Shingeki no Kyojin

New chapter spoilers SOON.

Hetafags pls go and stay go.

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Armin shoud commit sudoku

Armong a shit.


You may have quads, but your taste is terrible.


Just imagine her enormous Titan shifter power
>we got armin instead



You know you love it.

Now that would be a mary sue. Plus she's already a titan. Look at her ugly face and hideous proportions.

>Implying shifter power is relevant to human form

Quads confirm Armin is shit.

We didn't need Quads to know that.


I still can't believe 99% of the SL died. Erwin is dead. Moblit is dead.
Bert is fucking dead as well and Armin is now a shifter. Hange is fucking commander.
Who would've thought? Isayama, I don't know whether to hate or love that guy.

Armin is worst shifter.

Hate him. But reserve some space for a little bit of love in case he earns it again.

He must really really hard for it though.


Stay triggered Armafat

Don't wanna.


>Nobody gives a fuck on what your opinions on Armin are.

And you, Ian, are cancer in so many ways I can't even begin to describe.

99% of the SL can be replaced by another redshirt army with the snap of a finger, it matters very little

>obnoxious cunt
The irony is too much

Which Shingekis do you think would make the strangest ship?
For example Connie x Pixis.

You x Erwin

lmao nobody likes armin and your opinions.

Such spagball shotgunning

Arminfriend, please understand when I say, shut the fuck up. You are making it worse for us. All of us. Stop biting the bait so easily. Stop being triggered.

Ah, you're talking about the best ship.

>talking to yourself.

1 hour limit is up.

I hope she's back soon

>talking to yourself
Observe the bait, Arminfriend. Observe it. Don't fall for it. Ignore it.

Oh, it's Allahfag. Go fuck yourself you mudslime. We are AryaNation here.

Soon. You'll see.

I doubt anybdoy would willingly join the SL now. Forcing people into it doesn't seem good either.

I'm really worried about these Armin-is-a-Reiss theories?

The one who will free humanity is Hange.

Then stop constantly bringing this bullshit up, Shitminfag.

I hope so

I don't post often or bring it up when I do. That is Arminfriend to you.

did the armong get b&?

But humanity is already free.

My point still stands.

I don't know what to think.

>Happy halloween
>its not even october
Arming fags are truly autistic

Levi deserves better.

>it's the same time around the world
How retarded can you be?

Deserves better than what?

what if everyone is killed and eren dies on armin arms?

They are but you're grasping at straws here. See + October is basically just a month long celebration of Halloween.

A better life, better comrades, better everything.

I didn't know there's a place in the world that right now is 31 of october.

>not getting into the Halloween mood the entire month
Your life is depressing.

It probably will end that way or vice versa.

His comrades seem fine, but you're right about the rest.


>getting triggered over an image

>there are people ITT right now who aren't celebrating the best month of the year
>there are people ITT right now who are still in September
Why even live?


Post LAr images, greentext, anything. Please.

>He stuck it in the pooper
>"There's poop and blood everywhere"
>"I love you"

Bless you for this masterpiece of literature

I came.



Lewd. And even funnier if you make it Leanne

If that happens you are really doing it wrong

Meh. Shit happens.

Funny though.

Chapters in the north of wall maria when
Snow boards with three Dimensional Maneuver Gear would be the shit.

Levi is a hot woman.

If Armin acts naughty, Levi will have to punish him~

When we have a Northern branch recruits flashback i.e. never

Levi with any of the 104th trainees squad is trash.

I found disgusting everything he has done for them, and all he gets is chapter 84.

>Be LAr's baby
>Being named Lars
>Not having mom
>Neither of my daddies explain me about wyomings
>Grow up obssesed with women
>Be 15 "d-dad I-I don't want to enlist in the Scouting Legion!"
>Manlet dad beats me to pulp
>They divorce
>Go to live with aryan Dad
>Be 18, "aryan dad, I-I-I don't want to be a genius"
>Aryandad tries to beat me
>Go to live with a/u/n/cle/ty Hange
>Be 20, "Hange, I don't want to be a scientist, but I could use your degeneracy with my dream"
>What is, LArsboy?
>I want to be a filmmaker!
>Be 30, my films are not warrier enough to satisfy my Manlet dad, neither are genious enough to make Aryan dad proud
>That you feel you understood Zeke and Rod?
>You are not an Ackerman anymore!/You are not an Arlert-Reiss anymore!
>What's your name? Lars Von Try Hard.

>Aryandad tries to beat me
He would never. 0/10 worst fanfic evar!1!1

We'll fall in love in the open air
Your justice screams like you just don't care
His wings were burnt
So twinkle lightly

What has he done for them? Didn't Levi chose Eren's friends for his squad because he thought if they were in danger Eren would give his best?

And I know you're my friends
And I know it's the end
And I know it's the end, yeah
So twinkle lightly

And I'll loan you my wings
And I'm offering all of me, yeah
And then you'll fly away with your scent
And then all of my friends
And then all of my friends
Will leave without me

LM soon.


It's always a new form of cancer.

Mikasa looks so cute in this picture

I just don't get Arminfag humor. Do they really think they're funny?

Time to go drink my feelings away.

Probably the same who pasted Historia's face in LH pictures purely out of butthurt.

But that's Levi's true love.

Well, they are all brain damaged.

They played that song at the end of prom, one of the last times I ever saw my childhood best friends. Thanks for the feels. Asshole.


Just like their shingeki, makes sense.

I want to kiss Eren and cuddle up to him during a dark, stormy night.

But how?


>smart boy
Zeke please take off your Eren goggles.

Because you're too danmed obvious.

You just answered your own question.

It ain't me, it ain't me, I'm no fortunate sooooon!

And I didn't post that picture either. Nice try though.

If you post LM they need to follow the delusion.

>replying to me twice
why tho

still not an arminfag or the person who posted

Please do not bully my wife.

Thank you.

>Implying only arminfats dislike LM
It's a forced meme and it needs to stop.

Zeke, you can't marry your otouto! I mean, maybe on some planets but...Only pretty bad ones.

Why would Arminfats dislike LM in the first place?

Erwin looks so cute in that picture.

Because of AM I guess

Just saying only Arminfats could be that unfunny and generally retarded.

I'll marry you, onii-chan.

>All this triggering for just an edit of Levi with his true waifu.
LArfags, LHfags, LMfags, pls.

I think is even more retard to spam that shit every thread but whatever.

It is fun though, because some of you make a big deal of Levi staring at someone like an autist and use it's as proof for your ship.

But I like LM...


Damn this is really sad. Yeah user, you are the master baitor. Armin is best shingeki etc

Even more retard than LHfags.

Well, Mikasa and Armin are the same shit in different colors, so I understand your taste.

>Northern branch recruits flashback never
So much wasted potential

But spamming "Armong a shit" every other post is perfectly okay, huh?

Levi and Hange belong together but that GILF is good for him too.

How can I ever be as good at triggering people as you?

No, it is also retard and ridiculous but I was talking about the LMshit.

You tell us kek.

I can guarantee you're one of the faggots who does it. Enjoy the taste of your own cancerous medicine.

>canon straddling
>canon interlocked fingers
>canon sexual tension

How can anyone STILL to this day deny canon?

I don't but believe what you want LMshit.

Please teach me senpai.

Levi taking care of Armin at any age is oh so adorable.

Levi will protect him.

We can all agree that Hanji is by far ugliest """girl""" right?

Why do Arminfats pair every character with their self-insert?

Dunno, you tell us, Arminfat.

That's the multishipper.

I ship Armin with everyone and almost everyone with everyone. Only ship I hate is EM. JM too.

Yes. Not sure why she seems so liked here. The definition of pig ugly.

Annie has a sense of obligation. She's not evil and anyone who disagrees is a Wall dweller

Isabel x Erwin

Hitch or Boris could be from the Northern branch, so if we ever do it will be through Hitch (since even Isayama has forgotten Boris)

The only LAr I got



I love mikasa

Yes, we already know that Annie did nothing wrong and that the devilspawn had it coming.

Anyone with a hooked nose is ugly by de facto.

>tfw AH, EY and LM will all be canon soon

Can't wait for the anal devastation

>LM, YH, EAr

>Still going by what that tripfag who said he was one of Isayama's editors said.
You do know that if he was truthful, then it'd be a huge breach of confidentiality and he'd get sued to oblivion, right?

Wait what? Story?

Wouldn't surprise me if that was a shitminfag as well. They love headcanons and roleplaying.

If by chance anyone in the industry would ever spoil anything here literally nobody would notice except for the handful of people who post here.

Why haven't the mods banned you yet, fingerfag? Are you ban evading?

But then him getting sued would likely make news and then there'd be confirmation that what he said was true, so wouldn't it be better to let him spoil?

>a-am i fitting in now guiz????

There is more than one and I haven't seen anyone being banned.

It was obviously a retarded attention whore making up headcanons, retard.

>anyone I don't like is an arminfat

Can you guys even imagine EY though and what kind of an aftermath that would generate?

I didn't even call you an arminfat, but this most likely means you are one. Not surprising either.

Yeah, but they're not gonna take this risk. If there was a chance you could get yourself sued by someone worth millions, would you take it just to gain some internet cred on a completely anonymous community?

A tripfag who's name I forgotten showed up, claimed he was one of Isayama's editors, and invited us to ask questions. Amongst other things, he said that EY is endgame.

honestly I don't really mind it that much. Hell, I participated in that q&a when it happened. But we need to take it with a grain of salt.

>grain of salt
You can't be this braindead?

Nah, just being diplomatic.

I didn't say you did you retard. Do you understand the English language?

He's just trying to trigger you, and it looks like it's working.

>I didn't say you did you retard.
>anyone I don't like is an arminfat

Do you even read your own posts?

>Reiner is strong
>has armor and is the strongest titan
>Bert is a lanklet
>hes a huge and colossal titan
>Annie uses fighting moves
>fights like a professional in her titan form
Totally not confirmed.

What about Zeke, Grisha and Frieda?

What a beautiful tickle tache. Perfect for complimenting his tickle brows.
Tickle tickle the brows go.
Tickle tickle the tickle tache goes.

I was talking about the person claiming to be the editor that you hate you fucking dumb cunt.

And I still didn't mention it was an arminfat in my post, autist

I think Zekes titan is a modified experiment. How is he even able to speak as a Titan and the others aren't ?

You literally accused them of being an Arminfat you mentally challenged cumdonut. Go jump off a bridge.

>has armor
Thanks to the serum he got, just like Eren
>the strongest
user pls

Nice fingerpointing, shitminfag.

Ymir's titan can speak, and another mindless from Ymir's village also spoke, as well as Connie's mom. I just think it's because Zeke spends a lot of time in his titan form.

Mutinyb owl soon.


This is bait. You cannot be this delusional and retarded. This has to be bait. You literally accused some faggot of being an arminfag with literally zero evidence and then acted like a retard sperging out and now you're accusing ME of finger pointing!? Go drown in a fucking lake filled with vicious leeches.

That's just hatefucking.


I just want him to survive, open up his tea ship and live in peace.

Eren will smack Armin around and then spend the rest of the manga crying and feeling guilty and then they'll make up on the battlefield and kiss and then shoot each other.

Your post is pretty ironic, Arminfat. Go back to dumblr.

Most of the time is bait user.

>anything involving the stinky tranny

Definitely bait. Why do I waste my time with worthless cum buckets like you? I'm so much better than this. I deserve better.

LAr is gross and shit tier taste.

Not sure about BRA, but RT can't talk, because he has no lips. I think AT doesn't have lips either.

>tea ship
Au where's Levi's a pirate who only ever plunders tea when?

Yes, go be a cum bucket somewhere else. Your save space dumblr for example.

>stinky tranny


I forgot, CT obviously has no lips either, which makes it impossible for him to talk.

Not him but I am sure you know dumblr pretty well.


Levi and tea is best ship.

Armin being popular there is no secret.

I am not talking about that retard but how do you use dumblr as an answer. Pathetic.

I'm more of a Levi and broom man myself.

Whos the strongest Shingeki if not Reiner ?

Is this your first day here?

Agreed. Tea would never die on him, or cheat on him. It's always there to comfort him when he's brooding. Always warm and soothing.


AT lost every single fight so far.

Fucking kek. Yes that is another good pairing.


>still no fanart of Reiner standing in the Ring looking like Lesnar

This picture is missing Annie. Y'know, just to close off the blonde quadraplet.

Now when I think about it, Erwin, Mike and about a dozen redshirts I couldn't be bothered to remember the name of should also be there. Leave no blonde behind.



u nu ere?

I want to take care of cute baby Armin.


Much better.

Bert shouldn't be on there, though. He's not blond. Burn the impostor!

Would you give him a hug after he hurt his knee?

i wanna kill it

More youngekis?

>How to spot newfags

Same, baby Armin affects my broodiness the most.

Of course I would! I'd hug him for as long as he liked and make sure that his knee was cleaned properly.




Here you go. Although I only have peaceful blondegekis.

Okay, I can no longer complain. This is perfect!

Quick, someone show this to that creep that kept trying to impregnate Mrs Smith! He'll love it! He'll probably laminate it and hang it on his wall!

No to long ago you wanted armin to die, what happend?

Thank you.

Get that creature away from Reiner and Historia.

This is also good.

Hange is absolutely best girl.

No, get Reiner away from those two beautiful little blondelets.


maternal hormones, happen to the best of us

This picture is my favourite baby Armin.

Erwin looks so handsome still.

I love this!

Baby Armin. Baby Shingekis always deserve life.

He might not be back for a while.

Sure thing, user.

Shitmin is ugly. Get that thing away from the Queen.

nice rare trio

Could I maybe get a few more?

>starting this argument again.


My heart. I want to hug him.


Hanji is a female and I'll tell you why
she barely has time to groom herself. Her hair is always oily and she's unhygienic according to Isayama himself.
hear me out
Look at Erwin. He didn't take care of himself for a few days and the dude already grew some stubble.

Now, would a person like Hange worry about grooming facial hair? if Hange were a man, he'd have mustache like Mike's and a beard like Zacly.
Boom, there you have it faggots. Tumblr BTFO.
Problem solved.

Armin is not shit, nor is he ugly! He's so beautiful he made a man gay and convincingly passed as the canonically beautiful Historia. Armin is the cutest, prettiest, most adorable shingeki!

Well we already know Arminwhales have to force that ugly thing with everyone.

Of course.

Same here. It breaks my heart to see him bullied.
Baby Armin is so cute.


Thank you

Last one

>He might not be back for a while.
Oooh, is there something you're not telling us?

Let me guess, you have ties with the mafia where you live.


I think it might be a good idea to start Erwinposting now.

It's a shame he's such an impossibly perfect child. I'd have a kid like him in a heartbeat.

I'm a Historiafag and I ship her with him because he's the only man who's been kind to her. He treats her like the queen she is and would be as kind and loving to her so much that she forgets all about Ymir who?

That's fine, thank you.

Sure thing, Arminwhale.

Stop posting kids they creep me out

Really cute female.

Can someone please translate this? I've been waiting for a drawfag to draw RL since forever.

>mfw i was almost exactly like him as a child, just more eccentric and bossy
>mfw the chances of me having an amicable child are quite high
Be jealous that you will never have a sweet, perfect little angel like I statistically will. Instead you'll get a ragetard like Eren.

My younger sister was exactly that as a child. She did cry a lot and was super sensitive but she was really smart and had an understanding and empathetic nature way beyond her years. I'm pretty sure she never once got in trouble with our parents until she was 13 or so, and even today she's probably been yelled at once and grounded once. Meanwhile I was the bratty, whiny bully who threw things at her and pulled her hair. Much like today.

Also Armong a shit.

I promised an user on tumblr a post explaining the whole situation
And yes, I am the mafia. Just me.
Erwinposting is always appreciated.

Absolutely. Such a little darling!

Join us.

But I don't want a kid like Eren. But really they'd just be snarky brats.

He's too cute

What kind of child do you want?

Cant you guys just make a Discord server or skype group for this type of shit?

Quiet and doesn't cause a lot of trouble.

That sounds like a good choice.

Armin is truly the worst shingeki.

Well I don't think anyone would purposely want an annoying obnoxious child like Eren.

A fair point.

I really hope this artist draws JH after canon happens.

I don't think they will. Ama seems very loyal to MH

Armin would be the ideal.

If we did I would want you to join us.

make me

I disagree.

Who then?


Annie would be a good kid too. (As long as she wasn't forced into bullshit she didn't really want)

Absolutely. Her daddy was very unfair in forcing her into the training.

Poor kid, she deserved better than that.

She deserves trips to the park, nice clothes, toys, hugs and nice friends.

All kids do

As far as I understand Levi confronts Reiner with the rumor that he's a homo and insults him. Reiner denies it and Levi says he's seen him in the stables with his childhood friend, lowering the straps of the 3dmg. Reiner still denies not being interested in women and it ends with Levi taking of all of his clothes.

Naughty children shouldn't be given new toys or trips to the park until they apologise and behave.

If you translate everything I can typeset.

Of course, you can't just let the be brats.

Noice. Thank you user.

A shame Armin's parents were such a failure at the job.

You need to treat them fairly though, so they don't grow up to have a bad attitude.

Yes, with positive reinforcement.

Like praise and soft toys.

Together Forever

and hugs. No physical punishment.


Very true. A parent shouldn't hit their child.

An adult shouldn't harm any child.

And that's how we get entitled little shits

No user, I would much rather used P- (i.e. taking away toys etc) than P+ (hitting etc). Maybe go as far as shouting but I would never in my life leave a mark on a child.

But I would much rather just stick to positive reinforcement and negative punishment.

kek he ain't gonna answer

It's not okay to beat less tuan 10 years old childs. 11 years onwards it's sometimes good they meet the good ol' green stick.

More youngekis?

I thought he might shirk from that one.




ErwL fujos all belong into prison for stealing classic art for their ship shit.

Annie and Hitch are both very cute kids.

They are. I think Hitch would be a good friend for a young Annie. She seems playful.




Hitch would be a very fun kid

I bet she had daddy issues as well

They do for liking such a Disgusting ship

She seems it.

I can't say I know much about her family.


I think this is cute.

I'll adopt her and be her new mom

She could go on playdates with Annie.

Annie is such a player


She is musical too.

We're posting Annie now? Great.

They would be good friends for each other.

Yes please.

I wonder what games they would play.


Yes please

something cat related more than likely.

I don't know any children games that are related to cats. I should get a kitten for her.

Fuck that's adorable.

It is.

Yes, kids deserve a pet too.

Did you have a pet?

Yes, quite a few growing up.

Do you think having something to care for made you a better person?

What did she mean by this?

Not sure, but I do think it teaches kids responsibility (although the parent is still the one truly responsible for the animal)

Perhaps a kitten would be good then. A cat has a measure of independence.

These threads are getting kinda dumb.

That's a cute Ani-chan.

All of Annie is cute.


That's true.


Reminder that Mikasa has the most edible booty in the Shingekiverse and Annusfags should just kill themselves now.

Annie is for rape.

eren will save them

Annie is for being Hitch's friend.

manlet pls.

Is there any other way to browse these threads?

This is the truth. I'm sorry I don't have much Annie and Hitch

Post your hopes & expectations on the upcoming training arc/timeskip.

Not browsing them at all.

I have a few

If you're the user that keeps posting Hitch and Marlowe, have you seen this?

Post more MH

I think I have, but thank you

I don't have much at all, I mostly stick to Annie.


This one would be good if the artist finished it.


My last one.

What was his titan? It can kinda be asumed that titans arn't based of those who are eatan, because Ymir kept her previous form, and also when the powers were passed from the faggot king to the new queen she was skinless, while he wasn't. The armoured and collosol were designed to break through the wall. Annie doesn't really have a niche at the moment, so maybe since the other two had to work in a pair, maybe Annie is only half of another equation. Either way, Annie a shit useless titan now.

Marlo is a cuck.
Hitch is a hoe.

I hope we get more EM development this chapter, we got ALOT last chapter, I wonder if it will pickup where it left off?

uh is that a skid mark

Update your filename bro.
I think Marcel would have been a similar Titan type to Annie, I think the idea is they would run defence for Reiner who gets easily bogged down and Bertolt who would be defenceless post-shift.
Annie is not shit.

thats a cute butt

Annie a disgusting piece of shit.


The titan you become depends on the Serum you take. That's what I got from Rod's explanation. But then again, you have Zeke's comments towards Reiner, which implies the titan's ability gets passed down.

Anyways, I wonder what kind of serum Armin got.


Ymir a shit.


How's Gerry?

He wants in that curly haired minge and she fucks about.

I do believe it was Hitch that wanted Marlo but he was too stupid to realize until it was too late.

He still realised it. The only hole he ever got was in his face.

Fuck off with that bitch.

thats a big nose

He should have took her before he left

For you

Annie is better than the three of you combined plus your favourite shingekis

Get a life loser.

Was being an irrelevant shit for the entirety of the series a part of your plan?


The Brauns are just like The Reiss. Armin got a plain titan one.

now she is from argentina

Eren a shit.

Annie a cute.

Feel you, user.
>Hasn't add disgustmaustism

Adding that tripfag along with Mrs Smith is an absolute must.

Reminder: we don't get early spoilers anymore because of erenfags

Well you can remove that.

Does the filter actually work?

I only use it for tripfags and it works for me. Anything else makes me feel like you're a tumblrina who can't browse anything without a blacklist. Although it is sometimes tempting to add Mikasa, hitch, manlet and Armong to mine.

It doen't seems to be working for me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can't stand mrs. delusional and co. sperg out about head canons anymore. Pls help.

>TFW there was more ErwH than ErwL in chapter 84 and 85.
Kek. Have fujos ever been BTFO this hard before?


Sorry to hear user. Are you sure you entered the string of text properly?


Yes, but I'll double-check just in case. I'll figure this out myself. Thank you for your concern.

I thought she was going to kiss him. You are a coward Isayama.

Adding filters! Some weak people just get so triggered.

I actually would have cried.

I can tell you're fat and friendless . You're literally the most pathetic person in /snk/ threads(over arminfats and th rest of tripfags by far). Even when you make me feel second hand embarrased,I still feel sorry for you.


>bumping the thread just before it was about to die
Actually kill yourself you massive fucking faggot.

Let the fucking thread die. Fuck you.

Bump limit hasn't been reached so why make a new thread?










What's up with the butthurt delusional dumping?





I am not friendless because you are my friend.




Why are Eren shipperfags so cancerous?


Chapter 86 discussion thread.

Reminder to never post in Arminwhale threads.








EH a cute.


Stop posting all this Eren shit



Just EHwhales being cancerous as usual, since all they care about is muh shipping.




Jesus christ people like Mrs Smith are better than EH faggs.
They just shitpost pictures.

No, shit.


Eren a best.

At least you can filter her and she doesn't endlessly dump shitty pics like them.

Keep up the good work EHfriend

Only if you have shit taste.





Why do Historiafags and Mikasafags only care about cancerous shipping?




Eren is best shingeki.



Wesley pls

Just move here.


Why does Eren attract such cancer? Thanks to his whales we have to wait longer for spoilers. Or maybe it's not just Eren, but also waifubait like Mankasa, Shitmin and Shitstoria.

Eren is simply the best.

Only if you have shit taste.

You mean best taste.

And now I have to fap

No, shit taste and if you like very badly written characters.

Ymir a shit.

Yes and Eren a shit as well.

Eren is better than you're waifu.

Everyone is better than Eren, except Shitmin. Although after chapter 84 they are on the same level now.

From Annie to EH spam, things never change. Too soon to lurk for spoilers.

Your favorite shingeki is shit.

Well it's not Shitren, so that can't be.

If it was Eren then you would have best taste.

No, because I don't like shitty and badly written characters

Apparently you do.

No, because I don't like the whiny ragetard.

Who do you like?

Not Eren.

So you're fine with shitting on other characters but you're afraid to share who you like. Sasuga Ymirfat.

Kek. Keep trying to fingerpoint, Shitrenfag. Actually because I already knew why you want to know my favorite, I'm not going to tell you who it is.

Sure, Ymirfat.

Yes, makes it even more convenient for me, Erenwhale.


It kind of looks like her eyes have no iris.

W-why is Annie naked