>Literally did nothing wrong
>Cared about her Classmates, Teacher and Hinata-kun above anything else (heck even her own Talent)
>Tried to save her Teacher even when in the darkest times
>Got betrayed by her own DESPAIRed Classmate and Teacher
>Believes that she can see her Classmates and Teacher again even when her time is about to come
>She didn't want to die, but its her fate, to make his Classmates fall into DESPAIR
>SMILED at HOPE in the Name of DESPAIR
At the end, her death was not in vain, but as a reminder for the 77th Class and Hajime that they cannot lose their Hope...... and Future
(To Chiakifriends and fags and other entities)

Other urls found in this thread:


When did Class 77 get released again?

How is V3 supposed to happen now?


Not to mention that the memories of her were the catalyst for the salvation of her classmates, won the Hajizurubowl and BTFO Junko even after death.

The world is pretty much saved for now but theres no guarentee someone like junko wont show up again. V3 probably takes place a shit ton later down the line probably to the point where naegi and kirigiri are old or dead.

post your face when Hopeman showed up in Kibou-hen

Well considering no one learned a single fucking thing I'm not surprised something bad happens

Because it was at that point that I knew everyone else would show up too

how the FUCK did she win the WotM poll

>Literally did nothing wrong
That's not true. She got stuck in a hell with no exit. That's definitely something wrong, but it might not be her fault.

Fuck Kodaka for what he did to her, and fuck DR in general.

Post swirly eyes of Z E T S U B O U



Dafuq is that shit

Junko did nothing wrong.

Why do I like her goofy grin so much?!

>come in after yesterday to see if Chiakifriends still whining
>they are

I had a lot of sympathy for you guys last night given that your waifu was confirmed 100% dead but come the fuck on. Juzo had a horrible, lonely death and he didn't even get to see his beloved before he died like she did. His beloved even fucking stabbed him.

Fucking Seiko died alone not knowing that she was able to save someone in the end.

The Great Gozu died probably with is head filled of the memories of all his dead wrestling bros, right after meeting the Ultimate Hope.

Munakatana lost his waifu, his best friend, his status as the Hope of the future and his fucking eye.

Meanwhile Chiakers gets to be the motivation for the entire DR2 cast despite doing NOTHING except play geimus and be a teacher's pet AND live on as an AI forever in the mind of her beloved knowing that her hope triumphed in the end.

Stop being fags and accept that her coming back would've been fucking stupid given that she was skewered and left to rot in some basement somewhere.

The anime ruined this if I'm honest

Because it's perfect, just like her.



This is canon.


That, I can agree with

I'll just post his face when he showed up.

it did

they should've stuck with Nagito's design to indicate despair

I didn't realize that until Imposter showed up. Its funny rewatching it with subs since Togami straight up says they're all there.

i dn(t want to get spoiled but can someone tell me how to watch this shit ?

Play DR1 and then DR2 and then Ultra Despair Girls or watch a playthrough on YT.

Then watch Future 1, Despair 1 and so on.

GTFO before you get everything ruined you gypsy.


I will never forget the moment when watching the stream and the shitstorm when Mikan showed up on screen with the bottle.
It literally when from "Hahaha Kirigiri is dead!" or "Kirigiri is alive!" in the space of 5 seconds.

Isn't V3 meant to be a total reboot? None of this shit happened anymore and Monokuma will probably have a whole new origin story.


it's another universe

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

I was hoping Hopeman and Naegi would do something more. But I guess having a conversation between two people who share a voice actor would be too weird.

Does Kyouko have a daddy complex?

She probably calls Makoto daddy while she's being slamfucked by his hopedick in his father's former office.

thank you my friend


Where can I download the subbed episode of Kibou-Hen?

I want the mastermind for V3 to be an old, decrepit version of Naegi on life support who became corrupted with power and calls the imprisoning and killing of "despaired individuals" cultivation of hope.

She lost two dads, of course she has a daddy kink.

>immediately kill off best character
it's shit

So who the fuck killed the guards?

dude despair lmao

Kamukura Izuru is the SHSL Killer From Far Away. See? Problem solved!

We'll always have the memories of him

Junko. The actual mastermind is Junko, who is still alive. She brainwashed Mitarai with his own video, the Hope episode is just what his brainwashed mind thinks is happening.

But they didn't saved a goddamn thing. The world is still in despair. They just prevented Mitarai from releasing the hope video.

it's been confirmed that drv3 takes place in a different universe from the first three dangan ronpa games, shitter

I like this theory.

bruh, I can name a bunch of plot holes the more you think deeper about it

Here's one, who was controlling Monokuma in the beginning, and if it was a recording, how did it hack Usami since Monaca had nothing to do with the game

sets in a universe where mitarai hope anime successfully uploaded. and of course you could always use COMPLEX MOTIVES

>When the rocks started falling
At that moment i knew it was hope time.


why is he so perfect?


But he did upload it. The Hope episode is just what his own mind is seeing

>Sayaka cucked and Naegiri wins
>Souda uncucked
>Asahina lost Naegi and will have to settle with Weedman
>Toko got over Togami and now lust over Komaru
>AI Chiaki is still there wile shit human Chiaki stays dead
Truly the best ending

>She sees your hope

halfu girl for best waifu

please tell me this picture is real.

>settle with weedman

she would probably end up as a prostitute to pay off his debt. Why would you do that to her?

The opposite actually, Keebo's biography page has him saying naegi is his hero.

>one line at the very end
ok dude, we'll be over here celebrating the return of class 77

>turns out that retarded translation error from DR is correct and Naegi truly is the Ultimate Despair
>he is now headmaster of the new academy and has the only person who could conceivably stand in his way polishing her womb on his 'hope'cock
>no board of directors to interfere
>Edgizuru thinks he's hope so he won't interfere
>'Finally, I can build that prison on the moon and start the REAL killing games...'

How mad would you be?

>Souda always wanted to marry a Princess
>She only gives in when she lost her title and power as Princess and became worlds most wanted terrorist





I was always suprised that people were memeing that she's really dead. Must have been Junko and Sayakafags

He will always has Mr. Fantastic to stop him whenever he does some shit

You Junkofucks should just be grateful that Kohacka didn't give her the Takano treatment and waste 2 episodes explaining how she was raped as a child or something to make her Despair.

As it stands there's just a sinew of ambiguity left in her backstory.

>we never had the chance to see him unmasked in the anime
Just kill me

Pretty much. Chiakifags are really obnoxious. I assume it's the same 2-3 faggots that keep making variations of what is basically the same post about how they like her because '"how good a person she is" and "she had no chance"

Unmasking a wrestler would be a huge dishonour. It clearly meant a lot to him if he kept the mask on even whilst doing FF shit and not even wrestling.

Don't dishonour our boy user.

That was before DR3 ruined her. Now, I never want to see her again.

>People think V3 is not related to DR series so far
>Robot built in Naegis name
>Literally new weedman
>characters looking like kids of the main cast
>SoudaXSonia made canon in DR3 and suddenly we have blonde inventor in V3
"B-but Kodaka said its not related!!!"

Sure he also said DR2 comatosed people would never appear.

Bane memes aside, I would have used "Don't let anyone take your mask" as his NG code, it fits a wrestler very well.

>the mastermind of V3 reveals himself to be a twisted, disfigured Naegi
>Kirigiri turned into a slutty succubus by his unholy experiments
>Aoi leads a holy order of Hope knights against him
>Weedman is their prophet of Hope
>Togami is a corrupt but good inside Mafia boss
>Komaru and Toko are hot, fit lesbo assassins
>Munakata tapped his inner Hope and became a powerful sorcerer
>Junko is resurrected as a horned demon, with Mukuro and Chisa as her "bad" and "good" minions

>give in
>all she did was smile at him

calm your tits soda

Frankly, no. I complain because it was a stupid development and it showed him for the hack he really was, and it also illuminates the kind of fanbase DR has.

>>SoudaXSonia made canon in DR3
epic headcanon dude

Scans of the blu-ray book where?

>SoudaXSonia made canon in DR3 and suddenly we have blonde inventor in V3
Ok lets not go that far, the guy had a bone thrown his way but its still pretty clear sonia is into the dark forces.

Wait, how was it made canon?
Cause she once said that what he did is impressive?
Or i missed some scene on boat?
Cause in game she clearly had hard on for GUNDAM TANAKA

seriously? fuck they are already contradicting themselves then, that's not proving well.

Loos like Togami buy him stuff now.
>tfw Instead TokoXTogami we gto TokoxKomaru and TogamixWeedman

>SoudaXSonia made canon in DR3 and suddenly we have blonde inventor in V3
it's even strawberry blonde
pink + true blonde

This will be one day

>DRV3 is related to DR because

They never contradicted themselves, people just assumed new universe when they said reboot. Alot of people tend to forget soft-reboots are a thing. Its very likley naegi and crew are not going to get anything more than a fleeting mention though.

>if he pulled it off he would literally die

Imagine the fucking memes. Cred Forums crossboarding would be nothing compared to Cred Forums crossboarding.

>characters looking like kids of the main cast
At what point are people going to come to terms with the fact that the reason characters look similar is just because the artist doesn't particularly make characters faces look different from each other?

>Threads already almost dead


Are you the one of said 2-3 people making the same post over and over again? Seriously, get over it already.

Memories filled with HOPE and DESPAIR will never die.

dude what?

My fucking heart cant take this shit. It feels so good having a ship ive liked for pretty much half a decade more or less get confirmed. Still would of prefered they actually show them make it official or at least have naegi immediate reaction to her survival shown, but hey fuck it i can settle for implications when they are beaten over your head this much.

He is especially bad with female faces. Sakura is literally the only unique female face he's drawn. Aside from that, every single female character's face can be constructed by combining Celes, Hiyoko and Akane's facial features.

T'was inevitable.

Hey it was a fun time while it lasted. And im enjoying myself circle jerking with fellow "delusional" shipperfags. it feels like a victory lap.

Weedman already has Kanon though.

I'm now remembering the DR2 lets play on something awful and how people were speculating on the 1st game's casts having kids cause nagito looked like naegi and akane kind of looked like something of an offspring of akane.

Seiko's butt

I'm normally a hardcore lurker but I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the DR3 threads and all the dedicated shitposting that came along with them

>'Finally, I can build that prison on the moon and start the REAL killing games...'
I wouldnt be mad, i would be impressed

>akane kind of looked like something of an offspring of akane.

I fucked that up, offspring of asahina is what people said.

Souda's real hair color is black

>implying DR3 is canon

I'll never forget her smile, I'll work my mind to find an IF way to make her happy.

they said it would take place seperate from the old dangan ronpa games and that that story was done after dr3

Im not planning to ever leave these threads. Or until danganronpa actually dies

p-please respond

I want this too bad

Pink is not a real hair color despite what people would tell you
Pepsi only was acknowledged by her instead of uncaringly ignored

So we all agree that it's a great ending except for a disappointing final boss?

Yeah and thats not a lie, separate storyline does not mean separate universe. Its always been announced as a soft reboot people just assumed otherwise.

>Pink is not a real hair color despite what people would tell you
Oh but Sayaka's hair is naturally blue?

Are you serious? This thread was made like only an hour after the previous one was started, and there's still more than 100 posters in every threads since yesterday

Theadly reminder that Seiko was too good for this world.

She saved Kirigiri's ass and will now be forgotten by the franchise.

Why I see tears on the preview?

Its a terrible ending, i fully acknowledge that, but it made me super happy and i was grinning like an idiot the entire episode ultimately leaving me super satisfied.

I let myself be pandered to without rejecting it in the slightest for the first time in my life. It feels good.

>her face when lost to a tulpa waifu

For my Chiakifriends out there!

I'm abandoning these threads by the time hopeman OVA releases, so many spoilers for V3 will circulate by then.

I might have to quit Cred Forums in general in the time it takes to come out.

He confessed to SOnia on the boat but was covered by Impostor

It's not a powerful final boss, but they sure as hell made it a suitable one.

No, it's utter garbage, but fun as fanservice.

got any more?

Never ever

it's anime, people have weird hair colours all the time

My ship pretty much got confirmed so i can forgive alot. Id forgive it alot more concrete though.

I'm very late to the party.

If Hajizuru has Chiaki DNA, who could literally clone 5 Chiakis and imprint AI Chiaki into these meat vessels. With 5 Chiakis, you can start an esports team and win grand prizes from every competition in the world. Plus Harem. Did I mention you can clone 5 Chiakis?


I loved the appearance of the full cast of Hamtaro


Ishimaru's death still stings like it was just yesterday.

The thought that he died for such a shitty case is super duper despair inducing.

>mfw Gundham is a better chuuni than El PSY KONGROO


>Male looking Akane
>second Weedman
>Nursery teacher with Mikans hair and poses
>Nagito looking guy
>brown girl
>another teru teru
>Detective guy with Jin Kirigiri traits
>Maid with skills in fighting with wooden stick and with Pekos hair
>Monokuma introduced with "Monokuma kids"
Seems plausible

>Hajime screaming at his kid to get in the Neo-world program
>Has to bring in a blonde princess from Europe in an effort to try and stop him from liking a clone of his mother

for sure

Guys. We really need to have a talk about Mahiru. Why is she so perfect? Shouldn't it be illegal for one girl to be so best?

>still believing what Kodaka says
>"I don't want DR2 death to be meaningless and i don't want to show whether they woke up or not"

She's worse than Saionji and Maizono. End or line.

Gundam will always be my favorite chuuni

You know what i loved about these threads leading up to hope arc. Was that people were trying to say naegi could still have a happy ending without kirigiri. Like even if we take off shipper goggles here this is objectively not true cause the guy suffers from severe survivors guilt over the events of DR1, kirigiri being the most important person in naegi's life was beaten over the viewers heads even down to the point of showing us the exact moment in 1 where he really was kept together by her actions. If she had hypothetically died luck manlet wouldn't of gotten over the guilt that he indirectly killed the person he loves and even was going to start going full depressed mode right before she showed back up alive.

I genuinly dont understand how anyone could think naegi having a happy ending would be possible without her coming back.

Ishamaru surviving would be one of the only deaths id change in DR1, they kind of wasted a nice character development for him on a gay case. And to think they almost pulled the same BS in 2 with killing kuuzuru which thank god they didnt do. you could argue saionji is the same but lets be honest, a well intentioned gangster losing the person he loves and living on to be a better person atoning for his actions is a 20 times better plot development than someone who was a cunt for no real reason surviving just cause her best friend died.

Boobed Saionji and Maizono are both pretty good

Gundam is truly the best

Okabe was shit though. Gundham's a much better character.

I'm happy that this picture doesnt make me feel sad anymore.

>everyone framing V3 in terms of DR1 and DR2
>people still forget when DR2 was first announced and everyone speculated about Hajime being Naegi and Kirigiri's kid in the future.
>'Nidai is Sakura's boyfriend/cousin/brother!'
>'Souda worked on Mondo's motorcycle!'
>Twogami is actually Togami
>Nagito is Naegi/Naegi's twin brother/this is all an alternate universe where Naegi is evil.

Those were the days.

Wasn't that a mistranslation?

>5 Sayaka
>best taste on a

They're going to have a lot of children, Cred Forumsnon, you just know it.

t. buttannihilated trashigirifag

>THE GREAT GOZU not on 1st place
Sure desu

I just think it could have had a more climactic end that works even better as fanservice
>no former SHSL guys to fight against class 77
>instead Hajizuru shows up with the entire class 77
>explains that in order to revive them he restarted the NWP and AI Junko was released
>she did everything in DR3
>the reason why the hope video takes 30 minutes to upload is because she's changing it into despair video
>AI Junko shows up on the monitors and complains about Izuru spoiling her fun
>only way to stop her is to enter the NWP again and fight her
>Mikan bring Kyoko back
>they all go, even Komaru Toko and everyone else
>once they enter AI Chiaki and AI Junko are fighting
>Junko summons despair class 77 and dead class 78 to fight against them
>also summons despair Chisa, and evil Tengan
>hope guys are getting overwhelmed
>Makoto remembers something
>the way class 77 created AI Chiaki
>all the survivors can create AI versions of the other dead people Junko didn't summon because she doesn't know them
>summon Juzo, Jin, Koichi, Seiko, Natsumi etc.
>hopeful bonds bring them to victory
>Junko is defeated
>real ending happens with a few differences
>class 78 dudes are back as AIs
>Chiaki is back as an AI
>Junko and Mukuro still exists as AIs because she's part of the program
>FF dudes are back as AIs too
There more climactic ending and even more fanservice

So theres was no secret 16 participant and Weedman was always part of the game?

What was his name again?

And it feels so good

This is honestly the worst ending alternative people have hypothesized.

Yes, the author has a sameface problem. Thank you for pointing this out.

>Explains that he NEVER expected Mitarai in the game
>in the introductory video, chibi characters included Mitarai instead of weedman

Was he retarded?

>pale skin
>bland hair
>a lot of children
No. The girls who would have given Hopelet the most kids would have been Asahina and Junko

What a time to be alive.



But user, her panties are always wet.

>There was no "Sore wa chigau yo" at all in Hope side

Shotas are cute too

Kodaka want you to think that they will be no relevance. After all, their legacy is one of the twists reveal in the game like virtual world in DR2.

feels good man, waited half a decade for this.

Oh, and incontinent as well, I should say

Wait. Isn't this Ultimate Made looks... male?

Maybe it some ultimate crossdresser?

I noticed that Junkofags and SayakaxNaegi shippers stopped shitposting. Are they really dead? I think i will look for some tumblr tears over this ship.

I'm pretty sure it was confirmed somewhere that Souda dyes his hair, and that it's just black.

I might be wrong, though. My memory of the finer details of the Danganronpa universe is basically shot after 3.

some much hope in one scene should be a crime.

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot but at the end of episode 7 Komaru tells Naegi there is a person who survived previous killing games and we see a figure of someone. What the fuck was that?

I would honestly be okay with this and I'm a homophobe

There was one serial autist in previous threads arguing that it was just headcanon because there wasn't a literal scene of them kissing or embracing and no outright confession.

I can die in peace now.

Do you think Megumi Ogata is coming back for V3? If so, who do you think she's going to voice?

Mukurofags killed themsleves already after Despair series ended. Literally no hint of her crush on Naegi or free will from Junko.

I'll never give up my fight. As long as Danganronpa exists, I will be giving all my hope to Junko to bring her back.

>off by 1

What if Chiakizuru was supposed to activate when the countdown reached 0 but the pods never activated because Mitarai was stopped. He wanted to combine both the Kamukura Project together with Hope Instrumentality Project and what a better rule in the world then the true Ultimate Hope?

I'd lose my shit if she was one of the new Monokumas

Technically there has been no scene like that for Fuyuhiko and Peko either.

Who is delusional now, huh?

Naegi can bang Kirigiri all he wants, but when he dies that dick is Junko's for all eternity.

They confessed in DR2 you cnacerous secondary.

What did he mean by this?

I know, i talked to the guy. Episode 9 was basically a kirigirilove confession once you factor in that she only ever shows her hands to people she considers family let alone that she touched him. My favorite logic with that guy is that munakata saying naegi was in love with her means he wasnt cause munakata is an edgelord. Like come on now.

I'll be very disappointed if they dont at least give her the credit song. Maybe kiibo will be voiced by her though i dont feel too confident about his survival chances.

I will miss them.

How hard do you think they fucked that day? Do you think he filled Kirigiri with hope?

They were one of the only DR pairing to get an actual direct confession,m its just that one died shortly after it.

We'd be dying of diabetes right now if naegi or kirigiri gave a direct one, though kirigiri pretty much did already.

Implying she wont come for it earlier when she gets bored of watching trash anime at the theater

Is there any OVA planned? Or manga? Nothing other than V3???

What the fuck is wrong with Nagito?

I could do this all day.

Fuyuhiko agrees with him

Okay I'm done playing Danganronpa 1 & 2, what now ?

By the way should I still be cautious of spoilers around here ?

Nagito is getting his own spin-off DR3 OVA.

Saying "please don't leave me" isn't inherently romantic. They are just really close platonic friends, or they could think of each other as siblings :^)

Try to keep up with the latest news boyo


>hurr what should I do next

Why are people this stupid?


Bets on who the mastermind in V3 will be? I'm betting detective just because they'll want to not repeat Kirigiri again, and going full evil will be the only way.

His nose agrees with him.

Don't forget to donate to HPA for Principal Naegi having a lot of condoms every day.


Calling it now.


Why did the anime never show her bossy side at all? I mean, people exaggerate that part of her character, but her most memorable quote in the game is, "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ".

So who was more retarded and COMPLEX?
Tengan or Delta?

>I-I'm glad

What did she mean by this?

What do you think he's looking for?

so I enjoyed this show a lot, even though I never played any of the games.
how is the first anime adaptation? I heard people saying it's bad but why?

I still want a translation of this

Male Junko


I think Kodaka will not be able to resist in putting Naegi/Kirigiri child into the V3 game.

Why would Junkofags be upset over that?

I hope it's a total reboot. Monokuma's origin story isnt important. Mickey Mouse has been in a ton of things and in those things his origin isnt important.

>Naegi-kun, this is not what I meant by investigation.


>Nagito meme pandering
>not showing class 78 bonding
dropped hard

>Cure W


When the hell did he learn how to cast Thundaga?


It was a red herring to make us think it was Junko Returning

Delta. At least Tengan had the excuse of being really really tired of Munakata's bullshit and partially just doing it to troll the fucker into killing his friends and then himself.

Mukuro got one of the most complete character assassinations I've ever seen.

I hope not, Naegi and kirigiri earned their happy ending so much putting their kid in danger would just be tasteless.

Same, since hopeman ova is ostensibly taking place after 3 we might get to see them or at least hear them mentioned one last time.

I wish.

Ishimaru was an annoying shit.


Was it byakuya fucking with him like the douchebag he is??

I think Cosplay girl give a lot of Junko vibes


Delta, tengan doesnt even come close especially since tengan's issue more has to do with poor explanation.

Checking if panties are still wet.

I agree I would have liked some 78 stuff but considering what they did to Junko in Zetsubou-hen I don't think it would have been worth it. That's probably my biggest gripe with that half of the show, that it made it seem like Junko and Mukuro hardly even knew who their classmates were.

There is nothing notable to post about. I still think that Junko coming back would be a better ending but whatever.

I'd like them to be happy

why does his hair look like a palm tree

It wasn't a translation error, it happens in the nip release too. Best explanation is that from Junko's perspective at that moment, Naegi really was causing her SHSL Despair.

Fine then let me rephrase, jerkass.

I know about Ultra Despair Girls, is it worth it ?
Is the Danganronpa 3 anime done, and how does it relate to the upcoming third game ?

Junko. Dr3 was A test to see how people would react. Fans reacted badly so Kodaka Will be bringing her back.




Hopebot, the "Hope" obsessed Naegi fanboy, is actually just the Junko AI in a robot body.

Would they do the VR shit again in V3?

V3 is new beginning for the series with Monokuma as returning mascot, UDG is obviously completely different from other 2 games but it's fun in its own way I'd rather watch lets plays on yt though

Hajizuru is just Ultimate Talent without any practice or experience how does he know how to do all this stuff?

Keebo, duh


Ultimate Analyst duh

Me too, man

No scene where all of Class 77 is mad at each other for murdering one another then Hajizuru has to calm them down.
I mean seriously They got over that quickly, no hard feelings at all

Tengan. His motivations make no sense whatsoever. I at least vaguely understand what Delta was trying to do -- Tengan is just ridiculous.

There is a god

How close is Kodaka to the Persona 5 writers? I bet they're going to repeat the detective twist in V3 too.

By the way what happened with Hajizuru that he stopped being bored? Sure, he got his old memories and most of the personality back but he still posesses all of the talents including analyst which means that he can predict anything and do anything too.
What's stopping him from being bored again?

>Junko coming back would be a better endin

Only retards dont see it that way.

How can they bring back Monokuma without Junko? She literally created him from Hope Peak logo and own love toward bear plushies.

Persona-kun will be fine.

Bless Kodaka

Kodaka couldn't be that much of a hack, right? Right??

I can't believe someone saved my shitty edit wow

We'll probably see that in OVA, it's literally about them waking up.

He's with his bro now.

Probably ot make him look goofy

Mazinger Z


Where did he go again?

Theres something incredibly hot about girls wearing neckties


I cant wait until the DR3 4komas to get translated.

you just know one of them is going to be bandai showing up behind naegi instead of kirigiri.

>Kamukura can just spam SHSL Luck in conjunction with SHSL Clairvoyance and predict everything
>yfw he wanted to rather hope or despair or more unpredictable

Hey man, stealing a cellphone from a weak manlet is much harder than making a killing game in secret and killing all guards and your own trusted Bodyguard (Gozu) and old friend (Boozeman)

He was heading for a suicide spot, otherwise he'd at least took care of his friend's bodies before leaving

The snail

Tanaka Something That Sugita Will Never Pilot.

Who is he going to get shipped with now?

And of all people to choose as a LeLouche of the world. Fucking Mitarai. And how the fuck did Hajime find out about what was going down at FF HQ and let alone find it?

Thanks user.

So basically
>Danganronpa 1 & 2
>Ultra Despair Girls (optional)
>Danganronpa 3 anime
>upcoming Danganronpa V3

>Mikan is one of the reasons Kirigiri is alive
>Mikan is one of the reasons Chiaki is death

I suddenly really like Mikan

Impostor could've pretended to be Chisa but he went back to the Jerkberkwork island.

Also read Zero and IF.

He's going to be late for his dance.

He was headed to Inaba. He probably took care of the bodies off-screen. When Naegi was catching up with 78th class survivors and checking the broadcast of the RoD, he wasn't on-screen after all.

The 4komas for DR are great.

Ultimate Fast Learner

And if Tengan didn't expect Mitarai to appear then why did he animated him in introductory video in episode 1 when Monokuma explained rules?

>be the first to fall into despair from Class 77
>lead them all into a trap that turns them into RoD
>sorta helps in absolutely mind raping Chisa
>murders two people in the AI Jabberwock
>be a smelly pig
Well, I guess this is just one of the cases were there was enough redemption to save how pretty shitty she was, unintentional or not, prior.

Shame you can't fix being a pig though

Junko and Izuru's super analytical abilities, as he worded it himself in Z-Hen, uses logic to plan things ahead. It's why he was curious about Junko's bullshit plans in the first place, and why he literally asked why she was doing what she did, as "it doesn't make any sense, logically".

Clairvoyance is a fake talent

B..Big bro? Where have you been all this time? what happened to your right eye?

IF was completely retconned so don't bother with it
Zero is only relatable to recognise one guy who shown his face for 1 second in Despair arc.

Aoi, she's the one left.


>weak manlet

I love how he folded immediately at the slightest bit of pressure. Who could have possibly predicted this outcome.

And how did Monokuma interact with Miayabot if that was a recording?


He's aka the SHSL Plot Armor. Whenever he's involved, things will go however Kohacku wants it too and can be justified through "Well Izuru is the Ultimate everything so it makes sense" logic.

I like Izuru but I hope he never appears in DR outside of passing mentions. He's terrible for plot now.

For saving the Waifu of DR1 protagonist. She herself will become the waifu of DR2 protagonist.

He wanted the beta neet manlet to have the resolve to be the king of hope, not himself since he's a senile old fuck

How the fuck do you even analyse or learn luck or clairvoyance?

What happens if you cut his hair?

IF was never canon there's nothing to retcon, it's just for fun.

There was nothing to assassinate bud.
All of this "Character" was in a non canon IF situation and in a prequel that wasn't even taken seriously in the anime.

Junko was debating killing Naegi in one of the last episode in a flashback, but could she have actually killed him if she wanted to?

How? She was a socially autistic siscon in Zero and IF, that's the exact same as her character in Despair arc.


Those are just things you have


>using the marie sue version of this pic

kys my man

mukuro's character development didn't start until they were locked into the school for a year, she could be a loner during the normal school days but when all 16 of you live together in a bunker you become kinda forced to socialize. If anything the Despair arc just illustrated mukuro's character growth from that point to dr1 (makoto's free time events only) and dr:IF

Why is Bonny and that new V3 magician so similar to eachother? Mostly by the mouth structure
>both magicians

What was the point of Bandai or the wierd gun? Why didn't Munakata told everyone that only he and Tengan were aware of the underwater part of the building and he must be the mastemrind? Why didn't he recognised immediately that they are underwater?

UDG is extremely optional. Also make sure to alternate Future and Despair episodes instead of watching all of Despair and then all of Future, cause shit that happens in Future episodes tends to get backstory covered in Despair episodes.

Izuru having luck was just BS, I mean how the fuck can you implant Good luck into somebody?

But the Golden version is actually in 720, and can thus be fully layered over.

She was exactly the same as she was in Zero.

and not that different to IF really, even there she cares more about Junko than anything else right to the end.

>they show us updated and older Despairs n the screen briefing
>suddenly they are back to their pristine school outfits and looks

I really do not get this.
Souda had completely different hair.

Damn I love her so much.

It makes as much sense as Luck being a tangible and recurring talent in the first place.

Whats the point of it? Brainwashed people woudnt give a fuck whether Mitarai or Tengan broadcasted the movie.


This annoyed me too, I guess that's why the appearances of the Despairs was so brief.

What was that whole spiel about hopes working together Chisa gave Makoto? She was a despair and trying to push Munakata closer to extremism.

the only inconsistency is that in DR0 mukuro is shown to have a crush on makoto but at the end of the despair arc she suggests murdering him to junko, but honestly that is far from the first or the worst inconsistency dr3 has.

Cause tengan wanted someone sane to control the world, tengan was barking up deaths door already so he wasnt fit for the job.

what is this from she's a cute

Its only Junkohaters now that don't want her to come back. Funny how after this ended some people even changed their mind and would have preferred Junko over what we got.

Both Munakata and Kyousuke should fit in the P4 Golden name boxes, right?

I've got the name for my next playthrough, in that case

The thing is -- DR3 doesn't show her actions being motivated out of a need to be accepted by her sister -- she's just a freak like her sister who gets off on despair.

Personally I'd say to watch all of future, then despair, and finally hope. Treat despair as the prequel it is and don't ruin futures surprises 3-4 episodes early.

It was what would happen IF Mukuro actually gave a shit about Naegi instead Junko which obviously never happened.

This is what happens when you have a dozen different fucking writers working on this shit between different episodes. Stupid inconsistencies are bound to appear.

Outside of the braids, I think it's just a difference between beanie or not.

RoD had shorter hair in the UDG

But oh well, Imposter literally went through 3 different character disguises that episode. For the most part I just chalk it up to more bad writing covered up by the amount of pandering in the form of class 77 waking up

I love her perkiness and spontaneity. She was the most fun part of the series.

Hajizuru talks to AI Chiaki in his mind.

Real Chiaki confirmed utter shit by the Ultimate Jesus himself.

Because both games want to have a murder based around magic.

It was a great case in AA and it will be a fun case in DRV3, probably 2nd case as well now that I mention it.

>tfw Naegi was completely pointless in the end
>class 77 came in with a jolly good time and solved everything in half an episode
That said, I really liked the part where the whole class grouped behind Hinata and stood there.


It fits perfectly, since P4 allows 8 characters max


Let's take a moment to remember those killed.


It was even in the later character sheets too. Did they plan to show his face at some point or was this just an interesting tidbit they put in?

What series? the same as
this one^^^???

RoD Ibuki I mean

Also RoD Mahiru grew out her hair



Neither the DR1 or DR2 casts particularly benefitted from DR3 at all. Some characters like Aoi or Imposter got more screentime but that's it.

I will never not be a Juzoboy. Godspeed you glorious motherfucker. Best boy.

I liked her for that brief window at the end of DR1 when I thought she was batshit crazy and evil insane bitch.

This whole "bored analytical genius who can predict everything and is bored of life" ruined her.

Who doesn't love someone as sexy as Junko?

>munakata didn't kiss or even hug juzo
I am



Why did she dropped Togami for Komaru?

I'd say they're closer to plot holes than inconsistencies, what's the opposite of a Chekov's Gun?

Naegi being headmaster feels so wrong.

Everyone knows in big campuses, headmasters are just figureheads that suck dick for funding.

Just look at colleges that participate in college football. The bigwigs end up prioritizing athletes over normal students and keep building new gyms and new stadiums no one fucking wants.

If Naegi actually wanted power, he would the Chairman and not Headmaster so he would have enough power to cut funding to controversial projects.

After all, look at Jin, he had less power than the Board of Directors.

Even if he wanted to, he could not stop the Izuru Project.

Not only that but how many teenagers are still alive in Japan that could managte to attend Hope Academy?

If I was a teenage survivor, I would not prioritize school at all.

I would prioritize taking care of any surviving family members.

How could I go to school with ease of midn when my home and family were fucking wrecked?

School is an extreme luxury in a post apocalyptic world.

Wouldn't learning how to identify edible plants from poisonous plants be more beneficial than lessons on History or Literature all day long in a classroom?


I always joked about it, but I feel like I'd be less mad if Junko somehow managed to bullshit her way into becoming the mastermind again for DR3 then the current thing we have.

Analyst talent being bullshit aside, she's an alright character

The screen briefing versions of the DR2 cast were allready way too "clean-looking" from how they were portrayed in DR2.

thanks :3

Because Komaru actually gives a shit about her?

Komaru actually puts out.


>Sure he also said DR2 comatosed people would never appear.
if i remember correctly, he said they wouldn't appear in mirai-hen, which they didn't. They appeared in Kibou-hen :^)

Who is what in this? Only one I can recognize is babyface

I don't understand how they could convince Mitarai when the real one never stepped foot in their classroom even once and never went on any of the field trips or events Nanami organized.

And wasn't Mitarai terrified of both Junko and Izuru?

She literally exists the way that she does just to have an EPIC TWEEST at the end of DR1.

The whole HOPE vs DESPAIR thing was never thought out enough to get a full backstory and it's the main reason that DR3 was mediocre as a whole even though I enjoyed the ride a lot.

They really should have found out that she was some sort of pawn or something like that at the end. I honestly expected her to be a failed Hope's Peak experiment to make Izuru and it drove her insane, similar to the Joker.

It would've been shit but still better than what we got.

She still is batshit crazy and evil insane. Heck its hard to find female villains as evil as Junko.

You do realize that's just fanart, right?

No way this guy could have been a fighter.

Fucking shougi?

Hiyoko, Hanamura, Sonia, Fuyuhiko (without weapons) and Mahiru are (rightfully) useless as shit in fights. What is this guy going to do? Is he a support type like Hanamura? Is he going to tell the others how to act?

These are fanmade by the way.

Junko already got a full life's backstory in DR0 though, so any twist like that was impossible.

That's fanart, you dumbfuck. The only RoD that showed up in DR2 was Izuru and Nagito.

Whelp fuck me

>ywn get married to Junko
>ywn have her cook shitty food for you to try to make you despair
>ywn get dommed by her on your bed
>ywn corrupt her with hope little by little
>ywn buy her all the teddy bears she would ever want
>ywn make her blush
>ywn have her cling to you fall asleep in your arms
>ywn have her give birth to your kids
>ywn turn a literal mass murderer into a cutesy waifu

What are my reasons to live, again?

Why bother with that note on her profile about Jin and Kizakura having nothing to do with her accepptance to HPA? Was it just to absolve the two of them of any perceived mistakes?

You probably didn't take much notice of what she was saying in her PTA segment in DR1 then. She absolutely had this "no you just don't understand!" thing going on in DR1 coupled with her constant "I did this thing, who cares why lol" that was awful. She's a sometimes entertaining but generally pretty shit character, that's all there is to it.

>The gun never showed up again

Wait, so who exactly were these guys again? Former SHSLs at headquarters that got mindhacced by Mitarai?

Yeah and DR:0 was a mistake as well, once again so that it can have an EPIC TWEEST at the end at the cost of a reasonable story.

As it stands Junko just feels kind of, meh. She lost to Naegi and ultimately her plans failed.

Is kissxsis a legitimately good anime? Someone recommended it in an Oreimo thread a long time ago, is it good? I like cutesy stuff with happy endings.

Way too cookie cutter sweet.

Hajizuru should've been Hajime but withh Izuru demeanor and way of talking, monotone voice.
Half of the class woke up and were saved, some went insane and others simply died in coma.
Naegi being sad that he couldn't save them all but Hajizuru affirms him it is still a miracle that "remnants" are alive.

Hopeman is MIA and they are looking for him because he isn't cured comletely.

>never found out who the 13th branch leader was
>never found out who killed the real Gekkogahara
>never found out what happened to the warriors of hope

Junko already had sex with Naegi 3 times.

Kirigiri gets Junko's used goods.

Souda shooting, Sonia killing her parents, Izuru fucking Mikan with Junko's uterus implanted, Akane starving herself and Fuyuhiko implanting an eye.

You need to sin some more so you can go to hell with Junko.
Maybe kill a bunch of kids.

The starving one is clearly Akane.The other 3 are harder to pin down. We know Sonia killed her parents, and the two people on the ground look like gaijins with their blond hair. The beanie guy is Souda. And the blandest one with no characteristic that stands out is Hajime.

Apparentely. That or they were just listening to reinforcement calls from the guys Mitarai mindhacked.

They are a special squadron of former SHSLs.

Dangan Universe is so retarded. A guy with a gun could take most of these guys but everyone cant aim for shit.

Just like how an Ultimate Student Council President can suddenly be a competent fighter that can duel wield flaming swords

Same with non-despair Chisa

Didn't matter, Monaka, and didn't matter.

The last battle was a fucking joke.
>Look at all these SHSL Elite (!) fighters getting rekt by other SHSL

One of his biggest regrets was how he fucked their class over and then ran away to save himself.

Izuru one has been retconned as of DR3. Everyone thought it referred to the remnants who were alive at that point in DR2 but given Izuru's personality and the timeline of when he began to turn against Junko it makes no sense.

It's most likely Teru Teru.

I really liked the anime, despite its flaws. I think the entire thing would have worked better if
>chisa, tengan and/or mitarai got introduced in UDG or SDR2
>tengan was responsible for letting Junko in the school, giving her access to secret basements etc. because he's her grandpa or something

>They really should have found out that she was some sort of pawn or something like that at the end.

No thanks. If they gave her any kind of "harsh/sad" backstory like the one you mentioned she would have been complexly ruined as the villain.

Why? He never went to class.

Ever since it was revealed that it was actually the board of directors who enrolled her into HPA I honestly thought that was where the plot was going (I already thought since ep 5 Tengan organized the killing game)

She was the most unsatisfying mastermind in a mystery story I'd ever come across in DR1. Hate the phrase but she very literally was just lolrandumb. Still bad in DR2 but alteast there you got to see what happens when you pull the rug out from beneath her feet, which was interesting in it's own way I guess.

Best VA in the series is wasted on this character.

>never found out who killed the real Gekkogahara
>never found out what happened to the warriors of hope
they are living in hiding atoning for what they'v done.

I hope he gets to punch as much manlets and normalfags as he wants in the afterlife

That's exactly the reason why

Nice try, Chisa. Dont you have a theater to sweep? Lots of popcorn on the floor there.

Shut up and enjoy your happy ending

>It's most likely Teru Teru.
This makes a lot more sense then Izuru onsidering Teru's raging libido

Expect same with V3. Theres already monokuma and SHSL talents.
References to older games is more than confirmed

What was even the point of giganigga, pantryslut, andre the giant and the other future foundation members?

>never found out who the 13th branch leader was
Chiaki. Tengan's last resort was Chiakizuru. To be continued in the danganronpa movie.

>never found out who killed the real Gekkogahara
Monaca I assume.

>never found out what happened to the warriors of hope
Kotoko gets the dick, Nagisa tries to build a rocket to go see Monaca and gets cucked again, fuck Daimon, the other one kills himself.


Its called human compassion, they all fell to despair because of him. He was also close to imposter and mikan.

Am I the only person who thinks those Future Foundation members where Munakata's fellow student council members?

This is because it is impossible for a student council to only have 3 members: Munakata, Chisa, and Juzo.

Despair introduced us the student council of their time.

So wouldn't it make sense for Future to also show us the student council from Munakata's period back in highschool?

Maybe he did it off screen

>mfw I played DR2 I thought there were other despairs and those were just examples of horrible shit despairs do, but not actually the main cast
>mfw realizing it right now

was dis from?

Fodder characters for the death count.

I just wanted Junko because I thought that would have been a cool way to end the Hope's Peak saga. I mean with her not appearing here Kodhacka might put her in DRV3 now.


Naegi and co are always going on about hope this and hope that but they sure don't have any hope in the people now do they?

Their first step into rebuilding the world was to LIE to everyone about what happened at the Future Foundation building. Even though "The headmaster and employees of Future Foundation basically started a killing game and nearly brainwashed everyone" is a perfectly legitimate reason as to not trust the institution ever again, they blatantly hide this fact because it might mean that nobody would trust them again.

>Izuru one has been retconned as of DR3. Everyone thought it referred to the remnants who were alive at that point in DR2 but given Izuru's personality and the timeline of when he began to turn against Junko it makes no sense.

I just assume that the Junko AI was lying.

I bet none of the DR2 cast actually implanted her womb into them.

she made the video, so of course she had to watch it herself.

>It's most likely the guy that died in chapter 1

No, it's Hajime. They're showing the survivors, not random people from Class 77.

It's not like every single HPA graduate were part of just 4 classes. There were plenty of previous classes full of scrubs, it's where Bandai and Gozu came from.

You know there were more students who graduated Hope Peak

Bait-kun, please stop.

>I mean with her not appearing here Kodhacka might put her in DRV3 now.
Robot Junko
Implanted personality Junko
Clone Junko

The possibilities are endless in the DR world

>Apollo says that he can't tell her that during the trial.
>he'll tell her after the trial instead.
That's some Super High School Level Savagery right there.

Her talent drove her insane basically, because she could predict everything that was going to happen and life became meaningless apart from when something despair-inducing happened.

It makes no sense because despair is actually a lot more predictable than hope.

But she should've been immune to it like Midarai was immune to the videos too.


I want to know why the shit they need 13 student council members.

The 78th graduating class had 16 fucking students. The other classes cant be more than a few classes.

I'm thinking of less than 100 students? The series hasnt given me a good idea.

Same, I wanted one last confrontation between Junko and Naegi.

>the death count
There was no point in this either.
The anime truly was a mistake.

So this was taking the piss out of Chekov's gun trope then?

No, she shouldn't. a) she doesn't have his talent, b) his hope anime had an effect on her


It literally makes no sense if you assume Junko AI isnt lying. Izuru was never portrayed like that, not even in chapter 0.

Episode 5

Its gonna be awkward as hell going foreword for the DR2 cast cause anytime they are talking to hinata they wont know for sure if its hajime or izuru they are talking to.

Anyone else kind of glad izuru still exsists? I just like that he wasnt erased and they made it so they both coexist.

So you're saying that Hajime, after watching Chiaki die and leaving Junko deliberately after deciding that her despair brainwash shit is Tsumaranai, at some point before enacting his plan to enter the NWP, decided to take a detour to Hope's Peak Academy to fuck a corpse?

Whatever, retard.

Junko never directly lied in DR1 and 2, only misrepresented the truth or lied by omission.

I hope Megumi Toyoguchi voices someone in V3. Someone who has no actual ties to Junko too, it'd be funny.

It would be a shame if someone sent out the details of what happened in the FF killing game to the students of the new Hope's Peak, which would cause riots on an unprecedented scale, right?


So... when Chisa gave Tengan the flash drives... did he turn into despair or were his motives just to have Mitarai hope the world?

Ibuki finally reunited with her chubby husbando and already acting like a mother to Ryota

>Kamukura Izuru killed all of HPA's student council.
>Fake Naegi in trial 2-6.

I wonder if her predictive abilities allowed her to see the despair video before she made it and she literally got mindhacked by her own video through time when she was born.

It's more or less a mixture of the two now, but it's clear Izuru is kinda taking a backseat a little bit for the most part.

Else he would've just been sitting on that boat at the end bored out of his mind

Which would ultimately lead to him curing her

Both, he is secretly Hopeman v2, i mean look at his plan

Because until DR3 swirly eyes just meant you were batshit crazy not in Despair, just look at Nagito in Case 1 of SDR2.

His motive were complex

If Mikan still has Junko's body part, doesn't that mean whatever child Mikan gives birth too will contain Junko's DNA?

Also, have you ever heard of organ transplants also transplanting the memories of their original owners?

Unless that never happened and Mikan did not replace her womb with Junko's womb.

>getting this BTFO


Reminder that Ibuki has great tastes because Imposter is the best classmate and character in Class 77


So you're saying that Hajime, after watching Chiaki die and leaving Junko deliberately after deciding that her despair brainwash shit is Tsumaranai, at some point before enacting his plan to enter the NWP, decided to take a detour to Hope's Peak Academy to fuck a corpse?

You mean dumb retcons cause problems with earlier established storybeats? why I never!

Those swirly eyes were drawn differently from the despair swirly eyes.

Well technically you do need deaths for it to be Danganronpa, the problem is none of the deaths really matter besides class 74 and Seiko arguably. If this was a game we'd care infinitely more about the characters because we'd have FTEs to flesh them out.

I keep picturing Nidai as All Might.

Remember that she only got the plan with the brainwashing after she met Mitarai, so I don't think it's likely that she thought that far ahead or could have predicted that a ultimate brainwasher will be in a class above her. She was lucky, in that sense.

So why didn't Monaca killed herself when she witnessed Gozu watching the video? Was she immune to that video but not immune to hope video?

I just wanted some more Monokuma, but his screen time was lacking.

>faggot can't even greentext properly


>fuck a corpse
That's not what happened regardless.


We have no idea what she was doing in that timeframe, other than playing with toy knifes and ketchup


Look like he knows that Ibuki prefer his Togami disguise rather than Mitarai self.

Okay, real talk now.
I think the real problem with the show is that different people did each episode, and at some point one of the scenario writers didn't know what he was doing and everything went to shit.
Most probably in the beginning.
Bonus points if none of them have played the games.

Which brings up the biggest plothole of them all.

Where did Monaca get the ketchup from?

This was true with Junko, until DR3 came alone and showed us she did actually lie.

Junko could have been cured if Izuru proved to her that Hope is less predictable than Despair. Junko was evil because she was bored of life.

It's more that Togami is the best thing on the planet to be an imposter of because of his existence and you know how the imposter desires that kind of attention

so class 77 were all in love with Chiaki, not Junko? That sounds so sweet.

He was more losing hope organically as a result of watching the man who would succeed him slowly turn into a genocidal maniac. He just eventually said fuck this and decided to become a stepping stone for the only person left he could trust to not be part of all the factional infighting bullshit of the rest of the FF.

She has a storage area in Gekkogahara-bot with essential prank-tools, ez.

>the established colour of blood was changed for everybody just to accommodate a fakeout death of a DR1 survivor for a one-week cliffhanger

Sasuga Kohacka.

This melts my heart

Hope is harmony, Despair is Chaos hence Despair is less predictable.

Witnessing the video through a robot probably lessens its visual effects.

Not only Chiaki, Chisa as well. The reason why they fell into the trap was because of their beloved teacher.

I don't like the new voice

I did say DR1 and 2, didn't I?

Kodaka not writing any of the episodes save hope arc really shows. It doesnt help that the lead writer for the anime overall was that gakkou gurashi creator whose frankly a pretty shit writer.

I do still blame kodaka for it, i mean yeah he wants to move on and all but he could of postponed V3 just a tad bit more to work more closely on 3.

Why would they love Junko? She was an underclassman and didn't really interact with them much at school

> J-Junko would never lie to us, r-right guys?
Can this retarded meme die already?

Entire DR3 is a giant plothole. Kodaka thought about next episode when previous was already finished. He keep bullshitting or retconning all the time.

>noncanon delusion

Why couldn't they do a fakeout with pink blood?

I still don't know how Twogami could be considered a good impersonation of Togami.

He doesn't really act like a hot shot company heir at all.

>that slutty wedding dress

FFS artist, decide if you're drawing moe or porn before picking up the fucking pencil next time.

Monaca probably wasn't retarded enough to look directly at a screen when she probably knows suicide videos are a thing that exist.

That remind me. How are they going to cure Monaca from Hope video when shes in space?

>Implying Mikan isn't a lolicon now that she got thanked by Saionji

Hope is trying to bring harmony to chaos and despair is vice versa. Which one do you think is actually less predictable?

I need yu's scream with audio and I'm not downloading that trash.


It's just as non cannon as any other future pairing for Hajime at this point

We know she is a big fucking liar.

Does nobody remember all of 1-4 where she forged Sakura's letter? ALL of 1-5 to get Kirigiri out?

Fake Naegi in 2-6?

Another plot hole why were Class 77 obsessed with Junko when in Despair, when apparently all brainwashing did is make them crave for Despair?

The hope video was never played, that was just an what if.

> implying it's not in-character for Mikan

There's nothing to cure, the video was cancelled. She probably raved about hope for a few hours, got tired and passed out in her own filth, woke up and played more games.

5 star post

It was true, though, until Kodaka decided to retcon major portions of the backstory so he could pretend like there were still any lingering plotthreads to tie up after DR2.

If they loved Chisa, why wasn't there a group farewell involving Chisa?

Hajime didn't deserve to be the one to say goodbye to Chisa but Class 77.

Also, Hajime doesn't know but Chisa didn't enjoy teaching normie reserve course student in secret so it is pretty ironic in a way.

It wears off naturally since she didn't get the full 30 minutes. It was a countdown to total, irreversible mindhack.


user... it's time to face the truth.

It's bad writing to have a character lie in a scene that is supposed to be giving us important information, and not reveal that she was lying until several years later.

It was true until Kodaka wrote 1-5, you mean

Maybe the reason she even met Mitarai is because she predicted the exact sequence of events that would need to happen for them to meet so she could make the brainwashing video.

Except according to Kodaka, they're the same character. Which doesn't make a goddamn lick of sense to anybody with a brain and insults both Chiakis at the exact same time, but there you have it.

At least that means there were some consequences to her actions.

Also, it's a FACT that Junko lied about Izuru killing the student council.

DR0 came out before DR2 and confirmed that the student council members killed each other and not Izuru.

Judging by her reaction when she met him, unlikely.


So lets look at this honestly, this character has no chance of not being a murderer in V3. Shes gonna be the celes of the game where you gust know shes gonna do it and its more a matter of when. She will kill someone cosplaying as another character then have a picture taken of her killing someone in order to frame someone else.

She the only character in the game im convinced will be a murderer.

It also confirmed the use of brainwashing before DR2.

People are just retarded

She'll always be the cute token loli to me.

Ultimate Dicktaker

>Also, it's a FACT that Junko lied about Izuru killing the student council.
And when I say this, I dont mean it's a fact because DR3 made it so. It's a fact because with just the material that came out in 2012, you could already know Junko was lying thanks to DR0

Maybe Kodaka just thought you can't satisfy everyone and told the writers they can go full retard?
That means there's still hope for V3.

No DR0 never said Izuru killed no one, stop making shit up.

How do you cure a freezing corpse that's floating aimlessly through space

I want to see her cosplay as the smoking midget.

Is she the daughter of Steven Seagull, alias Imposter?

1 kind of confirmed brainwashing too with the erased memories deal, 2 just really hammered home the extent of it being outright control.

You can't tell difference between imply'd shit and actual facts, can you? Only the eye thing was confrimed to happen to a member of class 77, she also had other followers that technically counted as part of ultimate despair.

I actually really love her. Maybe its the homely, modest look of her base design combined with her sexy as hell talent, but she seems super cute. I can't wait to see more of her.

Yeah, and then the very next line is "but we're actually the same lol!!"

Kodaka really destroyed my faith in him with what he did to both Chiakis, and frankly it's just the final straw in me not giving a shit about Danganronpa and just blowing off steam until these threads disappear (hopefully soon).

>No DR0 never said Izuru killed no one, stop making shit up.
But DR0 does say that Izuru didnt kill all of the student council because ryoko saw the video of members killing each other.

And then DR2 comes out and Junko says Izuru killed them all.


Memory erasure isn't brainwashing.

It literally had a scene where students kill eachother instead of Izuru killing them

Stop being so fucking retarded.

Why would Akane starve herself to bring despair to the world?

The other thing that was confirmed is Sonia killing her parents, unless I misremember the first episode of mirai.

Oh, shut the fuck up. It confirmed brainwashing existed as an incredibly difficult thing that even the ultimate neurologist couldn't just pull off -- there was absolutely nothing about a fucking turnkey switch like the hope anime.

>TV Tropes

What is in Ibukis right hand?

Despair to herself. Most of Junko's followers outright killed themselves upon seeing Junko's suicide at the end of DR1.

I cant get behind her design cause she just looks too much like a discarded maizano. Granted i feel that way with most the cast.

I really wonder how this cast will do for me cause they have pretty out there powers but aside from Rantaro oozing douchebag we really dont know much about their personalities.

Weren't the scientists killed by Mukuro/Junko when they infiltrated the labs to get to Izuru or was it just guards?

>Not telling the truth means you're a liar.

Are you retarded? Just because Aoi was retarded and came to the conclusion that was Sakura's suicide note doesn't mean Monokuma lied about it. There's a difference between misrepresenting the truth and flat out lying.

In Case 5 her only lie was to say Neagi was the culprit and execute him, framing Kirigiri isn't lying.

still true tho

Someone there is butthurt.

Big condoms

Cure Antagonist

It's just a drink

> all those headcanons

Hand selecting an exact time frame and memory is fucking brainwashing no matter what way you look at it. had it been full on amnesia for everyone then yes id say it wasnt. But brainwashing was clearly always a thing since 1.

DR3 is kind of a mess from a thematic perspective, though.

>Ibuki is alive and not actually murdered by Mikan

No you fucking are. They never showed the killing game in DR0 why the fuck do you think it was shown in DR3? Honestly how can people be this retarded.

The thing that DR3 does is that it pretty much affirms that Junko didnt need Izuru to fuck up the world and Hajime was actually right.

You're a nobody without talent.

And Komaru does have talents. She's very lewd and a ghost medium.

>reaching this hard

Memory erasure is not brainwashing.

> "m-muh Junko will never lie to me"
how can anyone be this delusional

No, brainwashing is forcing someone to act against their will / overwriting their personality by forcibly altering their conscious / subconscious mind.

Memory erasure is removing memories and nothing more.


DR0 had brainwashing

Talent isn't what is important though

Izuru was used as a scapegoat and ave Junko's life once

>My counterargument is to say you're delusional.

Thanks for letting me know you give up and I win.

>They never showed the killing game in DR0
or maybe you just didn't read it? Ryoko clearly saw footage from the killing game

now cease this retarded shitposting.

Did you fucking read DR0? What do you think was on the monitors in the normie uprising base? Why do you think Soushun didn't give two shits about Izuru but wanted to murder Junko with every fiber of his being?

>you're good enough as you are!
That wasn't the moral of DR2.

The 2nd & 3rd points are unfortunate side-effects of what basically happened that the writers didn't notice/care about though, yes.

It was one of the things.
Side Hope was written by the king hack of Danganronpa, Kodaka himself, you know.

I dont know. The scientists and HPA clearly had a goal with Izuru that wasnt achieved. It's not like Hajime is going to be superman and save the world now. He's got more important things like jabberwock orgies.

It was probably awkward as fuck when they all woke up

> "I win" comment
lmaaaooo. my point is that you're going of a false assumption. Junko is not above lying and she *will* lie when it furthers her agenda, shown as early as 1-5 and 2-6.

you ignore this reality, believing she always tells the truth because of some non-existent moral code Junko does not have. that's why you're a delusional retard.

Different user here. The monitor scene only showed one part of the killing game so whilst it confirms Izuru didn't kill everybody, it doesn't confirm that he killed nobody.

That translation was wrong though, she only asks if Junko was going to kill him

She doesn't gets off on it, you don't see her on ecstasy when she kills someone

They spend like 1 year in the bunker together

Man you clearly didn't read my posts did you? I actually said she lied in 1-5 but only once and acknowledge with thanks to DR3 she lied quite a bit in 2-6.

So no I don't think she's always telling the truth but there are retards who go "Junko lies about everything" and that's far more delusional.

Read DR0 secondary

This is stupid

>Hajime addresses the first broken aesop in the first few lines of Side;hope

>Tengan already died, how would he atone for anything?

>Izuru isn't hope

>The FF isn't to blame for the shit Tengan did

Because the FF is important for the world as an institution and teh ones who chose to lie were teh Remnants

He breaks it in half himself.

He could be shown for who he really was.

Hajizuru is.

They are, because he's the head.

Stop making excuses for the hack just because he revived your waifu.

Is this half-canon?

Yeah, sure. You could even make it full canon if you wanted, since Chiaki was the only person who greeted him when he came back. Poor Chiaki, really. She doesn't really have any good choices in boyfriends available to her. One's a guy obsessed with hope who has awful luck, and the other is a guy who will brush her off and ignore her.