodes are made months in advance though

In the states it's not considered "Cred Forums" to hate niggers, it's just how it is. Niggers even hate themselves, why do you think they kill each other constantly? You don't know how bad it is to deal with them.

I just know of Oda's

In case anyone missed the legs on the wire

Just this one of 1970s Jotaro.

I wish they had the budget to make all of the episodes look good instead of just the important ones. The BD might fix this shit but I fucking doubt it.

Hey look, it's Hazamada, right there in the main character lineup.

Hahahaha very funny meme my fellow Cred Forumsack

wow wtf Kira you asshole

Why would they give this ep BUDGET treatment though? Nothing big happens and the main event- the big gambling part happens next episode, with Highway Star right after. It's pretty damn clear they're going to BUDGET those.

> Toonami make him pale so they not get angry mob.

koichi doesn't give a fuck about gravity

Dude, it's just a few slightly more detailed frames repeating each other. It only looks good because rest of the episode was flat as fuck. High hopes for Highway Star and everything during and after Bites the Dust though

This felt like it was from Cromartie High sometimes


When I say "main character lineup", I mean Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, Jotaro, and Rohan

Just noticed Arnold's neck is not censored.

Because they died.

Nah it's pretty Cred Forums

Fuck off this thread's about jojo not stupid racism


Why the fuck would they get an angry mob for showing a black person on TV?

It's will be in the final episode.

I'll make a loop in a sec.

Don't open the spoiler if you want a SBR anime.

Okay. You're still delusional, though. They're not going to add more Yukako because she's in the OP.


The faces were so inconsistent this episode

That's not a main character lineup, it's a character lineup

She gets a close-up towards the end next to Rohan

Nice fail.

The only budget parts were when Rohan appeared

What a fucking hacks then, don't even bothered to fix QUALITY Queen and other things.

You forgot the spoiler, man

You get more idiots like you complaining about le SJW boogeyman censoring everything than actual "SJWs" complaining

I know that you don't like it when Jamal makes fun of you in the hallway, but I don't think that makes a good foundation for your political beliefs.

Will this shoot change once Stray (Lost) Cat appears?

It's the head of a Bad Company soldier

>taking the bait

Same applies really, not much important stuff happens this episode. I can guarantee you Highway Star is getting BUDGET treatment because of all the action in it.

Because he is villain. Black man couln't be one. Black lives matter.


>Why would they give this ep BUDGET treatment though?
What? This episode was filled with QUALITY.

Its been a while since ive been able to notice b8 or not. sorry man...

His skin colour is unconfirmed, and we don't even know how David will colour him. The games and the coloured manga are stupid for making him black and not at least tanned.


to call something budget means that it's cheap. please don't use words you don't understand.


>mischievous jojo = best jojo

There was a rant about Jotaro saying that if Kira had a wife, she could sew for him, it's triggered feminists.

Is there any stand that can beat _____Hey Ya!_____?

user you silly read the post properly, I'm genuinely asking what's the point in giving this episode BUDGET treatment. Nothing big happens in it, all the good stuff of this arc happens next week.
Have you not been in these threads for the past few months? "BUDGET" is usually used to indicate an episode which looks brilliant, QUALITY is for the shittier looking eps.

no..he's too lucky

Bless you

Hey Ya! would be Joseph's stand if he didn't have Hermit Purple, right?


Holy fuck

This is too much on the face. I wonder if we'll get Part 5 earlier, like fall next year. When does the last volume of Part 4 comes out?

Only a stand thats cooler than being cool.

Is the colored adventure team gonna do Jojolion after black/white Golden Wind?

What the fuck happened to colored Golden Wind anyway? Their blog still shows only 3 volumes for download. (no, I'm not reading on

Didn't Araki say somewhere that it turns out Hey Ya really had no powers, and it just gave Pocoloco the confidence to try crazy shit?

Evidently you didn't read what I wrote


Not just "being in the opening"

She's the only non-main character to get one of these close-ups

Any stand that can be used in combat

>Outer ring: Koichi, Rohan, Jotaro, Okuyasu, Joseph, Josuke
>Inner ring: ?, Mikitaka, Shigechi, Yuuya, ??, Tamami, Yukako, ???, Shizuka, Tonio
in the gallery

>giving this episode BUDGET treatment
If that means "the not-shit looking treatment", yes of course. In fact, give that treatment to every chapter if possible.

Because, standards, you know.

And? That's justifiably complain-able, it's blatantly sexist

I'm so sorry you're unable to accept social progress that upsets your world-view

That's not even drawn that badly, it's the pose she's in is that's making her face look weird.


Standard-wise this episode didn't look bad, there were a lot of QUALITY-shots but there were many more better looking moments. I'd rather have some more unimportant episodes look meh so the ones that actually are important look spectacular, like Quiet Life 2.

In summer 2017

Fucking laggy pos browser, meant for

Her arm looks off

>Have you not been in these threads for the past few months? "BUDGET" is usually used to indicate an episode which looks brilliant, QUALITY is for the shittier looking eps.
Newfag please leave. Jojo threads did not invent the term QUALITY, and budget is pretty much universally a term meaning that something is on a tight budget, which is to say not much money could be spared on it. You're so wrong it hurts.

>there are people who disliked CNBT

Fuck off

One more.

It's possible then

I would rather have and adaptation were that problem doesn't exist.

>kira blows up the logo
>then it fixes itself back

Diamond truly is unbreakable

Is the colored adventure team gonna do Jojolion after black/white Golden Wind?
It's made by different teams, guys that made SBR, gonna take a brake and do first 5 volumes of JoJolion and that's it. Guy that does VA is gonna do B&W first, then colored.

I can't help but agree, really.

SDC blew the budget in fights like dark Blue Moon, and we all know how the final episodes turned out...


i just want to have yukako use her hair to forcefully jerk me off and rape me


David saved the budget for the final cour they said.

I don't get though, was it outsourced or not, who are the key animators, they've got both DP Japs and Dr. Movie Koreans as directors.

>Venetial blind effects are back
God bless.

It's 1999 Japan

There's nothing more sexist numbnuts


We can't all have what we want senpai, at the very least we're nowhere near as unlucky as Berserk fans.
Say that in 2 weeks when the Highway Star episodes bring everyone reeling back saying "DP ARE BASED!"

She gets a closeup because anime is targeted at lonely japanese adult men who are scared of girls, and you have to have a cute girl in your OP if there's one in the show. Don't pretend her inclusion has any more meaning than that.

Thats pretty fucking weird.

Joseph instead of Yukako would've made more sense, but I suppose they went with her and Rohan since they're both close to Koichi.


As good as those OPs were, I don't think it'd be consistent throughout the series.

Well then, go ask madhouse if they wanna license the rest of a shonen that is most likely already licensed
Real talk though, I would've liked if APPP made at least a BT movie and an aviable PB movie


Alright, since JJCA hasn't done it themselves yet, I uploaded their colored chapters for Part 8 on Mega some time ago, I just forgot to post it here. They are split pages, just like the ones I uploaded some months ago.

I also uploaded HWMN black and white scans for convenience's sake.!NokzkB7J!E-gW0oL_uTbOHI8e9j-QCQ!ElFwDJRQ

Earth Wind in Latin.

Yeah it was in the Jojoveller translation some guy from Something Awful did. Hey Ya! is just the stand equivalent of a motivational speaker.


Sono Chi No Sadame = End of the World > Bloody Stream > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Great Days > Stand Proud > Chase

Thats one of the greatest powers of all.

>Can confirm, I hate part 6 specifically because the villain is a nigger
>The villain is a nigger
>This is bad
Tumblr in disguise

>"Koichi, your face has gotten sharper lately"

>Hazamada sitting on Tamami's shoulders

Inishal Dee! *bwap-bwap-bwap*

We've found him, the man with no taste.

Thanks user



Holy fuck and I thought the OP couldn't get any fucking shittier than that screamo garbage

Where's my hotblooded shounen intro? What is this party bullshit?

Ghiaccio has such a great design for a minor villain.

>what would his stand be


JoJo stopped being a "hotblooded shounen" after Part 1. It basically stopped being a shounen after Part 3, anyway.

>hot blooded shounen
>part 4

Imagine seeing the image in the OP a year or two ago, how would you react?

>yukako will never jerk you off with her her and ora your asshole
why even live?

no one. no one else thinks this way you stupid fucking degenerate.

>Clamp draws Jouto's sister

Wonder if they like that Stone Free smells like soap.

5 minutes and you'll find out

Knowing Araki, that could either be a Jouta reference or another little autistic detail.

It's time to admit that a CG opening wouldn't had fit Part 4.
However i do expect a CG opening for Part 5 since it has the exact same epic adventure battle manga that part 3 had.

11/10 taste.


I mean, he did give him the exact moments to try that crazy shit, so I wouldn't say 'no' powers.


It'll get one if the guys that do the CGI OPs aren't doing anything. That's why Part 4 had no CGI OPs, but I do agree that it doesn't need them.

I think its more retarded that Jotaro doesn't even process the fact that, a guy going through so much trouble to live a quiet life, wouldnt learn to fucking sew or fix his own clothes.


Good taste reporting in, Stand Proud > Sono Chi No Sadame > Sono Chi No Kioku >>> Bloody Stream >>>>>>>>> Crazy Noisy = Chase = Great Days = garbage

I always thought Part 5's actual name was Vento Aureo, regardless of localization, and it just translated to Golden Wind.

>Stand Proud number one
>Crazy Noisy + Chase last

>stand proud that high.

>bloody stream that low
Yeah opinion discarded

>Shit taste reporting in

Am I the only one who start to get attached to /jojo/ ?

It's actual name is Ougon no Kaze, translated literally it's Golden Wind, and stylized as Vento Aureo
I'm not but I know you're not the only one.

Chase had its issues but I don't see how anyone could put it dead last.

I am talking about the thread itself.

Where's Josuke's gramps? Could he not get into heaven?

Do people actually like chase as an OP? Visually I thought it was fine but the song sounded like generic trash.

it sounds better than this new one. Might be generic but at least that means it's middle of the road instead of straight up bad.

I feel like this op would have been better if it came first.

At first I thought the same, but then I listened to the acoustic version and that made me fall in love with it.

it grew on me over time, I liked the slow version better since they could've used that when Kira uses bites za dusto

legendary thread

Are there any Kira x Shinobu doujins yet?



What did he mean by this?

marion_ville on twitter, you're welcome

>not discs

> a wife taking part in a traditional skill of a housewife

Tumblr is leaking again

Also destruction of social norms does not progress make

I guess my opinion extends to all of part 4's ops. None of them have the same passion as the original 4 openings.

Stand Proud has passion?


Bloody Steam > Sono Chi No Kioku > Sono Chi No Sadame > Stand Proud > Great Days > Chase = CNBT

Woulda be funny if you turned it 90 degrees to the right

1/10 taste

Can't wait.

This shit is just begging to have Watermelon Kira replace Kosaku

More than diu's ops, but still less than bloody stream and others