Would you let a loli seize the means of production Cred Forums?

Would you let a loli seize the means of production Cred Forums?

I'd let her seize the means of production of semen from my cock, if you know what I mean.

I dont understand, please explain.



Seeing as how communists tend to be opposed to objective morality, I must decline. I will gladly take a Catholic Loli instead

Said loli would just become a new bourgeoise. The means of production must be democratically controlled by the proletariat in order to demolish the exploitative relationship between capital and labor. A so-called 'dictatorship of the proletariat' is still a dictatorship and if said dictatorship orders its citizens to till the field and man the factories and decides on its own how to distribute the resulting goods, it is a capitalist exploiting the proletariat.

tl;dr: Well, TRUE communism has never been tried. All those communist countries weren't TRUE communists.

Don't place your faith in humanity, user.

True communism or socialism will never work. Humans are too selfish.

I thought catholics were into 3DPG shota

No. I'd let a loli gas subhumans though.

Sodomites have been infiltrating the Church for sometime now, it's a shame but there is not much I can do. There is not much to fear either because nothing can destroy the Church, many have tried but they have all failed.

When I was young and naïve I still believed in the free market and that everybody was good at something. I even went through a libertarian phase. Nowadays my credo is that 'everybody is stupid in some way' and there's no perfect solution. The free market is a useful tool but it is only a tool and not suited for everything, and it definitely should not be treated as a goal to aspire to. It took me a lot of thinking and soul-searching to arrive at my current position, which I could best describe as 'syndicalism'(wiki it if you don't know it).

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ancap is where it's at.

Nazi lolis are best lolis.

You dont understand how communism is supposed to work.
It's ok most communists didnt either.


But we're married. How can you say that?


I want to believe you, but do you have more evidence to prove it?

He's wrong

fuck off Trotsky

NO Gommunism!

You're describing vanguardism as Lenin popularised, which kind of goes against what Marx originally proposed



partially that and partially that communism requires a big government and that makes it easier for dictators to show up.

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Pardon me

I thought we already confirmed that a hybrid of capitalist denominations form the best loli economics.

Recette is the vanguard of mercantilism, backed by the bureaucracy of state capitalism and pushed into action by naturally responsible corporatism.

seize the means of reproduction?

That's a meme invented by capitalists by the way communism never required humans to actively be better than what they are today.

threadly reminder that there's literally nothing wrong with international communism

I don't hate my country, so no.


Lolis know all about money and have a uncanny ability to acquire it.

is apple juice still a /l/ maymay?

But Recette is still exploited by the evil fairies.
Market socialism and loli cooperatives are the way to go.